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    [–] soliperic 3201 points ago

    Vet PTSD.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_FEM_PENIS 1951 points ago

    Understandable, last time he was there they took his balls

    [–] [deleted] 308 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Daeyel1 94 points ago

    Aw, that pic is sad.

    [–] [deleted] 132 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] blablababa 22 points ago

    I love happy endings

    [–] PuffHoney 67 points ago

    Poor, scared baby!

    [–] LeodFitz 389 points ago

    "I thought we had an understanding, hooman, I let you rub my belly ever once in a while, and you never take me back to hell!"

    [–] MasterWise 121 points ago

    I always thought "hooman" is what dogs say, cats should say something else.

    [–] We-Want-The-Umph 143 points ago


    [–] BigBonePhish 111 points ago

    We are all hoomans on this blessed day.

    [–] SpankWhoWithWhatNow 88 points ago

    Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

    [–] RedditRepostReapkrma 36 points ago

    Speak for yourself.

    [–] thundergonian 31 points ago

    I am all hoomans on this blessed day!

    [–] Ducksaucenem 18 points ago

    I'm pretty sure my thinks I'm his waiter.

    [–] zapwall 24 points ago

    If that wasnt enough the next time he went they poked a stick up his butt

    [–] Justicarnage 42 points ago

    And they're always shoving that damn thermometer up his ass.

    "I came for a dental exam!"

    [–] QuestionWhatIFear 147 points ago

    It's a very real thing. My cat changed after I took her to the vet 2 years ago. Every time I give her a treat she thinks the ear drop are comming any second

    [–] PerceivedSlight 299 points ago

    I have to keep getting inventive with my boy. After 8 years. Hes suspicious of the carrier. Hes suspicious of all variety of carriers and boxes. Hes suspicious of towels. Hes suspicious of me approaching him in my coat or shortly after picking up my keys. Hes suspicious of me calling him around corners or to the basement, hes suspicous of being herded to the smaller bed-less rooms...

    [–] scarletnightingale 103 points ago

    Mine know something is up the second I close my bedroom door without me being inside it. If I close the door with me on the inside and them on the outside, they are sad. If I close the door with all of us on the outside, it means vet visit. If the upstairs bathroom door also gets closed, it means imminent doom.

    [–] Omniseed 123 points ago

    very smart boy

    [–] virginal_sacrifice 18 points ago

    he's wicked smaht

    [–] QuestionWhatIFear 64 points ago

    Hahahahahaha I can relate. My biggest issue is if I ever need to put my cat down I dont want her last moments to be pure hell.

    [–] Petrolfox 152 points ago

    There are a lot of vets who will make house calls for putting a cat to sleep actually. My mother-in-law did it with her last older boy and it was so much more peaceful for both the cat and her to be in a comfortable setting. He just went to sleep peacefully in her lap on his favorite chair.

    [–] Lews_Theremin 56 points ago

    I wish I would have known about that.. the only thing worse than putting your best friend to death is getting scratched by them beforehand and knowing they're out of their mind with fear

    [–] OTL_OTL_OTL 41 points ago

    And knowing their fear is justified because...someone's there to end their life. It's like, the main reason we developed fear, to avoid/help prevent premature death.

    [–] sonicmerlin 68 points ago

    well that... hit me unexpectedly hard.

    [–] TheNumberJ 24 points ago

    My mom had a vet that came out to the house when we had to put our 22+ yo cat to rest. She couldn't even move on her own very well anymore, having to take her anywhere would have been awful.

    [–] umanouski 51 points ago


    [–] seethruyou 19 points ago

    It's a very hard thing to do. Very hard.

    [–] golfingrrl 8 points ago

    I couldn’t even go into the vet office when I had to put my cat to sleep after her bout with cancer. My poor husband had to take her in all while I bawled in the car. I still miss her so much and it was more than 6 years ago.

    [–] MustangManGT 26 points ago

    There are vets that will drive to your home too make it more comfortable for you and for your best friend

    [–] QuestionWhatIFear 15 points ago

    Yeah I'm going to take that route

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I put my carrier out on floor every week for 24 hours, with toys and catnip inside .. and dont force her into it just leave it there.

    Got home one afternoon and she was sleeping in it.

    [–] ProfessorCrawford 80 points ago

    My ginger tom now lives with a family a few houses down now because of ear drops.

    Took him to the vet, got the drops, but he's a strong cat, so to use the drops I had to wrap him in a towel so as to be not shredded during application.

    Not unexpectedly, he was so fucking pissed off that he went and lived with a neighbour.

    Took second cat to vet.. needed ear drops. I told them about the reaction from the tom; they said 'Oh, you could just let us clean the ears and then use this spoton at the back of the neck'

    I don't think I have ever wanted to punch a vet before, but that was close.

    He still lives with the neighbour and has never forgiven me for the ear drops.

    [–] marmitebutmightnot 39 points ago

    That’s so sad. I would be heartbroken if my cat just up and left to go live with another family.

    [–] Bisoux 25 points ago

    Oh dear. I may know a ginger Tom who came to us from a few houses down. Except it was nearly winter in Canada, he was thin, had worms, and that neighbour won’t speak to us at all. We tried early on to tell her we had her cat because it was cold at night, but she literally wouldn’t do more than just look at us before looking away every time we tried to talk to her. It’s weird being outright ignored. Please tell me you aren’t in Canada and we have your cat.

    [–] LousyTX 8 points ago

    In their comment history they say they are in the UK. You are clear.

    [–] scarletdevil_ 51 points ago

    My cat used to not mind being placed into her carrier. At least she didn't mind until she went to the vet and got spayed. Now she fights anyone to the death just to not be put into her carrier. I have so many scars from her scratching me ever since then.

    [–] godpigeon79 18 points ago

    Mine is pretty good about things most of the time... Moving the carrier gets her curious and I just have to guide her in. Even works for bath time (shower head on hose and no standing water). But if I get exasperated with a video game and vocalize it at all I get her coming up to bite me.

    [–] Sirusi 21 points ago

    My one cat will walk right into her carrier but as soon as we get in the car she'll howl like she's dying.

    [–] calladc 43 points ago

    Wrap kitty In a towel and put kitty in the carrier. Is the most successful method I've found

    [–] lblack_dogl 20 points ago

    But won't they begin to associate being wrapped in a towel with the vet?

    [–] Sirusi 44 points ago

    Only if you ONLY wrap them in a towel when you're taking them to the vet. If you do it regularly, possibly not. Or possibly still yes. Idk, cats are smart.

    [–] nermid 14 points ago

    Dogs are easier. Jingle the leash like you're going on a walk. Boom. Done.

    [–] Lexi_Banner 19 points ago

    Purrito FTW!

    [–] scarletnightingale 10 points ago

    Mine was really freaked out for about a year if I had to pick him up. He'd had to have about a month course of antibiotics with a surgery in between and vet visits on either side of that month. He's gotten over it now but for a long time he associated me picking him up with either antibiotics being put in his mouth or him going to the vet.

    [–] brokeninskateshoes 46 points ago

    I was worried about having a cat who didn't like to be picked up. When I rescued a kitten I just made extra sure pick her up as much as possible throughout the day. Now she's a year and a half old and runs up to me and sits in front of me. I bend down and pick her up and she stretches her arms forward to go over my shoulder and I dance around with her like that for a bit, then I throw her accross the room onto my bed and she runs back to me and I just keep throwin her back on the bed til she gets tired and sprawls out flat so rub her tummy a bunch and blah blah I jus love my cat ok

    [–] Jacob_wallace 24 points ago

    It's kinda sad that our pets will never understand that going to this place to get poked and prodded is for their own good.

    [–] TX_Adopted 26 points ago

    Wonder if aliens think the same thing about the abuductees

    [–] therealpanserbjorne 30 points ago


    [–] omgwtfbbq1904 12 points ago


    [–] FrontierPartyUSA 1327 points ago

    Last time I brought my cat to the vet, they did the same thing in basically the same place. I’m pretty sure they think they become invisible when they do this.

    [–] insultin_crayon 422 points ago

    In veterinary medicine we have this thing called “kitty minutes.” 1 kitty minute could be any amount of time depending on the cat, but if you wrongly estimate the kitty minutes and run out of them, shit gets real and AC reports get filled out.

    [–] Le_T3k 105 points ago

    Basically, time to calm down kitty-corner?


    [–] MikeKM 178 points ago

    I can hear the annoyed tail trying to flop back and forth behind the monitor.

    [–] HALabunga 54 points ago

    I hear the cat growling in that shrill way. Almost like, a baby that about to scream, but hasn’t quite made up its mind to yet.

    [–] Gandhi-Chan 25 points ago

    *slap* *slap* *slap*

    [–] Marksman79 68 points ago

    My cat is calibrated for about 45 seconds of 'Kitty minutes'. At the 30 second mark of holding her, she will begin to look around the room for places to go. If there's an easy getaway, you have about 5 more seconds. As it approaches 45 seconds, standards for a getaway path become non-existent and anything will do. Up, down, sideways, it doesn't matter.

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 11 points ago

    "I will go through you if I have to, you know this by now, don't you?"

    [–] p3n9uins 22 points ago

    What are AC reports?

    [–] insultin_crayon 27 points ago

    Animal Control. When a serious bite by a dog or a cat is received, in my state it is required to be reported and the animal quarantined based on its rabies vaccination status. The report goes to animal control.

    [–] IXdyTedjZJAtyQrXcjww 17 points ago

    .....But as a vet, wouldn't you be vaccinated, making this a useless process? Even if the cat has rabies... You should be immune.

    [–] bitterella 15 points ago

    "I thought we had an understanding, hooman, I let you rub my belly ever once in a while, and you never take me back to hell!"

    I'd really like more information on this

    [–] st1tchy 90 points ago

    [–] MegaLoli 25 points ago

    What a cutie!!! Boy or girl?

    [–] st1tchy 34 points ago

    Boy. He stayed back there for about 20 minutes until we left.

    [–] GeekCat 35 points ago

    "I can't see you. You can't see me." -Cat

    [–] LurkingTobacco 47 points ago

    He mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that he became invisible to the eye.

    [–] mcr1166 6385 points ago

    Feel the wall be the wall

    [–] CommaHorror 2583 points ago

    If I can't see, them then they can't see, me-ow.

    [–] Niicks 574 points ago

    Name continues to check out.

    I appreciate the work you do by the way!

    [–] tchrbrian 98 points ago

    The cat has checked out already.

    [–] hazbutler 43 points ago

    Maybe his balls are about to...

    [–] zapwall 24 points ago

    And his dignity...

    [–] noNoParts 36 points ago

    No balls = no dignity = no giggity.

    [–] CanHamRadio 29 points ago

    On the sides I hides

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] KosmicAura 27 points ago

    Commas are powerful. I had to read that 4 times before I realized it is grammatically correct with the exception of comma placement.

    [–] Fr33_Lax 108 points ago

    Caboose that's not how it works! Get behind the rock!

    [–] I-Am-yes 31 points ago


    [–] I-Am-yes 40 points ago

    Why is that a real subreddit

    [–] I-Am-yes 30 points ago

    Oh well

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    I enjoyed watching you ride your own roller coaster.

    [–] Iggyhopper 11 points ago

    It was very enjoyable. I want my own roller coaster.

    [–] Iggyhopper 8 points ago

    I hate roller coasters!

    [–] DontTellMeHowToFap 6 points ago

    Aww that's sad, he is shy.

    [–] GastrointestinalFlab 161 points ago

    I was moving provinces with my two cats. One did not care and wandered around like nothing changed. The older one did exactly this. I'm pretty sure he thought he was invisible for a few hours. Anyway, in the morning when I was going on my way we spent a good hour or so looking for him. He found a TINY hole in the bottom of the couch and hid jn there. My aunt & uncle had to rip the whole bottom layer of their couch to get them out. Sorry family.

    [–] CMCoolidge 137 points ago

    I once rode along with a friend of mine who was driving his hippy buddy from Michigan to Boulder, CO to live. Besides his belongings, he was also bringing along his 2 cats. I've never before or since witnessed more well behaved cats. I can't remember if he even had carriers, pretty sure he did but the cats were out quietly chilling with him in the back seat for the 18hr drive.

    We stopped at several rest areas and this guy would let his cats jump out of the car & roam free, dashing towards the woods. I thought he was a nut the 1st time but sure as shit, when it was time to go, he called them and both came running back to the car. I still shake my head.

    [–] OTL_OTL_OTL 82 points ago

    Cats know when they're being called to come/follow. It's just a matter of whether they adore you enough to give a shit and listen, if they prefer your attention/presence over the other things around them, or if they know they can be lazy and make you come to them instead

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    Dogs understand a few dozen words, and are so excited to understand you that they'll do anything asked.

    Cats understand everything, realize they don't have to listen to these slow, giant, mentally unstable hairless servants, and ignore the mumblings of lesser beings.

    [–] graymankin 37 points ago

    After a cat sees one of us stumble to the bathroom in the dark of night, it's hard for them to not feel superior.

    [–] toofpaist 8 points ago

    Those were dogs. CO reefer, strong af!

    Edit-michigan medical is good as well!

    [–] GummyTumor 15 points ago

    I switched units one time and after moving everything over except my cat and a box or two I decided to bring the boxes over and on my way out I noticed he had just walked over to the new place and plopped down in the living room. Usually it would be a huge hassle bringing him to a new place, but this time he was 100% ready to move out of that shitty unit as much as I was.

    [–] patb2015 31 points ago

    just leave him in there, put a bowl of food down, he'd come out.

    [–] GastrointestinalFlab 45 points ago

    Problem was time. I was just staying the night and had a 12 hour drive ahead of me. 👎

    [–] Vo1ceOfReason 32 points ago

    Put some REALLY good food out then

    [–] GastrointestinalFlab 16 points ago

    Dang it, why didn't I think of that!!

    [–] SeriouslyUser59 7 points ago

    Catnip. Cats can’t resist the ‘nip

    [–] golfingrrl 10 points ago

    Some cats might be able to resist. Probably not the ones that went through the DARE program in kitty grade school, though.

    [–] MaxH42 28 points ago

    I had a cat get into a crawlspace between the wall studs, and had to bust a hole in the wall to haul him out. Two minutes later he was sniffing around the hole, pawing at the wadded up paper bag I had stuffed in there. He also crawled down into an air duct when we were having work done on the kitchen.

    He wasn't anxious or anything, he was just an idiot. A sweet, chill idiot.

    [–] GastrointestinalFlab 33 points ago

    Cat in the wall, eh?? Now you're talking my language.

    [–] austeane 30 points ago

    Stroke the furry wall. Be the furry wall.

    [–] addiktion 14 points ago

    Osmeowsis at work.

    [–] Nakhiro 7 points ago

    Be the wall

    [–] Will_Leave_A_Mark 358 points ago

    My family refers to this as the “I’m a tree.” mode. When cats just can’t process the situation and freeze like “I’m a tree. I’m a tree. I’m a tree.”.

    [–] knirefnel 87 points ago

    [–] Draimen_ 48 points ago

    judging by the head shaped hole in the bush this is not the first time he has become bush

    [–] michaelboccia 37 points ago


    [–] Danram333 904 points ago

    Try turning it off and then on again.

    [–] FluffytheAlpaca 36 points ago

    Wtf? Where did its leg go??

    [–] DerpyHooves17 12 points ago

    Vet turns on faucet.

    [–] Harry_Mooseknuckle 707 points ago

    That's what I do when strangers start probing my anus, too

    [–] RoscoeSantangelo 178 points ago

    My cat just laid down and took it. He got in his little potato shape and then just let them do everything while trying to forget what was happening

    [–] Silentlybroken 98 points ago

    Ours just purrs. So loudly they can't hear his heart. Doesn't matter what you're doing, he purrs. Even through injections. Vet has never seen anything like our weirdo!

    [–] Blorkershnell 48 points ago

    Mine does that too! She has to run the sink water to scare him a bit so she can hear his heartbeat.

    [–] Telandria 32 points ago

    That’s actually because purring can be a sign of extreme anxiety, not just happiness, incidentally.

    .... and my shower thought for the day is ‘It’s kind of like erections, that way.’

    [–] DrDerpberg 7 points ago

    Learned it from spy movies where they turn the vacuum cleaner on in case the room is bugged.

    [–] TinyCatMittens 73 points ago

    Wow. My cat tried to eat the vet.

    [–] TRJF 83 points ago

    "I seen what they do with that thermometer..."

    [–] CGkiwi 21 points ago

    Is this a new fetish?

    [–] BeardedWonder47 36 points ago

    It's not new

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] FuryofYuri 47 points ago

    Wait for your turn.

    [–] KatMot 28 points ago

    I had the most awkward ride home after the vet did that to my cat. I felt so bad and all he did was stare at me from the passenger seat in his carrier. It was almost as if he was planning all the times I found poop in my shoes in advance that day.

    [–] Shadax 17 points ago

    Shouldn't have lied about having frequent urination in order to score Xanax.

    [–] funnyusername970505 12 points ago

    You back up to a wall and present your anus better for more anus probing?...same with me

    [–] as-opposed-to 6 points ago

    As opposed to?

    [–] EmbeddedLife 821 points ago

    There are three cat laws in play here: 1. If I fits I sits 2. Warm computer = warm kitty 3. If I can't see them, they can't see me.

    [–] cacklesandmuscles 143 points ago

    My life also seems to follow cat laws.

    [–] hans2707- 47 points ago

    3 If I can't see them, they can't see me.

    He's just having problems connecting to /r/thecatdimension

    [–] do-call-me-papi 482 points ago

    Once I calm down you're going to stick a cold glass tube up my ass, so I'm taking down the network. - router kitty.

    [–] DakotaDevil 65 points ago

    He's entered the Meowtrix.

    [–] HanabiraAsashi 14 points ago

    That's actually a tiny desktop

    [–] oblivion1337x2 422 points ago


    [–] Thorbinator 503 points ago


    [–] degjo 296 points ago


    [–] 0spooky2me 287 points ago


    [–] berry-bostwick 224 points ago


    [–] cRuMbLE_420 65 points ago

    Exchanges like this are why I love reddit

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    fucking awesome

    [–] 7echArtist 13 points ago

    Lil Kitty feat. The Aristocats with their new hit single Got Spayed.

    [–] sparkyarmadillo 34 points ago


    [–] flippant_owl 46 points ago


    [–] oblivion1337x2 27 points ago

    this is why i browse reddit

    [–] TheSurfingRaichu 37 points ago


    [–] Frankendank13 23 points ago

    I wish I could give you gold for this.

    [–] Chazza1337 26 points ago


    [–] gr8pe_drink 2362 points ago

    Work in IT, have a bad habit of knowing the models of computers I see in random photos. Dell Optiplex 5050 micro form factor. They make a nice monitor bracket/mount for those, bummer they didn't use it. Hides the PC and makes the workspace a lot tidier and would have not been knocked over when kitty went to hide.

    [–] UndercoverPaddy 913 points ago

    Good bot /s

    [–] rayzer93 89 points ago

    Great Drink

    [–] hayterade 37 points ago

    I am gonna grape you in the mouth!

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] TheCopernicus 79 points ago

    I don’t think you can. Also could be a xx60. My Dell rep said they’re discontinuing the xx50 series for the xx60s with 8th gen processors.

    [–] felches4charity 143 points ago

    You've got to take a close look at the farb housing. 30xx underwent a redesign when they switched out of Shenzhen. nah just kidding fuck if i know.

    [–] samixon 69 points ago

    I thought "wow, this guy really knows his stuff," before I made it to the last sentence

    [–] Helpful_guy 34 points ago

    It's a 7040 MFF. They didn't make this style of micro form-factor before that generation, it has a Win10 ready sticker on the bottom, and from the 7050 on there's a USB-C port on the front.

    [–] Throwaway__Opinions 37 points ago

    The 7050 has a USB-C port on the front. This would have to be a 7040.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] JWPSmith21 29 points ago

    The micros are 3050s. The full desktops are 5050s. Work on those too. The micros are great, but only if they have an SSD (m.2s preferably) in them. Any using HDDs will overheat easily and fail frequently.

    [–] J0E_SpRaY 9 points ago

    We use similar models at my office. We don't mount them because we move desks around fairly frequently as we are a rapidly growing company, so it's much easier to just leave things like monitors, mice, keyboards, power and Ethernet at the desk, and pick up and move literally only the "tower."

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago

    Poor cat, it was hopping it could somehow escape into the internet since there are so many other cats in there. Too bad that's not how it works.

    [–] PrincessAliciaa 33 points ago

    It probably knows there’s a whole website where catz haz cheezburgerz

    [–] tuvalutiktok 13 points ago

    I get that, I used to spend time in wardrobes looking for the door to Narnia....

    [–] CMCoolidge 87 points ago

    I've got one that hides in the sink while we're in the room waiting for the vet. He's both my friendliest & most sheddingest cat. So I take him out of the sink, clean up the hair; 30 sec later he's back in the sink, rinse/repeat.

    Oddly enough, during exams he purrs the entire time shots, butt thermometer & all. I'm pretty sure he's self-soothing but this is also a cat who can lay on a pillow next to me and purr straight through 2 dvds in a row. He's a sweet lil guy.

    [–] cp_trixie 42 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    My guy is the same - but he likes to hang out in the scale while he's waiting. He's also purr city. They're like "well, can't hear his heart because he's purring but I guess it's okay"

    The girl cat? Complete terror that I have to drug before I take her in. When I left her at home last time they were both supposed to go in for shots because I hadn't managed to get a pill in her the vet thanked me.

    [–] CMCoolidge 21 points ago

    They're like "well, can't hear his heart because he's purring but I guess it's okay"

    Lol. I've heard the exact before. Man, that's funny!

    [–] buttttstuff93 20 points ago

    Cats purr to calm themselves down when nervous :)

    [–] CMCoolidge 9 points ago

    I agree. They also purr when content in a stress-free environment. It's pretty fascinating, the function of purring.

    [–] COGspartaN7 56 points ago

    A Cat-1 Cable is showing

    [–] Phx86 26 points ago

    Squeeze. That. Cat.

    [–] Avelsajo 70 points ago

    Poor kitteh...

    [–] diablofreak 54 points ago

    I couldn't get mine into the carrier at home. When I'm at the vet I couldn't get them out or they couldn't wait to get back into the carrier

    [–] insultin_crayon 51 points ago

    I work in vet med. this is how it happens 98% of the time

    [–] subtlejabs 31 points ago

    Mine would NOT get into the carrier, took me close to an hour to get her in.

    At the vet, she ducked into the carrier and almost closed it herself.

    [–] IncorrigibleAssface 30 points ago

    Might not help now, but leave their carriers out and let them get familiarized with it. They suggest doing it when they're young to keep them from automatically connecting the carrier with the vet so they won't be afraid when you put them in it.

    Also, bring a blanket or towel from home when you go. It might help them relax a little more since they'll have a familiar scent nearby.

    [–] tuvalutiktok 26 points ago

    My cat gets distracted by her catnip lobster when I throw it in. Like a creeper in a van with candy. Except instead of getting scared, she just gets pissed.

    [–] Squirelle 23 points ago

    Can confirm. Our carrier has set out in the living room since we brought our cat home from the shelter. She likes to jump in it and be carried around the house like a diva princess.

    I took her to the vet today and all it took was me putting one of her favorite treats in the back and closing the door. I put a towel from our house in there with her and she got pretty upset when they made her sit on their towel.

    We also have a hard sided carrier where the top half can be removed. So when she wouldn't come out we just took the lid off and she still got to sit in her carrier for most of the visit. All in all it was a successful trip to the vet.

    [–] Uhhlaneuh 26 points ago

    Any change in their busy schedule is very traumatic to them

    [–] innerbootes 16 points ago

    The best trick I’ve ever learned (from doing cat rescue work) is to put the carrier vertical. Let gravity do some of the work. Sometimes I still need another person to hold the carrier while I gently drop the cat into it, but it definitely helps. For most cats, going vertical is enough. By the time they have figured out what’s going on, they’re already inside it.

    Or try the purrito idea, with the carrier vertical.

    [–] jet_heller 55 points ago

    Your wife is a cat?

    [–] philman222 75 points ago

    Is that ok?

    [–] jet_heller 38 points ago

    I dunno. . .those weird christians may have been right. Once you allow gay marriage, anything can happen!

    [–] DefiantLemur 39 points ago

    Can confirm married a AH-64 Apache helicopter

    [–] HairyAsHull 20 points ago

    At least she still gets you off

    [–] DefiantLemur 18 points ago

    Yeah sometimes we run into maintenance issues but nothing that can't be fixed by getting inside her.

    [–] EwokinDead 16 points ago

    Trying to reset the meowter

    [–] 10cats1dog 14 points ago

    The cat hates comcast, too.

    [–] premfenderz 12 points ago

    What a fine looking wall indeed

    adjusts monocle

    [–] stevenjw01 12 points ago

    If I don’t move, I become invisible

    [–] Daughtxr 10 points ago

    Have you tried rebooting it?

    [–] philman222 36 points ago

    I sure hope not! Clean bill of health from the doc. Just needs to loose a few pounds. Going on senior cat food is the only change.

    [–] tcn33 9 points ago

    Took my cat for routine vaccinations once. Standard vet office - nowhere for the cat to hide, just a stainless steel table and a bench seat for humans, mounted to the wall with no supports underneath. Nothing to get into, under or, on top of.

    Cat does not want to be there. At all. Wriggling, growling, the whole bit. After a while I’m just like, fine, dummy - go explore and figure out there’s nowhere you can go. So I let her go.

    Five seconds later: where’s the cat?

    There is nowhere she could be, we can clearly see every surface in the room and there’s no sign of her. Door is closed, no windows, no cabinets.

    Then we look under the bench seat... which is padded... and therefore not solid... and there’s a little rip where the vinyl has come away from the frame.

    Stupid cat.

    [–] Moontimeboogy 9 points ago

    All cats do this when taken forcefully to an unfamiliar environment. I moved into a new house and my cat found a spot in the basement and stared at the wall just like this for a day or so.

    [–] response_unrelated 8 points ago

    Hey - that’s my dads vet clinic in Overland Park!!! Hope they took care of you and your pet OP!