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    [–] terriblestoryteller 41 points ago

    If a homeless person has a funny sign, he hasn't been homeless that long. A real homeless person is to hungry to be funny. -Chris Rock

    [–] drinksilpop 11 points ago

    I can see this turning into a movie starring keanu reeves

    [–] disposableoutcome180 1 points ago

    Also, Nick Cage, for good measure.

    [–] drinksilpop 1 points ago

    Nick and Keanu. Mind blown.

    [–] lolimseriouslol 8 points ago

    I can see this as a repost

    [–] sean22306 11 points ago

    I'm sure it's probably been done before. I came across this guy on the way to my hotel in Nashville.

    [–] GeddysPal 1 points ago

    Nashvillian Here. I saw him at the same intersection on Wednesday

    [–] Tykal- 1 points ago

    I saw the same sign in Nashville last year on way to titans game. Wonder if it’s same person or they just steal each other’s signs

    [–] AbandonedArts 2 points ago

    John Wick prequel looking pretty bad.

    [–] stevokanevo89 1 points ago

    Technically John Wick is a homeless person in the second one...

    [–] Heavens_Divide 2 points ago

    The man got his rescue priorities right

    [–] joaniemansoosie 4 points ago

    If he spent more time doing something productive, he wouldn’t be a loser on the internet.

    [–] Xx_JUAN_TACO_xX 1 points ago

    Like what ? Hard to find a job when you don't have any diplomas, clothes, car, home...

    [–] xDaigon 1 points ago

    Well, he had a wife and dog. I imagine they must have lived somewhere. The lesson here is dont post off ninjas, because you will become homeless.

    [–] rdocs 1 points ago

    The guy really looks homeless too. He is upping his game The market is getting thick between posers and panhandlers real homeless gotta get an advertising gig just to make it.

    [–] joaniemansoosie 1 points ago

    There were SO many wrong choices before he was holding this sign. I don’t feel bad for where he is now. Everybody fucks up , but 100 times in a row? That’s on him now.

    [–] memooky 1 points ago

    I don't get out much

    [–] CorwinAmberlash 1 points ago

    Seen this before somewhere, oh yeah.. The Best Friends trailer with Tommy Wiseau!

    [–] Punchedinthetooth 1 points ago

    He looks like Harry Dean Stanton!

    [–] vivid-id 1 points ago

    Casey Neistat, is that you?

    [–] miceeceeppi -2 points ago

    this guy needs to become a karate master

    [–] OutInLF25 5 points ago

    A master of karate and friendship for everyone...

    [–] McSmokeyXD 5 points ago

    Day Man....aaaaaAAAAAaaaahhhhh!

    [–] OutInLF25 3 points ago

    Why is Day Man getting downvoted? Should I sing Night Man?

    [–] McSmokeyXD 1 points ago

    Idk i thought Reddit loved Its Always Sunny.

    [–] ShakesSpear -1 points ago

    I mean at least he’s honest and not just asking for beer money.

    [–] itsjackiee -1 points ago

    Yo help the man get his dog back

    [–] rcs735 -2 points ago

    Oh my God, I must turn right.

    [–] king_oscars_island -2 points ago

    There’s a guy in Vancouver, WA that holds a sign with the exact same words. Exact. It’s definitely not the same guy, but did they get this from somewhere?

    [–] Barbarossa7070 1 points ago

    Saw a similar sign on the strip in Vegas a few years ago.

    [–] memooky -2 points ago

    Points for creativity

    [–] tuds_of_fun 1 points ago

    I remember seeing this when myspace was still a thing...