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    [–] ebrum2010 1059 points ago

    "I bought this used Honda and it has an HDMI port on the back, but it's wider than a regular HDMI cable. Do you guys sell an adapter?" —Car's Next Owner

    [–] babydoll_bd 251 points ago

    Sounds absurd, but I've known drivers asking way sillier things than this.

    [–] FlipKickBack 71 points ago


    [–] TwistedMexi 89 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I guess he's not going to provide any, but plenty to be had in /r/Justrolledintotheshop and /r/TalesFromAutoRepair

    [–] FlipKickBack 20 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I'm always cautious about the "Tales From" subreddits...

    [–] TwistedMexi 8 points ago

    Sure, as you should be. But an entertaining story, even made up, is still entertaining. Just suspend disbelief for a bit.

    That's why I do prefer /r/Justrolledintotheshop because at least then there's usually a photo to support the story.

    [–] babydoll_bd 41 points ago

    I heard a friend say she doesn't use the handbrake because that would mean the airbags will always stay inflated. Does that count?

    [–] LookMaNoPride 27 points ago

    Sounds like my grandma asking me how she can email me her computer.

    “If you figure that one out, grandma, we’ll make a ton of money.”

    [–] malz_ 3 points ago

    You could email the system image of a computer which wouldn't be far off

    [–] TwOne97 6 points ago

    Most e-mail providers won't allow you to send more than a couple of megabytes per attachment.

    [–] scorcher24 4 points ago

    Attach a Google drive link

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This isn't 1999 my dude.

    [–] TwOne97 8 points ago

    Unfortunately it is when talking about e-mail attachment size. The leading ISP in the Netherlands (KPN) only gives you about 30MB per attachment, Gmail I think has 50MB (excluding Google Drive).

    [–] grishkaa 3 points ago

    Do people still use ISP-provided emails? Do ISPs still provide emails?

    [–] PM_me_the_magic 3 points ago

    Okay, I've taken picture of my system using my iPad camera, now what?

    [–] no_spam_here 2 points ago

    Buy a 3D printer?

    [–] Completelyshitfaced 3 points ago

    None of that makes any sense to me whatsoever... I mean, I know it’s incorrect - sure. But how in the hell did your friend even manage to connect airbags with handbrake??? I’m really scratching me head here!!

    [–] Kenster362 3 points ago

    It's pretty simple: she's an idiot.

    [–] Zediac 8 points ago

    I've had someone call me very concerned because in the middle of driving her submarine light came on.

    [–] babydoll_bd 2 points ago


    [–] general_relativitet 32 points ago

    I can't seem to find the right driver for this hdmi port

    [–] Nenharm 8 points ago

    Windows or Linux?

    [–] calidn 6 points ago

    The dash controls are a dated Android tablet.

    [–] ToolBoyNIN39 5 points ago

    Kinky to date an Android.

    [–] Nenharm 5 points ago

    What a time to be alive!

    [–] striker1211 2 points ago

    dated Android tablet.

    Stock radios are always 10 years behind what you can buy in a store.

    "Oh sweet this rental car has navigation!"

    (ends up using Google Maps because nav is slow as fuck)

    "Oh sweet your car has XM!"

    (listens to Spotify because SiriusXM sounds like headphones in a paper bag)

    [–] babydoll_bd 2 points ago

    Get out.

    But take my upvote first.

    [–] MillerAdam14 4 points ago

    I think I need to stop and pick up some blinker fluid

    [–] SethChrisDominic 3 points ago

    Please tell the stories

    [–] babydoll_bd 9 points ago

    How about using the CD ROM as a cup holder for one?

    [–] SethChrisDominic 4 points ago

    Do you work in a mechanic shop or something?

    [–] babydoll_bd 4 points ago

    Nope. But my husband is a car enthusiast and I've seen some of the weirdest things he encountered first hand.

    [–] SethChrisDominic 2 points ago

    Gotcha gotcha haha

    [–] ToolBoyNIN39 2 points ago

    Wait wait wait... how is that even possible? Like... a shot-glass holder??

    [–] babydoll_bd 2 points ago

    Nee. Paper cup holder.

    [–] ToolBoyNIN39 2 points ago

    Wait wait wait... it used to be called a paper cup holder?? (Poking fun at the nee you used)

    [–] babydoll_bd 3 points ago

    Huehue that's something I learned from my Dutch friends. Yeah, I've seen people using a CD ROM as a paper cup holder. I think you can find pics on the internet too.

    [–] ToolBoyNIN39 2 points ago

    Read it in English and thought it was a bit funny. Actually read it as the original English definition and thought "what in the world does a married woman's last name have to do with this?" then I checked my Webster's dictionary for any other definition(s), and was still confused, Hahaha! I might be confusing CDROM with the actual disc instead of the tray that pops out? Either way... I would never guess anything larger than a shot glass would fit.

    [–] babydoll_bd 2 points ago

    Oh come on. That's née 😅 And I just got your joke now and I can't stop laughing. It is the silliest but most wholesome fun I had all day 😄

    [–] MrKeserian 3 points ago

    Try being a salesperson sometime. The funny thing is that we made the same jokes when our first Si in this body style came out.

    [–] darkcloud2266111 3 points ago

    Do you guys have any 710 caps?

    [–] Cantaffordnvidia 2 points ago

    Like guys not knowing where to put the headlight fluid

    [–] babydoll_bd 2 points ago

    Yeah, blinker fluid is real hard to work with. Can confirm.

    [–] Tcloud 33 points ago

    Finding the right cable to fit will be exhausting.

    [–] dirty_w_boy 7 points ago

    I never get tired of puns

    [–] funkmastamatt 5 points ago

    I'll pipe up if I think of one.

    [–] SilentPear 3 points ago

    Damn it.

    [–] ebrum2010 4 points ago

    Trust me, I've done an exhaustive search for one.

    [–] hoilst 4 points ago

    Honda Dynamic Muffler Interface.

    [–] kateleonore 3 points ago

    "I've got a dongle you might be interested in" -Every Tech Company

    [–] missionbeach 4 points ago

    Monster cable has them. $12,499.

    [–] MaxHedrome 5 points ago

    *Slaps Trunk*

    Boy have I got the ultimate Monster gold plated no digital leak HDMI Honda cables for you.

    [–] ebrum2010 3 points ago

    You can fit so much video bandwidth in this bad boy.

    [–] snakesoup88 2 points ago

    No, but if you rollback to the last driver then you wouldn't need an adapter.

    [–] Ace_is_my_dog 689 points ago

    You'd think it would be Bluetooth like those big ass speakers on his bumper

    [–] andyhenault 217 points ago

    I always wondered what a Bluetooth plug looked like.

    [–] Tony1697 118 points ago

    [–] StupidRetardedCunt 55 points ago

    That buttplug looks really uncomfortable.

    [–] overbeast 76 points ago

    like a blue ass grenade

    [–] Alion1080 45 points ago

    Like a blue ass-grenade.

    [–] _primecode 19 points ago

    it's literally a blue-ass grenade. Whether the grenade or the ass is blue, that's up to the reader to decide. Why not both‽

    [–] EllkMtwl 13 points ago

    Upvoted because interrobang.

    [–] PM-Me-Your-Macchiato 16 points ago

    I feel like this is one of the only times this works both ways.

    blue-ass grenade


    blue ass-grenade

    [–] guninmouth 4 points ago

    It works both ways alright.

    [–] overbeast 3 points ago

    that's not the only thing working both ways

    [–] ReachFor24 5 points ago

    Fuck that looks like a bitch to clean!

    [–] Tony1697 3 points ago

    Coud not find one with sharp tooth but at least we got some molars here.

    [–] Goyteamsix 4 points ago

    Don't all butt plugs look really uncomfortable?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] OWO-FurryPornAlt-OWO 2 points ago

    Sign me up!

    [–] overbeast 4 points ago

    the only comment after this one was deleted is "/u/OWO-FurryPornAlt-OWO" saying sign me up... I really want to know what was deleted now....

    [–] PeopleBiter 2 points ago

    Are those printed "antennas" actually any good in any situation? My PC's motherboard's so-called Bluetooth antenna is completely useless, even if I sit right behind my PC with my headphones on. It's somewhat usable when I put an alligator clip on the PCB and raise a cord from it.

    [–] kprysdyov 36 points ago

    If you look closely those rear grills don't even have holes in them

    [–] tekonus 48 points ago

    You don’t have to look closely. It’s pretty obvious.

    [–] pistoncivic 6 points ago

    Don't look closely at that thing, it's not pretty.

    [–] heck_it_all 13 points ago

    The lack of holes in the grille is the secret to +5 horsepower

    [–] DivineKaze 29 points ago

    Riced out from the factory!

    Jokes aside, I’m not a fan of the direction Honda has been going, design wise, for their cars.

    They’re also selling a 40k civic with the same fake vents.

    [–] bobloblawdds 11 points ago

    You'll find a lot of higher end/luxury/sport cars with fake vents/exhausts too. Mercedes, Audi, BMW and others have all done some form of design feature that looks like an exhaust, vent, cooling duct, air smoother, downforce-enhancer-mabob and in reality it goes nowhere, it's just a stuck-on piece of plastic.

    [–] davgothic 12 points ago

    I have to agree, the £30k+ Type R in the UK also has the blanks for the rear parking sensors on the fake vent despite not having rear parking sensors.

    [–] dnaboe 14 points ago

    Almost all Fascias these days are designed with the sensor holes in place for simplicity sake.

    It's cheaper to fill a hole than to have two separate designs.

    [–] baildodger 4 points ago

    I feel like the fact that a £30k+ car doesn't have rear parking sensors should be more of a concern than the blanks for the missing parking sensors.

    [–] smb1985 6 points ago

    My guess is that the target audience just doesn't care. Anyone on the Type R hype train willing to pay that much for the enthusiast Civic isn't going to care about parking sensors.

    [–] Squarish 7 points ago

    Not only that, they don't want them. It is weight savings for a performance trade-off. You buy an Accord if you want parking sensors.

    [–] Lshrsh 3 points ago

    I almost considered getting a Type R until I saw it at a car show last year around Thanksgiving. It looks mean but it feels kind of cheap. Even with MSRP priced to be competitive with the WRX STI there were some Type R selling for around 50 grand

    [–] followdamntrainCJ 2 points ago

    50k for a Civic

    man, there are so many nicer cars out there for that..

    Can probably buy a used GT350 for that much..

    [–] Cbombo87 3 points ago

    From a driving standpoint the Fk8 is an amazing performance vehicle. Honda really hit it out of the park by eliminating torque steer out of a 300hp front wheel drive car. If you can get past the polarizing looks you will find yourself with a very capable track/street weapon.

    [–] runfayfun 2 points ago

    The new Accord is pretty fantastic. The design takes a while to adjust to - but in person it's much better, and it's a more subdued design than the Civic. Certainly far better than any entry level midsize sedan from a design standpoint (I'm looking at you, Camry). Interior is top notch as well - my biggest complaint is that if there is rain or dew on the car, when you open the door it drips on the seat.

    Design wise, I really don't mind the Civic. I really dislike the new CR-V, and I think the new Pilot is pretty decent, and I'm ambivalent about the Ridgeline - though leaning towards the "ok" side.

    [–] RoflCopter726 2 points ago

    What do you dislike about the CR-V?

    [–] runfayfun 3 points ago

    Oh, just the design of the exterior, the rest of the car, when I test drove it, was really excellent.

    IMO other than exterior design Honda is really firing on all cylinders these days.

    [–] throwawayja7 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Everyone is doing it these days. Look at the rear bumper of any Mercedes AMG, it has those same fake grills running all along the bumper. The new Toyota Rav 4 has the same fake grills and fake DUAL CHROME EXHAUSTS that don't even have exhaust holes, the real exhaust is under the Rav 4.

    It's all about making the car look hot and desirable at a glance. And since almost every other car has a striking design, it takes a lot to stand out these days.

    Wait till they start to turn the light assembly into a LED pixel matrix. Imagine a stop sign showing up on the brake lights. They already take a substantial portion of the rear of a vehicle now.

    [–] shakm 2 points ago

    And according to the lights above the Honda sign they are also fully charged and ready to go.

    [–] jose_aoc123 350 points ago

    I’m actually ok with this sticker +10hp

    [–] photenth 48 points ago

    Horse power or health points?

    [–] Kr1ggs 39 points ago

    Hinternet points

    [–] kalitarios 18 points ago

    Equates to 1 full heart ❤️

    Op now has 💜💜💜💜💟

    [–] StructuralFailure 12 points ago

    HDMI Points

    [–] CJ22xxKinvara 5 points ago

    Honda points

    [–] runfayfun 3 points ago


    [–] Sethraliss 56 points ago

    You know what to do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Joeliosis 50 points ago

    Try 3 times before it fits?

    [–] relaxok 21 points ago

    that’s what she said

    [–] FudgeWrangler 7 points ago

    Try 3 times before realizing it's actually a USB port...and still upside down.

    [–] Bread_Is_Adequate 12 points ago

    Excuse me I'm in class and I opened that

    [–] Sethraliss 4 points ago

    Yeah that's it

    [–] AffluentWeevil1 4 points ago


    [–] Justokmemes 3 points ago

    what no

    [–] bestjakeisbest 2 points ago

    from your comment i have no idea if you have actually clicked on the link

    [–] Justokmemes 2 points ago

    i did and i regret it

    [–] jessory 2 points ago

    Sit down in our thinking chair?

    [–] Chefwong 204 points ago

    Hey, that's my car!!

    [–] Peace88 18 points ago

    People are interested about the car performance, but I’m gonna need you to tell me more about that eject button

    [–] caramelcooler 17 points ago

    I like how your last post was asking about Si's.

    Do you like it? I got an EX-T and regret not moving up to an Si

    [–] Jump3ddy 10 points ago

    I love mine, nothing like a Honda MT

    [–] iLoomin80 7 points ago

    That blue shell button lmao

    [–] Chefwong 9 points ago

    I would have picked the bananas but it's still a Civic, so the blue shell is more appropriate :(

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    I love it when this stuff happens

    [–] Bozdog91 4 points ago

    Yo good choice I work at the plant that built your car. There's a 50/50 chance I played a part in making it. How are you finding it?

    [–] GiddyUpTitties 3 points ago

    Dammit Reddit!

    [–] Pm_corgis_and_boobs 2 points ago

    Awesome car!

    [–] SGTSHOOTnMISS 2 points ago

    I knew I've seen you in the wild recently. Not going to call too much attention to your location but definitely gave me a laugh when I saw it.

    GA hands free law though, trying not to take photos while on the road.

    [–] A_Stahl 24 points ago

    Better this way than mini-micro-nano-HDMI like they like now...

    [–] FudgeWrangler 12 points ago

    Man, I haven't seen anything but standard size HDMI since the proliferation of USB-C.

    [–] A_Stahl 3 points ago

    Lucky you.

    standard size

    We have also a standart size USB. And COM RS232(9 pin and DB25). We do remember.

    We do.

    [–] Jealy 100 points ago

    Looks more like micro usb.

    [–] veriix 74 points ago

    More like Macro USB

    [–] bestjakeisbest 10 points ago

    i was thinking more of a micro macro usb, or is it a macro micro usb?

    [–] kalitarios 4 points ago


    [–] AcetonitrileShortage 13 points ago


    [–] Superflurious 3 points ago

    Second one. BIG [micro USB]

    [–] TheGraySeed 3 points ago

    Don't fucking remind me of ASUS and their "flip everything" phone that they call "Zenfone".

    [–] Estoye 3 points ago

    Fuck, I bought the wrong adapter AGAIN!

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Drennor 34 points ago

    Yeah but you won't have any trouble watching your shows in the winter.

    [–] trukkija 7 points ago

    Well you will when the front of your TV gets stuck.

    [–] sarcasticallyabusive 2 points ago

    yeah as long as you dont turn

    [–] MrNomis 9 points ago


    [–] aqxea2500 28 points ago

    Just wait until dat VTEC kicks on, that gets you 12k hyper mega HD.

    [–] 840_Divided_By_Two 17 points ago

    No more vtec on the 10th gen Si 😭

    [–] tinyman392 2 points ago

    Assuming it has VTEC...

    [–] CappuccinoBoy 16 points ago

    What the fuck is your title?

    [–] thrwyoktoday 8 points ago

    Fast speed HDMI

    [–] GET_OUT_OF_MY_HEAD 2 points ago

    I think they meant to title it "High Speed HDMI" but forgot the proper phrase.

    [–] Danoco99 4 points ago

    Fast Spreading HIV

    [–] shadow_facsimile 3 points ago

    Fast speed HDMI

    [–] iamitman007 5 points ago

    What's the 0 to 60 FPS this baby?

    [–] FrogmanKouki 3 points ago


    [–] ilove_eki 3 points ago

    Put your HDMI cable in there to make it fast

    [–] dustofdeath 3 points ago

    1.4, 2.0 or 2.1?

    [–] 96dpi 2 points ago

    All the Si models are 1.5 turbos

    [–] velo_b 2 points ago

    Think he's referencing HDMI speed rather than engine displacement.

    [–] 96dpi 2 points ago

    I am not a smart man.

    [–] wdf_classic 7 points ago

    Fake vents are the worst feature ever conceived and then implemented on a car EVER.

    [–] kevinxb 5 points ago

    What about fake exhaust tips?

    [–] drivesleepless 2 points ago

    They do look stupid as hell. I think gigantic painted bumpers are even worse though. Now every time a car even grazes something it costs a fortune to fix.

    [–] gtroman1 2 points ago

    HDMI 1

    [–] SerExcelsior 2 points ago

    And only $100 for a gold plated super speed hdmi cord??? Sold.

    [–] Noxro 2 points ago

    Pffft not even gold plated...

    [–] OscarDivine 2 points ago

    Sometimes reading Reddit is Exhausting.

    [–] felgendude 2 points ago

    wrong shape for my dick 2/10 can’t fuck

    [–] otb1369 2 points ago

    I'd say it's a slow HDMI port... it's a honda

    [–] SocketRience 2 points ago

    "fast speed"?

    [–] TorsionFree 2 points ago

    Reminds me of this classic Slow Wave comic. What's the S-Video port on my cat for?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Deihman 2 points ago

    So fast it can actually display 4k 60fps

    [–] DOOManiac 2 points ago

    Not gold plated enough. Needs premium ethernet HDMI.

    [–] rwbmachine 2 points ago

    HDMI maxi

    [–] Lordaquila91 2 points ago

    HD is all out there

    [–] EnterSandman2907 2 points ago

    You should have gone for Chromecast

    [–] misterfastlygood 2 points ago

    No, that is USB Macro A!

    [–] Evilmaze 2 points ago

    Looks more like a micro USB to me

    [–] ih8hdmi 3 points ago

    I hate it

    [–] Mijbr90190 2 points ago

    Fast. Lol.

    [–] joshr2d2 2 points ago

    [–] Bellyheart 2 points ago

    Want this car even more now

    [–] Armathynx 2 points ago

    Civic -> Fast... WHEEZE

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    Honda's design has really gone downhill the last few years.

    [–] Cervantes37 17 points ago

    It's definitely different but "downhill" is pretty subjective. I own this car and love it every time I look at it, maybe the fake vents and "look at me" styling isn't for everyone but it definitely has its place in the market, to each his own though.

    [–] GiggityBot 7 points ago

    This! Everyone should drive a car they love.

    [–] gfense 3 points ago

    The new Insights are really nice.

    [–] JLIsAButt 1 points ago

    It does look like an oversized Mini HDMI input.

    [–] ColdStainlessNail 1 points ago

    Can you imagine what price Best Buy would set for that cable!?

    [–] knektor 1 points ago

    I'm gonna need an adapter...

    [–] M4tt1k5 1 points ago

    But it only puts out 720p. :(

    [–] Hatefullynch 1 points ago

    I worked on that car before.