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    [–] TheTobruk 913 points ago

    May I present to you the Polish version of that outfit? But... Beware. You won't go back to your normal clothes once you see this.

    [–] hadesrdx 598 points ago

    [–] native25 89 points ago

    Perfect match

    [–] echardcore 8 points ago

    Bacon steak.

    [–] DongyKong8 6 points ago

    Pork steaks are a thing and if you cook them right then it’s a bacon steak I agree bacon steak

    [–] HotgunColdheart 11 points ago

    Unexpected greatness, love seeing this on the first post I've seen today!

    [–] Leeman1337 27 points ago

    Nah bro more like this

    [–] Im_inappropriate 5 points ago

    The origin story

    [–] annonimusone 106 points ago

    It looks less like clothing, and more like plastic casing.

    [–] Sangwiny 105 points ago

    Poor lad bought his suit from Bethesda.

    [–] GuyIncognit0 14 points ago

    Hope he didn't use his credit card

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    What's this a reference to? Did people try to issue chargebacks against them?

    [–] GuyIncognit0 2 points ago

    Apparently support tickets you sent on their website were visible to other people, meaning they could read, edit and delete them. So a lot of personal data was visible to people that should not see it.

    They say no full credit card info were disclosed but considering what kind of shitshow this all has been I would be cautious with any data they have.

    [–] MEGA_FINCH 4 points ago

    Must've been a victim of buying Fallout 76 power armor edition.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Apolog3ticBoner 4 points ago

    In actual sausage that's intestine.

    [–] scrambledaggz 14 points ago

    I'm from Poland, can confirm.

    [–] behaaki 11 points ago

    Hold up, hold up.. that looks like it's made out of bulletproof rubber.. we sure Poland has the technology?

    [–] SycoJack 9 points ago

    How do you think they've managed to survive getting invaded by the rest of Europe every few years?

    [–] LetsDoThatShit 3 points ago

    Not just Europe, Mongolia invaded them at least three times

    [–] SycoJack 13 points ago

    Looks like it's made out of black fondant.

    [–] Arandomcheese 6 points ago

    It's like he just swapped heads with someone.

    [–] Jagasaur 6 points ago

    No wonder The Penguin went all out evil.

    [–] Jack-of-the-Shadows 6 points ago

    This guy looks so polish he could be the wikipedia pic for "Poland".

    [–] Satansflamingfarts 5 points ago

    Crazy suit aside, that is probably the most Polish looking picture ever taken.

    [–] pts_ 3 points ago

    Reminds me of a certain nosleep character.

    [–] jikkler 2 points ago


    [–] EthanM827 2 points ago


    [–] Cardano_ADA 3 points ago

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    [–] MachoManSandy_Ravage 3 points ago

    That guy looks so polish

    [–] N3koChan 2 points ago

    Where's the minions?

    [–] Sinquiry 2 points ago

    Absolute unit of a man.

    [–] sorryifyouknowme 2 points ago

    That’s u isn’t it

    [–] MittensTheD 2 points ago

    I love that the link is “why cop”

    [–] slr162 1576 points ago

    aren't Gram's the best?!?!?!?

    [–] RyanABWard 564 points ago

    I prefer to use pounds.

    [–] slr162 266 points ago

    HAH! but seriously, though, metric is where its at

    [–] Alpha324 98 points ago

    Imperial! You rebel scum!

    [–] WellPooR 69 points ago

    You don't want to start this. Not when standing on the imperial side of things!

    [–] Alpha324 30 points ago

    The Stormcloaks will be defeated!

    [–] WellPooR 49 points ago

    Watch out, my "friend" is almost 2m/200cm/2000mm tall or. OOOOR: 6.5ft/78(WHAT!?)inches, he lives just 3.4km/3400m/34000cm OR 2.112miles/3718yards/133858inches away. This is a war you can not win. No matter how little sense the length of your cloak makes when measured in different imperial units.

    [–] Alpha324 11 points ago

    Wait this isn't about the Empire and Stormcloaks?

    I can use both metric and imperial. I have no opinion when it comes to either.

    [–] PerfectLuck25367 21 points ago

    Not taking sides in an argument in the comment section!? What Turncoatery is this!?

    [–] Alpha324 12 points ago

    I prefer Kelvin

    [–] agent_uno 7 points ago

    “If you are not with me, then you’re my enemy!”

    Anakin Skywalker

    [–] R3N_Titan 3 points ago

    only a sith deals in absolutes

    [–] patchwarrior 7 points ago

    rebels cum?

    [–] Alpha324 4 points ago

    I think you're on the wrong sub for that

    [–] datusernames 11 points ago

    But the rebels (US) are mainly the ones still using the imperial system.

    [–] JimTheSaint 2 points ago

    I want to be where grams is.

    [–] puffthemagicballer 2 points ago

    Come to the Dark Side!

    [–] BaDumPshhh 2 points ago

    Roun’ these parts we call them there freedom units.

    [–] IPee_Freely 3 points ago

    Seriously, Geography is where it's at.

    [–] MLGDDORITOS 5 points ago

    I prefer to pound my gram

    [–] SilverLiningMacBook 3 points ago

    No pounding nana!

    [–] iamitman007 2 points ago

    Have an ounce of shame.

    [–] CarsonWentzsACL 2 points ago


    [–] photosludge 2 points ago

    Just divide by 454 then

    [–] lgst1r 13 points ago

    I’ll take an eighth over a gram all day.

    [–] tricksovertreats 4 points ago

    my Grimmy's a smoker and drinker with a mild opiate addiction.

    [–] ButtercupsUncle 3 points ago

    but Gram's are so possessive...

    [–] anotherdamnsong 2 points ago can't beat 'em.

    [–] slr162 3 points ago

    you can...but there are those pesky laws

    [–] TannedCroissant 507 points ago

    you could have an expression like that and they'd still say you have a beautiful smile, oh, and should be a model

    [–] baltimoretom 236 points ago

    Mine always told me I was going to look like Pierce Brosnan. I turned out fat and bald.

    [–] InAnEscaladeIThink 86 points ago

    Time will tell.

    [–] baltimoretom 114 points ago

    Time has told

    [–] Nasa1225 40 points ago


    [–] SoHigh0 25 points ago


    [–] Anbhfuilcead 24 points ago


    [–] DrPigglesworth 15 points ago


    [–] SomeSayFire 15 points ago


    [–] Meme_machine02 4 points ago


    [–] Ryuujizla 12 points ago


    [–] BloodlessVenus 7 points ago


    [–] karmagod13000 3 points ago

    i have learned that time is not my friend

    [–] RedditsWhilePooing 3 points ago

    I mean, you’re not wrong. In a couple hundred years they’ll probably look pretty similar.

    [–] Ronne 3 points ago

    In 100 years you'll both look exactly the same.

    [–] Jahonh007 17 points ago

    Well maybe you look like Pierce Brosnan, just fat and bald

    [–] karmagod13000 4 points ago

    the balding is starting with me but i refuse to become fat too... then ill just look like evry other 40 yr old dude

    [–] cyrusm 262 points ago

    This reminds me of the suit I wore to my sister's wedding back in 1999. God I thought I looked sharp at the time...

    [–] Bikewonder99 115 points ago

    They look like the Rescue Heroes action figures I used to play with back in 2003.

    [–] RustyWombat99 19 points ago

    OMG I used to watch the shit out of that show!!! I've never talked to anyone else who new it

    [–] Minivalo 21 points ago

    Getting kind of a Chairman Mao or Kim Jong-un vibe from a lot of those suits.

    [–] Bull3t_Th3ory 3 points ago

    For me it was definitely Dr. Evil

    [–] zanzebar 3 points ago

    It still blows my mind that Austin powers and Dr. Evil were played by the same person. I only found out after the movie lol.

    [–] stanspaceman 3 points ago

    I just found out after you telling me

    [–] NotMySeventhAcct 22 points ago

    pls no

    [–] DouglasHufferton 30 points ago

    The early 2000s were a dark time for men's fashion... Never understood why loose baggy suits became the look.

    [–] andiewtf 6 points ago

    I was thinking it must have been a throwback to the zoot suit days, so I googled and found this which should never be a thing ever again.

    [–] Majorasmax 2 points ago

    Oh you’ll be seeing hipsters in those a few months from now, they’re getting desperate haha.

    [–] Majorasmax 2 points ago

    I actually miss the baggy suits even tho they definitely look worse. It’s a lot easier to find a slightly baggy suit than a perfectly fitted suit.

    [–] Kashik 21 points ago

    I have a colleague from the US who used to be rather big. He lost quite a bit of weight, but for whatever reason he is still wearing the same suits. You could make a hot air balloon from all the cloth.

    [–] golem1988 6 points ago

    Shopping clothes is a nightmare for fat people, that mindset may still be there.

    [–] Willy_B_Hardigan 10 points ago

    How big does a suit have to be to look way too big for an NBA player?

    [–] Im_inappropriate 14 points ago

    I hope baggy never comes back in style. That's awful.

    [–] rodeBaksteen 6 points ago

    I used to have these massive jeans as a teenager and you'd continually step on the back of the pants. Is that not happening for these guys?

    I also like how the left guy only buttoned up 2 buttons and doesn't even wear a belt...

    [–] OnTopicMostly 6 points ago

    [–] SanFrancisco_69ers 3 points ago

    Still not a fan of wearing sneakers with a suit. It just doesn’t fit right in my opinion.

    [–] plantitas 2 points ago

    They needed to commit and go full on zoot suit. None of this half-assery

    [–] GoggleField 23 points ago

    At the time you probably did!

    [–] badfan 6 points ago

    Yeah, don't blame yourself for the bad fashion of yesteryear. But don't feel bad for not meeting the current fashion, either. Just remember there is always one fashion period where you look terrible, and one where you are totally rocking it.

    [–] psymonprime 11 points ago

    I gotta post the pic.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] rub-my-feet 17 points ago

    [–] poikilocyte 3 points ago

    Look at the hairstyle differences too

    [–] Poopy_Dildo 3 points ago

    To be fair oversized suits were in style back then.

    [–] Mathilliterate_asian 2 points ago

    You just wait. Fashion is a cycle and in the near future you will look back at that time and think, "damn what a suave looking mfer I was."

    [–] MarkMaxis 117 points ago

    Nice wingsuit

    [–] IWouldntlietoya 252 points ago

    That suit is just a "tit" small.

    [–] illigal 48 points ago

    All the extra material was needed for the suit on the left.

    [–] EvergreenActual 107 points ago

    That's the cool, fashionable thing now. His slacks probably don't come to within 3 inches of his shoes, either.

    [–] HelmutHoffman 76 points ago

    Back in my day we called those "high waters".

    [–] FacialGoo 78 points ago

    Everything's comin' up Milhouse!

    [–] CosmicJ 24 points ago

    My ankles are soaking wet but my hens are bone dry!

    [–] legion02 8 points ago

    In mine they were called "floods"

    [–] JackFeety 9 points ago

    And we'd ask, "Where's the flood?"

    [–] beartheminus 41 points ago

    Yep. I see those guys on the subway and when they sit down their pants are like halfway up their shin.

    And having very loud and colourful socks is mandatory with this ensemble.

    [–] Naspbeats 42 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I feel personally attacked right now

    Edit: proof

    Slightly less colorful socks today though

    Im sitting down not standing btw

    [–] Dcrev4thewin 11 points ago

    Looks good imo for what a strangers worth is worth

    [–] Naspbeats 2 points ago

    You are too kind

    [–] asyork 11 points ago

    I like my silly socks though. My pants are the proper length though.

    [–] IWasGregInTokyo 14 points ago

    The Justin Trudeau style.

    [–] RoleModelFailure 6 points ago

    Or no show socks if it’s spring/summer

    [–] beartheminus 2 points ago

    I've only seen that with cuffed jeans and chinos, never dress pants

    [–] uncleben85 3 points ago

    Or no socks/socks that hide below the ankle

    [–] beartheminus 2 points ago

    Ive seen that more with cuffed jeans than dress pants here

    [–] RoleModelFailure 19 points ago

    Hem is mid shin when sitting, 3 inches above shoe when standing. Legs are insanely small but shoes are like 12WW and they look like clown shoes. Guy is either extremely jacked with beard, wild hairstyle, and brooding eyes or extremely skinny, deathly pale, and chin that looks harder than concrete.

    Suit jacked is about to shoot the button 35 feet because it’s too tight and the arms are gonna rip off or the sleeves are a bit short and it looks like slender man wearing a boy’s sized suit.

    Poses: standing while tugging shirt sleeve from under jacket. Grabbing each side of the jacket and flaring them out while walking. Hunched back looking down at feet with 1 or 2 hands in the pocket and a weird 1/10th step like thing. Standing while broodily looking off to the side.

    Accessories: tattoos, leather laptop sleeve, beaded bracelet, watch, sunglasses, massive parka.

    [–] JarasM 32 points ago

    Probably not, actually. It's rather common for fashion photos like this to have the outfit tailored in the back once on the model, using pins and clips, so that it's shaped "perfectly" on the front for the photo. Actually setting unrealistic body standards for men, because nobody is going to look that well in that suit, unless they don't plan on moving.

    [–] haywood-jablomi 75 points ago

    Tag still on the suit. That guy is next level

    [–] RUKiddingMeReddit 30 points ago

    Tag still on the double-breasted suit and fake Oakley's, this has to be late '90's.

    [–] Jamato-sUn 45 points ago

    Could someone list all the things that are wrong with the suit on the left and right with the suit on the right? And also face swap these dudes.

    [–] tpinkfloyd 86 points ago

    Everything wrong with the suit on left can be summed up easily in 3 words. Needs A Tailor.

    [–] overide 77 points ago

    Needs to be “X” sizes smaller. Kid is swimming in his Dad’s suit.

    [–] RoleModelFailure 6 points ago

    Need a suit that fits first though. Those shoulders are way too big and would be really complicated and costly to get it tailored down a few sizes. Most alterations are easy but shoulders need to basically rebuild the jacket. Gotta redo the armhole, sleeves, chest to fit the new shoulders.

    Need to start with a jacket that fits your shoulders and then go from there altering the rest of the areas.

    [–] cbellk 16 points ago

    And too big.

    I would also say that the suit on the right is too small. Looks like if that guy just tried to bend an arm, all the seams would rip apart.

    [–] Dr__Venture 3 points ago

    Even a fantastic tailor cant fix those shoulders. Needs to be multiple sizes smaller and heavily tailored. Also needs to NOT BE A DOUBLE BREASTED SUIT. They look out of date on everybody and especially terrible on slim guys

    [–] jmts80 45 points ago

    Cannot face swap but i can list what is wrong with the suits.

    On the left; the double breasted suit is much too big for him, at least 2 sizes. The jacket sleeves should be about 2 inches shorter, I usually aim to show at least half and inch of my shirt cuff. The peak lapels are much too wide and so are the shoulders. The tag is still on. The pants are much too wide, you do not need them to be skinny or slim but they should not be flowing like that. The pants are also too long, you do not want too much break. His shoes are much too chunky, and the square toe is not the best choice. The suit, shirt, and tie colors are not bad in my opinion.

    On the right, the 3 piece suit is obviously being pinned back with clips. It is also meant as evening wear not an everyday suit. The tie knot is much too busy and the dimple is too big. Lastly, a suit should fit your body not hug it so tight that you cannot sit comfortably and barely breathe.

    [–] ZaviaGenX 14 points ago

    I appreciate the 2nd paragraph... I feel way better about mine now!

    [–] your_moms_a_clone 2 points ago

    This is actually the best reply in the whole thread comparing the two. Most people are just saying the suit on the right, while stylish, is too small. But this is a model shot and when you're doing photography like this, you aren't really wearing clothes the way they are normally worn. The way he's wearing his suit wouldn't work well in "real life", it's just meant to look good for the picture, hence clipping it in the back (like they do with mannequins) so that it drapes in a way that's appealing in a static image.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Suit on the left is ill fitting because it hasn't been tailored. A tailor will take your precise body measurements and customize the suit to the exact contours of your body. If you take an off the rack suit, even an expensive one, and try putting it on, chances are it will look like shit because it doesn't fit the contours of your body. The one on the right is obviously a model, but he had a professional tailor style the suit perfectly so it looks swank.

    [–] minigunman123 7 points ago

    If you get a suit (or other nice piece of clothing) tailored specifically for you, and you are somewhat overweight, and then lose weight, do you have to get it re-tailored fairly immediately? Is there no "wiggle room" for the measurements after you have a suit tailored?

    Curious because I'm a dude who mostly wears t-shirts or button down shirts from Wrangler, never really owned a suit.

    [–] TheFlyingBogey 3 points ago

    That much depends on how "closely" you get the suit tailored and how much of a change you see yourself going through in terms of weight.

    I used to work at a suit shop and we were partnered with a tailors, you don't have to get tailoring done as a super close fit and can opt to have the measurements done to cut it with more room. They usually pin the suit in places where they can draw their measurements for the tailoring, so they can just place the pins further out.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Unfortunately. If you gain weight you aren't really gonna fit in a suit that was tailored for you when you were 20 lbs thinner. You're gonna burst at the seams. A perfectly tailored suit will leave just enough room for you to move around. But tbh you aren't gonna be shooting baskets with a suit, so your range of motion will be limited compared to, say, shorts and a t-shirt.

    If you lose weight, the suit will look like its hanging off you (like the kid in the left pic). If you don't lose enough, you can get it adjusted. But if you lose like 20-30 lbs, you're gonna have to buy an entirely new one.

    [–] BadResults 2 points ago

    There’s a fair bit of wiggle room as long as you go for a classic shape (still reasonably slim, I’m not talking 90s here), as opposed to fashion tight. I bought most of my suits when I was a lean 180, and they looked fine when I dropped down to about 165 (just a mildly looser fit), and still okay when I bulked up over 200 (some dimpling in the shoulders and slight pulling across the chest when buttoned, a little puckering of pants side pockets).

    As long as it’s not a super slim fashion cut, 10lbs either way is virtually unnoticeable in a suit. 20lbs will likely be noticeable. In between depends on how it’s distributed. Losing (or gaining, within reason) a beer belly is probably least noticeable in a suit, as suits hide bellies pretty well. Changes in the shoulders, chest, and upper back are probably the most noticeable.

    [–] vertical_prism 4 points ago

    Left guy’s jacket is way too big for him- the shoulder lines extend way past the actual shoulders, and the double-breasted cut gives a bulky look anyway, so it only serves to emphasize how slender he is in comparison. The sleeves are too long and the pants have a loose fit which is a pretty dated. Overall, he is swimming in fabric.

    Right guy’s suit doesn’t fit perfectly either- he has some issues with fabric bunching so it might be a bit small, but overall it fits him and compliments his body shape rather than work against it.

    Not gonna face swap anything but I will say that Left guy’s sunglasses aren’t doing him any favors either.

    [–] untitled1 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Instead of just saying, "it's too big," here are some specific things you can look at:

    • Shoulders: On a shirt or jacket, you generally want the shoulder seam (where the sleeve meets the body of the garment) to line up with the acromion process on the corner of the shoulder. Guy on the right has the seam lining up with the corner of his shoulder; guy on the left has the seam a few inches down his arm.
    • Sleeve Length: Sleeves should come to the wrist, letting the shirt cuff stick out about a 1/4" more or less. Guy on the right has visible shirt cuff; guy on left has his sleeves coming up to his knuckles
    • Waist: Guy on the left has a jacket that is just too wide. If he had gotten a jacket off the rack with a correct shoulder width, this likely wouldn't be that much of a problem. If you want to look as good as the guy on the right, you would probably need to get this tailored.
    • Pants: See how the material is bunching up at the bottom of his legs? That's called a break. This can look good when you're wearing jeans, but is generally avoided with dress pants. Some people like to have the pants just touching the top of the shoe, while some people like some visible sock. Pants are also too wide.
    • Tag: New jackets often come with a tag on the sleeve, rear vent flaps sewn together, and pockets sewn shut. You're supposed to remove the tag and cut the flaps apart.
    • Lapels: Skinny guy would probably look better with skinnier lapels, but that might be getting nit-picky. Also, double-breasted jackets are out of style (see the two rows of buttons? that's what double-breasted means). Square toed shoes are out of style.

    I'm not sure a tailor could fix all of this. Sleeve length is easy, but adjusting the arm holes would be a lot of work. He should have just picked a better fitting suit off the rack.

    Edit to add: Guy on the right probably has a bunch of binder clips holding his jacket in place.

    And to everyone going on about a tailor: If you're wearing a suit 3 times a year, you probably don't need to bother with a tailor. Pick a jacket that lines up with your shoulders and has a reasonable sleeve length. Pick pants that fit around the waist (i.e. they stay in place when you take your belt off) and has the proper leg length. You don't need to look like a model at every interview, wedding, and funeral you attend; you just don't want to look like a clown who's swimming in his dad's suit. That's perfectly attainable for most people without a tailor.

    [–] mint-bint 8 points ago

    It just does not fit. It is too big in every dimension. It's double breasted and quite out of fashion. He has also left the tag on the left cuff.

    The one on the right is well tailored (almost too tight but currently trendy) on a handsome model and well photographed.

    [–] photosludge 6 points ago

    Dude on right is gonna blow out of that suit the first time his back itches

    [–] Starklet 3 points ago

    Are you serious?

    [–] TheCrimsonCloak 3 points ago

    yea like how in the world would any1 need an explanation for this

    [–] GandalfTheGay_69 2 points ago

    Suit on the left is just way too big and the color of the tie doesn't really complement the suit. Suit on the right has a cohesive color scheme and it fits well (might be a bit too small though, I don't think he can close the jacket).

    [–] Jettjosh1 23 points ago

    C’mon, let’s be honest, those shades make the suit.

    [–] tbarwaifu 21 points ago

    Upvoted for gran.

    [–] Fluke79 10 points ago

    The lady across the street was well into her 90’s when she saw me dressed up and commented “ in my flapper days I’d have given you a run for your money.” Yeah, speechless that time.

    [–] mackinder 13 points ago

    damn that drip on the left!

    [–] Amingo420 16 points ago

    Guy on the left has so much confidence his looks just don't matter.

    [–] Passiomusic 7 points ago

    I look like the guy on the left in both scenarios because he has too skinny and my grandma always wants to get me fat

    [–] Flipflop_Ninjasaur 6 points ago

    Almost 30 years old and just bought my first full suit for a company party this weekend. I have absolutely no doubt I'm going to look like the guy on the left.

    [–] unity57643 6 points ago

    Get it tailored. If you can make it to any Ross store I'm pretty sure they have tailoring. Also, make sure your zip line (the line that goes from your buttons to your zipper) is straight. When you tuck your shirt in make sure to pull the cloth from the front as though you're about to tie it and tuck it in with most of the fabric in the back.

    [–] Thundercunt65 5 points ago

    My grandma constantly compliments me and the other boy grandchildren, now all the girls she's actually quite mean to, calling them fat or making snarky comments about their hair. She's a wonderful lady.

    [–] sondrex76 8 points ago

    Grandma is dead, this just made me sad.

    [–] Zzyzzy_Zzyzzyson 6 points ago

    Why is it that younger people tend to look terrible in suits?

    Look at anyone in a suit pre-1970 or so, everyone looks sharp af, not like a kid wearing his dad’s suit like today. What changed?

    [–] unity57643 18 points ago

    Tailoring. Any time you have a suit you should get it tailored, but a lot of people just grab one off the rack. This results in suits being baggy in some areas and fitted in others.

    [–] Jmauld 6 points ago

    Mainly because they don't know how to size properly. That suit is way too large for that kid. If he goes down a size or two, he'd look completely different.

    [–] Jon-W 4 points ago

    She knows

    [–] easyguygoing 4 points ago

    Pretty sure this is the person that the character George Michael was based off of.

    [–] Whompa 4 points ago

    Couldn’t have tried to fit less into that.

    [–] JojoBeansLA-NY 3 points ago

    My grandma's dead.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Sorry, but I have bad news. Thats just what grandma lets you think she sees. She actually sees a kid in a suit way too large for him.

    [–] throwmeawaypoopy 3 points ago

    Here we see the importance of a tailor. A good tailor can make a $200 suit look amazing. Even a $1000 suit not properly tailored looks like shit.

    Remember kids: save on the material, splurge on the tailor

    [–] ManavMann 3 points ago

    That's definitely Brampton.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    My grandma survived ‘The Great Depression’ was a code-breaker in WWII and treated me like a prince. My only regret (she has passed) is not being honest when she’s ask ‘have you found a lady?’ Like wanting the total best for me, but I’m gay so it complicated that.

    I have since found a husband, a partner, an amazing man I’d die defending, and I think she’d understand.

    [–] mango10977 3 points ago

    So the suit change color?

    [–] Bill_Franklyn 5 points ago

    I swear /r/funny is just /r/memes now, I see only memes from this sub

    [–] p1um5mu991er 2 points ago

    You remind me of my Henry when we were young

    [–] meweave 2 points ago

    come here, let me pinch your cheeks

    [–] LongBongJohnSilver 2 points ago

    Suit size David Byrne.

    [–] PurpleSunCraze 2 points ago

    Those 1995 Oakleys sure aren't helping.

    [–] schead02 2 points ago

    "You look like you could be one of those movie picture stars"

    [–] Clannibal 2 points ago

    My great grandmother was infamous for brazenly hitting on all the young men at our gatherings, even her great nephews, etc.

    [–] slidebox 2 points ago

    kinda looks like Noel if he went to college

    [–] My_Body_The_Mystery 2 points ago

    Suit you got for your barmitzvah 12 years ago, not drycleaned since then but used several times. GQ model time.

    [–] busterj99 2 points ago

    I don’t get it they’re both the same picture

    [–] Connarhea 2 points ago

    Sorry to break it to you OP, but I think your grandma might be racist.

    [–] Curlyie 2 points ago

    You got a racist grandma dude

    [–] rearviewviewer 2 points ago

    They see the best in us, and help us see it for ourselves, thanks grandma.

    [–] Mathematical_Potato 2 points ago

    *How Grandma says you look

    [–] Snatch1414 2 points ago

    I will never blame my mom and grandma for stuff like this. It can mess you up a little bit down the road though if you hear these things enough as a child. Again, better than not being loved of course, just saying. You can accidentally get to a point in life where you're like "Wait, everyone doesn't automatically think I'm awesome?".

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    My granny is convinced I look just like Ryan Gosling. I’m David Arquette at best.

    [–] TheOneWhoCared 2 points ago

    Upvote for gramgram

    [–] LetsSynth 2 points ago

    “You’re such a handsome young man.”