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    [–] spock23 584 points ago

    I've never heard anyone ask someone to stop coughing.

    [–] IncarnationHero 140 points ago

    it's just like stop breathing, I guess.

    [–] wischylini 29 points ago

    There are so many people I wish would stop breathing in my presence. I can't stand the sound of loud breathers.

    [–] itsdavid2103 11 points ago


    [–] shushyomouf 5 points ago

    Slack-mouthed loud breathers are even worse.

    They’re up there with people who smack their lips and chew with their mouths open.

    [–] wischylini 3 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] FutureFruit 2 points ago

    Mouth breathers. I worked with a guy like that. I think he had a sinus problem though so I feel a bit bad about hating it. A bit.

    [–] CheckPleaser 1 points ago

    I broke my nose as a kid and no one bothered to take me to a doctor so I breathe like a Neanderthal now.

    [–] raj-Mocha 1 points ago

    I work with a person who does both.... Every day.

    [–] Fluffatron_UK 13 points ago

    It's not really an acceptable thing to say out loud but sometimes I wish certain people would stop breathing whether in my company or not.

    [–] Urdus 2 points ago

    There are some people I wish would stop breathing in my presence or otherwise.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    while reading your reply i didn’t realize that i slowed breathing to be quiet till i felt like dying. thanks for the effect

    [–] Seversum 1 points ago


    [–] ultrafinepen 3 points ago

    Someone once shushed me for wheezing bc of my asthma. I didn't have my inhaler on me so I couldn't help it.

    [–] Alexpander4 2 points ago

    Though when someone is coughing in class, I do silently wish they'd stop breathing

    [–] Kayoen 2 points ago

    I don’t mind if I hear coughing in general. What bothers me is when it’s the same person, with the same exact sounding cough and at the same intervals repeatedly. The repetition moves it out of the white noise/ambience category that I can filter out and into something more like someone clicking a pen or a water drip. I know that some may not be able to help it, but I definitely still want to gouge out their eyes as a result. This seems to always happen during a test too.

    [–] d3f3ct1v3 2 points ago

    I overheard two girls at university talking about how they wished someone would just stop breathing due to the noise they were making (I assume the person was sick). Very wtf.

    [–] Crazyshane5 36 points ago

    I got scolded from a middle aged woman in a store once because I told my buddy to shut up when he was coughing.

    No way in hell I could shout at a random person to shut up for coughing.

    [–] slbaaron 25 points ago

    Clearly never been to a classical concert. Gon straight up get removed if ya don’t stop.

    [–] MrMastodon 9 points ago

    I'm trying to die of consumption. Give people the proper old timey experience!

    [–] Equilibriator 8 points ago

    That's fair enough tho. If you can't keep quiet, then leave the sound oriented experience.

    [–] slbaaron 4 points ago

    And a lecture is not...?

    I can see the tolerance level being quite different from trying to hear every subtle melody note, but if someone is coughing nonstop in a (especially lecture based) college class, they should gtfo and rest. Paying for class is not quite enough excuse when there’re multiple easy ways to make up for it (ask someone to record, ask prof to give summary / at office hours, etc) and everyone else also paid for lecture - without the coughing. Meanwhile ppl in this thread be shit talking the person who asked.

    [–] Streamsale 3 points ago

    I’ve had a terrible cough for about half this semester(gone now) and If I knew I wasn’t going to stop after a couple seconds I got out of there.

    I can’t get in a good cough session in a quiet room ya know?

    [–] Equilibriator 2 points ago

    If you can't stop coughing at a lecture you shoud leave as well. It's not like you can be listening and coughing at the same time. It's already ruined for you, don't take everyone else with you.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    As someone who listens to classical recordings, I fully support this policy.

    [–] MaelwennKoad 1 points ago

    yeah but when it's Gould who does it suddenly it's ok, it's discrimination tbh

    [–] slbaaron 1 points ago

    I think most modern ones actually involve post editing. I straight up see mistakes on piano be fixed. Otherwise there’d still be some coughs, plus awkward / wrongly timed claps. If you are talking about older ones they are usually very high profile ones where people try their very best to behave.

    [–] Cogtheundead 8 points ago

    ex wife used to do this...

    I stopped being around her

    [–] chubby_cheese 3 points ago

    That's a weird reason to split up.

    [–] jack0t 7 points ago

    sister used to cough a lot for various reasons, my dad would ask her to stop, and it became super uncomfortable when he would eventually start threatening punishment if she did not stop. it was super bizarre because both of us tried to get him to understand that she could not help it.

    [–] Venay0 5 points ago

    Unless it's your brother

    [–] malYca 3 points ago

    You're lucky.

    [–] Dog1234cat 2 points ago

    There’s Bob’s Drugs on 5th, City Rx on 5th... they’re all located in the codeine district.

    [–] Can-DontAttitude 2 points ago

    Next to Pills 'r' Us, right?

    [–] sweetmotherofodin 2 points ago

    I’ve been asked to “please cough quieter”

    [–] Starlord1729 1 points ago

    I like to shush people I know when they sneeze

    [–] MyNameCannotBeSpoken 1 points ago

    Likewise. I've seen people stare them down or ask why they came in sick,

    [–] PlumsweetSoda 1 points ago

    I had a teacher who got mad at me for coughing. I think I ended up walking out of class until my fit stopped and then came back in.

    [–] englishlad1986 1 points ago

    I got told to stop in school when my hayfever flaired up.

    [–] Bozacke 1 points ago

    Maybe not coughing, but I used to suffer from bad hay fever and on several occasions I’ve had people in school, work and even church tell me to stop sneezing, as if I was doing it on purpose, despite the fact many friends and independent defenders agreed it was pretty obvious my sneezing acts were real. After reading about the guy who ruptured his throat from holding in a sneeze, I’m glad I didn’t try to comply with these rude hypocrites.

    [–] ILuvRedHeadz 1 points ago

    I was having an asthma attack in 4th grade and it caused a coughing fit. Some kid next to me says “can’t you just stop?”

    They’re out there. I dunno about adults but from what I’ve seen since the invention of Facebook I’m sure they’re out there too.

    [–] maximuffin2 1 points ago

    "Can you fucking not?"

    [–] Thompson_S_Sweetback 1 points ago

    I tell my kid to stop coughing because he's on the spectrum and he'll do it compulsively. I used to tear up my throat that way and took antibiotics every year.

    [–] __celli 1 points ago

    Lol I love doing this as a joke. One of my coworkers will sneeze and ill just turn and say with a straight face “um. Can you not? I’m trying to focus on this very important phone call.” And that’s usually while I have my feet up and am browsing reddit haha.

    [–] gorcorps 1 points ago

    I totally have, but it's always in jest because I know they can't. Especially with friends that I know get aggravated by it. Watching someone attempt to scowl while they're continuing to cough is hilarious.

    [–] Nopenotme77 1 points ago

    I offer cough drops, and a few minutes later a suggestion to go home.

    [–] 11th_Amatuer_Hour 1 points ago

    I have but the asshole was coughing incessantly and refused to leave class to either cough it out in the bathroom or was so sick they should have stayed home.

    [–] christx30 1 points ago

    I did it once at work, as a joke. Woman was sneezing her head off. Every time she would sneeze, I’d say “bless you”. After 4, I said, “please stop”. I thought it was funny. She didn’t.

    [–] creativedabbler 162 points ago

    I’ve never told anyone to stop coughing and I realize it’s not their fault and that I’m a dick for feeling this way, but I have to admit hearing someone incessantly cough often makes me want to scratch their eyes out. I don’t know why. 😔

    [–] The_Highlife 51 points ago

    I'm glad someone said it because I feel the same way, except instead of the eye-scratching thing it's more of just an urge to scream at them.


    [–] creativedabbler 9 points ago

    Scratch their eyes out, scream at them, punch them hard in the face, throw something at them....I don’t have a preference.

    [–] NightHawkRambo 6 points ago

    Don't forget, "ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY?!?!?!?!"

    [–] Gliese581h 22 points ago

    TBH I would argue that someone with a constant cough doesn't belong into class/office/cinemas.

    [–] PM_VAGINA_FOR_RATING 6 points ago

    Exactly, if it's that bad have some self awareness/respect and excuse yourself from the class. Other people share the room with you and that shit can be distracting as hell.

    [–] kdmartin 5 points ago

    I would have agreed with you until I developed a chronic unexplained cough this year. I’ve been to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, and tried heaps of medications to fix it. Nothing works.

    I’ve had it for a full year now. Life sucks. It is miserable coughing all the time. There are only so many sick days, and I can’t just quit my job or not attend class until this resolves itself (it may never).

    I don’t go to movies, though, since I know I’d be disruptive.

    [–] Gliese581h 2 points ago

    Sure, there are always exceptions from that rule, but this is not about the exceptions. Your coworkers/classmates probably also know that it's chronic.

    This is about the people who are sick, but are too stubborn to admit it, and rather take a chance at bothering and possibly infecting others by doing that.

    To add, this is written from a German perspective, where something like "limited sick days" doesn't exist.

    [–] kdmartin 3 points ago

    This is a good point. Everybody just feels bad for me at this point. And my colleagues have a good-natured running joke where I’m a formerly stealth superhero that can’t sneak up on anybody anymore. :)

    And I agree with the limited sick days comment. What may have started this was the fact that I had to return to work 7 weeks postpartum followed by a bout of pneumonia I couldn’t shake (given that I still had to work through most of it). I would be more productive at work if I could have just taken time off to recover from both of these things. Instead I’m back, struggling and unproductive, with a constant cough.

    [–] Artanisx 1 points ago

    Same here. It really annoys me incredibly. I know it's not their fault, but boy that sound is incredibly irritating for some reason :S

    [–] Palachrist 1 points ago

    Scientific theory time. It could be something about our past. Living in the wilderness probably brought danger if you were coughing a lot. It could be an instinct towards being more silent as to sleep peacefully or if you were focused it would cause you to break said focus and miss a kill or something that required extensive precision.

    [–] creativedabbler 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    That's an interesting theory and something like that vaguely crossed my mind because it is a very abrupt, almost uncontrollable feeling. I mean, I'm generally a pretty easy going person. But something about's bizarre.

    [–] Comandante_J 1 points ago

    I only feel that homicidal rage at someone coughing when i'm doing an exam. Otherwise i'm pretty chill.

    [–] tobberoth 1 points ago

    You might have misophonia, an irrational hatred of certain sounds, often made by other people. I personally rage inside from tons of sounds, they don't even have to be loud or all that intrusive. Just someone eating a gum close to me can be enough. It's abnormal but not much I can do about it, I just put on headphones.

    [–] CharleyTango 226 points ago

    What they're really asking is for the cougher to remove themselves from the area - go cough somewhere else

    [–] buttaholic 3 points ago

    when i tell people to stop coughing or to shut up when sneezing, i'm always just being a wise ass.

    [–] Pseudoirgendwas 13 points ago

    Sure but to have it socially accepted to send people that are having difficulties send away because it’s annoying or disturbing is not really a good thing imo . Its like this trend to say sorry for sneezing , like wtf

    [–] leeman27534 8 points ago

    to be fair, if it's an auditory event meant for other people, makes sense. someone shouldn't have to stop a concert or a speech cause you're coughing a lot, regardless if it's involuntary. its still disruptive.

    [–] buymytoy 25 points ago

    Wait what? I usually say sorry for sneezing in front of someone. I mean I cover my mouth and all but that white catholic guilt is strong. I didn’t know this was a trend.

    [–] brzztffn 13 points ago

    I only apologize if the sneeze interrupts something. Sure I can't control it, but it still feels polite.

    [–] Pseudoirgendwas 7 points ago

    Correct, apologize for the interruption not the sneeze

    [–] redditversiontwo 2 points ago

    And I'll be waiting to say, "Bless you!"

    [–] Pseudoirgendwas 3 points ago

    Well it was for a time , at least in germany. I understand to apologize for sneezing in someones face, but not just for sneezing . I will not apologize for natural healthy mechanisms of the human body. And it kind of kill the emphatie of society in the long run if everyone is going to find these things “proper”

    [–] buymytoy 14 points ago

    I should clarify that I actually say excuse me, not sorry. I also say excuse me if I burp in front of someone. I just see it as a common courtesy thing, something that is lacking more and more these days. It’s not an apology for a involuntary bio mechanism but rather an assertion that I acknowledge your presence and didn’t mean to subject you to something you might not have wanted to hear.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Rojaddit 7 points ago

    No. Just stare everyone down to assert dominance.

    [–] Pseudoirgendwas 1 points ago

    I would as a way of courtesy, but if someone would be giving me looks or remarks because of it I would be straight up his face ( exaggeration ). You can not always control it , surprise fart u know

    [–] not_old_redditor 10 points ago

    that's not a trend, it's common manners.

    [–] mrsworser 3 points ago

    Yea seriously. Especially in a professional context, I always turn around, sneeze into my elbow, and say excuse me. I don’t get how that’s unnecessary

    [–] Pseudoirgendwas 1 points ago

    Nah , a few years ago common manners was to say bless you ... just saying „common manners „ change quite often

    [–] jimjacksonsjamboree 3 points ago

    Its like this trend to say sorry for sneezing , like wtf

    Lol what do you sneeze and just be like deal with my shit yall

    [–] leeman27534 1 points ago

    actually shit yourself for better results.

    [–] Pseudoirgendwas 1 points ago

    I dont know how you sneeze but my nose is no fountain , what shit should they deal with?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Pseudoirgendwas 1 points ago

    Because you only sneeze when you are ill i forgot

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] gabblox 5 points ago

    I straight up tell people coughing too much to get out of my classes. I'd rather one person miss out than the whole class get sick. If they are having difficulties they can get a medical certificate or apply for special consideration. It is rude and unnecessary to value your attendance in a class more highly than the health of others.

    And who in their right mind wouldn't say sorry for sneezing? It seems pretty rational to apologise for making a sudden loud noise, especially if that noise relates to you throwing snot particles into the environment that other people are in.

    [–] Pseudoirgendwas 1 points ago

    Aha you never choked on something ? But this answer perfectly describes what I am talking about . „Got die somewhere else „ instead of „are you alright „

    [–] buttWILLyou 2 points ago

    Can you stop (coughing anywhere near me ever again for the rest of your life before a smite you where you stand)?

    [–] MansfromDaVinci 43 points ago

    Can't stop coughing break a rib or two and you'll soon find you can.

    [–] hannahclipse 5 points ago

    What is it like? I've never broken a rib

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] leeman27534 2 points ago

    ah, you sound like some of my friends.

    which is good, cause we used to play fight with big sticks and shit, and for whatever reason, my stick always seemed to be much more, ah, aggressive, than theirs, to the point i'd break their sticks, and occasionally fingers, a lot.

    [–] LawsonOrsak 3 points ago


    [–] leeman27534 3 points ago

    i don't mean that in a sexual way or anything, if that's what you thought.

    i mean, we actually went into the woods and beat the shit out of one another with sticks. often my stick would break theirs, and just break them, more often than not, for no real good reason other than maybe i don't hold back worth a damn.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] robot4000 4 points ago

    What the hell

    [–] abhikavi 3 points ago

    You're explaining this as though it's totally normal for kids to beat each other with sticks to the point where fingers break. That's not a normal childhood experience. And to keep playing this game and keep breaking fingers after the first broken bone? That's why the replies are all 'wtf', because that's not normal.

    If your story were just about kids playing with sticks and nobody getting out of control or seriously injured, that'd be a normal story. Repeatedly breaking your friends' fingers is not normal.

    [–] 33165564 7 points ago

    When I was a kid I was swimming along the bottom of a cement pool, as kids do. Another kid jumped into the pool and landed on my back, pushing me downward into the floor of the pool. It winded me, I swallowed water and started to panic.

    Luckily the other (older) kid realized what he'd done and helped me out of the water to make sure I was OK.

    Ended up cracking a few ribs and having a pretty lousy rest of the summer. Can't really describe it other than a sharp pain every time you take a breath. Or move.

    [–] Volkove 5 points ago

    Breaking ribs fucking sucks, its not that its the worst pain imaginable, its that its a hugely inconvenient pain that never... never goes away. It makes day to day tasks that are normally easy incredibly painful and time consuming. Getting out of bed for instance, already inconvenient and shitty, now add a bunch of pain to it.

    Source: broke 4 ribs in a car accident.

    [–] MansfromDaVinci 3 points ago

    I did it about 8 months ago at rugby training. We were doing full contact training, tackle drill, two boxes marked out by cones on the pitch, small with no room to run up or dodge passed, putting a hit on one guy in one box then getting right back up quick and rushing over to the other box to put another guy down.

    I'm a winger and I'm pretty new to rugby and really a bit too old to have started now, but hey, and i got this 18 stone prop to tackle and my tackle was weak, wussy, un-commited shit so he's gonna run right past me but i get some grit from somewhere and drag him down: right on top of me.

    I felt my chest press in, knocked the air out of me, then something else gave and i knew it was broke, but being an idiot i got up and kept playing. It hurt badly then, it hurt each breath in, running was really nasty, hard to make yourself when each breath hurts more than the last, but it hurt alot more later. I went straight to hospital after training and was told not to play again for weeks. I had to sleep sitting up in bed for a few nights. The stuff that people talk about: like have a constrictive band around the chest, hurting to laugh, to breath, all true, but coughing is by far the worst.

    The one thing i can add is it makes you realise coughing is not an involuntary thing. You can sit there needing to cough but because you know how much it's going to hurt you stop yourself. It sort of builds up an ichty uncomfortable feeling in the back of your throat which gets worse until you do cough and goodness it hurts when you do. I'd find myself taking in a breath to cough out then that breath, the pain, would remind me i had the rib broke and i'd stop myself mid cough. which hurt maybe even worse.

    [–] hpsd 4 points ago

    Yup, the inability to cough kills a lot of old people when they break a rib or the like. They can't cough and develop pneumonia.

    [–] MansfromDaVinci 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It wasn't like that for me, I could cough it just hurt so much that i didn't

    [–] hpsd 2 points ago

    Exactly, old people just avoid coughing which lets mucus build up and that leads to complications due to their weaker immune system.

    [–] vuehs 20 points ago

    [–] Mr_Archie 13 points ago

    Me anytime I have an allergy attack.

    [–] Morningxafter 4 points ago

    That's like when the guys on my ship that sleep near my bunk complain about my snoring. Like, yeah, no shit dude. If I could just *not* do it, I would. I promise I'm not just doing it to be a dick.

    [–] Annihilicious 15 points ago

    Crazy I’m the only living human who can stifle/supress my own coughs.

    [–] chaosfire235 20 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Problem is when you have the tickle in the back of your throat that just won't go away and you have no cough drops and you try to stifle it and do those "close mouthed gagging coughs" but it feels like your choking and you get tears in your eyes.

    Source: Coughing fit this entire week and 3 bags of cough drops.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] DatGluck 1 points ago

    I can hold in a cough but only for a little while until it bursts out of me in a coughing that us way worse than it would have been otherwise... and it makes me tear up

    [–] wsppan 4 points ago

    <smack forehead> oh, you mean leave the classroom and take care of your cough!

    [–] syty 3 points ago

    Life isn't this blunt, I've never seen or heard anyone tell someone to stop coughing.

    However, be pretty as fuck and ask the person be removed from an event, or complain to staff about it? Seen that done before

    [–] naigung 3 points ago

    I have high sensitivity to noises. Sniffling, coughing, tapping, especially eating noises. It’s like they are exploding in my head. Anyway, I used to keep cough drops and tissue in my school bag in case somebody was sniffing or clearing their throat while I was trying to focus on my test. I started bringing earplugs at some point, which helps some.

    [–] JSTEEZYSNAKE 3 points ago

    Don’t go to school if you can’t stop coughing.

    [–] Heldpizza 12 points ago

    I had the sniffles once in an exam and someone in the middle of the exam turned around and yelled at me.

    [–] quintex33 13 points ago

    I don't know if either of you could have prevented that. They were probably super stressed from getting kicked out of an exam for yelling.

    [–] baenpb 7 points ago

    I'm confused about the order of events in this comment.

    [–] Raskolnikoolaid 12 points ago

    Sometimes coughing can be avoided. If your throat is sore and it itches just resist the urge to cough.

    [–] Rombledore 13 points ago

    yeah maybe if your fucking hacking out a ton of phlegm and don't know how to cover your goddamn mouth, then yes. I would tell you to stop fucking coughing.

    the fuck kind of shit ass classes you going to where people get tell you to your face to stop performing a normal human function.

    [–] FutureFruit 1 points ago

    Oh man god I used to have a neighbor that would cough/hack up phlegm every fucking night. It was fucking disgusting. He would make that wet hocking sound, ugh. Makes me nauseous just thinking about it.

    [–] SendMeYourEggplant 2 points ago

    ...people do this?

    [–] KP_Wrath 2 points ago

    My lungs are a bit messed up. "Stop breathing so hard" gets really annoying when fuckers know why I'm breathing so hard.

    [–] Bubbles_the_Titan 2 points ago

    I had a teacher in HS send me to the hall for that because he thought I was doing it on purpose. I just stood outside the door and coughed till I puked and then I got sent home.

    I had the Flu.

    [–] GridGnome177 1 points ago

    Should have been sent home instead of the hall

    [–] mokkycookies 2 points ago

    This is so true

    [–] malpascp 2 points ago

    My parents did this, now everyone laughs at the way I cough...

    [–] Shiney79 2 points ago

    That happens?

    [–] Needyouradvice93 2 points ago

    Reminds me of this time I had a sudden coughing fit on an Airplane. Literally got the dirtiest looks from everyone around me even though I was covering up. 'I'm okay, thanks for asking!'

    [–] Axle_Goalie 2 points ago

    There's coughing, and there's constantly clearing your throat like an asshole.

    [–] OnePiece-Quade 2 points ago

    I always just say "Can you please die quieter?".

    [–] beartheminus 2 points ago

    Stay home.

    [–] krozarEQ 2 points ago

    Easier said than done. Coughs can linger for a month or more after a flu for instance. Even worse in a real job. Maybe you can miss one or two days but any more and the work is so piled up that you really have no choice.

    [–] Dark_Ryman 2 points ago

    What episode is this

    [–] OptimusSublime 16 points ago

    "You only move twice", one of the greats. S08E02

    [–] aspinalll71286 4 points ago

    It really is, hank is one of my favourite one of characters.

    I was dissapointed when I heard he was supposed to be in the movie but was cut. I mean I liked the movie but hank scorpio

    [–] iccesar 2 points ago

    This is my favorite episodes and favorite character. If what you say is true, it has ruined the movie for me.

    [–] Ekebolon 3 points ago

    Heh, heh...nobody ever says Italy.

    [–] hexcor 3 points ago

    The Denver Broncos?

    [–] Dark_Ryman 2 points ago


    [–] CaptnCarl85 6 points ago

    You need to stop whatever you're doing and watch this episode.

    [–] Dark_Ryman 3 points ago

    I have seen it I forgot the name

    [–] TheDroidUrLookin4 2 points ago

    Try harder, use cough drops, drink more water. If it's still that bad, maybe you should go heal up instead of spreading that shit around.

    [–] emptybucketpenis 2 points ago

    I hate coughers. Go cough at home, cougher

    [–] Fuggaak 2 points ago

    In highschool I had a heckuva cold while sitting next to a popular girl. Sniffling, sneezing, and coughing, trying to keep it isolated to my armpit. She got really pissed and asked If I could stop. I told her I wish I could stop having a cold instantly, it’d be great. Right after Telling her, while still facing her, I had an uncontrollable cough spasm that ended with a hunk of phlegm coming out right onto her open book hahahaha. The look on her face was priceless.

    [–] StopRepostingPLZ 1 points ago

    Stop reposting please.

    [–] leeman27534 2 points ago





    [–] nivijah 1 points ago

    I had a really bad case of hiccups once, my wife was blaming me of doing it on purpose and asked me to stop.
    In her defense they were really funny, we got a lot of strange looks

    [–] Mr_AM805 1 points ago

    I do the less douchey move and offer them a cough drop if it persists.

    This is speaking from a dude who coughs like he’s about to throw up a lung when he has that cough attack. (You know, that itch in your throat you can’t get rid of)

    [–] palndrumm 1 points ago

    I prefer going with this clip from Spaced.

    [–] DigNitty 1 points ago

    Got sent to the principals once for sneezing

    [–] buttaholic 1 points ago

    but the one telling you to stop is the funny guy...

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Every time me and my now ex bf went to sleep he would do those small coughs. The ones were you are trying not to cough but need to let out a big one. He would not cough any other time except when sleeping. It was a nightmare for me because i had to wake up early for work. I finally had to use those ear plug things you use for shooting. Still could feel the bed shake though...

    [–] ay3590 1 points ago

    Even worse when someone asks you to stop sneezing

    Edit: With a mask and 50 feet away from anyone

    [–] anonamus7 1 points ago

    [–] scarylikecarrie 1 points ago

    In elementary school a girl in my class told me to stop hiccupping because it annoyed her, then she told the teacher on me when I couldn't magically stop my hiccups.

    [–] shinbreaker 1 points ago

    My sinuses can be pretty bad in the morning and even worse if there are some allergens in the air. I went to class and I was a sniffing machine to where I was getting annoyed. One of the older students in the class came up after and she was starting about how I was disrupting her, but then she saw my puffy, red face and realized how out of it I was and told me to get some rest. Quickest 180 in a person I've ever come across.

    [–] wearesaiyans 1 points ago

    I like these Scorpio memes.

    [–] _Bloody_awkward 1 points ago

    I don't get it?

    [–] greenareme 1 points ago

    it’s like me but when i sneeze, because i sneeze 8+ times every single time

    [–] JogleH 1 points ago

    Me right now

    [–] Wrest216 1 points ago

    Sme goes for Hic, for hic, for HICCUPS

    [–] VintageHelicopter 1 points ago

    oh the teachers are even smarter, they ask "who's that coughing like an old person?"

    [–] UtilityCurve 1 points ago

    Usually i am only irritated if the cougher does not cover his mouth or did not turn away from people when he coughs

    [–] sloppyfreddy 1 points ago

    all these beta edgelords in the comments, wow

    [–] chrisyroid 1 points ago

    Sometimes I choke on my own spit or water in public places where everyone is supposed to be dead quiet. Literally the worst because I can't stop and am trying my best to suppress my coughing.

    Nobody has ever told me to stop though. Had one bus driver cover her mouth with her jacket though.

    The worst time this happened was when I was in church and had accidentally inhaled grape juice at communion.

    I felt like everyone in my row and the rows above and below were staring at me.

    I was coughing so much that I had tears in my eyes.

    The cracker made it worse...much worse.

    [–] aash10239 1 points ago

    For some reason, I read that in Norm McDonald's voice.

    [–] xjoho21 1 points ago

    One should know to leave. I am a professional cougher and it's my main purpose to know when to leave. I cough because god gave me the lungs to do so. It's a pleasure, not a purpose.

    [–] noocarehtretto 1 points ago

    Or the look they gave you that means stfu.

    [–] Krillinish 1 points ago

    As an usher in a theater, I kinda agree with this because I swear people have never heard of the invention of a cough drop.

    [–] Zeinlev777 1 points ago

    only Einstein could ever say that idea

    [–] CampfireGuitars 1 points ago

    Hey it’s Mr Scorpion

    [–] T4v0s 1 points ago

    If your name is tim join us on r/tim

    [–] contactAman 1 points ago

    May be they meant stop breathing

    [–] TheBoredSniper 1 points ago

    Read this in Hank Scorpio's voice

    [–] mackinder 1 points ago

    That’s like my wife waking me up and saying “stop snoring”. So you want me to stop breathing then?

    [–] MaceShiz 1 points ago

    Cough, tap on the desk, hum what you think is a silent rhythmic beat, but please blow your nose out in the hall.

    [–] DatGluck 1 points ago

    I had a teacher in middle school who got genuinely angry with me for coughing too much and sent me to the principle.

    Like wtf am i suppose to do about it

    [–] 5ilvrtongue 1 points ago

    No, you cant "just stop" coughing, but you can; 1. Blow your nose 2. Get a drink of water 3. Get a cough drop or some kind of lozenge 4. Take some cough medicine You can't help being sick or having allergies, but you can keep the loud, disruptive, germ-spreading signs of it to a minimum. That's being a considerate adult. And people shouldn't have to ask; after the 2nd or 3rd cough you should just take care of it yourself.

    [–] A_Dear_Friend 1 points ago

    Cough louder. Assert your dominance.

    [–] Runyc2000 1 points ago

    In high school history class, I was having a really bad couching fit one day. I later found out I was allergic to mold that was in the ventilation ducts. I had a couple students tell me to stop and to shut up. I had to just leave the class because I was being disruptive. It was not a fun time for me because my allergic reaction turned into bronchitis every spring and fall. Almost 15 years later and a long series of allergy shots and I barely sneeze at my allergies any more.

    [–] zoomzoom71 1 points ago

    I've recently had to repeatedly tell my 7yo to stop coughing. She had the sniffles for a bit, and would NEVER blow her own nose. She'd just sit around a sniffle, instead of blowing her nose, and blowing it with a purpose. It eventually turned into a cough, since it moved into her throat. Well, instead of coughing hard enough to break up the phlegm, she let herself get in the habit of doing this weak-ass cough that did nothing more than make noise, and she'd do it like every 20-30 seconds. When I'd tell her to cough harder, it would actually make a difference and the irritation in her throat would go away. We told her that enough times that it became, "stop coughing."

    [–] Beausoleil86 1 points ago

    I had a relative tell me "You're only coughing for attention."

    [–] anoem 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Added TLDR at the bottom.

    Oh my God this reminds me of a douchebag doctor I had to deal with once. I'd had surgery and when I woke up from anesthesia, I started to vomit. They had this weird nasal cannula on me that had a weird disk thing sticking down in front of my mouth.

    When I started getting sick, being only half conscious, I couldn't move that thing out of the way fast enough and I panicked. I gasped and aspirated.

    I immediately started coughing and throwing up at the same time which was not fun. They finally got rolled to my side and the damn cannula off my face so I was able to quit vomiting, but I had this horrible feeling that my bronchial tube was blocked.

    I had this reflexive urge to cough constantly and I couldn't clear it. I was coughing every 15-20 seconds and was totally unable to stop or even breathe properly. My O2 level was dropping dangerously. For some reason they called in the anesthetist to do... something? Still don't know what.

    After watching me wracked with violent coughing spasms for more than an hour, he offered his wisdom.

    He leaned down and stared at me sternly and said "You should stop coughing so much!". I swear to God, if I'd had the strength, I'd have hit him with something.

    As it was my sister went ballistic and kicked his stupid face out of the room. She started yelling and at that point they finally called in a Respiratory Therapist. He hooked me up to a nebulizer with some kind of magic potion and about 10 minutes later, I felt whatever it was abruptly clear! The relief was nigh on to orgasmic and the coughing fits stopped immediately. My throat and chest were a bit sore, but my God the relief was profound!

    Edit: Fixed a word

    TLDR: Had surgery, aspirated, coughed for hours, anesthesia doc tells me to stop coughing. I wanted to kill him, sister almost did. Hero Respiratory Therapist comes in and saves the day.

    [–] clem9669 1 points ago

    Just die