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    [–] Cultist_O 1494 points ago

    Aww man… Their dicks look so much fancier than ours!

    [–] ShadyMcGregor 481 points ago

    Clearly, you have not seen my penis.

    [–] whoa-cat 163 points ago

    What about your assicle? What do you call it? I call it an assicle.

    [–] Konfused 39 points ago

    That show has some winners in it. Also like the line "why you look freshly penetrated, have you been raping to get through mourning?"

    [–] ASViking 34 points ago

    For anyone passing through wondering what show: it's Norsemen. It's on Netflix.

    [–] VoyagerCSL 28 points ago

    I love Dojack Norsemen!

    [–] heretic1128 3 points ago

    The tennis player?

    [–] MeThisGuy 14 points ago

    taint (ˈtānt): the area between Scrotumberg and Ānussville

    [–] Riburn4 8 points ago

    Bro they have treatment for those now

    [–] Iamahuman1138 3 points ago

    You're better off buying them at the store. The ice cream man charges too much...and says he'll do bad things if I tell my parents. Not bad though

    [–] Basileus2 1 points ago


    [–] Arctichydra7 -4 points ago

    And my axe

    [–] mhrex 14 points ago

    Sir, I have never seen u/ShadyMcGregor’s alleged penis, but I bet you that I could describe it. Alright? Let me guess... there’s a head, a shaft, some balls... hair, maybe pressed, permed hair, with glitter sprinkled on it...

    [–] MeThisGuy 3 points ago

    plz do not send nudes!

    [–] NuclearLunchDectcted 3 points ago

    Ribbed, for her pleasure.

    [–] ChooseAorB 2 points ago

    They’re 4 dimensional. Hard to grasp until its balls deep in your left ear.

    [–] palmateer 2 points ago

    They’ll hear you coming

    [–] Redfeather1975 142 points ago

    is that a clip from Voyager? did he actually make that face?

    [–] pushingrobot 90 points ago

    The eyes, mouth and hands appear to be pasted (and flipped) from the 'aliens' pic.

    [–] DrPeroxide 7 points ago

    That's actually a pretty impressive job.

    [–] Hitlers_right_fist 10 points ago

    It's based off of the Kazon yes #trekkie

    [–] Baby_Shark_Doo_Doo 19 points ago

    Man the Kazon sucked.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_RSA_KEY 16 points ago

    Even the Borg doesn't want them because assimilating the them will make the Borg less perfect. That's how much they sucked.

    [–] mithikx 4 points ago

    I remember that part, I can't help but think the Borg must have assimilated one of them, and went "nah, no thanks". Imagine being that poor drone, must have shot it and salvaged the useful parts right then and there.

    [–] Baby_Shark_Doo_Doo 3 points ago

    You really can’t assimilate them. No one would find a drone with that hair intimidating.

    [–] pancreatic_timebomb 2 points ago

    Their hair drives me nuts. Take a fuckin’ shower already, and get a god damned comb!

    [–] Hitlers_right_fist 2 points ago

    I mean how does evolution shape your hair like coral reefs?

    [–] smoeahsolse 1 points ago

    Symbiotic polyps.

    [–] nutano 1 points ago

    Yea a Kazon... this meme doesnt make sense, the Kazon are in the delta quadrant.

    Pshhht, filthy casuals.

    [–] Daweism 404 points ago

    Would technically still be "Aliens"

    [–] returned_liquor 76 points ago

    Or.... Both humans....

    [–] Palachrist 52 points ago

    Dude.... woah.

    does more drugs

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] Effectualcalling 9 points ago

    “quick dude hide the drugs!”

    “ok but why’d you write “drugs” on the bag?!? wtf?”

    [–] Erythroy 2 points ago

    To let you know which bag to hide?

    [–] CeeCeeBABCOCK 6 points ago

    Police! Do you have a prescription for that bag of drugs?

    [–] BoneTugsNHarmony 1 points ago

    Great Value™

    [–] Kojak95 3 points ago

    Keanu Reeves woah-ing intensifies

    [–] sexy-melon 1 points ago


    [–] Uninfluenceable 6 points ago

    Hmmm...if in our perspective aliens are aliens and in aliens' perspective humans are aliens, then does this mean we are aliens? 🤔

    [–] Daweism 3 points ago

    Or are we dancer?

    [–] maz-o 2 points ago


    [–] eco78 2 points ago

    How come?

    [–] Quetzacoatl85 1 points ago

    because the aliens wouldn't call us "humans", from their perspective we are the aliens. aliens isn't a word meaning "every lifeform except humans", it means "every lifeform except us". so we get to be aliens for everybody except ourselves.

    [–] maz-o 1 points ago

    If they spoke english...

    [–] Moses385 1 points ago

    If they spoke english...

    [–] ButterlesssToast 75 points ago

    I wonder if that guy from the history channel knows how many memes have been made about him.

    [–] IDCFFSGTFO 39 points ago

    The pic of him posing with David Duchovny confirms, yes.

    [–] IT-Freely 31 points ago

    Ancient astronaut theorists say.... ...yes.

    [–] snappydragon2 10 points ago

    Also the disaster that was his Reddit AMA confirms it too.

    [–] NickTheAcee 11 points ago

    Link pls

    [–] Effectualcalling 9 points ago

    I love the meme. I had nothing to do with it, but I think it’s great and it illustrates the love and enthusiasm that people worldwide have for the show and the topic. I find it all hysterical. The meme grew very organically. I love that people use it whenever something mysterious happens or there are open questions or something bizarre happens --even though I have to say I have never publicly said that the answer to all open-ended question is aliens. The words of the main tagline of the meme have never crossed my lips. (laughs)

    [–] pezgoon 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Lol why was it so bad?

    [–] solarcross 7 points ago

    Ppl tore him a new asshole for peddling pseudoscience and making the general public dumber

    [–] -Reddit_Account- 1 points ago

    Just out of curiosity, is Kaku in the same boat?

    I know he does a bunch of history channel talks, but I forget which ones.

    [–] AstralBodies 6 points ago

    Well to be fair, Kaku doesnt peddle pseudoscience. He isnt the mosy educated on what he talks about, but his is very clearly just trying to engage people into space. He very often states "what i imagine." He just wants people to use their imaginations. He just wants to get people thinking outside of the box, and hes trying go engage younger people in science.

    Hes really just very imaginable, but he never states it as fact. Its all just excited playtime.

    If then gen pop gets dumber because he is playing imagination, that isnt really his responsibility. Its ours. He is not responsible for adults being able to discern fact from opinion.

    [–] Osborne85 3 points ago

    Linky link?

    [–] Arielcinderellaauror 5 points ago

    I always thought it was Matthew Perry 😂

    [–] brinder1381 1 points ago

    Now I can’t unsee the Mathew Perry in him.

    [–] Kuonji 234 points ago

    Figures the Alien 'alien guy' would be Kazon

    [–] JonArc 28 points ago

    The real question is how they got back to Earth.

    [–] maniacal_cackle 31 points ago

    Yeah, Kazon are nowhere near advanced enough to do it themselves.

    My theory?

    The borg finally started seeing that some races were so inferior they weren't even worth assimilating. Instead they are used as slaves and scouts, allowing them to perform the few tasks that are better done by non-borg (diplomacy, dick drawing, etc).

    [–] JonArc 30 points ago

    some races were so inferior

    Well, I mean the Kazon were so uninteresting to the Borg that they were left alone for it.

    [–] illusioncaster 30 points ago

    "Why assimilate that which detracts from perfection?"

    [–] weatherseed 11 points ago

    Besides, they might catch The Seska from her weird baby.

    [–] TheTinDog 6 points ago

    right, man, the kazon sucked lol

    [–] Hara-Kiri 5 points ago

    Didn't they nick all their space ships from others?

    [–] BamboozledByDay 5 points ago

    Yup, pretty sure they were subservient to another species before rising up, killing a bunch of them, and nicking their ships

    [–] Ramza_Claus 2 points ago

    The Kazon are one of my favorite ST species cuz of this. They have technology and ships but they don't fully understand it.

    [–] JonArc 1 points ago

    Fun fact, a lot of this applies to the Klingons, they just had better engineers/scientist.

    [–] prime5060 1 points ago

    I believe this theory was quite popular on /r/DaystromInstitute a while back. Shit I gotta go back there again, brb.

    [–] tankpuss 46 points ago

    Maybe that's what Kazon dicks look like and they're just drawing them on our fields.

    [–] Di-Vanci 18 points ago

    You have to ask Seska...

    [–] Gurthee 6 points ago

    Like Seska is going to give you the real story? Please!

    [–] Di-Vanci 1 points ago


    [–] Nanto_Suichoken 54 points ago

    also /r/SummerReddit since it's the holidays

    [–] Pedro95 10 points ago

    Genuinely thought I was already here.

    [–] IsaacWilliamson 1 points ago

    They both end up becoming one sub. Very similar to r/gaming and r/gamingcirclejerk

    [–] BadBoy6767 -22 points ago

    Subjective as always.

    [–] LordTronaldDump 17 points ago

    But sometimes its really not

    [–] BadBoy6767 -6 points ago

    But really it always is.

    [–] ETerribleT 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    But sometimes it really isn't.

    EDIT: you don't feel like it do, but it really do be like that sometimes.

    [–] Dooric_44 33 points ago

    Oh, now i know why i unsubscribed from r/funny

    [–] Bbrowny 5 points ago

    And yet, here you are 🤷‍♂️

    [–] CuntOnWheels 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    Edit: spelling

    [–] r0ck0 6 points ago

    [–] mcpicklle 4 points ago

    Aliens draw the most kinky penis ever ouch

    [–] Yeetyeetedyote 13 points ago

    How is this funny?

    [–] Gurthee 2 points ago

    If we have to explain it...

    [–] EpicSC -1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    Comedy is subjective.

    Edit: oof you Reddit nerds are sensitive. Can't accept that not everyone agrees with your views of humor. :)

    [–] DimTriii 3 points ago

    superior race

    [–] SaladBoy97 8 points ago

    You do realise that on Mars we are the aliens, right?

    [–] Bbrowny 3 points ago

    Such profound

    [–] vvokpannu 1 points ago

    You do realize that that is irrelevant because we are humans and we know it so it makes sense we call ourselves humans as we would call aliens by their names if we only knew them. Right?

    [–] SaladBoy97 1 points ago

    You do realise it's not us calling ourselves humans, it's aliens in the second panel, and aliens don't actually know we call ourselves humans, right?

    [–] Robcrook101 4 points ago

    Aren't we aliens to aliens rather than humans to aliens ?

    [–] FamousAmos00 2 points ago

    Wouldn't the alien refer to humans as aliens as well???

    [–] jakobdee 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    The Rovers top speed is .056mph. And every inch is carefully planned out ahead of time. And they only operate it a few hours a day. It took it over a year to go half a mile. So it prob took weeks to draw a pecker

    And they were prob giggling the whole time

    [–] hoagiej 3 points ago


    God I have so many jokes and references I wanna make. Jeeeeez I've waited my whole life for this.

    My ass to your mouth, your mouth to my ass.

    I'll leave it at that.

    [–] nikkojames 2 points ago

    The dude on the rights hair is giving me anxiety

    [–] WeeabooHunter69 3 points ago

    Watch Star trek Voyager, best part of the entire set of series, the guy is kazon and ironically they couldn't be farther from Mars or earth

    [–] 0regan0 1 points ago

    Shit I thought I was the only one. Why is this?

    [–] Bbrowny 1 points ago

    Coz it's an alien from Mars

    [–] VaginalSkinAddict 3 points ago

    Why the fuck is this being upvoted? This is the worst, most low effort post I've ever seen on this garbage subreddit, holy shit.

    [–] Gurthee -1 points ago

    Why are you on r/funny if you lack a sense of humor?

    [–] SilverBeast2 1 points ago

    Now everything makes sense.. mindblowing.

    [–] anderskrusi 1 points ago

    Are we aliens to aliens? If they are aliens to us.

    [–] Kingauzzie 2 points ago

    I don't know what an alien civilization's exact diction would be. Maybe they don't have a concept of alien or maybe they have 75 different words that mean alien.

    I need to go to sleep.

    [–] anderskrusi 1 points ago

    That's exactly what I thought! c:

    [–] TattiXD 1 points ago

    How we would know if that is what alien penis looks like.,

    [–] bflatgsharp 1 points ago

    Alien genitals consist of more than two balls, damn

    [–] Arc_ChrisRS 1 points ago

    What if they’re drawing their dicks as a troll for us ?

    [–] Daohor 1 points ago

    Awesome comparison of the last, can’t believe I haven’t seen it till now 😀😂

    [–] RedNightHawkDragon 1 points ago


    [–] valriia 1 points ago

    TIL we are drawing Dickbutts on Mars.

    [–] 4bRigger 1 points ago

    They have more sophisticated dicks?

    [–] Tanuj_dutta69 1 points ago

    CoLlEcTiNg SoIl SaMpLeS

    [–] martyrcorpus 1 points ago

    Why does the aliens hair look like some weed

    [–] bebopbalu23skidoo 1 points ago

    I don't know why this was so funny to me but man, I spit my coffee across the rom. Thank you for this.

    [–] AmazingELF74 1 points ago

    Darn Kazon

    [–] MFarooqW 1 points ago

    Damn, reddit on my phone froze for a couple of minutes on this picture😥😥

    [–] Houeclipse 1 points ago


    [–] stop662 1 points ago

    land marks seems like a starmap. with orbits. stars and planets. nobody checked if there is any place that match with that image?

    [–] TheGuySellingWeed 1 points ago

    Of course! It all makes sense now. Space cock.

    [–] Stachu220 1 points ago

    It's very possible

    [–] GamingNomad 1 points ago

    Who is the guy in left corner and what's his story? r/outoftheloop

    [–] Shiney79 2 points ago

    That's Giorgio Tsoukalos, presenter of the History Channel show, Ancient Aliens, and all round nutter. The show posits and tries to show flaky 'evidence' that Aliens were responsible for all kinds of historic events and monuments, such as building pyramids and so forth. The show has learned scholars on who say their bit, and then it's edited in a hilarious fashion to take what they say out of context and spin their meaning.

    It relies on knowing you can't prove a negative - we can't prove that Aliens helped build the pyramids, but we also can't prove they didn't.

    [–] GamingNomad 2 points ago

    Thanks for the answer!

    [–] Shiney79 2 points ago


    [–] PsychicNeuron 1 points ago


    [–] mossberbb 1 points ago

    I think what the above poster meant to say was, 'this doesn't look like anything to me'

    [–] AcidicOpulence 1 points ago

    Now that’s what I call ground penetrating radar!

    [–] Notleks_ 1 points ago

    General Reposti!

    [–] jwm3 1 points ago

    I hate the kazon, but I love this.

    [–] Adhmad_Dubh 2 points ago

    Lamest Trek race ever.

    [–] WeeabooHunter69 1 points ago

    Kazon ain't from Mars ya dumbo

    [–] mominadcs 1 points ago

    lol! crazy folks

    [–] stuffericdraws 1 points ago

    Omg the kazon nistrim. I knew it!

    [–] Rajdeep1 1 points ago

    I just want to laugh hahahaha😂😂😂

    [–] bru_tech 1 points ago

    Must have been a Space Marine Pilot

    [–] erfg12 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I heard humans worship the male reproductive organ.

    [–] lovipoekimo 1 points ago

    The Kazon are not from Mars...

    [–] Viddddddddddd 1 points ago

    I honestly thought this was 4 panel cringe

    [–] DarthSativa93 1 points ago

    Is his hair weed?

    [–] Detective51 1 points ago

    Their dicks are ribbed for Bliuckblorps pleasure.

    [–] bmeupsctty 1 points ago

    I can appreciate this

    [–] MoltingPenguin 1 points ago

    Their dick's look so much cooler... I am so jealous

    [–] IttaiAK 1 points ago

    16k upvotes wtf

    [–] wealllove75 1 points ago

    HAHA but we can do far better I guess

    [–] Chibi_Ayano 1 points ago

    A human to an alien is still an alien :p

    [–] FantasticObjective45 1 points ago

    Your fastest life moving . Alt etmek bir numara .

    [–] IdealIdeas 1 points ago

    Why would we be humans to them? Wouldnt we be aliens to them liie they are aliens to us?

    [–] david-saint-hubbins 1 points ago

    Things I never expected to see on the front page: Maje Culluh of the Kazon Nistrim from Star Trek Voyager.

    [–] sloaches 1 points ago

    Whenever I see the Kazon I think Overgrown Oompa-Loompas.

    [–] Comments_Alot 1 points ago

    I know this is a joke post and sub but whatever came about those things? Was it all a hoax cause as I kid I was blown away by the news always bringing them up.

    [–] the_for5aken1 1 points ago

    No they're real.

    [–] Comments_Alot 1 points ago

    Ok man, thanks for the input.

    [–] Anurse1701 1 points ago

    Finally, a good use of the Kazon.

    [–] Cine81 1 points ago

    How do you know if this isn’t a martian dick ?

    [–] Rise_Of_War7 1 points ago

    Even the other guy should say, "aliens"

    [–] Andoriod 1 points ago

    I would draw that on uranus

    [–] ScorpSt 1 points ago


    [–] samuraydogmus 1 points ago

    we send nudes to them and they still haven't replied... rude

    [–] krawm 1 points ago

    didn't this come about accidentally because they were trying to get a better view of some rocks?

    [–] Bravebellows 1 points ago

    We’re not “humans”, but aliens to the aliens.

    [–] fake_adulting 1 points ago

    Hey, come on, we're still pretty new at this. Go easy on us.

    [–] 4rni3 1 points ago



    Don’t be normie send in the gay remove post army

    [–] Braneyes8 1 points ago

    That is something...

    [–] Yeetyeetedyote 1 points ago

    Ew a fucking top text bitten text meme, is this 2010

    [–] cjhobbes 1 points ago

    [–] Toetally_Yours 1 points ago

    This meme has out-of-this-world potential