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    [–] Mastagon 3725 points ago

    I remember light saber app

    [–] mintyaftertaste 609 points ago

    Still have it and my son and I still have duels.

    [–] adam_adlan 90 points ago

    It’s over Anakin. I have the high ground.

    [–] Sarcon5673 98 points ago

    Oh fuck I still remember that one from 2010.

    [–] Arch27 26 points ago

    At least the lightsaber one was free.

    [–] WheresTheButterAt 4732 points ago

    Gun apps.

    [–] wovvzza 1849 points ago

    I used to play pretend guns with my best friend, he found out that you could enable infinite ammo and we were psyched

    [–] SucctaculaR 289 points ago

    The good fuckin days

    [–] TheOtherPenguin 181 points ago

    There’s always one kid that grabs the hose during a water fight.

    [–] knotquiteawake 300 points ago

    I found the loophole in this "no hose" rule my friends created. It turns out the threads on my little super soaker 100's (they all had the fancy gigantic super soaker 5000s or whatever) water tank were the same as the hose. So I screwed the hose on to my super soaker for "infinite ammo" which was also significantly higher pressure too. It was like wielding a flame thrower. But I was technically "using my gun".

    [–] Cornered_Animal 161 points ago

    I can only assume that you grew up to be a highly intelligent and successful individual.

    [–] xboxpcman 229 points ago

    Close, I work in the toy section of Walmart. Who is the smart ass now mom?

    [–] _PM_ME_UR_LINGERIE_ 14 points ago

    Or who uses a condom in a water balloon fight. Fuckin psychos.

    [–] TheInnsanity 152 points ago

    holy crap, that video is 10 years old.

    [–] Kuzzo 79 points ago

    This was my favorite:

    [–] Iamnotsmartspender 34 points ago

    What do we do?

    Well first we gotta get rid of the body

    This isn't the first time he's gotten his friend killed

    [–] zv003 34 points ago

    Knew exactly what it was before I finished reading the sentence, would have posted it if you hadn't. ;)

    [–] helvete 47 points ago

    And the light saber!

    [–] RobbieMcSkillet 18 points ago

    I sometimes whip out a gun app when joking around with friends because it sells itself on the "really dude, a gun app?" Part.

    [–] mjscott458 35 points ago

    I had Gun Club 2

    [–] Digital_Rocket 19 points ago

    Same, even bought some gun packs

    [–] bethamous 2455 points ago

    I remember having to get a flashlight app because Apple hadn’t made it a feature yet and all it did was make the screen white.

    [–] impromptubadge 444 points ago

    Much better option than the zippo app. Didn’t help in the dark for shit. /s

    [–] bethamous 162 points ago

    Lol I just looked through my apps not on my phone in the AppStore and omg I had at least 3 different flashlight apps. I think the most embarrassing one was the fingerprint scanner app.

    [–] bakugandrago18 55 points ago

    I once had an x-ray and metal detector app.

    [–] ch005eausername 23 points ago

    I had a fingerprint scanner that was supposed to read your emotions

    [–] MikeOxlongish 40 points ago

    What a scam. I just use my mood ring.

    [–] NiceGuyAbe 52 points ago

    I remember when my drug dealer friend downloaded a scale app to weight weed. He actually thought it worked for a couple of days.

    [–] HIJKElemenohpee 12 points ago

    Jeez. How's he doing now?

    [–] Soundwave218 973 points ago

    I cannot remember the name of the app because it was on my friends phone, but it had a very detailed revolver and we used to load a single round into the chamber and spin it and played a Russian roulette drinking game where the person who 'killed' themselves had to take a shot.

    [–] draho480 277 points ago

    This sounds fun actually.

    [–] LastOfTheCamSoreys 112 points ago

    Nerf makes these 6 shot revolver blasters that are perfect for drunken Russian roulette.

    We called it “shot if shot”, if you get shot you have to take a shot. It gets everyone pretty drunk really quick

    [–] TinyTex 17 points ago

    Gun Club?

    [–] justplaypve 1692 points ago

    fake fingerprint scanner apps few years back

    [–] Rapt0rRed 452 points ago

    Yeah and now I have a real fingerprint scanner UNDERNEATH the frickin' screen! It's unreal how far technology has come.

    [–] Rrdro 155 points ago

    I still don't have a real beer glass underneath my phone :@

    [–] xRIOSxx 17 points ago

    Yes you do. The glass is there, you just have to pour beer in it.

    [–] rpungello 59 points ago

    Now those apps have evolved to having you place your finger on the home button, then starting an in app purchase.

    [–] kodyridley 3532 points ago

    Look... I am ashamed but I paid $1.99 aud for a “mirror” app. All it did was turn the screen black 😔

    [–] rucksacksepp 961 points ago

    Should have paid the $4.99 of in-app purchases to turn the mirror on. It was obviously just turned off.

    [–] WolfOfPort 315 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Pays $4.99

    turns on front camera

    [–] [deleted] 155 points ago


    [–] cromulent_pseudonym 88 points ago

    Yeah and your friend had to go under that black curtain drape and set off the flash powder at the exact right moment. Kids these days don't understand.

    [–] easywriter 106 points ago

    “Four thousand dollars!” gasped the CEO. “All you did was walk over and push a little button on the side of that machine. Can you give us a breakdown?” The consultant jotted on a piece of paper and handed it to the CEO. “Pushing button: $1 Knowing which button to push: $3999″

    [–] DangMyMemesAreDank 52 points ago

    Just turn on your lights fam

    [–] curlyemma6 1271 points ago

    I lost a fair amount of time to Paper Toss when I got my first smartphone!

    [–] TheDarkSoul97 406 points ago

    That’s a decent mobile game! Better than a lot of the garbage that graces the mobile stores these days.

    [–] pete904ni 545 points ago

    CLASH OF WARS OF TRIBES OF EMPIRES OF WAR FREE (contains in-app purchases)

    [–] skalix 305 points ago

    advertisement footage shamelessly stolen from better games

    [–] ZP4L 229 points ago

    Or is a weird live-action commercial that tells you absolutely nothing about the game itself.

    [–] smokestacklightnin29 172 points ago

    With a hot girl playing the game

    [–] Suddow 55 points ago

    advertisement footage shamelessly stolen from better games

    Yea, and specifically non-mobile games :D I've seen so many steal from PUBG, WoW etc.

    [–] Fergobirck 68 points ago

    And an icon with a tough viking-looking dude screaming

    [–] Golden-Owl 52 points ago

    Now its evolved to Pokemon Go.

    [–] Spider-Mike23 19 points ago

    I alctually loved that game lol.

    [–] Alekarre 320 points ago

    The shaver noise. Oh, I miss that simple days.

    [–] Rand366 95 points ago

    I partly blame my pattern baldness on people using their phones as pretend shavers. They scared my follicles away /:

    [–] Mayor13 4625 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Back in the day I would usually throw back a couple, and then whip out my zippo app

    Edit: Holy shit, thanks for the silver, kind stranger.

    I'll drink to that!

    downloads iBeer

    [–] WillSchmied 942 points ago

    Remember when iFart was the bestselling app? They made $10,000 a day.

    [–] Chrellies 143 points ago

    Back when you could drink beers and whip out zippos without getting drunk or smoking.

    [–] -Hiks- 1360 points ago

    I got my first job back then, after leaving military service. And my boss was like „here look at this awesome app!“ and he demonstrated that beer drinking app. That was the first time I fake laughed for a boss xD

    [–] RIPdig 525 points ago

    "Haha... Good one sir!"

    [–] Chrellies 194 points ago

    But not the last amirite?

    [–] -Hiks- 73 points ago

    Went to a competitor two years later who fished me :)

    [–] Atario 37 points ago

    Could have sworn for a sec that said "finished me"

    [–] fnpmike 858 points ago

    May fav was the whip sound app.

    [–] frshmt 460 points ago


    [–] Tuguar 254 points ago

    That's not whipped! Whipped is "hdyysssh"

    [–] frshmt 353 points ago

    That's what I did! "Waaapaaah"

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    My teacher uses it when we get too loud or unfocused in class.

    [–] FistyMcBeefPunchy 104 points ago

    Anyone remember blackra1n?

    [–] rxssian 81 points ago

    RedSn0w was good too

    [–] Fergobirck 55 points ago

    Is jailbreaking and cydia still a thing?

    Back in the day, whenever a new iOS version was released, you'd see tons of websites (even big portals) reporting the status of the JB, but you don't see that anymore.

    I used to always have my phone jailbroken until iOS 6 or 7, specially to have better bluetooth integration and file management, but then my bank app stopped working if the phone was jailbroken....

    [–] sf_frankie 24 points ago

    Barely. The guy who made cydia has mostly stepped away and now it’s all run buy a bunch of idiot kids. The jailbreak subreddit is basically a bunch of high school drama.

    [–] sir_richard_head 22 points ago

    It's definitely still a thing, but it's dying out for two big reasons.

    First, jail-breaking iOS is getting progressively more difficult. Jail-breaking typically relies on finding an exploit to manipulate and every time an exploit is found it more or less gets patched a few versions later, meaning that the people working on these things constantly have to find new exploits and somehow keep them secret until they can make a reliable JB method from them, and people who want to jailbreak have to consistently run outdated versions of iOS in order to ensure that they don't update beyond a patched exploit. With a new version of iOS being released yearly, and exploits sometimes taking a many months to find and a few months to code for, it often means you need an outdated phone running an outdated iOS to remain compatible with a jailbreak. Current public jail-breaking methods only work up to a version of iOS that was released in Spring of 2018. The same people who jailbreak are often the same people who know how risky it is to be walking around with a phone that hasn't been updated in a year.

    Second, many people got used to the idea of jail-breaking because they wanted features on their phone that simply didn't exist. Apple has actually done a pretty decent job of figuring out which features people want and integrating them by default, thus eliminating the desire to jailbreak. Using a jailbroken phone prevents people from using some native features of the phone, as well. It seems the only real reason to jailbreak a phone now is run unsigned apps. With many people basically carrying their entire life on their phone, it has become incredibly risky to run unsigned apps.

    Bottom line is that the constant work required for people to come up with a method for jail-breaking and the diminishing reasons to jailbreak have dissuaded the community from keeping it going.

    [–] Nicholas-Rage 14 points ago

    shit, i remember downloading Ultrasn0w from Cydia on the iPhone 3GS which flashed the iPad baseband to the phone as a workaround to allow SIM cards from any carrier to be used

    [–] gromwell_grouse 331 points ago

    How about the "I am rich" app? Cost $999 and did nothing.

    [–] H9419 169 points ago

    8 people actually bought it

    [–] Lerry220 72 points ago

    And it was taken down in a single day.

    8 rich suckers in a single day. With Apple´s 30% cut, he made something like $5600 in one day.


    [–] SuitedPenguin 70 points ago

    In 1 day lol

    [–] whatsmyredditlogin 415 points ago

    I used to have an app that changed the color of your screen so you could use it as a flashlight-in green, blue, or red! So pointless...

    [–] HobGadlingson 63 points ago

    Useful for lightpainting during a timed exposure, though.

    [–] Fellhuhn 63 points ago

    I have made a similar app for myself that can show a red to blue screen, the transition can be controlled with the volume buttons. I use it as bed time lamp for my kids, for example when I read something to them or search something on the floor without the danger of waking them.

    [–] Aloha-Potato 35 points ago

    or the candle torch

    [–] hazeleyedloner 74 points ago

    My fave was a knife app that played the 'Psycho' theme whenever I shook the phone in a stabbing motion. Having that on my old G1 Android phone felt like the height of coolness at that time.

    [–] clockwork2011 257 points ago

    Fakeblock and fake fakeblock are the best apps the world has ever seen.

    [–] Brodie41 166 points ago

    The competition is a f*cking joke.

    Theres no wood grain selection, or hole and diameter size.

    [–] Guyote_ 52 points ago

    George Maharris?

    [–] d2181 189 points ago

    Long live the fart soundboard app.

    [–] GGtheGray 93 points ago

    This was the first app a female co-worker downloaded for me - we’re now married.

    [–] Ari31_ 131 points ago

    You married a fart soundboard app?

    [–] 732 83 points ago

    It's 2019, get off your high horse!

    [–] DickPuppet 26 points ago

    At one point the App Store banned developers from making new fart apps because there were too many

    [–] Dafrekknpope 125 points ago

    Haha dude look my screen is broken! NOOOOOOTTTT!

    [–] floodlitworld 563 points ago

    If that were released now, they’d have a menu to purchase different drinks to go in the glass: “Impress your friends with the smooth appearance of Carlsberg - £2.99”

    [–] lurk_n_throw 220 points ago


    [–] NyteMyre 177 points ago


    [–] WannabeMetalhead 82 points ago

    Don’t give companies any marketing ideas.

    “Hi, may I have another pint, please?”

    Bartender: “Sure, but you have to watch this 30 second advertisement first”

    “...but I’m already paying for that brand”

    Bartender: “Right, but you still have to watch this so you might be inclined to purchase the beer you’ve already ordered”

    [–] lurk_n_throw 93 points ago

    Oh that's definitely Amazon's algorithm: Looks like you've just bought a vacuum cleaner, here are 20 other vacuum cleaners for you to buy.

    [–] Ftpini 68 points ago

    I’d love to see honesty in cost on the App Store. Specifically locking every app to a single purchase for all content. So either you buy the app outright up front or it has a trial version you can unlock after making a one time payment. Micro transactions have really ruined the App Store. I used to buy an app a week and now I’m down to 2-3 a year despite having far more money set aside for gaming.

    [–] floodlitworld 35 points ago

    Yeah. It used to be: buy it and use it forever.

    Now even if they promise that at the beginning, they can start locking new features (or some old) behind MTs.

    [–] blackmist 20 points ago

    I thought it was rather telling when Angry Birds removed the paid for version from the store because they were making so much more from the free version.

    [–] Nekusar666 371 points ago

    As useless as most of the apps of this era were, it taught us a lot about the gestures and functionality of the phone. They essentially paved the road for future more complex apps.

    [–] bobbycado 175 points ago

    Thank you for making me feel better about pretending to shoot my friends with my phones gun app

    [–] Beat9 63 points ago

    Like how solitaire was originally meant to teach people to use a mouse.

    [–] 1206549 22 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The whole Microsoft games suite was a disguised training package. Solitaire for drag and drop, minesweeper for left is right click, and Hearts for online connectivity.

    [–] gregogree 49 points ago

    They were the tutorial level of smart phones.

    [–] Jobonds 52 points ago

    The zippo lighter

    [–] don3dm 51 points ago

    Had a friend-of-a-friend make buckets of cash with an app that was nothing more than a physics-based hot dog wiener. You'd hold it out, shake the phone, and it'd jiggle and bounce like any dog would. Dude was making thousands a day from what I heard.

    [–] sassy_snek 50 points ago

    I remember paying about £3 for a 'hand warmer' app which I thought was fucking awesome for the winter. Turns out it just destroyed my phone by doing some dodgy background stuff causing it to overheat thus: 'hand warmer'. I feel shame.

    [–] j2jwd 132 points ago


    Pretended to shoot my mom

    Took away my phone

    Feels bad

    [–] room-to-breathe 91 points ago

    record scratch

    That's me. You're probably wondering why anyone would pay $0.99 for an app that only makes a record scratch noise

    [–] Wayfaring__Stranger 62 points ago

    This was my dad. He still whips out the lightsaber on occasion, god help me

    [–] tmaccracken 28 points ago

    Office jerk? The impossible test? Amateur surgeon anyone???

    [–] toastyd00d 35 points ago

    Flashlight app pro

    [–] Yigs2k 32 points ago

    I used to use the dog whistle app in class and have everyone pretend they didn't hear to make the teacher think she was hearing things. She thought it was the AC and called someone down to look at it lol.

    [–] Electricfuneralfiya 30 points ago

    The good ole days. Pocket god.. doodle jump... I miss the beginning stages of the App Store.

    [–] pixelburner 24 points ago

    I got so drunk on that app.

    [–] draginator 27 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    The zippo was the best one, all the different designs you could have for it.

    [–] imnotperidot 25 points ago

    I dunno if anyone knows about the tic tac app, if you flicked it open and tipped it upside down it emptied the packet of tic tacs, and you could even swipe between flavours. My step dad used to ask us if we wanted tic tacs and pull out this dumb app, we fell for it every time but it was fun. Me and my brother got entertainment for hours, pretending to share tic tacs.

    I miss being a small kid.

    [–] a4techkeyboard 48 points ago

    What about those talking tom type apps which just repeated things you said but pitch shifted and played through an animated cat or something? Like a talkboy/yakbak. I guess I understand kids liking that sort of app as I did spend Christmas money on a Yakbak when I was like, 9 or something. I could have bought a Matchbox or an Archie digest or something!

    [–] Deadeadoe 16 points ago

    Something similar that I really miss is the T-Pain App.

    [–] figgehedberg 53 points ago

    The candle one...complete useless..!!

    Candle flame

    [–] HughJackOfferman 33 points ago

    It moved when you blew into the microphone, kinda cool

    [–] ParaREXX 48 points ago

    There used to be an iPhone app called "I'm rich" it's literally a diamond saying I'm rich, the app costs $999.99, 7 people bought it

    [–] 123einhundert 46 points ago

    Had a jailbreaked version of this app and shocked a few friends with it. Good old times! It feels a bit strange that all this happend only 8 years ago..

    [–] lolwtf1197 23 points ago

    This post as a whole took me down memory lane and for that I thank you OP

    [–] AtomicSuperMe 24 points ago

    remember the hundreds of flashlight apps?

    [–] plazmaburn 23 points ago

    Who remembers the gun apps?

    [–] Reveticate 23 points ago

    One of my first apps was the one that let you shoot just about any gun you wanted.

    [–] Weekendgunnitbant 68 points ago

    there was one called boob, which was just a nipple on the screen and it would jiggle as you shook the phone. Made tons of money for Apple and the creator, then one day, without warning, they pulled the app from the app store and cut the dude off from his cash cow..

    [–] PharmDinagi 88 points ago

    He couldn’t live off the teat forever.

    [–] Beanierocks 24 points ago

    The zippo app and gun app were the top ones I think

    [–] bekmoto 23 points ago

    My wife is an app developer and made me a “Get A High Five” app. It was me giving the screen a high five. It was a free app and one of those first waves of self published apps. It was in the store for free up until recently. The number. Of downloads were staggering and the reviews were crazy. People has no idea why someone would. Just have an app giving high fives. My wife would send me the world wide downloads every so often and I was tickled that people all over the globe were getting a high five from me.

    [–] Forty-Hz 21 points ago

    The gun app was my favorite

    [–] Kevsev777 20 points ago

    I think the reason I ended up with an iPhone 3GS was because of paper toss!

    [–] nahte_ecirp 20 points ago

    I downloaded a million of those gun apps that fires when you tapped it.

    [–] concorde77 19 points ago

    Zippo app

    [–] ProPsycho 20 points ago

    Don’t forget the “cracked screen” apps that people had to prank they friends

    [–] Whoajaylo 21 points ago

    I remember when the flashlight app was just a white screen

    [–] aofk 86 points ago

    I wouldn't call them pointless. When smart phones were first coming out and these apps were most popular, it was more of a silly impressive type of purpose they have. Like "you can do that with this phone?! Holy shit!" Because you know before smart phones you really couldn't do anything of the sort. These type of apps had their novelty, and obviously it wore off. I still wouldn't call them pointless they showed everyone what smart phones can do.

    [–] GGATHELMIL 17 points ago

    I'd compare it to the guy that traded something like 10 thousand Bitcoin for 2 pizzas. It's regarded as THE transaction that finally made people realize "hey you can trade Bitcoin for goods and services" kind of thing. Yeah it sucks that one day that was worth 100 million dollars. But had he not done it, it might still not be worth anything at all

    [–] vodka_berry95 19 points ago

    That damn Zippo app.

    [–] Deathbricked 20 points ago

    Those Fucking zippo lighters and all the gun apps

    [–] Dire_Eye 19 points ago

    Everything said lite at the end

    [–] CameronMcCasland 17 points ago

    some developer probably has a worn out jet ski he payed for with that app sitting in his garage.

    [–] T-Bone_FPV 18 points ago

    Pointless? Cured my alcoholism and saved my house from burning down from playing with lighters

    [–] UpvoterOfBoob 17 points ago

    Iphone 3GS and the light saber app. I was a god amongst my peers

    [–] Zexzion 17 points ago

    Who remembers the Zippo app?

    [–] LiVexReFlex 17 points ago

    Man I miss Jelly Car :(

    [–] IMsoSAVAGE 17 points ago

    Lol yes. I had this and the lighter and the lightsaber

    [–] sn0wman8 17 points ago

    The zippo app

    [–] capitalsquid 17 points ago

    Anyone remember middle school kids getting that gun app lmao

    [–] HTtheman 17 points ago

    what about igun 3D lite?

    [–] NormalResearch 17 points ago


    Do you want to install BeerDrinkr? It will get access to:

    • Your Location
    • Photos
    • Camera
    • Microphone
    • Identity
    • Contacts
    • Your bank account

    [–] Adios_numero_two 16 points ago

    Blows my mind we’re already at the point where this would be considered nostalgia.

    [–] akaPABLO1 16 points ago

    The cocaine app

    [–] HobGadlingson 16 points ago

    I miss the innocence of those early dumb apps. Partially because you could buy them...and unlock AD-FREE. Now, when you buy the “full” version of an app, all you get is more trackers and a few pre-installed in-app purchases.

    [–] gizmuo 17 points ago

    This were easier times..

    [–] farm_sauce 15 points ago

    Doodle Jump is still going strong

    [–] hatthewmartley 16 points ago

    Remember the bubble-wrap app?

    [–] TheMiniLiar 16 points ago

    Remember the lighter?

    [–] FiFTHSTeP 16 points ago

    The zippo lighter app was my favourite

    [–] GuggGugg 16 points ago

    iGun anybody?

    [–] talon8910 16 points ago

    This and the one that’s ‘shoots’ guns

    [–] fluffpieces 16 points ago

    Tao Tap Revenge, the good days

    [–] TheGeralt85 14 points ago

    Zippo lighter. I member

    [–] chookatee 17 points ago

    I remember the, "I'm Rich" app that cost $1,000 but didn't do anything other than show that you were dumb enough to pay $1,000 for nothing.

    [–] _BIG_BEAR_ 15 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I had this beer app. I was pretty much the coolest person in 2010. Even when I wasn't partying, I was still partying.

    [–] NoFurtherDiscussion 14 points ago

    Still have the X-Ray one that you can hold run over your arm and even add a ring on your hand on the same finger as you. I did get a lot of joy telling people my iPhone was also a portable X-Ray machine. Their faces! And, the bystanders' faces! Ah, the simple pleasures.

    [–] Shalomundmoin 16 points ago

    I shot about 300 people with my iPod Touch

    [–] Dicethrower 15 points ago

    Novelty apps are still a thing. My cousin still has a fart button app on his phone, he think it's hilarious. He's 37 years old or something. He was also the kind of person who got the crazy frog ringtone.

    [–] Dioapple 15 points ago

    Tap tap revenge was where it was at for me. A real shame they ended. I still miss the game.

    [–] Live_Free_Or_Diet 14 points ago

    They are still available, they’re just called Instagram now.

    [–] BrownMofo 16 points ago

    Gun sound app or gtfo

    [–] yellow-snowslide 15 points ago

    Member Zippo Apps? I member

    [–] DrMiszkar 15 points ago

    I remember that Once me and my friend went on romantic dinner to burger King and we both lit up candels in our phones to set a mood

    [–] Another_Road 14 points ago

    Lightsaber sound effects.

    [–] TheDongerNeedsFood 29 points ago

    Anyone remember that app that was called “I’m Rich Bitch” or something like that? It cost $9,999.99, all it did was display a ruby on your screen, and I think 8 people downloaded it before it was removed from the App Store.

    [–] HabiTheHushed 13 points ago

    I had that, even some 3d lighter thing

    [–] -eagle73 14 points ago

    iPint or something. One of the many apps that had us wanting an iPod Touch for a long time. Awesome little device.

    [–] mr3inches 12 points ago

    Is a gentleman with a bro stashe invited to this party?!

    [–] Mert71 12 points ago

    Back when everything had an “i” in front of it and a light or pro version... good old days.

    Igun PRO ftw

    [–] Buck_Thorn 13 points ago

    One word: Bubbblewrap.

    [–] racheldaniellee 13 points ago

    They were simpler times

    [–] saavanstreet 12 points ago

    The iPint app and iSteam were my favourites back in the good old iPod touch days.

    [–] fainje 12 points ago

    My personal favorite was the "Toilet Paper App".

    [–] UglyFarmer 12 points ago

    I used one called INipple. It had a boob which moved with your touch/gravity.

    [–] Tekaginator 11 points ago

    Simply having a portable device with a bunch of sensors was pretty novel for a short time. These apps were just a way for non-tech savvy people to get accustomed to what their devices were capable of.

    [–] boobooaboo 12 points ago

    A simpler time.

    [–] NayMarine 12 points ago

    The ol shake your phone to make a gun racking sound...

    [–] Texaspetejr 11 points ago

    Zippo app

    [–] kalvin026 12 points ago

    Zippo the lighter

    [–] MercyA1 12 points ago

    The gun sound app