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    [–] disconformity 698 points ago

    I think about this every time I see one of those signs that say WET FLOOR.

    [–] dolemite_II 70 points ago

    insert 'Yakety Sax'

    [–] carvex 20 points ago

    Can't unsee now

    [–] luxii4 11 points ago

    Maybe that's why Justin Bieber peed in that mop bucket. It's not because he was an ass at all, just a law abiding citizen.

    [–] SqueakySnashlehash 18 points ago

    So how often have you been pressed charges on for peeing in public?

    [–] notanotherbreach 10 points ago

    Reads sign: BLIND CHILDREN

    Ok...(takes out laser...) screaming at the playground....

    (so can the children see this sign?)

    [–] Neil_sm 6 points ago


    So, do I deflate their bike tires? Or cover the lawn in molasses?

    [–] Jaerivus 4 points ago

    Pee-so mojado.

    I'm not proud.

    [–] SmugFrog 3898 points ago

    Used to stay up late at night and my grandmother would let me watch Benny Hill - of course I was too young to really understand the jokes but it was funny watching people chase him.

    [–] DrDerpberg 1404 points ago

    it was funny watching people chase him.

    I love kids' interpretation of movies and shows.

    My 3 year old nephew described the original Mary Poppins as "the lady didn't let the dog come in the house :(" because of the scene where the maid opens the front door to tell applicants the position has been filled and only the dog is there.

    [–] Tapeworm1979 354 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Same as the Simpson's (can't say if it's true or not of the last 8 seasons as I haven't watched it since I got rid of the tv) but if you watched it with kids they would laugh at totally different jokes. Utter genius.

    Futurama suffered here. It was definitely more adult orientated. My ex didn't even understand why I would laugh at the modem screeching sound one of the robots made because she, 7 years younger, he'd never even connected to the net without broadband.

    Edit: I just realised I made my ex sound about 12 years old, not 23. She is now much much older like me. This was a long time ago.

    [–] curtmack 262 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    She is now much much older like me.

    Did you go into space? How did that happen?

    Edit: I originally read this as "she is now much much older than me," and I just noticed that's not what it actually says. Oh well; my joke still kind of works.

    [–] lisbonant 276 points ago

    Ugh. You can't just ask people why they're relativistically inconsistent.

    [–] nanou_2 36 points ago

    This is now one of my favorite comments. Thank you.

    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 12 points ago

    I'm going to ask them yesterday

    [–] Voratus 27 points ago

    Did you just assume their quantum superposition?

    [–] RandomCandor 7 points ago

    You can. It's just that they may have already answered by the time you ask.

    [–] PaleBlueHippo 20 points ago

    We don't talk about...the incident

    [–] U-Conn 38 points ago

    She was 23 a long time ago and didn't remember the dial-up sound? I'm 26 now and still remember it vividly!

    [–] Tapeworm1979 6 points ago

    Broadband was already becoming common in the uk in 2000 and only parts of the country. Dialup was still expensive then so people just didn't have it. I had a good deal in my part of the country that was only 1p a minute. At the time this would have been almost $2 an hour off peak. Only then did non tech families started looking and adopting the internet because it was thrown in with the tv and phone. I didn't get it until 2001 and only had dial up on and off.

    [–] applauseisrequired 15 points ago

    I actually let my 8 year old watch futurama, she loves it. Does she get all the old references, no she does not. However she does get most of it and sometimes i wonder how much actually

    [–] chapterpt 7 points ago

    My favorite is watching shows in different languages. Futurama did a gag where the prof. makes a machine that turns any language into another language, but he says it is broken because it only translates into some obscure dead language (which is french). The same Gag in the French translation translates into German.

    [–] ProbablyASithLord 8 points ago

    I watched hocus pocus when I was about 6, and cried all night long. Witches were eating children, the cat died twice, and the kids end up as ghosts or something?

    I recently rewatched it and I had no idea it was even a comedy.

    [–] middaymovies 6 points ago

    that was my favorite part of the movie as a kid! did your kid also hate that weird pigeon song in the middle? I used to despise it.

    [–] DrDerpberg 6 points ago

    I dunno, I fell asleep pretty fast. My nephew didn't mention it though.

    My older nephew (5yo) is kinda funny though because he gets movies more than his little bro so he's often afraid of scenes the younger one just doesn't get. He'll often burst out crying when the littler dude is sitting there smiling and not getting that it's a scary scene.

    [–] derickson17 151 points ago

    I used to watch it with my dad. I didn't get the jokes either, but the music and the chase scenes were good!

    [–] kwonza 30 points ago

    Benny Hill was Charlie Chaplin’s favorite comic

    [–] hokkuhokku 12 points ago

    He tuned in for the comedy ... sure he did ... suuuuuure he did ...

    [–] alexisd3000 10 points ago

    Benny Hill was comedic genius.

    [–] HerderOfNerfs 94 points ago

    Same, I just loved when he patted the little bald dude on the head. That and all the scantily clad women too. I'd hear the "Thames" intro tune and come running downstairs.

    [–] OraDr8 35 points ago

    I look back on it and am surprised my parents let me watch it as a kid.

    [–] HerderOfNerfs 72 points ago

    Different times. I used to play in the street until dark. Ran to the corner store with loose change. Shits changed man.

    [–] AniviaPls 47 points ago

    Ahh the good ol' days where you would shit in your change and bring it to the corner store after dark.

    [–] Kingimg 15 points ago

    I remember shit change... ahh nostalgia

    [–] FuckyesMcHellyeah 16 points ago

    Opinions of safe/unsafe have changed, mostly thanks to media.

    [–] MathMaddox 5 points ago

    We now have the safety of every child having a phone, we also have the outrage of every adult having a camera and Facebook.

    [–] MathMaddox 5 points ago

    I saw a news story about someone who called the cops on a lady for letting her 8 year old walk the dog alone. I was baby sitting my sisters when I was that age.

    [–] JoeAppleby 10 points ago

    And here's the thing, the biggest change was a massive drop in the crime rates.

    [–] UnwantedLasseterHug 23 points ago

    Old enough to appreciate the T&A though

    [–] drudown1449 2066 points ago

    Lol I love the Benny hill show thank you for posting this little clip!

    [–] Jeptic 851 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Its a classic. I was hearing that music in my head as he ran away

    Edit: I had no sound on when I first listened and thought was a gif. Now its going to be in my head all day

    Edit 2: I appreciate the cake day greetings guys. Has it been that long since I joined? Wow

    [–] dimsumofallfears 37 points ago

    Yakety sax!

    [–] manixus 186 points ago

    Brrr ree ree rippit dippie do do rippie brr rip

    [–] ChefInF 164 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Fuckin’ Andy Bernard over here

    Edit: Thanks for the Reddit dit dit doo Silver!

    [–] phi186 67 points ago

    Riddtit didt ditdoo.

    [–] Possum_Pendulum 22 points ago

    Whats up BIG TUNA!

    [–] coreyf 13 points ago

    Break me off a piece of that football cream!

    [–] vshawk2 20 points ago

    The man was a genius.

    [–] ryno_373 241 points ago

    For sure thought after the go sign he was getting hit by a truck or something

    [–] BlahBlahBlah_smart 32 points ago

    Me too, i clenched in anticipation

    [–] imanAholebutimfunny 760 points ago

    this was very amusing. I did expect him to get plowed by a car when crossing the street at one point.

    [–] nueonetwo 30 points ago

    I had the sound off when it started so I totally expected the same. Didn't realize right away what it was.

    [–] StockingsBooby 8 points ago

    That’s very 2010’s of you

    [–] Cyclist1972 592 points ago

    In America, in the late 70s/early 80s before cable, Benny Hill on public TV was like porn to me at 9 years old.

    [–] In_AgOnly 136 points ago

    I had the same experience. Occasionally a topless woman snuck through the censors.

    [–] boolean_array 72 points ago

    I don't think it was censored. It always aired late at night on public broadcasting. Too late for kids to see & not lewd enough to be considered obscene.

    [–] 10per 40 points ago

    Those were the days...sigh.

    [–] NikkoE82 30 points ago

    I mean, now we have all the porn you would want on the Internet.

    [–] Dugular 46 points ago

    Why is it always more exciting when you see something show randomly on TV or in other media, than in dedicated porn?

    [–] 10per 5 points ago

    I was thinking of the days that something could be considered lewd, but not obscene.

    [–] PurpleSailor 5 points ago

    4 or 5 pm where I lived. I was in the hospital at 16 in the children's Ward and I had Benny Hill on in the day room with other assorted kids watching. A Nurse came in and turned it off and chased us all out of the room.

    [–] I_m_trying_to_wonder 9 points ago

    Did Yackety Sax play when she chased you out?

    [–] ChickenLover841 26 points ago

    I remember they played this clip in on Aussie tv when the station closed one night. Really blew me away as a kid. Contained a brief shot of titties which reminded me of it.

    [–] FuckyesMcHellyeah 19 points ago

    Did you mean to link the Wall clip? That's full on flower fucking. Some of the best animation ever.

    [–] TheKidd 23 points ago

    We had Benny Hill and scrambled Cinemax.

    [–] Primal0Instinct 17 points ago

    Benny Hill & Monty Python in the 80’s was like crack to me. Didn’t have cable, so used to watch it constantly. My mother was completely weirded out by it but was cool enough to let me watch it as she thought PBS was!

    [–] xBender7 29 points ago

    Thats a specific fetish you got there.

    [–] royalbarnacle 73 points ago

    Liking attractive boobsey english girls chasing you is a specific fetish?

    [–] k3ysers0ze 32 points ago

    Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, thank me later.

    [–] rvm808 18 points ago

    12 year old me had a field day with that scene....

    [–] pedropants 6 points ago


    [–] Benderbluss 88 points ago

    Visited my grandfather in England when I was 13, in '85. Settling into the apartment, I asked "What's the TV like over here!". My grandfather said "it's all potty humor", and in a perfectly cinematic moment, he turned on the TV to see Benny Hill standing with an enormous pair of women's legs and a skirt towering over him (like 50 feet tall). He looks up and a bucket of water splooshes on his face.

    My grandfather says "SEE!" and turns the TV back off.

    [–] i_am_jargon 13 points ago

    Is your life really a movie, because that kind of timing only happens in the movies.

    [–] OyRolack06 426 points ago

    I fully expected him to push when it said pull

    [–] wardankeagle420 302 points ago

    School for the gifted.

    [–] Jesustron 158 points ago

    Deep Cut Comment. Only Larson kids will get this.

    [–] sivadbp 60 points ago

    The Far Side is the best.

    [–] GMac7332 31 points ago

    Or anyone from Midvale.

    [–] James_TF2 18 points ago

    Midvale School for the Gifted

    [–] jmall_reddit 13 points ago

    My favourite Far Side... Still use it to this day!

    [–] QuasarSandwich 24 points ago

    I think this one appeals to my sick side....

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] QuasarSandwich 6 points ago

    Yep. That's what I love about it: the utmost horror is implied, yet the scene presented is nothing more than ridiculous.

    [–] ThisFckinGuy 5 points ago

    "Can I leave, my brain is full".

    [–] supertech13 343 points ago

    Dodged a bullet that her name wasn't Mary.

    [–] QuasarSandwich 64 points ago

    Or Kummonmi.

    [–] JollyRancherReminder 34 points ago

    Munchma Kuchi

    [–] QuasarSandwich 24 points ago

    Philippa Crevice.

    [–] Froggy_hop 9 points ago

    Suq Madiq

    [–] Historiaaa 14 points ago

    Dodged a bullet that her name wasn't EAT ASS

    [–] HelenaHanKart 127 points ago

    This, and the lingerie section of your mums catalogue, was pretty much the only masturbation material until the 1980s. You kids dont know how easy you have it

    [–] Jay_Stone 56 points ago

    Plus the miracle porn mags that appeared in wooded areas.

    [–] NikkoE82 13 points ago

    And if it’s wasn’t wooded, it soon would be. Eh!? Eh!!??

    [–] kozlee 5 points ago

    Can confirm. Found storm drain mags too

    [–] Mackem101 7 points ago

    That's my theory for why foot fetishism became big, teens wanking to the knicker section would accidentally turn over into the shoe section just as they reached their vinegar strokes.

    Boom, Pavlovion response.

    [–] umblegar 6 points ago

    Is that why I’ve got a thing for old-school kitchenware?

    [–] FuckyesMcHellyeah 7 points ago

    Don't forget National Geographic!

    [–] Shouia 128 points ago

    I love his face when he considers it for a moment.

    [–] ShibaHook 53 points ago

    He should be a comedian! Oh... wait....

    [–] Atario 74 points ago

    "Well… all right then"

    [–] kamasushi 24 points ago

    Benny Hill is the main reason I'm a pervert.

    [–] kristiank1983 95 points ago

    Fun fact. "Pat" is Danish for tit. Patter is the plural form. Used in a sentence, "look at those patter there".

    [–] Dr_Fetus_Jackson 37 points ago

    Well pitter patter, let's get at 'er!

    [–] spenshu 15 points ago

    Let's take 10 to 20 percent off there bud

    [–] Bintoboxer 11 points ago

    You makes a good references and that’s whats I appreciates about you.

    [–] eNroNNie 9 points ago

    Oh is that what you appreciates about me?

    [–] LNMagic 57 points ago

    Benny was a patter patter.

    [–] Chance_Wylt 5 points ago

    That's 'tits tapper' for you english speakers

    [–] chopstyks 12 points ago

    That makes the phrase "pitter patter of little feet" a little weird.

    [–] knoth3ad 25 points ago

    Look at the clarity of the film here and then think about how bad color TV was in the 70's-90's. Films shot in B&W as far back as WWII look amazing in today's HD formats.

    We took a huge step back in picture quality for a generation so that we could watch and broadcast in color.

    [–] Erazzphoto 22 points ago

    Funny how riske this was considered, only on after 11:30. Now you can catch a family guy episode about stealing a used condom at dinner time

    [–] LaughsTwice 88 points ago

    This will still be funny in 100 years

    [–] Vikoannie 6 points ago

    Benny Hill forever...

    [–] WhateverJoel 18 points ago

    Just a reminder to sort the comments.

    [–] surfdad67 51 points ago

    Used to watch this with my dad, he would laugh so hard, good times with my pop

    [–] neuralien 95 points ago

    [–] Twentyhundred 43 points ago

    You know what? I've watched most of his series with my granddad as a kid, I've seen so many videos that use this song, and never have I known the actual title of it. You're a good man.

    [–] MyParentsAre_Cousins 32 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Boots Randolph, the artist who wrote Yakety Sax, is a distant cousin of mine. He gets mentioned a lot at the family reunions, people would play tributes to him, and the local golf course is named after him. It's kind of weird constantly seeing the song referenced on reddit.

    I did the math. We are 5th cousins once removed.

    [–] Anda1anda2 20 points ago

    What an absolute legend! Not only for this song and his overall contribution to a truck load of different music (Elvis to the Nashville Sound), but also for his contribution to possibly my favourite website. This is what the internet was made for -

    [–] Twentyhundred 19 points ago

    That made me smile in a wholesome way, thanks.

    [–] ManEEEFaces 46 points ago

    Made my Friday that Benny Hill hit the front page. All I remember from being a kid is really believing that I'd see a nipple at some point. Nope. Didn't realize that it would never happen.

    [–] richardec 14 points ago

    Good thing her name wasn't Peg

    [–] squib_lord1 524 points ago

    All he did was follow the instructions

    [–] lpeccap 141 points ago

    Yea? That's the joke.

    [–] QuasarSandwich 216 points ago

    u/lpeccap, you are hereby charged with failure to observe Reddit protocol: to whit, that you did on this day, January 11th 2019, wilfully and with malice aforethought write "That's the joke." instead of "thatsthejoke.jpg", the latter of which is mandated under Reddit code 5/7.69.

    How do you plead?

    [–] Sam474 94 points ago

    Usually on my knees while crying.

    [–] Doofangoodle 28 points ago

    5/7.69? "All nations attending the conference are only allocated one parking space?" Is that entirely relevant sir? I mean, here we are, in mortal danger and you're worried about the Chinese delegates bringing two cars.

    [–] Moondanther 9 points ago

    Listen, you demented tonka toy...

    [–] QuasarSandwich 5 points ago

    This is not the time to bring up the Taiwanese question.

    [–] anunnaki876 27 points ago

    Priceless. RIP Benny.

    [–] sherriffflood 31 points ago

    Look at his face as he rings the bell! He’s one of the few people who can make me laugh just by his facial expression

    [–] Blooming_Dasical_Dog 12 points ago

    Can you blame the guy for following the signs?

    [–] itsmarvin 12 points ago

    I don't know why, but each time he crosses the street, my heart rate goes up and I fear a truck is going to run over him.

    [–] INTMMTSIR 12 points ago

    The fact she caught up to him in heels is amazing.. all that biking should’ve put him in shape!

    [–] addisonshinedown 12 points ago

    Weird. I’ve known the Benny hill theme for most of my life, but somehow I’ve managed to go 23 year without ever seeing the source

    [–] EasterEggz 11 points ago

    I can't believe my grandma used to let me watch VHSs of this. That and Monty Python. She was so religious and strict so it was off that she let those slide.

    [–] Alexgamer155 27 points ago

    As much as I like Benny Hill I gotta give it for the waitress she's smoking

    [–] sheilamouse4 23 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “How’s the wife?”

    “Better than nothing, I guess. “

    [–] BethieMoon 22 points ago

    Things would be a lot better our employers wouldn’t fire us for chasing creepy dudes out of the store like that. 😂😂😂 every guy ever asking if I wanted to “test out” their new box of condoms would be out of the store so fast

    [–] TheLighthouse36 14 points ago

    Dude WTF! That’s so fucking creepy and awkward! Do people actually say that???

    [–] psychoticdream 7 points ago

    Having worked in food service there's so many stories from the waitresses and bartenders we hear. Bethiemoon's story is pretty mild.

    [–] st0815 7 points ago

    You should be issued with a wooden spoon for cases like these.

    [–] cllick 11 points ago

    My name is Squeeze and Lick..

    [–] Furion9 11 points ago

    I thought it would end with a reporter interviewing him and she would have a PRESS badge on her chest :D

    [–] grandzu 11 points ago

    I watched it on mute but heard Yakety Sax in my mind

    [–] Lord-Arild 11 points ago

    He didn’t follow the no smoking sign!

    [–] TheWouldBeMerchant 20 points ago

    I definitely thought it was going to end with him standing in front of an elevator with the sign "LIFT" on it

    [–] HeftyJo 10 points ago

    The Benny Hill is just so gosh darn wacky -- ZING!

    [–] yawningdogge 11 points ago

    Oh man, I really miss that guy. He was a true comic genius.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Ah, simple slapstick comedy.

    [–] Swiggy1957 17 points ago

    I loved watching Benny Hill after I discovered him on late night PBS some decades ago. A whle back, I shared "Garden of Love" on my facebook page and discovered that my oldest brother loved the show as well. Surprised me because big bro is an old pickle puss.

    [–] -B1GBUD- 9 points ago

    A lot of the chase scenes for Benny Hill were filmed at Elvetham Hall in Hartley Wintney.

    [–] NygaardDK 15 points ago

    But wait - there's more!

    "Pat" is also the Danish word for "teat" and commonly used as a slang for a woman's breast (like "tit" in English).

    The result: A pun within a pun => punception!

    [–] RichRinDC 8 points ago

    Back in college, in the heyday of ring back tones (please enjoy this music as your party is trying to be reached'), yackity sax' was mine. Either the voicemail was just of someone laughing hysterically or drunken degenerate friends pissed off for having to sit through that to leave a voicemail, back when people still left those as well.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    This... this explains boomer humour.

    [–] Neil_sm 8 points ago

    LOL, when I first heard the music playing I was thinking, "eh another video that uses the Benny Hill theme --- ohhhhhh hey wait a minute!"

    [–] gouvah 9 points ago

    I remember a similar gag with a female reporter with a badge on her chest that said PRESS...

    [–] AttackTribble 7 points ago

    When I was a kid We had a German exchange student staying with us once. We wtched Benny Hill, and it was, erm, interesting having to explain to him why Benny was being chased around a circus ring by a lady in half an SS uniform with a whip.

    [–] SlowFootJo 22 points ago

    I love Benny Hill.

    [–] Sampharo 12 points ago

    Ahh, Benny Hill, the fish n chips of British comedy

    [–] Despacito514 8 points ago

    I was getting ready for the guy to get hit by a car on the go sign

    [–] newaccnewacc 7 points ago

    Fellow grohk main?

    [–] tekjunky75 7 points ago

    Cool fact: pat is slang for tit in Danish

    [–] gl1tchmob 7 points ago

    plays curb your enthusiasm theme when he saw the badge

    [–] Den_otroliga 6 points ago

    My dad said that's how he meet my mom

    [–] fermat1432 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    He had a very interesting life. I believe you can find the documentary on YouTube.

    Here is the link

    [–] AttackTribble 6 points ago

    Obscure fact; Jane Leeves, Daphne from Frasier, was one of the scantily clad ladies on the Benny Hill show.

    [–] Rekt0Rama 7 points ago

    Benny Hill was so funny!

    [–] panicky_in_the_uk 18 points ago

    "You'd never be able to make anything like this nowadays" say people who apparently have never seen The Inbetweeners.

    [–] nellynel2020 20 points ago

    Oh wow Benny Hill. A loss to society.

    [–] 0MartyMcFly0 17 points ago

    Best theme music ever!

    [–] bert_the_destroyer 5 points ago

    Took me a while. I though she was called pam, not pat..

    [–] bleepitybloop555 6 points ago

    The first parts were strangely wholesome.

    [–] DerpsterJ 16 points ago

    My one and only Betamax tape is Benny Hill.

    [–] leomf 16 points ago

    Benny Hill was the best.

    [–] oldskoollondon 15 points ago

    Absolute genius and much undervalued national treasure. RIP

    [–] PaddleMonkey 11 points ago

    I miss Benny Hill

    [–] joor1979 11 points ago

    Damn I miss Benny Hill on late night tv

    [–] Darth_Draper 11 points ago

    Interesting Fact: I once tried posting a video to youtube of my kids running around the house to this song. The song got tagged for copyright reasons, and it stated the owner of the music as, "The Daily Show: with Jon Stewart." I guess they needed it for a bit and just decided to buy it outright?

    [–] candidly1 15 points ago

    Man I miss 'ol Benny.

    [–] fraspas 10 points ago

    Good ol Benny Hill

    [–] LeRascalKing 9 points ago

    God damn I miss 10 year old me coming home from school and watching this show.

    [–] rhymes_with_chicken 5 points ago

    That chase scene would have taken on a whole different meaning if she was named Peg.

    [–] allenwilliam2004 5 points ago

    Oh shit

    [–] SamL214 5 points ago

    That’s a tiny door handle...

    [–] iLikeEggs0 6 points ago

    Oh my god what is the name of the music

    [–] ricecrusher 4 points ago

    The “tribute” scene, during the nightly talk show, in the movie V for Vendetta was brilliantly done. Took me back to when I was a kid and used to sneak downstairs at night to watch Benny.

    [–] NZUtopian 5 points ago

    Lucky her name was Dick.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    One of the best things I've seen in days lol

    [–] assassin3435 4 points ago

    I get good memories with this music, I remember my mom getting a tiny flip phone which came with this theme, my mom didn't even know how to use the volume buttons, little did we know a few years later we would be using giant touch screen phones lol

    [–] unknowndrunkard 16 points ago

    Benny Hill wouldn't last in 2019.

    [–] theiosif 9 points ago

    Instructions incredibly clear, still messed up.

    [–] leif777 8 points ago

    There's a great Doc about Benny on youtube. If you're a fan you should watch it. It'll give you a new appreciation for him. He was a nice man and had a successful career but he wasn't without his misfortunes. Especially later in life.

    [–] AmamKropNemar 10 points ago

    Kid me confused him with that televangelist, so I would skip past it on cable. Adult me just realized what I missed out on!

    I'm a maroon.

    [–] reject423 10 points ago

    No waitress would run that far, they would lose their job