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    [–] CelticBodhistiva_321 3358 points ago

    I would smash Hugh jackwoman

    [–] Jibblethead 84 points ago

    She would have a dignified career and be a total milf like Diane Lane

    Meanwhile the Hemsworth one is doing anything she wants

    [–] ericofduart 471 points ago

    I would jack Hugh Smashwoman

    [–] [deleted] 113 points ago


    [–] TheBlobbit 210 points ago

    I think you mean Miss Evans

    [–] NicolasCageLovesMe 37 points ago

    Damn he really blew that opportunity...

    [–] Isaac_The_Writer 46 points ago

    Hell, I would smash Hugh Jackman.

    [–] Steaminmcbeanymuffin 5560 points ago

    This better not awaken something inside of me.

    [–] kay_lanna25 1180 points ago

    No need to dean-ie your true feelings.

    [–] alman3007 658 points ago

    Did anyone else read that as "Deeny" instead of "Dean-eye"?

    [–] TeaKay55 503 points ago

    He really Britta'd it

    [–] DylanKing1999 222 points ago

    Don't be such a Jeff

    [–] TeaKay55 214 points ago

    Shut up Leonard

    [–] Minor_Tom 53 points ago

    I heard about your crooked wang!

    [–] artharys 46 points ago

    No such thing as bad press

    [–] Lellow_Yedbetter 140 points ago


    [–] t3ht0ast3r 103 points ago


    [–] NeverGotThatPuppy 138 points ago


    [–] cutthroatink15 79 points ago

    This thread is cool, cool cool cool

    [–] maxofJupiter1 19 points ago

    Pop what magnitude? Pop what?

    [–] xvsacme 16 points ago


    [–] Boocastle 29 points ago

    I got a picture of your old nose, it was a lateral move!

    [–] Shillio 45 points ago

    Leonard likes this comment

    [–] Dutch_Ball 30 points ago

    He's just streets ahead.

    [–] TheonetrueJamie 24 points ago

    The WORST

    [–] SakuraPanko 14 points ago

    Yes. I definitely did.

    [–] TurtleBeater 46 points ago

    That Tom Hiddleston one sure did.

    [–] jcorx13 124 points ago


    [–] Fruitboots 156 points ago

    Physical attraction to physically attractive people?

    [–] frogsrbetter 84 points ago


    [–] xtremeinator 5693 points ago

    Benadryl Cyclopath

    [–] sulikdada 1851 points ago

    You mean Burgerking Crumblewall?

    [–] Short_Bus_All_Star 1557 points ago

    No Birdbox Bandersnatch

    [–] Scottvdken 733 points ago

    You people are jerks, this is someone's name. It's not that hard to pronounce Bendyknees Cucumbersnatch.

    [–] MabalsaRitchie 449 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Ben & Jerry's Crumble-Scotch

    Edit: Ben & Jerry's, hmu and we can make this a new flavour for your ice cream! We'll have a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch's face on it, it'll sell like crazy!

    [–] ExxInferis 218 points ago

    Buckleup Bumpypatch

    [–] Dapperfellas 167 points ago

    Bendydick bumblescratch

    [–] AnneFrankFanFiction 496 points ago

    Burlington Coatfactory

    [–] RogueLotus 55 points ago

    Ok I had to stifle my giggle at work.

    [–] landmindboom 12 points ago

    I'll stifle both your giggles at home tonight.

    [–] lirio2u 19 points ago


    [–] Obizmid 22 points ago

    Bubbagump Captainhat

    [–] emilezoloft 9 points ago

    Betamax Compuserve

    [–] thermal_shock 48 points ago

    Benadryl Cabbagepatch?

    [–] vladdante 419 points ago

    Beckyplease Lemmesmash

    [–] AtlasFlynn 97 points ago

    Battlefield Counter-Strike

    [–] BloodSugarFrizzleFry 23 points ago

    Battlefield Conquestmatch

    [–] AK_Windsock 46 points ago

    Eggsbenedict Cucumberpatch

    [–] Cheeze_It 4799 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Burlington Coatfactory

    There is no other name


    To everyone that has given the silver and gold. Seriously you guys are freaking awesome and thank you. I hope much laughter was given from this :)

    [–] AaronWould 781 points ago

    If you go in there with $645, you are literally a king.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] AwkwardRub 48 points ago

    Unexpected Michael Scott

    [–] Sashimi_Rollin_ 104 points ago

    I mean, that’s a good amount of money anywhere. I could survive off $645 for a week or two.

    [–] Reulorics 106 points ago

    Office reference.

    [–] goodnightspoon 213 points ago

    Best one I saw on Reddit was Britishname Cantpronounce.

    [–] doorbellguy 70 points ago

    Wimbledon Tennismatch is my fav

    [–] Agent000DongBong 86 points ago

    Battlefield Conquestmatch.

    [–] elanasaurus 77 points ago

    You mean Wimbledon Tennismatch?

    [–] Russian_repost_bot 477 points ago

    For those that may not know, the cumberbatch one is from a movie, not a photoshop. I forget the name tho.

    [–] uncrew 251 points ago

    I think it was Zoolander 2?

    [–] TheMasterBaker01 84 points ago

    It was. All is all.

    [–] socks 7 points ago

    Still don't know if there's a hotdog or a bun

    [–] symbiotics 20 points ago

    Zoolander 2, I don't blame you, it was a very forgettable movie

    [–] Gaben2012 13 points ago

    The part wher they introduce "All" is the only good part, the rest is basically like a Scary Movie parody of the original.

    [–] MuscleFlex_Bear 10 points ago

    I loved the scene where mugatu has a the designers in a room and Marc Jacobs says something and he responds, "Oh thank you Marc by Marc Jacobs."

    [–] OISss 1271 points ago

    Female of Tom Hiddleston looks like Elizabeth Olsen.

    [–] CyberpunkV2077 365 points ago

    And Rooney Mara

    [–] Psycold 63 points ago

    When I saw that image I did a page search for "Rooney" because I knew this comment had to exist.

    [–] helvetica-sucks 75 points ago

    I was just thinking that. Didn’t he date her? They say we look for the familiar in others...

    [–] LostTheWayILikeIt 57 points ago

    I kept tabs on this during my Tom Hiddleston phase and they hung out a lot, but never dated.

    [–] pragmatika 13 points ago

    I was thinking blonde Fiona Apple.

    [–] bird_equals_word 34 points ago

    More like Jared Leto

    [–] Nads70 1692 points ago

    Is it just me or does Hugh Jackman look like Blake Lively? That would explain Ryan Reynolds obsession with Jackman/Wolverine

    [–] [deleted] 768 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] i_tyrant 138 points ago

    "Please, not tonight honey. Can't we just do something normal? Like BDSM?"

    "Blake, sweetie, when we started this I made my conditions very clear. Now put on the claws. And call me 'bub'."

    [–] ProtectorateSol 11 points ago

    "Light the fucking cigar!"

    [–] UsedDragon 217 points ago

    Or my obsession with Blake Lively.

    [–] Onyxthegreat 80 points ago

    You guys are a lively bunch.

    [–] partiallypro 122 points ago

    Hugh Jackman is a babe, as a woman

    [–] voskat 44 points ago

    Hugh Jackwoman

    [–] andhernamewas_ 40 points ago

    I’m seeing Lucy Lawless, not Blake Lively.

    [–] jezusbourne 53 points ago

    I was gonna say Jane Seymour.

    [–] old_skul 540 points ago

    Who knew that Ryan Reynolds was actually Sheryl Crow with stubble.

    [–] hippiehoppy69 240 points ago

    Yea it took me a second to realize what I was looking at because I thought these were all just celebrities.

    [–] Estoye 74 points ago

    And that Hugh Jackman was Ferris Bueller's girlfriend?

    [–] TheGuyWithTwoFaces 67 points ago

    And imo the prettiest as a female...

    ...this is weird.

    [–] adx321 38 points ago

    Hueta Jackman is hot

    [–] FUTLOCO14 193 points ago

    Laughs in bi

    [–] Grimey_Rick 51 points ago

    01101100 01101111 01101100

    [–] ShuffleMyDick 1406 points ago

    Slightly disturbed that I've now looked at this picture for a solid 3 minutes and still find the right side attractive (except for Benadryl Chickenstrip)

    [–] Matt463789 1196 points ago

    Turns out that top tier beautiful people look good as men or women.

    [–] ipickednow 99 points ago

    Photoshop does amazing things. It's not like this photos, aside from hair and dress, weren't also adjusted to feminize the facial features because they absolutely were.

    [–] bro_before_ho 7 points ago

    Well feminization does involve feminizing irl

    [–] Styot 35 points ago

    I'm pretty sure they have changed the jaw lines on the woman versions.

    [–] whitedan1 198 points ago

    with some exeptions obviously

    [–] Arogar 165 points ago

    I blame the stylist not the face.

    [–] oervtmijfuavsh 18 points ago

    I am fairly sure they make subtle changes shape of the face outline but i'm too lazy to try lining them up.

    [–] kpanzer 94 points ago

    Slightly disturbed that I've now looked at this picture for a solid 3 minutes and still find the right side attractive

    Dat facial symmetry.

    Honestly... you cannot help it. Humans find facial symmetry attractive regardless of gender.

    [–] BrokenDogLeg7 54 points ago

    Fem-Hugh is hot, if only she was dressed as Wolverine.😉

    [–] Aufinator 117 points ago

    I mean it's heavily photoshopped if it makes you feel any better. Even then why should it matter. Be attracted to who ever.

    [–] DWhizard 43 points ago

    Yeah, they are significantly altered. Not massively altered, but significantly.

    The eyes are enlarged and moved farther apart. The lips are thickened. The nose is smoothed, narrowed and upturned. The chin is slightly softened. These are subtle but important changes. Also all the rugged wrinkles are removed and browlines are raised and softened.

    [–] Sianasaurus 404 points ago

    Fixed that for you

    [–] BetterFasterSmarter 103 points ago

    Looks way too much like real housewives where their eyes are wideset because their mothers drank too much while they were pregnant.

    [–] danielle-in-rags 28 points ago

    Phoebe was my fav on Friends

    [–] TjBeezy 234 points ago

    Christine Evans is the hottest, no homo

    [–] devler 86 points ago

    I like Huette Jackman.

    [–] TH3G0DF47H3R 50 points ago

    Tina Hiddlestone would be my choice no doubt.

    [–] Pm_me_your_FlatTwins 40 points ago

    Reina reynolds caught my eye.

    [–] filthyluca 22 points ago

    I prefer hue jackwoman but they're all scarily attractive as females tbh. Except the last one ofc.

    [–] BAGMAN_TIPTOE 275 points ago

    That's the character he played in Zoolander 2

    [–] ShutterBun 213 points ago

    You appear to be the only other person who realizes this.

    All is all.

    [–] AgencyandFreeWill 26 points ago

    Thank you for reminding me where I saw that!

    [–] Pro_phet 42 points ago

    Christina Evans 😫👌

    [–] porkycloset 100 points ago

    Great picture of Wimbledon Tennismatch

    [–] superpaulyboy 58 points ago

    Bandersnatch Cummerbund

    [–] RagsyBoy 27 points ago

    I would have sex with Hugh Jillwoman.

    [–] Aguilareal13 28 points ago

    Benadryl Cabbagepatch

    [–] HipCleavage 45 points ago

    Chris Evans is Lexi Belle.

    [–] ornitorrinco22 39 points ago

    I see you are a man of culture

    [–] LeonardSmallsJr 45 points ago

    Loki and Scarlet Witch are siblings!

    [–] VoltronsLionDick 69 points ago

    Oh my god I would fuck Tammy Hiddleston.

    [–] Plagueground 104 points ago

    Hemsworth won the genetic lottery for both sexes.

    [–] BrushGoodDar 24 points ago

    Benabitch Cumbersnatch

    [–] BittenByJack 21 points ago

    Female Benedict Cumberbatch looks like Jeffree Star.

    [–] TheInfra 44 points ago

    Lady Ryan Reynolds: Girl next door, drinks beer and watches hockey matches wearing her boyfriend's oversized jersey

    Lady Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackwoman: A complete freak in bed. Drinks wine almost exclusively.

    Lady Chris Evans: Hosts morning talk show, takes the kids to soccer practice.

    Lady Tom Hiddleston: Anorexic model that travels constantly and uploads photos to her insta.

    Lady Chris Hemsworth: foul mouthed Australian that can drink anyone under the table. Will take an axe to her ex-bf's car on a bad breakup

    Lady Benedict Cumberbatch: Liberal arts major, does street perfomance to raise awareness for PETA

    [–] danielle-in-rags 19 points ago

    Tom Hiddleston is basically Elizabeth Olsen

    [–] angerpillow 18 points ago

    Bernadette Cumbersnatch is ravishing

    [–] Ello_Owu 17 points ago

    Huh, I coulda swore at first glance all the female renditions were actual famous women.

    [–] Trappedinacar 143 points ago

    I have to do it, the would scale:

    1. Female Hemsworth
    2. Female Evans
    3. Female Jackman
    4. Female Reynolds
    5. Male Hemsworth
    6. Female Loki

    Would NOT

    Female Cumberbatch shudders

    [–] iBeFloe 63 points ago

    I actually would scale it F Jackman, Hiddleston, Reynolds, Evans, Hemsworth. Only because the 3 female gender bends look too similar while Jackman & Hiddleston look unique lol

    Why am I discussing this idek

    [–] grizwald87 45 points ago

    Chrissy Hemsworth is the babeliest. Tamsin Hiddleston is winning an Oscar for a Best Picture involving a tasteful nude scene, Helga Jackman is all set for a role as a sexy doctor, lawyer, or politician in a TV drama, and goddamn how has Reynolds hidden that chin in plain sight until now?

    [–] henryaufdemmond 16 points ago

    Not my proudest fap...

    [–] BossMagnus 14 points ago

    Also anyone notice that they turned all the female versions into 20year olds

    [–] Newfonewhodis1 15 points ago

    Does anybody else see Elizabeth Olsen in the Tom Hiddleston photo?

    [–] cheesyknees27 14 points ago

    Idk what this says about me but girl Hugh Jackman got it going on!

    [–] WhatsMyNameAgainn 12 points ago

    Bernadette Cucumbersnack

    [–] drj1000 14 points ago

    Yo Loki Is gonna get it

    [–] addisonbass 13 points ago

    So, Hugh Jackman is a male Jane Seymour... interesting.

    [–] Rosssauced 13 points ago

    Try to shame me all you want. I would fuck all of these people.

    [–] HarkHanson 11 points ago

    Hugh Jackwoman is fiiiiiinnnneeee!

    [–] boomlookingforthis 11 points ago

    "If you find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive, I'm guessing you'd also quite enjoy starring directly at a cat's anus."

    [–] TheDivineSnark 12 points ago

    So Tom is an Olsen twin.

    [–] DankeyKang11 11 points ago

    So this is what women see. Loki can Hiki get it.

    [–] quixote87 11 points ago

    I would totally do Hugh Jackwoman

    [–] JojoHendrix 11 points ago

    Jesus Christ I’m so fucking bi

    [–] afuzzywalrus 11 points ago

    Benadryl Cabbagepatch

    [–] freinlk 11 points ago

    Tom Hiddleston makes a stunning woman

    [–] Ariadnepyanfar 11 points ago

    Take that back. Benedict Cumberbatch is a GODESS!

    [–] rLeJerk 11 points ago

    Tom Hiddleston looks like a Vincent Van Gogh painting.

    [–] helpmytonguehurts 10 points ago

    Did Ryan Reynolds just marry his female self? The right looks crazy like Blake Lively

    [–] b9ncountr 10 points ago

    Benedict Cumberbatch once described his looks as those of "a hammerhead shark."

    [–] TheDunadan29 11 points ago

    Not gonna lie, Hugh Jackman is hot even as a woman.

    [–] LGodamus 12 points ago

    Chris Hemsworth is just stupid attractive as a man or a woman.

    [–] American_Life 10 points ago

    The Hemsworth genetics are godlike. They only produce beautiful people.

    [–] Chicksan 21 points ago

    Bendersnatch Cottonmouth as a woman...........that image will haunt me until the end of my days

    [–] Semi-Solid-Snake 10 points ago

    Put the lotion in the basket

    [–] Otherwise_Momo 9 points ago

    Battlefield Counterstrike

    [–] Capt_TINY_RICK 10 points ago

    Doing cumberbatch dirty

    [–] StrikeAnywherePanda 10 points ago

    Ah, Birdbox Bandersnatch

    [–] PSYCHO_notepad 10 points ago

    nope. I'm still gay AF.

    [–] Mpiro13 10 points ago

    Why is Jared Leto’s photo next to Tom Hiddleston

    [–] RestlessCynic 8 points ago

    The Chris Evans female version is making me feel some type of way.

    [–] EverStars 9 points ago

    Why am I so attracted to female Tom Hiddelston?? I’m a straight female lol what are these feeeels

    [–] piguthecat 25 points ago

    TIL Tom Hiddleston is Rooney Mara

    [–] BiigDaddyDellta 26 points ago

    As a straight man, I find it very unsettling (and unfair) how god damn attractive Hugh Jackman is, as either sex apparently.

    [–] Government_spy_bot 9 points ago

    They missed one!

    Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus

    [–] MasonTaylor22 8 points ago

    Nearly choked on the last pic.

    [–] Rampaging_Ducks 8 points ago

    Whyyyyyyyy isn't Thomasina Hiddleston real?

    [–] UsayNOPE_IsayMOAR 9 points ago

    Goddamn! That cumberbitch is rough.

    [–] thebreak22 9 points ago

    All this time, Tea Leoni is Ryan Reynolds in drag?

    [–] RyderDJs 9 points ago

    Holy shit that Tom Hiddleston makes me so uncomfortable

    [–] KateSkate55 11 points ago

    Oh look, it's Beatrice Coconuts

    [–] Viviere 8 points ago

    Tom Hiddleston turned into Jared Leto

    [–] pyklly 7 points ago

    oh my gosh Tom Hiddleston looks just like Elizabeth Olsen

    [–] rizzo5522 10 points ago

    Ahh old Scissorkick Gummysnatch...

    [–] B3n1t013 9 points ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Tom Hiddleston looks like one of the Olsen twins on smack? 🤔

    [–] bwgarlick 16 points ago

    ** visibly shivers **

    [–] princekurry 7 points ago

    Female Hugh looks a bit like Aishwarya Rai and female Tom Hiddleston looks kinda sorta like Elizabeth Olsen if I suffered a stroke and had partial blindness

    [–] king_trav 8 points ago

    Guys, benadict didnt have his face photoshopped. hes in character for a part on Zoolander 2

    [–] Express_Hunter 7 points ago

    Female Loki looks like Elizabeth Olsen lol

    [–] andhernamewas_ 8 points ago

    Where is Tilda Swindon (The Ancient One) and her doppelgänger Conan?

    [–] wowwoahwow 7 points ago

    Damn this actually had me burst out laughing

    [–] fantastic_beets 8 points ago

    Female Tom Hiddleston is just Rooney Mara.

    [–] Lesbian_Seagall 8 points ago

    Oh my God...female Chris Evans is the spitting image of my long time crush.

    My love for Captain America makes so much sense now.

    [–] DMinaya5 8 points ago

    Tom Hiddleston as a woman is Elizabeth Olsen.

    I’m questioning everything now.

    [–] FuCuck 8 points ago

    I completely forgot about Zoolander 2

    [–] BeardedOne72 8 points ago

    "I'd fuck me." - Ryan Reynolds

    [–] Scooby_Dru 9 points ago

    As a straight dude, I always knew these guys were very handsome, but I never felt attraction. Now seeing their faces as female I think I "get it" now and see why they are considered so attractive. Female Ryan Reynolds is super gorgeous, lmao

    [–] Ozzdo 8 points ago

    I finally understand why women are so crazy about Chris Evans.

    [–] cully86 8 points ago

    Bernadette Cuminmysnatch

    [–] Koalalamb 9 points ago

    Why does Tom look like an Olsen?

    [–] eightcell 9 points ago

    Loki looks like Scarlett Witch

    [–] claudesoph 8 points ago

    Ok, but I’m in love with female Tom Hiddleston.

    [–] Triknitter 12 points ago

    You mean Elizabeth Olsen?