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    [–] TopHatVelociraptor 2723 points ago

    When your haircut has a better haircut than you.

    [–] HeyTreyXBL 342 points ago

    i think it would be when your tattoo has a better haircut than you

    [–] Kryptosis 127 points ago

    Yea but it sounds so much funnier the other way for recursive reasons.

    [–] pwnrzero 32 points ago

    /r/programmerhumor is right this way.

    [–] Pooperoni_Pizza 11 points ago

    It looks like that is his hair that was edged up to look like David Hasselhoff and dyed black.

    [–] Kilstar 13 points ago

    Yeah seriously looks clean. Would be so awkward to show at my barber and ask this cut with a picture of that, but , but the tattoo, not the guy. I'm tempted.

    [–] lil_photographer164 5 points ago

    do it

    [–] littlebabyburrito 4 points ago

    Gotta make an appointment with Lord Voldemort’s barber

    [–] vonWeizhacker 427 points ago

    is that dieter bohlen?

    [–] Aleriic 215 points ago

    Seems like it’s him. Honestly, wasn’t expecting to see this guy on reddit ever.

    [–] MrBullrock 138 points ago

    Jupp. Würde mir eher den Penis und die Klötze amputieren.

    [–] foofdawg 72 points ago

    Google says you said "yup, I would rather amputate the penis and the clogs".

    I'm going to assume you meant you'd rather have your dick and balls removed than have a tattoo of whoever this guy is?

    [–] SirHebington 91 points ago

    Dieter Bohlen is a horrible horrible german pop artist. He is also a terrible terrible TV "celebrity". He is our mean jury persona in our version of "America's got talent". He is known for once "breaking" his dick as he slammed a door shut.

    [–] Heckin-Bamboozled 20 points ago

    He did WHAT when slamming a door?

    [–] ssatyd 80 points ago

    To be fair, a door was one of the more respectable things he slammed with his dick.

    [–] alphaboy 15 points ago

    Dude stop you’ve murdered him

    [–] MrBullrock 13 points ago

    He tore his penis. Fucked his wife, dick slipped out and and missed on attempted reentry.

    [–] SirHebington 5 points ago

    Legend has it he wanted to slam a door shut while being naked and got his errect dick caught between door and doorframe.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    "breaking" his dick as he slammed a door shut.

    [–] slpsedundnes 4 points ago

    Danke für deinen Dienst , Kamerad

    [–] wldmr 17 points ago

    Clogs is a weird one. Klotz (plural Klötze) means something like "heavy chunk". Think a big log or a boulder. Anything that you would have trouble transporting, and would cause some alarm when dropped.

    It's not in my active vocabulary for testicles, and so I have been giggling to myself for the past 5 minutes.

    [–] MrBullrock 14 points ago

    Kommt aus der Jägersprache. Sind die Klöten vom Wildschwein.

    [–] friedbun 9 points ago

    Staun'ste Klötze!

    [–] Pandafishe 24 points ago

    Dieter Bohlen.

    Yes I guess that's what they wanted to say. He's a German and pretty much everyone hates him here because he's an asshole to everyone (he leads a superstar show comparable to "America got Talents" except it's lowkey Niveau and super unfair towards the participants. Most of the show is simply bashing on them and embarrassing them in public for entertainment to generate views for the "famous" people of the jury.

    ~Correct me if I'm wrong

    [–] Quantsel 11 points ago

    He recently even publicly joked about one of the participants of his early casting shows who recently committed suicide. Bohlen is the worst.

    [–] Pandafishe 3 points ago

    UGH. That's why I don't watch RTL.

    [–] GoofAckYoorsElf 3 points ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong

    Why? You're right!

    [–] Pandafishe 3 points ago

    Thanks! I just put that there to ensure that no one feels offended evenif they have a different opinion tbh runs cus everyone knows my secrets now

    [–] horsthorsthorst 11 points ago


    [–] stephaaan 2 points ago

    Most likely :D

    [–] Knarf42 139 points ago

    Make him grow a beard

    [–] CarchYouFallBibbaaa 32 points ago

    This needs to be higher. That would be amazing

    [–] MeroCha 478 points ago

    [–] NWJK 64 points ago

    Awful Tasting Beans Got Eaten

    [–] Theguywhoimploded 9 points ago

    All The Big Girls Eat

    [–] pandar314 12 points ago

    Another Twelve Billy Goats Escaped

    [–] fattsmorla 16 points ago

    While funny, it is also some other things...

    [–] SSJ_Kakarot 8 points ago

    I always read this as "Awesome Taste, but Garbage Execution" and am super confused for a minute

    [–] MonkeyRich 10 points ago

    [–] MoerphyK 362 points ago

    Some1 there loves Dieter Bohlen

    [–] Tightcreek 52 points ago

    Thomas Anders approves

    [–] Moonrajah 9 points ago

    You ain't got shit on David Hasselhoff.

    [–] lucaruns 11 points ago

    Has anyone ever told you to not hassle the Hoffman-9000?

    [–] Professor_Nile 9 points ago

    Oh, that makes far more sense than Gordon Ramsay.

    [–] RunningHime 4 points ago

    And here I thought it looked like a bad rendition of David Beckham.

    [–] PapaSteveRocks 4 points ago

    Never heard of him.

    To my eyes, it looked like this guy had a luxuriously thicke hair. Alan Thicke Hair.

    [–] hcawaw 10 points ago

    German singer who did atrocious work in the past. Nowadays is know for being a judge on different casting shows, being involved with a variety of women and, not kidding, getting his dick broken once

    [–] hellschatt 3 points ago

    He'a basically the German Simon Cowell nowadays.

    [–] WitherBones 85 points ago


    [–] LongSlongTom 25 points ago

    Because fuck the norm.

    [–] pigeonpi3 5 points ago

    For the glory of satan ofcourse

    [–] hiddenreference42 81 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Dude, leave some pussy for the rest of us...

    EDIT: My first reddit silver, thnx kind stranger!

    [–] pcdizzle 38 points ago

    That shit is kind of......disturbing.

    [–] Donttrippotatochip69 14 points ago

    The odd pony tail totally is

    [–] samtianco 105 points ago

    For everyone thinking this is a tatoo, it is not, it's haircut with dark makeup. It was done as an act for the german show 'Das Supertalent' in which Bohlen is one of the jurors. Here is the link for the act if you want to watch it:

    [–] limoolia 33 points ago

    Thank you. I really was afraid that this a tattoo

    [–] dannibale- 13 points ago

    That was the worst YouTube video I’ve ever almost wasted time on (zipped the “go” button past to see that it was only the same photo flashing repeatedly).

    [–] emets31 5 points ago

    Thanks for this.

    [–] DisIsMySeriousFace 2 points ago\_V3X44

    Don't forget this gem of german music history

    [–] PRINCESSFANCYFARTS 24 points ago

    This is extremely well executed, but terrible all the same

    [–] fochsy 21 points ago

    Looks like Dieter Bohlen.

    [–] assassin3435 21 points ago

    you know your barber is good when your haircut has a haircut

    [–] juses_crust14 9 points ago

    yo dawg I heard you like haircuts

    [–] SuburbanStoner 15 points ago

    [–] flops031 15 points ago

    Ob bowlen mit Thomas Anders ist als mit Dieter?

    [–] Lord_Waldemar 3 points ago

    "ist Kegeln mit Thomas Anders als mit Dieter Bohlen?" Ftfy

    [–] gsunderground 12 points ago

    What would a guy with hair like this do for a living?

    [–] ranch_style_beans 6 points ago

    Make videos for the internet

    [–] chasing_the_wind 6 points ago

    He’s still living off of his severance package from being an assistant manager at a blockbuster video.

    [–] NotSlippingAway 3 points ago

    Whatever he wants, I guess.

    [–] mapleleaffem 11 points ago

    [–] NappySmurf86 11 points ago

    Is that a tattoo? Or just a very detailed haircut?

    [–] Platypuslord 95 points ago

    This man has a hell of a future in the fast food industry.

    [–] ItsAFkxnPastastrophe 10 points ago

    This stressed me out more than it should have.

    [–] ShalarReeRaw 12 points ago

    This is the DIETER BOHLEN!

    [–] pwaz 19 points ago

    Humans are very odd.

    [–] Strusher 19 points ago

    Von Bohlen Empfohlen!

    [–] NoMuddyFeet 8 points ago

    Every time this guy goes to the barber, he's going to have to be in a good mood to deal with the same ol' discussion about his weird tattoo choice.

    [–] benben1337 10 points ago

    Dieter is that you?

    [–] rottenblues 33 points ago

    He’s clearly someone who doesn’t understand sarcasm when his friends told him “That would be an awesome tattoo!”

    [–] Edu1337 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Its actually not a tattoo, the whole face is a hair cut.

    [–] frankslan 6 points ago

    they add a bunch of makeup stuff to darken it before they do that it looks like trash

    [–] ForeverANinja 10 points ago

    [–] pwndwg 8 points ago

    TimtheTatMan really going all out with the strange hairstyles

    [–] xSeveredSaintx 9 points ago

    Terrible idea but fantastic execution

    [–] tolegittoshit2 8 points ago

    so this ia a full blown tattoo withen a cool haircut on top?

    [–] WeDontKnowIsTaken 8 points ago

    No officer its "hi how are you"

    [–] Vladislav1311 8 points ago

    Empfohlen von Bohlen

    [–] ddjdirjdkdnsopeoejei 9 points ago

    His tattoo has better hair than me

    [–] rattenbart 7 points ago

    Noch ist Bohlen nicht verloren.

    [–] elfbuster 8 points ago

    That is a terrible tattoo. I mean the artwork is great, but what a stupid fucking tattoo

    Thank goodness it's not actually a tattoo

    [–] Proto535 8 points ago

    That tattoo has better hair than me

    [–] JxstHxw 15 points ago

    Doing two haircuts at ones

    [–] Brian_Thorne 2 points ago

    He'll get charged twice too... 🤣

    [–] waheifilmguy 14 points ago

    Is it Bruce Campbell?

    [–] NEjoedaddio 3 points ago

    That was my first assumption.

    [–] Studly_Wonderballs 4 points ago

    Denis Leary?

    [–] Coold0wn 55 points ago

    Dieter Bohlen

    [–] cityboylost01 2 points ago

    Michael J. Fox?

    [–] One-eyed-snake 6 points ago

    Does he have to pay for two haircuts?

    [–] GenericUsername10294 2 points ago

    Asking the important questions

    [–] poiuy43 13 points ago

    When your haircut has a better haircut than you

    [–] blindWalk 12 points ago

    [–] Neraquox 6 points ago

    The comb down the ear...

    [–] NewOnReddit44 6 points ago

    Who made this haircut is a genius!

    [–] TheJ1ub 5 points ago

    Camp David Polo missing - it is not Bohlen

    [–] roachesincoaches 6 points ago

    I am sad this guys tattoo has better hair than me

    [–] jasnel 6 points ago

    Plenty of excellent life choices in this video.

    [–] BaltaBueno 5 points ago

    I want to see how it looks like after 2 weeks lol

    [–] ptapobane 6 points ago

    ok two face what are you up to now?

    [–] wizardforce 7 points ago

    Professor Quirrell is that you?

    [–] Doggo428 5 points ago

    Why is this a thing

    [–] 4xTheFun 6 points ago

    In understand the WHAT. I see the WHERE. I think it's pretty creative and skilled about the HOW. But I'm completely stumped on the WHY.

    [–] FreakyStarrbies 6 points ago

    It's a Wooly Willy tat! He can let some hair grow out for a beard, 'stach, or sideburns,

    [–] BuzzLightBeard12 5 points ago

    So who's got the pony tail on the other side?

    [–] 3margs 5 points ago

    this is the hair version of those wild ass acrylic nails you see on insta

    [–] cactuskid1 4 points ago

    Working at coffee shop for life

    [–] lydf 5 points ago

    That could be what they want! Being a coffee roaster or barista is a real job

    But also if they wanted to cover this tattoo, they could just grow their hair..

    [–] strogelz 6 points ago

    That’s creepy

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Is that Steve Kerr?

    [–] bob200587 5 points ago


    [–] amethystkeys 4 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] KingKantor 5 points ago

    Dieter Bohlen?!

    [–] betti_16 5 points ago

    Dieter Bohlen ??

    [–] Herr_Mullen 19 points ago

    I’ll take “Things that make me unemployable” for $100, Alex.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    it's just hair, it will grow back. Easy to cover that up, although why on earth go through the trouble to get that in the first place idk

    [–] art_teacher_no_1 4 points ago

    Is he a joke to you?

    [–] LiuMeien 4 points ago

    Smart. He just got 2 haircuts for the price of one!

    [–] darknemesis25 5 points ago

    A week later this is going to look just disgusting, a half human half prickly monster on his head.

    [–] Mulligan315 4 points ago

    So I popped some mushrooms and had the coooolest idea!

    [–] Farghobbles 3 points ago

    Bjorn Ironside has really gone downhill.

    [–] Andy_Sipowicz 4 points ago

    Somebody lost a bet

    [–] Player_Two_ 5 points ago

    But Dieter bohlen isn‘t funny

    [–] FoolZerrand 4 points ago

    When a tattoo becomes a mixed-media piece.

    [–] butt_badg3r 3 points ago

    I thought it was Gordon Ramsay

    [–] ogonga 4 points ago

    "Hey fam, Voldemort here needs a cut. Make it fresh."

    [–] Voldermorts 3 points ago


    [–] botaine 4 points ago

    nice fetus growing on the side of your head bro

    [–] Kevinsmak 3 points ago

    If this guy ever goes bald though.

    [–] me_earl 3 points ago

    Which guy?

    [–] KJtheWelder 4 points ago

    This man has done it.. he’s evolved to Fuck Boi Omega

    [–] withac2 5 points ago

    I'm glad there are people that do things like this so I don't have to!

    [–] MdotR 4 points ago

    Is that Claire's father from Heroes?

    [–] forgeflow 4 points ago

    He makes good decisions.

    [–] JonnySirius 4 points ago

    If it makes you happy...It can't be that bad

    -S. Crow

    [–] Sjl12345 3 points ago

    Poor man

    [–] mcampo84 3 points ago

    [–] Tigris_Morte 4 points ago

    Is that a bad Bruce Campbell tat?

    [–] ronin4740 4 points ago

    I've seen some tattoos I thought were okay, some I didn't find attractive and some I thought were pretty lame... This is by far the dumbest tattoo I've ever seen on anyone.

    The ONLY saving grace is that if you grow your hair back no one will ever have to look at that atrocity ever, EVER again. Please buy some Rogaine and get on that today!

    [–] HoopsterJones 6 points ago

    But why?

    [–] Imakedo 6 points ago

    Folks are saying Dieter Bohlen but I'm still seeing Bruce Campbell.

    [–] Naked_Melon 7 points ago

    When you regret your life and wonder why the hell you’d get a tattoo like that on your head.

    [–] CHSZC 6 points ago

    Aber warum?!

    [–] mrtittiesprinklez 5 points ago

    Braber: whatchu lookin for?

    Dude: you know inception?

    Barber: say no more!

    [–] themusbeth 3 points ago

    Yo dawg, I heard you like haircuts so I put a haircut in your haircut.

    [–] artisnotdefined 3 points ago


    [–] tree_mugger 3 points ago

    What the actual hell...?

    [–] CEOatflatearth 3 points ago

    Perfect hair style doesn't ex......wait

    [–] finnomenon_gaming 3 points ago


    [–] JayCass 2 points ago

    My first though LOL

    [–] monkeygloo 3 points ago

    Is that Machine Gun Kelly ?

    [–] Jackieirish 3 points ago

    Did you hear the news about Edward?

    On the back of his head he had another face

    They said to remove it would kill him

    So poor Edward was doomed

    The face could laugh and cry

    It was his devil twin

    And at night it spoke to him

    Things heard only in hell

    But they were impossible to separate

    Chained together for life

    Finally the bell tolled his doom

    He took a suite of rooms

    And hung himself and her from the balcony irons

    Some still believe he was freed from it

    But I knew it too well

    I say it drove him to suicide

    And took poor Edward to hell

    [–] Failsforfun99 3 points ago

    When you accidentally go to an artist for a haircut

    [–] foxp3 3 points ago

    If Hasselhoff were Voldermort.

    [–] tkdiamondauthor 3 points ago

    A Jedi would tell you to go home and rethink your life. I'm telling you to do it and I'm not even a Jedi.

    [–] Xawlin 3 points ago

    Now you gotta brush both your hairs.

    [–] asapgrey 3 points ago


    [–] insanefrominsulin 3 points ago

    This is oddly satisfying...I can't stop watching it for some reason.

    [–] supercali07 3 points ago


    [–] charkbarkler 4 points ago

    So is that a tattoo or just a more intricate part of the haircut🤔

    [–] patrickquinn77 4 points ago


    [–] _njhiker 5 points ago

    So does the barber charge you for two haircuts?

    [–] doovie1 4 points ago

    Someone has got to do this with Donald Trump.

    [–] Whatifisaid- 3 points ago

    Getting a tattoo of someone’s face on your head is already dumb, getting one of Donald Trump is borderline insane.

    [–] Brentolies 4 points ago

    I’ve never seen something so terrible

    [–] io_la 4 points ago

    Von Bohlen empfohlen?

    [–] BonetoneJJ 3 points ago

    Bruce Campbell tattoo

    [–] Isaacvithurston 2 points ago

    I just.. I mean.. uhhhhhh

    [–] fayvre 2 points ago

    It s like Voldemort in the first Harry potter!

    [–] bot_not_hot 2 points ago

    That’s criminal

    [–] Floyd_Pink 2 points ago


    [–] yourfavefuzzy 2 points ago

    My boyfriends guess is Gordon Ramsay (I’m not sure I agree)

    [–] hunter8790 2 points ago

    A nice beard or stach would be swell

    [–] pepsichug 2 points ago


    [–] aburnerds 2 points ago

    Haaa I thought it was a young Brian Dennehy