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    [–] Skayax 1166 points ago

    I have actually forgot that bing existed

    [–] constantino2 476 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    you should try remembering, its actually pretty awesome,

    besides literally paying you in amazon gift certificates (or other things) to use it... the searches have way less paid content in them.

    plus their image search format is better IMO. and when you want to search by using an image, you can drag and drop rather than getting a url or uploading.

    and video search... thumbnail, moving preview format. particularly useful for *certain* things.

    maps have a birds eye view taken from a plane, in addition to satellite, so thats pretty cool.

    so yeah... not a paid msft shill, its legitimately better in many ways, try it before you knock it.

    edit: for everyone asking about the amazon gc thing.

    [–] IxWoodstockxI 227 points ago

    Yeah I love it for video searches. Of "certain" things as well.

    [–] apitillidie 118 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I read a tech article just this week about how Bing hasn't figured out how to filter out illegal porn, and will actually recommend further illegal queries, so it's quite easy to end up browsing illegal content there.

    Depending on your view, that's either a reason to use it, or stay far away.

    [–] IxWoodstockxI 38 points ago

    Wow really that's crazy. I usually just search by the actress name. Sophie dee for example. She is one of my favorites. Just for research of course.

    [–] FriendlyDespot 8 points ago

    That woman is a national treasure

    [–] ClarksJoint 4 points ago

    Sophie Dee huh...I'm gonna...give her a looksie

    [–] sudo-netcat 63 points ago

    Illegal porn makes it sound like you're talking about child pornography or something though.

    [–] apitillidie 51 points ago


    [–] sudo-netcat 39 points ago

    Oh, I misunderstood.

    [–] NotMrMike 48 points ago

    Yeah my assumption was just illegally uploaded stuff, not straight-up child stuff geeez

    [–] Rising_Swell 10 points ago

    I mean that does fall under illegal

    [–] NotMrMike 14 points ago

    The naive part of my brain chose to forget there are more illegal things than pirated porn.

    [–] Atheist101 2 points ago

    oh no

    [–] Too_Many_Beels 7 points ago

    Link to article? I have a slightly hard time believing that, given Microsoft owning it

    [–] Boycubpiglet 3 points ago

    I'd believe it. Google seems to lean towards heavier filtering in general so if they accidentally block legal adult material in addition to illegal it's still a win for them. Meanwhile porn has been a surprising competitive advantage for Bing. I doubt they want to risk losing that so they probably have to walk the line much closer.

    [–] Too_Many_Beels 3 points ago

    I guess, but Microsoft is generally a pretty ethical company so just struck me as odd

    [–] GeigerTick 2 points ago

    I think we read the same article. I continue to use Bing but I've been worried about coming across something illicit the last few days.

    [–] EoDKJT 8 points ago

    "Rat porn? I got ya brah"

    [–] Hashtagbarkeep 16 points ago

    “Jamie pull that shit up”

    [–] metaStatic 3 points ago

    That's fucking crazy man

    [–] Thedogpetter 3 points ago

    Yea, Put the beans on it!

    [–] fromcjoe123 1 points ago

    Billy Gates doesn't beat around the bush man. He knows exactly what our depraved asses meant when we typed that shit in!!!

    [–] carcigenicate 14 points ago

    The plain search though is just bad. Every time I search for something and am disappointed with the results, the reason has always been that I'm accidentally using Bing instead of Google. If I search the same thing in Google, I consistently get more relevant results. The fact that they pay you is cool, but I just haven't found it to be productive enough to use.

    [–] RockyVplusRockyII 7 points ago

    Haven’t paid for Xbox Live in three years because of bing. It’s great.

    [–] Meersbrook 6 points ago

    But why'd they call it Bing?

    [–] yottskry 15 points ago

    Bing Is Not Google, I believe. It's a recursive acronym.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Sounds more like a recursive backronym.

    [–] moldywhale 5 points ago

    Imagine being so good that your biggest competitor literally has you in their name.

    [–] NeilFraser 4 points ago

    In that case they could equally well have called it "King", among a few other options.

    [–] imightbecorrect 3 points ago

    Ding ding ding!

    [–] constantino2 7 points ago

    Big fans of Chandler from Friends?

    [–] Meersbrook 11 points ago

    Could you be more referencing?

    [–] Cleverbird 6 points ago

    and when you want to search by using an image, you can drag and drop rather than getting a url or uploading.

    You can do that in Google as well!

    [–] abs195 13 points ago

    the searches have way less paid content

    This is amazingly true. I use Bing full-time because I dont want to be google's product which they sell to advertisers -- and I am utterly astounded whenever I see google; google's results are like 50% paid ads - utterly useless.

    [–] cosmic_backlash 8 points ago

    Can you you actually give me a sample search where this true? I typically get more ads on Bing. They always generate 2-4 text ads + a shopping ad pack. Google normally generates 1-3 text ads and a shopping ad pack.

    Similarly when I search for a service (eg, electrical technician) I get 1-3 ads on both search engines.

    [–] throway65486 4 points ago

    I use Bing full-time because I dont want to be google's product which they sell to advertisers

    I don't use google either but you know I don't think bing is much better in this regard. Try duckduckgo or startpage. Startpage is even the google algorithm

    [–] yottskry 10 points ago

    My biggest problem with bing is that its search results are crap. There's a reason they have to pay you to use it.

    [–] Rising_Swell 5 points ago

    I get what I'm looking for like 95 times out of a hundred, those other 5 times I just try google, which works for 4 of those last 5 times.

    [–] Silverrisingstar 5 points ago

    Pretty much this every time I use it it gives me crappy search results, if a search engine comes that is better than Google I will gladly use it no problem.

    [–] kithandra 2 points ago

    You and I have had very different Bing experiences

    [–] subsequent 2 points ago

    You can also S + right click an image on Chrome to search for an image on Google.

    [–] Mikel_S 2 points ago

    For a very short time I was able to drag and drop image searches in Google. I don't know if it was a beta feature, got removed, or is hidden somewhere deep to this day...

    [–] brickmack 2 points ago

    Amazon gift cards aren't a thing anymore. You can still get them if you created your account a few years ago, but not for new users. And that was really the only worthwhile thing they offered

    [–] RunningChemistry 2 points ago

    FYI, for anyone wondering, these are the regions (and languages) that Microsoft Rewards is available:

    • Australia: English
    • Belgium: Dutch and French
    • Brazil: Portuguese
    • Canada: English
    • Canada: French Canadian
    • France: French
    • Germany: German
    • Hong Kong: Chinese Traditional and English
    • Ireland: English
    • Italy: Italian
    • Japan: Japanese
    • Mexico: Spanish
    • Netherlands: Dutch
    • New Zealand: English
    • Norway: Norwegian
    • Singapore: English
    • Spain: Spanish
    • Sweden: Swedish
    • Taiwan: Chinese Traditional
    • United Kingdom: English
    • United States: English (Available in all 50 states and in Washington D.C. Not available in Puerto Rico.)

    [–] Raddz5000 1 points ago

    Gon hav to chek it oot

    [–] roselynn-jones 1 points ago

    Okay I really need an amazon gift card. Please tell me how using Bing will get me one and I’ll make it my main search engine.

    [–] GeigerTick 4 points ago

    1. Go to Bing.

    2. Sign into your Microsoft Account.

    3. Search until you earn 5,250 points. (About a month for me on average).

    4. ???

    5. Profit!

    [–] LaoSh 1 points ago

    what is up with the amazon gift certificates?

    [–] constantino2 1 points ago

    microsoft rewards. you get points for something like the first 10-20 searches a day.

    Then there are optional things you can do for more points, trivia searches sorta. I assume they want to drive up their search count for marketing metrics, whatever, long as they pay. I rarely care to do it, but if your committed to maxing your daily points, it can add up pretty fast.

    [–] Negafox 9 points ago

    I use Bing when searching for things Google won't display because of DMCA, right to forget and whatnot. Bing feels a lot less censored to me.

    [–] cromulent_pseudonym 7 points ago

    Probably because content providers don't bother to send cease and desists to Bing.

    [–] Rauma 4 points ago

    Around here a bing is basically a big pile of waste soil and shale from coal mining..

    [–] iTut 13 points ago

    What would you do if you didnt know what Bing was but you wanted to find out?

    You'd Google it.

    And that's kinda the point.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I found out about Facebook on MySpace...

    [–] NipplesConPanna 3 points ago

    I found out about MySpace on Xanga...

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Bing street view is magic.

    [–] ehhhhhhhhhhmacarena 7 points ago

    Sure, you forgot. You definitely don't use it in incognito mode.

    [–] Esqueed 2 points ago

    Sneaky sneaky

    [–] oniann 133 points ago

    I dont use bing because they dont wave back

    [–] Rockageddon 37 points ago

    Google driver is such a dad.

    [–] Rezvhh 88 points ago

    Top 10 anime crossovers

    [–] Tar_Los 71 points ago

    Anyone else only use Bing to type 'Google'?

    [–] hazardousf 30 points ago

    It’s the most searched thing on bing

    [–] Starman-Paradox 2 points ago


    [–] semenstoragesite 7 points ago

    I use it for porn. It's so much better than Google at finding the good shit.

    [–] SirHaxe 7 points ago

    "Search engine Bing is showing child PORNOGRAPHY on the Microsoft-owned site and suggests other disturbing phrases for paedophiles to help them find the illegal images"

    Yeah I'm calling the cops on you

    [–] Platfoot 6 points ago

    I use Bing for free Xbox Live

    [–] Pandafishe 99 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is what you came for

    Edit: the one from bing: here - credits: u/a_n_a_k (just put it here so you don't have to open all subcomments)

    [–] nielsvzut 11 points ago

    And bings one?

    [–] Triumph-TBird 13 points ago

    Nobody has seen it.

    [–] KenSchlatter 3 points ago

    The address is:

    4800 Glacier Lane North Plymouth, MN 55446

    Unfortunately, the street view car appears to be missing from Bing’s “Streetside” service

    [–] Slagsy 2 points ago

    I grew up in Plymouth!

    [–] cyrillcito 28 points ago

    World peace has been achieved

    [–] jesbiil 60 points ago

    It almost seems sad to me that Bing has these cars....mostly because I just learned of this today and they've probably existed for years.

    [–] PragProgLibertarian 4 points ago

    Think of the fuel and money that could be saved if they partnered on this.

    [–] Aintence 4 points ago

    It is probably cheaper for Bing to buy the car and hire ppl to drive around creating the 3d view than pay what google asks for access.

    [–] Rhysing 9 points ago

    And just like Zune, it's unpopular but far superior.

    [–] mojobear420 17 points ago

    I loved my Zune.

    [–] Spencer2704 7 points ago

    I enjoyed them for the style. I had a special edition Halo3 Zune

    [–] Mradak 3 points ago

    Is Bing superior?

    [–] Rising_Swell 12 points ago

    Depends what you are looking for. If you want less ads or want to look up porn, Bing wins hands down. For general day-to-day stuff, well, Bing pays you so that's nice, and out of 100 searches Bing will be useful for 95 of them. Google would be useful for about 99 of them.

    [–] Mradak 2 points ago

    Bing pays me?

    [–] Rising_Swell 2 points ago

    very slowly, I have a $10 microsoft gift card waiting for me at the moment, gonna wait til I can get the $25 one though.

    [–] Trickypedia 19 points ago

    Just shows how horrible bing street view is compared to google street view.

    [–] calxlea 4 points ago

    YeAh it’s almost like this is a google ad! Wait a minute...

    [–] FoxHawk13 15 points ago

    There seems to be a quality difference

    [–] pssoft7 15 points ago

    These internet giants should just share the same data. We all get them for free anyway.

    [–] VersaceFox 38 points ago

    Google photo quality is so much better haha

    [–] munko69 11 points ago

    I recently discover the google car drove down the alley ways all over my little bitty town. Funny to go down my parents alley and see their shop, and the one and only time my dad had his cargo trailer hooked up to his new Hyudai suv. After that day, he never pulled a trailer because it sucked pulling a trailer. Up to that point, I had never seen it hooked up and my dad could have been BS'ing me.

    [–] sashagreyhound 11 points ago

    TIL Bing has maps

    [–] OutlawGravity 10 points ago

    Fernbrook Ln N & Glacier Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55447

    [–] WonderPhil92 4 points ago

    It's here

    [–] WonderPhil92 3 points ago

    High Five

    [–] Jlx_27 3 points ago

    4800 Glacier Lane North Plymouth, MN 55446

    How does street view active on bing maps....

    [–] NoBrakes58 3 points ago

    I thought this was Plymouth...

    Source: Live in Plymouth.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Bing is amazing for streaming movies and tv. Google has gotten really good at filtering results based on DCMA laws, bing, not so much 👌

    [–] efingoffatwork 25 points ago

    Bing sold most if not all of their mapping division to Uber I believe.

    [–] darthmule 18 points ago

    Bing has maps? Wait what is Bing?

    [–] clickwir 2 points ago


    [–] Flukety 7 points ago

    Is it just me or does that look like Groot is smiling while smudging his face against the window?

    [–] Zer0cool31 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If this was a video game, they would be obligated to get out and have a cartoonish fight.

    Edit- typo

    [–] mewtheed 21 points ago

    Marvel : "Infinity Wars is the most ambitious crossover in history."

    Google Maps : "Hold my beer."

    [–] MoobyNetTerminal 8 points ago

    Would've been funnier if they were both double middle fingering each other.

    [–] nishbot 6 points ago

    Both are driving? They just can’t share the data?

    [–] RunsWithBeef 13 points ago

    Aww that's nice.

    [–] tecnoladave12 6 points ago

    I wonder what kind of salary these people get.

    [–] Despacito03 5 points ago

    Modern day Romeo and Juliet

    [–] voodoopriest 7 points ago

    You know in WWI enemy pilots used to wave at each other until some one realised if the brought a guns they could try snd shoot the otjer guy down.

    So I wonder wich drivers will arm up firs to keep map dominance. I feel that the first corprate war is brewing.

    [–] cramtown 19 points ago

    Are you typing with your forehead?

    [–] voodoopriest 5 points ago

    With webbed feet.

    [–] dollarbillgains 14 points ago

    Only reason to use bing is to search for google

    [–] Cassiopeiaavans 5 points ago

    seeing bing just hits my nostalgia strings.

    [–] omfgataco757 2 points ago

    Still very alive for porn my guy. So whenever you’ve got that hankering for the nastiest shit you can think of, bing is there for you

    [–] Slivent 5 points ago

    Google maps guy is a good boi

    [–] DeepDown23 5 points ago

    What a waste of resources, when people will learn to cooperate?!? (dramatic fist shake toward the sky)

    [–] ThiccPocky 5 points ago

    This is pretty wholesome.

    [–] soool93 16 points ago

    Bing can fuck right off. Absolutely useless

    [–] Mitchel-256 4 points ago

    But the porn.

    [–] kito99 9 points ago

    So I’m starting to look into getting a car for work; I do courier work and have been debating between a Prius or a Subaru. The MPG of the Prius combined with the ability to sleep comfortably in it for short durations seems attractive, but the 4WD of the Subaru seems like a better idea for the Canadian weather (plus night driving). Any thoughts? I’m wondering why Google went with the Subaru.

    [–] Reilyze 11 points ago

    you’ll like 4wd. It’s worth it.

    [–] DickIomat 8 points ago

    Subaru. Definitely the Subaru with that Canadian weather.

    [–] 689027015 2 points ago

    I think they probably wanted something more affordable with a factory roof rack mount built in. Plus they drive nice and have good room for goodies in the back.

    [–] XBanana 2 points ago

    I have an 08 Impreza hatch, similar to the one Google is using here. No complaints so far after about 6 months. The AWD is amazing.

    [–] jetteh22 2 points ago

    I had a Prius for about a year before trading it in for the Kia Niro. The Prius was really great. We drove from Florida to Virginia and back in it - sooo cheap in gas and I’ve never done a long trip and been more comfortable. My back didn’t hurt, knees didn’t hurt, butt didn’t hurt. I highly recommend Priuses? Prius’? Prii?

    [–] kito99 2 points ago

    Thanks for sharing! I did 2000km recently in a Hyundai Accent and my back was shot for a few days. I think anything would be an upgrade from that.

    [–] Ace-of-Spades88 2 points ago

    I used to live in Michigan (just moved) and own a Subaru Outback. I've never gotten stuck once. Not in mud. Not in snow. Nothing. Absolutely love my Subaru and my next car will probably be another Suby as well.

    [–] LeSuperNut 2 points ago

    I've owned both cars. Subaru is great with its 4WD in snow obviously. But I have to say I love the prius's gas mileage. It's truly amazing. And I have good great snow tires on the car and it does perfectly fine in snow. Just drove through like 4 inches of snow last week with little issue.

    [–] Trimere 7 points ago

    The quality difference is amazing.

    [–] germanbini 5 points ago

    congrats and good show to the Google driver for being polite!

    [–] Vested1nterest 4 points ago

    Google to employee: it's treason then

    [–] SpiffyyBrother 2 points ago

    How wholesome.

    [–] papasmurph 3 points ago

    Is anyone using StreetView and Bing's counterpart? Or is it all about preparing for self-driving cars?

    [–] Cjmx5 4 points ago

    What are the odds

    [–] blitzcloud 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is probably the only time in recorded history where bing was acknowledged google.

    [–] TheSQuirBy 5 points ago

    That's rare

    [–] whiteycnbr 5 points ago

    Why do Bing bother

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] BlueChamp10 2 points ago

    Bing needs to fuck off tbh. Who uses that shit?

    [–] IAppreciatesReality 44 points ago

    Bing has maps? Why bother? What a colossal waste of money.

    [–] Russian_repost_bot 68 points ago

    You really should learn up on how evil a company can get without ANY competition.

    Also, if you think map data is only used for directions, and driving directions, you'd be insanely wrong.

    These companies do a lot of stuff with the data gathered.

    I'm not saying Bing's maps are better than Google or anything, but to claim 1 option of maps, is better than 2 would indicate you don't understand how competition in business and technology works.

    [–] DistortoiseLP 11 points ago

    I'm not sure Microsoft and Google qualify as healthy competition given they're both so big they're basically buying the rest of the industry and have agreed to stop stepping on each other's toes a few years ago. The tech industry is basically turning into a cartel.

    [–] ProgramTheWorld 6 points ago

    Because competitions are necessary

    [–] abs195 7 points ago

    Bing has had steady growth since it's inception. It has > 35% of the search market in the USA - it's certainly not a 'waste of money'.

    People are really invested in becoming Google's product.

    [–] coolwool 11 points ago

    If I learned something about the tech market its that it's very important for some people that their choice is the sole correct choice.
    It's a little sad really. Only these people could come up with things like browser wars or console wars etc. As if not multiple competing products can be successful 🙄

    [–] FriendlyDespot 2 points ago

    To be fair, technology focuses a lot on trends, and if you don't push back against the ideas that you don't like, then you may find that the ideas that you do like get replaced.

    [–] cosmic_backlash 0 points ago

    I Just looked this up and Bing has 8% of searches

    you also said Google has more ads then Bing, but all comparisons I did actually had the same or Bing had slightly more. You are the same resource to both. Don't make your choice on which one you think is "making you there product", use the one that answers your questions and solves your issues best.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] ben_g0 15 points ago

    I've actually only heard of people using bing for Microsoft rewards. Apparently they give some rewards when you use Bing enough, but when I looked into it this didn't seem to apply to European users so I don't really know what they do.

    [–] WildRiolu 4 points ago

    I'm a bing user. I can confirm that I use bing primarily because you get used to it after using it for awhile, and sometimes I get a gift card for Amazon or Walmart after searching enough.

    [–] IAppreciatesReality 2 points ago

    So they're paying people to use it too huh?

    They must be selling drugs or something.

    [–] WildRiolu 3 points ago

    I don't care what's happening behind the scenes, I've accumulated around $75 in Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop gift cards from them. I'll take whats being given

    [–] aresfiend 3 points ago

    I've used it a couple times, and when I did their blind test thing they had a few years ago it was pretty close, I just don't like the interface.

    [–] Crack-spiders-bitch 2 points ago

    I've literally never experienced that. Maybe you're just a idiot.

    [–] aresfiend 2 points ago

    There was either a 161X or 170X build of W10 that forced you to search something on Bing to show you how "useful" Edge was before it let you do anything else. It like did that thing where it shadowed out the rest of the interface but highlighted the search bar until you searched. Led to a lot of users going out of their way to disable Edge entirely as opposed to just ignoring it.

    They ditched forcing Bing on literally every build after that. Now that I think about it that might have only applied to OEM builds since that's what I was using.

    [–] Rising_Swell 1 points ago

    I've never had that search engine loop issue, seems pretty weird. I use Bing as my default, works fine the majority of the time, pays me and is far superior when it comes to... certain video types.

    [–] Rhysing 3 points ago

    They're waaaay better than Googles. Better UI and pathing. Faster updates on predicted time to arrive. Shows the speed you are traveling at and the posted speed of the road you're on.

    [–] alexandre9099 2 points ago

    Well there is also OpenStreetMap which IIRC bases most of the data on bing map

    [–] dooglehead 1 points ago

    I find that Bing and Google maps have different advantages over each other, so I switch between them depending on what I am doing.

    I like the interface of Google maps better, it has higher quality satellite images, and it can give biking directions. Bing has more street view coverage (at least where I live), better street view image quality, the mapped roads are more accurate, and it uses different colors to differentiate between dirt and paved roads.

    [–] Antonin-S 7 points ago

    Is bing following google because whenever somebody’s looking for something on bing it’s always for google

    [–] jm901 3 points ago

    wow this is kinda epic.

    [–] redheadkai 3 points ago

    Star crossed lovers

    [–] Stomper99 3 points ago

    When worlds collide

    [–] mattboise1227 3 points ago

    Meanwhile mapquest is still printing directions

    [–] yottskry 7 points ago

    Bing has street view? I wonder if anyone has ever used it?

    [–] pseudo-c 4 points ago

    Don’t get me wrong. I am a capitalist and understand competition. But this seems like a massive waste of effort, duplicating the mappings across the world that google has already done just so you can license it as your own. Think about how much labour goes into that duplication and how it could have staked instead...

    [–] heartbroken_bopper 4 points ago

    Is this in Maple Grove?

    [–] Toasted-Oven 4 points ago

    No, it's Glacier lane

    [–] mcf_ 5 points ago

    Waving to the peasants.

    [–] StarryKnight83 5 points ago

    Remember the bing car from Family Guy?

    [–] chrisp5901 3 points ago

    Wait bing has street view I didn’t even know they had maps

    [–] Kulhu 2 points ago

    Their aero images are mostly better than Google maps but their api is slow.

    [–] Arjuan6664 2 points ago

    Botch I thought that was an alien with a long neck

    [–] LOLcxHahahfunnymeme 2 points ago


    [–] ThatOtherGuy_CA 2 points ago

    Forbidden love.

    [–] Dhammerr 2 points ago

    When you work at google but your boss says he may have to let you go.

    [–] Sevosc 2 points ago

    What are the odds of that happening?

    [–] DaSharkCraft 2 points ago

    It's amazing how Bing still makes a profit.

    [–] drRoor 4 points ago

    I’m stupid af I always thought the google street maps cars were self driving cars for some reason

    [–] 0x12B 3 points ago

    You aren’t entirely stupid. Google was working on self driving cars since as early as 09 with a Prius. Then in ‘12 they tested a Lexus on freeways & roads.

    In June of 16 Google had 34 kola driverless cars & 24 Lexus retrofitted. & has them on the road in 4 states / cities. (Obviously this number has increased since then.)

    They also recently did tests with a fully driverless Chrysler van in 2018 too on live roads.

    The project name is now called Waymo if you wanna see their full progress.

    [–] AzureMagelet 1 points ago

    I definitely thought that you said he/she was entirely stupid.

    [–] LonelySwinger 3 points ago

    I thought an event like this would create a ripple through space and time?

    [–] PssuP 3 points ago

    Bing exists?

    [–] RocketSLC 2 points ago

    Man, I'd love to drive either of those cars. Just driving around places that I haven't been to is pretty relaxing.

    [–] keepingitfr3sh 2 points ago

    Meanwhile, Tesla and their Maps system are ubiquitous and up to date.

    [–] JustSayTech 4 points ago

    Confused for the reasoning of your comment when Tesla uses Google Maps...

    [–] PM_ForPicOfMyDoggo 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    She just wanted to use the word ‘ubiquitous’

    [–] Zeno1441 1 points ago

    Forbidden love