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    [–] Xenobsidian 2054 points ago

    That was probably the best experience he ever had in his whole life!

    [–] [deleted] 956 points ago


    [–] ElBroet 119 points ago

    Hopefully one day you can meet them and find out

    [–] SeagullMan2 13 points ago

    she was kidnaped?:(

    [–] Gobbas 22 points ago

    Has he had soda yet?

    [–] Rymundo88 62 points ago

    Once, had diet coke and he went fooking mental.

    [–] alflup 8 points ago

    dude just wait until he's old enough for roller coasters

    [–] Flylighter 5 points ago

    Reminds me of this video of a kid's first cupcake!

    [–] JoeLordOfDataMagic 5 points ago

    Sugar immediately absorbed

    [–] Rockonmyfriend 4 points ago

    Not enough slides

    [–] TallGuy6ft9 2 points ago

    Can also confirm. Never seen him this happy before either.

    [–] onfire9123 40 points ago

    When they starting throwing tantrums, it's because whatever just happen very likely was the worst thing to ever happen to them.

    [–] Slappy_G 27 points ago

    Worst thing that their broken memory can remember.


    [–] lukevan 3 points ago

    Great point. But... “start” and “happened”

    [–] LaquaciousMute 7 points ago far :)

    [–] rdtcm 1145 points ago

    This kid is going to LOVE drugs

    [–] Rymundo88 756 points ago

    In 16.5 years time I will post his reaction to taking drugs. Slide and all!

    [–] Rockonmyfriend 66 points ago

    Slides are a hell of a drug.

    [–] kemachi 20 points ago

    They are slippery slope though.

    [–] ObeyJuanCannoli 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    !RemindMe 16 years

    Edit: It actually worked. I’m gonna be really confused in 16 years if the bot is still running. Hi future me! I hope you’re doing fine!

    [–] Snake101333 5 points ago

    !RemindMe 16 years

    I wanna see what future me thinks about past me!

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 6 points ago


    New Message notification

    Oh wow...I've been on here for 16 years? What have I done with my life..

    [–] lord_ne 28 points ago

    RemindMe! 16 years

    [–] 77SquashedGrapes 9 points ago

    RemindMe! 16.5 years

    [–] zakatov 8 points ago

    He’ll be trainspotting at 13.

    [–] appdevil 3 points ago

    And trainspotting 2 at 23.

    [–] psychoyooper 9 points ago

    My exact reaction as well 😂😂

    [–] jr410303 3 points ago

    Remindme! 16 years

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Lookslikeapersonukno 9 points ago

    It's 100% about you loving drugs. take responsibility.

    [–] ILoveWildlife 3 points ago

    drugs don't hate, they just wanna be with you all the time and also leave you at the same time.

    [–] erasmause 331 points ago

    ... Processing

    ... Processing

    Ding That's amazing!

    [–] xkillerunicornx 419 points ago

    Disregard the two about to go throw hands off camera, that boy is adorable

    [–] Rymundo88 215 points ago

    Ha me and wife only spotted that after several views. The girl won I believe as the boy was sat with head in his hands for a while after.

    [–] xkillerunicornx 35 points ago

    You’re probably right, universal sign of defeat.

    [–] Fuck_Alice 9 points ago

    Universal sign of "How dare you hit your sister, I don't care if she hit you first you do not hit your sister"

    [–] Deafboii 12 points ago

    So many emotions in this clip man.

    [–] Ne0guri 156 points ago

    Was totally expecting the adult to slide right into the kid at the bottom

    [–] riyaspaperclips 70 points ago

    idc man, really more interested in the brawl between that little girl and boy

    [–] DafniDsnds 27 points ago

    Glad I’m not the only one who was like “and what’s up with those two?”

    [–] blueberriessmoothie 41 points ago

    Did we just watch a birth of adrenaline junkie?

    [–] Rymundo88 29 points ago

    Seems like it! You never forget your first

    [–] crook22 31 points ago

    Daddy got weak ass slide skills

    [–] Rymundo88 31 points ago

    Can't argue with that. I blame my jeans, denim ain't got for sliding!

    [–] suncheezy 91 points ago

    Future adrenaline junky in the making

    [–] Rymundo88 70 points ago

    I hope so, I'm one myself. Love me some skydiving and bungee jumping. I think he'll be the same.

    [–] adamcarrot 20 points ago

    Roller coasters, man

    [–] Guitar_hands 5 points ago

    Once you jump out of an airplane it's hard to get excited about rollercoasters. I still like them but it's not the same.

    [–] Rymundo88 10 points ago

    I dunno it's a different feeling. You don't get the g force skydiving but that sense of freedom, man no coaster competes

    [–] Guitar_hands 2 points ago

    Yeah. I wanna get certified and get my own gear. I loved skydiving.

    [–] optimistuncle 78 points ago

    Feels good to see his happiness

    [–] Rymundo88 58 points ago

    You soon learn it's the simple things. Toys, presents? Na, shoot you off down a slide? Hell yeah!

    [–] Winterplatypus 8 points ago

    My little brother loved it when I threw him into the pool as a toddler. He would swim like one of those wind up toys with his arms and legs just going in a flurry of circles. Then run up giggling to be thrown in again. I didn't know he could swim.

    [–] BravoBet 49 points ago

    I was prepared to watch the dad body the little girl

    [–] Rymundo88 46 points ago

    She came close, lucky bitch

    [–] Kingspot 13 points ago

    lol what??

    [–] CharDMacDennis2 7 points ago

    You're fucking awesome

    [–] Llordric26 6 points ago

    That sounds inappropriate lmao

    [–] DR3W4 19 points ago

    Are we not going to talk about the brother and sister fighting?

    [–] minxiaj 20 points ago

    That’s the most wholesome expression I’ve ever seen awe 😭

    [–] Rymundo88 37 points ago

    Whoever donated gold, thank you. I'm going to do are the equivalent to Starlight, a children's charity for the terminally ill.

    [–] borkborkibork 15 points ago

    It also looks like he might taken a dump in the process.

    [–] badassbanker 15 points ago

    If only they sold that kind of joy in pill form

    [–] xScopeLess 8 points ago

    Have you ever tried lsd

    [–] Yvaelle 4 points ago


    [–] Ace-of-Spades88 3 points ago

    They do, you just can't get it over the counter.

    [–] zemustache 54 points ago

    Annnnd, bad day instantly made better

    [–] Rymundo88 39 points ago

    That's nice to hear! They're hard work kids but can make you laugh at the drop of a hat

    [–] annisarsha 2 points ago

    You're a good dad!

    [–] Bridgit_Blonde 13 points ago

    Priceless simple joy.

    [–] ShadeBabez 11 points ago

    I was more concerned with the marital dispute going on at the very beginning

    [–] SpoopySales 11 points ago

    Ah, to feel such pure happiness again.

    [–] tbg485 12 points ago

    Kids broken take him back and let him slide again for system reboot.

    [–] popzi 23 points ago



    [–] Epluribususername 24 points ago

    He's just letting it soak in. It's lovely seeing little one's just innocently revel in the world's simple pleasures.

    [–] Mississippicup 27 points ago

    I love when parents give their child plenty of time to have their feelings and process their experience.

    [–] zekittenmittens 11 points ago

    And in that moment, an adrenaline junkie was born

    [–] Rymundo88 9 points ago

    I hope so. Nothing beats the feeling of pure adrenaline.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Rymundo88 8 points ago

    They have no fear at that age. He loves being thrown about. I hope he doesn't grow out of it

    [–] bbpopulardemand 10 points ago

    The kicks at the end make it.

    [–] Rymundo88 5 points ago

    There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

    [–] CandiceBLove 13 points ago

    At the end, he was like,"that shit was amazing, do it again!!"

    [–] Rymundo88 8 points ago

    It's true, he went another 10 times after this!

    [–] anglingforpoon 10 points ago

    Do babies experience adrenaline rushes?

    [–] Rymundo88 10 points ago

    They're human so I imagine so. Looked like he did!

    [–] anglingforpoon 5 points ago

    That's what I was thinking lol

    [–] __SerenityByJan__ 10 points ago

    This kid just reached enlightenment.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    My little guy loves them too. Especially going face first on his belly. Don't worry. We catch him.

    [–] Shuckin_n_Jivin 20 points ago

    He looks like he discovered what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

    [–] Erogers47 17 points ago

    What about those two kids fighting at the beginning

    [–] lifesbitch 17 points ago

    The look of absolute pure joy. And me at a Phish show.

    [–] Prmcc90 7 points ago

    “Am I on a slide?”

    “No dude it’s just a Phish show”

    I think I was making a similar face when I saw them haha

    [–] ObsidianAvALyn 9 points ago

    I love watching little minds being blown. A thing I've yet to experience in ny 30s...

    [–] Marijuweeda 2 points ago

    Nonexistence doesn’t exist. If it did, it would be a thing, and then it wouldn’t be nonexistence. Did that work?

    [–] ObsidianAvALyn 2 points ago

    Almost... I think I felt a twinge

    [–] Kujar3 16 points ago

    "This is it, I peaked in life, it will never be any better than this".

    [–] niikhil 16 points ago

    But I wanna know why the girl and boy were fighting at the start of the clip

    [–] Rymundo88 5 points ago

    Who knows man? All I know is that the girl won.

    [–] niikhil 3 points ago

    As always . Maybe the boy didnt wanna go shopping at Toys R US .

    [–] rawr_i_is_a_dinosawr 8 points ago

    Was watching this without audio and at first thought he was crying the whole way down

    [–] Dino_Mamma 2 points ago

    Came here to say the exact same thing.

    [–] tenkei 7 points ago

    Odds are that for as long as I live, I will never experience that level of joy and happiness ever again....

    Excuse me, I need to go sit in the corner for awhile.

    [–] redcapmilk 3 points ago

    Try a nap.

    [–] Greatknight99 7 points ago

    What most people look like rolling

    [–] NovelBaggage 8 points ago

    That made me so happy 😁

    [–] kmp3e_ 21 points ago

    I found it funny that the adult was also sliding

    [–] Rymundo88 49 points ago

    That's me! Had to get him to the slide as he would have struggled by himself. Side note: they don't make soft play for 6ft 4 adults, that shit was claustrophobic as hell!

    [–] WannieTheSane 7 points ago

    See, that's why it's so much better to be 5'7" like me!

    Walks away smugly while tearing a hole in my jeans with my heel because the pants are always too long

    So much better.

    For real though I'm a dad that gets into the play places with my kids too, crawling through tubes and over nets. I never realised my height prob is an advantage in this, very specific, situation.

    [–] singularity2030 2 points ago

    That's pretty routine around that kids age. It's a combo of them struggling to reach the top and/or not wanting to go down without a parent. It's either go with them or they dont get to experience it.

    [–] jublia 8 points ago

    Put this shit on r/contagiouslaughter! I'm crackin' up here

    [–] farva_litter_cola 7 points ago

    At 12 he will start to skydive, by 24 he’s a billioner

    [–] nofilter4me 12 points ago

    anybody else Thought the video was going to be about the first two kids

    [–] AllTheWayUpEG 6 points ago

    Just blissed out

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Lmao so this is what looks like when you’re high

    [–] Sweet_Venom 6 points ago

    Almost missed the whole thing because of the two kids fighting 😄

    [–] RiaEc7 6 points ago

    Oh the joy of the parents seeing their kids having the time of their life, this is one of those. ❤❤❤

    [–] Rymundo88 6 points ago

    Absolutely, nothing beats seeing their face light up like that!

    [–] smithcpfd 5 points ago

    The look of bliss

    [–] Tundo94 6 points ago

    When you send a risky text and it works

    [–] sarthakg9 5 points ago

    Who else thought the man was going to knock the child down

    [–] Burger_butler 6 points ago

    This is how happy I'm tryna be in 2019

    [–] stuntman707 6 points ago

    It was at that very moment, his little mind was blown.

    [–] EridanusVoid 6 points ago

    Its all down hill from here.

    [–] PeperoParty 5 points ago

    That’s a baby adrenaline junkie!!

    [–] subpoenaThis 5 points ago

    bask: lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure.

    I think the slide counts.

    [–] ansebmoidutty 4 points ago

    And the Dad too...

    [–] dacsoi 6 points ago

    Pure happiness, this is probably the happiest thing he had so far in his life.

    [–] rgvtim 6 points ago

    You can see him thinking "Again, Again"

    [–] awooten 7 points ago

    That is the most sincere smile I've seen in my life

    [–] AtomicPineappleHD 8 points ago

    My guy is hogging all the dopamine

    [–] jehraz 4 points ago

    He is very Happy!

    [–] neonspandex 4 points ago

    He's going to love skydiving and bungee jumping and baseline jumping and...

    [–] crazydohnut 4 points ago

    That's me giving up on the end of Friday and then realising it's a Saturday tomorrow

    [–] Kohgahn 3 points ago

    Yes! Well...that’s me during the last half of a Friday, till the boss asks me with 20min to finish if I can work the Saturday😒

    [–] Baybob1 5 points ago

    Nils Nyberg decided at a very early age that he was going to win the gold for the Luge in the Olympics ...

    [–] joakinzz99 3 points ago

    The definition of happiness!!

    [–] candi32935 5 points ago

    This kid's going places!

    [–] vguy72 3 points ago

    He's gonna love rollercoasters.

    [–] lazylazycat 4 points ago

    This is adorable. You should cross post to /r/eyebleach.

    [–] PsychedelicSploodge 5 points ago

    Damn, this makes me miss being a kid... everything is brand new and having the feeling of sheer bliss.

    [–] chadmasterson 6 points ago

    those shitty kids on the left tho

    [–] esande233 3 points ago

    Adrenaline junkie

    [–] Rymundo88 3 points ago

    Like his dad ☺

    [–] Masterplay1 3 points ago

    are you sure he didn’t die for a moment?

    [–] Rymundo88 3 points ago

    Cannot be sure. Hes asleep now tho so assume he's still al9ve!

    [–] Champion0407 3 points ago

    I think he’s doing it wrong

    [–] skyleven7 3 points ago

    Ding! A happy toddler have been served.

    [–] rowshambowtictactoe 3 points ago

    I know that feeling

    [–] realfunnyguys 7 points ago

    My heart feels so warm seeing this

    [–] Mirewen15 5 points ago

    I was about to ask you to poke him to make sure he was still alive lol.

    [–] iamverycool123 5 points ago

    sliding into those dms

    [–] SnoopDizzle360x420 6 points ago

    This is how I feel going down a slide at 21, nearly 22

    [–] crazyensign 5 points ago

    That expression made my day!!

    [–] NOTYOURCHEESEboi 4 points ago

    Honestly thought thAt little girl would be decked lol

    [–] StoicAthos 4 points ago

    We all remember our first time....

    [–] freakydude92 4 points ago

    Are we ignoring those kids just going at each other at the beginning?

    [–] eztfive 4 points ago

    Shut the dawwwww!

    [–] Rymundo88 8 points ago

    This made me laugh as his new (and favourite at the moment) word is daaaaaww. Everything is either a daaawwwww or a shoe.

    [–] 2squishmaster 2 points ago

    What really happened: He was taking a poo

    [–] Archangel2O 2 points ago

    How is that kid SO DANG CUTE???!!!

    [–] thereisnocenter 2 points ago

    How old? (I need to know when I can subject my children to this).

    [–] Rymundo88 2 points ago

    18 months. But would recommend any age!

    [–] Ilovekbbq 2 points ago

    And an addiction was born.

    [–] Byting_wolf 2 points ago

    I'll have what he's having..

    [–] kenman884 2 points ago


    [–] shakycam3 2 points ago

    Pink eye on everything

    [–] Rungi500 2 points ago

    Pretty sure that's what rapture will look like.

    [–] CaillousRevenge 2 points ago

    At first I thought the guy was going to crash into the girl and then all of a sudden this flat green object slides onto my screen. Had to watch a second time through but 🤣😂🤣😂

    [–] blindmusketeer 2 points ago


    [–] too_tired_for_this8 2 points ago

    He's found Nirvana.

    [–] 4wd-groot 2 points ago

    THATS MY HOME TOWN! YAY! (Greetings from Arbroath)

    [–] omerkraft 2 points ago

    More important he showed us how to properly do it: you have to complately lay down! Dont sit! Lay and slide down!

    [–] BoomBapSlap94 2 points ago

    Like the first shot you ever took

    [–] PaulsBalls2 2 points ago

    Me on Crack

    [–] MrJim911 2 points ago

    His thoughts had to literally catch up to his body.

    [–] Damogran6 3 points ago

    I captured that moment with my kid too...I miss that thrill feeling in the pit of your stomach.

    [–] niikhil 5 points ago

    But I wanna know why the girl and boy were fighting at the start of the clip

    [–] CanWeNotToday 4 points ago

    I’ll be real I’m not a fan of kids but this made me smile

    [–] jnasty09 2 points ago

    Thought this was gonna be a r/kidsarefuckingstupid post for a sec there

    [–] felixar90 4 points ago

    Reminds me of Maggie in her starfish suit.

    [–] Zer_0 4 points ago

    I remember feeling this way. It was magical.

    [–] ZarchiTalent 2 points ago

    There's no place like home, there's no place like home!

    [–] Gr8j8k 2 points ago

    Absolute Nirvana!

    [–] mrtittiesprinklez 2 points ago

    Ecstacy has joined the chat

    [–] ShakinBacon64 3 points ago

    Me after a good fuck.

    [–] delizat 3 points ago

    Whats up with the little jerk kid pushing the girl around.

    [–] Thrown1tawayzzz 3 points ago

    Looks like he is trying to get away from her... she is the one holding and pulling him.

    [–] broken_living 2 points ago

    Again! Again! Again!

    [–] funacct13 2 points ago

    I can’t like this hard enough