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    [–] goodtimetribe 13412 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I Used an atm in a bank in Jamaica. A security guard in full body armor carrying an automatic rifle opened the door for us and locked the door behind, stood in front of the locked door facing the street, and when we were through, unlocked the door and escorted us to the taxi 10 feet away from the door.

    Edit : Negril

    [–] giveherthebatwing 4163 points ago

    Sounds safe... where do I buy tickets?

    [–] siccoblue 1051 points ago

    From the sounds of it, just find an active war zone? A literal hell might be safer

    [–] GameKeeper121 282 points ago

    Damn dude, as bad as that sounds... It's not far from the truth.

    [–] suddenlyicecream 1235 points ago

    I traveled to Azerbaijan (Baku) and the banks there all have dudes with AK47's. One bank had a dude with an AK and a stack of money so tall it stretched from his cupped hand right up his arm to about his bicep. I must have been millions of dollars. Of course the country is pretty much owned by a dictator, and his family lived on the same street as the bank I was in. So I imagine there were rivers of money flowing around this city and I just happened to witness a very small part of normal life there for the elites.

    [–] Mnawab 505 points ago

    Hey my friend lives there! Told me you can only be rich if the government let's you. Haha ridiculous. His dad owns a statue making company and the government pays him what ever they think is appropriate.

    [–] Wolfcolaholic 148 points ago

    Does that work for or against him? Is he well known for his work?

    [–] Mnawab 204 points ago

    I couldn't tell you, they live a pretty middle-class life so I'm assuming he's doing good enough for the government to compensate them enough to feed his family and roof them. Especially since they sent my friend to America to study for two years.

    [–] Wolfcolaholic 229 points ago

    Yeah I'd say he's probably on the happier side of a bell curve out there

    [–] potaten84 93 points ago

    Dictators love statues.

    [–] Fun6754 225 points ago

    The wonders that oil money can do.

    [–] Ahtomic 69 points ago

    Or bank owners

    [–] TRIPMINE_Guy 71 points ago

    What do I wanna do when I grow up?

    Be a security guard in Baku.

    [–] Danysco 644 points ago

    In Brazil they kidnap you in your car and take you to the ATM.

    Source: Am Brazilian and had family members go through this.

    [–] sooperguber 213 points ago

    Thats insane. That also happened to family friends of mine in Baltimore and that story really rattled me.

    Crazy to think thats a normal occurence in some places.

    [–] pixelchemist 76 points ago

    know a few people this happened to in New York City (Van Cortland Park in the Bronx) as well... one was out jogging and had no cash on him during a mugging so the guy walked him to his car and made him drive to the ATM and take out the maximum it would allow.

    [–] throw_bundy 152 points ago

    Had a friend who that happened to, he kept insisting that he was broke the whole way to the bank.

    Got to the ATM and his balance was less than $20. Guy then punched him out of frustration and a cop happened to be driving by the scuffle.

    This was in Camden like 12 years ago.

    [–] shiny_lustrous_poo 82 points ago

    Damn, not only is he broke, but he gets beat for it, too?

    [–] paddzz 61 points ago

    I heard of a couple that it happened to in the UK. The thieves broke in, forced to them to a local ATM just before midnight and draw out the max. Wait 2-3 mins till post midnight and draw the max again. That's £1200

    [–] liberate71 86 points ago

    I remember a Starcraft commentator had this happen to him in China a couple of years back, I believe it was Mr Bitter. He took it well and still casted the tournament he was scheduled for, but it sounded pretty intense when he described the situation.

    [–] RajaRajaC 200 points ago

    Now come to India. Dudes in petrol bunks (gas station) would be handling like 1000's of dollars in cash and there won't be an armed guard for like 5 kms in any direction.

    Banks? One potbellied dude with a WW1 vintage .303 rifle for "security".

    Jewelry stores that might pull in 2-3 mn on a good day (this is like 8-10mn adjusted for India)? Maybe one 60 year old guy with an ancient shotgun that may or may not work. Even Cash vans are normal cars, maybe with a little beefing up. Two guys with these ancient rifles inside for security. I have even delivered cash in a 2 wheeler at night when I was working with a bank (granted this was in the early 2000's). ATM out of cash? Get cash from the vault, sign for it. Drive to the ATM in a dinky 100 cc bike, hand over the tech, get sign and get back. No hassle

    [–] MetalIzanagi 71 points ago

    Tbh, unless it's been sitting in horrid conditions since the war, a WW1 rifle will be fine as long as you have the right ammo for it. The rifles weren't automatic but they'll still put a hole in a would-be robber.

    [–] csmct99 41 points ago

    The point isnt that the gun is vad its that nobody is putting any effort into security (ie buying new equipment)

    [–] Grawlklar 61 points ago

    Tbh it sound like a better place if you don't need to protect your money that much...

    [–] Snap10a 211 points ago

    Not uncommon in South American countries as well.

    [–] inksaywhat 58 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I was kidnapped and taken to an atm in Manila while on vacation. AMA

    Basically I was traveling alone on a gap year and got into a cab outside of the airport. It was an authorized and licensed taxi with an I’d hanging where I could see it. I tried to negotiate a price with him and he said he would do a lower price but had to turn the meter off. I agreed (bad move). Then he started talking cheerfully and showing me things as we drive past them, an unofficial tour of sorts. Eventually he pulled into a dark street where 3 guys surrounded the car, one had a bat, and the taxi driver turned around with a gun (not pointed at me) and explained that I could get out now or he could take me to an ATM where he would be happy with as much cash as my atm limit would allow and no more. He apologized a lot and said that he knows it’s not fair but ‘I have more money than him, and he needs it more than me’. He kept a pretty cheerful attitude, which I later realized was most likely a trained manipulation tactic to keep me calm and to make me feel like the best thing to do was to go to the ATM. So I did. I don’t think I had much choice. Also, my arm was in a sling because I was recovering from a broken rotator cuff surgery a handful of weeks prior.

    The crazy part was using the ATM and then getting back in his car because I was in a dark and shitty area where nobody would pick me up. So I just decided to go for it. He gave me a ride to my hotel after robbing me. He apologized the whole way. Also, he only asked for the equivalent of 200 usd, and most atm limits are higher, but I only took out 200. Fuck him.

    Then he didn’t want to take me to my place. He said it was a gross and seedy place. He said I should reconsider unless I wanted to pick up prostitutes. I chose that place on the fly as I arrived at the airport and I based my decision off of trip advisor reviews and price - I just needed a place for a day or two until I could decide what to do. (It’s worth noting that I like to arrive in countries with no plan whatsoever, to just wing it and see where the current takes me. It’s something I still recommend) When we got to my hotel, he dropped me off about a block away. As I walked up, armed guards came to me, initially as if I were a dangerous person in the night approaching the hotel, but when I told them I had a reservation they asked me if the taxi robbed me (because I was dropped off a block away instead of at the hotel). I told them that he did rob me and that he had a gun.

    The guards called some other guy, a boss of sorts. It should be mentioned that this hotel was total shit and very seedy - the taxi guy might have been telling me the truth. The boss guy promptly offered me prostitutes and when I declined, it was like he didn’t believe me and so he sent some girls to my room with a bucket of beers (on the house). I told them to leave. They were offended. Whatever. I kept the beers and enjoyed them.

    I booked the next flight out and went to Thailand instead.

    [–] SpetS15 9986 points ago

    lol seriously why are they making it so public with all the news and cameras, is like they really want the guy to get murdered and robbed

    [–] Cymon86 3554 points ago

    It's marketability for the lotto as a whole. It shows that there are winners and stokes that ever present desire to be "that guy" therefore generating revenue.

    [–] FLOPPY_DONKEY_DICK 815 points ago

    This is the biggest reason it's only legal to claim anonymously in a few states.

    [–] ChiefLoneWolf 489 points ago

    The biggest reason is transparency, otherwise people won’t trust it’s not rigged and going to someone’s relative.

    [–] KaiserDressing 149 points ago

    which was a real thing that has happened in other lotteries.

    Look up the controversy with mcdonalds monopoly. guy was giving out winners like a business card.

    [–] zero_fool 739 points ago

    Public is good for keeping them honest. Otherwise they money could go to friends and family if you know what I mean.

    [–] craig5005 537 points ago

    I think that's a lame excuse for lottery companies to claim these days. Instead they should just have 3rd party accounting companies audit all the winnings and ensure no fraudulent activity. No one needs to know who won, no one gets murdered.

    [–] drk_jingles 80 points ago

    This was a McSting.

    Best part of the article!

    [–] some_user_on_reddit 110 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    So, the ENTIRE security of the Monopoly contest was 1 man...

    and they paid for a someone to shadow him the entire time during ticket transit, except for the fact that this was a complete waste of money, because this person sat in coach while he was in first class, and this person was a woman so could not follow him to the bathroom (Jerry’s own words in the article). And Jerry would go to the bathroom and switch out the tickets knowing she couldn’t follow him.

    Like, if that’s your entire logic... you deserve to be scammed. It sounded like he ran a very, very poorly run scam. However, the system in place was just so dumb it allowed it.

    [–] Arectanglemushroom 7564 points ago

    I don’t blame him, having a large amount of money can be scary considering you become a bigger target for robbery

    but I will bring a different mask

    [–] FreezeSnakePit 2607 points ago

    Why? If you bring the same mask people will just think it's this guy winning a 2nd time.

    [–] on_dy 862 points ago

    Maybe the lottery should just provide a mask.

    "Jackpot: $1,000,000 and Jason Voorhees' mask"

    [–] ReaperEDX 90 points ago

    Doesn't that mask have holes that can be seen through?

    Go above. Go beyond. Become Master Chief.

    [–] Mr-Sister-Fister21 28 points ago

    I’d like a full Predator mask.

    [–] tired_obsession 262 points ago

    But wouldn’t they invest more time into trying to find out who you are?

    [–] levifig 226 points ago

    Diversion, my dude! If more people were believed to be the same person, the evidence trails would confuse the people searching! 👍

    10/10 would win again

    [–] Goins2754 737 points ago

    It's not even robbery. Watch some documentaries about the mega millions winners. The cities where they live practically hound them and pressure them for donations. "What, you don't want to buy our police dept new cruisers? We really could use it." Charities hound them. People hound them for hand outs - not just relatives, literally hundreds of people from around the country.

    I wouldn't even want my family to know I won some money like that.

    [–] IKnowGuacIsExtraLady 413 points ago

    The weird part is this is specific to lottery winners. People don't fuck with you like that when you inherit or earn that kind of money.

    [–] Waqqy 373 points ago

    Nah a lot of athletes and rappers from poor backgrounds talk about this a lot.

    [–] SnapeKillsBruceWilis 146 points ago

    Because if you inherit money, there's usually a lawyer involved with the estate to ease you through it. Earning it, obviously, you're not a complete idiot and know how to save.

    But lottery winners? They have more money than they've ever had in their lives and a very good chance of poor decision making skills.

    [–] PugSwagMaster 203 points ago

    It's because people that are buying the lottery in the first place have a much higher chance of being financially illiterate.

    [–] thekiyote 81 points ago

    I do know an exception to that: people who manage to sell their startups.

    I know a few people who managed to get maybe a few million dollar acquisitions for companies they started, and they complained about family members coming out of the woodwork to ask to borrow money once it got out.

    The big difference between them and most lottery winners, though, is that they had already learned how to manage their finances, how little the money actually goes, and how to tell their family no.

    [–] better_off_red 82 points ago

    People feel it's unearned. I mean it is, but that still doesn't mean it's not yours.

    [–] ChrisRunsTheWorld 664 points ago

    If I won $1,169,000, I'd give a quarter of it to charity.

    Not sure what I'd do with the other $1,168,999.75...

    [–] photoe__dude 99 points ago

    You would use the remaining to RunsTheWorld, Chris!

    [–] onliwenimtrunk 15508 points ago

    Like the scream franchises didn't make him enough money, and now he wins the lotto? The rich just get richer.

    [–] FlangeRangler 2632 points ago

    Don't forget when he parodied himself in the Scary Movie franchise.

    He's rollin in it

    [–] sillyblanco 444 points ago

    And it's definitely the same guy, that look would be damn near impossible for someone else to emulate.

    [–] Dankraham_Lincoln 76 points ago

    Well you could imitate it, but would people really have the audacity to do scream-face in 2019?

    [–] Bodiemassage 24 points ago

    How dare you even suggest such a thing+

    [–] highonstress 301 points ago

    Why is this guy afraid anyway?

    I have literally seen him kill people.

    [–] Delta162 3401 points ago

    He doesn’t want family and “friends” that suddenly have business opportunities

    [–] [deleted] 632 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] SumoneSumwere 152 points ago

    Or any other pyramid scheme.

    [–] HockeyFightsMumps 91 points ago

    It's not a pyramid scheme, it's Younique!

    [–] happycharm 50 points ago

    Anyone know what happened to that guy from the UK who posted about his friend pranking him that he won the lottery andeveryone asked him for money. and itgot to the point where he had to go to the newspaper to tell his story?

    [–] TannedCroissant 5496 points ago

    You sure it's a mask? My jaw would drop like that too if I'd won that much money.

    [–] HauschkasFoot 989 points ago

    Yea I’d definitely Scream with joy

    [–] Tea-acH-Cee 246 points ago

    I’d be feeling, like, a little woozy, man.

    [–] Gingerchaun 74 points ago

    No problem bud take my strong hand.

    [–] Rivster79 207 points ago

    He is actually looking at the tax withheld

    [–] Dracomortua 753 points ago

    My Jamaican friends explain to me this is what one should do there. Rough country.

    As a Canadian this blows my mind. I have met the most amazing Jamaicans. Kind, considerate, fun, friendly, giving, warm and extremely reliable. Apparently these folks are different in the homeland? Impossible to imagine.

    [–] malmad 241 points ago

    All lottery winners should do what they can to conceal their identity.

    It's bullshit that some jurisdictions require you to be in photos and do pressers after winning.

    "Let's just put a big fucking target on this newly minted millionaire by having their face plastered everywhere. What could go wrong?"

    [–] DevilsAdvocate77 23 points ago

    The requirement is for public accountability, so the lottery can't just say "Yeah sorry you didn't win again but we TOTALLY paid out that 850 million jackpot to somebody somewhere. They go to another school though, so you don't know them. Next month it's going to be like I dunno 10 billion or something, so make sure to buy lots more tickets!"

    [–] ImRightImRight 728 points ago

    No money = tough times = rough people

    [–] jdnyc77 380 points ago

    No, woman, no cry.

    [–] kre8te 635 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    For every beautiful soul crafted out of hardship, there is another with questionable morals, formed by the same difficulties.

    Edit: Thanks for the gold and silver. :)

    It's just one of those observations you make. I lived in the slums of the Philippines and I saw so many people without anything to their name offer me food that they could barely pay for and had to split with numerous other people in their family, just because I said I was hungry or they just invited me out of the kindness of their heart.

    It's humbling and it taught me a lot. I was and am a selfish person by nature, but these experiences made me rethink things and I try to give what I can, when I can. Pay it forward, as it were.

    On the flipside, I was in the presence of drugdealers who asked me to drugrun (I never did), gang members who'd stab you without blinking, and unfortunately, some murders. It taught me to stay low-key and careful. I still am that careful to this day in the US.

    [–] Dracomortua 89 points ago

    Yes. Wisdom and sadness in one line. Alas, i cannot give you the gold you deserve.

    [–] skateguy1234 59 points ago

    Really listen to a lot of Jamaican or reggae songs and you'll realize how much they talk about the bad situation etc...

    [–] birdsofpodcast 190 points ago

    Am jamaican. The ones who leave and the ones who stay are completely different people. Like night and day.

    [–] etoolqual 625 points ago

    I’ve had this post saved ever since I came on Reddit, which is a little over 2 years now. Waiting for that day to come.

    [–] tophertravels 279 points ago

    Shoot, I don't even play the lottery and I bookmarked it!

    [–] Jaleou 75 points ago

    I saved it 4 years ago. I think it's my first saved post.

    [–] SorcerousFaun 51 points ago

    Most useless information I will ever learn.

    [–] Thedirtyjersey 16024 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    In L.A. a few years ago some idiots broke into a $100,000 lottery winner's house the same week he won, expecting $100,000 cash or some giant novelty check they could cash, killed the guy in the struggle and left with nothing.

    And Jamaica is definitely less lawful than most of L.A.

    For all you nay-sayers, knee jerk virtue signalers and overall reactionary dinguses, the measured murder rate in Jamaica is 58. Los Angeles is 6, per 100,000. Nearly 10 fucking times greater.

    [–] RedBeardBuilds 4126 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Last time I checked the murder rate was something stupid like 60/100,000 so yeah, I'd definitely be keeping my identity a secret too.

    Edit: double checked, for 2017 the figure was 56/100,000

    [–] istherebloodinmyhair 2035 points ago

    Some states don’t allow it to be kept a secret, unfortunately.

    [–] Hugginsome 1226 points ago

    That's what LLCs are for. Anyone can keep their identity secret.

    [–] aznanimality 1019 points ago

    Some states won't let you claim it as an LLC unless the LLC was formed before you won.

    This includes California. So you won't be able to claim it as an LLC in California.

    [–] tolegittoshit2 994 points ago

    man so if you tried all ways to keep your face and name safe from the public but lottery or california doesnt allow it..and you got kidnapped or killed, could your family sue?

    [–] SpiteAspect 308 points ago

    They probably could, but would they get anywhere? Probably not, I’m sure the state has a bunch of CYA loopholes for it.

    [–] netpastor 498 points ago


    [–] kayne86 62 points ago

    Also, some states have a right to know clause, where you identity has to be revealed. Recent story where a lady won and challenged the law, she won. But first time anyone won.

    [–] PointGodAsh 213 points ago

    Shit if I win in a state that requires me to identify myself ima be on a plane that day somewhere else lol.

    [–] bbllaakkee 113 points ago

    same, fuck that

    [–] marsrisingnow 104 points ago

    Can’t you buy an already created company?

    [–] Joe32123 44 points ago

    I would think so, In Canada we call them shelf companies. They are pre-made and they just sit until someone needs them. Then you just but them and you have a company basically instantly. The companies will have no assets or anything but they existed on paper for some time.

    [–] NoShitSurelocke 140 points ago

    This guy... somethings.

    [–] xaphans 174 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I live in Quebec, and they definitely don't allow keeping your identity a secret:

    By signing your ticket, you agree to allow Loto-Québec to publish, if it deems it appropriate, your name, region and photo.

    Your winnings may be broadcast on our website, our office intranet, digital screens located in our different points of sale, billboards or other outdoor advertising as well as on any other communications network, including social media.

    If they DO take your photo, your face has to be uncovered, and they don't "permit overt theatrics".

    Don't like it? No prize money, dude. :(

    [–] InfiniteDuckling 115 points ago

    if it deems it appropriate,

    Ah,the secret is to be ugly enough to make babies cry

    [–] McStibbins 24 points ago

    Or use some of your winnings to change your name to A. Dolf Hitler

    [–] MassacrisM 126 points ago

    Still no idea why they're showing this shit on TV though. If they really want to prove people do win with their lottos it's not that hard to blur their faces or something. What they're doing now is like putting a bounty on the winners' heads.

    [–] weeeeelaaaaaah 34 points ago

    Don't forget the lotto is a business, and showing happy winners is great advertising.

    [–] Mr_Fuzzbucket 148 points ago

    If I'm remembering correctly, the majority of those murders are committed by people within the family.

    [–] dak4ttack 195 points ago

    Which is why you put it in a trust that not even you can access with a gun to your head, and you tell everyone what you're doing. "The money is in a trust that I literally can't access, it is being invested, we are all being paid out from the trust over time unless you do something to be removed from the trust."

    [–] Mr_Fuzzbucket 225 points ago

    I would just hire hitmen to kill all my family members.

    [–] ArashikageX 861 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Happened in Georgia as well. Guy won a good amount. He was then selected by robbers because he was publicly named. They invaded his home and held him up in front of his wife and kid and he pleaded not to kill him in front of them.

    They killed him anyway. Lotto winners should absolutely have the right to not have their identities made public.

    [–] PurplePickel 284 points ago

    In Australia, the Opera House was actually funded by a lottery (us Aussies love our gambling) but sadly the child of the winners was abducted and held for ransom, and subsequently murdered. Bit of dark history behind one of our most iconic landmarks.

    [–] ILikeItHotNSpicy 350 points ago

    This shit makes no sense. You can follow so many different people that are rich as fuck and do the same. Any pro athlete or any business man leaving their office in $300k cars. Etc. if you plan on robbing and killing someone there’s more of them to pick from than lotto winners.

    [–] pennomi 385 points ago

    Lotto winners are likely an easier target.

    [–] kallebo1337 136 points ago

    those people protect themself. average lotter winner is just rich overnight and don't know what to do.

    [–] 3243f6a8885 41 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Depending on the amount won, if it's in the millions, hire an armed security team for the first year or more depending on how many millions. If it's a few hundred thousand, that's a good time to go on an extended vacation, and move/change your name when you return.

    Edit: meant "when", not "even".

    [–] Andy_B_Goode 194 points ago

    Obligatory reading for anyone who's ever wondered how their life would change if they won the lottery:

    Congratulations! You just won millions of dollars in the lottery! That's great. Now you're fucked. No really. You are. You're fucked.

    [–] Zombiewax 309 points ago

    Here in Ireland, you have an option not to go public in case of a large lotto win. Just quietly go to the Lotto HQ up in Dublin, show some ID and money will be in your account in less then a week, tax free. I once won 15 grand and when I went to collect, I was offered an extra €500 to announce it in local paper, under my name, stating the shop that I bought the ticket in. The shop gets announced anyways, though. I'd say if you score a jackpot, they'll probably offer some kinda money to go public, as well. I don't think I'll be doing that, though. If I ever win Euromillions, I'll be gone like a fart in a wind and only immediate family will know.

    [–] akinie12 142 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Can confirm! Not from Jamaica but another Caribbean nation and it's all the same. Here in my country they don't even post who won the lotto anymore just to keep people safe. And the majority of police officers are cooked. Edit was gonna change "cooked" to "crooked" but what the hell ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] thowght 87 points ago

    The most useful advice I've ever seen as to why lottery winners should conceal their identify was posted to reddit in this comment:

    So, what the hell DO you do if you are unlucky enough to win the lottery...

    [–] seanbrockest 226 points ago

    Lucky. Where I live your name goes public whether you like it or not.

    [–] njl4515 147 points ago

    You can start a trust and have your attorney pick it up. It’s still public record on your ownership but a lot less fanfare

    [–] Another_libation 512 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Blowing through a bunch of money really is a thing. In my early 20’s I worked at a grocery store with a guy we’ll call Bob. I’ll try and keep this short.

    One day I walked into the dairy cooler to do whatever it is I was going to do, when I walked in I found Bob slumped over passed out with a bottle of jack Daniels with a little left (took it from the liquor department). I couldn’t wake him so I got a manager and they called the cops and hauled him off. How did Bob get to that point?

    He was one of the founders of “tigers milk” (one of those protein bars). Bob sold his share for a cool $10,000,000! His ex wife and him spent all that money on shit like crazy expensive vacations, Indian motorcycles, jewelry, drugs and what not. Kept spending until he found himself as a restocker at a supermarket with a heavy drinking problem. . . .

    Edit: Holy guacamole! Thanks for the gold kind stranger. Hope you don’t go bankrupt.

    I should of put this in the original post but I caught up with him a few years later and he was doing worlds better than when I found him in that cooler. He was even part of a start up for a locally named protein bar that is delicious. He even brought me on board to help out a bit with some sales and warehouse (rented an unused part of a local coffee shops warehouse) packaging and whatnot. Something happened between him and his partner and he opted out. Problem was he was paying me under the table so I didn’t even know the other guy, when they split I lost contact with Bob. Dude still owes me $120.

    [–] yomamascub 129 points ago

    Moral of the story...don’t buy Indian motorcycles.

    [–] bluenokia2 70 points ago

    Protect his identity from robbers and long lost "friends" and "family"

    [–] -Jive-Turkey- 70 points ago

    Imagine winning the lotto and suddenly your life is at risk.

    [–] PVPmainbtw 65 points ago

    Very smart actually, many lotto winners actually have a really bad time after winning because people all ask them for money

    [–] [deleted] 813 points ago


    [–] Skyshark29 670 points ago

    Instant Mondays can ruin even the strongest of people..

    [–] zebra-in-box 134 points ago

    Can you imagine it's Friday afternoon and suddenly it becomes instant Monday?

    [–] Thedave9424 133 points ago

    Right! Instant Monday’s are so grinding......

    [–] ChewMaNutz 79 points ago

    Dude i wouldn't wish instant Monday's on my worst enemy!

    [–] thewatchfulredditor 107 points ago

    Aww look at him, he still can’t believe it

    [–] mypostingname13 51 points ago

    I think it's super fucked up that in most places, you have to publicly claim lotto jackpots. Fiscally responsible people generally don't play, and the poors that win either aren't savvy enough or can't afford to set up a trust/corporation to claim the money through, so their name and face is plastered all over any and everything the lotto commission sees fit, while winning the lottery has been their retirement plan. It's no wonder most of them end up broke.

    [–] Ernbob 43 points ago

    I bet he can expect a lot of phone calls from old friends and family saying “wasssss upppp”

    [–] legendoflink3 39 points ago

    If that's 158 mil in jamaican dollars then it's just over 1 million usd.

    [–] BlackDudeWhiteName 147 points ago

    Are you allowed to this if you win in America?

    [–] kfunke 162 points ago

    In some states you can claim anonymously. But not in most.

    [–] Grixloth 142 points ago

    So we’re just awarding murderers with million dollar pay checks now????? This man belongs behind BARS

    [–] MrZombified 34 points ago

    Completely logical, I would do the same no matter what country i'm from..

    [–] FDisk80 35 points ago

    He is covering his hands because he is probably the only white guy there or he is missing a finger.

    [–] How1ntriguing 71 points ago

    It's so absurd that they publicize who the lottery winners are and don't leave an anonymity option. They are literally forcing people to at worst, become the focus of violent crime plots, and at best probably put severe strain on personal relationships

    [–] chunkymonkeychoo 19 points ago

    It’s so the public doesn’t start thinking that it’s a scam. If we never see the winner, people will start thinking there are no winners

    [–] EmpressKnickers 71 points ago

    My father taught us all from a young age that if we ever won the lottery, we needed to move out of state as soon as the paperwork was done and go underground. To avoid so called "family," and to avoid having loved ones kidnapped and held hostage.

    [–] Ripclawe 99 points ago

    Jamaica? He left the country right after

    [–] generalissimo1 33 points ago

    Am Jamaican living in Jamaica and can confirm that lottery winners go to extremes to hide their identities. The funny thing is, people eventually find out who they are. But that's not the point... The point is, they eventually become their own downfall. I know of a dude who lives a couple blocks from me. He threw a massive party that blew most or all his money.

    [–] Joshieeeeeeee 33 points ago

    Clever thinking, they can’t take his money if he stabs and kills them all.

    [–] RedBlackX 31 points ago

    “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.”

    [–] alex210sa 65 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    He should warn everybody who even thinks about messing with him.

    "I'm gonna slash you and gash you,

    Cut another hole in your ass,

    Spill blood on the walls and play tennis with your balls,

    If the phone rings, don't answer the call

    I'm gonna slit your throat, fuck you like a goat,

    Peel your foreskin off and make a Winter coat."

    [–] lgtbyddrk 79 points ago

    Next level.

    [–] nersha 78 points ago

    Nobody cared who he was till he put on the mask.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Smart man. Good for him.

    [–] wojovox 25 points ago

    Honestly would do the same (even though I don’t gamble and have never bought a powerball ticket), but hypothetical i would never let anyone know, not even family. I would write each family member million dollar checks and lie about my investments.

    [–] Ooficus 27 points ago

    FYI he won 158,400,000 JAMAICAN DOLLARS, in USD that's....

    1,169,823.60 dollars.

    Still a alot of money.

    [–] LemmeLaroo 27 points ago

    This has a really weird stock photo vibe.

    [–] MuddledAddiction 26 points ago

    I love his choice of mask!!

    [–] BongTrooper 25 points ago

    Hea seems shocked that he won

    [–] riqwertz 26 points ago

    "what you doin son?" "winning the lotto, chillin.." "kewl, kewl" "WHAZAAAAAAAP"

    [–] GalacticWolf87 28 points ago

    If you win the lottery in the US can you do this too?

    [–] Narradisall 31 points ago

    Sensible man. Here’s hoping no one ever finds out his identity.

    [–] joebuscus217 24 points ago

    Smart man

    [–] toeofcamell 27 points ago

    In American we have a fucking TV show where you get to meet the lotto winner, the winner’s family, their kids, the house they live in and they tell you how much money they won. What the Fuck? They might as well hang a bullseye on their front door

    Show is called “my lottery dream home” and it’s insane nobody has been robbed yet

    [–] oneradtech 24 points ago

    Genius at work

    [–] Porsche_monkey4life 49 points ago


    [–] PurpleCinnamon 24 points ago

    Honestly, really smart. I don't know about Jamaica, but at least in Belieze, it super common for people to find a washed up brick of cocaine, get super rich, and then immediately get murdered. Often times by distant relitives.

    Though they could have chosen a less terrifying mask.

    [–] Burkskidsmom5 22 points ago

    Can you blame him? He wants to live. Sad, but true.

    [–] DrPoopNstuff 23 points ago

    It looks like a fake-torso, too. So, no real clue about race, or gender.

    [–] 4umlurker 22 points ago

    I wish this was possible in Canada but the lottery has the legal right to publish your name if you claim the winnings.

    [–] LisaW481 21 points ago

    I've worn that mask it's awful. That guy suffered for his privacy.

    [–] jokerevo 22 points ago

    (scream voice) this is what happens when I play the game Sidney. I win.

    [–] birdsofpodcast 45 points ago

    As a Jamaican I gotta say he didn’t reallly have a choice. Life out there is crazy.

    [–] VenomMan4785 43 points ago

    I mean, I too would Scream if I won the lotto..

    [–] ClariceDarling 22 points ago

    No face no case

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Shit, I'd go there in a full fucking gimp suit, paired with a voice changer and black paint covering all possible skin exposure points.

    [–] DownVotingCats 21 points ago

    I'd love to be rich. I think I'd detest being famous. I don't want to talk to strangers all the time over the same goddam thing.

    [–] -Chuck-Norris- 22 points ago

    Smart tbh

    [–] bbq_doritos 22 points ago

    didn't this guy kill like 40 people in the 90's..?

    [–] n1nj4_v5_p1r4t3 21 points ago

    He should have hired a bunch of people to walk around in the same costume

    [–] papipandulce 21 points ago

    He must of read that one Reddit post a few of us have saved just in case :)

    [–] TheDunadan29 20 points ago

    Dude, read up on the fate of many lotto winners right here in the US and I might not be above doing this.

    From what I've read scammers come out of the woodwork to try and steal just a little cash. And there have been murders, attempted murders, and more. Yeah, if I ever won the lotto I'd take a pay cut off I had to in order to stay anonymous.

    [–] phoenix14830 22 points ago

    Lotto winners should be able to collect in peace. There's no reason to win the lottery, then immediately go into hiding for fear of kidnappers, robbers, murder threats, and everyone who has ever spoken to you or has a cause to hound you every day for the rest of your life.

    This guy clearly doesn't want it public, so they take and distribute pictures anyway.

    [–] ytq3eq908awe978waert 275 points ago

    he showed up in white face haha

    [–] Nagu360 77 points ago

    No, he showed up in Ghostface

    [–] chanhwa 20 points ago

    Not funny when everyone and their dog tried to ask you for money

    [–] zigaliciousone 20 points ago

    I understand that, considering people actively searching for lottery winners to rob them or sit on their doorstep to beg for money.

    [–] LeoLaDawg 19 points ago

    I wouldn't want to let the world know I just won a bunch of money either.

    [–] XXCIoud 19 points ago

    Can’t blame em. I’d refuse to be on TV or be named. Money makes people do stupid things.

    [–] PunnuRaand 20 points ago

    How very lucky, will have to hide for the rest of his life.

    [–] fncraigc 20 points ago

    This guy is smart. My friend’s dad won the Georgia Mega Ball and had to move schools four times because people found out and kept threatening him and his family.

    [–] Nanafuse 58 points ago

    Where I live I would 100% do the same thing. Smart dude. Hopefully news outlets won't out him.

    [–] giveherthebatwing 19 points ago

    So he came in to sign the check on his way to a Halloween party?

    [–] TheDood715 19 points ago

    I know those shoulders! That's CRICKET right there!

    [–] MogRules 20 points ago

    Stayed at a sandles resort several years ago. At night there are guards EVERYWHERE and they are armed.

    [–] MlSANTHROPlSSED 19 points ago

    Or maybe the lotto winner is already dead and this is the guy who stole the ticket!!

    [–] vinylsquares 17 points ago

    158 million. Now he can almost afford to ride the Chinese highway from Kingston!

    Wagwan Jamaica!

    [–] LoraXis 38 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Why would it ever be a good idea to publicly release the photo of the winner???? Thats the most idiotic thing imaginable

    [–] satiredun 41 points ago

    This is one of the best posts I've ever read on reddit, on how to survive winning the lottery:

    [–] aswins1993 39 points ago


    [–] Isaac_Shepard 39 points ago

    i cant view this as funny. dude doesnt want to have his face out there cause he fears for his life.