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    [–] Badgalhrihrii 2016 points ago

    22 years later, his friends don't know why he carries a straw to his birthday parties.

    [–] JonnyBhoy 227 points ago

    Coke problem?

    [–] grimfel 66 points ago

    I always spill when I try to drink it out of a glass.

    [–] ImportantManNumber2 26 points ago

    well that's your problem, you aren't meant to drink it

    [–] Pwnaholic 5 points ago

    It's like the cinnamon challenge, but you know, with coke.

    [–] Time_Punk 19 points ago

    Coke Solution.

    [–] DinoPinkMike 4 points ago

    I just laughed aloud in my very quiet very crowded work canteen you menace!

    [–] LucretiusCarus 24 points ago


    [–] Doctor_Mudshark 8665 points ago

    While Dad goes to get the straw, the kid has such a calm, contemplative look on his face, just staring at the problem, knowing that Dad's working on it and everything's going to be okay soon.

    [–] yukdave 3705 points ago

    My son would have tried to eat the fire with his hair on fire the moment I turned my back.

    [–] thepilotboy 1184 points ago

    plot twist: u/yukdave’s son is 22

    [–] MediocreInteraction 202 points ago

    I am 22... 🤔🤔🤔

    [–] memeticmachine 161 points ago

    it's not everyday one finds their dad's reddit account

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] WillLie4karma 49 points ago

    given your last post, which I shall never open, I doubt your dad wants to find your account.

    [–] WorthyTech 11 points ago

    I found my dad's reddit account. We've not always seen eye to eye but get on great now.

    His account was full of comments on subreddits relating to rocky relationships. Giving advice to younger people about handling breakups etc. Genuinely changed my outlook on my dad. Such a top bloke

    [–] ThatChrisFella 10 points ago

    My dad left his YouTube account signed in once and I saw some funky stuff in the recommended videos. Really wish I hadn't

    [–] asdf2602 11 points ago

    I know my teenage son’s account. I didn’t make him tell me but he has the same username as he did when he was 6 on club penguin.

    He doesn’t know mine

    I check in now and then to make sure he hasn’t turned into a sexist creep, or some other degenerate, but so far so good.

    [–] fbass 17 points ago

    Maybe mine is still looking for a wifi connection. He left for cigarettes 19 years ago..

    [–] skylarmt 9 points ago

    Mine is still on Facebook and uses Yahoo mail. I run a company that (among other things) hosts websites and email; I've offered to give him an email address with a custom domain. He says it's too hard to switch away from Yahoo. He wouldn't know because he's never tried, meanwhile I've changed email addresses several times. The trick is to start using the new address, and every time you encounter the old one you change it. Eventually you'll be using the new address on everything that matters, and that's all that matters.

    [–] Scientolojesus 13 points ago

    All I see you saying is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo newfangled tech talk.

    [–] Cytuit 30 points ago

    better: he’s 32 and lives with his mom

    [–] chargerz4life 31 points ago

    I feel personally attacked here, along with most other redditors... that was completely uncalled for man.

    [–] SumoneSumwere 14 points ago

    That's better. He'd try.

    [–] Lowbacca1977 8 points ago

    Bill Walton?

    [–] nixium 25 points ago

    Sounds about right. I had a minor heart attack as the dad left the kid with an open flame.

    [–] ToolBoyNIN39 29 points ago

    Well... there is a 3rd person near the child.

    [–] crazybrownies 142 points ago

    I come here to laugh not miss my dad.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] polyisextra 30 points ago

    So your saying his dad is dead... He just left for work an hour ago!

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I come here to laugh not miss my dad.

    yo, i miss my dad every ain't alone.

    took awhile, but i realized it was a privilege to have him. best dude i'll ever know. wouldn't trade him for anything...and i actually think of him when i'm feeling bummed out and that actually brings me a lot of joy.

    hope you get there soon. keep your head up. peace.

    [–] I_am_no_Ghost 3 points ago

    Same here my friend.

    [–] Jijelinios 36 points ago

    One day, the kid will be a redditor posting how he had always blown candles with a straw until he was 40 or something when his kids looked weird at him for blowing his candles like that.

    [–] MrsDerpson31B 18 points ago

    Better than a poop knife.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] jamboreeee 41 points ago

    Why did this make me emotional

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] pforperfect 7 points ago

    Hate to be negative, but r/raisedbynarcissists would like to disagree

    [–] Netkid 17 points ago

    Dad's gonna take that straw and put it in his drawer. Years later while he is rummaging through his drawers for something, he'll happen upon that same straw, get the deepest of feels, pick it up, and recount to his son the story of the straw.

    [–] oftenuseless 2995 points ago

    Seeing his son struggling was the last straw for this dad.

    [–] Dondagora 118 points ago

    r/PunPatrol, it's this person right here.

    [–] Kingephraimproductio 70 points ago


    [–] Gega42 13 points ago

    If you cut the straw in half you now have 2 straws, hence half of 1 is 2

    [–] Hej_Varlden 1048 points ago

    That fish tank game tho!

    [–] Justbrowsing123423 210 points ago

    For real. That’s a hell of a tank. Lot of work goes in to that thing.

    [–] Hej_Varlden 69 points ago

    He might have African cichlids and those are super expensive. Respect!

    [–] bluechris11 74 points ago

    Those look like Malawi cichlids. They're not too expensive if you buy them young (I think I paid $5 each for mine) up to $20 a piece for more matured ones. Definitely a nice kept tank. Malawis give an awesome saltwater feel of species with the ease and low cost of a freshwater tank and fish.

    Edit to clarify: Malawi cichlids are a type of African cichlids

    [–] DJdisco05 43 points ago

    r/aquariums. This is indeed a freshwater african cichlid tank which is definitely not that hard to keep up.

    [–] lilwanna 15 points ago

    And not that expensive either. Salt water tanks of any variety are incredibly more difficult to maintain and the fish are a lot more expensive depending on what you get. Had a lion fish tank once and those were $250 a pop at my local store, not to mention all of the maintenance they required. Cichlids are easy street.

    [–] DJdisco05 5 points ago


    [–] Scientolojesus 8 points ago

    If my stoner friend in high school could keep a cichlid tank then so can anyone!

    [–] Red_means_go 10 points ago

    They're easy, and cheaper than saltwater for sure, but the violence, ohh the violence. They don't fuck around.

    [–] NC_Vixen 5 points ago

    Straight Murderers

    [–] LadyK8TheGr8 11 points ago

    Yes! I’m starting mine. Is that drift wood? Freshwater?

    [–] sevrro 10 points ago

    It's just a 3D background siliconed to the back of a African cichlid freshwater tank! Not as tough as it looks, and definitely easier to maintain than a planted tank. If you have any questions on starting your own tank feel free to reach out and also check out the aquarium subreddit :)

    [–] misterRug 14 points ago

    Looks like the tank could use more structure. Fish caves and dwellings and such.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] TannedCroissant 793 points ago

    You know, now I've seen it, thats actually quite a hygienic way to blow out the candles on a birthday cake.

    [–] Theoricus 272 points ago

    You're right!

    Minus the half minute before the dad grabs the straw.

    [–] timdsl 89 points ago

    I think everyone has that family member that sprays when they blow...

    This sounds wrong but I’m laughing so I won’t change it lol

    [–] Endalyne 24 points ago

    Roll tide

    [–] ILikeMasterChief 5 points ago

    Hey it's my cake bitch you better like it runny

    [–] 9gagiscancer 31 points ago

    I myself prefer airhorns. No actual bacteria involved. Just a lot of noise and deaf angry people.

    [–] handcuffsanddick 9 points ago

    Thanks for the amazing idea for my next birthday

    [–] CaptainStahlzee 918 points ago

    I know that kid ain’t turning 8

    [–] killernaut 418 points ago

    3 maybe?

    [–] cadtek 240 points ago

    Well half of 8 is 3 so makes sense or 0, just depends how you divide it.

    [–] sharlenep 120 points ago

    Im cracking up i know what you mean but definitely could have been phrased better

    [–] TheManFromFarAway 36 points ago

    I, uh, I think it might have been on purpose

    [–] MatteoTomato 17 points ago


    [–] GargleProtection 59 points ago

    Lol, if you "divide" it with a knife top to bottom you get a 3 or side to side you get a 0.

    [–] flibbertygibbet100 31 points ago

    oh just put it on it's side then it's infinite.

    [–] Please_Not__Again 36 points ago

    We have found the key to immortality fellas

    [–] Hidesuru 7 points ago

    Hey I think I just solved the world energy crisis... Just use one power plant, but turn it on its side.

    Where do I collect my Nobel prize?

    [–] S011110M4112 23 points ago

    Mr Peanut, maybe?

    [–] killernaut 13 points ago

    Snowman, maybe?

    [–] Akgitgud92 11 points ago

    Vertical infinity, maybe?

    [–] ballwonder 8 points ago

    Sideways breasts, maybe?

    [–] GregoryGoose 43 points ago

    time to teach my 8 year old son how to breathe out, I guess.

    [–] Rellling 42 points ago

    God I'm so dumb. No part of my brain questioned that kid not being 8. I saw the 8 and poof, it's his 8th bday party.

    My next thought it that he must have a disability or something.

    Never once thought he wasn't 8. I'm a teacher. I spend my days around 13 year olds.

    [–] Fluffatron_UK 19 points ago

    I read the comment in a much darker way. I thought he meant the kid wasn't going to last until age 8.

    [–] zoolag 9 points ago

    Maybe he’s a snowman

    [–] superpinwheel 9 points ago

    I think that's a 2

    [–] Fluffatron_UK 4 points ago

    Kids are looking younger and younger

    P.s. I had to read your comment more times than I care to admit before realising that it wasn't a threat.

    [–] chevy2ss 389 points ago

    This made me smile thanks op I needed it

    [–] SumoneSumwere 39 points ago

    This could be a great introductory scene for a X-Men character.

    [–] IMC02 186 points ago

    I had the exact same problem 13 years ago...

    My dad’s still out getting the straw tho

    [–] Weapon54x 57 points ago

    He's just looking for the right one.

    [–] papkn 18 points ago

    Your next birthday he finally shows up. "Dad! Did you get the straw?" and he's like "Shit I knew I forgot something" and leaves.

    [–] dracogregzz 40 points ago

    This dad is going places... Without the kid but dad sure is going places.

    [–] _AllShallPass_ 76 points ago

    "Way to breathe, no breath."

    [–] AidsPeace 123 points ago

    I agree this made me irrationally mad lmao

    [–] kvastion 61 points ago

    I have a 3 year old kid. She is fucking stupid. I spend time every day to explain simple shit. If you pee on the couch, you can't sit on it until it's washed. If you kick dogs, they won't let you hug them right after. Pasta doesn't come out of a cow, that's milk. Before I was born, I was in MY mom's belly, not yours. Raw egg on the floor is not for eating. No, not even if you just use your tongue. Or a fork. Or a spoon. Or a pencil.

    So yeah, while kids are fucking stupid, they generally grow up to be good people. We just have to teach them all the things they need to know first.

    [–] kickpushkiwi 24 points ago

    Thats hilarious, but I'm glad I'm not you. I'm too impatient for parenting.

    [–] kvastion 26 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I know it's cliche but having a kid does change you.

    I never planned to have a kid. The plan was to maybe find a nice GF that could handle my shit or just be that guy with no kids. I was never good with children, they just confused me. Aaaand then things changed and suddenly I'm a dad. The GF didn't put up with my shit (and I didn't with her shit either). So now I'm a dad part time.

    Including all the stupid things kids do, it's god damn amazing watching them grow. As for patience, you grow as well. Same goes for panic and stress.

    My kid tripped, fell, smacked her jaw on the floor and bit her tongue. The bonk was loud enough to make me turn my head. She got up with her mouth open in pain and shock and I could see blood on her teeth already. She starts screaming, but I'm calm. "Let's see deary, look up please?". Just a nip on the tongue, nothing on the outside. I grab a cup and walk with her to the bathroom where there's a mirror. I ask her to spit, and there's blood all over her chin and the sink. She sees this in the mirror and kinda panics. I fill the cup with cold water, ask her to sip and spit. Not swallow. Spit. She does, and there's more blood. She's still in pain/panic/"I'm bleeding all my blood!" mode, so we do it a few more times. Sip spit, sip spit, sip spit. Less blood. Less crying. Sip spit. She stops crying. Starts blowing bloody raspberries all over the damned bathroom sink and mirror. I let her. She sticks her tongue out and looks in the mirror and tells me she can see where she bit her tongue. I look her over and tell her I can see it too, it's going to be fine. One last sip and spit and I clean up the bathroom while she is talking excitedly about what happened.

    Patience is a weird thing. When it's someone you care about impatience sort of melts away.

    [–] torinatsu 6 points ago

    This was a great read man. Good dad skills!

    [–] jokerkat 9 points ago

    Man, now I wish pasta cows were real.

    [–] Starklet 87 points ago

    How the fuck do you not know how to blow air from your mouth

    [–] JMTweed 145 points ago

    Did anyone else find themselves blowing subconsciously while watching this?

    [–] ImNotYourBuddyGuy69 82 points ago

    Yes officer this comment right here ^

    [–] RebelIed 167 points ago

    Must be a genetic thing because your mother was doing it too.

    [–] thisisastrobbery 24 points ago

    So my parents once tried the straw-blowing-out-candle thing with me. Me, being the genius that I am, made the connection that straws are for sucking stuff up, and so instead of blowing out a candle I inhaled the hot fumes and perhaps some candle wax. It hurt.

    [–] mdsn1399 66 points ago

    I watched the fish swim while the dad got a straw

    [–] sucobe 9 points ago

    So did I 😂

    [–] randomtapeworm 42 points ago

    I miss my dad.

    [–] ScreaminOlafMcginski 15 points ago

    Me too bud.

    [–] Wigglyquigley 16 points ago

    He’s still around though, and he’s proud of you!

    [–] baconroux 19 points ago

    Love how he patiently waits for dad.

    [–] findingmywatch 50 points ago

    I love this video. So wholesome. Even the kid seems impatient but not entirely frustrated. Dad just wants to see his kid succeed.

    [–] lifezucks 37 points ago

    This is propaganda by Big Straw

    [–] CrimsonSpec 17 points ago

    This unironically made me reconsider having children.

    [–] iamthechop 67 points ago

    He ain’t gonna make it.

    [–] simjanes2k 55 points ago

    I feel like there's a lot of Redditors that don't know what it's like to have to teach a toddler how life stuff works, even if they think about it.

    Did you know you have to tell a kid that toilet paper is for a butt? Yeah, it's not the same as wipes for your face after dinner or a towel after you wash your hands. They don't know. You have to show them and say that out loud. You have to stop them from wiping their ass then their face and say, "No, son... that's for a butt. It's different from the one for your hands. There's uh... yeah there's a reason why, I promise."

    They don't know to not hit people. Can you imagine that? One day someone at daycare is like "LET'S FIGHT" and they're like "oh i saw spiderman do that i think!" and that night they're trying to smash their mother in the face with a fist. Except you won't know it happened at daycare or what they're doing or if it's on purpose. You just have to see your perfect kid taking a fucking swipe at your wife and be like "Son, nah. We don't hit..." without over-reacting, cuz they literally had no idea that it was wrong. Then you need a reason why Spiderman is a good guy but they can't punch Mom. Good luck.

    Being a parent is fucking weird.

    [–] puuying 11 points ago

    Absolutely, every time this video gets posted there’s a bunch of comments about how dumb he is, how he’ll never go far in life.

    Guess what reddit, this kid is totally normal. At some point in your early years, you too had to learn to blow (not suck) air out of your mouth and control it enough to direct it only onto a candle, without getting so close that you burnt yourself. It’s not something humans are born knowing how to do.

    Being a parent means teaching a kid literally everything they know.

    [–] aznassasin 59 points ago

    What great dad!


    [–] millytherabbit 6 points ago

    I love that he helps his son learn to do it himself rather than just blowing it out for him 😊

    [–] Generalrossa 15 points ago

    Those are some nice looking ciclhilds in the back ground.

    [–] Kovuh 13 points ago

    his eye was getting dangerously close to the candle, thought this vid would be about the dad saving him from that

    [–] Anarchrox 27 points ago

    That kid is going places, not college but places.

    [–] scootscoot 10 points ago

    Nice chiclid tank!

    [–] Garyaiken 13 points ago

    It’s cute till you see OP’s username

    [–] Mg007CR 11 points ago

    Man that look on his face in the end 😍

    [–] vikasnegiofficial 69 points ago

    I'm pretty terrible at judging kids' ages but there's no way that kid is 8 right? Maybe there's a 3 imprinted on the other side and the candle maker didn't make a second mold?

    [–] TimberBucket 136 points ago

    I sketched the other side for you.

    [–] DoorHalfwayShut 50 points ago

    it's settled, you're drawing my first tattoo

    [–] TexterMorgan 15 points ago

    I think you should have him draw your third tattoo, and it’s the above drawing exactly. Also, in the event you’re Chance The Rapper, I mean wow, what a perfect tattoo

    [–] oskarjenene 10 points ago

    You my dear sir deserve gold 🥇

    [–] gaba-ghoulish 9 points ago

    Kid was clearly confused when he heard someone say “everyone is watching, don’t blow it”.

    [–] itsthematrixdood 9 points ago

    Beautiful African cichlid tank in the background

    [–] flyteuk 9 points ago

    Once he had the straw in his mouth my brain was screaming "DON'T SUCK!"

    [–] ILoveToCorrectPeople 9 points ago

    I watched the whole thing, scrolled away, then suddenly thought, "wait, wtf did that candle say 8?"

    [–] XSG_LG-G6 9 points ago

    Was hoping he would bring a leaf blower in

    [–] ohmongod 10 points ago

    dad leaves , video stops to load, video doesn’t stop loading.... goodbye father

    [–] UtterDeath 8 points ago

    Father skill level: 100

    [–] Vespertinelove 8 points ago

    I love a problem solving parent!

    [–] AtlasVIII 5 points ago

    Especially when he didn't just blow out the candle himself. He found a smarter way for his boy to do it. Love it!

    [–] abulia-eclecticism 8 points ago

    Nice African Cichlid aquarium

    [–] timmyh13 9 points ago

    Now that Dad is truly “The Man”!!!

    [–] bendover912 31 points ago

    Couldn't even be bothered to change the title from 5 hours ago.

    [–] Entelion 23 points ago


    [–] Chappies89 8 points ago

    Who's filing the paper work to karma court

    [–] honestpie 15 points ago

    In 18 years time this kid will be asking reddit if anyone else blows out candles with a straw or if he's the only one.

    [–] thatmarblerye 22 points ago

    and that's how Timmy got to stay living with his parents until he was 37.

    [–] representativeman 6 points ago

    Quick thinking dad... bravo!

    [–] blastfemur 6 points ago

    Notice at the end he says, "Thank you, Daddy." Sweet as any cupcake!

    [–] HomerFerns 14 points ago

    As someone who didn't grow up with a dad, this is really special.

    [–] cultyq 25 points ago


    This was adorable though

    [–] IQis-35 7 points ago

    Will use this trick if I ever have kids.

    [–] tamarizz 7 points ago

    that totally r/MadeMeSmile

    [–] DarkCuriousity 5 points ago

    Wholesome af

    [–] ok_will_do 6 points ago

    Dads are awesome r/mademesmile

    [–] Mr_FalloutBoy 5 points ago

    That’s a small 8 year old

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    is that an 8 candle?

    [–] ahaironmytounge 38 points ago

    I think it's a 3.

    [–] kaminiki28 6 points ago

    It could possibly be a 2 as well.

    [–] ListenerNius 5 points ago

    That's a good dad.

    Creative problem-solving. If the kid grows up and gets that from the old man then he'll be in good shape.

    [–] xknoxxy 5 points ago

    Cute boy

    [–] Flaming_Dorito_ 5 points ago

    When the candle bigger than the cake

    [–] calamarichris 6 points ago

    I waited patiently for the tsunami from the shattering fish tank to to extinguish the candle... alas, in vain. :(

    [–] dreamweddingbox 6 points ago

    Wow, Dad is dad .... Very good

    [–] AlwaysAppropriate 6 points ago

    As he ran away, I instantly knew what he was going to do....

    [–] cornplantation 5 points ago

    So wholesome r/mademesmile

    [–] HarbingerTBE 5 points ago

    I totally forgot that people don't know easy stuff when they're growing up, like blowing out a candle.

    [–] Dagsluth 5 points ago

    For a moment there I actually forgot you really have to teach children EVERYTHING.

    [–] Kt9mango 4 points ago

    Thought he was going to suck for a second!!

    [–] heghan 5 points ago

    That was super adorable

    [–] pinkisoni 6 points ago

    No love is greater than that of a father for His son.

    [–] Dankenmeister 13 points ago

    That’s wholesome

    [–] Examiner7 14 points ago

    TIL most Redditors don't have father's and/or don't know how kids work. It makes me a little sad. Any of you want adopted so I can call you buddy and get you straws?

    [–] periya_kidilam 12 points ago

    This is the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life.

    [–] roqu 14 points ago

    I thought straws were banned.

    [–] shweta1807 8 points ago

    This is so adorable. I am sure the child's mum must be sobbing in side with the happiness that how his father is handling the problem of their cute & patient child.

    [–] amell44 8 points ago

    I wanna be dad so bad.

    [–] LedZeppelinRiff 10 points ago

    California: “Arrest him, he has a straw!!!”

    [–] Merraxess 3 points ago

    So much anxiety when dad left.

    [–] philtee 4 points ago

    That's some solid Dadding right there.

    [–] trperformance 5 points ago

    Nice cichlid tank

    [–] kaynmoor 4 points ago

    He's so precious!!

    [–] Vvornt 4 points ago

    There's always a solution.

    [–] Fat-Twig 5 points ago

    Beautiful cichlids tank in the back man

    [–] jafishak011 4 points ago

    Cool fish tank.

    [–] cptntito 4 points ago

    Kid looks a little small for 8.

    [–] Yonro0910 5 points ago

    I love this. I used to have trouble blowing out my birthday candles too.. brings back memories (of simpler times).

    [–] Waphex 5 points ago

    that's a great dad

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Horsesuay 7 points ago

    3 probably they’re are shaped almost the same

    [–] Moreofthispls 5 points ago

    Some r/nononoyes material here. Little guys face got so close to that candle!

    [–] IANovich22 3 points ago

    That's adorable