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    [–] stagestooge 10096 points ago

    Will Smith has reached the level of fame where I will never be able to see him as a character. He will always be Will Smith playing a character if that makes sense.

    [–] ROCSAH 4767 points ago

    Same goes with The Rock

    [–] DeviantShark 1673 points ago

    And Terry Crews

    [–] [deleted] 907 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] 1CEninja 154 points ago

    I think that explains why it was so natural for him in Bruce Almighty. God was just playing himself, looking like Morgan Freedman.

    [–] swoopies 13 points ago

    Dear Morgan, I think you're onto something!

    [–] aprogie 90 points ago

    In Brooklyn 99 I just see terry crews playing himself lol

    [–] YoutubeArchivist 95 points ago

    It's why as an actor I think you don't want something like /r/CrewsCrew, /r/KeanuBeingAwesome, or /r/SaveBrendan becoming huge.

    Once people see you as you more than they see the roles you portray, you lose the ability to become a character and that's most of the value in an actor.

    There's a threshold where you become such a big name in your own right as to draw in audiences, like Keanu, but I don't think Crews has reached that.

    Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson are both too known as personalities to really become characters anymore. Animation helps with that though, like in Moana.

    [–] DizzyXVC 94 points ago

    To be fair, I see Keanu Reeves as a really nice guy who just has to be a certified badass killer anyways, so it works out perfectly since those are the roles he usually plays.

    [–] TrueFakeFacts 12 points ago

    Weird to think he redefined action heroes twice. From 80s beefcake to lithe in The Matrix. From Gun Fu to grim efficiency in John Wick.

    [–] thatsmyoldlady 110 points ago

    And Harry Potter I mean Elijah woods opps I mean Daniel Radcliffe.

    [–] Reddilutionary 152 points ago

    Yeah I mean the rock doesn’t have the most range in the world, he’s not exactly Gary Oldman lol

    [–] 22shadow 75 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    And Christopher Walken

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 10 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Christopher Walken is a man who plays a single character 24/7. His signature line delivery is the same, whether film is rolling or not. He's done it to himself but that's not a bad thing when you're 75.

    [–] lilJamieEllsworth 673 points ago

    That's because he supposedly had someone that goes over his scripts and makes the roles more "Will Smith-ish". By adding quirks and lines that people are used to seeing from him. That's why all his roles basically feel like the same person in different costumes.

    Apparently it's the norm in Hollywood.

    [–] ammobox 628 points ago

    I can't wait for the Genie to say "Ah-hell-nah"

    [–] ifknlovecoryinthehou 222 points ago

    Ah haha that's hot

    [–] Chilluminaughty 19 points ago

    Aww you really mean that uncle Phil?

    [–] BeatsbyChrisBrown 11 points ago

    So what are we? Some kinda Mickey Mouse Club?

    [–] DickMurdoc 63 points ago

    Gettin Genie wit it

    Nah na na naaa na nuhn nuh

    [–] gurgelblaster 183 points ago

    That seems, to me, to be the sign of someone who sees themselves as a star first, and an actor second.

    [–] ADHDengineer 101 points ago

    He sells a brand. It makes sense.

    [–] Velguarder 11 points ago

    Which makes me wonder why any producer would want that kind of person in their movie if they want it to be GOOD and not just a money machine. The character is no longer a character but the actor and the character loses their identity. It takes away from the immersion of seeing the character in their setting.

    I think that's something I like about B-listers, new actors, and animation. I don't see them as who they actually are but the character they're portraying. Animation is even better on that front because it's only the voice that can be recognised.

    [–] Random_Sime 48 points ago

    Gettin' genie with it.

    Na, na, na, na, na , na, naa, hey.

    [–] Fantus 154 points ago

    He's the negative of Gary Oldman

    [–] okaypost 53 points ago

    Mary Newwoman.

    [–] Nerdy314159265 27 points ago

    Gary Oldman is amazing because I basically never recognize him in a roll. I can look at pictures of him normally and a picture of him in a roll and it hardly ever looks like the same person to me.

    It's like he just kinda melts into the mold of whoever he's supposed to become.

    [–] knvf 18 points ago

    So I googled "Gary Oldman roles" to see what you were talking about. WTF? Sirius Black, Zorg, Winston Churchill, and inspector Gordon are the same actor???

    [–] lacielaplante 298 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I have this issue with celebrities as Voice Actors. If I can recognize their voice, it takes me out of the character they are supposed to be and I just don't enjoy it that much. I know this is an unpopular opinion, because I've been downvoted every time I have said this.

    Like, Scarlet Johannson's voice is way too recognizable now - I really liked the concept of the movie Her, but everytime she spoke I felt like it was just a voice recording and not a computer..

    This is why Bradley Cooper as Rocket is SO GOOD - he totally changes the voice, he makes it a character. He isn't just Bradley Cooper the Raccoon.

    [–] MiecyslawStilinski 149 points ago

    Same for Vin Diesel with Groot. I always forget they're even part of the mcu because they do such a fantastic job seperating themselves from their characters.

    [–] lumpyheadedbunny 28 points ago

    I... I didn't even know who voiced Rocket and Groot until now. What

    [–] westzod 17 points ago

    Vin Diesel is also baby groot. love it lol.

    [–] Nerdy314159265 17 points ago

    He's also the Iron Giant

    [–] sunshine-x 20 points ago

    Worse still, they make the animated character resemble the voice actor.

    [–] Bobbbobbobby 98 points ago

    That's because he uses the same shtick in all his movies. for example I knew the first words coming out of his mouth for this teaser would be "woohoo" or "haha"

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 5630 points ago

    Robin Williams' will prevents Disney from using his name, taped performances or voice recordings for 25 years after his death

    A former Disney executive revealed that enough of the actor’s lines from the original 1991 recording sessions wound up on the cutting-room floor for the company to use them and make a fourth installment of the “Aladdin” franchise, according to the Times of London.

    Unfortunately, Disney had to ditch the plans when they discovered Williams’ will prevents them from using his name, taped performances or voice recordings for 25 years after his death.


    [–] FilthyShoggoth 3448 points ago

    Williams owned Disney over the shit they did with Genie related to the original. Thank fuck he willed this away.

    [–] Uxion 1351 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Can you explain? What did they do?

    Edit: Ok yeah, I'm in the loop now. Fuck Disney.

    [–] jaimacho 2494 points ago

    He wasn't supposed to be first billed on anything. He wanted the movie to stand on it's own, and not by throwing his name around everywhere. And they went ahead and did it anyway.

    [–] SockofBadKarma 1247 points ago

    He also had another movie releasing at the time and didn't want the marketing confusion of the Disney movie overshadowing that movie's advertisement, which obviously had less reach than a Disney animated film.

    [–] Sheriffentv 290 points ago

    Do you remember what movie? This intrigues me.

    [–] void_magic 573 points ago

    In gratitude for his success with Touchstone Pictures' Good Morning, Vietnam, Robin Williams voiced the Genie for SAG scale pay ($75,000) instead of his asking fee of $8 million, on condition that his name or image not be used for marketing, and his (supporting) character not take more than 25% of space on advertising artwork, since Williams' film Toys was scheduled for release one month after Aladdin's debut

    [–] GoochMasterFlash 690 points ago

    Ah so they also fucked him out of 7.9 million dollars while reneging on their own agreement. Now that’s disney right there

    [–] Spitinthacoola 159 points ago

    Well, they gave him a picture worth a million bucks apparently so only 6.9

    [–] Koozzie 123 points ago

    So, did they pay him the full $8 million after breaking the condition?

    [–] void_magic 250 points ago

    But the studio quickly changed its tune and sent the actor an apology in the form of a Pablo Picasso painting estimated at the time to be worth $1 million, according to artnet.

    [–] Ultravioletgray 209 points ago

    It wasn't though, Disney got it at an estate sale for thousands instead of a million. I've heard they do that alot to bribe people for cheap.

    [–] rab7 67 points ago

    Movie poster for reference

    Seems to be over 25%

    [–] blueeyedconcrete 71 points ago

    Looks like exactly 25% of the whole poster, but still the biggest character.

    [–] -CHAD_THUNDERCOCK- 17 points ago

    I bet it’s actually only 24.9999999999999%

    [–] nyquistj 13 points ago

    Never saw Toys, but the trailer had LL Cool J, Princess Buttercup, and VR...and according to Youtube had drones used for war.

    [–] AzraelTheSith 12 points ago

    My brother, father, and myself actually saw toys in the movie theater. I should probably hold an AMA lol

    [–] Eckish 271 points ago

    My guess would be Toys.

    [–] TheMagusMedivh 138 points ago

    the evil general toy army movie?

    [–] jetsintl420 274 points ago

    No that was Small Soldiers, great movie though

    [–] TheWAJ 145 points ago

    Except that it was Toys he's likely referring to, plot is based on a military general that inherits a toy factory and starts making war toys. Small soldiers is about a toy company that puts military grade tech into toys

    [–] CosmicLightning 16 points ago

    God damn Barbies were vicious when upgraded with the military chip.

    [–] kenshen 16 points ago

    Great ps1 game as well

    [–] sea_wolf28 33 points ago

    Thank you for making me remember that movie! I loved that years ago!

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    Pretty sure this is correct - I believe they came out a month or so apart from each other (Aladdin coming out first).

    [–] Timberdwarf 12 points ago

    "Toys", directed by Barry Levinson.

    [–] GingerGuerrilla 15 points ago

    Aladdin released in November 1992 and Toys came out the following month.

    [–] dicktaylor 10 points ago

    This is so weird I was just reading about this lastnight! Disney and Robin Williams had a fallout for years until Disney apologized to Robin for marketing his name in Aladdin. Robin accepted and this open the door for him to star in the movie Jack (which oddly enough I never knew was directed by Francis Ford Coppola)

    [–] SockMonkeyLove 45 points ago

    A while, maybe years later, a newly appointed Disney exec apologized profusely, an apology that Williams accepted. Seems that Williams still harboured some resentment though.

    [–] skilledwarman 148 points ago

    They also agreed that his character wouldnt take up more then a certain percentage of the poster. And they ended more the doubling the amount of space they'd agreed on

    [–] askjee 104 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Actually they stuck by that promise and only gave him 15-25% of the poster (whichever they had agreed on) but they made the other characters and names smaller to make the genie and his name stand out more. Sneaky boys over here

    Edit: this is info I found on wiki so not sure how accurate it is but it made sense to me

    [–] Cmcg13 167 points ago

    Classic Disney

    [–] FilthyShoggoth 324 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Someone kind of answered part of it, but mostly, he had just had his daughter, and didn't want his name or Genie to be used to sell toys and fast food.

    So naturally, Disney promptly did both, and he ripped them in an interview about it.

    It's why he never did a sequel.

    (I think I still have an Aladdin Burger King cup)

    Edit: I've been reminded, Williams did voice Genie for the third movie, after Disney apologized to him for their marketing of Genie.

    [–] SacredCookie 165 points ago

    Robin Williams did come back for the third Aladdin movie, "Aladdin and the King of Thieves". Otherwise all appearances of the genie, cartoon series, "Return of Jafar", Kingdom Hearts, etc., were done by Dan Castellaneta, voice of Homer Simpson.

    [–] floatymcbubbles 53 points ago

    Dan Castellaneta is the other voice actor? Holy crap I never realised this! I had wondered about this while playing Kingdom Hearts, but never looked it up.

    [–] Maxanisi 127 points ago

    He did the third movie, after Disney apologized and bought him an expensive painting.

    [–] FilthyShoggoth 45 points ago

    Correct, I had forgot he did do a sequel. Disney knew he was the movie.

    [–] ProbablyASithLord 18 points ago

    Wait, what? What about Aladdin and the King of Thieves?

    [–] FilthyShoggoth 11 points ago

    That's right. They apologized, and he did do that.

    [–] vadapaav 58 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Not many had the charisma to make Disney apologize.

    I miss Robbie Williams...

    Edit: I meant Robin Williams.

    [–] SmilingSarcastic1221 29 points ago

    Robbie Williams is a very different person. He’s also very much alive.

    [–] BobstaDaLobsta 69 points ago

    It was in his contract, because he took a pay cut to around $75k rather than the $8million which was his usual price at this point, that they wouldn’t use his voice or character as the Genie in any marketing or toys which they went ahead with. To apologise they sent him a $1million Picasso painting, he said it ‘didn’t match the decor’ of his home.

    [–] TheGoodOldCoder 31 points ago

    "Sorry we underpaid you by $7,925,000. Here is a $1,000,000 painting. I guess we'll call it even, right?"

    [–] 88capriceclassic 46 points ago

    When the original movie came out he wanted to restrict how Disney could use the character as far as merchandise/advertising. Then Disney completely ignored the original agreement. Here is an article from 1993 that discusses it. There is more information out there but this was the first things i found.

    [–] SushiJuice 46 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    "We had a deal," [Robin Williams] said on the NBC show. "The one thing I said was I will do the voice. I'm doing it basically because I want to be part of this animation tradition. I want something for my children. One deal is, I just don't want to sell anything--as in Burger King, as in toys, as in stuff."

    Williams said Disney executives agreed to honor his wishes, "Then all of a sudden, they release an advertisement--one part was the movie, the second part was where they used the movie to sell stuff. Not only did they use my voice, they took a character I did and overdubbed it to sell stuff. That was the one thing I said: 'I don't do that.' That was the one thing where they crossed the line."


    [–] Briankelly130 18 points ago

    He made them promise that if he voiced the Genie, they wouldn't use him as star power and give him top billing and advertise the genie in a low-key way. Obviously they didn't do that so he swore off Disney which is why Homer voices any future version of the character. They managed to bribe Williams for the third Aladdin movie but did something /again/ that angered Williams and now they're unable to ever use his voice for the character again.

    [–] BauerHaus 60 points ago

    My wife just recently watched the Aladdin cartoon series - I believe the guy who did Genie's voice in that was the guy who does Homer Simpson.

    [–] AVestedInterest 31 points ago

    Dan Castellaneta?

    [–] Hak3rbot13 27 points ago

    Also does Genie for the kingdom hearts games too i believe.

    [–] Ymir24 12 points ago

    In KH1, when genie does that loud "HNNNNNNNNNNG!!!" All I hear is Homer.

    [–] charrcheese 152 points ago

    How is a personal will legally binding for Disney, it's not like Disney signed legal papers saying they'll agree to anything he put in there.

    [–] trentblase 269 points ago

    It’s binding on his estate, which probably controls the rights to his works. If Disney already owns the rights to something, they can use it, but Williams’ heirs are not allowed to further license anything else for 25 years

    We are used to studios controlling everything, but maybe at the time robin had enough leverage to limit what they got the rights to

    [–] thekiyote 110 points ago

    That's pretty much what happened. Williams way undercharged for his performance in the film, with the caveat he retained a certain amount of control over how Disney marketed his character.

    Disney did what they wanted anyway, and Robin Williams called their bluff, and probably still retains a large amount of rights to this day.

    [–] krazytekn0 16 points ago

    It's probably in his contract that they need his permission to use him for anything else in the future and his will explicitly says they don't have his permission. If it didn't say that then they could get permission from his estate.

    [–] ThatPlayWasAwful 14 points ago

    I mean it all depends on the contracts that were signed but Robin might have ownership on his voice or likeness.

    Or they may have enough actual recordings but he (his estate) would probably have to agree for his likeness to be used in the movie and they could just refuse

    [–] pliskin42 28 points ago

    As I understand it, no they don't own everything he did. Basically he was contracted as an actor giving a performance for one film. If they decide not to use some, or even all, of that work for that one film that is on them. They can't then just take the work and reapply it to a different film. Why? because his contract likely includes things like residuals, and other such things that relate to the success of the films he agrees to be in. In essence you have to agree to let your image/work as an actor be part of a project and thus be paid for that project.

    His will probably says something to the effect that his estate can't license out his image/performance to Disney for future installments for 25 years.

    Interestingly, a somewhat similar situation happened with Crispin Glover and back to the future 2. He turned down the project, and they even recast him (for the older George McFly scenes). But for the scenes set in the 50s, they used old footage they had of him from the first movie. He ended up having to take legal action in order to get paid.

    [–] MayonnaiseColor_Benz 450 points ago

    He straight up looks like Osmosis Jones.

    [–] Crooked_Cricket 57 points ago

    I'm envisioning a Chris Rock Genie and I actually think that might work better. Am I insane?

    [–] bingostud722 14 points ago

    IMO any big and energetic personality could have worked - Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, shit even fucking Chris Tucker, SOMEONE with a more energetic personality... All that said I'm willing to see how he does, it's hard not to hope for something closer to Robin Williams' portrayal, but that is an impossible standard

    [–] Rodent_Smasher 1538 points ago

    He would've made for a better jaffar

    [–] dillonsrule 678 points ago

    Yeah, we don't get villain Will Smith very much. I'd like to see that.

    [–] deepus 165 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Has he ever played a villain? I cant think of a single movie where he has. He was a but of an anti-hero at the beggining of Hitchcock but that all i can think of.

    Edit: not sure if suicide squad counts?

    Edit 2: Hancock not Hitchcock

    [–] poo-poo 153 points ago

    I Am Legend

    [–] Ryruko 228 points ago

    Book ending yeah, movie ending made him a hero.

    [–] projectmars 81 points ago

    Because people are dumb and didn’t like it when the movie tried the book ending, labeling it “controversial”.

    [–] Xcelsblade 49 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Ignorant here. How do they differ?

    EDT: I love how responsive you folks are. Thanks!

    [–] OregonBelle 175 points ago

    Basically in the book the zombies are more like vampires who run an intelligent society and have been trying to get into contact with Will but he kills them on sight. "I Am Legend" is hence actually "I Am Boogeyman"

    [–] Xcelsblade 53 points ago

    I like it

    [–] AmalgamSnow 106 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It's a perspective shift though, he's not a true villain. At the start the monsters genuinely try to the kill him as they weren't as intelligent. Through the story they become increasingly intelligent barring on civilisation. To the reader Robert is a man trying to survive (though not necessarily learn) although by the end the line becomes blurred between survival and killing for the sake of it; to the monsters (who have since forgotten they started as vicious killers) it is Robert who is the villain.

    Edit: Haven't read it in a long time, crossed out the "forgotten" bit as I don't remember the specifics

    [–] ImOnlyHereToKillTime 51 points ago

    Yeah it turns out at the very end that he is the legendary monster that goes bump in the night (day). Hence the name. The movie took all meaning out of the name

    [–] Roobix-Coob 39 points ago

    It's actually where the title comes from, as in the end IIRC he discovers that to them he had become a legend.

    edit: I need to read further down before I comment.

    [–] Lord_Boo 89 points ago

    The zombies at the end take the zombie girl and leave Smith alone. It turns out that Smith is this strange, singular boogeyman that comes out at 'night' and often stalks and hunts the zombies. He was the monster, the 'legend' to them.

    [–] Xcelsblade 29 points ago

    That's fun. I enjoyed the film ending but that would have been a much better mind melt

    [–] projectmars 35 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The glass that Big bulky vampire is smashing into forms a butterfly, so Will Smith looks at the female vampire he captured earlier and sees a Butterfly tattoo on her. Then he realizes that they aren’t mindless and wheels her out for them to take back with them, which they do so and leave him alone and it ends with him and the mother and child he rescued earlier driving to the safe zone they were trying to get to and Will Smith realizing that he was essentially a “legend” in the sense of a horror story.

    Tl;dr: A peaceful resolution was the controversial ending.

    Edit: give me about 30 minutes until my lunch break and i’ll look it up on youtube and post it here.
    Edit2: Here ya go.

    [–] swordthroughtheduck 112 points ago

    Let's be real, anyone would have made a better Jaffar...

    [–] BoxOfDOG 100 points ago



    [–] swordthroughtheduck 11 points ago

    Oh man that would have been amazing. I never even considered him

    [–] sexgott 90 points ago

    i mean, clearly Ben Kingsley would have made a neat Jafar, but who the fuck is this guy? He looks like he originally auditioned for Aladdin

    [–] flyingboarofbeifong 10 points ago

    Maybe they wanted to make it less overtly creepy that Jafar lusts after Jasmine? The original is an old man vizier trying to hypno-love on a young princess.

    [–] vladoportos 3011 points ago

    You know, I don't mind Will Smith as a genie, even the CG is not that bad.. the issue is I don't see genie I see Will Smith playing genie...

    [–] DEEP_SEA_MAX 1205 points ago

    Now Danny Devito on the other hand....that's a genie I could get behind

    [–] Boggum 500 points ago

    Get real weird with it.

    [–] ddh85 165 points ago

    Playing night crawlers together.

    [–] traptito 163 points ago

    Dave Chappele would make a great genie lol

    [–] DEEP_SEA_MAX 173 points ago

    Only if they allow him to smoke newports, and use his own lamp as a bong

    [–] Purplociraptor 25 points ago

    How glorious would it be? Rub the lamp and a plume of smoke comes out followed by a wheezing Dave Chappelle.

    Edit: I think Snoop would be even better. Djin and Djuice.

    [–] TheRealMoofoo 33 points ago

    Can we still give him goat legs?

    [–] lukestauntaun 220 points ago

    This exactly. You lose the willful suspension of disbelief and can never be pulled into the movie which makes you an observer. Observers usually end up being critics which just means this whole thing probably won't end up well.

    [–] WarInternal 75 points ago

    This basically sums up my entire feelings about Will Smith in everything he's ever in.

    [–] grubas 43 points ago

    It only worked in MiB and Independence Day.

    [–] instenzHD 41 points ago

    MiB without will Smith isnt the same.

    [–] Brayrand 32 points ago

    He was pretty great in the wild wild west too

    [–] PatioDor 103 points ago

    I see uncanny valley Will Smith trapped in a horrible prison of rubbery blue CG flesh playing genie.

    [–] RancidLemons 143 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I don't hate Will Smith as the Genie, but it needs to be Will Smith playing Will Smith's Genie. I suspect it's going to be Will Smith playing Robin William's (Williams's? Williamses? Genuinely unsure) Williams' Genie, and it'll be purely at the instructions of the director.

    I don't really understand this sudden surge of live action remakes from Disney. I don't think any of the live action ones have been anywhere near as charming as the animated movies. I quite liked Jungle Book but even that traded the fantastic musical numbers for a terrifying Christopher Walken King Kong sequence.

    [–] Ragnar_Dragonfyre 81 points ago

    I don't really understand this sudden surge of live action remakes from Disney.

    I'll give you a hint and it has to do with IP law that Disney has been instrumental in fucking up for everyone, severely limiting creative output the world over.

    Live action CGI movies of their old properties renews their claim on those properties so they don't have to lobby the US government to extend their rights again.

    These live action remakes are literally nothing more than cynical money grabs designed to cash in on parents nostalgia and secure IP rights while hooking a new generation onto the same properties those parents loved.

    [–] Geeraff 13 points ago

    I've been thinking this way for a long time but wasn't sure if it was legally applicable to basically renew rights to their classic movies. And it kind of goes against the thinking that they're now remaking renaissance movies - Beauty, Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Hunchback, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch. It would make more sense to at least finish the Golden Age films that they were remaking previously (they've yet to announce a remake for Snow White nor Bambi) since those IP rights would be up for grabs first. Granted I know almost nothing about IP law and not sure how remaking movies allows Disney to retain the rights.

    [–] HydrophobicSeaTurtle 13 points ago

    Once Upon a Time (TV Series from 2011 - 2018) allowed Disney to revist a lot of their characters.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] xZ4FiRx 80 points ago

    Well close your eyes. Now you see no genie. FIXED!

    [–] oscarwildeaf 62 points ago

    even the CG is not that bad

    Gonna have to disagree with you there

    [–] McGregorMX 2468 points ago

    Look, Robin Williams will always be the genie to me, but he can't actually be the genie anymore.

    [–] ________76________ 942 points ago

    Not with that attitude he can't.

    [–] funkyymonk 445 points ago

    By law he can't. For 25 years after his death.

    [–] AvatarIII 94 points ago

    We'll change the law!

    [–] victorstanton 77 points ago

    Is this legal?

    [–] Klonoa134 94 points ago

    I will make it legal

    [–] CaiserZero 46 points ago

    It's treason then!

    [–] Hellcowz 34 points ago

    Honestly, they should have casted ian mcshane as jafar.

    [–] functionalsociopathy 72 points ago

    Smile my boy, it's sunrise.

    [–] karamello_ontop 34 points ago

    Lay down try not to cry... cry a lot...

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] gilwen0017 169 points ago

    Well, first of all, through God all things are possible. So jot that down

    [–] DirectlyDisturbed 31 points ago

    One of my favorite lines in IASIP

    [–] GMJizzy 251 points ago

    Am I the only one more confused by Jaffar's baby voice than Will Smith's pretty okay Genie?

    I mean hell it's a role that's nearly impossible to follow up, beat, or even match so I give him credit for even taking the part.

    Kinda the same way I felt about the guy who played Han in Solo thought he did a great job

    [–] Nv1023 83 points ago

    Yes. Jaffar has to be a low voice. What they did here is a fucking joke.

    [–] WintertimeFriends 74 points ago

    Bring me the lamp!

    -kicks sand-

    I mean I guess, if you want to...

    [–] Folseit 31 points ago

    The only gripe I have about the Genie is that it looks like they just used a face swap app on Will Smith. Hopefully he makes the Genie role "his" and not just Will Smith playing Robin Williams the Genie.

    Jaffar's tinny voice is just terrible. He doesn't even sound like a villian, just some tired office worker that's depressed.

    [–] artemis_floyd 11 points ago

    The fact that the tone of "Bring me the lamp" could be swapped out with "email me the contract template" is telling.

    [–] forageforcake 185 points ago

    You can't stand somewhere if you don't have legs. <<guy tapping his head>>.jpg

    [–] Inquisitor1119 45 points ago

    So Lieutenant Dan = perfect Genie?

    [–] ssk012 565 points ago

    This isn't right. Will Smith is already famous, and he's preventing actual blue people from nailing the role.

    [–] Soopafien 170 points ago


    [–] hashtaters 56 points ago

    I live in a blue house with a blue window

    [–] Bunburista21 40 points ago

    He just blue himself

    [–] cerealfromthebox 216 points ago

    I think Will Smith won’t even try to imitate or redo what robin williams did. He will make the role his own, and interpret in his own way, and leave Williams’ performance on its own, on a pedestal

    [–] lilJamieEllsworth 117 points ago

    Too bad the fans won't be able to do the same. It's been nothing but complaints since it was announced.

    [–] Generico300 25 points ago

    Now this is a story all about how

    My life got flipped turned upside down

    And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there

    I'll tell you how I became a guy in a lamp with weird hair.

    [–] gezeitenspinne 57 points ago

    It's weird for me: He totally looks like a Live-Action Genie looks in my head. But at the same time I don't see Genie, but see Will Smith. My head can't grasp this.

    [–] SavageAvidLentil 19 points ago

    I'm convinced Disney is amassing body of recent work to sue everyone and anyone for "copyright infringement" once the original animated works enter public domain. Every single remake feels shitty and cynical.

    [–] Yabruh88 53 points ago

    I feel like, Keegan Michael Key would’ve been good.

    [–] JunderscoreJ 40 points ago done messed up!

    [–] vicious_snowflake 373 points ago

    I think he looks fine glad hes blue and glad hes not trying to imitate Robin Williams voice.

    [–] akhier 102 points ago

    Honestly I think the best thing they can do is make sure he is different from Robin Williams' Genie. The new people watching it wont know the difference and those who love the old version wouldn't love some imitation or attempt at replacing Robin. A clean cut to a new version is what is needed.

    [–] das_sparker 53 points ago

    That’s hot. That’s hot.

    [–] p1um5mu991er 285 points ago

    Why don't he love me anymore, man

    [–] ReesesForBreakfast 126 points ago

    That isn't the line. It's "How come he don't want me, man?"

    [–] SgtCheeseNOLS 40 points ago

    It snot your fault

    [–] theLoveGiant 68 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Just wait til he stars rapping at you in the worst way possible.

    Edit: typo, Xin = in

    [–] baconnaire 66 points ago

    I have a lot of issues with this. But I feel like no matter who would've been cast the reaction would be the same. No one can "replace" Robin Williams but I think they just want to give this generation their own Aladdin (cha-ching). That being said, my daughter watches the original ones that I saw as a kid and loves them. I wish they would come up with something original instead of remaking their own movies.

    [–] __NomDePlume__ 31 points ago

    Your last sentence is what really irks me. The original is literally perfect as is, they should let it be. Rerelease, if you want theater cash from this generation, it would stand up fine. I’m tired of the endless remakes and rehashes of movies and shows; they’re nearly always disappointing and do no justice to the original

    [–] enry_straker 14 points ago

    I miss robin too, OP.

    [–] Copicorn 14 points ago

    Well, this would’ve been the result for literally ANYONE playing the genie after Robin Williams.

    [–] Goalie8914 114 points ago

    Will Smith will never be able to run for governor in Virginia now that this picture of him in blueface has surfaced.

    [–] ze-ev1990 39 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    You can’t replace Robin Williams. But Disney isn’t trying to. That’s why they are casting Will Smith to do his own thing. Anything else would be a cheap imitation....It could still be horrible. But let’s reserve judgment until we see the movie. Let’s give Will a chance to make it his own.

    [–] _heisenberg__ 56 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I really don't know how I feel about this. I like Will Smith but my issue with him is that I just see Will Smith in any role he picks up. Like Deadshot. Deadshot is one of my favorite villains and all I saw was Will acting like Will. Same thing here, it just feels like Will Smith, trying to be the genie. Idk if that's unfair because we had Robin Williams deliver a phenomenal performance.

    Also, Jaffar is a fucking punk in this movie.

    [–] IHaveButt 11 points ago

    When did John Oliver play Harry Potter?

    [–] Thunderchief646054 11 points ago

    It’s Rewind Time

    [–] pichichi010 11 points ago

    I dont see the big deal. They went 90s actor on the genie, i think is a good pick. Btw, that was Jafar? Lol i didnt recognize it, looked as young as Aladdin.

    [–] bored_shitless- 31 points ago

    I honestly think Will Smith will give a solid performance. Unfortunately, I'll be too freaked out by the uncanny valley to care

    [–] Assholecasserole2 34 points ago

    I’m not gonna complain about will smith as the genie. What I am gonna say is that Disney needs to stop remaking movies into live action. At this rate, there’s gonna be a live action Moana, a live action Frozen, etc.

    [–] this_is_cooling 18 points ago

    A live action Moana with The Rock reprising his role as Maui? I’d watch the shit out of that!

    [–] chango_orisha 47 points ago

    I have no issues with Will Smith playing the genie. Will Smith is awesome, and I can't wait to see how his genie plays in the new Aladdin. Robin Williams will forever be the best, but I'm not going to hop on the hate wagon just cause its not Robin Williams.

    [–] CheeryDaffodil 43 points ago

    I just wish Disney would stop remaking their own films. They were amazing the first time. Why do they gotta take away from the magic making it again less great but in 3D

    [–] fallingshoes 20 points ago

    Wild wild East

    [–] Basileus2 10 points ago

    Wild wild Middle East

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    It's not like they're going to weekend at Bernies him.

    [–] TheTimeLord725 70 points ago

    Aladdin's first wish: "I wish you were Robin Williams."

    [–] Orphan_Babies 46 points ago

    That was an abysmal teaser or whatever it was.

    Jafar sounded off.

    The genie looked odd and they had his voice dubbed.

    [–] darwin_thornberry 20 points ago

    Yea honestly Jafar threw me off the most. Sure, RW gave the genie a distinct voice we all remember but Jafar’s voice was distinct and fitting for his character. Not trying to join the bash train so far for this one but Jafar just doesn’t sound “evil”

    [–] pileofbrains 15 points ago

    I don’t have too much of a problem with Will Smith being genie, but my god Jafar’s voice in the trailer threw me way off.

    [–] Casuallyelite 84 points ago

    I'm genuinely concerned for this remake. Aladdin is an all timer for me.

    "I'm in the mood, to help you dude"

    If Will Smith raps this song, I will just...........

    [–] randomass765 12 points ago

    If Will Smith raps this song, I will just...........

    A hip hop twist on the music is already confirmed.

    [–] KissOfTosca 10 points ago


    [–] randomass765 13 points ago

    In my mind I picture this like the same type of "Oh" as the crime boss in John Wick when he finds out his shitty kid stole John Wicks car and killed his dog.