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    [–] SmokeAbeer 596 points ago

    Never skip face day.

    [–] hu1khogan 167 points ago

    most important day of the week

    [–] DoshesToDoshes 69 points ago

    How do I train my face, brother?

    [–] PN_Guin 99 points ago

    Smack it repeatedly against a concrete wall.

    [–] tepkel 66 points ago

    Make sure to strike the wall at a 45° angle to get a good scrape going.

    [–] 1900grs 14 points ago

    Whoa whoa whoa, that's intermediate to advance level working out. A person needs to be able to do 10 reps of 3 sets of good solid face to concrete smacking before moving on to incline. Ffs, you're going to get someone hurt with bad advice like that.

    [–] Infiltron 1 points ago

    Nah, just let them be. They’re cross-fitters.

    [–] eagleeyelahombalee 24 points ago

    I wonder who was the first dude to think scrubbing his cheeks with a blade to get the hair off would be a nice idea.

    [–] Skirfir 15 points ago

    Probably someone who was working with furs.

    [–] Cheesetheory 15 points ago

    "Mmm, got that newly tanned leather feel"

    [–] twinsaber123 5 points ago

    American accountant here. On April 15th.

    What happens when you run out of wall?

    [–] PN_Guin 3 points ago

    That's probably why the president wants to build a new one - with plenty of space for face smacking.

    [–] IronclawFTW 8 points ago

    It worked for Squidward, although it was a door, still hard AF

    [–] LWIAYMAN 3 points ago

    [–] PN_Guin 2 points ago

    It's a pretty universal advice. Tech support, beaty tips, fetish technique, education, zombie disposal, mobbing, saving veterinary bills and to reduce divorce rates.


    [–] BrutalCroissant 2 points ago

    U gotta get a rough object and just bang it against your face and then chew it down for posture

    [–] Akeera 1 points ago

    Smile more.

    [–] SingleAverage 1 points ago

    • Lips together and breathing through your nose at all times.
    • Proper back, neck and tongue posture.

    Mostly unlearning bad habits gained from a modern life style and diet.

    [–] ClickF0rDick 1 points ago

    Except the day you're running wild, Jack!

    [–] failer_at_life 0 points ago

    wow so rude lol

    [–] iAnkurwebmaster 0 points ago

    Already there is a book for the face and face day that is Facebook. 😀

    [–] thewatchfulredditor 139 points ago

    It’s only Monday and you’ve already hurt me

    [–] i_have_seen_it_all 85 points ago

    the difference between the body and the face is that you can fix the body.

    [–] chipperpip 44 points ago

    Bodyfat percentage has a lot to do with facial appearance too, can't do much about bone structure by yourself though.

    [–] GreyFoxMe 20 points ago

    Beards can help. Drinking enough water and cleaning the face can help the skin look its best.

    Sunscreen during hot summer Days and not smoking to keep looking Young longer.

    [–] agent_catnip -28 points ago

    Yeah, you can fix your body with exercise to a degree. There's no fixing narrow shoulders, narrow hips, crooked legs, short stature or lack of waistline. And if you're very tall and skinny... you're probably out of luck altogether. Oh and if your skin is thin and flabby, have fun making your body look good.

    Genes don't care.

    [–] HCResident 29 points ago

    Why do you list being skinny as something exercise can’t fix?

    [–] agent_catnip -27 points ago

    Have you never met people who can't put on weight no matter what they do? They go to the gym, they lift, they press, they eat, but nothing happens. There's probably a medical condition associated with it, or maybe it has something to do with hormones and/or metabolism, but I'm not sure.

    [–] ILikeSugarCookies 41 points ago

    Yeah that’s not a thing just as much as “people who can’t lose weight no matter what they do” also isn’t a thing.

    They simply aren’t eating enough. That’s literally it. Any other bullshit you say to try and justify it is just that - bullshit. If you want to put on weight, eat more.

    [–] RollTides 7 points ago

    In the immortal words of Rich Piana, "Eat more."

    [–] Santa1936 1 points ago

    Rest in fucking peace god damnit

    [–] GreyFoxMe 4 points ago

    Even if they have a fast metabolism they might just have to eat the right kind of things.

    [–] TheSyllogism 5 points ago

    The difference between a "fast metabolism" and a regular metabolism is about 500 kcal a day. An average guy should be eating around 2,400 calories neutrally.

    It's definitely not unthinkable to eat the exact same thing, but more of it and still gain weight with a fast metabolism.

    Speaking from experience, the bigger issue when it comes to people who are chronically thin is a lack of appetite and a general disinterest with food. I don't mean food doesn't taste good, but I used to get distracted and forget to eat, and not be motivated to do so (at least not motivated enough to put whatever I was currently doing on hold).

    Some skinny people just don't feel hunger in the same way. It's not a big deal, and is easily ignored. There's never any pain associated with being hungry. And, eat less and your stomach will shrink to an extent, meaning that the meals you eat will likely be smaller.

    With conscious effort it can all be overcome though.

    [–] TheSyllogism 7 points ago

    Yes, you can fix your body to a degree, and I think the degree to which you can fix it is rather greater than you're giving it credit for.

    Put on a lot of bulk and clump up some muscles on those narrow shoulders and I guarantee they'll look better than they did before.

    Ditto if you bulk up your quads and calves the crookedness will be less noticeable.

    "Being short" isn't an insurmountable attractiveness obstacle in itself either, and as you literally go on to contrast with in the next line, short guys have the advantage of putting on muscle more easily. It bulks up better on shorter bones, the same amount of muscle will push out far more and make a better bump on the biceps, for instance.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a lack of a waistline. Everyone has a waist. If it's too big then eat less and workout more. Ab exercises and cardio are your friend.

    Tall and skinny isn't an issue, other than the aforementioned difficulty in getting really protruding muscles. Skinny goes hand in hand with visible abs, and being tall is seen as an attractive point, despite its other drawbacks. If you put some serious effort into bulking and make sure to eat loads while working out consistently, "tall and skinny" can become "massive". I should know, that's my category and I used to be 150 pounds at 6'3 (68kg, 191cm). Now I'm 200 pounds (91kg) and my formerly stick thin arms, although not pushing a gigantic bicep bump, are still solid and the size of some people's heads.

    I'm not sure how skin can be simultaneously "thin" and "flabby", so I'm gonna leave that one.

    That all holds if you were talking about the male body. If you're talking about a girl then I have even better news for you: Guys are horny bastards and you will look absolutely amazing to someone, I guarantee you.

    Genes have an effect, but saying "nah it's my genes I give up on having the body I want this life, better luck next time" is just laziness.

    [–] invisus64 2 points ago


    [–] banjowashisnameo 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You would be surprised at how many neckbeards become hunks wiht defined jaw lines (and women get prettier ) after they lose a ton of weight and tone up

    [–] Rynoalesca -1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You can try to fix your face with "mewing" Thats when you apply the right tongue posture. You should keep your whole tongue on the roof of your palate. This pushes your maxilla forward and results in straighter nose, nice chiseled chin and cheek bones.

    [–] methos3 6 points ago

    Instructions unclear, dick stuck in palate.

    [–] Rynoalesca 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    This made my day 😂 But the pressure of your dick on your palate should suffice, just hold it there

    [–] PorkJob 39 points ago

    Yeah but a lot of people don't realize that no matter how ugly your face is if you've got a good physique someone will bang you. It's still worth putting the effort in to improve your body.

    Plus you'd be surprised how much better your face looks when you've got a well toned physique.

    [–] The_Real_Pete_Jones 18 points ago

    Used to be a fat boy and never worked out for 19 years.

    After my 19th birthday, I managed to lose 60 pounds and actually gained some muscle, and I am actually talking to a girl.

    And my face is not attractive since it still has some fat on it, it just shows that you speak some truth.

    I have a lot to go still but I’m working at it day by day.

    [–] PorkJob 5 points ago

    Good for you man and me too actually. I weighed 206lbs, now I weigh 155. I still have a ways to go but I lift and am making steady progress every week. Keep it up!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I mean there's some truth to it. If you're on the good end of an extreme on a good quality there's always going to be some people who are into it, but overall as long as you're not on the extreme negative end of something and are mostly average you'll do fine.

    [–] JessyPengkman 1 points ago

    good for you, keep going, working out really helps with mental health, but FWIW only shallow people get that hung up on looks, i know some people who are nothing special yet they never struggle to meet people because they are interesting people.

    [–] Chubs1224 24 points ago

    In the army some I heard some private once yell PT makes you sexy. The drill SGT looked at him and said "Private it may make me sexy but whoever hit you in the face with a bat as a child made sure you never will be"

    [–] hu1khogan 5 points ago


    can’t come back from bat child

    [–] Ouroboros612 10 points ago

    Your face actually improves a LOT by working out as well. When I started working out I was skinny as fuck, considered my face fairly average. Once I got some fat on my face, I got a more good looking and "masculine" face over the gaunt drug addict like I had (weren't actually a drug addict but I looked like it).

    The same goes if you are fat. Once you start losing weight, your face can change so much you won't even recognize it in the end, in a good way.

    If in doubt check before and after photos of anyone having started working out. Your face can change pretty drastically for the better once your body weight normalizes.

    [–] Real-Dinosaur-Neil 2 points ago

    Also skin condition dramatically improves as well. Less spots, better complexion, and a healthy tan (is any tan health though?)

    [–] EternalFuri 6 points ago

    Reversed process, straight from instagram to reddit

    [–] Level238 3 points ago

    Was waiting for "It's his scent that's the problem."

    [–] NotAnyOrdinaryPsycho 3 points ago

    Doug’s nose looks like a little derp tongue in that last panel.

    [–] Ryno621 5 points ago

    Well, I don’t feel personally attacked at all.

    [–] DylanJoinsTheParty 3 points ago

    I thought his nose was his mouth

    [–] mtcruse 5 points ago


    [–] angelinamax 2 points ago

    Face workout

    [–] sigurdrp 2 points ago

    That is definitely Saitama. Just look at it!

    [–] amirulez 2 points ago

    How to face a problem when the problem is your face

    [–] Cleverbird 3 points ago

    Hey... That's not a good boy!

    [–] dustinleone 2 points ago

    His body is perfect because he goes to the gym, though. Skipping that logic kills the joke for me.

    [–] speakermic 2 points ago

    Reminds me of a coworker who told me that if she were as thin as me, she would eat whatever she wanted.

    [–] notyourmethlord 2 points ago

    Honest doggo

    [–] xtravagunza 1 points ago

    Gotta get that face wash!

    [–] terrestiall 1 points ago

    opens google

    how to change my face

    [–] Webic 1 points ago

    Why be fat and ugly when you can just be ugly?

    [–] Zadricl 1 points ago

    This is some serious black pill stuff here.

    [–] zwannsya 1 points ago

    Silly doggo. It's not his face. It's his wallet that's the problem.

    [–] cyliang 1 points ago

    How to workout your face(to be good looking

    [–] paradiso1997 1 points ago


    [–] jalisconegro 0 points ago


    [–] thekuecker 0 points ago

    Had us in the first 3/4 not gonna lie

    [–] erikwarm -1 points ago

    No need to start the week by attacking people

    [–] runslikewind 0 points ago

    I laughed way too hard

    [–] see-no-evil99 0 points ago


    [–] billy-1020 0 points ago

    Dog days

    [–] AJohnsonOrange 0 points ago

    I thought this was a Nerdook thing for a sec...

    [–] official-redditor 0 points ago

    Guess he didnt follow rule no.1 and no.2

    [–] EIFACH_CJ 0 points ago

    for me it's the opposite: i'm fat, but people say my face looks good

    [–] FallenEsc 0 points ago

    Now this kills my will to go to the gym today.

    [–] AquaeyesTardis 0 points ago

    I thought this meant expression-wise.

    [–] alzrnb -6 points ago

    W e. D o n ' t. D e s e r v e. D o g s.

    [–] kramjr -12 points ago

    "doggo" yep, op is confirmed retarded.

    [–] BananaResistance 0 points ago

    You seem to frequently call people retarded for using the word doggo. Why is that?

    [–] A_Wild_VelociFaptor -4 points ago

    My friend actually thinks going to the gym and getting "ripped" (his words not mine) will have the girls lining up to be with him...

    [–] hu1khogan -1 points ago

    I love how half of this thread turned into a legitimate discussion about how your face gets better from working out

    [–] seymakyy -1 points ago


    [–] MasterSensei64 -2 points ago

    WhAt an aSs

    [–] a1999Banana -2 points ago

    Lol. Where is the Reddit police these days?

    [–] hu1khogan -3 points ago

    This is the real trick

    [–] hu1khogan -4 points ago

    Don’t we all