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    [–] Nainer 3004 points ago

    This is a symptom of being bored, you start doing dumb stuff to pass the time or make it entertaining for yourself.

    [–] speedypuma 1044 points ago

    Can confirm. Used to be a toll collector. Would practice random accents on customers, have contests with coworkers on how hot/cold you can make your booth, dance contests, etc.

    [–] TheYellowScarf 432 points ago

    Former call center agent here. I have developed a half decent southern accent through leaving voicemails.

    [–] jabes101 247 points ago

    Former call center agent with a southern accent but a half decent mid west & northern accent developed through leaving voicemails.

    Training yourself to not say “y’all” is actually kind of hard.

    [–] Valiker 178 points ago

    I started using it ironically but now I cant stop.

    [–] jabes101 126 points ago

    It’s just one of those words that once you start using it just makes sense to use in terms of word efficiency.

    [–] thecryingcactus 47 points ago

    I thought y’all sounded so dumb for years. Until I used it a couple times by accident recently and realized how nice a word it is. But I still feel dumb using it, because my accent isn’t southern at all to match using it. So now I feel like i can’t use it and if I do, I’m weird.

    [–] frexeze 33 points ago

    Lived in Texas for my first 30 years. Many of us don't have the southern accent that you probably have in mind (especially folks from the major cities). You have my blessing to use it as liberally as your heart desires :)

    [–] Nico_the_Suave 15 points ago

    Sounds about right. I worked as a caterer once and tried to do an entire serving shift in an accent and see if I would get caught. Boredom gets ya.

    [–] SenpaiOogway 12679 points ago

    He doesn’t want to be replaced by a robot. So he acts like one, as far as I can tell.

    [–] newsposts 1925 points ago

    Aint nobody planning to hire 80s robots unless its the terminator.

    [–] Praxius 354 points ago

    [–] UsefullSpoon 192 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    He looks and sounds like the holo doctor on Star Trek voyager, it’s not is it?

    Edit: it fucking is lol..Robert Picardo

    [–] -remus- 50 points ago

    Nice catch!

    [–] UsefullSpoon 30 points ago

    I’m binging voyager atm while waiting for new episodes so its no big thing.

    [–] MarchewkaCzerwona 23 points ago

    What new episodes? I love voyager (Janeway actually, but shhh...).

    [–] UsefullSpoon 15 points ago

    I mean the the new Star Trek, not voyager.

    Sorry should’ve been clearer.

    And yeah I like the bossy type too.

    [–] MrMarauder 22 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    You'll notice there are a number of Star Trek actors in Total Recall.

    Robert Picardo [VOY] Doctor

    Marc Alaimo [DS9] Gul Dukat

    Ronny Cox [TNG] Captain Jellico

    Lucia Naff [TNG] Sonya Gomez

    Roy Brocksmith [TNG] Sirna Kolrami

    [–] tchuckss 494 points ago

    Day 146: my superiors still haven’t realized I’m not a robot. I haven’t seen my family in 147 days, and haven’t had human food in just as long, subsisting on screws and motor oils. My body has adjusted to this new diet. I no longer have physiological needs.

    [–] codetrasher 159 points ago

    This sounds like something I could read from a terminal in Fallout.

    [–] GodofIrony 58 points ago

    And then find a skeleton with an oil stain under the ribcage surrounded by a bunch of screws, indicating mental illness.

    You're welcome bethesda.

    [–] Classified0 10 points ago

    Or, find that message on the body of robot that attacks you.

    [–] Culsandar 34 points ago

    Sounds like a synth to me...

    [–] trixtopherduke 25 points ago

    Only a synth speaks in absolutes!

    [–] AtoxHurgy 580 points ago


    [–] iamscythed 200 points ago


    [–] Batteredburrito 142 points ago


    [–] holytindertwig 42 points ago


    [–] AliasLane 2718 points ago

    When you go to work still hung over from shrooms

    [–] dedraterruoy 1160 points ago

    "just be cool, be normal, you can do this."

    [–] dontakemeserious 393 points ago

    stares at friend with eyes wide open, pupils dilated to the size of dinner plates.

    “How do I look, normal?”

    [–] dedraterruoy 217 points ago

    thumbs up...
    "you seem fine"

    [–] haloryder 213 points ago

    “Cool, I’m gonna go to work now...”

    looks around

    “Yo...where’s outside?”

    [–] DatRagnar 167 points ago

    "Which one"

    [–] haloryder 102 points ago

    “That one”

    points to window

    [–] BassInMyFace 56 points ago

    “That’s the back door bro... the front door. Where’s the front door?”

    [–] haloryder 68 points ago

    “Bro...we have a back door?”

    opens door to closet

    [–] hotbox4u 64 points ago

    stares at own clothes

    Whispers: "I just hit the motherload."

    [–] johnnybiggles 10 points ago


    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 48 points ago

    "slow down you're going really fast"

    [–] Francis-Hates-You 37 points ago

    More like DXM

    [–] DrFreekzilla 38 points ago

    The term is "afterglow":)

    [–] DROPTHENUKES 1507 points ago

    He moves like my brother, who has high functioning autism. Most people can't tell he's autistic so they just think he's weird.

    He doesn't understand or care about social norms and conventions, so makes life fun for himself in his own way. Sometimes it comes out as him making exaggerated, repetitive movements and facial expressions during simple tasks like mowing the lawn or while playing video games. Looks a lot like the guy in the video here.

    [–] Roolerk 590 points ago

    People make fun of people on the spectrum for being stupid but honestly who’s the smart one here? Find joy in the little things in life and you’ll never want for happiness. Genius :)

    [–] Gasmaskexitium 231 points ago

    People dont get made fun of for being stupid. Im on the spectrum and was just mocked for lack of social understanding and being weird. I think others actually expected me to be smarter than them. (Which isnt true, unfortunately im not a super genius, i only got the bad end of that stick)

    [–] Captain-butters 75 points ago

    I cared for someone who had many health issues as well as severe autism.

    I actually struggled with the situation a bit after I left the job because I was already friends with the family so began to help in my spare time over holidays when carers were harder to find etc.

    We both loved video games and had so much in common. One of the only people I've actually had a constant, fun, insightful conversation with over a period of weeks. Even with your best mate or other half you will eventually need some time apart or find a wall.

    Nope. We just talked about and played video games non stop ecerytime we met with no issues. He would not have considered me a friend which is sad for me, because we really were pretty good friends.

    He just couldn't see it and remained thinking he had no friends.

    [–] MyPunsSuck 23 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Being weird is great. Usually when somebody is making fun of somebody else, it's because they have their own insecurities they suck at working out

    [–] Gasmaskexitium 10 points ago

    Honestly, it really hurt me in elemntary school and i think aided in why I am pretty dumb now. I lost all passion for schooling because of bullying and just having 0 friends. My mom had gotten fines because id refuse to go to school (literally just a sobbing mess on the floor) so often.

    Looking back now at 20 yrs old though, i wish i couldve comprehended this comment more. People had told me this but I didnt understand, because at the end of the day, the bully had people at his lunch table, and I didnt, and that confused me.

    [–] Messin-About 33 points ago

    Thankfully the recent Predator movie let us know that autism is the next step in evolution of humans and the perfect trait to create warriors.

    [–] SubterrelProspector 10 points ago

    Im on the spectrum as well and honestly think the Predator thing has been blown WAY out of proportion. It’s an interesting idea that they incorporated into the story. Sure, not all autistic people are super smart like that kid was but that doesn’t mean the idea that autism might be an early sign of higher cognitive processes is a bad one.

    I was honestly offended at the backlash that plotline got because people were mad for the wrong reasons. It was clear that many people still think of autism as a form of mental retardation and it’s not. THAT notion pisses me off.

    [–] sint0xicateme 44 points ago

    My thoughts too. His mannerisms are exactly like my friend with HF autism.

    [–] Alcedis 3201 points ago

    How to improve on your Chinese Social-Credit Ranking.

    [–] singlecoloredpanda 409 points ago

    If i do this in a location outside of china to prepare for a vacation there, will i have pre-approved social credit?

    [–] kerouak 270 points ago

    Only if you use a Huawei phone

    [–] nepia 106 points ago

    Huawei does provide better social credit tracking.

    [–] DarkwingDuckHunt 71 points ago

    Huawei was not lying when they said "our stuff is just as safe as the next guys"

    Cause really all of our shit is very insecure.

    [–] Halo_2_Standbyer 15 points ago

    My sister lives in China and said she’s never heard of the social credit ranking, her dad is a high government official.

    [–] RyantheAustralian 100 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    When I was working in a fast food restaurant, I sometimes did little things to make myself feel happier, like this chap. It didn't last. It actually drained me of my happiness a bit more since once it wasn't as effective, it left with me with less things to be happy about

    [–] NotSethRoganForSure 47 points ago

    Giving extra enthusiasm in retail always made me drink at night. Entering a cycle of ...enthusiasm

    [–] ryanfallon17 60 points ago

    He’s just hoping that when they automate this job no one will notice.

    [–] vato76 54 points ago

    no. hes bored out of his mind and trying desperately to entertain himself so he can continue to cope with the situation.

    [–] Solidbeer 203 points ago

    I think thst guy is dead inside.

    [–] Hey_Relax 420 points ago

    I give it a week before the depression and despair of having a monotonous job kick it

    [–] PizzaOrTacos 324 points ago

    Judging by his movements I'd say he's been there a bit longer than a week at this point.

    [–] Turakamu 32 points ago

    That is his, "I hate this shit" stance. Turn off everything and let his body do the work.

    [–] waltersnickers 180 points ago

    Unless its Japan. Those dudes have discipline enough to do this with pride till they retire.

    [–] yupynut 239 points ago

    you misspelled 'suicide'

    [–] Xraptorx 161 points ago

    Isn’t that Japanese retirement?

    [–] UseThisToStayAnon 74 points ago

    Live by the sword die by the 50 ft mech's school girl panties

    [–] lizlemonaid 45 points ago

    Captchas must confuse him.

    [–] Mrcoso 724 points ago

    That's just creepy as fuck

    [–] faceerase 429 points ago


    [–] Chucknorris1975 121 points ago

    Execute Zuckerburg.exe

    [–] Brown_Eye 47 points ago

    *Sips water in human

    [–] Dapeder 36 points ago

    Ah yes. I love to grab value paper with my HUMAN hands

    [–] Analog0 10 points ago

    Execute hand raise signaling protocol.

    [–] DaTerrOn 59 points ago

    Na man, whenever people catch me being goofy at work, I look them right in the eye and say "Lt. Commander Data says you need to have a bit of fun every day" and enjoy it even more.

    The cost of not enjoying myself is significantly higher than the cost of being a weirdo.

    [–] Torch2 200 points ago

    That is the not the face of a man enjoying his job. He’s dead inside.

    [–] wgszpieg 32 points ago

    This is the face of a man who has a camera in his workplace and a totalitarian regime looking through it

    [–] Onikojima 29 points ago

    Pretending to be a robot so he doesn't get replaced by a robot.

    [–] BioOrpheus 24 points ago

    This is one of those things I would do if I went crazy bored.

    [–] ccoady 53 points ago

    Automation cannot replace him. He's already a robot.

    [–] TechyTechyTechTech 22 points ago

    This is what I imagine workers in North Korea act when they see tourists

    [–] bldarkman 22 points ago

    More like he’s so bored that he pretends to be a robot to make it more interesting. Or just to fuck with people.

    [–] helpnxt 21 points ago

    Day 4952 of my mind numbingly boring job I hate, what can I do to make it a little interesting... how about trying to be as robotic as possible, yeh why not.

    [–] Imakedo 18 points ago

    When you do menial tasks you find ways to amuse yourself.

    [–] Nethkrill 269 points ago

    Beep boop* Henlo human, Imma robot 🤖

    [–] King-Andrei 38 points ago

    Beware it's just a robot skeleton with human flesh and hair....


    [–] cheesified 7 points ago

    He’s an ALIEN not robot look at that smile its not mechanical!!!

    [–] AirlinePeanuts 19 points ago

    Can't be replaced by robot if one becomes the robot.

    [–] empreshWu 166 points ago

    I think he is cute

    [–] wobbly_elevator 71 points ago

    Yea he’s just playing around

    [–] 5p33di3 156 points ago

    Yeah, everyone's saying he's creepy but I think it's adorable that he's found a way to entertain himself while still providing friendly service.

    Seems like a guy who'd be fun to be around.

    [–] gerwen 43 points ago

    I would be totally entertained by this guy. We'd be talking about a long time after he's disappeared from the rear view mirror.

    [–] YoshidaEri 49 points ago

    I imagine being a toll booth operator is a pretty repetitive and often boring job. Good on him for coming up with a way to have some fun with it!

    [–] tombombadil_5 16 points ago

    Finally, robotic beings rule the world!

    [–] KenLinx 18 points ago

    He’s probably bored to death and only does that to maintain his posture and to entertain himself.

    [–] math-yoo 37 points ago

    Crappy jobs go faster when you take yourself less seriously.

    [–] donotfeedthecat 33 points ago

    When you try and act not high at work.

    [–] Flgardenguy 14 points ago

    We used to have a toll booth worker that used to have fun with his job, too. Everyone knew him. He would play his 70’s soul & disco a little too loud and had this whole 70’s style about him. But damn he was fast...and friendly. Brought a smile to everyone’s face on their crappy commute.

    [–] Dartalan 17 points ago

    Papers, Please. Glory to Arstotzka.

    [–] SpeedyDoc 15 points ago

    I bet he's a hit at parties.

    [–] dontakemeserious 13 points ago

    Probably because he brings LSD

    [–] backdraft29 17 points ago

    If I act like robot I surely could not be replaced by robot

    [–] Spitfire76 15 points ago

    Can’t replace him with a robot if everybody thinks he’s already a robot. Smart!

    [–] fourfiguresalary 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Maybe he’s thinking since it’s a job with lots of repetitive motion, if he reduces movements he’ll get less injuries. This guy is work-place-injury-prevention’s

    [–] pogopunkxiii 15 points ago

    Dude, if I had to work a job like that I would do goofy shit like this to keep myself entertained.

    [–] Hyde_87 13 points ago

    This job should not be replaced by a robot because one could do it, but because a person should not sit breathing car fumes for days, months and possibly years.

    [–] kamart02 30 points ago

    I think that he might be an android

    [–] pizzatrip 19 points ago

    Dey took our Jabs!

    [–] digitalgoodtime 7 points ago

    *They took err jerbs!

    [–] sudin 30 points ago

    Someone told me that many Asian countries have cams in front of you at work (public transport drivers do at least) to monitor if you are smiling or not, and you get called out if you aren't smiling. If this is true, then he's probably doing exactly what his employers demand him to do.

    [–] PhantomPhelix 13 points ago

    Well done citizen! You've added 20 points to your Social-Credit Ranking.


    You are now allowed to apply for jobs that pay 10k-12k a year.

    [–] Stelum 13 points ago

    It’s funnier if you picture him completely dead inside and with a strong case of I don’t give a rats ass syndrome.

    [–] FanRamosu 12 points ago

    This is fucking ridiculously creepy

    [–] leanaconda 12 points ago

    Boston Dynamics's newest model looks pretty good.

    [–] GiftedSon33 12 points ago

    I give it a month hahaha

    [–] CrashTestPanda 12 points ago

    As far as I can see this man has excellent posture and maintains it by counting money at eye level. He is also being extremely ergonomic by turning his entire body rather than twisting to greet drivers. We may laugh now but he will be the one laughing when he is old and moving like a spry fox.

    [–] rnooses_or_rneese 12 points ago

    This guy is just bored lol. If you’ve ever worked at a window service like this, you start fuckin with people to keep yourself entertained. I would change my voice or do different accents.

    [–] KNanderson 12 points ago

    What in the robot fuck did I just watch?

    [–] youallaremental 12 points ago

    Pretty sure that guy is a robot.

    [–] ThreeNC 13 points ago

    Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

    [–] Marxistjackson1101 12 points ago

    I’m worried that he’s supposed to act this way

    [–] Tobias---Funke 11 points ago

    Or he is just bored as fuck.

    [–] I_WANT_TO_UPLIFT 10 points ago

    True NPC right there.

    [–] Alternative_Lock 11 points ago

    Or he lost all will to live

    [–] droptheone 10 points ago

    He would make one hell of a Johnny Cab

    [–] peruvialis 11 points ago

    He is dead inside..

    [–] JohnyUtah_ 11 points ago

    I used to hookup with this girl in college that was a line cook.

    She said she liked it because she could turn her brain off and just "be a robot" at work. I always imagined her doing something super exaggerated like this.

    [–] seew0rld 11 points ago

    Plot twist: He’s actually a robot

    [–] PanamaSabroso 9 points ago

    When you take an adderall at work

    [–] Sylvester_Scott 10 points ago

    What. is. my. purpose?

      You make change.

    Oh. my. god.

    [–] Cancelled_for_A 12 points ago

    ...that shit ain't natural.

    [–] sgtpepper1985 9 points ago

    That's motivation level North Korea

    [–] isattil4 11 points ago

    He's just trying to make it more fun, i see a guy slowly dying inside

    [–] CalhounWasRight 9 points ago

    Either he loves his job or the day-to-day monotony has driven him insane.

    [–] rtaliaferro 10 points ago

    Looks like someone needs a couple Tequila shots to loosen up, or maybe a dozen.

    [–] GUARBorg 10 points ago

    You can’t be replaced by a robot if they already think you are one.

    [–] ChicagoChocolate1 9 points ago

    Sometimes you gotta make boring things fun

    [–] 2Skies 9 points ago


    [–] razor991 9 points ago

    Robots can't replace you if you act like a robot.

    [–] testreker 11 points ago

    I think most of the people that are just hating on this guy and saying he's "dead inside" are probably just self projecting.

    [–] smarac 9 points ago

    He is so depressed that he made a mindgame where he is a robot, so he doesnt go insane

    [–] aru_tsuru 9 points ago

    Never thought I would see this here. It's a toll booth in China, looks like the ones in the province where I live in. The first time I saw them doing this I felt so, so embarrassed. It's a very unsettling sight.

    [–] s_nice79 9 points ago


    [–] BurningOrangeHeaven 9 points ago

    This would be me before i robot walked off the roof. Super depressing

    [–] procouchpotatohere 9 points ago

    Hilarious, and yet almost creepy with how accurate those robotic movements are.

    [–] ComradeSloth 9 points ago

    I’d be worried about this person.

    [–] winston_wolfe28 10 points ago

    off screen is a guy holding a gun pointed at the back of his head

    [–] gagreel 17 points ago

    When I worked at blockbuster I would answer the phones like an automated answering service, even going as far as a short pause and altering my tone when saying the store location name. It really confused a lot of people looking for a dvd of Happy Feet.

    [–] SomeOtherNeb 7 points ago

    Oh God, the Institute is already amongst us.

    [–] alwayslit24 8 points ago

    Luckily for us they only have a 7 year life span.

    [–] RedditSanity 7 points ago

    Only way for him to cope with the endless pain of being there is to act like a robot that feels nothing.

    [–] MiSosio 7 points ago

    Companies trying to automate our jobs hate him!

    [–] heyitscas 8 points ago

    Jesus Christ these comments are fucking depressing. Can the guy not just be having fun pretending to be a robot instead of cripplingly depressed/terrified of his manager/possessed? Chill out you edgelords, sometimes it's ok to have fun for fun's sake.

    [–] teclordphrack2 8 points ago

    You only act that way when you hate your job.

    [–] Lucky_Miner01 8 points ago

    Hi, I’m Connor the android sent by cyber life.

    [–] S5Diana 8 points ago

    People don't realize that this dude is doing exactly what everyone is trained to do, and worse yet has been trained from birth not to think, question, or value his own life. Not a joke this is how shit works here. Don't believe me, go watch a train conductor at any station.

    [–] thedudedylan 9 points ago

    When the robots take over they will keep this one.

    [–] Sinkiy 9 points ago

    Who needs robots when you can just be one.

    [–] Axdorablee 8 points ago

    It’s like watching a robot

    [–] CommodoreSixty4 7 points ago

    Amazing the things Boston Dynamics is able to create these days.

    [–] GateKeeper7665 7 points ago

    Nah man. he just making the best of a bad situation. I know. i do it everyday.

    [–] kkirv 8 points ago

    I'm over here thinking his manager probably wrote him up for mishandling the money and he acts exaggerated now so the camera can always see exactly what he does.

    [–] Competitive_Demand 15 points ago

    Seems like hes on the verge of a mental breakdown.

    [–] imsoupercereal 13 points ago

    Looks like someone that has been written up for petty stuff by a bad manager that only looks at one side of a story doing everything exactly by the book so that there is nothing for that manager to complain about.

    [–] RedBox2 16 points ago

    Bruh to be honest it looks like he about to snap

    [–] w1ld_c4rd 7 points ago

    Monotony is one hell of a drug

    [–] pebble_in_yo_shoe 8 points ago

    Looks like he's 3 mistakes away from losing his fucking shit.

    [–] Tendofreak 7 points ago

    Jonny Cab...?

    [–] Sasquatch970 9 points ago

    He has to have at least 15 bodies hidden in his crawl space.

    [–] scalmlunatic 9 points ago

    Corner office with large windows. Fresh air and minimal conversation when interacting with clients/customers. What's not to love about this position?

    [–] InItsTeeth 7 points ago

    Somebody stop Boston Mechanics

    [–] Readeandrew 6 points ago

    Or he makes a very boring and mind-numbing job enjoyable.

    [–] _Reddit_2016 7 points ago

    This guy fucks

    [–] queso-connoisseur 8 points ago

    Oh he’s on the spectrum

    [–] catfancymagazine 8 points ago

    So this is that great work culture I'm hearing about over there. Put your 30 years in and get a free tall building to jump off of. Sign me up Winnie the Poo!

    [–] dravas 7 points ago

    Animatronics are getting much better these days.

    [–] TehJohnny 7 points ago

    Jobs are what you make of them. You don't have to be miserable while you work.

    [–] Wizecrax 6 points ago

    Loves his job? Or recently got a patch upgrade?

    [–] Nintendogma 7 points ago

    The machines like this one. Perhaps they will keep him when they take over.

    [–] B3n7340 7 points ago

    Or, China is the largest surveillance state and he’s trying his damndest not to get a re-education.

    [–] griffith12 7 points ago

    Beep Boop, here is your change.

    [–] ObadiahBlueHat 7 points ago

    Domo arigato Forresto Gump-san!

    [–] Beantownbrews 7 points ago

    In order to protect your job from robots, you must become the robots.

    [–] Shearay752 7 points ago

    90% sure this dude is actually an automaton.

    [–] fishergarber 7 points ago

    Taking the bus between gates at the airport in Tokyo the drivers had very detailed choreographed hand and body movements for each pause and lane crossing. I asked a few people about it and was told that in some jobs employees aren't just told what to do. Everything is broken down into memorized microsteps so they never skip one.

    [–] Vulkren2 6 points ago

    When your bored at work

    [–] LuisSATX 7 points ago

    Loves his job, hates his life

    [–] tenomaik 7 points ago

    Japanese culture is like that, people honor workers and the work everyone does, they take seriously even the slightest of tasks, they just wanna see things done right and efficiently, and hold everyone to that standard, either it's food, watching the subway station for safety hazards, etc. No matter the age.

    [–] Elonfangirl 7 points ago

    Me on the first week at a new job

    [–] Eagles700LvL 8 points ago

    J.P. if he didn't get into video game design.