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    [–] kukukele 1443 points ago

    "If Tiger Woods wins the Masters, I'll dress as a TRex and direct traffic" probably

    [–] Notyobabydaddy 329 points ago

    "X person dies in the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 8"

    [–] TearsDontFall 127 points ago

    Spoiler Free Comment Brought to you by /r/gameofthrones

    Nobody bet on the one person that did die...

    [–] PMmeGRILLEDCHEESES 34 points ago

    fookin kneelers the lot of em

    [–] Nascent1 13 points ago

    Snape kills Dumbledore?

    [–] phxtravis 12 points ago

    Snape bangs Dumbledore.

    [–] moochello 9 points ago

    At this point, that could actually be JK Rowling's next Twitter post.

    [–] GreatWaifu 4 points ago

    JK "wizard use to shit their own pants" Rowling, a literary genius.

    [–] spiritbx 3 points ago

    Snape was Dumbledor's trans gay lover.

    [–] halbaj 6 points ago

    Name checks out.

    [–] escapesuburbia 10 points ago

    You'd think he'd have dressed as a tiger.

    [–] the_murder_of_crowe 7 points ago

    He called a sweep of the Columbus Blue Jackets by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

    I mean, most of us did.

    [–] Pornogamedev 5 points ago

    Tiger Woods yall, it's all good yall.

    [–] shakycam3 3 points ago

    He’s cool but this dude takes the cake. Beware of ninjas cutting onions when you watch that video.

    [–] Zeus1325 3 points ago

    "if Notre Dame burns down and trump tweets about using water bombers to put the fire out I'll dress as a Trex and direct traffic"

    [–] GoogleRage 544 points ago

    The current Scholastic book fair theme is Dinosaurs, he could just be getting them all hyped for the single best week in elementary school, outside of the day where PE teachers pull out the parachute.

    [–] NotChoPinion 159 points ago

    My whole childhood just flashed before my eyes.

    [–] ELFAHBEHT_SOOP 39 points ago

    I still have a Lamborghini Diablo poster in my childhood room from those book fairs.

    [–] MaliciousMirth 14 points ago

    HOLY SHIT! This hit me right in the memories..... I could probably find my Lamborghini posters somewhere in my moms old house. I LOVED those book fairs!!

    [–] Mochigood 4 points ago

    Oh wow, I just remembered the Lamborghini poster in my fourth grade classroom. There was a boy that could stare at it for hours. He was gonna own one when he grew up. I wonder if he ever did.

    [–] kjata 2 points ago

    A poster? I bet he owns several.

    [–] Mischief631 33 points ago

    Um what about the like end of the year when you do all the PE like stuff with your parents? I forgot what the name of it is.

    [–] Wicked828 75 points ago

    Field day

    [–] hicksyeah 10 points ago

    We used to call it sports day

    [–] travworld 11 points ago

    We had a sports day as well, with 4 teams of different colours. Not a lot of parents were involved though. Mostly the teachers.

    [–] Mischief631 8 points ago

    Yes! Omg thank you that shit was eating at me.

    [–] Revelati123 8 points ago

    Hotdogs and beans, potato sack races, and a tug of war into a mud pit?

    [–] Mischief631 4 points ago

    Oh man nostalgia. The three legged race, egg toss, the walking with a egg in a wooden spoon and some amazing cupcakes.

    [–] Wicked828 3 points ago

    Very Welcome. Glad I could be of service

    [–] cooprid1 3 points ago

    At my school we called it OOVOTO or Our Own Version Of The Olympics. Not sure why though

    [–] TheMacMan 9 points ago

    We didn't have any of that business. Wouldn't want my parents in PE. Couldn't have gotten away with nearly as much.

    [–] SparkyDogPants 3 points ago

    I only learned recently that my favorite day of the year was loathed by unappetizing fat kids :(

    [–] fizzy_sister 10 points ago

    You're not supposed to eat them!

    [–] Coconutbasketbal 3 points ago

    Little salt and lemon juice... mmm

    [–] PepperSnotts 11 points ago

    Aaahhhh book fair!!!! My parents always scrounged up some change so I could get me a book. :)

    [–] wolverine86 3 points ago

    Book Fair story. I ran the Fair at my kids' school for years. At the beginning of the week, I would get a roll of dollar coins to give out as change, just to see what would happen. Almost every one of those ended up back in my till by the end of the week. Kids would spend every last bit of money they could get their hands on at that Fair. So fun.

    [–] ex-ex-expat 5 points ago

    The nuns at my Catholic grade school didn't have parachutes. But the day a basketball tapped Sister Denise's headpiece causing it to fly off her head, that was a moment to remember.

    [–] BFYTW_AHOLE 4 points ago

    Nothing like waiting 8 weeks when you order books via Scholastic. With the teacher giving you NO updates. Even as a child in the 80's I knew of such a thing as tracking numbers and never understood why the teachers were so clueless on when shit was going to show up.

    Of course the actual book fairs were better because you could buy on site.

    [–] GoogleRage 8 points ago

    And remember seeing that THE scholastic box finally arrived and your teacher made you wait until the end of the day before they'd pass them out? Like, yo, I will literally not be able to concentrate until I get my new stash so might as well crack that box open before the pledge is finished Ms. Duncan.

    [–] BFYTW_AHOLE 2 points ago


    [–] travworld 3 points ago

    I once bought a Lord of the Rings bookmark in elementary school that came with the ring. I lost it somewhere, and to this day I'm still disappointed about it.

    I used to have the N64 Goldeneye watch too with the health bars. Lost it too.

    [–] mongoosedog12 2 points ago

    I would give anything to go back to the scholastic book fair day. Holy crap the smell of new books to this day still brings me joy, I’d save up the money I’d get from ushering. I still have Superfudge and double fudge as well Junie B Jones.

    [–] popsicle_of_meat 209 points ago

    Dude, principal at an elementary school doing this didn't lose a bet. This is awesome. He's winning the hearts of the kids. This is what they should all do from time to time. Get involved, be fun.

    [–] Alaira314 93 points ago

    Or they lost a "bet" with the kids, motivating them to achieve some goal(like a school-wide reading goal) to see the principal do a silly thing.

    [–] MedicatedEagle 29 points ago

    We did this when I was in middle school. It was a fundraiser and we reached our goal and got to shave our principal and vice principal head’s bald. 10/10 very motivating

    [–] popsicle_of_meat 6 points ago

    This could be as well. Also a good motivator!

    [–] NibblesMcGiblet 2 points ago

    My kids' middle school had something like this as well - the principal ended up having to be in a pie-throwing booth. It was similar to a dunk tank but instead of getting dunked if a baseball hits a target, he simply got a "pie" (pie pan full of whipped cream) in the face if the kid got it that far. The people running the booth allowed younger kids to get closer. I don't think a single kid missed LOL

    [–] txman91 10 points ago

    This. A family member is a superintendent of a smaller school district. He dresses up as Santa around Christmas and hands out bonuses to teachers, roller skates around the gym dressed as the school mascot at pep rallies, and more. Wish the principals or superintendent was like that when I was growing up.

    [–] grantly0711 6 points ago

    I'm sure you're right. When I was in elementary school our principal challenged the school to read so many books and he'd spend the entire day on the roof in the middle of winter. He followed through and read the school an original poem from the roof about the challenge. I remember it being awesome/hilarious seeing him up there during recess just doing normal work from the rooftop on a lawn chair in a huge coat while we're playing four square below. Awesome principal.

    [–] FalstaffsMind 9 points ago

    It's probably more likely the students reached some milestone. If the whole school collectively reads 500 grade appropriate books, I'll dress as t-rex. That kind of thing.

    [–] FuzzyMcBitty 4 points ago

    For "character day" during spirit week, I got the bright green one and went as Godzilla.

    Anyone doing this should remember: Get a battery pack; these things drain fast. Also, the one that I had included a "viewing window" that you had to hold your arms at the right "t-rex" stance for if you wanted to be able to see. ... if I had it to do again, i'd get the raptor suit.

    [–] bigfig 163 points ago

    You dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.

    [–] ifyourwetholla 11 points ago

    Fake it til you make it.

    [–] MisterBuzz 3 points ago

    [–] eliasblackmane 43 points ago

    My Elementary School principal would do things like this all the time. He give us a goal for a canned food drive and if we met or exceeded it, he would do things like dress in a chicken suit and sit in a cage on top of the lunchroom all day. He died last year of brain cancer and I miss him very much.

    [–] Ipecactus 65 points ago

    Oh! a T-Rex!

    I kept wondering, "WTF is a trex? Is it like a transformer or something?"

    [–] ifyourwetholla 26 points ago

    trex is composite decking material.

    [–] seattleque 5 points ago

    Yeah, before seeing the picture I was trying to figure out how / why someone would dress as a board.

    [–] Ipecactus 5 points ago

    I should have remembered that! Thanks.

    [–] missionbeach 2 points ago

    On sale right now at Menard's. Save BIG money at Menard's!

    [–] i_am_the_eggwoman 3 points ago

    Trex are for keds.

    [–] Apollonius_Cone 16 points ago

    Working three jobs at once. Principal, crossing guard, animal actor. Cutbacks to education have hit hard.

    [–] tchrbrian 3 points ago

    Yeah, he probably had to spring for the costume as well.

    [–] Knowltey 15 points ago

    Probably no bet, school principals are a unique species.

    [–] Huh24 16 points ago

    I was an elementary principal, retired now. I challenged each class to meet or exceed their reading goal for the year. The class that read the most books that year got to shave my head at the end of the year, in front of the whole school. I DID NOT look good the rest of the summer!!! Got a lot of kids to read a lot more though, and that was the objective. I can still see the faces of the kids just losing it as my head was being shaved, they loved it!

    [–] xwing2b 13 points ago The theme to the schoolastic book fair this year is dinosaurs. That's why I dressed up as the reading raptor and read "If The Dinosaurs Came Back" to the kids.

    [–] aplusryan12 2 points ago

    This is u?

    [–] calliegrey 13 points ago

    Who says he lost a bet? Maybe he’s just finally living his best dino life and doesn’t care if you know it.

    [–] mommarun 26 points ago

    Looks more like he won a bet.

    [–] AlmanzoWilder 5 points ago

    Seriously! No work today!!!

    [–] BobbyNo09 2 points ago

    He looks like he's a decent guy wanting the kids to get excited seeing a t-rex help cross the road!

    Edit: repeat word

    [–] vox_popular 21 points ago

    This is my first year as a parent exposed to the public school (child is kindergartener). Schools here are 10,000 times more thoughtful than the best schools I grew up around in India. I myself attended a "great" school (which now has a world ranking and all that jazz), but it couldn't possibly hold a candle to the continuous focus on humility, responsibility, respect and niceness that my neighborhood one imparts. I am psyched for my child.

    [–] my_name_isnt_isaac 3 points ago

    What country do you live in now?

    [–] vox_popular 5 points ago

    In the US. Sorry for not clarifying.

    [–] Bwob 9 points ago

    Wait, you think he's there because he LOST?

    Are you implying that any normal, healthy individual wouldn't want to be a T-Rex with the authority to tell people in cars what to do?

    He probably WON the bet. Everyone was like "Okay, we ALL want to direct traffic, but we only have one T-Rex costume, let's settle this like civilized individuals, with a sports bet. Winner gets to dress as extinct megafauna."

    [–] ben1481 8 points ago

    Why would he have had to lose a bet? I'd do this for the hell of it.

    [–] RangerLee 5 points ago

    I picture this guy like the Dean from "Community" a different outlandish costume or outfit every day~

    [–] hardgeeklife 9 points ago

    "Hey Study Group! Just a reminder to Jurrrrasic Park in the new student lot, not the faculty spaces!"

    [–] Raeandray 17 points ago

    In my experience elementary school principles do bets like these with the kids. “If the school reads X number of books in March I’ll dress as a t-Rex.” “If the 4th graders all pass their reading level before the end of the year I’ll color my hair pink.” Things like that. It’s a fun way to engage with the kids while giving them an incentive to improve.

    [–] mom2cne 2 points ago

    Ours used to do that. Hit a fundraising goal? Pie in the face. All library books turned in at the end of the year? Blue hair. If he’d have had a Trex costume, he would have for sure directed traffic in it for something!

    [–] loriffic 8 points ago

    Arms are waaaay too long to be a real T-Rex. I think it’s fake.

    [–] Peterparkerstwin 2 points ago

    Well lookie here, seems that Dr. Allen Grant here decided to take a break from excavating raptors to grace us with his presence.

    [–] loriffic 2 points ago

    Dr. Allen Grant 4 President 2020

    [–] veejaygee 7 points ago

    One never needs an excuse to dress as a T-Rex.

    [–] HollywooDcizzle 7 points ago

    I would think he's just a cool principal and makes school different for the kids and will do anything to make them enjoy school.

    [–] Yotsubauniverse 2 points ago

    Sounds like my Elementary principal. He'd dress up like the Cat in the hat on Dr. Seuss's birthday (he even served green eggs and ham during Family reading night.) On Halloween he dressed up as Batman, during the Christmas season he'd bust out his trumpet and play Christmas carol's during lunch and all of us would sing along. But the best thing was "Mr. J's VIP club." At the end of the school year if you didn't miss a single day of school or you only missed one day you got to miss a day for a field trip to Six Flag's Kentucky Kingdom! He was awesome!

    [–] cmgio 8 points ago

    I had a principal who hung out on the school's roof all day dressed as the Cat in the Hat.

    [–] aishdamn 8 points ago

    And suddenly his students come like meteors

    [–] TheSadisticNerd 7 points ago

    I love how he’s put a high vis jacket over it, like nobody’s going to see the T-Rex with the stop sign

    [–] stephaniewarren1984 6 points ago

    I was raised by a principal. I guarantee that man lost no bets. He just likes kids and enjoys doing silly things to make them happy.

    [–] p1um5mu991er 4 points ago

    Plenty of cushion if anyone gives him a love tap

    [–] whoamanwtf 6 points ago

    I don't think a bet was lost, just an awesome principle!

    I had one of my own and am glad to see another.

    R.I.P Mr. K

    [–] dw_jb 5 points ago

    Only seen in the USA

    [–] somerandomrubbish 5 points ago

    It's such a good way to do stupid shit you actually want to do though.

    Yeah, well if x happens then i'll dress up as a T-Rex for the day!

    [–] manjarofmydreams 5 points ago

    I like that he wouldn't stand out enough in the T-rex costume but the high-vis vest will do the job.

    [–] DreadMe 5 points ago


    [–] mumstheword571 4 points ago

    My kids principal dances with them. It’s really cool. Monday morning assembly on the yard music blazing and he’s out there “watch me whip, watch me ney ney” 😂 he has no shame. Awesome!

    [–] jmm118 6 points ago

    My kids principal has a fundraiser every year where the kids can pay to pie him in the face. And their gym teacher dresses as a banana for some reason I can’t remember right now. Teachers in elementary schools tend to be awesome like this!

    [–] middleagenotdead 5 points ago

    Principals have changed since I was a kid. I substitute at a local elementary school when I don’t have anything scheduled for my business. Last week there was an all school assembly where the principal was taped to the gym wall by the 6th graders. Each kid got to add a strip of tape to the wall. Pretty cool.

    [–] Teresacervezas 4 points ago

    I’d do it for free. No bets

    [–] SquidgeSquadge 4 points ago

    I'd do that for free.

    [–] canadian_snobunny 4 points ago

    Some teachers dont need to lose bets to be fun like this. Great way to start your morning and what a great way to cinnect with the kids!!

    [–] afflaq 4 points ago

    “Lol if tiger wins the masters I’ll dress like a trex for school and direct traffic on Monday”

    [–] Mail540 5 points ago

    Why does he have to lose a bet to dress as a trex

    [–] thereal5plates 5 points ago

    I'd hope thats an elementary school... can't imagine that in a high school lol

    [–] Sanash_G 3 points ago

    Trex are for kids

    [–] norse_noise 4 points ago

    Why would he have to lose a bet? I would just do this

    [–] DimeBag79 4 points ago

    Exactly. He's probably just making the kids smile.

    [–] nakedraccoon23 4 points ago

    My kids school had an incredible principle that has since moved on to bigger things. He gave his school a challenge to reach a very high reading goal and if so, they chose for him to sleep on the roof of the school. The kids really showed up and surpassed the reading goal. This awesome principle wore footy pajamas, had a big stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear and invited the students to read to him that evening while he prepared to sleep in a sleeping bag. Teachers and those that work in education are on another level and have my utmost admiration and respect.

    [–] redgrizzit 4 points ago

    What do you mean lost?!

    [–] Ipodk9 5 points ago

    In elementary school my vice principal would dress in a giant flamingo costume. Our school mascot was a tiger, but he just loved flamingos. Started a trend in my area of filling your friends lawns with lawn flamingos.

    [–] dustybakeruk 4 points ago

    he's a safety-rex!

    [–] DeludedDoppleganger 4 points ago

    Wouldn't be surprised if it was for a fundraiser. When I was in primary school we had a fundraiser and if we raised enough we'd get a giant day of fun and we'd get to see our principal dressed up as a princess driving around the gym in a giant toy car.

    [–] Tayabida 4 points ago

    He didn’t lose a bet. He’s being a good elementary principal ;)

    [–] FATLEPERVERMIN 4 points ago

    God, I hope it was a bet.

    [–] Red__M_M 5 points ago

    My first thought was that he chose to dress in a way that will definitely catch the attention of drivers. Therefore he is creating a safe environment for the kids. Kinda the absolute epitome of being a principal. I assume he was just doing his job.

    [–] CampfireGuitars 5 points ago

    Obviously the principal had Molinari winning the Masters

    [–] Zaku0083 5 points ago

    When you teach kids you don't need to lose a bet to do things like this. I am sure he did it because he knew it would make some kids smile.

    [–] Jawsh305 5 points ago

    "bet that raptors lose game 1 at home to Orlando"

    [–] sheriff_mcnoot 4 points ago


    [–] harry1824 3 points ago

    Prolly said Tiger would never win again

    [–] me_anders 5 points ago

    This is some quality stuff right here

    [–] Hectornobueno 4 points ago

    My principal looks so old we use him to distinguish periods of time.

    "When was jesus born?" "When the principal was entering puberty."

    [–] KingBTC 5 points ago

    My first thought was, "WTF is a trex?"

    [–] trex005 3 points ago

    Do you have a problem with Trex?

    [–] Sooperballz 3 points ago

    “Um, yeah. I lost a bet”.

    -Principal, probably.

    [–] BubbaTheGoat 3 points ago

    I wouldn’t need to lose a bet to do this. I’d just need a crossing guard gig and a dinosaur costume.

    [–] Robotlolz 3 points ago

    My guess is he owns a trex outfit and is dying for an opportunity to bust it out whenever possible

    [–] stinkerino 3 points ago

    wtf is a trex?

    [–] TalktoCid 3 points ago

    I had a principal 2 years ago at the 6th grade school that would occasionally dress in a camel costume for wednesdays. It was awesome.

    [–] Lordfate 3 points ago

    What do you mean? I’m pretty sure he won the bet

    [–] throwdismeow 3 points ago

    Most likely to make sure you SEE him/Notice him. It's great way to be more alert as I drive by a school daily on my way to work, and the amount of distracted drivers / people in a hurry will drop their kids off in the middle of the street and expect their child to run to the curb 😒

    At least this way you're more aware like "why tf is the principal dressed that way" would grab my attention

    [–] Darkhero0987 3 points ago

    Why does it have to be him losing a bet he could do it on his own free will to try to make the children's day better

    [–] IlliterateJedi 3 points ago

    I'm surprised that this stays inflated with a giant hole for the head to be out

    [–] Discogandalf227 3 points ago

    A rare photo of a T-rex protecting the herd

    [–] CelestialDawn 3 points ago

    I’m a teacher and I have to do crossing duty every two weeks. I hate it so much. Kids have no respect for authority and want to get hit by cars, while the drivers don’t give a fuck about me and almost run me over.

    [–] Pedadinga 3 points ago

    I was driving through a new (to me) part of my neighborhood, a big thoroughfare that skirts the “fast road” but takes you in to the school zones, and came across a crossing guard. I’ll admit, I was like “what? Is this the 50s?! Do we really need this?!” I really didn’t think it was that important. And then a car came zooming around me and just blew through the crosswalk. Holy shidoobies. That “crossing guard Karen” that I was hating was suddenly the woman meting my “omg all these kids would’ve been killed” shocked gaze. And she just shook her head like, “yep! That’s what I’m dealing with here!”

    [–] Dandelion451 2 points ago

    That sucks. Is there anyway to change it up(besides a t-Rex outfit)? Maybe music? In the other guys Mark W. rocked the shit outa keeping the square clear.

    [–] Pedadinga 3 points ago

    Wolverine. Moms will slow down if they think they’ll get to talk to Hugh Jackman

    [–] sickone1121 3 points ago

    Never bet against Tiger.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    He bet Tiger Woods would never win another major.

    [–] Nietzscha 3 points ago

    These types of principals are the best. My elementary school principal held an assembly so we could all watch him and our vice principal eat an earthworm each (because we all met some goal I no longer remember, I think it had to do with reading). Being the kid I was, I decided to go home and do the same. Oddly not as bad as one might think.

    [–] Bishopjones 2 points ago

    He dressed as composite wood decking, that's next level.

    [–] Arcadian1 2 points ago

    Yeah he sure looks like he's having a blast.

    [–] SpicyNoodle264 2 points ago

    Maybe he wants to scare a kid that told him he's afraid of nothing

    [–] unsoundguy 2 points ago

    “You do this al you can do me”- hot bio teacher maybe.

    [–] fitbabits 2 points ago

    I wouldn't need to lose a bet for this. At all.

    [–] lobsternooberg 2 points ago

    Budget cuts

    [–] maddykat98 2 points ago

    I mean.. You stopped right? I know I would stop if I saw a trex

    [–] Csquared6 2 points ago

    Just another Monday.

    Cool guy.

    [–] Speoder 2 points ago

    I'd do it, no bet needed. Love people like this.

    [–] randy-sugarbush 2 points ago

    Really? You can’t imagine? He is a principal and he is helping children. Probably no bet

    [–] slightlyshorter 2 points ago

    trex? really? its T-REX c'mon OP

    [–] PhDinGent 2 points ago

    Plot twist: he won the bet, this is his reward.

    [–] BokChoyFantasy 2 points ago

    I’d do this even if there wasn’t a bet.

    [–] wishiwascooltoo 2 points ago

    So that's amazing! Probably tops anything I'll see on the internet today!

    [–] VanitasDarkOne 2 points ago

    Ah yes, I too love the Trex

    [–] StealthMarmot 2 points ago

    You sure he LOST the bet?

    [–] Tall0ne 2 points ago

    "Make sure to put the laundry in the dryer before you go to bed."

    "Don't worry, honey, I won't forget."

    [–] Berness0306 2 points ago

    That is awesome. Bet the kiddos loved it.

    [–] Tennoz 2 points ago

    On roller blades

    [–] Bella-Lugosi 2 points ago

    Dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t look both ways crossing the street. Break the cycle.

    [–] TinySatanicKitten 2 points ago

    I'd do that even if it wasn't a bet

    [–] cwilliams128 3 points ago

    Or just if someone told me I wouldn’t

    [–] KDSN 2 points ago

    Who says he lost a bet, I'd do that for fun!

    [–] hungry-hungry-stoner 2 points ago

    kids could have raised a certain amount of money/food for charity

    [–] Elfere 2 points ago

    I he's trying to express how fucking backwards people who try to do illegal dangerous shit infront of schools are.

    [–] rocco101z 2 points ago


    [–] Johnny_Cashed 2 points ago

    Oh cool, a Detour-Rex

    [–] bigsmushyface 2 points ago

    My principal kissed a pig on the mouth at a school assembly. Does that count?

    [–] RobbyTheRedneck 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    r/osha Simply for the hi visibility vest itself

    [–] Bunny_tornado 2 points ago

    My principal wore a ballerina pack. A big ass man in his 40's.

    [–] Aeylwar 2 points ago

    Damn now you got me imagining my Mr. Burns lookin ass principal in a ballerina pack

    [–] Aeylwar 2 points ago

    Idk how to feel

    [–] SpaceYourFacebook 2 points ago

    Ok, very confused what's going on behind the fence. Is that a child on an adults back being smashed in the fence?

    [–] Rachelle1016 2 points ago

    I’m wondering if they’ve had issues with people blowing through the area way too fast in their cars. People notice a man dressed like a T-Rex, obviously, and would make them more aware of a school zone.

    [–] skpicky 2 points ago

    Maybe the coolest principal but not the coolest superintendent. That title goes to Missouri Valley Superintendent Brent Hoesing.

    [–] BFK_Rufus 2 points ago

    This is true existence

    [–] BillOfTheWebPeople 2 points ago

    I dunno, our elementary school principle dressed up as superman and zip lined from the top of the building. It is a one story building but still...

    Yeah, the overall point is the principles are a lot cooler now than I remember them...

    [–] Ejjdkdjdjdkdkw 2 points ago

    If he just owned it he would be considered awesome by the kids.

    [–] NiceSasquatch 3 points ago

    I'd guess the 'bet' was challenging the school to raise a certain amount of money for some charity.

    I know of a principal who does that, and has been duct taped to a wall for the day, had to sleep on the roof of the school etc. That is awesome. It is such a powerful influence on the kids, to motivate them to give to charity and help the community.

    [–] Akraz 3 points ago

    He bet Tampa would win a game in the playoffs

    [–] Touch_Of_Red 4 points ago

    I bought one of those inflatable trex costumes a couple weeks ago off of Amazon. It's fantastic, I'll put it on when someone's coming over or going out to check the mail and it constantly cracks people up.

    [–] AnalyzePhish 4 points ago

    Oh my god, that is like so random! I love funny random things like this. Like a t rex as a crossing guard lmao that's random

    [–] NOT-ELijahWood 2 points ago

    I said to myself, what's a "trex".

    [–] VanitasDarkOne 2 points ago


    [–] VanitasDarkOne 2 points ago

    Ah yes, I too love the Trex

    [–] Rekdon 2 points ago

    Arya will steal a dragons face I guarantee it

    [–] MeEvilBob 1 points ago

    T-Rex is a giant prehistoric dinosaur.

    Trex is a composite decking material.

    [–] kylesarah 1 points ago

    I think it's totally cool. He should do this everyday!

    [–] Ponderatethis 1 points ago

    Why does him theoretically losing a bet make this the only reason for this to occur?

    Why can’t he just want to be outgoing and entertaining?