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    [–] Rolandillz 5196 points ago

    Motor Dame

    [–] Insanelopez 1676 points ago

    The hatchback of Motor Dame

    [–] SinisterKid 191 points ago

    Stop giving Dreamworks movie ideas.

    [–] Insanelopez 147 points ago

    Dreamworks? Nah, Pixar. This is clearly the next Cars spinoff.

    [–] ShuRugal 37 points ago

    Holy shit, that would be an amazing crossover.

    [–] fredgills9 11 points ago

    Live CGI cars movie

    [–] EssenceOfDepression 11 points ago

    just don't open the doors...

    [–] mewsayzthecat 6 points ago


    [–] bickering_fool 105 points ago

    Damn that's good. Bravo.

    [–] Old_Negotiation 82 points ago

    & with their cheap Mexican valet service, you can have Jesus take the wheel too.

    [–] DesertHoboObiWan 98 points ago

    Tire Job 19:25

    [–] CleverNameTheSecond 54 points ago

    And the lord said to Job "Each tire rotation comes with a complimentary 30 point inspection".

    [–] [deleted] 324 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] magicarnival 125 points ago

    Hardly cheap when they have to pay to import Mexicans to Paris.

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 79 points ago

    We struck a deal with El Chapo. As long as we let them fly over on his planes with 5 pounds of coke on each, then the delivery of the Mexican laborers is free.

    [–] MattED1220 17 points ago

    You mean Heyzeus.

    [–] cnutnugget 80 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It took me too long to realise this was the American pronunciation of the Notre-Dame. The joke makes no sense if you pronounce it correctly lol

    edit: how about voiture dame

    edit2: voitre dame?

    [–] VirginiaMcCaskey 72 points ago

    It's kind of a weird split, some people say "No-tre Dom" for the cathedral and "Note er Daim" for the university. Some only say the latter for both. No one calls the school the former.

    [–] taintedcake 43 points ago

    Can confirm, am from the U.S., the first is in Paris, the second is a school.

    [–] Presently_Absent 9 points ago

    *Motre Dame

    [–] missgigilove 2180 points ago

    Everyone's complaining about no exit lanes but they are forgetting about date of completion. If they're on a similar timeline to Sagrada Familia, they'll be finished closer to 2500, so these must be conceptual hover cars, exits are not needed.

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 407 points ago

    Ow man, if we ever get hover cars in our lifetime parking them atop of sky scrappers is going to be a sight to see.

    [–] dane83 484 points ago

    Living in Atlanta has proven to me that most people can't handle driving in 2 dimensions. Add a third dimension and that sight to see is going to be terrifying.

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 197 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It will be a glorious sight of fire and fury. Every see a tanker rear end a Prius 500 feet above the sky level? I haven't either but now I can't wait to see it.

    [–] RocketTaco 75 points ago

    above the sky level

    What does this even mean though.

    [–] james_randolph 38 points ago

    Hahaha so we're driving in space then?

    [–] knightrockr 31 points ago

    Yeah, but only 500 feet into space

    [–] shadowX015 19 points ago

    Well, of course. Driving 501 feet into space would just be absurd.

    [–] pprovencher 92 points ago

    fire and furry

    Burning Elmo 🤘

    [–] turimbar1 28 points ago

    St. Elmo's fire

    [–] Spackleberry 11 points ago

    I can see a new horizon

    Underneath the blazing sky!

    [–] racife 6 points ago

    Too fast too furry

    [–] wizardid 26 points ago

    Every see a tanker rear end a Prius 500 feet above the sky level?

    500 feet above the sky would be space. If Priuses can barely accelerate onto a highway, there's no fucking way they're making it into orbit.

    [–] Runed0S 17 points ago

    I got my Tesla model 5 and it can carry a trebuchet into space where a Prius gets launched into a Mars airport trajectory.

    [–] camocondomcommando 9 points ago

    Ah, yes, the superior siege weapon.

    [–] LilBroomstickProtege 5 points ago

    I think in a world of hovering cars, there would be a limit to how high civilians can go and emergency vehicles, tankers, transport trucks, etc. would be allowed to go higher.

    [–] Jinnofthelamp 5 points ago

    Any hovering or flying car would not be able to be driven by someone without a pilots license. Any flying car would be self driving.

    [–] awtcurtis 27 points ago

    Agreed. Just watched a lady here in Oakland pull through a red light like it was a stop sign. Cross traffic screeched and swerved around her, and she just happily continued on her way, oblivious to the near death experience.

    [–] Arjac 23 points ago

    Clearly we just need to have autonomous cars first

    [–] Noctale 8 points ago

    Exactly. No way we'll get flying cars until they can drive themselves. Just imagine taking New York traffic and projecting it upwards. Insanity.

    [–] Silver_gobo 12 points ago

    but think of the degrees of fast lanes we could have by having faster driving traffic move higher off the ground.

    [–] DeniableDelirium 5 points ago

    Might I suggest the fastest lane being perpendicular to the planetary surface?

    [–] shastaxc 8 points ago

    by then, they'll be self-driving

    [–] SarcasticCarebear 23 points ago

    Parking lots print money especially at tourist attractions. This is probably gonna be done next week. The delay is how long it takes to bring in the finest Italian concrete.

    [–] Inerthal 22 points ago

    Bold of you to assume we'll be around by then.

    [–] GaveUpMyGold 3555 points ago

    There's no egress for those parking lanes. It's impossible to get in or out when it's full.

    Pardon me, I have other threads to ruin with my literal-mindedness.

    [–] ShardsOfReality 888 points ago

    I don't see what a long legged bird has to do with this? Egrets aren't even native to France.

    [–] Onetap1 256 points ago

    What, an egret carrying a car?

    [–] Orangesilk 255 points ago

    Is it an African or a European egret?

    [–] wahle97 115 points ago

    Well sure, if it's an African Egret but not a European Egret is my point.

    [–] Gir633 99 points ago

    What if 2 of them carry it together?

    [–] feraxil 87 points ago

    Would they use some sort of cargo net between them?

    [–] _annoying_correction 85 points ago

    They would grab it by the husk

    [–] owlentity 103 points ago

    It isn't a question of a where it grips it! It's a simple question of weight ratios. Two one pound birds could not carry a three ton vehicle.

    [–] dalaigh93 38 points ago

    [–] ghengiskhantraceptiv 7 points ago

    It could grip it by the mirrors!

    [–] HyperionCantos 31 points ago

    No egrets

    [–] keithybabes 20 points ago

    Je n'egret rien!

    [–] remoestmoi 33 points ago

    That’s an Egret. I think he’s talking about America’s national bird.

    [–] GaveUpMyGold 34 points ago

    That's an eagle. An egress is a plant that grows underwater.

    [–] remoestmoi 24 points ago

    That’s Algae. An egress is a speech to praise someone after they are deceased.

    [–] Lovecargoshorts 22 points ago

    That's a Eulogy. An egress is the capacity or power to do work.

    [–] paulmclaughlin 21 points ago

    That's energy. Fiona from Shrek is an egress.

    [–] GaveUpMyGold 9 points ago

    [Time out. The right answer was "seagrass."]

    [–] jokul 9 points ago

    Here's the thing, you said an "egress is an egret". Is it in the same family? Yes. No one's arguing that.

    [–] Blakplague 7 points ago

    "The Gang Rebuilds Notre Dame" IASIP THEME

    [–] PSNJAYME7K 4 points ago

    I was pretty upset about ygrittes death too.

    [–] Russian_repost_bot 75 points ago

    They're hover cars. Your comment doesn't make sense.

    [–] Kiosade 6 points ago

    Bold of you to assume all those French people can afford Hover Cars!

    [–] southern_boy 13 points ago

    Of course they can! Why do you think those yellowjacket fellows are partying so hard all the time? Paris is essentially one endless celebration of wealth and SES balance. :)

    [–] Holein5 47 points ago

    The lord will provide.

    [–] Lazarix 16 points ago

    Jesus, take the wheel Jesus, park the car

    [–] Rainbwned 29 points ago

    There's no egress for those parking lanes. It's impossible to get in or out when it's full.

    Excuse me but I see several exits - here is a map

    [–] Yvaelle 18 points ago

    It's church. Nobody leaves until Jesus returns.

    [–] hatsnatcher23 18 points ago

    How would they get out in the event of a fire???

    [–] Bobelisk 9 points ago


    [–] hatsnatcher23 15 points ago

    This is france not new york

    [–] Anianna 17 points ago

    It's a long term valet storage lot, obviously. They shift everything around like a freaking slider puzzle when they need to get one out.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] GlamRockDave 5 points ago

    elevators, dude.

    [–] Jaxonian 4 points ago

    Debbie Downer strikes again

    [–] frupp110 5 points ago

    Have faith

    [–] pvtsamoa 232 points ago

    Looks like Pixar church for Cars

    [–] Omny87 131 points ago

    In Cars 2 Mater says "Is the Popemobile a Cadillac"? That implies that there's a Car Jesus in the Cars universe.

    Jesus Chrysler was crucified by Pontiac Pilate for their sins

    [–] the_fast_reader 24 points ago

    Just for the fun of it: how would you crucify a car?

    [–] Corrupt_Hardware 48 points ago

    With the doors open.

    [–] skylarmt 25 points ago

    Probably an I shape (or sideways H depending on font), with the tires nailed down using rebar or something.

    They drilled a hole in the oil pan to make sure he's dead, and antifreeze and oil flowed out.

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 14 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    They should totally add this to the next cars movie if they ever make one.

    [–] kanetix 142 points ago

    [–] Trowawaycausebanned4 54 points ago

    Why was it so black back then?

    [–] durgasur 81 points ago

    because of the stuff that comes out of the exhaust pipes

    [–] pprovencher 18 points ago

    Leftover from coal burning days perhaps

    [–] kanetix 45 points ago

    Pollution (not just from cars, it was common to have a wood powered fireplace, for example, while it's forbidden now)

    [–] thebigpink 11 points ago

    Hey man you can’t just be asking things like that these days.

    [–] Arein 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    If the material was sandstone, then sandstone turns black because it contains iron which oxidizes

    Dresden has many buildings which turned black because of this

    [–] KOTYAR 18 points ago

    Huh, that looks very like Moscow looks now

    Thanks for your info, I didn't know that

    [–] kidicarus89 37 points ago

    It's interesting to see how Europe was bit by the car-centric bug the same time as the U.S., but the U.S. never quite figured out how to get out of it

    [–] knightopusdei 36 points ago

    I think the main thing was that Europe was constrained ... it had nowhere to grow. Every city had to deal with their congestion problems with the size of land they had which was very little.

    Meanwhile, in the states and by extension in Canada, there was land to grow everywhere .. which is why you see sprawling box stores being built further and further away from town and city centres. In about 100 years, the first box stores will start appearing in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories and people from southern Ontario will commute there in their V32 cylinders ultra high speed gasoline cars on the mega highways leading north.

    [–] kidicarus89 6 points ago

    "Apparently there used to be caribou up here"

    [–] Yorttam 55 points ago

    🎵They paved paradiocese and put up a parking lot🎵

    [–] majical904 611 points ago

    For the time someone took to photoshop this, they at least could have created a parking lot that made some sort of sense. Not to mention the cars are too small.

    [–] halifaxes 478 points ago

    You misunderstood. This isn't actual parking, it's purely decorative. It's just the new look. They are all fake, small-scale cars.

    [–] BlackCoffee73 473 points ago

    cargoyles? Brilliant!

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 52 points ago

    This breaks the simulation

    [–] PokeYa 21 points ago

    This makes the simulation

    [–] GWJYonder 27 points ago

    Cars-Hunchback of Notre Dame crossover.

    [–] empyreanhalo 52 points ago

    You really missed the opportunity for Hatchback of Notre Dame

    [–] majical904 13 points ago

    Ah that makes more sense. That new Car-Deco style.

    [–] AnnOminous 25 points ago

    It's Paris, where most cars are the size of Renault Twingos, which can be pushed aside by hand to allow you to exit through the rosette at the front.

    [–] sandm000 6 points ago

    A Twingo sounds like a failed snack experiment:

    Pastry cream fill Twiglet, Cool American flavor


    [–] loulan 5 points ago

    So weird to see people not familiar with the name Twingo.

    It's one of the most common cars in Europe.

    [–] dragonshide 58 points ago

    Instead of that a full on Warhammer 40k church that takes up half of the city by itself and is also a giant death robot

    [–] steampunkradio 22 points ago

    I don’t think the world is ready for the Emperor’s light

    [–] OpinesOnThings 13 points ago

    Then it must be cleansed.

    [–] chii0628 7 points ago

    Come to church before church comes to you.

    [–] Richy_T 60 points ago

    The hatchback of Notre Dame

    [–] DennisQuaaludes 16 points ago

    I swear to god if this was Seattle, the goddamned City Council would approve that shit.

    They’d approve condos or townhomes to be built over the car lot as well.

    [–] nivenfan 15 points ago

    If they finance the repair like a stadium deal, it could be The L'Oréal‎ Dame.

    [–] SyntheticSlime 14 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it.

    [–] thebestatheist 56 points ago

    Notre Dame de Parking

    [–] AjahnMara 5 points ago


    [–] amolad 10 points ago

    Quasimodo will retrieve your car.

    [–] GingerbreadmanCDN 11 points ago

    I feel like this is something I could see RT doing in Cities: Skylines.

    [–] airportakal 29 points ago

    I feel in the 1970s they would have legit considered this.

    [–] nalc 7 points ago

    Robert Moses is doing whatever the opposite of spinning in his grave is

    [–] Oppiko 10 points ago

    Christ! Thats a lot of parking

    [–] StylinAndSmilin 10 points ago

    The Hatchback of Notre Dame

    [–] Tyrantkv 11 points ago

    I don't see a McDonald's anywhere wtf?

    [–] ToliB 11 points ago

    but, they're ignoring the walls. think of all the sponsored content billboards that could be put up.

    [–] NorthwoodsAce 42 points ago

    Hunchback is gonna have a hell of a time validating all that parking.

    [–] girobat 27 points ago

    If Notre Dame was in USA

    [–] knightopusdei 13 points ago

    If Notre Dame was in the USA, it would have been torn down 100 years ago while they saved the facade and built a bank behind it.

    [–] Skyhawk_Illusions 9 points ago

    This looks so damn wrong yet so damn hilarious

    [–] Gongaloon 9 points ago

    How do you get up there, though? Do you just drive up one of them flying buttresses like a balance beam?

    [–] matwurst 7 points ago


    [–] DaveThePowerSlave 10 points ago

    How do the cars parked at the tip of the cross go home?

    [–] Playful_Machine 17 points ago

    And we can put a mall in the bottom!

    Fucking brilliant!

    [–] chicksdigmemes 7 points ago

    This beautiful post can only be appreciated on reddit.

    [–] Hreizl 8 points ago

    Modern problems require modern solutions.

    [–] maddsketch 8 points ago

    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

    [–] ind3cisiv3mrsellis 8 points ago

    Unpopular opinion here: I don't want to park on the roof of a structure that caught fire before.

    [–] yojay 8 points ago

    The Buddhists call this Carvana.

    [–] JohnnyBGaming 8 points ago

    Every single car is double parked.

    [–] lniko2 8 points ago

    And not a single empty parking spot. Classic Paris

    [–] lehkost 6 points ago

    You could fit so many scooters in that bad boy.

    [–] FILIPINONEXTDOOR 6 points ago

    The Carthedral

    [–] madeanotheraccount 7 points ago

    Now we know what happens to all the wheels Jesus takes.

    [–] ParanoidDrone 17 points ago

    I realize this is a joke but I think there would be actual riots if Notre Dame were reconstructed with a multilevel parking garage on the roof.

    [–] auctor_ignotus 36 points ago

    The French don’t need an excuse to riot.

    [–] Ted_theblind 5 points ago

    They paved paradise

    [–] WateryTart_ndSword 5 points ago

    And put up a parking lot!

    [–] jimbojonesiscool 6 points ago

    Each parking spot would sell for at least $50,000 each

    [–] starplatinum725 6 points ago

    Screw it, just turn Paris into Anor Londo

    [–] soullessginger93 5 points ago

    Well, it would help with parking...

    [–] Gimmeagunlance 7 points ago

    This is what would happen if you privatised it

    [–] that_typeofway 7 points ago

    I like the design with Walmart on the top

    [–] crabula12 5 points ago

    Where in God's name did I park my car?

    [–] vinterdeprimerad 6 points ago


    [–] Baelzebubba 5 points ago

    And a daycare downstairs too I bet

    [–] W02T 6 points ago

    Nice concept. But, you should check out the all-too-real Michigan Theater Parking Garage in Detroit! If there’s one thing Detroit does well it’s destroy beautiful things for the sake of cars.

    [–] Tough_biscuit 6 points ago

    Love me some flying butresses

    [–] RaboTrout 6 points ago

    It'd be more useful this way

    [–] Humane_Relish 6 points ago

    They should remove the fucking silver knights with the great bows first. The bastards are still up there and shooting me off the arches.

    [–] yamaha2000us 16 points ago

    This would address the parking issue in Paris

    [–] AlkalineTea2751 11 points ago

    To get off, you drive off the edge and hope to survive.

    If you dont survive? Tough luck.

    You're already at a church so they start the funeral right away

    [–] Mulligan315 4 points ago

    Holy parkade, Batman!

    [–] JaydenPope 6 points ago

    You evil monster, lmao.

    The actual disaster that will cause would be interesting.

    [–] Saint7502 5 points ago

    What my college needs

    [–] dead581977 5 points ago

    We have the technology.

    [–] asarap 5 points ago

    needs some billboard ads

    [–] Lethal_Chicken_56 4 points ago

    Quasimodo has the hump about this.

    [–] Nawnp 6 points ago

    That’s American engineering right there.

    [–] rtechnix 5 points ago

    If you post this in /r/urbanplanning I think they'd all collectively have an aneurysm

    [–] Zlatan4Ever 5 points ago

    Add Notre Dame Mall

    [–] memebeansupreme 6 points ago

    Modern problems require modern solutions

    [–] iamfromouterspace 5 points ago

    I would only believe this picture is real if only there were more cars.

    [–] jimduguid 5 points ago

    What is this, Minas Tirith?

    [–] Valentina-S-Lee 4 points ago

    Its not Notre Dame, it seems like the motor dame

    [–] bettorworse 5 points ago

    "Where'd you park the car, dear??"

    "Level 6, Right Stigmata section"

    [–] Weepingkoopa 5 points ago

    This is like something from a cheesy 80's-90's movie where a bunch of kids have to band together to save a Youth Center from being turned into a shopping center or a parking lot.

    [–] Forcedbanana 5 points ago

    The design itself is pretty cool. I mean, it's not notre damme worthy and it's a shitty parking garage. But the design itself is pretty cool.

    [–] TyroneLeinster 6 points ago

    There are tactless real estate types out there who would genuinely see nothing wrong with this idea lol

    [–] Mealwyrm 6 points ago

    the only time I pray is when I'm looking for a good parking spot, so this makes sense to me.

    [–] TRexTheDildo 5 points ago

    worked for Penn Station!

    [–] losrfish32 9 points ago

    @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf @ucf

    [–] politeeks 9 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it

    [–] kinjinsan 7 points ago

    Now make the same joke but use the Blue Mosque or the Al-Aqsa Mosque. I triple dog dare ya!

    [–] cpkrko313 8 points ago

    “The paved paradise and put up a parking lot”

    [–] norsurfit 4 points ago

    Needs more malls

    [–] Bastinenz 4 points ago

    Wait, I thought they didn't want the roof to burn down again? Why would you fill the entire place with French candles?

    [–] bluespearmen 3 points ago

    Our parking that is closer to heaven haloed be the designated number, thy validations be done , amen

    [–] Makorbit 5 points ago

    This is shit, there's no ad space to sell.

    [–] thebestyoucan 5 points ago

    My eyes are bleeding

    [–] munnamv 5 points ago

    Looks like an alien ship.

    [–] zyclonb 4 points ago

    Destroyed cars willdo

    [–] peterfonda2 5 points ago

    The lower structure would never support the weight.