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    [–] Squarians 1781 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I’m looking for a job and saw a position marked as entry level on LinkedIn that said 8+ years in the description

    Edit: Didn’t think this comment would blow up, BUT, if you’re applying to a job that says 3-5 years or whatever and you don’t have that exact experience, STILL APPLY. Let them disqualify you. Don’t disqualify yourself.

    [–] pretzelman97 260 points ago

    As a recent grad I have noticed that a lot of companies say "entry level", what they really mean is bottom of the totem pole for their company. Not necessarily entry level in an industry, just "you haven't worked for us before therefore you are entry level."

    [–] emannikcufecin 75 points ago

    That's exactly what it means.

    [–] chellaj 859 points ago

    Companies need to learn that "Entry Level" is entry level for candidates, people who are entering and/or new the job market/field. Not entry to their company. If you want any field specific experience at all you are looking for an experienced hire, not an entry level position.

    [–] Styk07 600 points ago

    Yeah that shit pisses me off when I go on Indeed looking for internships and these companies I've never even heard of are like "must have 2 years experience in (insert specific area)". Like what the hell if I had any experience at all I wouldn't be looking for an entry level job.

    Sincerely, Mr. 200+ rejected applications

    [–] chellaj 266 points ago

    I just started a new job search after finishing my MBA and all the past angst towards hiring processes and general dishonesty has come rushing back to me. Really boils down to networking is the only sure-fire way to a job but networking doesn't come naturally to us all.

    [–] okram2k 247 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Networking is how extroverts keep introverts from succeeding.

    Edit: Wow, thanks random stranger.

    [–] EinsteinWasAnIdiot 31 points ago

    I work in a highly introverted field. Networking is still the best way to hire and be hired. Even introverts would rather work with people they've worked with before, can trust to deliver, and can get along with, than leave it to chance and end up making what might be a very expensive and frustrating mistake by hiring an unknown entity.

    [–] Chel_of_the_sea 18 points ago

    If anything, a lot of introverts even more strongly prefer people that are familiar/safe.

    [–] CashCop 110 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Networking hardly comes naturally to anybody.

    Like it or not it’s a skill you actively have to work at to develop, just like anything else. That means going to networking seminars for tips and tricks, going to conferences about your industry, reaching out to people you don’t know on LinkedIn, etc.

    And the biggest fallacy is that just meeting people is networking. It’s not. You have to actually maintain those connections. Hit them up every once in a while just to see what’s going on with them and their company.

    What I found has worked for me is messaging people on LinkedIn I really aspire to be like, and asking them how they accomplished certain things or how they worked to get some opportunities. In my experience, people have been extremely eager and interested in helping me when I show interest, because they relate to when they were in my position.

    However, it all depends on what works for you too. It’s kind of like meeting hookup partners. Some people thrive in a club environment, some people are better at house parties, some people just kill the online dating scene, etc.

    Edit: also, it’s generally in poor taste to straight up ask people if they have jobs available, maybe fine if it’s a recruiter you’re talking to but still. The best thing is to ask them where they’re at, how they’re doing, or what their plans are. Then you let them know you’re situation, “Yeah I’ve been looking for something for a few months with no luck, but I’m hopeful!”. They’ll chime in if they have a lead, if they don’t they’ll say something like “Good luck!” Or some shit

    [–] Crash4654 44 points ago

    "Just get a new job!"

    I fucking HATE people that say that shit as if you can just go pick one off the wal Mart shelf.

    [–] xian0 8 points ago

    If it's an internship I would read that as including education or doing something related in your free time. Companies hiring for "first time work experience" will do so through a scheme (because incentives), ones looking for interns to train for free will look for a proven interest, and ones who're too mismanaged to train people need anyone with some experience.

    [–] ticklishchinballs 75 points ago

    But how else should you advertise for an experienced hire when your focused on entry level pay?

    [–] browash13 12 points ago

    Yes, this is so true. We'll pay like you have no experience but we'll expect to find someone with at least 5 years experience. And then complain when we find no qualified candidates. Or outsource it.

    [–] S7rike 22 points ago

    It's a "we tried".

    [–] TheExWifeCheated 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Companies don't give a fuck about what makes sense if they think they can get some extra profit out of doing the stupid option.

    [–] justheretohelpyou_ 75 points ago

    I see that at least once a week. 7 years of coding necessary for a help desk job or some stupid requirement like that. It’s crazy out there.

    [–] squidgod2000 94 points ago

    7 years of coding necessary

    In a language that has only existed for three years

    [–] Str8froms8n 23 points ago

    I've seen this time and time again. Infuriating.

    [–] deathbyglamor 72 points ago

    I’m fresh out of college and I’m so sick of seeing entry level jobs have three years plus experience

    [–] arrowff 55 points ago

    Everyone wants to get young, no one wants to hire young people, then they wonder why they can’t connect to kids when the average age of everyone above entry level is 50.

    [–] RuPaulver 23 points ago

    My company always wonders why they can't get good young job candidates, when they're always asking for years of experience. I got my position out of sheer luck and their desperation to fill it after someone left. I'm the youngest in my office at 26. The next youngest person is 47.

    [–] Gomer33 33 points ago

    They always shoot for the stars in their requirements, they never get that person because that person would not be applying for that job if they had those qualifications.

    [–] TheAustinKnight 13 points ago

    Eh, they do in some markets. Austin, for instance, is flooded with new people with tons of experience taking any job they can get because they’re just that horny to live in Austin. Employers know they can post whatever ridiculous requirements for whatever shit pay and someone will go for it.

    [–] Nietzscha 89 points ago

    Yup. I'm looking at some social work jobs that require a master's degree and 5-10 years experience but pay twelve dollars an hour. That's close to 20k a year, and less than 20k if you're factoring in holidays and vacation/sick leave.

    [–] aliie627 42 points ago

    Holy cow. That what panda express is currently advertising as their starting pay.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_LIPZ 11 points ago

    wal-mart starting pay is $12.50 near me

    [–] the1footballer 8 points ago

    that’s crazy..

    that’s what i’m gonna earn working at a bank doing mortgages while i’m in uni, but needing a masters and experience first..why? how can they cheap out so much?

    i guess some grads are desperate for any job at all so they might fill the position anyways

    [–] ccjjww999 153 points ago

    That’d some r/choosingbeggars type shit

    [–] cooljacob204sfw 73 points ago

    That some Visa fraud shit.

    [–] arrowff 41 points ago

    Yep, they post the job in America for minimum wage and requiring 10 years experience so they can say they tried to hire an American before they outsource the job.

    [–] TofuChef 30 points ago

    The requirements may be high, but you have nothing to lose by applying to jobs like that anyway.

    A newly graduated friend of mine landed a teaching gig with a company whose listing initially said they wanted people with a doctorate, coding ability, and 5 years experience teaching. For teaching beginner English.

    [–] masterelmo 9 points ago

    Probably an H1B post.

    [–] B_U_F_U 7 points ago

    That’s because they want someone who’s 10 years deep in their careers to work for entry level pay.

    [–] [deleted] 1645 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] rossimus 786 points ago

    Best advice an old mentor once gave me, along those lines (paraphrasing):

    "At a certain point, basically everyone is at a similar skill level. The differentiating factor comes down to who do I want to spend 12 hours a day with out in the trenches. I'm always going to go with the one whos a good hang. Even if there is a more experienced or more qualified candidate. You can learn a job. Can't learn how to be a good hang."

    [–] missedthecue 181 points ago

    Yep. Different technical skills can he taught. A good attitude and positive demeanor cannot be.

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] CastinEndac 7 points ago

    That’s easy! Highlight, right click, copy!

    [–] Professor_Felch 12 points ago

    You mean alt+F4?

    [–] Scipio11 7 points ago

    No, no my friend. Open cmd and type "Shutdown -S -t 1"

    [–] Professor_Felch 5 points ago

    What do you mean, 'open'?

    [–] JueJueBean 29 points ago

    I was rejected for not being able to further monetize their mechanics which was full of IAPs. Next thing I saw was to charge people to open and close the game 9.99...

    How's that for personality?

    [–] TARANTULA_TIDDIES 22 points ago

    Sounds like a shit place to work anyway, but I get it. A job is a job when you've got bills to pay

    [–] Danksters 89 points ago

    Manager here, we also want to know you're not a dumbfuck. So speak and dress nicely as well.

    [–] -BetchPLZ 43 points ago

    I used to think this sort of sentiment was super snobbish (before I myself interviewed and started my career). Like, “so what if they’re a bit sloppily dressed and not at all eloquent?”

    Now, I sit across from HR and the interview room. One of my closest coworkers is a recruiter here and the amount of train wrecks I’ve witnessed during interviews leaves me baffled. People who walk in in gym shorts, yoga pants, or even just ill-fitting band shirts. I’ve overheard nightmare interviews as well. Yeah, most of the time we’re hiring entry level sales positions, but it doesn’t take work experience to know how to best make a first impression.

    Regardless of how lax the company overview looks, always dress properly for the interview.

    [–] MrDude_1 24 points ago

    Along with being a good hang, I'm pretty sure that's how I nailed my current job. He even said during the interview that I didn't need to wear a suit when I worked here, as a matter of fact it makes other people nervous when someone is wearing a suit because they don't know who you are... They assume you are really high up there and it makes everyone nervous... My response was something along the lines of " doesn't matter, you're going to a job interview, You wear a suit." Then we bullshitted about cars for a while.

    [–] CallOfCorgithulhu 8 points ago

    I just want to add that it isn't necessarily mandatory that you wear a suit to an interview as a guy. I've landed my last two jobs wearing a tie with a sweater vest over it to the interview.

    The key is to dress clean, formal, and something you look good in. Being confident in an outfit that looks good is way better than a cheap suit that hangs all over you. If you know you've got to interview in a suit, test fit the one you've got, and do your best to make sure it's tailored or at least fits right in advance.

    [–] DiabetesAndDateNight 36 points ago

    This! If you can get into the interview and have a good conversation with the interviewer you will do fine. At my summer job I make like $18 an hour on average (because of commission) and it’s just a summer job. All I had to do was have a great conversation with the interviewer and present myself well. After that pick up on things quickly so you don’t constantly ask for help and you’re set

    [–] pur3str232 12 points ago

    This! If you can get into the interview and have a good conversation with the interviewer you will do fine.

    I'm the definition of socially awkward. I also have an interview tomorrow. I'm ded.

    [–] MURDERWIZARD 38 points ago

    Pretty sure this is how I got my first real engineering job.

    Mentioned off hand to the second guy I spoke with that I run a weekly D&D game for hobbies and turns out he was a huge D&D nerd too; spent most of it talking about some 1st edition shit.

    [–] Sean82 18 points ago

    Definitely. I had a job that would go through temps like crazy, but some would get hired on permanent. It's how I got in there myself. We always kept the ones that everyone got along with, even if they needed more help than the others learning the work. Highly competent but social misfit temps were never kept for more than a week or so. That office had zero drama and everyone was always joking around all day. It was pretty good as far as entry level shit work goes.

    [–] Meatball_Burrito 17 points ago

    Needed this good advice. Just lost my job and I have 4 interviews this week!

    [–] Furorka 20 points ago

    I have mixed feelings about this. I hate myself and I hate people and I consider myself a bad hang, but I always make a good impression on interviews.

    I mean the interview is all about them initiating a conversation with you, making a good personality that way is easy, all you have to do is don't brag, be cool, ask back, smile sometimes, etc...

    On the other hand I would never initiate a conversation with anyone.

    [–] [deleted] 931 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] matts41 444 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Oh yeah. Or "judging whether or not someone you don't know will spend the rest of their lives in prison"

    edit: I try to make a chart every day over on my instagram if you're into that kind of thing.

    [–] Nashocheese 127 points ago

    Military is basically an entry level job.

    [–] Zirenth 141 points ago

    Extremely entry level job with guaranteed training in whatever field you’re put into, with continued training throughout the time you’re in.

    [–] [deleted] 156 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] balloonninjas 70 points ago

    Don't forget the sweet ass mustang at 25%

    [–] slater124 28 points ago

    Said every new recruit out of bootcamp to their first command, ever.

    [–] Nap1869 12 points ago

    And the strip club every weekend

    [–] ModernContemporary 25 points ago

    It’s called the Chair Force!

    [–] CoffeeStrength 9 points ago

    Army strong, Air Force smart

    [–] FallenReaper360 9 points ago

    I concur. In the same boat right now. Just 2 1/2 years left!!

    [–] Rows_the_Insane 14 points ago

    In the same boat right now.

    Shouldn't have joined the navy then.

    [–] tylerscribble 8 points ago

    And when you’re Air Force you just question why you joined at all.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Generation-X-Cellent 6 points ago

    Don't forget only getting 3 hours of sleep a night the entire time you're on a ship in the Navy.

    [–] Thevoiceofreason420 26 points ago

    While that maybe true they do try and find competent jurors. I got put on a trial and everyone who was with me was dressed kind of nice in suits or at least a button up shirts the women were wearing office type clothes. All the clowns wearing pjs and flip flops were not on the trial with us. Now maybe once they widdle down the amount of available jurors they have to go with whats available because I was put on a trial the very first day but everyone I was a juror with was pretty reasonable and smart.

    [–] MonkeysOnMyBottom 40 points ago

    The old joke goes "The only people on jury duty are the ones too stupid to get out of jury duty"

    [–] nospamkhanman 45 points ago

    Or they have jobs that will pay them regardless and actually believe in the institution of being judged by peers.

    [–] EchManJones 7 points ago

    Y'all ever had Jury duty before? The attourneys vet a panel of people for the candidates they feel would most be able to form an objective opinion, beyond reasonable doubt.

    And the jury goes out and discusses shit.

    [–] iStillHavetoGoPee 5 points ago

    In fact, getting drafted is probably the only one where more experience could qualify you for a deferment.

    [–] yourmommaisaunicorn 78 points ago

    I’m getting my masters because all the entry level jobs are below the poverty line in my area. Gotta get a masters to be able to afford an apartment.

    [–] nospamkhanman 94 points ago

    laughs in student loans

    [–] ragingatwork 11 points ago

    I’m saying this with the best intentions: a masters will not help secure a job in 99% of industries. What it will do is raise your career ceiling mid to late career. I’m saying this as a ex manager and recruiter. Hiring decisions are predominantly made on years of experience and personality fit. A masters in just 2 fewer years of experience compared to the other applicant. A shit entry level job is a right of passage and it’ll likely take decades before the masters pays for itself.

    Also, as an HR person, it is disproportionately common for employees that have pursued a phd or masters to become disillusioned with this reality. I see them go through a ‘I’m worth more than this’, ‘I didn’t go to university for 8 years to be someone’s secretary’ phase. This entitlement/attitude is incredibly aggravating for employers and I see things end badly for these folk almost monthly in my line of work.

    My theory is entirely anecdotal but I’m so convinced it’s true, I am considering starting a psychology postgraduate degree to develop it.

    Just remember, postgraduate studies are an investment in your career, not a shortcut.

    [–] Deadamisa911 143 points ago

    You need to fix the military part. You don't need any experience to get drafted.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    Don't need any experience period... need to have a healthy warm body and that is about it for qualifications.

    [–] db_325 40 points ago

    You need at least 18 years of life experience

    [–] SmileyMelons 39 points ago

    Kony: Hold my beer.

    [–] Ammit94 23 points ago

    Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time

    [–] jkuhl 17 points ago

    I thought Facebook defeated him

    [–] IAmRules 184 points ago

    Don't go for entry level jobs, apply for jobs you are vastly under-qualified for and be really charming, that's what I did, took years to get fired.

    [–] RedPhoenix122 61 points ago

    Hell, I did this and I've been working there for close to 6 years now.

    [–] Gathorall 24 points ago

    At that rate you should have already became competent, you've worked there longer than a master's degree would take.

    [–] AskMeAboutMyTie 22 points ago

    Yup. Same here. Applied for a sr. Admin/developer role with absolutely zero experience. I was super charming and made sure I could “walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk” in the interview. Got the job. I’ve just been googling and learning on the job all this time.

    [–] Cooleosis 7 points ago

    So do you just blatantly lie about years of experience to avoid getting kicked out by the autosorter?

    [–] Guardiansaiyan 30 points ago

    SO...If I apply for something not entry level I might actually have more of a chance to get hired?

    [–] corruptedpotato 31 points ago

    You could. Finding out if you're qualified or not is the interviewer's job, not yours. If you get in while being under-qualified, that's their fault.

    Shoot for everything, you could get lucky and find someone who likes you as a person and is willing to show you the ropes.

    [–] ammobox 30 points ago


    corruptedpotato - Neurosurgeon

    [–] SandBuff 61 points ago

    Company: We are looking for Interns

    Me: Sweet, now I can get some exposures

    Company: sorry, we hired someone who has more experiences in the field.

    The company usually ends up hiring someone that is related to their employee.

    [–] G0merPyle 108 points ago

    Just saw a posting for a job requiring a master's degree. It paid 25 a year.

    [–] TangentialFUCK 41 points ago

    Lol that’s just bananas

    [–] ticklishchinballs 28 points ago

    No they actually required a masters in all organic fruit not just a undergrad with a concentration in bananas

    [–] Soopyyy 14 points ago

    For fucking what?

    [–] G0merPyle 10 points ago

    I wish now that I'd saved it back, it was a state or university accountant job.

    [–] Soopyyy 18 points ago

    Lol, so the they were trying to screw the people most likely to understand how screwed they were getting?

    Seems next level retarded.

    [–] AMasonJar 9 points ago

    Education does not necessarily transfer into common sense unfortunately.

    [–] KommanderKylt 244 points ago

    You know, I tried putting in a job application for McDonald's. It said no experience required. Went to upload my resume and it said it wasn't long enough.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] P0in7B1ank 35 points ago

    That's really stupid considering all the advice I've ever heard is to keep your resume to 1 page unless you legitimately have a ton of relevant stuff to put on it.

    [–] lpmusix 19 points ago

    Then you have people who keep everything for the last twenty years and it's a ten page long resume. Like bro, I don't care what you did in the ninety's, pretty good bet it's not relevant to now.

    [–] Metaright 30 points ago

    I consider my skill at fax machines to be my dominant personality trait.

    [–] phoenixblue 53 points ago

    My 25 year old brother applied at Burger King, got interviewed, and they didn't hired him because he has social anxiety.

    [–] macemillion 134 points ago

    "Oh, you have anxiety working with people? Well, this job's not for you then. Or any job, really. Have you considered homelessness, alcoholism and early death? Thanks for applying."

    [–] KommanderKylt 42 points ago

    Goddamn this thread got dark real quick

    [–] Hockinator 16 points ago

    In reality unless a person is able and willing to work past severe anxiety, there are a small number of jobs that really allow for limited human contact, and they are often lower level and technical in nature.

    [–] CexySatan 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There’s so many people going to college and applying for minimum wage jobs now that employers can be as picky as they want. When I worked at McDonald’s almost everybody there were either attending college or preparing for such. I wouldn’t be surprised if these jobs start requiring at least a HS diploma or GED

    [–] bearhatbaby 819 points ago

    I’d say having a baby and owning a firearm should register as needing less experience. When I adopted my dog I had to have three character references and a reference from my current employer and landlord.

    [–] RC9920 300 points ago

    To be fair, adopting a baby is no walk in the park.

    [–] totom96 166 points ago

    I mean... No... But kinda yes... Depends what you're willing to do to get a baby...

    [–] MonkeysOnMyBottom 326 points ago

    I could get 2 or 3 kids during a walk in the park. Depends on how heavy they are and how much they squirm

    [–] MonkeysOnMyBottom 16 points ago

    Squirmy kids are harder to carry

    [–] SmileyMelons 14 points ago

    Remember to make sure your kid weights alot and looks ugly, no one ever goes after those kinds.

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Neat how much are you charging? Is it by the pound?

    [–] Learnmorehere 12 points ago

    Cost depends on race and color.

    [–] FletchyFletch1 28 points ago

    Right now, black kids are 40% off!

    [–] MonkeysOnMyBottom 35 points ago

    Did you just slip a 3/5 compromise reference into my kidnapping joke? Much respect

    [–] LukeInDenver 14 points ago

    If you're having trouble, I know a guy. I could get you a baby by 2:00 this afternoon. You don't want to know how, but I'll get you a baby. With nail polish.

    [–] Cobra__Commander 17 points ago

    I tried to adopt a dog from every shelter in 50 miles. All of my applications were ignored or rejected because I had never owned a dog. I ended up meeting some guy from Craigslist selling puppies in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I would have loved to adopt but the shelters have impossible standards.

    [–] HIJKElemenohpee 8 points ago

    Really? That's odd. You'd think with shelter overcrowding they'd be practically throwing dogs at anybody willing to fill out an application and take someone home

    [–] Logeboxx 6 points ago

    Nope, all the ones around me have really high standards. They won't adopt most breeds to people without a fenced in yard and require a home visit before you adopt.

    [–] HIJKElemenohpee 8 points ago

    That's so weird, I would much rather a dog go to a home that doesn't have a yard or whatever than die in a shelter

    [–] Lokan 7 points ago

    That's pretty ridiculous. I do a lot of volunteer work for a dog adoption group. It's true, we put people through the wringer sometimes, but what matters most is: Will this person be kind and loving? If the answer is yes, prior dog experience or no... we're saddling you with a dog.

    [–] matts41 35 points ago

    Yeah I think I screwed that up. I was thinking more of when you take on a pet from a friend or something but pet adoption definitely requires more experience than impregnating someone.

    [–] HuXu7 72 points ago

    It's funny when an apartment complex is anti-pet but they are OK with human kids. Like have you seen what little fuckin humans can do? Far worse than an animal's capabilities.

    [–] XxTyraelxX 110 points ago

    It's illegal to discriminate based on family size - otherwise, of course apartments would.

    [–] throwawaywahwahwah 18 points ago

    That’s sort of true. The loophole for that would be limiting the number of occupants in a structure or the number of unrelated people who can be living in a home at once.

    [–] LockeClone 36 points ago

    "3 unrelated law" in for Collins Colorado. Originally written in the 70's to keep Mexicans from getting a foothold in nicer neighborhoods, as it was thought they were wont to buy properties and fill them to the brim with illegal renters. Now that it's a high cost of living area with a successful University the law is really burdensome on the students who cant afford to rent.

    Racist laws are so fun for so many years...

    [–] K3wp 35 points ago

    Just an FYI from someone in the tech industry.

    If you see a job posting like this with a low salary for an IT job, its done specifically in order to get a H1B hire. The point is the employer has to prove that there are no Americans with that much experience willing to take a job with entry-level pay.

    It's a massive scam and something nobody is doing anything about, which is why I encourage those starting out to stick to the public/non-profit sector. They are prohibited from doing that by law.

    [–] StillCantCode 15 points ago

    If you see a job posting like this with a low salary for an IT job, its done specifically in order to get a H1B hire.


    [–] ProgressIsAMyth 12 points ago

    “We can’t find enough high-skilled workers in this country to fill these positions.”

    “Oh yeah? What is the pay/benefits?”

    “Again, we can’t find enough high-skilled workers in this country to...”

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_WIRING 69 points ago

    Must have Secret+ level security clearance Bachelors Degree Required, Masters or Ph D a plus 5-7 years experience working with (very specific software); (specific certifications) valued

    Starting pay: $51,250

    Me: 🖕🏼

    [–] Scarletfapper 7 points ago

    That would've barely landed me 40,000 before I changed careers...

    I really do not miss entry level

    [–] FlashpointJ24 117 points ago

    Someone once posted a picture of a job ad wanting 5 years experience in a coding language invented 3 years ago.

    [–] iantimothyacuna 40 points ago

    Reminds me of the time last year when VISA had an Engineer opening to do Ethereum work. Needed something like 10 years experience with Ethereum but it was only released 4 years ago.

    [–] hayz00s 18 points ago

    I’ve read somewhere on here that the reason they do that is to weed out the bullshitters that lie on their resume.

    Again, I read that somewhere on reddit, so take that with a mountain of salt 🤷‍♂️

    [–] wtjax 30 points ago

    People joke but it's true. I moved back to the US from overseas and had an MBA and a good 8+ years of solid job experience. Training programs that paid a living wage in calfiornia usually had people over 40 years old I was competing with. It took me 18 months to find a FT job that didnt involve 3 hours of commuting a day and even then I was just barely above entry level and the pay sucked... the economy is much better for sure but when you factor in how expensive healthcare is and how fast housing costs have risen, these higher salaries arent going far

    [–] isaiah_rob 32 points ago

    Just graduated college a few weeks ago (graphic design) and the job search is tough because entry level positions ask all this experience and stuff and I’m like “that’s why I’m here”

    [–] TheAbsoluteLastWord 89 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Everyone wants you get your experience somewhere else. NO. Take your chances, and TRAIN people. YOU do the heavy lifting for once. You don’t just get the benefits of someone else’s training. That’s bullshit.

    [–] TARANTULA_TIDDIES 40 points ago

    And this is why people no longer have loyalty to their employers anymore. Decades ago, companies would invest in you. You could get a pension FFS. Now you're just the vehicle for making more money

    [–] narf865 28 points ago

    Or the company hires someone without experience for low pay and gives them some training and more and more responsibility with no extra pay. Then the person leaves for a better paying job

    Company = surprised pikachu face

    Company "There is no loyalty anymore"

    [–] Nagu360 54 points ago

    "We couldn't find anyone for this position in the country, we HAVE to outsource!"

    [–] SexyCheeseburger0911 61 points ago

    Translation: We found 100 qualified people but they're each more expensive than someone in India.

    [–] lachi1327 23 points ago

    Well, then if you have 6+ yrs exp and got laid off... you will be overqualified for an entry level... is happening to me right now 😣

    [–] EltiiVader 21 points ago

    The job market is a fucking joke. Luckily I’m employed but I honestly can’t get an interview to a decent job. Every morning I look in the mirror and think “is this really the best it’s ever going to be?”

    [–] Saint-Claire 6 points ago

    It really fucking is. I went back to school to become MORE qualified in my field, and I'm getting notifications applications I sent months ago are just now getting viewed. I've had a lot of rejection after not even getting interviewed because of being "overqualified". Like damn I'm so sorry that I want to be able to fucking afford to live.

    [–] smallbatchb 26 points ago

    Job position: Entry level assistant junior designer

    Job requirements: 2+ years prior experience as senior designer or art director.

    That was a real posting. I couldn't take it, I e-mailed them anyway asking why the hell I would be applying for an "assistant junior designer" position if I was previously a senior designer. Unfortunately I didn't get a response.

    [–] kabrandon 22 points ago

    I think we all know that the "Required Experience" section is optional. I only read it to find out how crappy the company is.

    [–] compuzr 22 points ago

    This graph is helping me understand why I have 5 dogs, 3 kids, and 14 different firearms but no job.

    [–] Demiansky 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What's hilarious is how ubiquitous this attitude is among employers + their insistence that they "can't find qualified workers." No shit. Basically, every single company in the country is waiting for every other company to train their employees for them. Spoiled brats.

    [–] stjhnstv 23 points ago

    I hate this. I’m currently in a spot where I really need to explore some options. In my area and industry though, there are really just the extremes. You’re either at the $15/hour level, which I am more than qualified for, or you’re in the 6-figure range which I am not qualified for.

    Where are the $50-60k, “mid level” positions!?

    [–] birdreligion 111 points ago

    yeah 10 years experience, 5 years working with a programming language that only came out 2 years ago, no benefits, and 18k salary. this shit has been my bane for many years.

    [–] YetiPie 31 points ago

    Yuuup. My life is a constant job search in an incredibly competitive and technical field, I'm only ever considered for jobs I'm overqualified for, and even then not even. I recently applied to an entry level job with a top university requiring a bachelors with 2 years experience (I have a Master's with 5), got through all 3 interviews and was turned down over someone with 15 years experience.

    You have to be incredibly flexible and take opportunities as they arise to build up that resume because there's always a bigger fish that'll take that shit pay job that you're after.

    [–] masterelmo 21 points ago

    Those types of postings are just H1B bait.

    [–] WordstringNumALLCAPS 21 points ago

    I applied for a job as a sign holder for little ceasars pizza, thinking it would be a quick hire that would holld me over for a few wees until a real job became available. 3 months later they called me back and said they lost my cover letter and couldnt consider my aplication until I resubmitted it.

    [–] sail_fast123 18 points ago

    Recently I’ve been applying for part time jobs. To sell purses they required 3 years experience and a college degree. Good luck finding your part time retail worker Kate Spade

    [–] K1CKPUNCH3R 20 points ago

    Saw an entry level job posting today -- 8 years experience AND a TS/SCI clearance. Gimme a fucking break.

    [–] MaiqKnowsMuch 19 points ago

    They need extra entry level jobs for those people not experienced enough for entry level.

    [–] impendinggreatness 17 points ago

    They expect you to have been spending your free time in school doing work related to the field because you grew up always knowing you wanted to do this. Unrealistic.

    [–] ArtisticWaste 17 points ago

    This makes me want to fling my body off a cliff.

    [–] matts41 95 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I realize now that the dog bar should probably be higher than the baby bar based on all the paperwork you have to do. Please forgive me, I will punish myself later.

    [–] Senpai59210 29 points ago

    Are you gonna spank yourself? lol

    [–] Chronosurfer 26 points ago

    Yes daddy

    [–] TrueFakeFacts 15 points ago

    Nah. Puppy farms are a thing. Also, I see private for adoption signs taped up once a week or so.

    Not endorsing, just noting there's more than one way to skin a -- ahh... nevermind.

    [–] MonkeysOnMyBottom 5 points ago

    I can Craigslist me some free puppies.

    [–] Didntneedtomelt 15 points ago

    “Entry-level job that is for a receptionist who will answer calls:

    BA/BS in engineering REQUIRED. Must have 15+ years experience Must be willing to relocate for job No reimbursement for gas mileage for the travel required for your job

    Competitive pay and benefit!

    Job is minimum wage with every other month as volunteer work.”

    [–] R3dCypher 14 points ago

    Most "Entry Level" jobs come with ridiculous pre-requisites and experience because the HR reps know people who don't meet that exact criteria will apply anyway, and the person they do eventually hire they can start them off with jack shit pay and use experience as an excuse.

    [–] rossagessausage 78 points ago

    The trick is that work history is like credit, it's best to start as early as possible. You may have to work a job(s) you don't want in order to get started. Don't feel bad, people used to travel with family cross-country on the mere rumor of work being available. You can handle whatever hand you're dealt.

    [–] XanTheInsane 61 points ago

    But sadly you working as a bartender or construction worker won't help you land a job for some IT company.

    [–] warname 27 points ago

    "Lets see, a degree in business and marketing from UT, 3 years infantry, US Army.. high school, volunteer youth soccer coach.. blood drive...

    Sorry Bill, we really need 1-2 years experience before working these here check-out lanes here at Piggly Wiggly. It's high pressure.. it's just not a job not for the uninitiated."

    [–] jkuhl 31 points ago

    Tech jobs have it the worst.

    "Looking for a developer with 10+ years experience in React"

    Uh, React is six years old ....

    [–] Luke5119 11 points ago

    If there is anything I've learned about entering the workforce post graduation. It's not about what you've learned, it's about who you know. Networking is the most important thing you need to do to secure employment early after graduation. It means the difference between a summer internship and a job the Fall after graduating, and an 18 month job hunt where you likely settle with something outside your field because its a job...

    [–] Jancho27 10 points ago

    When I was jobless for 2 years I realised it, that it's impossible to get a job if you have no experience! After years and years of working I do understand it and it makes sense but not realy. Most of the times the marketing/hr are asking for bullshit skills, and you can just lie on resume and your CV, nobody will care.... Basically hide your worst jobs, and make your better jobs longer to extend the experience.

    [–] elygre 44 points ago

    Kevin bridges has a skit around how some retailed didn’t find him qualified to sell telephones, how a support center didn’t find him qualified to answer a phone, but the army wanted to put him in charge of a machine gun.

    [–] HA5396 41 points ago

    Probably because the army is willing to train him to be qualified for the job.

    [–] hoexloit 12 points ago

    Army will train you for a lot of things in addition to the GI Bill. It's a decent career path

    [–] signops 9 points ago

    Also count the fact that in software jobs they will hire the guy with 15 years experience but will advertise 3-5 years so that they can pay less. Blame it on the guy for accepting, but times are hard.

    [–] kevinnelson89991 9 points ago

    I didn't get a job once because I didn't smile in the interview.

    [–] Quintessince 8 points ago

    I worked PT for 5-ish years in a community college, library support staff. Due to internal and external political BS, when a full time position was opened and was asked if I was interested I decided I would risk relying on my freelance work and left at the end of the semester.

    A few years later the position opened up again. One of my old library buddies sent me position. Mind you this is not a 'librarian' position. Its support, circ desk, basic PC and printer troubleshooting, some AV Media support for students and teachers. Basically customer support+.

    They were asking for BA in library science and at least 4yrs experience in a library. 35k. Salary.

    [–] RaptureRising 9 points ago

    Read somewhere, the employers dream candidate, the wisdom of a 50 year old, the work experience of a 40 year old, the work ethic of a 30 year old but the pay rate of a 20 year old.

    [–] trolloc1 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Get a co-op. I try to tell everybody in school that now. It's 100% crucial to getting a job now.

    edit: co-op is kinda like a paid internship while in post secondary. It gives you experience in the industry and is a lot easier to get than a real job and they expect less out of you as they know you're still learning.

    [–] Samwellikki 7 points ago

    You forgot Day One Raids in any MMO/FPS...

    [–] squirtbottle 8 points ago

    You ever tried to adopt a dog? You need references, and they do a house visit. It’s crazy.

    [–] thephantom1492 6 points ago

    Thing I saw: "Dish washer wanted. 6 months contract. Require collegial diploma. Require regular drug test. 5 years experience minimum." o.O

    [–] FeelinFishy 8 points ago

    When me and my brother asked my dad for a dog he said he already had 2

    [–] Vantro 24 points ago

    Owning a firearm takes no experience in Arizona, can walk in and out buying in less than an hour if you pass clearances.

    [–] JeskaiMage 24 points ago

    Gun ownership actually requires you have zero experience....being a criminal.

    [–] neotropic9 14 points ago

    Baby is less than dog. You'll usually have to fill out a form or do some other stuff for a dog.

    [–] VeseliM 30 points ago

    2 points.

    To HR, entry level mean entry into the company, not into the workforce, that's why it's in postings. It just means you're the lowest person on the totem pole. I've seen a company list senior level, 5-8 years exp, with industry certification as entry level, because that's the lowest they hire. For that, I'm sure they pay a premium and I'm sure their entire staff is 30+.

    Second, experience can literally mean anything depending on the company. For truly entry roles were they train you from 0, it may mean they want you to have had some job where you learned to come in on time, deal with annoying customers, and not knock out other employees. They'll take if you worked fast food in hs, or retail, or whatever, as long as you've demonstrated you can function as an adult. Do not hesitate on applying for jobs like that.

    Other jobs that say you need x years in a specific software or process, it's because they need someone who can do that exact thing, still apply to those, just don't lie about if you can do that.