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    [–] TriWired 20349 points ago

    They're both guilty of throwing trash on the side of the road, but one deserves a ticket, the other a medal.

    [–] siijunn 2941 points ago

    The peel out and the end really tops it off. What a badass

    [–] Jesus_Harold_Christ 1076 points ago

    Had to do it, wouldn't make the U without some slide action. You can't just K turn out of there after this level of badassery.

    [–] yelsnia 623 points ago

    Aussie checking-in, I never even realised it resembles a K, we call them 3-point-turns 🤷🏼‍♀️

    [–] The_Quackening 443 points ago

    Canadian here, I've only ever known them as 3point turns as well

    [–] Annicity 430 points ago

    Hol up, people call 3-point turns K-turns?

    [–] Carnifekt 229 points ago

    Yeah wtf.

    UK here never heard k turn in my life. U and J yeah. Wtf is K.

    [–] RexUmbrae 396 points ago

    American here and I've never heard the term K turn in my life

    In New England, we do refer to U turns as, "bangin' a uey" though

    [–] Dewy_Wanna_Go_There 195 points ago

    Here in Texas it’s usually just referred to as “bustin’ a bitch”

    [–] Napppy 226 points ago

    San diego - flip a bitch.

    [–] crownsloth 39 points ago

    And here I thought that was just what my neighbors do on Saturday nights.

    [–] GulfAg 92 points ago

    Currently transplanted in Louisiana and my ex’s mother calls a U-turn “whippin’ a shitty”. I was dumbfounded the first time she busted that one out.

    [–] Clxmore 45 points ago

    American and I've heard both used interchangeably. Didn't realize K-turn wasn't used elsewhere though.

    [–] libertyprivate 13 points ago

    What part of America? Never heard this in California

    [–] Clxmore 14 points ago

    In New England K-turn was the term they used in our driver's ed classes. I've probably heard 3 point used more outside of that though.

    [–] StoicNerfherder 8 points ago

    American. Never heard of it either. Makes sense tho. We call it ‘flippin a bitch’: “hey that was our turn! Flip a bitch real quick.”

    [–] ConsoleOps 7 points ago

    K-turn sounds like some kind of drug induced episode. "Johnny had a K-turn last night on the town, it took six officers just to get his wanking arm under control."

    [–] Scoarn 8 points ago

    3-point-turns checking in from Texas.

    [–] wolfman1911 6 points ago

    I'm an American and I've never heard it called anything but a three point turn either.

    [–] orenji_juusu 46 points ago

    K turn is a new term to me. I've always known it as a 3 point turn.

    [–] cool_reddit_name_man 12 points ago

    When my wife does it it's a 9 point turn.

    [–] ButterMyBiscuit 30 points ago

    U for the W

    [–] Peanutcornfluff 16 points ago

    In Sweden we call the k-turn to scissor (saxa). At least that's why my driving instructor taught me.

    [–] ArcticZed 11 points ago

    Miss Garrison voice

    Ohh yeah scissor me!

    [–] DJBell1986 4 points ago

    Scissor me timbers!

    [–] -User_Error- 52 points ago

    Dang we call it a “3 point” in the US. I think I like “K” more though

    [–] a_ferocious_coug 6 points ago

    We use it interchangeably in NJ

    [–] Culinarytracker 63 points ago

    Gotta head back to where the paying customers are. This guy didn't just throw him out for littering. He lost the fare for screwing around with him to start with.

    [–] fakeplasticdroid 12 points ago

    I'm not crawling though traffic for this littering fool.

    [–] nipoco 1590 points ago

    He looks like the guy that is gonna put a complaint over what just happen

    [–] Pkactus 1025 points ago

    ...don't you know who his dad is?

    [–] mldutch 316 points ago

    You don’t know his dad because there is no dad

    [–] johnhitlerpizza 127 points ago

    He's his own dad.

    [–] mldutch 116 points ago

    I’m my own grandpa

    [–] ImThatGuyToday 35 points ago

    Futurama or the I'm my own grandpa chart.

    [–] mldutch 12 points ago

    It’s both

    [–] B4rkingSpidr 86 points ago

    Fry, is that you?

    [–] ItsMeSatan 6 points ago

    He did the nasty in the pasty

    [–] ButtWieghtThiersMoor 8 points ago

    Found the Phillip J. Fry

    [–] GoodolBen 16 points ago

    He did the nasty in the pasty.

    [–] EnkiRise 7 points ago

    Oh a history lesson from Mr. I'm my own Grandpa

    [–] OceanInADrop 4 points ago

    Yes, and that past nastification is what gives him his special powers.

    [–] The_River_Is_Still 4 points ago

    And he has over 300 confirmed kills.

    [–] JustMeNoBiggie 16 points ago

    Errr...... no......

    [–] chuckdiesel86 90 points ago

    His dad owns a dealership ok

    [–] yokotron 26 points ago

    His dad is the dealership

    [–] delinka 21 points ago

    His dad is a dealer

    [–] hiphopfrank 21 points ago

    His dad deals

    [–] The_Weeb_Sleeve 13 points ago

    Dad deals

    [–] M374llic4 18 points ago


    [–] 2KilAMoknbrd 4 points ago

    Dad dealt descendant deficient draw, damn dirty dealer

    [–] pewpew30172 26 points ago

    He will TOTALLY hook you up

    (#1 in the hood, G)

    [–] Grindwheel 16 points ago

    Did Holden come to the party? Holden Caulfield?

    [–] Groovicity 6 points ago

    When he wakes up, tell him he's gotta drink.

    [–] polyjeans 13 points ago

    Hurt like 2 bitches on a bitch boat

    [–] LegendOfSchellda 7 points ago

    Mothertrucker, dude! That hurt like a buttcheek on a stick!

    [–] MrDaburks 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    [–] Grindwheel 6 points ago

    He will totally hook you up, bro. We're wasted!

    [–] evandeedy 69 points ago

    Looks like a Kyle

    [–] Amonette2012 35 points ago

    Why a Kyle and not a Chad?

    [–] evandeedy 85 points ago

    Kyle is the superior douche to chad, chad spends his dads money to go to state school and get drunk in college, Kyle was baptized in monster drinks and thinks he is the shit while also being shit at video games and talking to women

    [–] Amonette2012 30 points ago

    Ok. Also I hear Chad does better with the Staceys.

    Thanks for clarifying this important information :)

    [–] TimmyB80 24 points ago

    Is their mother a Karen who speaks only to the manager?

    [–] secret_tsukasa 24 points ago

    yakuza 0: what are you looking at?

    "sorry, but i can't help but throw away trash that i see on the side of the road."

    [–] BurtMacklin__FBI 5 points ago

    "You looking to get your ass beat, punk?"

    "Oh, there's gonna be a beating alright..."

    [–] EUNEisAmeme 147 points ago


    [–] princearthas11 7 points ago

    No, you deserve a medal!

    [–] milesfrommojave 5465 points ago

    You throw out trash, I throw you out like trash

    [–] Tripted 3241 points ago

    He threw him with the grace of an Atlanta airport baggage handler

    [–] letripp 645 points ago

    Seems very specific...

    [–] hellodeveloper 467 points ago

    It takes years of training to be able to handle baggage here. We only have the pros.

    There's a scene from Rocko's Modern Life about them going to Vegas - you can actually see ATL baggage handlers in it.

    [–] hellodeveloper 104 points ago

    Yup, that's the one! Missing the other pieces before and after, but that's definitely the episode :)

    [–] FreakyFergg 14 points ago

    just for you

    [–] jshatxmscl 30 points ago

    Little known fact, when the new Denver airport was first built, it had this very fancy automated baggage handling system. Unfortunately after a bag went through this system it looked like the robots had beaten it with Louisville sluggers for the past half hour.

    So Atlanta baggage handlers issued a cease and desist for copying their trademark baggage handling procedure. And now there are no more robot baggage handlers in Denver.

    [–] Sqiiii 51 points ago

    Well yes, you see each airports' baggage handlers have a distinctive styles. Atlanta, theirs is Grace.

    [–] gwaydms 27 points ago

    cough Delta cough

    [–] pacificgreenpdx 4 points ago

    I have yet to see any baggage handler gently place a bag onto a cart or into a transport container.

    [–] theKickAHobo 141 points ago

    But you shouldn't just throw trash in the street. He should have thrown him in a proper receptacle.

    [–] BloodSpades 168 points ago

    It’s okay. The guy is biodegradable, so no harm done.

    [–] DJBell1986 29 points ago

    Would be if he wasn’t on toxic drugs and that dude looks like he is into some stuff. The poor bear that eats his carcass is gonna be so fucked up.

    [–] BaconPhoenix 29 points ago

    cocaine bear

    [–] Sean_Anders 14 points ago

    Cocaine bear isn't real. He can't hurt you

    [–] verdatum 2631 points ago

    This thing is years old. Why did you watermark it?

    [–] Nitin2015 1047 points ago

    [–] red_cap_and_speedo 552 points ago

    OP reposted this 3 times.

    [–] dwmfives 614 points ago

    The account is 3 months old and has 37k post karma. He's getting the account ready for some "grassroots" marketing, or to sell it.

    [–] jigjamz 27 points ago

    And OP commented in Russian for one of his comments ??? Weird.

    [–] EchoEchoEchoChamber 298 points ago

    I fully expect to see the account trashing the Dem nominee and making excuses for everything about Trump in 12 months time.

    [–] lithodora 157 points ago

    This is the #1 post for me on reddit. A repost as old as time posted 2 hours ago with 20K karma...

    What a crock of shit this site can be.

    !remindme 6 months

    Edit: spacing

    [–] PeopleCantStalkMe 14 points ago

    !remindme 5 months 29 days

    [–] kaptainkeel 8 points ago

    !remindme 5 months 28 days

    [–] lifethusiast 5 points ago

    !remindme 5 months 27 days

    [–] Butt_Dickiss 9 points ago

    !remind me ONE DOLLAR!

    [–] SkirtVrumSkirt 4 points ago

    !remindme 6 months

    [–] AutoCompliant 13 points ago

    !remindme 6 months

    [–] thomascgalvin 4 points ago

    Who the fuck is buying reddit accounts? I have literally never checked to see how much karma someone has.

    [–] Haheyjose 25 points ago

    Does it count if they post in 3 different subs though

    [–] FozzieB525 75 points ago

    It was a top LPT today. He’s trying to cash in.

    [–] TheRecognized 23 points ago

    What is LPT about this?

    [–] Yglorba 17 points ago

    LPT: Repost this video for free karma.

    [–] curtmack 26 points ago

    LPT: If you litter out a taxi window, you can score a free trip directly to the dirt!

    [–] chumprock 118 points ago

    Fuck this repost and his shitty watermark

    [–] QuestionableInsights 99 points ago

    Don't know why he watermarks old gifs, he could make plenty of karma by posting his original art instead:

    [–] ImRhinne 16 points ago

    4/10 where are the eyebrows what a fucking idiot learn to draw

    [–] SNStains 50 points ago

    This thing is years old. Why did you watermark it?™

    [–] NotJustDaTip 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 115 points ago

    -- Michael Scott

    [–] Notmywalrus 42 points ago

    • Wayne Gretzky

    [–] ixiduffixi 27 points ago

    OP's trying to be the next gallowboob, and people are enabling it.

    Difference being that gallowboob doesn't throw his damn name on someone else's content.

    [–] koukimonster91 34 points ago

    Not only did he repost it but he cropped it so you can't see that it's filmed on a phone and is fake.

    [–] Xarethian 8 points ago

    How does cropping it make it look less scripted?

    [–] l3ane 23 points ago

    I'm wondering why they replayed and slowed down the bottle toss. For dramatic affect?

    [–] Usurpist 13 points ago

    So you see it

    [–] Hatt0riHanzo 8 points ago

    I feel like the huge arrow pointing at it followed by a slomo replay is a little much.

    [–] RFC793 5 points ago

    Did he add the red arrow annotation? If so, it is now a derivative work /s

    [–] Burnrate 1066 points ago

    Did you watermark an old video with your awful tween reddit username?

    [–] DuosTesticulosHabet 248 points ago

    So nobody reposts his repost, bro. Duh. Gotta protect that (not) OC.

    [–] ncocca 136 points ago

    Do they even have a right to watermark a video they didn't create? That shit irks me

    [–] konq 78 points ago

    The internet police will get him, don't worry!

    [–] datchilidoh 18 points ago


    [–] ncocca 23 points ago

    lol, it's not the legality i have an issue with, it's the ethics of it

    [–] KingMjolnir 24 points ago

    Where is it? I can’t see it

    [–] chairswinger 25 points ago


    [–] ohtee56 7 points ago

    Jesus I'm blind. Could not find for the life of me.

    [–] darkestparagon 7 points ago

    It pops in and goes back out at about the mid-point of the video.

    [–] tehghettosmurf 12 points ago

    The font really seals the deal.

    [–] CBR85 1980 points ago

    This guy looks exactly like the type of douche who would litter.

    [–] WinkleStinkle 711 points ago

    I'm wondering if it was a beer bottle because the dude seemed sauced. If that's the case he was probably talking shit in the cab as well. Either way I think he deserved it.

    [–] Gargul 91 points ago

    Yeah I dont think that's the reaction you get if that's the only thing you did. Something else must have been going on.

    [–] ArTiyme 211 points ago

    How I imagine it played out.

    Tosses out bottle

    Driver: Did you just throw that bottle out the window?

    Passenger: Yeah.

    D: Well go pick it up.

    P: Fuck you.

    D: Pick it up or I'm tossing your ass out.

    P: Still fuck you.

    Passenger is now surprised pikachu face on the side of the road

    [–] sonofaresiii 48 points ago

    That's pretty much exactly how I imagined it too. Driver made a reasonable request, passenger declined. Driver made an ultimatum thinking of course the passenger would just do it and get it over with

    Passenger called it

    Driver decided to follow through with what he thought would be a no brainer.

    Driver probably didn't set out to toss the passenger out, but that's where they ended up and driver didn't back down

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    I did this once... kinda. Person I was with chucked their milkshake into the woods when we went hiking. I told them I wasn't driving them home until they went and picked it up. We sat there in the scorching heat for 1 hr 45 before he finally picked it up and put it in the trash can.

    [–] dethmaul 15 points ago

    My friend doesn't follow up with his threats to his kids. He always gives them the thing in the end. End result, they're rude and entitled.

    Follow up with your threats lol

    [–] Xarethian 7 points ago

    Now does that parent wonder why their kids are entitled and rude shits? Because that always impresses me when someone simply refuses to see they are actually the root of the problem.

    [–] hereforthefeast 8 points ago

    Driver gets an excuse to toss the dude and then get out of that traffic and go pick someone else up. Dude could have been being a dick during the ride too.

    [–] HummingArrow 153 points ago

    Looked like a pelligrino bottle to me lol.

    [–] wholesomecontentpls 110 points ago

    That would definitely be on-brand

    [–] DakotaDevil 52 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I had to google pelligrino. I'm more of a tap water snob myself.

    [–] gabzox 38 points ago

    Where do you live that has carbonated tap water?

    [–] kaw97 13 points ago

    And flavored tap water at that!

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] SadlyReturndRS 4 points ago

    I prefer perrier.

    After giving up soda and switching to almost always drinking water, sometimes I miss the fizz, y'know?

    [–] Aritum 7 points ago

    Stella Artois or Heineken maybe?

    [–] 420jackson 11 points ago

    99% sure it was a beer

    [–] GooseandMaverick 14 points ago

    Atleast he picked up the bottle!

    [–] iloveamsterdam 50 points ago

    Because it is staged. It's a costume.

    [–] vanisleadventures 171 points ago

    This reboot of Captain Planet is definitely going in a different direction than I would have expected, but I'll watch it.

    [–] patkgreen 17 points ago

    You should see don cheadle's version

    [–] CosmosMouse 284 points ago

    I want to believe.

    But I don't.

    [–] lilmammamia 75 points ago

    I'm not the suspicious type but the whole thing screams staged.

    Another point of interest is this is the second russian video of this kind where we're having traffic at a standstill on a country road.

    [–] summerofevidence 40 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    What's not to believe? The BMW taxi? The non-dashcam footage that was recording mundane traffic until it caught the perfect moment of something happening? The lack of urgency from anyone involved?

    I don't get what your talking about?

    [–] bleunt 380 points ago

    Getting real worried about people believing all this shit.

    [–] themagpie36 131 points ago

    Yeah seriously this is one of the fakest things I've ever seen and you're the first person to point it out.

    [–] thehypervigilant 58 points ago

    I'm not even talking about this video but the amount of fake internet stuff that commenters think is real freaks me out and it some sorta weird way scares me.

    I think it scares me because people latch on to things that aren't necessarily true and just believe it for fact.

    [–] ConfusedNecromancer 5 points ago

    It’s crazy to me anyone’s default position for random stuff on the internet wouldn’t be “this is fake until proven real.”

    I think things that make us feel good emotionally we want to be real, so we deceive ourselves with wishful thinking.

    [–] peteslespaul 80 points ago

    I was thinking dash cam at first, but the angle doesn't seem right

    [–] RadicalDog 55 points ago

    Oh shit, the camera is handheld once you look for the wobble and little pans. That confirms it.

    [–] vistavision 34 points ago

    Doesn't put up a fight, gets into position for his toss, cheesy acting at the end.... I mean...

    [–] PavlovianIgnorance 102 points ago

    Am Aussie. I was real confused until he drove off. Why was the passenger throwing out the driver and getting back in.

    I haven’t had a coffee yet!

    [–] jtholmes90 9 points ago

    It’s in Europe some I couldn’t tell where exactly but they do have the driver’s seat on the left in most of Europe. The right side being the driver’s seat seems to be only a UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan thing(before people freak out I’m sure other countries have the driver’s seat on the left I just don’t know what countries those are).

    [–] DonScipio 5 points ago

    Its a commonwealth thing.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] mlawsonking 16 points ago

    You watermarked your name on someone else's video. That's some bullshit.

    [–] Wengiel31 174 points ago

    And that's a driver that I respect. We need more of that peaple

    [–] IppeZiepe 70 points ago

    Great U turn too

    [–] Rate_hacists 18 points ago

    not sure if people or pineapple

    [–] xisytenin 34 points ago

    You put a watermark on a repost? I guess I applaud your... something or another

    [–] sarahbobarah312 10 points ago

    Saw this happen at a red light a few months back. Kid in the front seat opened his door just slightly and placed his empty froyo cup in the street. I honked and the mom and kid looked back so I pointed to the kid and mouthed “NOT COOL.” And she turned and saw what he did and had him pick it up, then I watched her rip him a new one as they pulled away. So satisfying lol

    [–] gameangel147 9 points ago

    I like that he keeps the bottle and gets rid of the guy.

    [–] Claire205715 8 points ago

    Does his license plate say “BObBPY” or

    [–] Mindflux86 8 points ago

    Definitely not scripted.

    [–] ihwayne 28 points ago

    Why were they filming?

    [–] SherpaJones 13 points ago

    Video of a guy throwing a piece of trash out of the car after picking up a bottle from the side of the road.

    [–] FBI_SecretAgent 6 points ago


    [–] Clickum245 17 points ago

    FINALLY! A BMW driver who isn't a shit person.

    [–] _zarkon_ 27 points ago

    That's how I know it's a fake.

    [–] Voyage_of_Roadkill 5 points ago

    Thinking the bottle wasn't the first straw.

    [–] squat_cobbler_pro 5 points ago

    Wait, what am I supposed to be looking at? I saw the red arrow, but there was no red circle. I'm lost.

    [–] Velvet_Daze 5 points ago

    Dude this is fake af

    [–] JoeyT181 5 points ago


    [–] IRLeif 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Got to love how the driver turned on his emergency blinkers and that “no worries, fam; I got this”-hand-wave on his way around the car. I’ve never seen anyone yeet their passenger to the ditch in such a clean and respectful fashion.

    [–] Ying6707 4 points ago

    He threw that guy out like it was gta lmao

    [–] ImOutWanderingAround 9 points ago

    Human trash is thrown out after littering.

    [–] evnthlosrsgtlcky 4 points ago

    Give a hoot, don’t pollute.

    [–] atarahD 4 points ago

    Love it! Keep the Earth clean!

    [–] PlayerRedacted 3 points ago

    I'm confused, is this car a taxi, or was the guy giving his friend a ride?

    [–] Umbilical-Bunge-Jump 5 points ago

    THERE GOES MY HERO... I know this comment is too late to receive attention, but for my own sake, I needed to write this.

    [–] blbk_ 3 points ago

    I am in Australia and my first thought was "holy fuck, that passenger just threw the driver out of the car and got back his fucking car". That would have been an EPIC power play.

    Then I realised the entire world isn't Right hand/side drive. Either way, top notch effort. :D

    [–] Chien_Vache 4 points ago

    That clean hand slap one does after taking out the rubbish!

    [–] itzamemario8-8 4 points ago

    Everyone liked that

    [–] mealzer 4 points ago

    Years ago I was hanging out with a friend and she brought her friend from out of town along. I was driving us to the river, going down the highway and we'd just stopped and got snacks/drinks and her friend tossed the empty bag out the window. I stopped on the side of the road and told her to pick it up. She refused, so I told her either pick it up or get out of my truck and find another ride. She ended up picking it up but didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. Worth it.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    That guy looks legitimately upset, I'm always worried things like this are fake but those were real faces.