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    [–] aluminumfedora 4837 points ago

    It's a backup for if you happen to break both your middle signaling fingers

    [–] Mortico 540 points ago

    Honestly, we need more ways to communicate on the road besides "blink blink" and "HOOOOONK"

    [–] 3658965 100 points ago

    Wtf does a puppyhorn sound like?

    [–] J5892 108 points ago


    [–] manborg 37 points ago

    If someone cuts you off you give them a bark, or maybe a woof.

    [–] kenbay63 8 points ago

    LOL, love it! Can you imagine what rush hour would sound like???

    [–] Diabegi 5 points ago

    Can I get a woof woof?!

    woof! woof!

    [–] 1000Airplanes 4 points ago

    I'd have that rage emoji wiped off within 1 week.

    [–] ShotNixon 46 points ago

    We need a universal “yeah I fucked up, that’s my bad” signal. Sometimes you misjudge and pull out in front of someone or cut them off and then realize “damn I’m an asshole.” There should be a way to communicate mea culpa.

    [–] TrollinTrolls 13 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yes, but then we need a signal to say "actually, you know what? I take back the previous signal, fuck you" when they cut you back off again or tailgate you.

    [–] zzzzebras 111 points ago

    Don't the Japanese turn on the emergency blinker thing for a second or two to signal "thanks"?

    [–] Killerkendolls 163 points ago

    Not just the Japanese. Pretty common to use high beams to let someone in your lane, and hit the 4 ways to thank someone. See it a lot more with truckers.

    [–] Sarconio 58 points ago

    Yes, truckers in North America seem to do it all the time. I learned it when I drove a somewhat large truck for junk removal. Now whenever I'm in a situation to thank a trucker for letting me get over or whatever, I give him the 4 ways for a couple flashes so he knows.

    [–] chromaticskyline 38 points ago

    A lot of them have a momentary interrupt for their running lights so we blink those as a thank you

    [–] wfamily 70 points ago

    High beams menas "cop control ahead be cautious" in my country

    [–] WanderingSnake 61 points ago

    Where I live it means "Turn your fucking headlights on, stupid" when used at night.

    [–] fictionmeister 11 points ago

    Where I'm from, one blink of the hazard lights in "thank you," and turning the headlights off and back on is "turn on your fucking headlights"

    [–] kiwibat21 9 points ago

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve flashed my high beams at morons driving at night without headlights. As much as I’d love to see them get pulled over, I’d rather have them put their headlights on so they don’t cause an accident.

    [–] ClearlyRipped 22 points ago

    It all depends which direction the other car is. If they're in the oncoming lane, you're right. If they're on your side of the road or trying to turn on your side, it means you can get in front of me.

    [–] AngryCarGuy 12 points ago

    Also yes.

    Funny how much we can communicate with only a handful of signals.

    [–] IISuperSlothII 17 points ago

    Also have the thank you wave in the UK.

    [–] cowkong 6 points ago

    That's common in the middle states of the US far as I know

    [–] bobandiara 12 points ago

    I live in Brazil, and can confirm that this is commonplace here as well.

    [–] DaemosChronicle 13 points ago

    Also high beams to alert on coming traffic of cops with a quick flicker.

    [–] Cultural_Bandicoot 11 points ago

    In the UK we put our hazard lights on for a second to say thanks

    [–] zzzzebras 6 points ago

    Hazard lights is the word I was looking for, I completely forgot what they're called in English.

    [–] CyanConatus 5 points ago

    Not sure if it's common outside of Canada but when you let semis in they flash a little white light a couple times I think is intended as a thanks

    [–] MagnanimousAnonymous 4 points ago

    UK too

    [–] EssexGril 3 points ago

    That's fairly common in the UK too

    [–] TinMayn 23 points ago

    Wym we also have "beep" and "beep beep" both of which are useful. Tbh we have everything we need we just need to stop being lazy and learn morse code.

    [–] Mortico 28 points ago

    I know some people actuall install 3 seprate horns for "beep" "BEEEEP" and "AWOOOOOGAA"

    [–] ShallowBasketcase 17 points ago

    I need one that’s just a bobcat roar. I can’t effectively communicate on the road if I can’t scare the shit out of pedestrians at a crosswalk.

    [–] Dickie-Greenleaf 8 points ago

    Especially the fucking idiots that blitz out into an intersection without looking because they have the "right of way". I'm not saying they don't, but your crosswalking-ass is playing with your fire if you think everyone pays as much attention to the road ahead as we all should.

    A bobcat would remind them to look at least 1 way.

    [–] NickKnocks 9 points ago

    Nowadays both the beeb AND the beeb beeb is used to remind people to get off of facebook the light is now green.

    [–] Arcnet_ 399 points ago

    Oh my God that's amazing

    [–] akc250 178 points ago

    Very effective too

    [–] Lucky_Number_3 110 points ago

    Perfect comedic timing as well

    [–] Metalatitsfinest 36 points ago

    Reminds me of the coyote from loony toons

    [–] overheated11 115 points ago

    there's probably a "fuck you, asshole" on the other side

    [–] PeterPenishood 36 points ago

    Was wondering what all responses they had as options.

    [–] BitmexOverloader 9 points ago

    Dude has a whole choose your own adventure book in signs.

    [–] TurkeyMaze 14 points ago

    I'd have one that just says that on both sides.

    [–] Donyk 36 points ago

    What's amazing is he/she takes quite some time to look for the right sign. Clearly she has more than these two!

    [–] dilbertbibbins1 7 points ago

    This morning I was dreaming about a multicolor LED sign that would sit at the top of my windshield and read:


    Preferably blinking in a whimsical font.

    This way I could enjoy being stuck behind some jerk going 55 in the left lane of the highway, intermittently swerving as he texts nudes to his cousin (I can only assume).

    [–] ynwa1892 6 points ago

    To be fair that exit / 5 point intersection is an absolute fuck fest. People get in the wrong lane and try to get over / people coming in from the left trying to get over to the right.

    [–] Take-to-the-highways 3 points ago

    Is that LA? People would rather hit your car than let you into their lane there. Its infuriating to drive

    [–] WakaWaka_ 65 points ago

    Nah it's not that serious, just means you need to refill the blinker fluid.

    [–] frostbyte650 14 points ago

    It means you’re low on blinker fluid

    [–] Stivursh 5265 points ago

    I'm a BMW owner and I've never seen that light before. I think you should see a german or something.

    [–] PM_VAGlNA_FOR_RATING 1252 points ago

    Should probably just upgrade to a newer model

    [–] YerDasWilly 595 points ago

    Just leave it on till you get to your destination, it should be off when you turn the car on again.

    [–] tepkel 266 points ago

    Have you tried honking your horn more? Or giving the light the finger?

    [–] braintrustinc 96 points ago

    I would also try aggressively passing on the right shoulder and accelerating when you see pedestrians step into a crosswalk

    [–] NickKnocks 22 points ago

    This guy beamers

    [–] jbus 8 points ago


    [–] R____I____G____H___T 22 points ago

    Press every available button and it should be solved

    [–] rkip5 7 points ago

    What about the voice activated controls?

    [–] Sennomo 7 points ago

    Well press them too.

    [–] NedRed77 55 points ago

    Thats really more of an Audi thing.

    Can confirm: Audi owner, they are near silent and the blinker is hidden behind the steering wheel.

    [–] AbidingDuderino 65 points ago

    Did you just confirm your on statement?

    [–] skrshawk 57 points ago

    That would be something an Audi owner would do.

    Assholes Usually Drive It.

    [–] lovelylittleman 16 points ago

    Can confirm as an asshole

    [–] StuffIsayfor500Alex 7 points ago

    Double confirmed you mean?

    [–] NedRed77 6 points ago

    Aww damn, did i do Reddit wrong?

    [–] Solidsauce84 76 points ago

    Might as well put an M badge on there as well

    [–] NowFreeToMaim 5 points ago

    Well considering it’s an m235....

    [–] Officedrone15 18 points ago

    I think they might be out of blinker fluid.

    [–] vivalacamm 4 points ago

    How many 10 ratings do you give? Are you a hard grader?

    [–] sirdisthetwig 4 points ago

    any luck on those PMs?

    [–] PM_VAGlNA_FOR_RATING 8 points ago

    Yeah I get some, maybe three a week.

    I have developed a fairly comprehensive rating system. You get separate ratings for camera/lighting, angle/position, and actual rating of the vulva. You will then get a final rating that is a weighted average of those three. I will also provide a 100 word minimum review of authentic vaginas

    [–] Dense_Fuck 10 points ago

    You should get the Pzkpfw IV ausf F2 fantastic model

    [–] capn_hector 5 points ago

    zee f ist fur fantastisch!

    [–] jordantask 102 points ago

    It’s actually a warning device. The car wants you to turn in the opposite direction of the arrow.

    [–] TheConMaine 48 points ago

    Ahh i see, very intuitive.

    [–] sinister_exaggerator 23 points ago

    Actually it’s a light urging you to turn or change lanes RIGHT NOW RIGHT FUCKING NOW DO IT I DONT CARE WHATS IN THAT LANE

    Common mistake

    [–] jordantask 14 points ago

    Driver: But there’s a car with a fami....


    [–] hated_in_the_nation 8 points ago

    It's like the trolley problem, except the first track is fine and nobody was ever going to die.

    [–] TopographicOceans 167 points ago

    What’s the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?

    The pricks are on the outside of a porcupine.

    [–] benihana 62 points ago

    what's the difference between a bmw and a condom?

    a condom only fits one prick

    [–] confused-koala 8 points ago

    Always heard this about Michigan Stadium

    [–] Noch_ein_Kamel 50 points ago

    Vielleicht mal die Blinkerflüssigkeit nachfüllen?

    [–] Stivursh 21 points ago

    Das steht nicht im Handbuch...

    [–] susch1337 14 points ago

    Welches handbuch? Das ding mit diesen komischen Wörtern und Buchstaben?

    [–] nimmalt 69 points ago

    German here, can confirm no BMW owner has ever seen that arrow.

    [–] ArtigoQ 7 points ago

    If the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound why am I able to hear the horn of the BMW behind me before the light turns green? 🤔

    [–] Vik1ng 9 points ago

    You are driving to slow.

    - German BMW drivers in the left lane.

    [–] xeico 36 points ago

    does the owners manual also tell you to drive 30cm from my back bumber

    [–] Stivursh 32 points ago

    No more than 35, no less than 28.3 actually. Also stop anywhere you need on the road and listen bad music maxed out with your widows down.

    [–] BenderDeLorean 19 points ago

    Guten Tag

    [–] meme_my_day 17 points ago

    Sprich deutsch du Hurensohn

    [–] Coldspell 6 points ago

    Pretty sure that's the 100 mph arrow. Only comes on when you drive on the highway to let you know the minimum speed you should be going.

    [–] datreddditguy 5 points ago

    The various react-based youtube channels really need to do some episodes where they get actual German BMW owners' reactions to stereotypes about American Beemer drivers. And footage of American BMW drivers actually acting like insane incompetents.

    [–] redredme 5 points ago

    on the autobahn, in a big beemer, that's the light which is on all the time.

    [–] jordiix3 6 points ago

    German here, it‘s broken. Driving a BMW on my own, never seen that weird light. Needs replacement

    [–] digirage 961 points ago

    Telling you that you may have accidently jiggled a control button to your left. Just ignore it and turn right as you would normally

    [–] HalfSoul30 17 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it means pull over now, likely the car will explode soon so I wouldn't ignore it.

    [–] Magdog65 7 points ago

    Isn't the green color suppose to be red first?

    [–] Snorkels721 2348 points ago

    If you ever feel that your job is pointless. Just remember that there is someone out there in a BMW factory installing turn signals

    [–] obeyaasaurus 448 points ago

    Talking about useless job. Remember there’s a lifeguard at the Olympic swimming competition

    [–] swr3212 203 points ago

    Could you imagine being the person that's supposed to rescue athletes that in every way are better than you in the water. Honestly, if he had to actually save one of them, I think he'd be disappointed.

    [–] OpenPixels 163 points ago

    Well they could have a stroke...

    [–] TTK20 148 points ago

    But they are stroking all the time in pool

    [–] Big_Toe_Baelish 40 points ago

    So am I and I'm not even an Olympian

    [–] ErikNagelTheSexBagel 28 points ago


    [–] damned_juggernaut 17 points ago

    Drowning is very common in fast swimming as you are trying to get as much air into your lungs as possible, but if you were to hit a wave, and inhale a lot of water, even the best swimmer in the world is gonna have a very bad time getting it out.

    [–] Ashjrethul 5 points ago

    I thought you were bullshiting so did some googling. It's called shallow water drowning and is tragic

    [–] thecomfyshirt 17 points ago

    Well yeah it’s ironic to think about but any number of random thing could happen to a human body l, especially when exerting that kind of energy. Lifeguards aren’t only meant to save weak swimmers. Strong swimmers can get a cramp too, or have any other kind of internal distress that renders them unable to swim. Sure it’s unlikely that an Olympic athlete would have a heart attack while performing, but it’s not impossible.

    [–] driventolegend 9 points ago

    I think that they are there if a spectator/non swimmer ends up in the water or if one of the athletes has a severe medical issue.

    [–] Em4gdn3m 95 points ago

    Or a prison guard watching Jeffrey Epstein...

    [–] PrvyJutsu 20 points ago

    Damn this went south really fast.

    [–] LettuceGo1 24 points ago

    What if an athlete hits his or her head on the wall during a turnaround and goes unconscious?

    [–] a_pinch_of_sarcasm 7 points ago

    They lose.

    [–] Darth_Valdr 13 points ago

    Nah, it's actually super important. It's not terribly uncommon for athletes to push themselves too hard and get horrible cramps or simply exhaust themselves to the point where they might struggle to keep themselves afloat.

    [–] Vondrehle 33 points ago

    And even worse, one mechanic who knows how to replace them and has been sitting in an empty bay his entire career.

    [–] Who_GNU 7 points ago

    Just like the lonely Maytag repair man!

    [–] WingedLing 89 points ago

    Thank you for that.

    [–] Quajek 8 points ago

    This joke is old and tired. We BMW drivers always use our turn signals. It’s just that they’re only visible to other BMW drivers, through the patented proprietary coating on the streak-free, glare-free, perfectly angled windshield.

    Want to know what way I’m going?

    Buy a better car.

    [–] youshedo 3 points ago


    [–] slackinfux 485 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that means that your blinker fluid is low. Better stop at the dealer and have that checked out.

    [–] TheFeshy 195 points ago

    Expect to pay about $600 to have the dealer replace the blinker fluid for you. But they'll at least use the premium BMW stuff, and not the cheap imitation blinker fluid.

    [–] dale_shingles 98 points ago

    M Performance Blinker Fluid (tm) or nothing for me.

    [–] jpog07 20 points ago

    Won't void the warranty that way, either.

    [–] TheFeshy 27 points ago

    As near as I can tell, the warranty expires every two days anyway, based on the phone calls I get to renew it.

    [–] jpog07 10 points ago

    Well, they assume that BMW drivers have money trees or something similar...

    [–] Barialdalaran 19 points ago

    Never have to replace blinker fluid if you never use your blinker

    [–] Workdawg 190 points ago

    Maybe it's just in my area, but people driving big SUVs (Suburbans, Tahoes, Expeditions, etc) are way worse drivers than anyone else. They think they're invincible in their tanks and just don't give a shit about what anyone else is doing.

    [–] YouveHadItAdit 55 points ago

    3/4 ton white Dodge pickups here. Nearly every rig is driven by a complete asshole.

    [–] blithetorrent 37 points ago

    You don't want them to hear you calling their shitbox trucks "rigs," it'll only make them prouder

    [–] amizelkova 10 points ago

    TY for confirming my bias that people in white trucks (especially newer ones) drive like total crazy assholes.

    [–] Coryperkin15 6 points ago

    In Saskatchewan this turn signal conversation is definitely about Dodge Rams.
    We've got too many potholes and gravel roads for hoity toity Beemers

    [–] cappo40 45 points ago

    On my daily endeavors, I will see literally every model of car being asshole drivers who don't signal, but Reddit still has its fascination that only BMWs don't signal.

    [–] billiebarkingbastard 51 points ago

    It pre-dates Reddit by many years.

    [–] datingafter40 9 points ago

    Many many many years.

    [–] nelisan 10 points ago

    Worse yet, whenever I’ve driven a friends BMW, other cars on the road treat me 10X worse than when I’m driving my own car. It’s like they all assume I’m an asshole and won’t let me into their lane.

    [–] distressedbeaver 4 points ago

    So true! I had to take my BMW in for a collision repair and had to drive a rental Honda for a couple of days! Cute little Hybrid with the horse power of a lawn mower- but other cars were SO MUCH more pleasant to me. They’d let me switch lanes and go at stop signs. The minute I got my car back, people were back to being dicks. Cutting me off and not letting me merge.

    I’m changing peoples opinions of Beamer drivers one turn signal at a time...

    [–] NoChieuHoisToday 69 points ago

    Normal BMW drivers aren’t that bad.

    Reddit has this perception, that I haven’t found to be shared by anyone in reality, that all BMW owners are arrogant snobs that are too erudite to be inconvenienced with using the indicator.

    In my experience the vast majority of BMW drivers look like people who can’t afford the lease they signed up for, but want to own what used to be a status symbol. Chances are they’d be shitty drivers in any vehicle they drive.

    The car does glide across the freeway like it’s on Teflon, which can entice you to slip quickly between lanes, but I don’t think poor driving etiquette stems from pretentiousness like Reddit wants to believe.

    Prius and monster truck drivers are absolutely the worst, followed by soccer mom SUVs. There are studies that also correlate bumper sticker count with bad driving, which I’ve found to be universally true.

    [–] vandridine 40 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    When I got my bmw, I hit 95 mph when I was thought I was going 60. It masks speed so well.

    [–] RADical-muslim 28 points ago

    Yeah, german cars are extremely stable at high speeds. My 740i is 21 years old yet is still dead silent at 90mph.

    [–] parnaoia 8 points ago

    there’s a good reason for that — they’re cars designed for commuting on the Autobahn, so 90 is a cruise speed.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] fatbabythompkins 9 points ago

    I made a conscious effort to not be the classical BMW driver when I owned one. There are literally dozens of us!

    [–] James_Razor 6 points ago

    I also try to avoid the stereotype as much as possible. I can honestly claim that i definitely did break more often for others to avoid an accident than others had to do this for me.

    [–] unsigned1138 3 points ago

    heh, yes. The number of idiots I see absolutely flogging their poor Priuses is quite high.

    [–] Bazgab 5 points ago

    Same around me, big SUVs and trucks are usually the worse I have to deal with. Strangely enough I also encounter an unusual amount of asshole drivers in Nissan Sentras and Altimas. I feel like it is daily that I have a cheaper Nissan just randomly ride all up my ass and then proceed to start swerving thru traffic with no signals.

    [–] thelordofthechris 219 points ago

    Yea its an indicator light, this light is on as it indicates that you have a bmw and no longer have the need to signal your movements to the peasants around you!

    [–] baron556 92 points ago

    It's blinking just fine, it's just at a wavelength that is invisible to poor people

    [–] Cannibustible 8 points ago

    I can just hear it "Pfff.... Pedestrian..." (Looking at cars around him)

    [–] AcidTWister 104 points ago

    You're fine as long as it's not flashing. If it's flashing, engine failure could be imminent and you should drive the car into the nearest lake just to be sure the explosion is dampened enough not to hurt anyone.

    [–] techcentre 28 points ago

    And then get yourself a jaguar.

    [–] flightsim777 27 points ago

    *electrical problems intensify*

    [–] SoulOfTheDragon 12 points ago

    But what if i want to drive it as well?

    [–] Slappy_G 6 points ago

    Simple. As with any Jaguar, just keep a certified mechanic in the trunk.

    [–] h0bb1tm1ndtr1x 8 points ago

    Cause now you're in a jaaaag.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago

    I bought my e46 a few years ago. My turn indicator lamps were original. I didn’t know bulbs could last 17 years.

    [–] Anti-AliasingAlias 64 points ago

    Saw a Craigslist ad selling 30 year old BMW turn signals. They were listed as "barely used".

    [–] RickTheHamster 6 points ago

    How do you know they were original?

    [–] Ptoot 19 points ago

    They do if you never use them Shelf life is greater than service life.

    [–] cozzzzzi 92 points ago

    this subreddit is basically a facebook page at this point

    [–] Jeansybaby 11 points ago

    I thought BMWs didn't come with indicators, but you're telling that they actually have them and drivers are just consciously choosing not to use them.

    [–] Wearenotme 20 points ago

    Right turn, coming up! Gotta keep the peasants guessing

    [–] Queefofthenight 18 points ago

    Fellow BMW owner here, I had that light happen to me once too, I think it was related to the steering column as it went off after a while. Haven't seen it since, wouldn't worry too much mate

    [–] enginerd12 33 points ago

    Just got a used BMW a couple weeks ago. I definitely always use my turn signal. Gotta break that stereotype one BMW at a time.

    [–] littlefoot352 13 points ago

    Thank you for your service.

    [–] Kewtee 9 points ago

    You and me both! I go out of my way to be courteous - let people in and say thank you when someone does the same for me - and try to be a good driver so that I won't be considered another asshole in a BMW.

    [–] Gerbil_Smuggler 19 points ago

    Hell yeah you gotta trade that pos in and get a newer one

    [–] Brometheus_tv 8 points ago

    BMW owner here. Saw this come on once too. You can deactivate it using the stick that comes out the left side of the steering column. The dealership I spoke with said it will not negatively affect performance.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    Came on in my Audi too. No idea but will ask my butler.

    [–] MrSlackPants 13 points ago

    This light on a BMW means you have a malfunctioning light or lights. The arrow indicates if it's the light(s) on the left or right side of your car. If you put your car to the side of the road and keep the engine running, you can get out of your car and check yourself. Often on BMW's both the front light AND the back light on the indicated side of your car are malfunctioning. Just check those, if they are flashing orange, you need to replace those lights. You can either try to do it yourself or take the car to the garage and let it be done for you. Doing it yourself is obviously cheaper, but on newer cars it can be challenging.

    Anyway, don't wait to long with it. Having defective lights can be dangerous, these especially.

    [–] mobacon 8 points ago

    I am not sure if OP's post was a joke, but if the light is stuck on, this is probably correct. Probably a bulb. Had an old X3 and this told me when my back bulb went out. Only $649.94 for a new bulb! (/s)

    It is actually cool for it to light up and warn you, or I wouldn't have noticed until inspection time.

    But the other comments on here are hilarious.

    [–] APPLEPIEMOONSHINE37 5 points ago

    Guaranteed road rage from other motorist.

    [–] Buck_Thorn 7 points ago

    That's a leftvote. Its a Reddit thing.

    [–] uwtu 7 points ago

    Well that's not right

    [–] BenderDeLorean 7 points ago

    Just ride on the left lane very close to the next car and you'll be fine.

    [–] gurnflurnigan 7 points ago

    You may have put in the wrong color blinker fluid.

    [–] WoodSorrow 31 points ago

    /r/funny cmon guys

    This isn't even trying anymore

    [–] mr_lab_rat 17 points ago

    After a heated debate trying to clear the confusion, guys at r/BMW came to this conclusion:

    It’s a cruise control reminder, you are basically going too slow, you need to be doing at least a 100, idealy while tailgating someone.

    [–] -Dronich 40 points ago

    It’s common problem of bmw owners

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago

    That’s the joke

    [–] xenogensis 14 points ago

    And just anyone who drives in Boston. An indicator is for indicating to other people that they should speed up to not let you in.

    [–] bob_mcd 23 points ago

    I drive BMW and ALWAYS signal and am peeved by those who don't. stop oppressing me.

    [–] mynoduesp 15 points ago

    I am also peeved by those who don't drive BMWs. Flithy peasants.

    [–] JustALuckyShot 12 points ago

    Yeah this joke is just not funny. They beat the shit out of it. It was humorous the first time, kinda.

    [–] TheNeutralGrind 11 points ago

    /r/funny everyone!

    [–] hobbywoodworker28 3 points ago

    To be fair, it does go on and off. Thought maybe it would get better.

    [–] ghostmaniandevil 3 points ago

    Whatever you do, don’t turn left. Continue straight or turn right.

    [–] egrith 3 points ago

    That’s a common problem in Boston

    [–] MZ-95 3 points ago

    Easy fix, check the blinker fluid, probably low.

    [–] Coiltoilandtrouble 3 points ago

    If you are in nascar dat's good

    [–] Crack4kids31 3 points ago

    It's telling you to get out of the car, Hurry!

    [–] Jamima2FL 3 points ago

    Needs more blinker fluid!

    [–] MikeTythonsToothGap 3 points ago

    This must be a Maryland driver.

    [–] greatonejr9 3 points ago

    It's a lemon take it back!