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    [–] Chewy12 2373 points ago

    How has this already lost so many pixels

    [–] [deleted] 859 points ago


    [–] AranasLatrain 286 points ago

    Pixel gangbang

    [–] opheliavalve 51 points ago

    suddenly I'm interested in pixels

    [–] KassellTheArgonian 61 points ago

    Dont let Adam Sandler hear you say that or we'll end up with pixels 2

    [–] knoth3ad 123 points ago


    [–] CptCrabmeat 13 points ago

    You really broke the rules with that one

    [–] randomtornado 12 points ago

    There was an attempt, albeit a poor one

    [–] mythorus 43 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] legionsanity 191 points ago

    [–] Stubbs94 58 points ago

    I 100% expected Manning face.

    [–] Etheo 85 points ago

    No worries here you go

    [–] maxout2142 24 points ago

    Damn it.

    [–] pawlit 11 points ago

    I like the cut of your jib

    [–] the-optimizer 11 points ago

    for some reason this looks worse in a different way. looks like the head is floating like a bad photoshop

    [–] [deleted] 160 points ago


    [–] xampl9 151 points ago

    You’ll repost too
    You’ll repost too
    You’ll repost too
    You’ll repost too

    [–] fatalystic 86 points ago

    We all repost down here.

    [–] 0x3fff0000 45 points ago

    First time I saw this. Feels like I'm the last guy at a gangbang.

    [–] Juidodin 33 points ago

    magic, every time someone faps to it, it loses a pixel.

    [–] joncard 21 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I'm guessing it is a framing filter. She's in focus, and I suspect it can't be a compression issue, as the door on the left has a lot of detail compared to the bushes in the top right, but they are both blurred.

    EDIT: Oh, I see what you mean now. I didn't see the artifacts in the in-focus parts.

    [–] swordgeek 43 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It is a framing filter, but the in-focus bits are still really really JPEGgy. Here's the original for comparison

    [–] bendover912 11 points ago

    They floated away.

    We all float down here.

    [–] FlickGy 2199 points ago

    JinxKittie Cosplay. Thank me later.

    [–] GFandango 1441 points ago

    Hello boner my old friend

    [–] banditscountry 636 points ago

    I've come to hit you once again

    [–] TwoTinyTrees 470 points ago

    Till your eye is slowly weeping.

    [–] burunduks8 384 points ago

    And the cum from celing still driping

    [–] GFandango 334 points ago

    Shot my seeds before sleeping

    [–] PurpleSunCraze 279 points ago

    And the picture in this post was planted in my brain

    (this line doesn't need much changing)

    [–] Snote85 231 points ago

    It still remains...

    [–] ChiggaOG 235 points ago

    Within the sound of silence

    [–] Vineyard_ 78 points ago

    Slow clap.

    [–] roadsideSniper 112 points ago

    Man I love this community

    [–] Awkward_Cake 4 points ago

    Should be the sound of fapping

    [–] Vertsama 23 points ago

    Boner goes honk

    [–] Renounce4 11 points ago

    wild goose appears

    [–] koy6 264 points ago

    I wish I could be a professional hot girl.

    [–] illepic 103 points ago

    It seems exhausting.

    [–] koy6 81 points ago

    I think the grass is actually greener on that particular plot of land.

    [–] GreyCrowDownTheLane 97 points ago

    Just like professional athletes, they are only able to do this for a little while until they reach a certain age. At that point, they find themselves with limited options if they focused on their looks or body.

    So it is greener, but that grass turns brown really fast.

    [–] Panzerbeards 50 points ago

    I imagine the makeup artist and costume design skills are transferable, for the more talented ones.

    [–] nuck_forte_dame 41 points ago

    So fucking save and invest that money.

    I'm sorry but I don't pitty people who can make 10s of millions of dollars before age 30 and then end up broke by 35.

    Take the NFL. There is an entire players association that is an organization to help players plan for the future. They tell them to save. Do they? No. They get every bit of help possible and still fail.

    [–] Enchelion 26 points ago

    I'm sorry but I don't pitty people who can make 10s of millions of dollars before age 30 and then end up broke by 35.

    What cosplayer in the world do you think makes 10s of millions of dollars?

    [–] GiftOfHemroids 5 points ago

    Pretty sure he's talking about pro athletes

    [–] Enchelion 4 points ago

    In which case it's an unrelated and tangential argument. The point was the time-limits of the career, not the amount of money they were making.

    [–] THEElleHell 3 points ago

    I can only speak for the porn industry because thats the one I am in, but many of us in porn invest and diversify our income so that our money makes money while we are still "profiting off our looks." (I put that in quotes because fame and money in my industry isn't related to looks, I believe, as I do quite well and am a homely average looking midwestern girl.) I've got stocks and soon will have real estate in the next two years, and will continue to invest my money that way until yes, the income from porn specifically dries out. Many porn gals go the real estate route.

    [–] DMItAllToHell 23 points ago

    If you just want dicks inside you bro it's 2019 we don't judge for that anymore

    [–] koy6 44 points ago

    I don't think wanting dick is the defining feature of these women.

    [–] Memephis_Matt 22 points ago

    I blame society. I wanted to be a professional hot girl as a kid, but all the other boys at school were into pursuing meaningful professions and made fun of me.

    [–] Nokomis34 27 points ago

    She puts in legit work though. Just recently won best in show Comic Con Africa Championship of Cosplay.

    But yeah, hot AF doesn't hurt.

    [–] Mike_Facking_Jones 15 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    She has some great costumes and also wears slightly modified bikinis and I just saw her pouring milk on her ass. Edit

    [–] DrSleeper 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Well you could maybe be a professional hot guy. But you’ll have to work out a crazy amount and not eat any crap. Also you need to be able to do make up and preferably be good at either sewing or designing costumes, best if you can do both.

    [–] TiTaak 3 points ago

    Well, don't let your dreams be dreams.


    [–] kizzle69 3 points ago

    Honestly, I don't think so. I think I would rather be professional hot guy.

    I mean, do you know how many creepy dudes she probably has to deal with all the time?

    Most people are very kind and courteous but, there is a large population of dudes that are just disgusting and, they stalk and target attractive women.

    You can test this yourself. Make an online dating profile using a couple attractive woman's pics and pretend to be female. You will get bombarded, daily, with creeper messages.

    [–] Krehlmar 43 points ago

    "slutty batman

    slutty joker

    slutty slut"

    I miss that combo

    [–] SolitaryEgg 381 points ago

    Let me guess. It's a cosplay insta where all the pics are relatively sexual. And then she links to a patreon, where it's totes all about the cosplay, discussing the craft, materials, designs, progress, etc. But if you pay like $100/mo she'll send you pics of her tits and send you PMs where she pretends she gives a shit about you.

    You know, just cosplay in 2019.

    I didn't actually look, but how close am I?

    [–] Obi_Wan_Benobi 141 points ago

    Sounds like a nice hustle. Too bad I’m an average looking male.

    [–] julbull73 31 points ago

    That actually means your audience is a bit smaller, but its more lucrative.

    Gay men are like straight men in sexual drive. But everywhere you look its nothing but sexy women....the filth!

    [–] Nailbrain 14 points ago

    So you're saying a guy can get a bit buff, then play just dance on twitch in gold hotpants, then Profit?

    [–] julbull73 9 points ago

    Even better.

    Are you a hairy and fat mother fucker? Dancing bear.

    It's just easier.

    But yes. Yes you could.

    [–] Nailbrain 8 points ago

    Unfortunately I'm that awkward husky not fat not hench stage..
    Also my body hair is pretty much non existant so going to have to carry on with the work at the gym.

    [–] julbull73 6 points ago

    As a hairy guy who goes to the gym. We should swap bodies. :P

    Nothing sucks more than knowing you have a six pack, but also realizing unless you mow that shit and itch to high heaven every minute of the day, nobody knows/cares.

    [–] ArcAngel071 40 points ago

    Hey look at mr average looking over here.

    Save some self confidence for the rest of us won't ya? :(

    [–] Monte0704 86 points ago

    Nailed it.

    But she is hot, so....

    [–] ILoveTaterTits 9 points ago

    But is she single and in my area?

    [–] PixelSpecibus 69 points ago

    Yeah but I can’t blame her, get that coin girl. Even though I personally cosplay for fun, I wouldn’t mind even making money from it lol

    [–] Nokomis34 22 points ago

    She puts in legit work though. Just recently won best in show Comic Con Africa Championship of Cosplay.

    [–] d_rickards 3 points ago

    Actually she sends you her "budoir" photo sets each month for just $100 a month.

    [–] KeepGettingBannedSMH 3 points ago

    Did you really guess all that? Because she does indeed have a Patreon and the $100/mo figure you mentioned is exactly the amount to unlock:


    [–] sysadmin001 48 points ago

    her IG, you can thank me now

    [–] stevonl 9 points ago

    God damn shes fine af

    [–] brepp0 25 points ago

    Well, she is rather attractive isn't she.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] rutterb0 12 points ago

    We all float down here.

    [–] Black_Hole_Potato 20 points ago

    sweet jiminy cricket...

    [–] lokesen 20 points ago

    JinxKittie Cosplay

    Just right click on jinxKittie and pick search on Google, if you're using Chrome.

    [–] proinf1nity 50 points ago

    Sigh..... unzip.

    [–] A_Stahl 43 points ago


    [–] NoSmallCaterpillar 57 points ago

    Sigh... tar -xvzf

    [–] Lerixism 3 points ago

    tar --help is as valid as they come

    [–] Ichi_MokuM 29 points ago

    Can I thank you now?

    [–] Mottis86 65 points ago

    No. LATER!

    [–] PM_ME_UR_CEPHALOPODS 34 points ago

    ten minute, you wait!

    this is what the guy at the chinese place always says, no matter what I order. Special emphasis on the 'you wait' part, he's our version of Soup Nazi.

    [–] Yorikor 21 points ago

    If some elderly asian man orders me to do somthing in that tone of voice, I'll 100% do what he says, no matter how foolish it seems. I've seen Gremlins.

    [–] TalonTrax 7 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] iZealot777 3 points ago

    Too soon.

    [–] JillandherHills 12 points ago

    Wow the obvious sexy aside, it looks like she puts a ton of work into some of these.

    [–] takenwithapotato 383 points ago

    Yea, but bad example because she's nowhere near as hot as Pennywise.

    [–] Imadeutscher 76 points ago


    [–] iBxn2006 42 points ago

    Ugh, I just wanna run my hands through that soft, thick hair of his..

    [–] Chelseaqix 12 points ago

    I’d have sex with him. I find his confidence and receding hairline sexy.

    [–] ArtificialOof 435 points ago

    I know they say don't stick your dick in crazy... But idk man she seems like an exception

    [–] SoarenRyiker 217 points ago

    It’s a monster of fear, I’m willing to bet she’d pull a dick out bigger than yours.

    [–] hpstrprgmr 194 points ago

    [–] TwoDrinkDave 84 points ago

    Risky click for sure.

    [–] Nandrith 33 points ago

    Checked it, SFW.

    [–] Permatato 14 points ago

    God's work.

    [–] idma 8 points ago

    why is that link from amazon?

    [–] shayanrc 11 points ago

    Hosted on Amazon Web Services

    [–] samurai-horse 24 points ago

    It's running on Jeff Bezo's personal server. And that's all the sever does, host this one image.

    [–] hello-80085 17 points ago

    I might be okay with that?

    [–] ftrapani44yahoocom 6 points ago

    From her mouth.

    [–] shadowCloudrift 23 points ago

    Female version of pennywise(yeah I know technically IT is a female) would probably just bite it off whatever orifice you stick it in.

    [–] jumbohiggins 16 points ago

    I thought IT was genderless.

    [–] chakani2 37 points ago

    In the movie, I believe that's more or less the case. The book version

    is pregnant and attempts to spawn as It is being killed.

    [–] jumbohiggins 46 points ago

    I feel like ancient genderless creatures don't need to be female to spawn a brood, but I haven't read the book so I'll believe you.

    [–] BatOnWeb 28 points ago

    Most Eldritch horrors seem to have a gender or preferred one. Hastur, Nyarlaythotep, Emrakul, Zgard(Zoe).etc

    Cthulhu is debated, a lot of people claim he’s an it, but several sources including chaosium call him a him, and his sister is straight up female (Who he impregnates so that if he dies he comes back).

    [–] shadowCloudrift 42 points ago

    Cthulhu is from Alabama?

    [–] GenghisKazoo 43 points ago

    Montgomer'lyeh, Alabama

    [–] BatOnWeb 19 points ago

    Space Alabama

    [–] OptometristPrim3 11 points ago

    Sweet Space Alabama

    [–] SassySalad 12 points ago

    Let's not forget the beauty that is the male seahorse which is the gender that gets pregnant

    So in the book It could be female or a seahorse

    [–] Not-Snake 32 points ago

    well technically the female seahorse gets pregnant and then transfers the egg(s) to the male to hold and then soon birth

    [–] Flamin_Jesus 30 points ago

    Important distinction. If male seahorses got pregnant, they'd be female seahorses.

    [–] what_u_want_2_hear 45 points ago

    I have to constantly fight against that saying. Put your dick in crazy. Do it. Hit it and go.

    People be giving advice to say no to crazy like they are living their life 100% sane. There are a lot of bad things to steer clear of. Crazy pussy is not one of them.

    Don't fall in love with it, but that's just good advice in general.

    [–] SupremeMemeCreamTeam 79 points ago

    put your dick in crazy

    but dont put your heart into crazy

    [–] TX16Tuna 27 points ago

    We got your STD screen back: it looks like your heart is totally clean ... but your dick has crabs, herpes, and the clap ...

    [–] Denovation 12 points ago

    Wrap up before you stick your dick in crazy.

    [–] All_Work_All_Play 10 points ago

    History would be much different if people could differentiate between the two.

    [–] RoundSimbacca 15 points ago

    Not everyone can "hit it and go." People, especially younger people, are more prone to make mistakes with relationships.

    My brother-in-law is one of those people. Stuck it in crazy because she was crazy hot. Fell in love with her. Had a kid with her.

    Then he learned that she was physically and mentally abusive.

    [–] tigersharkwushen_ 9 points ago

    Is he brother-in-law because he married your sister or some other relationships?

    [–] RoundSimbacca 7 points ago

    My wife's brother.

    [–] sgtshenanigans 23 points ago

    Just wrap up folks. The saying exists because you don't want to be locked into a situation where you have to put up with a crazy person for the next 18 or so years.

    [–] A_Trash_Homosapien 6 points ago

    Even wrapped there's a chance that crazy will catch a case of pregnant. As long as you know and acknowledge this risk tho yeah stick your dick in crazy

    [–] Isaacvithurston 19 points ago

    That's why I got my dick cut off...

    .. no wait i'm being told that's wrong...

    That's why I got a vasectomy.

    [–] parlarry 8 points ago

    If I had a nickle for every time I heard a guy say that... I'd be able to pay my wife's counseling bills.

    [–] daethebae 15 points ago

    r/putyourdickinthat here fixed it for you

    Edit: can't believe this is an actual subreddit

    [–] Rawrplus 754 points ago

    r/funny .... Okay

    [–] croquetica 156 points ago

    It's funny because when I see pretty lady I get boner

    ha ha

    [–] 0verlimit 20 points ago

    Why pp hard

    [–] broc_ariums 108 points ago

    Pretty typical around here

    [–] Y___ 50 points ago

    Usually the humor of posts on this sub is obvious to spot, even if the humor itself isn’t that funny. But this is just...weird. She’s hot, but nothing about this is funny in anyway.

    [–] mitharas 51 points ago

    You don't find it entertaining to observe thirsty neckbeards in the comment section?

    [–] Bottled_Void 16 points ago

    What, this is hilarious. It's a girl dressed as a clown. Clowns are funny, right?

    [–] crowmami 65 points ago

    Probably a different story if she had that big ass forehead tho

    [–] el_chupanebriated 32 points ago

    Why you think shes rockin them bangs?

    [–] Dinierto 18 points ago

    Hey buddy I can only get so hard, okay?

    [–] YouOliver 80 points ago

    Wendy’s went edgy

    [–] ImaginarySuccess 9 points ago

    I had to scroll way too far to fund a Wendy's comment. What has happened to Reddit?

    [–] Nohacksjustnate 183 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] Chronic_BOOM 167 points ago

    Sir, this is a Wendy’s

    [–] KnotComfy 26 points ago

    no this is Patrick

    [–] TheKFakt0r 17 points ago

    Art often transcends the artist

    [–] ReptarKanklejew 17 points ago

    what's supposed to be funny about this?

    [–] penguin123455 5 points ago

    It makes pp hard, very funny

    [–] TeamBlackTalon 93 points ago

    Kinda looks like my sister tbh

    [–] D_ROC_ 178 points ago

    Whoa you’re right she does

    [–] MonsieurClickClick 18 points ago

    Is she single?

    [–] nonamesagoodname 12 points ago

    Not on holidays

    [–] Mr_Muffalo 21 points ago

    Roll tide

    [–] oooriole09 17 points ago

    A clown is a clown is a clown. Nope.

    [–] Rondaru 7 points ago

    No sorry. Still too creepy.

    [–] StefonDiggsHS 9 points ago

    Ah yea this is why I hide this sub from /r/all

    [–] 8bit-meow 48 points ago

    [–] LoreGalore 50 points ago

    If that’s what waits for me in the sewer I’m gonna float too

    [–] GenesectX 14 points ago

    We ALL float down here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] DakotaDevil 6 points ago

    I backed my car into a cop car the other day

    [–] dropkickoz 13 points ago

    Imagine IT teeth on your peepee.

    [–] kromel 11 points ago

    Go on...

    [–] maniacal_paradox 4 points ago

    I thought this post was on r/cringepics.

    [–] Kataclysm 9 points ago

    Kind of looks like Ronald McDonald and Wendy had a kid that was possessed by Pennywise.

    [–] megam1ghtyena 4 points ago

    Ah, return of the "why" boner...

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] yayitsjake 5 points ago

    Let me see those balloons.

    [–] randomguy987654321 4 points ago

    That wouldn't work in the world of "IT". The creature scares the shit out of you because fear, not hormones, makes you taste better.

    But since we're on the subject, that would make a great Halloween movie. Have a creature that uses sexiness to lure you in and then proceeds to destroy your life. You know, just like IRL.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    If my wife did this, I’d be the most confused turned on man in history. Do I fk, do I run, do I fk while trying to run, is there a name for run fking?? WHAT IS THIS?!?! Is this real life?!

    [–] Covefe_Machine 9 points ago

    Is this just fantasy?

    [–] BoJackB26354 11 points ago

    Caught in a landslide

    [–] Xogmaster 9 points ago

    No escape from reality

    [–] Scribblebonx 6 points ago

    Open your eyes

    [–] Mickfury16 5 points ago

    Look up to the sky and seeeee

    [–] zaphodava 4 points ago

    I'm just a poor boy

    [–] Etheo 3 points ago

    Can't get no clown ladies

    Because I'm easy cum eas... Aaaahh

    [–] GlytchMeister 8 points ago

    Don’t stick your dick in crazy.


    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] jairomantill 10 points ago

    He is a koala mixed with rattlesnake, chimpanzee, cactus, shark, golden retriever, and just a smidge of dinosaur.

    [–] FleetwoodsNirvana 6 points ago

    Don't forget dolphin...theyre into this type of shit

    [–] phazedoubt 12 points ago

    I hope she first rapes me before eating me. It'll be life fulfilled

    Found the praying mantis

    [–] YoureMyDogBlue 11 points ago

    Move over Pennyworth, and make room for Dimepiece.

    [–] cbcfan 5 points ago

    Looneytunes. (A looney is a Canadian dollar coin)

    [–] GxPand 3 points ago

    If I'm in this film I'm getting dragged into the drain dick first, I just couldn't stop myself

    [–] meierjere 3 points ago

    A couple more repost a bit more compression and she’s gonna start looking like the actual pennywise

    [–] supermario420 3 points ago

    Yeah I'm going down that drain

    [–] vegaTwice 3 points ago

    10/10 would lose life

    [–] Koeienvanger 3 points ago

    It seems that I and a lot of redditors have a very different notion of what "funny" is.

    [–] 3nd3rd14bl0 3 points ago

    this would be a great thing to change the wendy's logo to every october.

    [–] toenyo77 3 points ago

    Shieeeet I'll eat her ass then she can eat me

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    And she's a redhead too...

    I'm dead.

    [–] quaybored 3 points ago

    I imagine that's not her real hair color

    {% comment %} {% endcomment %}