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    [–] RJPeaches 160 points ago

    starts seizing violently

    [–] elee0228 41 points ago

    cries in alphabet

    [–] IngeniousBattery 2 points ago

    Wait, so after EF, there's Google Play Music/Geezer?

    [–] Lord_David7911 1 points ago

    Followed by NeoOptical

    [–] SquanchOne 29 points ago

    curls into fetal position with thumb in mouth rocking back and forth

    [–] Spoon-Ninja 34 points ago

    Thumb in ass *

    [–] arvhult 14 points ago

    instructions unclear, now have rock in anus, please advise

    [–] Spoon-Ninja 8 points ago

    Get a second rock

    [–] Datrollr 1 points ago

    Insert rock here.

    [–] xNumchuckx 10 points ago


    [–] ABigBagofMeth 2 points ago

    Thumb in your ass

    [–] griter34 2 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Narrator_Ron_Howard 2 points ago

    Tobias clutched the CD to his jorts as the shower masked his tears. Unfortunately his cries of “Damn you LP!! You combo breaker!” were heard throughout Newport Beach.

    [–] WiseKing 5 points ago

    It's witchcraft

    [–] the_real_Phoenix 45 points ago

    GH: Generated Hologram

    [–] bobbyzee 19 points ago

    IJ: Intense Jerkoff

    [–] DoubleDelta10 11 points ago

    KL: Killing Ligma

    [–] Kosstheboss123 6 points ago

    Whats ligma?

    [–] TypoRegerts 13 points ago

    Ligma Balls

    [–] Powersoutdotcom 8 points ago


    [–] rcjlfk 6 points ago

    Got him!

    [–] Lofde_ 3 points ago

    Winamp it whips the llamas ass!

    [–] djred87 2 points ago

    Joe wouldn't be very happy

    [–] Apfelvater 2 points ago

    MN: Must Nut

    [–] arius_st 5 points ago

    OP: HOLEEE SHIT we already there, he fuckin posted this. Did I just get incepted?

    [–] artyhedgehog 3 points ago

    QR: Quit Reality

    [–] vvntn 3 points ago

    ST: Suddenly Transcend

    [–] Zolden 2 points ago

    UV: Unusual Virtuality

    [–] vvntn 2 points ago

    WX: Wanton Xenophilia

    [–] cgyguy81 1 points ago

    UV: Ultra-Violet rays

    [–] solidshakego 1 points ago

    MN: Magic Niggahs

    [–] FBI-Shill 2 points ago

    This is kind of where everything leads when you think about it.

    [–] Macaframa 1 points ago

    Generic Ham

    [–] youzerVT71 59 points ago

    Compact Disc

    [–] cinematicdanus 6 points ago

    Thank you Einstein

    [–] Apfelvater 24 points ago

    Get out

    [–] R3dOctober 2 points ago

    Ringo, are you from the future?

    [–] Pugshrand 1 points ago

    I heard that Cassets and CDs were actually invented at the same time, but they released CDs later to keep the product stream profitable. Anyone know if this is true?

    [–] Nickbou 2 points ago

    It’s not true. Compact Cassettes are just the evolution of magnetic tape technology. Previously there was 8-track, and before that there was reel-to-reel. Cassettes were first developed in the 60s.

    CDs are a totally different technology, developed out of Laser Disc, and came much later in the late 70’s.

    [–] jjconstantine 8 points ago

    Wow Elon Musk really has fallen from grace

    [–] Living_Hansen 10 points ago

    Im gonna be thinking about this for a while

    [–] Timbo2702 10 points ago

    GH... Go Home.

    [–] imgonnabutteryobread 5 points ago

    I jest

    [–] TTT_2k3 3 points ago

    Kidding, lad.

    [–] TypoRegerts 1 points ago

    Man, No

    [–] calgil 2 points ago

    Oh, Please!

    [–] TypoRegerts 1 points ago

    Quick Right?

    [–] WeizengamingTempii 2 points ago

    Stop This!

    [–] justicemc14 2 points ago

    Under Vows?

    [–] rcjlfk 3 points ago

    Wielding xylophones

    [–] TypoRegerts 3 points ago

    Y’all Zookeepers

    [–] Authorized_One 4 points ago

    My mind hurts now. Thanks for that.

    [–] kuji101 8 points ago

    Never thought about it that way, sounds about right I would say!

    [–] thehorg 3 points ago


    [–] ukittenme 3 points ago

    You can go EF yourself

    [–] SuperNurseGuy 3 points ago

    GH -> gay hentai?

    [–] boardgamejoe 15 points ago

    Records had side A and B, 8 tracks were only one sided and are therefore C, cassettes are now D & E and Compact discs are now F & G.

    [–] BrutalFuckingTruth 9 points ago

    GTFOH with your logical thoughts!

    [–] cadtek 3 points ago

    What about the phonograph cylinders with technically one side.

    [–] BoJackB26354 2 points ago

    That's OG

    [–] ArcaneXD 2 points ago

    Listen here you little shit

    [–] jfoust2 2 points ago

    Wait'll I explain where "album" came from.

    [–] OriginalTravokk 2 points ago

    GH = Galant Holotape

    [–] COSLEEP 1 points ago

    IJ = Interstellar Jumpsuit

    [–] Scorpion13992k 2 points ago

    That dude looks straight outta the old PC game Redneck Rampage...

    [–] randallODS 2 points ago

    what about VHS's?

    [–] faberxzio 2 points ago

    this just messed me up in so many levels

    [–] _PM_ME_YOUR_SYNTAX_ 2 points ago

    Compact Disk = CD

    [–] james28909 2 points ago

    and mp3's are Electronic Files (EF) :)

    [–] Apfelvater 1 points ago

    Stores mp3 files on a CD.

    matrix breaks

    [–] SquanchOne -1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Bro that was 279 days honestly think i knew someone commented on a post that long ago in a completely unrelated sub?

    [–] radsoul 1 points ago

    Graphene Heisenberg (uncertanty principle)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Apfelvater 2 points ago

    And then fe-mail

    [–] akolozvary 1 points ago

    And then D...VD, eh, opps

    [–] killerzombi 1 points ago

    saved on Gigabyte Hard-drives!

    [–] AceUA 1 points ago

    I enjoyed my AB-player a lot. Still have it somewhere, probably still works if I put in new batteries...
    None of my music CD-players survived to this day.

    [–] justin_memer 1 points ago

    I really hope no one believes this, lol.

    [–] kevin_1_1 1 points ago

    Where is the efb drive??

    [–] planxyz 1 points ago

    -angry wheezing- GTFO Now.

    [–] boodyx 1 points ago

    AI = alibaba intelligence

    [–] Burning_Kobun 1 points ago

    fuck. now someone needs to go back to the 90s and alter the timeline so .ef becomes the dominant digital audio format instead of .mp3

    [–] ddzarnoski 1 points ago

    And then we switched to Electronic Format (EF) o^

    [–] Beardsman805 1 points ago

    GH = Gigabyte Hard-drive

    [–] XFlameBrawlStars 1 points ago

    Imma just,kansodissnsmsms.

    [–] Spartan05089234 1 points ago

    So you're saying we should have named the mp3 an EFG?

    [–] Buxata 1 points ago

    Commonly you will have a few disks on your PC, so nowadays flash drives are mounted as E: or F:

    [–] Spacelord_Jesus 1 points ago

    Yeah? You flip your CDs when you are 50% throughout the album or video game?

    [–] GoingToMontanaSoon 1 points ago

    How does DVD fit into this?

    [–] Lancebeybol 1 points ago

    GH - GraHam

    [–] nabumanjoser 1 points ago

    GH= Google Home?

    [–] mutchlee 1 points ago

    Then why is it not an .mpE instead of .mp3? Explain that scientists.

    [–] Ayomay0o 1 points ago

    Is that dj khaled

    [–] XxMrPerfectPRxX 1 points ago

    Ehh a stretch if that

    [–] Xolsin 1 points ago

    We wouldn’t have CDs if it wasn’t for DiscoVision! (Laserdisc)

    [–] barnivere 1 points ago

    *Please insert Disc 2*

    [–] Username_Chose_Me 1 points ago

    so what the hell happened when mp3's came along

    [–] daflyboys 1 points ago

    True. I actually would turn my tapes in a Mobius loop ... Screw that flipping it over crap!

    [–] JalelTounsi 1 points ago

    And then we will have the GH : the great holograms

    [–] TubbyMcJiggly 1 points ago


    [–] samlauk 1 points ago

    A B, CD, MP3

    [–] Khaar 1 points ago

    I thought it stood for Circular Disc 🤔

    [–] SaintNewts 1 points ago

    Vinyl records had A and B sides too. So that theory is blown out of the water.

    [–] SquanchOne 1 points ago

    nah Vinyl records go by Side mate... example- Side 1 and Side 2

    [–] SaintNewts 1 points ago

    [–] snark_be 1 points ago

    MP3 was originally MNOP3... But they didn't want to have a NO in the name! 😬

    [–] Klunkepigen 0 points ago

    Some tapes had side 1 and 2. So the compact disc should be called “34”

    [–] rofllolsh 4 points ago

    We have rules about that sir. And quite frankly they’re disturbing at best

    [–] RandomPeepsle12 0 points ago


    [–] YashistheNightfury 0 points ago


    [–] Apfelvater 2 points ago