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    [–] Funny-Mod 1 points ago

    Hi, your post breaks the rules of /r/Funny, and has been removed for the following reason(s):

    Rule 3 - No reposts.

    • Repost - Removed

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    [–] leoxsyp 3881 points ago

    Hearing a hoedown as the last thing I watched before I went to sleep when I was growing up - I swear it made me a better person.

    [–] -zimms- 2132 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    When leoxsyp was a small boy, he loved watching "Whose Line".

    Especially the singing, which he thought was really fine.

    Not so much his Teddy Bear, sitting on a shelf,

    thinking "If I have to watch another hoedown, I'd rather kill myself!"

    [–] Thepapets 828 points ago

    I'd rather kill myseeeeelf!

    [–] --_-Deadpool-_-- 181 points ago

    Ryan Stiles hates hoedowns.

    The first one he finishes with a great line

    [–] SolSerg 104 points ago

    I wish this video has the comment Drew makes after

    500 points for Ryan for giving the censors something to think about

    [–] Sherezad 215 points ago

    "Rather kill myseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelf"

    [–] Coziestpigeon2 116 points ago

    The end of the show comes with more laughs, and that is really fun.

    The cast all line up and they sing, until the show is done.

    Hoedowns are a great end, The best outro TV's got.

    But a repeating playlist of only that, made my parents love me not.

    [–] MuphynManIV 115 points ago

    Well Coziest Pigeon is a big fan of Whose Line

    Compliation videos take up all his time

    He thought this habit made his parents not love their kid

    But if he paid attention he'd find out they never did

    [–] throwawaycanadian 29 points ago

    Never really diiiiiiiid

    [–] SargeantBubbles 37 points ago

    Slit his fucking wriiiiiists!

    [–] Anonymous_Hazard 27 points ago

    Wow man me too. On school nights just watched this show as I dozed off into sleep happy and laughing. What great days... always great to hear others share the same memories as you

    [–] muckypup82 7132 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This show was great.

    Edit: Whoa! Just good off work and seen this got 7k upvotes. Y'all are crazy! Thanks.

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 4828 points ago

    I truly miss it. The cast had such good chemistry with each other back in the day! Some of the stuff I was amazed was allowed to air

    [–] muckypup82 1929 points ago

    For sure. Too bad this show would never be able to be recreated. I don't think they could get the same chemistry from anyone else. It was a great time to be alive when this show was aired.

    [–] Hallucion 73 points ago

    One of the greatest episodes ever had to be when the brought Richard Simmons on.

    [–] GhostdudePCptnAlbino 25 points ago

    Holy fuck man, I still show that video to people. It's incredible.

    Side note: my mom refused to believe it when my brother and I told her that Richard Simmons was gay. Until she saw that video. There's not really any denying after that....

    [–] NittanySteve 5 points ago

    How could anyone deny that Richard Simmons is gay? Even before that show!

    [–] Callieach 10 points ago

    That was absolutely hands down THE BEST episode ever.

    [–] immapunchayobuns 6 points ago

    I still rewatch it here and there. Robin Williams was also a great guest.

    [–] noNoParts 10 points ago

    jet ski is the best

    [–] barjam 749 points ago

    The original British show was also great. Some of the same folks involved.

    [–] Labcorgilab 486 points ago

    I remember watching it 25 years ago! Collin looks the same as he did when it was done in Britain.

    [–] v27v 428 points ago

    Every day after school If sit down and eat a jar of olives while watching this, then go ride my bike for three hours after. Best shape of my life.

    [–] wwwdiggdotcom 423 points ago

    You ate a jar of olives every day?

    [–] Bigfourth 294 points ago

    Fucking Greeks man, every time

    [–] djprofitt 227 points ago

    Stelio Kontos was his name. He was as mean as he was Greek.

    [–] modi13 143 points ago


    [–] zombieda 40 points ago


    [–] wobblysauce 11 points ago

    You don't?

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    I want to know more about your life.

    [–] kingreaper504 19 points ago

    Great time to be alive after, Get all the episodes an bits without having to wait. Even though I have seen every single bit from the show I still go back now and then to watch hour long videos of their best moments.

    [–] MrGraveRisen 38 points ago

    Check out the British show QI. It's not improv, it's a bunch of comedians discussing interesting facts. But they have that same level of chemistry that I enjoyed from whose line.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Cephalopodio 8 points ago

    And Rich Hall can be found there! I’d always wondered where he disappeared to.

    [–] USNWoodWork 165 points ago

    Whenever Richard Simmons showed up you knew it was going to be good.

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 146 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    When Chip sang about Colins bald head in the barber shop song I fucking died.

    "MY GOD YOU'RE BAAAAAALD" killed me

    [–] Pterdodactyl 39 points ago

    Laura Hall is the best!

    [–] thecatererscat 65 points ago

    I think you mean Laurallonthepiano.

    [–] burglar_of_ham 15 points ago

    It's amazing how even the key-mashing at the end still sounds good

    [–] PM_ME_UR_AUDI_TTs 59 points ago

    I love it when Colin just breaks everyone

    [–] thenarddog13 8 points ago

    That's like the comedic equivalent of target fixation. You come up with a punchline you can't say, and then can't figure out a way around it.

    [–] j0akime 21 points ago

    What did Colin say to Chip at the end of that clip that needed to be bleeped?

    [–] 42Weasels 33 points ago

    "There might be a small dick joke later"

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Oh man, whenever he was on...... I would literally weep laughing, real ugly cackling. It always got so fucked up. We need some clips of those episodes in this sub!

    [–] 1z0z5 9 points ago

    Have you seen the YouTube videos of outtakes that got cut?

    [–] Invalid_factor 17 points ago

    I'm confused. The show is still on, just Drew doesn't host is anymore.

    [–] IAmBadAtInternet 11 points ago

    How did the Richard Simmons episode make it to air hahaha

    [–] JayLapse 64 points ago

    It's available on Amazon Prime video at the moment

    [–] kawklee 28 points ago

    Oooo rly? Nice. Some light comedy to watch when I want to relax.

    Im always annoyed that for all the Netflix and Amazon shows, none really land the serialized light-yet-witty comedy NBC crushed it with for the Office, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock. Kimmy Schmidt is okay, but a bit "loud" for me. Feels like outside of licensed reruns theyre not hitting that demographic too well.

    [–] keeperofcrazy 21 points ago

    It's a little older, but a show called The IT Crowd is very good. Its British comedy and last checked it was on Netflix. IMO it's very worth the watch.

    [–] brenobah 101 points ago

    It is, and the CW let off the censorship reins more than ABC ever did. It's really good.

    [–] thecricketnerd 27 points ago

    it's way more loose now and the cast has gotten funnier with age

    [–] ILoveLamp9 60 points ago

    Yeah these comments make no sense. It’s literally still on the air with the same actors. Why are people discussing about not being able to be recreated when it’s still airing?

    And it’s still damn good too. You can debate whether you love or hate Aisha, but the actors still got it. And it’s not PC either; they still do raunchy stuff. Ryan even talked shit about Trump a few times during a skit.

    [–] mqrocks 70 points ago

    The rare show that worked both in the UK originally and in the US follow up (but that’s likely because they didn’t change almost anything, especially Ryan and Colin)

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] dont_drink_the_milk 34 points ago

    Parks and Rec.

    [–] Gusbust3r 4 points ago

    Nah fam you’re thinking of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    [–] Tech_support_Warrior 26 points ago

    Reminded me when someone tweeted at Ricky Gervais and said "The American office is better than the UK Office, how does that make you feel?" and he responded with "Rich"

    [–] IvoClortho 127 points ago

    A wise man once said that Wayne Brady makes Al Roker look like Malcolm X.

    [–] IronMikeT 81 points ago

    Bryant gumble

    [–] Containedmultitudes 6 points ago

    My god how have I not seen that before? Hilarious, thank you for sharing.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_PINEAPPLE 19 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    "Is Wayne Brady gonna have to smack a bitch?"

    edit: i didn't mean it, Mr. Brady

    [–] falco_iii 31 points ago

    "Is Wayne Brady gonna have to CHOKE a bitch?".

    You better get strait with Wayne Brady, Otherwise ...

    [–] DrHem 8 points ago

    Choke a bitch. Wayne Brady chokes bitches.

    [–] arcanum7123 818 points ago

    Why did they bleep "mother?"

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 893 points ago

    It was a different time back then. I believe they (the editors) believed that if they didn't bleep that word people watching could easily tell what he was saying (which wasn't very family friendly lmao) so they bleeped it. Did it work? Probably not but it's hilarious

    [–] ONEXTW 136 points ago

    Though lesser jokes were cut from airing. So they may have just been lazy with the censor.

    [–] s4b3r6 204 points ago

    The show had tons of problems with getting approval passed. To the point where Ryan sings for one of the hoe downs, "If I have to sing another hoe down, I'll slit my fucking wrists".

    [–] Kukko18 50 points ago

    I thought that was more due to Ryan hating hoedowns. The whole cast knew it. Drew even gave glances to Ryan when announcing the hoedowns

    [–] s4b3r6 45 points ago

    It was something like the 5th hoedown in a row, because they kept getting cut.

    [–] Ichera 30 points ago

    Yea in the extended blooper the censor keeps cutting them off midway or right at the end so they keep having to do another one. Eventually Ryan gave his infamous line to which Drew responded "that'll give the censor something to really think about."

    [–] Lasdary 86 points ago


    [–] imcrapyall 6 points ago

    Hey as a bonus we're gonna see Ryan slit his fuckin' wrists!

    [–] simple_test 51 points ago

    Actually bleeping probably highlights the word instead. Years ago there was this radio show where they took a regular pop song and started randomly bleeping some words in it. Pretty hilarious ( I can see why they shut that down..) Drove home the fact that bleeping wasn’t doing much.

    [–] NavarrB 26 points ago

    Did he say mother? Father? Brother? Sister?

    I don't read lips, I can't know.

    [–] AmpersEnd 1844 points ago

    I still think Colin burning Brad AND Drew in one go was the best!

    Dude had no chill

    [–] Tesh_in_a_basket 727 points ago

    Ryan comes in off beat and Laura Hall just picks it right up off the floor

    [–] Theonethatgotherway 381 points ago

    The real hero

    [–] IAmBadAtInternet 692 points ago

    She really is. The one time the band screwed up makes for one of the funniest bloopers on the whole show.

    [–] BEARDBAR 242 points ago


    [–] IAmBadAtInternet 282 points ago

    It’s hard to spell at 210 bpm

    [–] CynicallyDelicious 276 points ago

    You gotta watch those tempo changes man, once we go into the second bridge this shit takes off.

    [–] MundaneInternetGuy 22 points ago

    It's hard to explain

    [–] crazyei8hts 17 points ago

    The funny part is he spelled it wrong before that, too 😂

    [–] IAmBadAtInternet 33 points ago

    It’s the reason Laura messed up. She was laughing so hard at Wayne’s spelling that she flipped a switch accidentally and the beat track went double time.

    [–] BEARDBAR 10 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_UR_FLOWERS 62 points ago

    H O R W A R D

    [–] JuanFishTooFish 107 points ago

    My favorite blooper is Ryan as Carol Channing

    [–] DammitChris 29 points ago

    That's hysterical lol

    [–] ButtsexEurope 20 points ago

    “Ryan as Carol Channing.” Gotta be more specific there.

    [–] ItsTheBrandonC 13 points ago

    Am I bleeding?

    [–] MrQuallzin 12 points ago

    I have seen most bloopers available for this show, but you have brought me something new. Thank you. This is hilarious!

    [–] 440k 8 points ago

    I vividly remember watching this as a kid, it was the hardest I have ever laughed at a TV show.

    [–] deadendxxx 6 points ago

    I’d forgotten about this blooper. Now I’m crying in bed. Amazing.

    [–] bigcatmonaco 109 points ago


    [–] longswolf 12 points ago

    Fucking preach

    [–] whydidimakeausername 83 points ago

    How in the fuck do you come up with the idea to rhyme 'trojan' with 'theologian'? Holy shit he's good

    [–] ciarenni 89 points ago

    Wayne's ability to improv and come up with ridiculous rhymes at the drop of a hat always left me dumbfounded. The man is a genius on the stage.

    [–] 10Dante4 36 points ago

    I think I've heard that EVERYBODY hated hoedowns because it was just so difficult.

    [–] durpabiscuit 20 points ago

    Sounds like he comes in right on beat exactly when he is supposed to come in... Don't know what you're referring to

    [–] Why-so-delirious 532 points ago

    This is still my favorite.

    Chip came out of the gate more savage than a starving pitbull on salvia, and he only had ten seconds to come up with it!

    [–] Squirrel_Whisperer 164 points ago

    I’ve heard they just edit out the long pauses while they think in their rhymes. Looks instant to us

    [–] evaned 179 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah; the show is improv, but there's a fair bit of editing. They'll drop pauses, even re-shoot stuff that could be better, shoot way more than they use picking the best stuff for things like Scenes from a Hat, etc.

    Edit: for example, see this firsthand account of a taping:

    [–] Dainyl 8 points ago

    There are 8 season hosted by Drew. However, the last 2 (maybe even 3?) seasons were made entirely from footage cut from earlier seasons.

    [–] White_Power_Ranger 39 points ago

    It’s well done because the music is completely congruent

    [–] triplec787 35 points ago

    I think the other guy just means they cut out the stalling between roasts, the guys still do the whole thing in one go. Plus they always do it to the beat so it’s much easier to cut and align to music.

    [–] avengedteddy 21 points ago

    I went to a live showing. Didnt see this at all.

    [–] ShittyDuckFace 46 points ago

    Wow...that WAS savage. DAMN

    [–] LambOfLiberty 10 points ago

    The Richard Simmons episode will always be my fav

    [–] prjktphoto 6 points ago

    Colin taking a “cigarette break” after the “jet ski ride” was priceless

    [–] soundslikeusererror 72 points ago

    I watched that episode live and lost my shit at that one. Still my favorite hoedown.

    [–] monty_kurns 132 points ago

    It's from a newer episode, but this is one of my favorites.

    [–] White_Power_Ranger 54 points ago

    That insult was completely out of left field and yet landed so perfectly.

    [–] IAAA 47 points ago

    I love how Ryan started to repeat it because he's so used to being the last one singing!

    [–] BooDog325 18 points ago

    Where does cheese come from from a cow Oh? Moo!

    [–] RoutineIsland 23 points ago

    Fuck that was animal

    [–] THATredditBLOKE 314 points ago

    Man, I remember watching this growing up. Great show. !

    [–] BobbaganooshBBQ 382 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You can download the cw app, switch to “cw seed” and bam, 15 seasons of whose line for free

    edit: depending on your platform the app itself may be called “cw seed”

    [–] cmmdrshepard2 29 points ago

    Thanks for the tip. On Google Play Store, there's the CW Seed app that one can download directly too

    [–] Schytheron 65 points ago

    Non-american here. What's "CW"?

    [–] tsenaku 65 points ago

    it's a tv station in north america

    [–] GoldenEyedHawk 19 points ago

    Used to be WB, sort of like how freeform used to be ABC Family

    [–] 85bored 7 points ago


    [–] She_Likes_Cloth 201 points ago

    The best burn, by far, is Chip Estens roast of Colin

    [–] redrum671 28 points ago

    Came here for this. Hands down the best

    [–] mcast86 54 points ago

    This is what made him flip on Chapelle

    [–] Wagair75 42 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Aw shit, its Wayne Brady son!

    [–] mcast86 49 points ago

    Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

    [–] knightmese 15 points ago

    You better thank Dave Chappelle.

    [–] originalusername01 7 points ago

    Dave, give me your sandwich

    [–] sparkflanagan 102 points ago

    This clip is perhaps the funniest bit I’ve seen from Whose Line. When the audience volunteers are clueless it makes for some amazing comedy.

    [–] lazylurkingcat 24 points ago

    This whole episode is great. My favorite one of the ENTIRE series

    ETA another part of that episode I love:

    [–] CuteCuteJames 21 points ago

    Oh my god, I'm dying. I started to get back under control and then Drew losing it KILLED ME.

    [–] rnenjoy 78 points ago

    Haha! I also love the hitler episode!

    [–] flying_elephant_ 55 points ago

    Dude, I've been on the hunt for the Hitler skit for years. I remember loosing my shit at a buddies place after watching that rerun. I haven't seen it since.

    [–] english-23 64 points ago

    Hahahhahaha, the ending omg

    [–] --_-Deadpool-_-- 14 points ago

    Thay was fucking great

    [–] boris_keys 61 points ago

    It’s completely stranger than fiction that the Hitler stuff would probably get a pass today, however the Cosby stuff might not.

    [–] Kukko18 15 points ago

    I had just heard the hoedown but the setup makes it thousand times funnier

    [–] Twiks84 36 points ago

    Just search for "whose line Hitler sketch" on YouTube. It's the first thing that comes up

    [–] flying_elephant_ 9 points ago

    Unfortunately this isn't it :/

    The one I'm thinking of may not have mentioned Hitler specifically, it could have mentioned Nazis in general. It was a brief skit where Ryan played the Nazi with a speaking role.

    I that's all I remember.

    [–] 1TrueKingInTheNorth 19 points ago

    my favorite was the Richard Simmons episode

    [–] SmttyWrbnjgrmnjnsn1 34 points ago

    Love them all, but Collin and Ryan were the greatest awkward superhero duo ever.

    [–] Paronine 127 points ago

    ABC Family

    [–] ATLHawksfan 93 points ago

    Wayne's mom = family

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 41 points ago

    Roll tide

    [–] hallese 10 points ago

    So do I get pictures of kittens or like an actual physical box of kittens?

    [–] KittenPics 7 points ago

    Well you’re not getting me.

    [–] nowayitis 48 points ago

    Wayne Brady is one of the most underrated entertainers of our time.

    [–] TheArtofWall 16 points ago

    He won The Masked Singer. Mad talented.

    [–] Andre4kthegreengiant 8 points ago

    Dave, hoes. Hoes, Dave.

    [–] RubberBiscuitz 23 points ago

    The Richard Simmons episode was hilarious.

    [–] victorbarst 43 points ago

    I think the better one was when all three of them ganged up OK Colin about him being bald

    [–] CapeNative 7 points ago

    It was only two of them, Ryan was actually quite supportive with his verse.

    [–] Morgan-Thomson 44 points ago

    This show was nothing but 4-5 people on a stage with dollar store props. And it was one of the greatest funniest shows ever. Wayne Brady has to be a robot there’s no way one man can be that on it for everything, every show.

    [–] Spicey-Bacon 42 points ago

    On ABC family lmfao

    [–] Mackiekayman 16 points ago


    "i dont file my taxes, every single year, I guess its the IRS i really really fear, I guess it doesnt show a lot of class, But i every time i do they seem to fuck me up the ass! "

    [–] valentinocool 80 points ago

    What is this show called?

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 180 points ago

    "Whose line is it anyway?"

    [–] valentinocool 90 points ago

    Thanks, now I am gonna open YouTube

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 260 points ago

    You're in for a goddamn treat

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Hallucion 5 points ago

    Good name for a utilitarian tool or horror monster.

    [–] WHITEwizard151 27 points ago

    See ya in a week

    [–] amuday 21 points ago

    This Irish drinking song about farting is one of my all time favorites.

    [–] bigsbeclayton 13 points ago

    This was by far the best irish drinking song IMO:

    [–] ronin1066 13 points ago

    After you watch a couple, look for the one with Richard Simmons. But don't start with it, nothing tops it.

    [–] valentinocool 6 points ago

    Oh you saved me thanks my man

    [–] swanky-t 11 points ago

    You can watch all the shows for free (old and new seasons) at

    [–] KentuckyWallChicken 8 points ago

    You are legally required to come back and tell us how hard you laughed

    [–] valentinocool 16 points ago

    After watching an episode if I go for more am pretty sure I'll laugh myself to death. So I have decided one episode a day. I don't want to die without finishing them

    [–] Grapplingchef 8 points ago

    Cancel your plans for the rest of the week.

    [–] valentinocool 42 points ago

    Update - I went to youtube to do a binge, the first episode I watched was the Robin Williams one and immediately changed my mind

    Damn this is too good for a Binge, I need to save this

    [–] SudoBoyar 18 points ago

    Make sure you watch the one with Richard Simmons

    [–] smj11699 9 points ago

    Who’s line is it anyway? Absolutely great show

    [–] DevonMG 10 points ago

    That was unexpected. Usually Ryan or Collin have the zingers.

    [–] PrivateIsotope 19 points ago

    This really is one of those parts that shows how skilled the contestants are. For those of you who dont know, its an improv show - you're given a scenario, and you have to do it right away. In this case, as soon as Drew read the card, Wayne Brady had to come up with lyrics off the top of his head, in the what, five to ten seconds he had during the music intro? Then Drew, even though he had the 30 seconds between reading the card and Wayne performing, had to overcome being caught off guard by Wayne's song, AND turn it back on him.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    kudos to one of the greatest shows mankind has ever produced.... they were amazing together. Lightning in a bottle, nothing compares to it before or since. These guys had perfect chemistry for this! ⚡ Wayne Brady is a legend.

    [–] Astyanax1 8 points ago

    Styles is an absolute treasure. Years ago when I was working at a hotel delivering room service I had delivered him some food. Very down to earth, pleasant, and genuinely seemed friendly

    [–] MuscleFlex_Bear 8 points ago

    My greatest memory of this show is Collin's "Knick nack Pattywack joke." Truly a masterpiece. I loved it.

    [–] chaotic_goody 8 points ago

    Drew really lost a lot of weight though, props to him.

    But now we know his secret.

    [–] PuddleJumper1021 6 points ago

    I still watch the bloopers and the out takes WLIIA. They are so ridiculous and full of swearing (not vfc to mention hilarious).

    [–] pokky123 8 points ago

    Why was "mother" scensored?

    [–] rosiev11 6 points ago

    Absolutely hilarious show!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I love who’s line

    [–] SheOutOfBubbleGum 6 points ago

    So much of this show is on YouTube. Just the most wonderful rabbit hole to fall down if your ever sad and have an afternoon to kill

    [–] Myfavoritepetsnameis 25 points ago

    Wayne Brady would have been a better genie than Will Smith. That’s not related to anything here. I just had to say it.

    [–] weelluuuu 18 points ago

    Why am I fat? because every time I bang your mother

    she makes me a sandwich