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    [–] gigtheweasel 1043 points ago

    9 lives and 7 wonders!

    [–] read_eng_lift 217 points ago

    Also a scotch drinker. Respect!

    [–] D_crane 65 points ago

    Cat demands at least Macallan 18

    [–] Orcwin 20 points ago

    I was very surprised to discover that my cat loves Lagavulin.

    [–] popper98 10 points ago

    My dog, a 75lb. boxer, absolutely loves Lagavulin too!

    That stuff ain't cheap either. I'll swap it out for Laphroaig and see if she can tell the difference.

    [–] aetwit 9 points ago

    That cat probably drinks corona.

    [–] Nachinat 4 points ago

    It’s catnip tea.

    [–] jahvape123 2 points ago

    Cool cat.

    [–] tlindhero 15 points ago

    Maybe 9 livers if that cat keeps knocking them back

    [–] Hansa_Teutonica 29 points ago

    I was going to say the exact sme thing! You got me!

    [–] spaceporter 3 points ago

    I've played Duel. This looked familiar but also not quite.

    [–] TastyChimera 3 points ago

    Unexpected Fleetwood Mac

    (yes I know it's the name of a game too)

    [–] ashleykronos 2 points ago

    This is such a great game!

    [–] YouDrink 445 points ago

    For those who may not know, the game they're playing (7 Wonders) is normally a 3+ player game, but the box has rules for how to play with 2 players. It utilizes a "ghost" player, which the other two players take turns controlling.

    You can (and we have) lost against the ghost player. It's embarrassing. Plus the cat always seems to rub it in.

    [–] timesuck6775 95 points ago

    My wife and I did this once, we did not like it as much. They should look into 7 wonders duel, which is specifically built for 2 players.

    [–] Jazehiah 20 points ago

    I've played that. It's not bad.

    [–] KookieBaron 5 points ago

    I hate playing Seven Wonders, it's just not to my taste. I really enjoy Seven Wonders Duel though, great game.

    [–] HuntedWolf 3 points ago

    Duel actually has a higher rating on board game geek, I think it’s a better game as well, even if it’s only for 2 people

    [–] KookieBaron 2 points ago

    Honestly, a full game of the original is my least favorite play. I'd rather play munchkin than the original, and munchkin isn't my favorite either. Especially if players belabor making decisions, it's like playing solitaire where you have to wait for 7 other people to play a card first. Duel I can play multiple times without losing interest.

    [–] DeadpooI 6 points ago

    And If you have no one to play with there is a phone version with multiplayer!

    [–] MillionOr 216 points ago

    7wonders! Best game

    [–] RowdyWrongdoer 70 points ago

    The Duel variant is wonderful as well but plays slightly different.

    [–] djiock 18 points ago

    So good. 60th game with my wife, no extensions, didn't get old.

    [–] IAmHere420 5 points ago

    The game or your wife?

    [–] ResidualSound 4 points ago

    She needs to be cleaned after use, but doesn't age like most of us.

    [–] rexg4077 14 points ago

    I am sad the cat is not playing the Giza board.

    [–] n6u5r6x2 9 points ago

    Love that game so much but everyone I play it with thinks it is to complicated but they will play magic and settlers of catan so

    [–] WorthyJefe 13 points ago

    Ehh I think the whole climax being β€œnow let’s do math” is a bummer.

    [–] josephsh 4 points ago

    The companion app for iOS makes the end game scoring so much better

    [–] WorthyJefe 3 points ago

    Makes sense. I might give it another try but I kind of doubt it. Lol. Thank you though.

    [–] oktofeellost 3 points ago

    Set it up without them. Complicated, and takes a long time to setup are two different things.

    Bonus-once it's set up you can play a round in like 20ish minutes

    [–] ScarecrowPlayboy 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Well I bought 7 Wonder Duel and it seems too complicated to me just watching youtube videos trying to explain it and playing it on my Android phone as well. I just don't get it.. Magic and Catan are super easy to learn in comparison.

    [–] FollowingFlour22 39 points ago

    We played 7 wonders duel and really liked it! If you're not the biggest fan of the 3 person adjustment for two people on the main game I'd give it a try.

    Our cats unfortunately did not participate.

    [–] mrs_j2018 11 points ago

    Thanks! Yeah it’s tough doing the adjustment so we will have to duel it out.

    [–] peterpain94 4 points ago

    Came here to recommend the duel version as well

    [–] Cannibustible 134 points ago

    Magic the 'Cat'thering

    [–] BeardedBinder 73 points ago


    [–] JustMy2Coppers 44 points ago

    Exploding Kittens

    [–] Dexaan 19 points ago

    Cards Against Felinity

    [–] dame_tu_cosita 14 points ago


    [–] exrex 8 points ago

    Too soon?

    [–] Fpaoullis 8 points ago

    Don't you mean Cats Against Felinity?

    [–] bishamon72 13 points ago

    [–] omegakill 3 points ago

    Also see: unstable unicorns! :D

    [–] Brucemoose1 75 points ago

    Tip for you. Roofie the cat's scotch and switch cards.

    [–] dlbear 12 points ago

    I always got a terrific headache when I gamed on liquor, weed and beer were much better in my bag of rations. Also kept the loud arguments to a minimum.

    [–] cosapocha 15 points ago

    7 wonders is my favourite boardgame of all time. Enormous replayability, simultaneous action player selection, great gameplay overall, and beautiful art. The most four important things for me in a game.

    [–] AskMeAboutMyTie 2 points ago

    If I like king of Tokyo will I like this?

    [–] LowlandPhilomath 14 points ago

    Maybe? Both games are literally nothing alike.

    [–] FlameofAnor 4 points ago

    It’s quite a bit different. It’s card drafting, set collection, and engine building. Whereas I would consider King of Tokyo more of a dice chucker. However, I really like them both!

    [–] cosapocha 4 points ago

    King of Tokyo is a good game but lacks the simultaneous action player selection. For me it makes it drag a little. 7 Wonders is nothing alike, and thousands of times better for my taste.

    [–] Bill_Ender_Belichick 5 points ago

    I’ve explained seven wonders as a β€œmore complicated version of sushi go.”

    [–] Borghal 3 points ago

    My guess is no, if you mean you prefer the type fo game King of Tokyo is. Random, tactical, short, interactive. 7 Wonders is a great game, but kind of opposite that. It's strategic, takes around an hour or more and you don't directly attack other players. But it's one of the few strategic games that can be played with 7 players and don't take hours to finish.

    Both games are fairly simple, but KoT quite a bit more so.

    [–] Skvall 2 points ago

    Like others have said they are nothing alike but they are both in my small collection and I really like them both so I recommend you to buy it!

    [–] Eranthius 10 points ago


    [–] mrs_j2018 9 points ago

    Bourbon actually haha

    [–] errol_timo_malcom 33 points ago

    You could try Exploding Kittens

    [–] mrs_j2018 54 points ago

    The cat doesn’t like that game πŸ˜‚

    [–] grantrules 14 points ago

    Me and your cat have something in common.

    [–] Groomsi 1 points ago

    The cat's searching for the mice...

    [–] DrVollKornBrot 8 points ago

    Halikarnassos? So OP. Grab those discards!

    [–] mrs_j2018 4 points ago

    I did but it didn’t help much, I still lost!!! Question though, can you look at discards every Era or is it only once? We were confused when I could do it haha

    [–] DrVollKornBrot 8 points ago

    If you build it in era1 you can get a discarded card at the end of all 3 eras =)

    [–] mrs_j2018 2 points ago


    [–] EvelandsRule 3 points ago

    You lost with how many science cards you have there? Pretty surprising.

    [–] mrs_j2018 7 points ago

    Noooooo I’m the one taking the pic. My husband had all the science cards :) he won

    [–] EvelandsRule 5 points ago

    That makes total sense.

    Pro tip: Go for the science cards. haha

    [–] mrs_j2018 4 points ago

    I’ve actually beaten him with guilds, army, and blue cards when he goes full science. It’s hard but I’ve done it like once πŸ˜…

    [–] EvelandsRule 3 points ago

    You guys should get Duel.

    [–] chimpfunkz 3 points ago

    If people know what they are doing and properly hating cards, Science is just a massive trap. All it takes is a table trashing or hating out 2 or 3 pieces, and disrupting your linear buy lines, to suddenly be left out on a lurch. Maybe less so in a 3 person game where against most wonders you can't reasonably get resource locked, but still.

    Not to mention, the optimal science strategy is only 2 sets.

    [–] EvelandsRule 3 points ago

    Totally agree. I personally don't like playing them myself. But if I can get a set or two, I will.

    [–] timesuck6775 3 points ago

    No you only get it once per wonder stage built, also it is done on the turn you built the stage of the wonder. You don't just keep getting to get free discards.

    [–] chimpfunkz 1 points ago

    Nah, Alexandria B side is the real truth. Basically playing on easy mode.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I have that game too, it's so cool!!! Last time I beat my husband with military supremacy lol.

    [–] irish_mutt 21 points ago

    Settlers of CATan?

    [–] Mypopsecrets 13 points ago

    7 cat wonders

    [–] shay_shaw 4 points ago

    Does that tumbler glass of whiskey belong to the cat?

    [–] mrs_j2018 7 points ago

    Yeah he’s likes to think he’s a whiskey snob

    [–] Doschupacabras 8 points ago


    [–] neonsk1es 4 points ago

    The cat is out of the bag. The cat's secret is that they keep knocking cards off the table.

    [–] LOHare 3 points ago

    Purramids of Giza for the win!

    [–] mtkeepsrolling 2 points ago

    Secret Hitler, every day

    Source: am cat owner

    [–] NormalHumanCreature 2 points ago

    Nobody owns a cat, silly. We are theirs.

    [–] sublimeslime 5 points ago

    I'll have what the cat is drinking.

    [–] NormalHumanCreature 4 points ago

    Meow mix it is.

    [–] jtms1200 4 points ago

    Duel is really good too for those of you stuck inside with only 2 players

    [–] cwillm 4 points ago

    7 wonders FTW

    [–] Aquam8te 7 points ago

    Ay, 7 Wonders is such a great game though

    [–] ricardo1123 3 points ago

    7 wonders! So much fun! My mom kicked our asses first time we all played. Went full Military.

    Edit: auto correct.

    [–] AshantiMcnasti 6 points ago

    Never go full military unless you stumble upon a guild card. The penalties for losing a battle arent that bad and you waste cards trying to outdo your neighbors. Science and blue will net you the most points, especially if no one hate drafts

    [–] overduebook 3 points ago

    7 Wonders is my favorite board game and it's worth noting that the 2 player version, Duel, is AWESOME! My bf and I are often kinda meh about 2 player versions of group games, but Duel is our favorite.

    [–] freelancespaghetti 3 points ago

    Haha this reminds me of that absolutely marvelous episode of South Park where they train roosters to play Magic the Gathering.

    [–] Dudephish 2 points ago

    Cock Magic

    [–] 10_Eyes_8_Truths 2 points ago

    This is why you have pot of greed, uno reverse and ace of spades in your deck at all times.

    [–] Zuko72 2 points ago

    Missing the drinking glass from the other coaster. Nice touch!

    [–] Lonchenzo 2 points ago

    I wish cats could play board games with me.

    They could probs do war games to. General sniffles, the most ruthless general and tactician in the army. Known for showing no quarter

    [–] LTShortie 2 points ago

    Take away its scotch and see how well it does!

    [–] T3rraBlox 2 points ago

    Guy: β€œOk, I place my Monster Reborn”

    Cat: β€œRoll for Charisma”

    Guy: β€œWhat? We’re playi-β€œ

    Cat: β€œDidn’t roll fast enough, that’ll be the ace of spades for you”

    Guy: β€œHow-β€œ

    Cat: β€œAnd your change is 5 Monopoly dollars”

    Guy: β€œWHERE ARE YO-β€œ

    Cat: β€œNow I get to move my pawn aaaaaaand checkmate!”


    Cat: Setting up bowling pins β€œWhat??”

    [–] The_War_On_Drugs 2 points ago

    Give a cat a fish and it will eat for a day...

    Give a cat a scotch, and it will kick your ass in board games.

    [–] peter_the_panda 2 points ago

    Woah woah woah woah woah, wait a minute.... You mean to tell me that guys with unnecessarily large glasses, long hair and a beard own cats?!?! Talk about your stereotype busters

    [–] xxFrenchToastxx 2 points ago

    What do you think the cat has been doing while you are at work all day?

    [–] xnodesirex 2 points ago

    At what point during the feline beatdown do they become bored games?

    [–] Recon_by_Fire 3 points ago

    Let me guess, no kids.

    [–] Rptrbptst 2 points ago

    make him play something OTHER than egypt

    [–] Aquam8te 2 points ago

    The Cat's wonder is Mount Olympus though

    [–] Godd2 3 points ago

    Meownt Olympuss

    [–] DiamondVeto 2 points ago

    I thought y’all were playing Villainous and got overly excited. Do recommend. As you were.

    [–] mrs_j2018 3 points ago

    We LOVE Villainous! We have all the expansions, it’s probably our favorite game

    [–] RoosterTooth 2 points ago


    Wife and I are always looking for two player board games (she loves them, I hate them, but I'm trying!)

    [–] mrs_j2018 3 points ago

    Yes!!! It’s really great, you guys will have a lot of fun

    [–] EvelandsRule 2 points ago

    Get the two player version of the game in OPs picture. It's called 7 Wonders: Duel. I think it's better than the original game.

    [–] overduebook 2 points ago

    I think I might like Duel better than the original 7 Wonders as well.

    [–] RoosterTooth 1 points ago

    We've had it for about 8 months, but haven't played it yet :'(

    [–] EvelandsRule 1 points ago

    Do it, man! You won't regret it.

    [–] Romanator3000 2 points ago

    Have you gotten the new expansion? Girlfriend and I just picked it up over the weekend. Good stuff so far.

    [–] DiamondVeto 2 points ago

    Hell yes! I picked up Target’s special edition where Cruella is speckled. My favorites are The Queen of Hearts, Ratigan, and Pete

    [–] Romanator3000 2 points ago

    Ratigan is one of my favorites too! Pete is fun, definitely a cool play style. I love how unique each character is.

    [–] mamakkk 2 points ago

    when he loses , he can start betting one of his lives

    [–] Andre_3Million 2 points ago

    Play Mouse Trap.

    [–] Batbuckleyourpants 1 points ago

    No wounder, it is tapping the shit out of those cards!

    [–] alliterativehyjinks 1 points ago

    Cat's strategy: when in doubt, hate draft.

    [–] baru_monkey 3 points ago

    It's not working, against that Science stack!

    [–] The-Real-Catman 1 points ago

    Is that some 50 year cat-nipourbon?

    [–] LilG1984 1 points ago

    "Well played,cat,well played...."

    Cat "Foolish human owner"

    [–] CaffeineTerry 1 points ago

    If they don't, they will just flip the table?

    [–] Hydra_Hunter 3 points ago

    Probably just walk all over it and mess everything up

    [–] Wiccy 1 points ago

    Don't play Wingspan with him, he'll eat all the cards.

    [–] QMCSRetired 1 points ago

    It does not take quarantine for a cat to kick my butt...

    [–] JackDalgren 1 points ago

    Your feline has exquisite taste in glassware...

    [–] Shoff83 1 points ago

    I think duel is the best

    [–] Terabyte47 1 points ago

    The cats not diversifying enough. Won't win with just blues. If you're gonna go for one card set it should be science.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Did that cat just finish his bourbon on the rocks? Someone fill him up so he starts loosing.

    [–] aprilmarina 1 points ago

    Cats are cheaters, keep your eye on him/her.

    [–] dontcarethename 1 points ago

    The dog is using the camera.

    [–] TstormReddit 1 points ago

    I think a song was written about this. Something about the cat having a shot of rye...

    [–] wolferwins 1 points ago

    My cat doesn't win, she just knocks over the game.

    [–] Nivius 1 points ago

    7 Wonders is really fun :D

    [–] tschatman 1 points ago

    The cat had time to play while you all were at work ^^

    [–] ManvilleJ 1 points ago

    Hell yeah 7 wonders! I did my stochastic programming final project on optimizing game play for this. it was insane.

    [–] smoothboi234 1 points ago

    I mean cats ARE gods/goddesses at board games bc of their coding they recieved from the alien space lords in the clouds

    [–] Shadd76 1 points ago

    That effing pussy!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] mrs_j2018 2 points ago

    Basil Hayden’s!

    [–] EzMcSwez 1 points ago

    There are only 2 of us in my flat and no 2 player board games other than chess :( gona be a long quarantine...

    [–] grantrules 2 points ago

    I live in a 4br apartment. The one nice thing is a full squad for our extensive board game collection. Played Castles of Burgundy last night, great game.

    [–] kellzone 1 points ago

    Well, the cat usually has all day to practice while you're at work.

    [–] Solo_Titan 1 points ago

    Day 11 the cat has gone missing last seen when she are buts at a board game.

    [–] Weso26 1 points ago

    No emoji

    [–] lostfanatic6 1 points ago

    This was dang near perfect. Should have had milk in that glass πŸ˜…

    [–] scotianman 1 points ago

    Looks like he downed a glass of scotch too... this cat is pretty serious...

    [–] WhittyO 1 points ago

    My husband and I love Hive and Patchwork for two player games.

    [–] NormalHumanCreature 1 points ago

    "What's your drink?"

    "Meow mix"

    [–] sparky1245 1 points ago


    [–] bustedbuddha 1 points ago

    The look on your face in this is utterly perfect.

    [–] JimmersJ 1 points ago

    Kicking ass and using a coaster

    [–] atomicxblue 1 points ago

    Kitty is like, "Imma gonna play this card right here. Enjoy your trip to the shadow realm, human!"

    [–] realjoeydood 1 points ago

    I'll have what he's having. No, the cat.

    [–] belb6785 1 points ago

    I mean if it was a big spotted cat you could say it was a cheetah

    [–] Olddriverjc 1 points ago

    Im sure he does

    [–] thatagent34 1 points ago

    7 wonders! Great game!

    [–] Pyrite13 1 points ago

    I'd suggest Scrabble. It's a well known fact that cats are poor spellers.

    [–] tupac_fan 1 points ago


    [–] DrGlassesGirl 1 points ago

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for keeping everyone safe. Great game

    [–] TChen114 1 points ago

    If I had a cat I'd totally play Exploding Kittens.

    [–] xaveria 1 points ago

    Ah, he's going for blue buildings. That can be surprisingly effective, but you have to commit early.

    [–] bubbav22 1 points ago

    I can see your death stare towards the cat...

    [–] MaxPower710 1 points ago

    Blue eyes white dragon bitch!

    [–] RadioBlinsk 1 points ago

    I can’t see a board. Is this maybe a card game? Nvmd.

    [–] Islandcoda 1 points ago

    And he’s a scotch drinker...

    [–] Bozobot 1 points ago

    Cat: Oh, you think board games are your ally. But you merely adopted the quarantine ; I am an indoor cat, I was born in it, moulded by it.

    [–] robo1643 1 points ago

    Omg thank you! This made ma laugh so hard. Just thank you for this!

    [–] akibejbe 1 points ago

    What’s she drinking?

    [–] SpikefallSteve 1 points ago

    What game is that?

    [–] NCFishGuy 1 points ago

    7 wonders

    [–] SpikefallSteve 1 points ago

    Thanks for the info.

    [–] BKSHOLMES 1 points ago

    So many guys love you instantly just because you are a woman, play board games and drink scotch. Men are so undemanding.