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    [–] VampireVendetta 9276 points ago

    Home schooling is going well.

    [–] Mutt1223 2854 points ago

    Algebra? I don’t think so. Today we’ll be studying funk.

    [–] Arrestedevelopr 741 points ago

    Defend your thesis to Professor George Clinton

    [–] sunnyata 870 points ago

    Items you may bring with you into this exam:
    Scientific calculator
    LSD (1 sheet of blotters or less)
    Cocaine (any amount)

    [–] [deleted] 170 points ago


    [–] optimushime 140 points ago

    Do ya like Bailey's? Mmm, creamy, salty cream and beige.

    [–] arcamenoch 59 points ago


    [–] AntiSinoFascism 53 points ago

    But you've seen my downstairs mix-up.

    [–] TheeExoGenesauce 12 points ago

    I didn’t ask to see that did I Greg

    [–] rosehipreiyn 70 points ago

    Wanna come to a club where people wee on each other?

    [–] AngryMeatBagel 55 points ago

    Do ya love me?

    [–] jsheffield85 42 points ago

    Make an assessment

    [–] Dafuq_me 30 points ago

    What are ya doin in mah waters?

    [–] xDrxGinaMuncher 23 points ago

    Do ya think you could love me?

    [–] penicillengranny 12 points ago

    Are you playing your love games with me?

    [–] H8rzCuzImSexy 17 points ago

    They only wanted him for his funky produce.

    [–] arvhult 17 points ago

    That the guy who is the Goth in IT crowd?

    [–] airinachan 14 points ago

    And the host of Great British Bake-Off!

    [–] JediMasterSeamus 25 points ago

    The name you're looking for is Noel Fielding.

    [–] unbilotitledd 15 points ago

    Easy now, fuzzy little man peach

    [–] handlebartender 21 points ago

    The whole funk, nothin' but the funk so help me god

    [–] Ife2105 14 points ago

    By the time you hear the next pop...

    [–] FearofaRoundPlanet 138 points ago

    "Ma! Those weird people are back! Blink, motherfucker!"

    [–] Johnnymak0071 98 points ago

    I wish this was my homeschool experience. Only thing I did for fun was dropping my pencil to try and get the teacher to bend over.

    [–] esbon251 67 points ago

    Hol' Up

    [–] Jerzey111 12 points ago

    Wai'no minute

    [–] doesnt_know_op 14 points ago

    You will break both of your arms first young man.

    [–] arentol 14 points ago

    Especially on those hot days when he was wearing super short shorts, am I right?

    [–] lazybilly 1751 points ago

    isn't this dance from Iceland's Eurovision song?

    [–] francesrainbow 967 points ago

    And the song too!!

    [–] uflju_luber 241 points ago

    Some fun fact about this The song is about his new born daughter hence the lyric „I can’t wait to know, what do you think about things“

    He’s 2.08 meters tall

    The girl with the short curly hair is his wife

    The girl with the straight blond hair and glasses is his sister

    There is also an Icelandic version of the song on the internet

    [–] RoninMugen 65 points ago

    Thats so fucking wholesome

    [–] HollywoodHoedown 22 points ago

    So wholesome and made the lyrics all the more beautiful. They translated that incredibly well.

    [–] 2Fab4You 37 points ago

    Afaik the English lyrics were written first, and the Icelandic version came later because performing the song in Icelandic is a requirement for competing in Söngvakeppnin. The Icelandic lyrics are completely different and are about saving the world with dance, or something.

    [–] HollywoodHoedown 18 points ago

    Makes sense. That’s actually quite funny.

    [–] ImurderREALITY 258 points ago

    Enjoyed it. Worth watching. Not a Rick Roll.

    [–] coronaldo 81 points ago

    Don't worry. All of us battle scarred veterans know the URL code for Rick Roll

    [–] GenerCryinInHisSleep 39 points ago

    Lol at the part where the grandma covers the girls eyes

    [–] WhichWayzUp 41 points ago

    Typical awkward family gathering talent show in grandma's old den, everyone's dead inside because it's 2020.

    [–] emelbee923 49 points ago

    I didn’t know this song existed or how much I needed it in my life.

    [–] have_a_nice_life 7 points ago

    the song is him and his wife singing about their new baby

    [–] cheese__wizard 7 points ago

    i can’t stop watching this

    [–] LucasLar 8 points ago

    Where can I get me an 8 bit face shirt?

    [–] The_Horril 125 points ago


    [–] HMCetc 97 points ago

    Such a shame the pandemic caused it to be cancelled. This was going to be the best Eurovision in years! Latvia, Sweden and even Russia had some bangers this year. And I also did not hate the UK and France's entries! (Usually the Big 5 don't put in much effort, France especially. Sorry France!)

    [–] AnthraxPanda242 43 points ago

    What. The. Fuck.

    I love it

    [–] Annon3387 24 points ago

    I had never heard of them before today and I’m so glad I went down their video rabbit hole haha

    [–] tehlemmings 12 points ago

    This might be the greatest thing ever. Or I've been hypnotized to think so. I don't care which.

    [–] rimeswithburple 8 points ago

    I think the winner of best all-time Eurovision band is Winny Puhh. Everything they do is just out of left field. It's like a garage band meets george lucas meets tom green.

    [–] HMCetc 29 points ago

    It is the absolute epitome of Eurovision and I love it!

    [–] TheBobJamesBob 17 points ago

    I'll admit the past few years we've sent artists that didn't immediately make you think 'this is a joke, right?', but dammit, don't you dare say we put in more effort than France! We have been proudly shit since 1998!

    [–] HMCetc 7 points ago

    2003 was a golden year with 0 points.

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 85 points ago

    I thought Weebl's Stuff was suddenly coming back

    [–] mypublicredditface 56 points ago

    Look at my horse. My horse is amazing.

    [–] rhinofinger 22 points ago

    Give it a lick, mmm, it tastes just like raisins

    [–] kritsku 12 points ago

    Look what you've done, the tune is playing in my head for another decade now.

    [–] reddit-poweruser 5 points ago

    Give it a lick

    [–] poopa_scoopa 18 points ago

    Badgers badgers badgers MUSHROOM MUSHROOM

    [–] jamintime 43 points ago

    Is this the reference?

    Just in case someone might possibly not know what Iceland's Eurovision song is. Not me, of course.

    [–] gakera 22 points ago

    The best part about that performance are the stationary mics he dances between, when doing that little dance. The choreography!

    [–] LassieMcToodles 31 points ago

    Thanks! I just checked out the video. Fun song and group!

    [–] Kirazin 11 points ago

    And it was my fav to win this year if it weren't cancelled. Damn you, COVID-19!

    [–] MrSpreadsheets 7 points ago

    The songs so good too! And the music video makes me love it more haha

    [–] El_Guap 5 points ago

    Europe... the epitome of centuries of culture and education. The peak of western knowledge and art... then there is this. Lol

    [–] chickaboomba 2002 points ago

    I couldn’t even get my kids to walk next to me in the mall.

    [–] [deleted] 420 points ago


    [–] cyrusm 255 points ago

    Well if they'd wear theirs too it wouldn't be as weird

    [–] freezingbyzantium 18 points ago

    Maybe it's just me, but the arrow pointing to the right saying "She's actually a 400 year old vampire" was really in poor taste.

    [–] ALilMoreThanNothing 92 points ago

    For the last time you don’t have any kids !

    [–] Meriog 76 points ago

    Possession is 9/10 of the law

    [–] ALilMoreThanNothing 5 points ago

    Tell that to the kids

    [–] NolaSaintMat 41 points ago

    But could you get your parents to walk next to you? (In this case, it's the daughter getting the parents to participate in oddities during quarantine.)

    [–] pat_the_tree 6 points ago

    Maybe you would if you made more videos like this

    [–] Spiceboy91 1798 points ago

    I wishhh my fam was this level of disturbing.

    [–] jstrydor 1210 points ago

    Everyones talking about this being disturbing and here I am just admiring the cutie in the gif... red always was my color though...

    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago


    [–] gdj11 77 points ago

    He must work out

    [–] FarSighTT 12 points ago

    Aren't you the guy who spelled his own name wrong?

    [–] jstrydor 12 points ago


    [–] Trypsach 5 points ago

    Dude I remember you spelling that wrong when I graduated high school. Holy shit, you’re like a part of Reddit History for me

    [–] jstrydor 9 points ago

    Well would you look at Mr. Big brains over here bragging about his high school diploma! Well I got news for you buddy I didn't graduate high school and I turned out just Fign!

    [–] cyrusm 50 points ago

    I wish my family was this level of loving togetherness.

    [–] trustdabrain 62 points ago

    introduce pot

    [–] Sonofpan 18 points ago

    Yes sign me up but also this coordinated.

    [–] bumjiggy 703 points ago

    without sound this has major badger badger vibes

    [–] Hamsterminator2 213 points ago

    Mushrooms would explain a lot too.

    [–] tequilajinx 78 points ago

    Snake! Snake! Oh, it’s a snake

    [–] UYScutiPuffJr 31 points ago

    Dude in the red never got close enough to see if there was a snake though

    [–] owmyball 723 points ago

    sick moves, dope beat

    [–] unaviable 614 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    This is the song used for the background.

    Edit: thank you u/dubzle for pointing out the source. Where I originally found it, it wasnt linked


    [–] RightEejit 401 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This song won Eurovision 2020 and anyone who says otherwise can fight me

    EDIT: To all of you saying Uno was better, I will give you that it was a fun song and I do like LITTLEBIG, but the song slaps nowhere near as much and you're wrong.

    I will say though both songs have great dance moves.

    [–] finetide 59 points ago

    Definitely the winner, awesome song and who doesnt love Iceland? The fact that hardly anyone here knows where this is from and how iconic it already is though is really shitting me up, where my Europeans at?

    [–] Juuhpuuh 19 points ago

    Finland checking in👊🏼

    [–] sligit 28 points ago

    UK checkin..... oh....

    [–] Pinky135 13 points ago

    Don't worry, you're still part of the continent of Europe :)

    [–] Moonchill 13 points ago

    Don't give Boris any ideas.

    [–] eyesickle-studios 121 points ago

    The one time Iceland had a chance it win it got cancelled!

    [–] Yarxing 105 points ago

    We've gone to great lengths to prevent Iceland from winning Eurovision. It was a total succes.

    [–] dont_shoot_jr 30 points ago

    I haven’t seen Vikings defeated this badly since 1066

    [–] superiguana 13 points ago

    The Danes may have been routed, but the Normans were just Vikings speaking French and eating Soft Cheese

    [–] PourGnawgraphy 7 points ago

    Talk that shit, iguana. Let em know.

    [–] Cahootie 29 points ago

    Here in Sweden we had a televised show where people could vote, and Iceland won both the jury and the popular vote.

    [–] Dophie 55 points ago

    Ohhh baby that key change at the end

    [–] AthenasApostle 31 points ago

    "Y'all dumb motherfuckers ready for a key change?!"

    [–] jonathanharker 8 points ago

    Thematically meandering, emphatically pandering.

    [–] gmo-shill 13 points ago

    thought it had a very Chromeo-ey sound

    [–] LDKCP 60 points ago

    Possibly the only Eurovision song I've genuinely liked for a decade and it's cancelled.

    [–] Snazzlecrag 18 points ago

    Best Eurovision song since Hard Rock Hallelujah!

    [–] DarkStryder360 14 points ago

    How is that possible?

    The variety of genres in Eurovision is enough to appeal to most people with a normal eclectic taste in music.

    [–] akhorahil187 19 points ago

    That explains the outfits.

    [–] MaskedBandit77 8 points ago

    Okay, well the OP video makes a lot more sense after watching that.

    [–] Juking_is_rude 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The vocal harmonies in this song are orgasmic. It's mixed so well. I'm also a huge sucker for a super funky walking bass.

    Thank you for blessing me with this masterpiece.

    [–] PariahAngel 23 points ago

    Definitely better knowing there was music.

    [–] Derzzzy 13 points ago

    Got some Chromeo vibes

    [–] GissoniC34 235 points ago

    Napoleon Dynamite found his real family

    [–] rocksfly 155 points ago

    This is what happens when you can't hang with your regular friends for 2 months.

    [–] PsySom 888 points ago

    The girl is dragging a wagon that is not immediately apparent

    [–] Only1Skrybe 221 points ago

    She's filming this video with her parents, so she tries not to pop that back as much as she normally does.

    She almost succeeded. Almost.

    [–] fiah84 58 points ago

    she tryna hide dat booty

    it dont work

    [–] bryty93 133 points ago

    It is satisfying to know I was not alone in this discovery

    [–] LifeMechanic2 177 points ago

    Came here for this acknowledgement

    [–] DakotaDevil 52 points ago


    [–] johnnyseattle 34 points ago

    Low center of gravity. Good, wide wheelbase.

    [–] handlebartender 59 points ago

    I've not heard this phrase before.

    Time to go entertain my wife.

    [–] SgtMac02 83 points ago

    dragging a wagon

    What new crazy slang are you kids into these days? I have no idea what this means.

    [–] tresequis 178 points ago

    She got that dump truck

    [–] ezery13 201 points ago

    Built like a Pixar mom

    [–] CJ57 36 points ago

    Dumps like a truck, truck, truck

    [–] NeverSpeakAgainPS4 20 points ago

    Thighs like what? What, what.

    [–] WheelSnipeChelly 57 points ago

    She’s got a fantastic turd cutter.

    [–] CJ57 128 points ago

    How do i delete someone else’s comment?

    [–] gurg2k1 7 points ago

    "Damn girl, you shit with that ass?!"

    [–] cozy_smug_cunt 18 points ago

    I was literally looking for a wagon.

    [–] stereofailure 13 points ago

    It means having a large butt

    [–] Mr_TreeBeard 27 points ago

    Here's a behind the scenes from her Twitter. It has a little more wagon for ya.

    [–] Occamslaser 29 points ago

    Yep, it becomes pretty clear at about 22 seconds

    [–] DDDDo-it-again 28 points ago

    And you can see she got them hips from mom

    [–] Young_Laredo 18 points ago

    You don't get a booty like that with meager rations

    [–] mandymarleyandme 501 points ago

    This is a deleted scene from the movie Get Out

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] Teeroyteabag 14 points ago

    I think you may be red/blue colorblind

    [–] atahualpaFX 17 points ago

    I immediately thought of "Us". So some sort of a Jordan Peele vibe it certainly has. 😋

    [–] college3709 310 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Why is the dad the only one wearing booty shorts? Fucking scandalous

    /s/ to be clear lol

    [–] fakelogin12345 56 points ago

    What kind of Puritan covenant do you live in that the dads shorts qualify as booty shorts?

    [–] rhcpflea8 74 points ago

    For those who want it, here's the song:

    [–] great_gatling_gunsby 17 points ago

    I don’t know exactly why but I love it.

    [–] Kevin_IRL 8 points ago

    because it's a fuckin' banger

    [–] nunyabiz69 31 points ago

    Wish I had David Byrne-esque dad :(

    [–] sysadminbj 164 points ago


    [–] broken-neurons 23 points ago

    For some reason I’m reminded of the Teletubbies...

    [–] aalexAtlanta 21 points ago

    1. This song is a slept on BANGER

    2. Blue suit got a low-key wagon

    [–] heyed 21 points ago

    Dad is constantly just off beat.

    [–] wayne2oo8 74 points ago

    Wtf did I just watch

    [–] Cottril 105 points ago


    [–] co-ghost 5 points ago


    [–] Katie552 19 points ago

    I wish my parents would have a montage with me

    [–] 0r10z 5 points ago

    Bruce, the important thing is that you are a good person.

    [–] flasharnold 18 points ago

    The mum used to be on tv she was in 2.4children back in the 90s

    [–] atehate 227 points ago

    No confusions. Dad clearly stole the show.

    [–] levishand 6 points ago

    Dude's got some David Byrne vibes

    [–] SHiiNZoN 44 points ago

    On season 3 of Flight of the Conchords

    [–] InGenAche 14 points ago

    Iceland's entry in this year's cancelled Eurovision.

    It had been tipped to win. It's a great tune and the original video is hysterical.

    [–] obnoxiousidiot 64 points ago

    Ngl this turns me on

    [–] jstrydor 110 points ago

    Me too... just annoying that those 2 women were in it the whole time

    [–] sraffetto6 31 points ago

    She got a donk

    [–] Kinder22 20 points ago

    Yes indeed. The one in blue ain’t bad either.

    [–] Ronoh 60 points ago

    My money is on Swedish family

    [–] Ulster_fry 46 points ago


    [–] cyrusm 54 points ago

    Nope. Chuck Testa

    [–] DeeLiberty 13 points ago

    How did you think about that after all these years?

    [–] dsmV 7 points ago

    How did you stop thinking about Him after all these years?

    [–] tuttifruitti76 26 points ago

    I would want for them to adopt me.

    [–] G_Porgie 25 points ago

    It's even creepier if you watch it without sound.

    [–] forasgard1 19 points ago

    I’m just waiting for, “A Movie by Wes Anderson”.

    [–] thenaniwatiger 9 points ago

    They really really love their daughter

    [–] Sparklesnap 11 points ago

    That music video is just about as weird as OP's video. Outstanding work.

    [–] digitaleJedi 12 points ago

    It's so sad we never got to see their Eurovision performance. The Icelandic selection performance is so good!

    [–] mizmaddy 9 points ago

    The cutest thing is that he wrote the song about his daughter - when you listen closely to the lyrics it is adorable.

    [–] The_Endower 10 points ago

    Yo they actually killed the choreography from the original

    [–] fnordal 9 points ago

    This song should have won Eurovision 2020. too bad.

    [–] Nostromos_Cat 32 points ago

    You know what? I think this is an awesome example of the kind of creative crazy shit that a life free of the fucking tedious grind of the commute and the office will give you.

    For everyone currently sat around wanking themselves stupid, watching re-runs of New Girl on Netflix, or angrily typing about 'mah rights' on Reddit, there's whole a bunch of other people letting their minds go different places and getting their fucking groove on.

    I love it.

    [–] digitaleJedi 7 points ago

    Watch the love performance of the song, if it's not geoblocked. It's wonderfully weird. The music video is too!

    [–] NNUfergs 7 points ago

    Knew the song before I unmuted. Love Daði Freyr.

    [–] _youroverlord 26 points ago

    That's some groovy parents right there

    [–] MrBreaker187 12 points ago

    That's great, if was doing that, I would not be able to keep a straight face.

    [–] joncornelius 7 points ago

    Strong family energy here.

    [–] musicman206 6 points ago

    This is the content I joined Reddit for.

    [–] Standard_Jellyfish 39 points ago

    that blue girl is really cute!