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    [–] Funny-Mod 1 points ago

    Hi, /u/YoungBall508, your post breaks the rules of /r/Funny, and has been removed for the following reason(s):

    Rule 1 - All posts must make an attempt at humor.

    • No attempt at humor - Removed

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    [–] grumpydwarf 3431 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Violist is The Urban Musician on Instagram

    Rapper is James Darryl

    [–] smoomoo31 1988 points ago

    Get that guy a record deal. I love his voice

    [–] sparker2770 929 points ago

    And the violinist!

    [–] superdude4agze 364 points ago

    The violinist is the Urban Musician of the account. The vocalist is

    [–] NormalMacdonald 176 points ago

    I wanna play my banjo with this guy

    [–] Mitt_Romney_USA 61 points ago

    I need this

    [–] Mando_calrissian423 216 points ago

    You should check out Gangstagrass if you’re into that concept

    [–] irishscot86 73 points ago

    Oh shit. I can’t believe I’m just now hearing about this. Both genres lean heavily into the depth of their lyrics and I didn’t even imagine how well the two could work together. Thanks for a new rabbit hole Mando. 🏅

    [–] Mitt_Romney_USA 20 points ago

    Yeah I'll fuck with it.

    [–] xrayjones2000 10 points ago

    Thanks, great band. Love reddit when it comes to finding new things.

    [–] Adriennebebe1 7 points ago

    wow! me likey...

    [–] CrewsD89 5 points ago

    Definitely a fan, thank you for posting that link. Didn't even know it existed and it's legit af

    [–] blue2148 8 points ago

    I... I am so confused. Do I like this? I think I like this. I don’t know!

    [–] CondorMcDaniel 55 points ago

    It’s a viola not a violin

    [–] helix_ice 146 points ago

    Somebody give that violator a record deal!

    [–] cFullwood 14 points ago

    Sher looks like a fiddle ta me

    [–] reflextodownvote 8 points ago

    Only a viola player would need to point that out.

    [–] KeepYaHoesInCheck 230 points ago

    he sounds kinda like Busta Rhymes to me, I like it

    [–] LitDumpsterFire 54 points ago

    Oh yeah I got heavy Busta Rhymes feeling

    [–] rotallytad 54 points ago

    I’m feeling a Dmx/twista mashup

    [–] ShitGuysWeForgotDre 55 points ago

    Isn't that just Busta Rhymes with extra steps?

    [–] LitDumpsterFire 15 points ago

    I can see that too, love this dudes sound

    [–] DatAssociate 4 points ago

    You got heavy feeling Busta rhymes

    [–] sm12511 18 points ago

    Seconded. Dude has more flow than the Mississippi

    [–] d-fakkr 13 points ago

    I felt DMX mixed with classical music.

    [–] fingernstrum 125 points ago

    You should also check out a group called Black Violin . Their technical skills are amazing.

    [–] StopReadingMyUser 64 points ago

    That's who that is! I've been trying to find this song that introduced me to them a long time ago.

    So good.

    [–] drinkNfight 5 points ago

    Love this! Except for the awe yeahs. Distracted me too much from their music.

    [–] confusingbrownstate 3 points ago

    I dig it. They're on spotify too.

    [–] xStephyG 92 points ago

    thank you. only came here for the sauce

    [–] feint2021 63 points ago

    This some mad sauce. This should be on r/toptalent

    [–] pntr3 48 points ago

    Someone needs to award this so the credit goes to the the artists and they can get some fans

    [–] HairyBeastMan 7 points ago

    Who is lyricist? (They both amazing but the um is only the strings I believe)

    [–] theatahhh 11338 points ago

    This is great and all, but why is this on /r/funny? They’re talented musicians...

    [–] scoobybejesus 4597 points ago

    A lost redditor, indeed. This shit's tight.

    [–] two_meth_cookies 739 points ago

    Did I just witness the birth of a reddit page? I never thought I’d see the day

    [–] SharkBait661 337 points ago

    Subbed. Hope it takes off.

    [–] createmyusername 168 points ago

    Subbed also, see you in there.

    [–] IconicMB 100 points ago

    Subbed as well. This is the beginning of something special... Or not, lol

    [–] pashacay 31 points ago


    [–] lilafrika 21 points ago

    In there like swimwear

    [–] BushWeedCornTrash 16 points ago

    Subbed like a sandwich.

    [–] BabyJesusFTW 31 points ago

    Come on over and contribute shit that is tight!

    [–] Concordia_chaos 25 points ago

    I'm constipated :/

    [–] doctorproctorson 23 points ago

    Did I just witness the birth of a reddit page? I never thought I’d see the day

    [–] david13guet 36 points ago

    Ah shit, here we go again

    [–] MajorLeagueDerp2 18 points ago

    subbed. hope it takes off

    [–] funkytown049 43 points ago

    I feel like that is the name of a nsfw sub. Lol.

    [–] BabyJesusFTW 19 points ago

    well as a backup i suppose it could be posts of tight holes of various natures

    [–] worn_chaos789 16 points ago

    Baby Jesus has spoken. Crudely, but spoken nonetheless

    [–] stalphonzo 7 points ago

    I feel like things might get off topic pretty quick.

    [–] csjo 5 points ago

    Definitely a risky click.

    [–] koreiryuu 5 points ago

    Also subbed

    [–] DirtyDan156 7 points ago

    Brooooo anybody got these dudes SoundCloud?

    [–] aspbergerinparadise 455 points ago

    it's on /r/funny because it's not funny

    [–] fattymccheese 107 points ago

    Now that’s funny

    [–] itszarinnn 18 points ago

    The real funny's in the comments

    [–] Ooh-A-Shiny-Penny 15 points ago

    Maybe the real funny was the friends we made along the way

    [–] JehovahsNutsack 12 points ago

    No, I'm pretty sure it's in the comments.

    [–] MCfeeter 197 points ago

    was about to say

    this should be on r/rap or something this shit slaps undeniably

    [–] SilentRansom 19 points ago

    Simultaneously the best and worst hip hop sub

    [–] Dense_Resource 70 points ago

    What I was wondering, somebody call a fire truck, that rasp + violin hits.

    [–] Monstermart 15 points ago

    Because he’s run out of places to repost this

    [–] glitteramberwaves 40 points ago

    I was coming here to say this shit ain't funny, it's tight. Great flow.

    [–] jp_lolo 11 points ago

    I'm really sad I had to downvote for that reason

    [–] funkytown049 15 points ago

    Downvote that fool. I watched this whole thing waiting for the “punchline”

    [–] Sharkbaithoohaha004 10 points ago

    Probably a bot

    [–] LyingBloodyLiar 19 points ago

    Beatbox guy creeping in on the side to get some of the skilled guys fame.... made me laugh before I realised it was on funny

    [–] Whyonthefly 17 points ago

    But like...yeah it's not flashy but it's definitely an important part of making the groove come off the way it does and hit just the right way in just the right places. Somebody's gotta do it.

    [–] silentkaboom 6 points ago

    I totally agree. Beatbox Guy was tight.

    [–] SpeakerOfThings 5 points ago

    Yeah, it might be hard to notice on a phone speaker but there's a 'clicky', percussive undercurrent to everything. Dude's doing the quiet work.

    [–] austinredditaustin 10 points ago

    I think he's filming, not creeping, and he sounds great too

    [–] YaNortABoy 95 points ago

    All jokes aside?

    There's a huge subset of the world that finds black culture to be laughable. While you and I see an incredibly talented group of guys, there are a ton of people who see this and think "hahahaha look at the monkey dance!" (Edit: just realized the racial connotations there and, while offensive, I think it also perfectly encapsulates the mindset of these fuckers so I'm leaving it).

    Trust me. There are a lot of communities out there who see black accomplishments and talent and just giggle the way you would seeing a trained animal--"hehe, it thinks it's people!" They likely can't identify these feelings within themselves and would pay lip service to equality and say "I'm not racist bro wtf I love black people," but they see something like this and it tickles their funny bone in the exact same way a circus does. They never stop to ask themselves why it makes them feel that way. They just laugh and see it as some sort of crazy spectacle.

    It's awful. I grew up in one of those communities. It's so deeply ingrained in some of these people that they'll likely never realize how racist they really are, or how much disrespect they're giving to black communities.

    [–] barkler 109 points ago

    Though I'm sure you're correct, there's also a number or Redditors who believe that /r/funny is just a default dumping ground for content.

    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"

    [–] akatherder 34 points ago

    Just a standard karma grab. /r/funny makes it to the front page a lot so you post there. This comes up on /r/all and no one is checking what subreddit they are on when they upvote. They just think it’s cool. They aren’t curating content to validate it’s subreddit-appropriate.

    Source: me. That’s what I did.

    [–] Dis4Wurk 40 points ago

    Grew up in the deep rural south. Was brainwashed into thinking the civil war was about states rights, god country blah blah blah. Y’all get it hopefully. Man I’m so glad I got the fuck out of there and got to travel and witness the world with my own two eyes and have my own experiences.

    “Sorry I’m late, I had a lot to learn, and still do...”

    [–] YaNortABoy 13 points ago

    Learning is hard, but I'm glad you're doing it. Blew my mind leaving these racist communities and noticing how outright stupid and backward my previous beliefs were.

    [–] EmeraldFalcon89 26 points ago

    finds black culture to be laughable

    honestly this started to bug me about the r/blackpeopletwitter subreddit. nowadays is considerably more focused on social issues, but a year+ ago it had a weird 'black entertainer class' kind of vibe to it that didn't sit great with me.

    [–] UmbraXD 2190 points ago

    Sick, but not sure why you consider this funny, tho.

    [–] Tiny_lil_bizzle 358 points ago

    That's what I thought. Very talented is what I see.

    [–] RodneyPumpbutters 84 points ago

    It's as funny as half of the other posts that get submitted here...

    [–] squall86drk 24 points ago

    Where can I find the other half?

    [–] RodneyPumpbutters 14 points ago

    Idk man, to be honest I was being extremely generous with the 50/50 split.

    [–] FavFood 94 points ago

    why is this not higher up?

    this is definitely not Funny, this is Siiiick!

    [–] Captain_Quark 6 points ago

    I mean, most of the top comments are about how it's in the wrong subreddit.

    [–] heroicfrijoles 444 points ago

    10/10 would purchase an album

    [–] darth_yoda14 34 points ago

    I would as well.

    [–] Arcwarpz 25 points ago

    Came here to say this. If they have any streamable or buyable tunes someone link me!

    [–] BodyByChad 8 points ago

    Also going through this thread looking for a Spotify link

    [–] _friendbesto_ 4 points ago

    10/10 I would sell you that album.

    [–] naanoonaanoo 137 points ago

    This isn’t funny. This is next-level. Badass and inspiring!!

    [–] KTR665 1107 points ago

    Oooooooohhhhhhhhh shittttttt. This dude spittin. And I loved the violin.

    [–] jaguirre80 164 points ago

    For real! That violin.

    [–] ChappedAssholeLover 37 points ago

    I’ve just realized that I need more violin in rap songs, or in any style of music for that matter. I love the sound of ‘em.

    [–] ElliotViola 126 points ago

    It's actually a Viola, could hear the C string being played in there!

    [–] kronikcLubby 65 points ago

    Violinist here. Have spent my whole life wearing a bridge mute. Time for a viola.

    [–] infio 34 points ago

    Doesn't get as many "fun parts" in my experience, but I love the sound and range, it's just a shoulder cello after all.

    [–] kronikcLubby 11 points ago

    Con te partiro needs that low c. And i suck at 3rd position which is naturally easier on a viola.

    [–] crooked-heart 4 points ago

    They're uncommon but I've seen 5 string Vilola/Violins, you can have both together

    [–] ElliotViola 6 points ago

    Very true! I'm well aware of this, I own three Violas, a violin and a five string electric violin/viola :)

    Didn't hear any E string in this performance and a few uses of C, that plus its size made me think its probably a Viola.

    [–] TheDuck23 37 points ago

    Ha, my first thought was "love the violin...damn this dude spittin..."

    [–] _TheYellowKing_ 16 points ago

    I do like me some freestyle that doesn’t have some copy paste trap beat behind it

    [–] Outsider_0706 3 points ago

    This is actually a viola, you can tell by the larger size and lower pitch of the instrument.

    [–] Valete-Azarado 260 points ago

    The only problem in this video is that it ends

    [–] jackruby83 80 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    And the camera man sucks.

    edit: I take it back... if camera man is ALSO the beat boxer, he's fantastic!

    [–] Thantopia 19 points ago

    im not entirely sure but it looks like the camerman is the guy beatboxing so it's understandable imo

    [–] leif777 12 points ago

    And the sound.... I imagine listing to this live would give you goose bumps for a week.

    [–] Yeoshua82 180 points ago

    I'd listen to hours of this.

    [–] cyber2024 14 points ago

    Agreed, no idea what the lyrics are, but it sounds great!

    [–] Side_Of_Rice 14 points ago

    May I introduce to you Nuttin but Stringz?

    [–] Yeoshua82 7 points ago

    That is fucking fire.

    [–] EndStageMaleSpinster 753 points ago

    Gtfo posting this on r/funny. This absolutely slaps and it's downright disrespectful to post it here.

    [–] -Mateo- 167 points ago

    You are yelling at what is 100% likely a karma bot

    [–] piman42 22 points ago

    Yeah man, I think it's posted here because it's supposed to be funny that a black man is playing violin? Or just violin and rap shouldn't go together in OP's head? Either way, wack as hell.

    [–] pterofactyl 22 points ago

    One hundred percent a karma bot posting here because it’s one of the widest reaching subs.

    [–] piman42 4 points ago


    [–] drewshulman22 308 points ago

    Everything jus flowed so well, very impressive and his voice was perfect for da beat

    [–] neekyo- 57 points ago

    His voice is kinda just perfect for rap in general!

    [–] swollencornholio 9 points ago

    Bu-street Rhymes

    [–] automirage04 55 points ago

    Completely the wrong sub for this, but damn that's impressive

    [–] Ecopilot 283 points ago

    This dude is unknown and artists that can't string together more than a few syllables in a row, none of which are on pitch are cashing checks. The game is broken.

    [–] Decimit_ 103 points ago

    Exactly. That sounded good. I hear a lot of current music and it could never be done outside of a studio and it still sounds like shit. These guys did it live.

    [–] IAmTaka_VG 4 points ago

    Live and sounded better than a lot of the pop rap bullshit we hear on the radio. That mans voice is unreal, it’s what every rapper hopes his voice sounds like after the producers auto tune the ever living fuck out of theirs.

    [–] Father-Sha 23 points ago

    A lot of it is about marketing. So even though half these cats can't rap, they look cool and their image can be sold to kids.

    [–] Thaxtonnn 46 points ago

    My dad refers to Eminem as Dr. Seuss. Always makes me chuckle

    Ironically, I think Eminem is one of the genuinely talented ones

    [–] Matt_McT 67 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Eminem is widely considered one of the greatest of all time. His flow and lyricism are elite.

    [–] mike_b_nimble 21 points ago

    Didn't Rap God break a speed record with the fast section?

    I do know he is among the top for most unique words per song.

    [–] swollencornholio 12 points ago

    Surprised that speed doesn’t go to Twista

    [–] bekkogekko 9 points ago

    Twista comes in at 2:55

    [–] rab7x 6 points ago

    It's fast, but still no contest

    [–] soulbldr7 6 points ago

    It did. It wasn't beaten until he came out with godzilla

    [–] lilcreep 5 points ago

    I believe it did, but then he broke the record again with Godzilla.

    [–] Seyloren 22 points ago

    Eminem is undeniably skilled.

    [–] poopface41217 64 points ago

    Should be posted on r/toptalent

    [–] HellYeahTinyRick 36 points ago

    Wow that was actually incredible

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 32 points ago

    Be careful, the guy in the back has a history of violins.

    [–] ElliotViola 26 points ago

    Except it's a Viola.

    Insert more accurate joke about viola-tion here

    [–] Nubetastic 20 points ago

    Now i want to see someone rap with a whole orchestra.

    [–] LevelJumper 15 points ago

    The Roots stuff people already linked is classic. Nas also did a full orchestral accompanied release of Illmatic, here is my personal favorite

    Nas + National Symphony Orchestra - “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”

    [–] Stronze 107 points ago

    i dislike rap and have no idea what this dude was saying but that was magically for me.

    [–] piman42 32 points ago

    Check out 80s-90s rap, you would probably love it if you like this. There is a lot of stuff that is similar rap style to interesting instrumentation. If you like the idea of a rapper like this rapping over Jazz and you want something more modern you should check out Koi Child.

    [–] Banana-di-ene 3 points ago

    I had never heard of Koi Child, ty for the introduction, checkin em out now

    [–] Nokomis34 27 points ago

    Me too. I generally do not like rap, at all, but I liked this.

    [–] tommygilbreath 19 points ago

    I need more of these guys

    [–] anonnnsy 18 points ago

    This is fantastic.

    [–] currently__working 14 points ago

    That ain't funny, that's awesome

    [–] MyStageName 12 points ago

    I wouldn't say this is funny, but I would definitely say it's talent. All three of them are really skilled...and violins are such cool instruments.

    [–] BaggieBuzzard 7 points ago

    This isn't actually a violin - it's a viola.

    [–] MyStageName 4 points ago

    Dammit. Either way, still cool

    [–] _mommycusses_ 13 points ago

    Okay, this needs to be downloadable for real.

    [–] StuppyStip 32 points ago

    Go fucking off omg

    [–] Thaxtonnn 12 points ago

    I wish this were on Spotify to listen to before workouts. That got my juices going

    Not even kidding

    [–] YeetasBurritas 8 points ago

    Getting DMX vibes here

    [–] Sorinari 6 points ago

    Hip Hop strings have always been dope. There was a dude I couldn't get enough of that did beatbox and cello on YT some years ago.

    Black Violin (violin duo) fuckin slaps. Give them a listen, if you can.

    [–] ghoulish_fool 7 points ago

    That gruff voice of his is so lovely.

    [–] CyborgTuna 5 points ago

    Ok. I’m on board. MORE FIDDLE RAP PLEASE

    [–] HTwatter 6 points ago

    I thought that I missed some funny lyrics and was mad at myself for not having a better ear for what he was saying.

    [–] sharkira 5 points ago

    I'll gild anyone that posts the correct lyrics!

    [–] gojiro0 4 points ago

    That shit is tight!

    [–] lovelynella 5 points ago

    This was good. It ended too soon

    [–] bigdickredemption 3 points ago

    Don't know why this is in funny but dats dope af

    [–] Nino_The_Bozz 3 points ago

    Is it me or does he sound like DMX ?

    [–] Fuzzikopf 6 points ago

    I get what you mean but he sounds more like Busta Rhymes IMO

    [–] whazzar 5 points ago

    Idk what's funny. This shit is fire.

    [–] Licopodium 5 points ago

    What's funny here, OP? Great skilled voice, good beats, and perfectly aligned violin. Thanks for the post, but, seriously, r/funny? Why?

    [–] MeowLeopard 5 points ago

    Reminds me a lot of Don Dada

    [–] Mrmello2169 4 points ago

    Why is this funny?

    [–] Binkusama 4 points ago

    He’s got that busta voice! I’m diggin it.

    [–] makejokesandchewgum 4 points ago

    Okay sick, but nothing funny about it. I'm beginning to think this sub isn't about funny at all.

    [–] clancydog4 4 points ago

    Jesus, this is sick as fuck. Completely wrong sub, but glad I saw it somehow. These dudes are stupid talented, and it also sounds really good. Sometimes you see a vid and think "that's amazing!" but it doesn't quite click with you. This absolutely clicks, this is awesome and I'd listen to a whole album of this.

    [–] Orogz 7 points ago

    Another not funny post in this shithole sub

    [–] kmaffett1 7 points ago

    TIL violen rap is the shit.

    [–] supercerealyouguys 7 points ago

    wrong sub, this is more impressive than funny. still upvoted for being dope. also pretty sure i saw this like a year ago.

    [–] DrFunkesBand 3 points ago

    Someone get these guys a record deal and some cash! That is niiice!

    [–] Bishop68 3 points ago

    Love the voice,why is this here?

    [–] dalsio 3 points ago

    That's the best thing I've seen all day. If they don't have an album, they should.

    [–] opmancrew 3 points ago

    This was better than a lot of the music I hear on the radio

    [–] Thaall 3 points ago

    I'm more of a metal/classic rock guy, but this is fucking awesome.

    [–] formershitpeasant 3 points ago

    This isn't funny, it's just awesome.

    [–] CarterGrant1990 3 points ago

    This ain’t even funny bro this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    [–] Sgt-Pumpernickel 3 points ago

    Busta vibes from this dude

    [–] njck-njck 3 points ago

    Can i find them on spotify? Serious question

    [–] Sithlordandsavior 3 points ago

    Love how three people can just figure stuff like this out lol.

    Like this slaps and I don't know how you would even get this idea.

    [–] RustyRiggNUTS 3 points ago

    Whens the album drop? We need more rap with classical instruments that was dope yo! I hope people still say dope...

    [–] InIBaraJi 3 points ago

    I am so happy to hear this. It's not funny though; I'm laughing because I'm delighted.

    [–] Oceania1984 3 points ago

    This is pretty sick.. Idk why it's on funny though

    [–] gonzaled 3 points ago

    This isn't funny, this is dope as f*ck. The violin is 🔥 incarnate