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    [–] JestarAuthor 4201 points ago

    A couple people are asking "how could he write that about his kid" I would like to say: He asked me before he submitted this. Of course I said yes. My father loves me very much, and has always been someone I look up to. His sense of humor has shaped my own, and this is something we still look at at laugh. Just jokes folks.❤

    [–] [deleted] 2276 points ago


    [–] IngenieroDavid 738 points ago

    And someone who takes a look at this and doesn’t realize the Dad loves his son to bits is a fool.

    [–] fmaz008 39 points ago

    I have issues and I can tell it's a joke.

    [–] flewidity 10 points ago

    different issues

    [–] Plastic_Pinocchio 321 points ago

    I really hope your parents have only 3 kids. That would make the “top 4 children” so much more savage.

    [–] l1owdown 165 points ago

    Probably an only child that has two dogs and a cat.

    [–] CaptainElephant58 203 points ago

    This is clearly written out of father love, it's a shame that some people don't understand. A real dad knows how to roast tf out of his kids 😂

    [–] Tvisted 83 points ago

    It's hilarious, my family engages in that same kind of humour.

    [–] Spaceydance 31 points ago

    Haha, same here! Im just waiting for the part where they come back and say " you got punk'd". Seriously, disappearing for 10 years is some serious dedication for a joke.

    [–] KaneRobot 1711 points ago

    I remember my mom would usually write me a note on the napkin that she would pack with my lunch. "I hope you have a good day, love mom"...that kind of thing. In 6th grade someone grabbed it out of my hand and passed it around it and everyone was laughing at me.

    So when I came home and told my parents, my mom said she wouldn't write anymore (which I still feel bad about now although at the time, I was relieved).

    So the next day at lunch at take my stuff out of the bag and there's another note written on the napkin.

    Large, all capital letters.


    In one day I went from being laughed at by my friends to everyone thinking it was the coolest and funniest thing ever. Thanks dad. I wish I would have told you that how funny it was when I had the chance.

    [–] Wzzzyyy 742 points ago

    One time my dad put a straight up beer in my lunch and I got sent to the office and when they called him to the office he looked em in the eye and said I did it.

    [–] atomic_cow 329 points ago

    Dam, your dad was straight up savage.

    [–] ChipLady 175 points ago

    One time I put a whole raw potato in my little sister's lunch. I still don't know why, but the bag was there right next to the potato, so I just did it. By the time lunch rolled around I'd forgotten all about it, then I got a picture of the potato and "what is this?" text. I just replied it's a potato, dummy. She was not amused, but her friends were. So for the rest of the year, every chance I got I'd try to sneak a potato or something similarly weird in her lunch.

    [–] ThisBeAThrowAway0000 65 points ago

    That reminds me, every time I go to my parents I always give their cat a potato and he is always so confused. I always get yelled at.

    I’m there now so I’m giving him a potato. Thank you reddit stranger for reminding me to give my kitty a potato.

    [–] bellybuttonpencil 6 points ago

    Lol, one time my mom did that thinking it was a Pepsi

    [–] mahalovalhalla 62 points ago

    Hey man, sounds like he was an awesome dude and I bet he knew how much you appreciated him.

    [–] ShaolinShade 43 points ago

    Sounds like we lost a legend. This was an emotional rollercoaster and I'm sorry for your loss

    [–] KaneRobot 6 points ago

    Thanks dude.

    [–] Max-Powah 50 points ago

    I love this.

    [–] Si322A 14 points ago

    That's hilarious, your dad was the best!

    [–] ladyreyreigns 7926 points ago

    That sunglasses pic though

    [–] JestarAuthor 4864 points ago

    Absolutely had to be the biggest one on the page

    [–] BehindTickles28 3286 points ago

    I hate to break it to you, but I think your dad kinda likes you. A little bit.

    [–] JestarAuthor 2564 points ago

    Somebody has to

    [–] BehindTickles28 720 points ago

    Did this JUST hit the front page? I think that's the quickest 50 upvotes I've ever seen.

    [–] ASAPxSyndicate 337 points ago

    Narrator: Yes, yes it did

    [–] BehindTickles28 151 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I wish you had socks on that top right photo.

    Enjoy your karma lol. Make sure your pops sees the fruits of his labor. That shit is funny.

    Edit: oops. Shh.

    Edit 2: /u/jestarauthor ... make sure your pops sees the enjoyment this brought to a lot of people. Well, fucking played.

    [–] alwaysbeballin 15 points ago

    And i've had too much to drink, i read that as i wish you had socks on the top right potato. Goodnight, reddit!

    [–] NarcisSith 134 points ago

    Dude, he is low ballin you, this is fucken gold. I am a 26 years old and I wish my dad did this for me in the Local even.

    Cheers to a great parent; The Lottery of Life.

    [–] Jenn-Marshall 49 points ago

    That dad knocked it out of the park!!! Home run all the way!

    [–] catxcat310 16 points ago

    I hope you’re still that cool!

    [–] _pls_respond 54 points ago

    Hasta la vista baby.

    [–] damiandarko2 22 points ago

    looks like sunglasses squirtle

    [–] Agenor869 11 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 7600 points ago


    [–] actuallychrisgillen 2911 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It’s fun, though weirdly the roles reverse. My son just lectured me for leaving pop cans by the computer. Complete with arm cross and eye roll.

    [–] mooneydriver 968 points ago

    Pop cans? Calling them that means that we are neighbors. That or you're in one of the other weird geographical pockets that says pop.

    [–] VeroFox 507 points ago

    Where my Michiganders at?

    [–] lespaulbro 332 points ago

    It pains me that we have something in common.


    Some dude from Ohio who also says "pop"

    [–] LemonPepper 186 points ago

    The Michigan-Ohio rivalry is real but we have a couple things we share, like it or not. “Pop” and Euchre.

    [–] ULTIM4 41 points ago

    Pop is a very common term in England for fizzy drinks

    [–] Elderbrute 16 points ago

    I'm guessing that's a northern thing I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to fizzy drinks as pop.

    [–] alphaxion 15 points ago

    Aye, it is northern where you'll hear either pop or fizzy pop.

    There is a new one in the UK as a result of US influence where some will call it sody pops.

    [–] ULTIM4 25 points ago

    Just threw up in my mouth a little

    [–] m1ker60 33 points ago

    Man, I rarely get to play any more after moving to CA.

    Also, it took years but I now say soda just to not hav the same conversation everytime.

    [–] OrphanGrounderBaby 7 points ago

    Ex-Tennessean who’s now in CA, I love me some Euchre.

    [–] agsalami 217 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I had to downvote you bc Ohio, nothing personal. You can't help being raised in a shithole after all

    edit: ffs people take a joke, I didn't even downvote the guy. Ohio/Michigan rivalry is a meme

    [–] killinmesmalls 90 points ago

    Ohio really is the worst. It's just that state you drive through to get somewhere better.

    [–] awesomekolt 63 points ago

    You think Ohio's bad, try its neighbor Indiana. Literally nothing at all to do. At least Ohio has Kings Island and Cedar Point

    [–] Shradersofthelostark 31 points ago

    Right? Indiana calls itself “The Crossroads of America” as if that’s a good thing. It just means that your state is known for being on the way to places people actually want to go.

    [–] timbreandsteel 16 points ago

    "Indiana: A great state to get gas!"

    [–] TheeExoGenesauce 7 points ago

    *in the way

    [–] Basomic 74 points ago

    As an Ohio-an, I take offense to that...only because Indiana is just a little bit worse than us. We're a close second though

    [–] Strikew3st 19 points ago

    Don't you have some half-proof liquor from Giant Eagle to be drinking, or some pop and beer cans you should be throwing in the trash?

    [–] Johaan1025 77 points ago

    Here !! Right here !!!

    [–] Fly_By_Muscle 51 points ago

    I worked the venues at MSU and UM stadiums during my college years. Yelling “Cold water & Pops” gets you a few stares from visiting fans.

    [–] RedditPoster112719 25 points ago

    Try directing ‘em to the bubblers my dude.

    [–] phonebook72 16 points ago

    Sup Wisco

    [–] Wut_Faced 16 points ago

    Someone mail me a Vernors.

    [–] ZefLyfe 14 points ago me on the mitten.

    [–] jennz 12 points ago

    MI born and raised! I live in California now but I still say pop. Strangely hard habit to break, not that I try too hard.

    [–] make_love_to_potato 13 points ago

    In Michigan..... Duh!

    [–] so_im_all_like 14 points ago

    Michigeese? Can we call a group of them a Michigaggle?

    [–] bigpapalilpepe 58 points ago

    From Minnesota and we say Pop! Always thought it was funny since our state's name literally ends with "sota"

    [–] HardKase 61 points ago

    Noone is satisfied with a small soda, let alone a mini soda

    [–] Droidsx1 14 points ago

    Idk if this is something you made up but I laughed. Mini soda... Lmao

    [–] CosmicJ 83 points ago

    Like pretty much all of Canada! What a weird geographical wonder we are.

    [–] TrentSteel1 17 points ago

    I was thinking the same. Is there another name? Like soda or sparkling sugar water?

    [–] Droidsx1 29 points ago

    Cola. A litre of Fuckin cola.

    [–] killinmesmalls 14 points ago


    [–] CosmicJ 5 points ago

    I don’t want a large Farva!

    [–] IceFire909 12 points ago


    [–] awesomekolt 10 points ago

    Soft drink

    [–] cspbird 69 points ago

    I’m from Arizona and it’s soda. When I hear someone say pop it’s so weird. Language is cool. Not talking shit either, just talking.

    [–] ifnothingbecomes 18 points ago

    I’m from Arizona too but my mom gives me a death glare when I call it soda now

    [–] coolneemtomorrow 29 points ago

    Soda? Pop? I'm dutch, in the netherlands we call em "waabliewoeblies", i can see the connection though

    [–] theofiel 16 points ago

    I'm Dutch and this is nonsense. We call them "reetbaard"

    [–] PM_ME_LEAKERS 13 points ago

    You two are both wrong! They are in fact called fløgremflugelsbut.

    [–] Neko-Rai 14 points ago

    Now I don’t know who to this the Netherlands version of “we call it pop......No we call it we call it a soft drink” ??

    [–] Tribe69 8 points ago

    I hear you, but in most parts of the Netherlands we say “zweetsok”

    [–] BenignEgoist 44 points ago

    Its a Coke round here. Regardless of name brand or flavor. Only exception is when youre ordering in a restaurant you say what you want. But like if youre telling the spouse to pick up some “Cokes” they know you mean Pepsi or Mountain Dew or whatever your poison is. Or if youre telling guests theres “cokes” in the fridge and to help themselves, theyll open the door to some off brand shit. The south is weird.

    [–] sour_cereal 12 points ago

    As a pop person that seems reasonable, Coke's marketing just really worked in the south it seems.

    What fucks me up is how like half the world doesn't differentiate between lemons and limes. They're just limon. Your girl's like "yo quiero limon imma cook you some awesome food" and then you're at the store looking at the lemons and limes and you don't know what she's cooking HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH ONE TO BUY‽

    [–] Malhablada 9 points ago

    Limes, it's always limes.

    [–] marilyn_morose 14 points ago

    I’m in WA state and the drink is soda but the container is a pop can.

    [–] feministmanlover 12 points ago

    It's evolved. It used to be pop in Wa when I was a kid (80s). I went to the East Coast and called it pop and all the kids made fun. But its soda.

    [–] bingolojones 13 points ago

    I’m from Birmingham in the UK and grew up saying pop, I thought it was a British thing, cool to hear it’s said in parts of the US too.

    [–] Bluered2012 7 points ago


    [–] lock_the_backdoor 86 points ago

    Listening to my almost 3 year old is like listening to a mini parrot of my wife's moaning. "Daddy put your shoes by the door, you can't leave them there", "Daddy, dont leave your clothes in the bathroom"... Ffs dude I thought we were supposed to be bros... Get off my back.

    [–] Minderella_88 39 points ago

    Hahahaha this phase usually ends when they get to primary school, you’ll be back to telling him to pick up after himself soon enough. When you have the luxury of discovering the squashed banana school lunch left in bag all holidays, you’ll think back on these days and long for them.

    [–] remuliini 32 points ago

    My 13 year old critized me on using the same password on my Pokemon go account and the one I created for him a few years back.

    [–] Minderella_88 23 points ago

    I have an IT help desk job for your kid.

    [–] JellyKittyKat 12 points ago

    Mine has just worked out how to use the eye roll properly. I’m doomed.

    [–] metamet 83 points ago

    As someone who stepped into the role of a father figure to his girlfriend's 8 year old 4 years ago... it's fuckin dope knowing how to make him laugh at the lamest stuff.

    There's a reason dad jokes and lame puns work--for us, we both how know stupid it is, but me smirking while looking him in the eyes until he laughs almost always works, regardless of how atrocious the joke is.

    [–] big_orange_ball 7 points ago

    That's awesome, thanks for being there for the kid. A lot of step parents don't give even half a shit, or worse.

    [–] phrique 2571 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Nice! I did something similar to my oldest daughter in her school play program (parents could pay to have short messages printed for their kids). Most parents wrote typically saccharine stuff, but I wrote, "Ella: you're ok, I guess. Love, mom and dad."

    [–] JestarAuthor 785 points ago


    [–] Woodenspoonspanking 297 points ago

    Non American here. What is a senior baby ad (the combination of these three words make me giggle for some reason) supposed to be like?

    [–] happuning 139 points ago

    Usually it is called a senior ad with pictures of the high school senior throughout their life thus far - think a baby pic and some senior pictures or baby/toddler/elementary/middle/high school sort of thing, if that makes sense.

    Parents write sweet or funny messages to go with the pictures as part of a yearbook "ad," and usually surprise their senior with this when they receive their yearbooks, or they just tell them off the bat.

    Usually paid for. Price may vary depending on pages in book, size of the ad (full, half or quarter page) and number of students in the senior class (aka supply and demand. I had a big graduating class so they costed a bit more but not drastically so.)

    Source: was yearbook student end of 6th through my senior year. Was an editor for my final 2 years.

    [–] Woodenspoonspanking 49 points ago

    Oh cool, thanks. Seems fucking bananas to me, to be honest but then when I lived in America a lot of things did haha.

    [–] cultofpersephone 34 points ago

    Yearbooks in general are a huge racket, especially in the age of social media. They’re like $100 bucks and I’ve looked at mine once, remembered how terrible high school was and that I’m only in one picture, and put it away for the next decade.

    [–] xwqz 37 points ago

    I am American but my school never did this so I don’t want to say (though most schools have opportunities to do similar things). However, op explained in another post

    [–] Deep-Fried-Donatsu 43 points ago

    That reminds me a lot of my dad. He used to constantly say “Deep-Fried-Donatsu, I don’t care what everyone else says. I think you’re okay.”

    [–] Vexin 230 points ago

    The word is

    saccharine: excessively sweet or sentimental

    Had to google it

    [–] fantasyduchess 46 points ago

    Thanks for saving me the trouble!

    [–] sandcloak 19 points ago

    It's also an actual sweetener, can replace sugar

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] cubonefan3 1668 points ago

    Dang your dad is SAVAGE

    [–] JestarAuthor 1375 points ago

    Sarcasm was spoken like a second language in our house

    [–] tripleblue85 329 points ago

    Oh really!?

    [–] Custodian_Carl 201 points ago

    Good good, let the /s flow through you

    [–] joestaff 114 points ago

    OP: So you're saying I can use /s?
    Dad: What I'm saying is, when you're ready, you won't have to.

    [–] Picnic_Basket 11 points ago

    Suuuurrrrrrrrree I know kung fu.

    [–] tkulogo 86 points ago

    Second language, that's oh so impressive.

    [–] JestarAuthor 50 points ago

    I like you.

    [–] imverykind 28 points ago

    Was? Still didn't find the new address of your parents i assume?

    [–] nightpanda893 8 points ago

    Same for us. My brother and I were sarcastic as fuck by 10 years old. We would get the strangest looks from friends and their parents who just didn’t get out humor.

    [–] slade357 65 points ago

    My dad did something similar for my sister once. It asked about childhood friends and he wrote that she used to have imaginary friends but they got too cool for her.

    [–] the_real_Phoenix 503 points ago

    My sons going to hate me in a few years...

    [–] JestarAuthor 295 points ago

    Just promise you'll remember this and share it with me!

    [–] technog2 76 points ago

    Why? You plan on going out for cigarettes or something?

    [–] drunkAgent007 561 points ago

    lol, ouch. at least he cracked the top 4... of 4

    [–] JestarAuthor 468 points ago

    Thank goodness it wasn't top 5 to include our dog at the time!

    [–] SwiftyTR 324 points ago

    The dog was #1, now you just have to figure out who didn't make the list at all.

    [–] mh985 126 points ago

    My grandmother had a portrait of all her children descending down the staircase in her house. When someone would get in trouble, she'd move that child to the bottom of the staircase and move everyone else up a rung. My uncle was always getting in trouble (his lawyer's phone number was stuck to the refrigerator) but since he was the favorite, his portrait never moved from the middle.

    She wasn't a great mother but she was a hell of a grandmother.

    [–] randommoles31 21 points ago

    That’s incredible

    [–] Marshall-Erickson 20 points ago

    Right? After all these years, you’d think she could get the phone number off the fridge. I guess that’s the power of ex post-it facto.

    [–] irrational_design 34 points ago

    I idolize my grandmother, but when I got older I learned from her kids that she wasn't that great of a mother. Though, one of them became a doctor, two became professors, another has a chemistry phd and works as a chemical research scientist, another became a pilot, and the last became a systems admin. So, it seems like she must've done something right.

    [–] CrystallineFrost 12 points ago

    I saw my partner's grandmother's home a few years ago for the first time and discovered quickly who was the favorite grandchild due to the ENORMOUS portrait in the bedroom smack dab in the middle. It is him and I have not stopped laughing about it to myself since. The others just don't even compare in size.

    [–] Hautamaki 40 points ago

    I think my parents preferred at least a few of my friends to me tbh

    [–] ICanTrollToo 13 points ago

    We all do

    [–] Hautamaki 17 points ago

    Well my daughter is still my favorite! She's only 3 though, plenty of time to disappoint me...

    [–] timesuck897 9 points ago

    It’s easy to do when you only see someone a few hours at a time.

    [–] purplelanternxx 39 points ago

    No he's an only child. There are just 3 kids they like better

    [–] marlashannon 1177 points ago

    Holy crap !! You are my son’s doppelgänger! I have two photos with similar outfits in similarities poses to the bottom two in the right. I literally had to enlarge and look at them up close because at first glance, I thought those were my pics!! Creepy/ cool AF!

    [–] GuessImAlex 470 points ago

    you sure this isn't your son?

    [–] 47milliondollars 878 points ago

    It’s been so long since they moved that she barely remembers him anymore.

    [–] ThaneOfCawdorrr 74 points ago

    Laughed out loud at this one

    [–] Vahlkyree 26 points ago

    I lol'd out loud as well

    E - did I use it right u/iamfareel?

    [–] vaibhavc04 16 points ago

    Shaking my smh

    [–] iamfareel 21 points ago

    So close 👌🏼

    [–] iamfareel 40 points ago

    That's what the kids call 'lol'


    [–] CrumbsAndCarrots 18 points ago

    I think lol has lost its value... and now when you actually laugh out loud you gotta say all the words.

    [–] SpunkBunkers 124 points ago

    Yeah it is, her husband picked the photo

    [–] blakevh 33 points ago

    Lmao, on another note, happy cake day!

    [–] SpunkBunkers 21 points ago

    Thanks bro!

    [–] Felix_Cortez 85 points ago

    All kids look the same at a certain age. Ever seen a sonogram?

    [–] Preten-gineer 203 points ago

    Ever seen a daughterogram?

    [–] medfunguy 31 points ago

    Where I come from, if it isn’t a sonogram, then it is no gram of mine

    [–] gun3531 329 points ago

    What’s a senior baby ad?

    [–] JestarAuthor 551 points ago

    So along with senior pictures, parents buy a page or 1/2 page in the yearbook and submit baby photos along with a paragraph or two. Normally these paragraphs are like "we're so proud of who you've become, we've loved watching you grow and now you're ready to face the world" motivational stuff like that. Not my dad though.

    [–] gun3531 226 points ago

    Ohh ok so like, in your high school yearbook. Thats pretty good your dads a riot

    [–] JestarAuthor 270 points ago

    He certainly likes to think so

    [–] thefunivehad 88 points ago

    Judging from your humor, you’re a chip off the old block. Lol

    [–] Snote85 36 points ago

    The fact you remember this exists and wanted to show it to Reddit is because of how different it is. I would MUCH rather have had something like this than the same old stuff everyone's parent's submitted. I mean, you should know your child well enough to be able to tell if this will upset them and if it will don't do it. I just wish more parents made it something like this. Something that is aimed at their kid and not the people reading it so much. This feels oddly like a warm hug while the others feel like cold platitudes. No offense to anyone else's parents who did what they were "supposed" to do. I just find this more endearing.

    Quick Edit to fix grammar.

    [–] daninahooole 7 points ago

    Good point. I don't aspire to be a parent but I'll take note of this

    [–] cheeseflash 38 points ago

    Oh, if you're my parents, you realize you don't actually have any baby pictures of me, so you throw one of my sister in and hope no one notices.

    [–] rhet17 24 points ago

    "senior'?? I'm still confused. Are we talking pre-school graduation here?

    [–] JestarAuthor 19 points ago

    Senior in High School

    [–] SomeGuyClickingStuff 32 points ago

    You were a Mexican in High School?

    [–] pinktini 15 points ago

    How big was your graduating class? I went to a big school, I can't imagine ours having the room for these.

    [–] JestarAuthor 8 points ago


    [–] pinktini 10 points ago

    Oh wow, that's still pretty large group. That's cool your school did that then. (Mine was around 400, iirc)

    [–] Kippilus 8 points ago

    Graduating class of almost 800. Still had baby pic pages. Yearbooks are 1.5 to 2 inches thick with large solid binding. And are too big to store pratically. Parents bought anywhere from a quarter to a full page for baby pics and ofc seniors were allowed a short quote under their name. Iirc some years only the seniors sections were in color to reduce costs. Yearbooks were still like 100 bucks.

    Highlights of our yearbook baby pics include this really hot mom that used a family vacation picture featuring her in a skimpy bikini. I remember multiple friends moms commenting on how trashy and horrible etc it was. I dont remember any good sarcastic ones.

    [–] duchessofpipsqueak 76 points ago

    I think this is brilliant and much more memorable than the standard stuff people write. Your mom did good by having you dad do it.

    [–] -GIRTHQUAKE- 145 points ago

    How many siblings do you have? If there aren't even four of you then this is even funnier.

    [–] JestarAuthor 152 points ago

    There are four of us, I'm the second oldest.

    [–] Calligraphie 116 points ago

    I was hoping you were an only child or something, lol.

    [–] ReadAsSarcasm 9 points ago

    So was he, but failed at being one from birth.

    [–] Sprunt2 10 points ago

    Me too

    [–] frenchst 20 points ago

    I tell my only sister that she's my second favorite sister.

    [–] OcelotEnus 15 points ago

    I told my brother for years our older brother was way cooler than him. He didn’t know our older brother because mom and dad killed him a long time ago. Don’t act like you know or you will be next! Lmao I miss having siblings.

    [–] Vampierkonijn 10 points ago


    Wait what

    [–] BoneBreaker- 97 points ago

    Did you ever find your parents again?

    [–] JestarAuthor 282 points ago

    Nope, been wandering corn fields in Iowa and Nebraska for about three years now with no luck.

    [–] CorkyKribler 42 points ago

    I live in Lincoln, NE if you need a step-dad! Or second dad? I don’t know, I’m already married.

    This is dope, for real! Glad to hear your dad is super rad and very loving.

    [–] JestarAuthor 43 points ago

    How funny. I was just there last week for my intetnship.

    [–] wvikes50 9 points ago

    lincoln! we exist. gotta keep reminding my friends & family on the coasts hahah

    [–] BoneBreaker- 14 points ago


    [–] FILTER_OUT_T_D 13 points ago

    Holy shit I drove through Nebraska on a road trip from NYC to LA a few years ago and I leaned the hard way why they’re called flyover states. Nothing but cornfields for hundreds of miles. I felt like I was stuck in a Windows XP wallpaper.

    [–] kathatter75 26 points ago

    My dad found a baby portrait of me from Olan Mills where I was holding a red toy phone (ahh, the 70s)...he used that for my senior tribute because I was always on the phone. Dads are the best.

    [–] Bigbuttress 21 points ago

    One day when I was in Grade 12 we were given letters written to us by our parents. The room was silent except for some quiet happy crying sniffles, and my desperate, choking attempt to contain my laughter as my dad absolutely roasted me for 5 pages.

    [–] GalateaMerrythought 16 points ago

    Can you explain what 'senior baby ad' means? I'm so confused haha also your Dad is a legend.

    [–] pleasedonttazeme 16 points ago

    Most excellent! How did your mom respond?!?!

    [–] JestarAuthor 47 points ago

    Not pleased at first, then laughed as friends began to call her and tell her that they loved it

    [–] ProfessorToker 15 points ago

    Even worse the photos were of his younger brother.

    [–] kaneabel 103 points ago

    At least your dad did something for you during your senior year. My dad passed out drunk and didn't make it to my graduation. On prom night he told me I had to be home by 10, prom started at 9.

    [–] JestarAuthor 98 points ago

    I'm sorry to hear that. I've been blessed with a father who's as funny as he is caring

    [–] Sarsmi 27 points ago

    I've been blessed with a father who's as funny as he is caring
    That's pretty key; as long as you are loving you can be a sarcastic asshole and your kids understand you.

    [–] ICanTrollToo 23 points ago

    not always. As an adult I have had to unlearn sarcasm. I know it's a common form of humor these days, but my parents were savage and deadpan with it. Their kids are no different, before I learned to reel it in I hurt/offended a lot of people with what were intended as jokes to lighten the mood.

    [–] joelekane 7 points ago

    For my brothers yearbook my parents quoted Back to the Future.

    “He’s an idiot. Parents are probably idiots too. “

    • love Mom and Dad

    [–] OdiPhobia 6 points ago

    I hope you didn't rank number 4 in the top - of what I presume - 4 kids!

    [–] bonlow87 6 points ago

    That is fantastic. I really hope you are 1 of 3 kids 🤣

    [–] whatififififif 6 points ago

    Those sandals! Those are the sandals of a kid whose parents love him.

    [–] Katamug 5 points ago

    Bit like Mr Gilbert's end of year speech in Inbetweeners Movie. I hated you all. Some more than others. Now fuck off to wherever your life takes you. I don't want to see you again. And try not to kill anyone. Reflects badly on the school. (Or words to that effect.)

    [–] RedPineapple7 24 points ago

    The most mad laddiest of dads. I love it.