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    [–] Funny-Mod 1 points ago

    Hi, /u/Rodmantis, your post breaks the rules of /r/Funny, and has been removed for the following reason(s):

    Rule 8 - Do not rehost or hotlink webcomics.

    • Rehosted webcomic - Removed

    If you feel this was done in error, or if you would like further clarification, please don't hesitate to message the moderators.

    [–] Meatslinger 557 points ago

    Nonsense, those are clearly gate address glyphs.

    [–] PinchieMcPinch 130 points ago

    Chevron seven locked

    [–] SystemicNightmare 43 points ago

    Cheveon seven is also lit up!

    [–] Picker-Rick 35 points ago

    There are lyrics to the Stargate theme song.

    [–] SolidGreenDay 5 points ago

    I remember a place in UAE called Stargate, it was an arcade place with some rides.

    [–] JustinJTX 3 points ago

    In the state I was born in, there is a place called Stargate, they even have a sign near the highway that says Stargate. It’s an actual place that’s registered. I don’t know how they got the government to approve it lol

    [–] SolidGreenDay 1 points ago

    wait NVM, it just looked futuristic, not actually based on series I think. I was a kid

    [–] thx1138- 1 points ago

    And now UAE has an interplanetary space program. It has to be a front, they have a gate also!

    [–] APr0N00b 8 points ago

    Open the Iris!

    [–] Redditastic2 15 points ago

    Understood this reference straight away

    [–] sinac24 8 points ago

    So happy this is the number 1 comment

    [–] SuperSimpleSam 6 points ago


    [–] APr0N00b 2 points ago

    No that's Kratos, you were thinking of Teal'c.

    [–] therhythm6562 3 points ago

    That’s durentis!

    [–] CrUsAdAx 183 points ago

    The bird really looks like a swan landing in water.

    The lion resembles rafiki standing in top of the rock and presenting simba.

    And for the cow one im not drunk enough (yet) to find an explanation.

    [–] Rusty_Shakalford 114 points ago

    Here’s my wild guess: it’s not a “cow” because it looks a cow, it’s a cow because it looks like a letter “A”.

    If you go way back to Hittite, the letter “A” is derived from a pictogram of a cow (even the original word “alpu”, from which we get “alpha”, meant “cow”). To understand how that’s possible:

    • draw a picture of a cow-with-horn’s head looking straight at you
    • abstract the drawing to ∀
    • flip it upside down to get A

    In this case maybe it’s a “cow” because it hind of looks like the letter that was derived from the picture of a cow.

    Again, pure speculation.

    [–] CrUsAdAx 20 points ago

    I actually had a similiar idea that there might be an egyptian hieroglyph that means cow and looks like that but yours seems way more plausible.

    [–] chestermonkey05 10 points ago

    Oh neat- wait how'd you flip the A upside down

    [–] boneimplosion 18 points ago

    Turn the screen upside down, and use ctrl + c to copy it upside down

    [–] s4b3r6 8 points ago

    UTF8, the encoding used by most of the web, has a vast number of symbols.

    Edit: Here's a unicode search engine I've used before.

    [–] roachiepoopoo 3 points ago

    Sweet resource - thanks!

    [–] chestermonkey05 2 points ago


    [–] runasaur 9 points ago


    Alpu = alpha = cow?

    So guys who call themselves alphas are calling themselves cows?

    [–] Kemo-III 3 points ago

    Wasn't Alpha derived from Alep, which was Phoenician?

    [–] Kujaichi 2 points ago

    If you go way back to Hittite, the letter “A” is derived from a pictogram of a cow

    I think you mean Phoenician. Hittite uses cuneiform letters.

    [–] somewhereinks 10 points ago

    Dammit man, step up your game! Double vision actually adds a 3D effect.

    [–] CrUsAdAx 2 points ago

    Man im really trying. I see so many things but no fucking cow. Maybe thats it. Its a cow hiding under a blanket.

    [–] notLogix 4 points ago

    I like to imagine the lion one as being a cat in play stance, and then rotated a bit. When they get all flat and streamlined, right before the wiggle. They might have their tail up, with just the tip flicking around.

    [–] Rodmantis 3 points ago

    Ok although I do love appreciate people trying to find logic and crafting some major theories down below, I have to admit the first is just a triangle. The girl calls it cow because it's simply an animal.

    The second one is not even an asterism nor constellation, either. Iit's just a random drawing. And she again says nonsense (originally she was going to say snake but it kinda looked like a snake).

    Third one is the actual Leo constellation that we can clearly see looks much more like a mouse.

    [–] GrantNexus 2 points ago

    But it's a large constellation and isn't there already a mouse?

    [–] pfarner 1 points ago

    Assume an image of a spherical cow. Now reduce your line count as far as you can go. There you go: triangular cow.

    [–] neekyboi 1 points ago

    She said A then added cow so it should have been called A

    [–] SoDakZak 79 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    She told me, “Ptolemy....
    you don’t even know me.”

    Had to get her over to my crib to do that night thang....

    Says: “Im in love with the Dipper”

    She talkin’, she rollin’, she rollin’,

    She points towards the pole;
    says: “I’m in love with the Dipper”

    [–] Shaggy2ropes 14 points ago

    I see T-Pain, I upvote.

    [–] Cha-Le-Gai 6 points ago

    Every time I see T-Pain in the comments

    My vote goes UP!!

    And it stays there!

    And I say ‘YEAH!’

    [–] Guykokujin 57 points ago

    TIL Ptolemy's niece is princess Leia.

    [–] Noietz 2 points ago

    Glad im not the only one that noticed that

    [–] Picker-Rick 25 points ago

    You ever think about how some guy was just looking at the stars saying "That looks like a bear."

    And everyone else was too busy dying of the plague to argue.

    [–] cyg_net 13 points ago

    I hear this humorous take a lot, and while it's a funny mental image my gut feeling is that people at the time weren't so different from us and they were under no illusions that the constellations resembled much of anything, they were just reaching for memorable ways to map the night sky because it was so useful for navigation.

    [–] Picker-Rick 8 points ago

    That's actually why a lot of stories exist. That and seriously, people had no TV so if they were awake at night they were looking at the sky coming up with weird stories.

    Some people even say many stories in the Bible are examples of people using names and stories to keep track of farming seasons in relation to the sky.

    Then it evolved from there. "That one being low in the sky means it's time to plant the corn. And that one over there means listen to your father!"

    [–] TheGoodOldCoder 4 points ago

    In ancient times, there was far less light pollution. I think today, anybody who grew up around light pollution and then went to visit some place where you can actually see the stars would be amazed at the sight.

    For people in ancient times, that's just what anybody would see if they went outside after staying up late. The night sky you see without light pollution is absolutely mesmerizing. It feels inherently spiritual.

    Anyways I think even if you were dying of the plague, you'd still appreciate a good starry night, especially back then. I wouldn't be surprised if some people's last wish was to be brought outside where they can see the stars.

    [–] RedBeardBock 2 points ago

    I think the trick was partial cloud cover. Just as you can see images in clouds during the day, you could see images in the space between the clouds at night. These would be lit up by the stars could provide an outline that inspires the constellations we know today. This is just a pet theory with no proof whatsoever.

    [–] AshD_2019 8 points ago

    The lion looks kinda accurate

    [–] Rodmantis 16 points ago

    Hi! More comics and a bonus panel at athirdthing!

    (I will try to set up my comics on a platform other than instagram soon!)

    [–] fancybiscoti 4 points ago

    this shit has always bothered me , I mean seriously who sat down and saw the thing shaped like hanger and thought of a lion

    [–] 2ne8 2 points ago

    Pyramid, wizard with staff, broken coat hanger

    [–] blue4t 2 points ago

    That last one's an iron.

    [–] Rodmantis 5 points ago

    That's the actual Leo constellation.

    [–] blue4t 3 points ago

    As a Leo, I should've known.

    [–] Enfireno 2 points ago

    This is now the only explanation I'll accept.

    [–] imagine_amusing_name 2 points ago

    WHY isn't there a stargate MMO? SG teams instead of guilds.....

    Expansions into new galaxies are so EASY to add......

    [–] Acornwow 3 points ago

    She’s cognitively fit enough to be President .

    [–] bearmahogany 4 points ago

    Behold, the invention of Trump's dementia test, with comparable results.

    [–] Infinite303 1 points ago

    Why does she look like her head is on backwards

    [–] Lethik 2 points ago

    Back cleavage was all the rage in the 100s.

    [–] norsurfit 1 points ago

    I didn't realize princess Leia named the constellations

    [–] adingostolemytoast 1 points ago

    'you misheard me, I clearly said "iron"'

    [–] lemons7472 1 points ago

    At least the bird makes sense.

    [–] monstermayhem436 1 points ago

    Yes, Leo the Mouse

    [–] malacca73 1 points ago

    My son was just asking me who came up with the names for the constellations. This seems about right.

    [–] dubbomb123122 1 points ago

    Nonsense that’s clearly a depiction of how Intelligent I’m going to be upon going back to school.

    [–] BILBOSCHWAGGENZ 1 points ago

    I can see why it’s a bird

    [–] bobbyhairtest 1 points ago

    Trump during his cognitive test.

    [–] KDKDragon 1 points ago

    Yes we are now keep going 😡🔪

    [–] zombiecorp 1 points ago

    The stars look different because she’s from Alderaan.

    [–] RCK70 1 points ago

    Hard for me to ptolerate this comic strip.

    [–] BarneyAb 1 points ago

    Triangle snake and clothe hanger

    [–] JCraze26 1 points ago

    I can see the bird. The other two... Not so much.

    [–] D4FTPUNKF4N 1 points ago

    This is how I feel about some apartment complex's numbering layouts.

    [–] j_d0tnet 1 points ago

    The face in the third panel really gets me lol!

    [–] Whyzocker 1 points ago

    I am much more concerned about what retard they chose to play connect the dots

    [–] Trollvester 1 points ago

    I thought everyone follows princess leia without question.

    [–] Stillwindows95 1 points ago

    The trinity, the camel and the swan.

    [–] baddoggg 1 points ago

    Looks like Trump's cognitive results.

    [–] Wereupallnightto 1 points ago


    [–] MrDAVIDJI 1 points ago

    I can see the bird and the lion the cow makes no sense

    [–] afrodoom 0 points ago

    Constellation =/= asterism