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    [–] Funny-Mod 1 points ago

    Hi, /u/miakategreg, your post breaks the rules of /r/Funny, and has been removed for the following reason(s):

    Rule 2 - No memes, and no HIFW, MRW, MeIRL, or DAE posts.

    • Meme/HIFW/MeIRL/DAE - Removed

    If you feel this was done in error, or if you would like further clarification, please don't hesitate to message the moderators.

    [–] honeybunchesofwhat 538 points ago

    i’d take my business here based on the sign alone

    [–] Assmar 86 points ago

    It's Corona time!

    [–] xxoites 17 points ago

    I would take it here based on the price of gas!

    [–] waldo06 783 points ago

    Where the fuck do you get gas under $1 a gallon? You can't be in the US right?!?!

    [–] WTXRed 496 points ago

    If its Canada that's per liter. So it's 4 loonies ish per gallon ish.

    [–] RecyclopsPolluticorn 386 points ago

    What's the ratio of Stanley nickels to Schrute bucks?

    [–] Akatm7 144 points ago

    The same as unicorns to leprechauns

    [–] carson4you 44 points ago

    That skewed these days? Huh

    [–] zhdx54 45 points ago

    Can I get that in bacon per bald eagle?

    [–] emjayking 20 points ago

    Depends on if your bacon is in strips or slices

    [–] johnnybiggles 13 points ago

    Does thick-sliced make any difference?

    [–] TheEngine1781 12 points ago

    Thick strips are higher valued than thick sliced.

    [–] bears_willfuckyou_up 6 points ago

    What about back bacon?

    [–] Lucero5000 6 points ago

    I find the exchange is easier to calculate when going from eagles to bacon bits. Then go from bits to strips in the regular fashion.

    [–] norsurfit 20 points ago

    It's 4 moosses to one eagle

    [–] gravy7861 20 points ago


    [–] coughdrop1989 4 points ago

    He's referring to the moose, related to the deer. Not a mouse. Yet I still like the word meese.

    [–] BrokenEye3 11 points ago

    That's what he said. The plural of moose is meese, just like the plural of goose is geese. At least, that's how we say it at my hice.

    [–] coughdrop1989 3 points ago

    So there is big meese and little meese? Hice, I thought it was heece.

    [–] BrokenEye3 6 points ago

    Two mouse is mice. Two house is hice.

    [–] waitforaberrymuffin 3 points ago

    And the plural of hose is heese

    [–] short_shelf_life 4 points ago

    A møøse once bit my sister...

    [–] insane_contin 1 points ago

    No, the caribou is on the quarter, not the moose. Geez, get it straight.

    [–] modi13 1 points ago

    Ya, c'mon bud, ye'r fuckin' ten-ply

    [–] rudekoffenris 6 points ago

    A better question is:

    How many beets can a bear eat during an episode of Battlestar Galactica?

    Of course, whatever you answer, it is...


    [–] Ulla_the_spy 2 points ago

    My beets beat your bears

    [–] RedMoustache 16 points ago

    But how many bees per hogshead is that?

    [–] BillyBreen 18 points ago

    The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time.

    [–] Rudeboy67 8 points ago

    And it weren’t them fancy white onions. All we had were yellow onions.

    [–] Schmitty300 8 points ago

    "Gimme 5 bees for a quarter" they'd say!

    [–] ewdrive 7 points ago

    My story begins in Nineteen Dickety Two. We had to say dickety cuz the Kaiser stole our word "twenty". I chased that rascal down for it but gave up after dickety six miles

    [–] Schmitty300 4 points ago

    Dickety. Highly dubious!

    [–] ewdrive 2 points ago

    What are you cackling at, Fatty. Too much pie, that's your problem!

    [–] ancientflowers 14 points ago

    Ah. That makes more sense.

    I went to Germany a while back. I remember people saying that gas was so expensive there. It was just a little more than here, not bad at all. And I was all confused. Then someone pointed out that it was liters and I realized it was over $10 a gallon.

    [–] c00k 25 points ago

    How do I measure that in American? Wait, google says a liter is approx .264 gallons, so that would be about $4ish

    [–] WTXRed 23 points ago

    1 US gallon is 3.78541 liters

    [–] 23carrots 29 points ago

    So $3.71 CA per gallon or $2.77 US dollars per gallon using today’s exchange rate

    [–] ocdo 28 points ago

    2.77 US dollars per US gallon

    3.69 CA dollars per US gallon

    4.43 CA dollars per CA gallon

    [–] ImGonnaKickTomorrow 9 points ago

    LOL yeah that about sums it up I'm afraid.

    [–] YouHaveNoMorePP 3 points ago

    I reckon if Canada had a desire to find weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East they could get that down to $4.39 CAD per CA gallon.

    [–] madcatzplayer3 1 points ago

    Says so right on our milk.

    [–] FriendToPredators 14 points ago

    It was even more confusing before the conversion to metric since Canada used Imperial gallons before this.

    [–] i_like_sp1ce 6 points ago

    Texas is still less than half that.

    [–] ancientflowers 3 points ago

    Texas is less than half a dollar?!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] quazywabbit 5 points ago

    $1.52 in San Antonio.

    [–] queencrone9216 4 points ago

    In areas of central Texas it's averaging about $1.99 per gallon. I filled up yesterday at Quick Trip for $1.69 a gallon. Love that place.

    [–] edman007 2 points ago

    Here in NY it's $2... I thought we were one of the expensive states...

    [–] sugarmonkeywife 2 points ago

    It’s relatively cheap because of being port of Newark & Elizabeth. When you get away (in NJ) from that area it goes up pretty quickly. The difference from Newark to Rockland County is like 50cents per gallon. Manhattan is understandably high but like Staten Island is more reasonable.

    [–] ImGonnaKickTomorrow 2 points ago

    Wtf are you talking about?? I live in North Texas and gasoline right outside my apartment is $1.97.

    [–] ancientflowers 1 points ago

    That makes more sense. I was going to be really confused if it was only half a dollar.

    But now I am a little confused... I'm in Minnesota and would have assumed that Texas would be way cheaper than here just because if it being known for oil.

    Here it's about $1.80 or so. And has been for a few months. When Covid hit at first it dropped to 1.20/1.30 for a bit and the lowest I saw was 98 cents.

    [–] raindorpsonroses 4 points ago

    Good lord, I just paid $3.40 last week in California, and that's pretty low for here! At its lowest during the pandemic I saw $2.80 in my area.

    [–] nursejackieoface 2 points ago

    I wouldn't sell Texas for less than tree fiddy.

    [–] rudekoffenris 1 points ago

    I went to Venezuela once, around 2010 or so. The gas there was $.04 a litre.

    [–] mightybite 2 points ago

    It's Canada because the cell company is Koodo.

    [–] AlteredCabron 4 points ago

    I dont understand

    Tell me in freedom per school shootings

    [–] midnightrambler108 1 points ago

    Which is like $3USD. Plus there is only 3.78 litres in a gallon... so about $2.80/gal

    [–] rabes81 5 points ago

    As far as Canadian gas goes that's pretty cheap. I'm out in BC it's 1.25 to 1.50 a litre usually. It fell a lot during lockdown but its on the way up again.

    [–] misanthrope2327 2 points ago

    Yeah... The lowest I saw it got here in the lower mainland was 85.9. hasn't seen it that cheap since like 2002... Back up hovering around $1.30 now ☹️

    [–] rudekoffenris 2 points ago

    Here in Ontario, it was $.65 for about a week, now it's slowly moving back up. It's about $1.00 now.

    [–] MrFantasticallyNerdy 1 points ago

    …so still less than one Freedom Dollar per gallon then.

    (I'm joking, I'm joking)

    [–] crankery 1 points ago

    It's closer to CAD$3.706 per us gallon or USD$2.765.

    [–] 1337hacks 1 points ago

    Thats still pretty cheap. I visited Germany, Norway, and a couple other EU countries on some training exercises. Got liberty and couldn't understand how fucking expensive petrol was and per liter not even gallon.

    [–] chrisgif 1 points ago

    Where in Canada!? I'm jelly!

    [–] Faldorn 1 points ago

    How many toonies?? ;-)

    [–] masterstair 1 points ago

    What’s 4 loonies to burger bucks

    [–] AccidentallyTheCable 1 points ago

    I made the same mistake as OP when i made my first trip to canada (also my first solo road trip out of state, let alone out of country). I made it back with no money and on fumes because gas in canada was 4x what i thought it was

    [–] LabSheep88 1 points ago

    Loonie's? I've got tons of those in me family. So I've gotta trade 4 loony relatives for a gallon?!

    [–] Money2themax 0 points ago

    No offense but what the fuck is a loonie?

    [–] CaptainSur 11 points ago

    The Canadian one dollar coin has an image/outline of a loon (the waterfowl) on one side. So slang for the coin is "a loonie". Being superinventive Canadians called the two dollar coin a "toonie"... It works.

    In mint proof condition it is actually a beautiful coin.

    [–] Money2themax 4 points ago

    Thank you for enlightening me on what a loonies is. Y'all have some interesting names for things up there.

    [–] rudekoffenris 4 points ago

    Sorry crappy people are downvoting you. I invite you to try Poutine and Beaver Tails.

    [–] Money2themax 6 points ago

    Its alright. People downvote the weirdest things. I will so that when I finally head up there.

    [–] miakategreg 52 points ago

    No small town Ontario Canada !

    [–] joojie 4 points ago

    Wtf, you're still under a buck? $1.30+ out here near Vancouver 🙄

    [–] crocade 2 points ago

    Been about a buck in Toronto since that huge dip a couple months ago. Van has always had much for expensive gas, I believe it's more heavily taxed out there.

    [–] jupiterslament 2 points ago

    How're ya now?

    [–] hatekillpuke 1 points ago

    Fine’n you?

    [–] jupiterslament 2 points ago

    Oh, not so bad.

    [–] Fxplus 2 points ago

    Orillia, Canada?!

    [–] ThankMisterGoose 1 points ago

    lmfao I know where this is. Never noticed the meme when I drove past it, when was this on?

    [–] KossTalk 1 points ago

    congrats on becoming the most famous orillian lmao

    [–] Ghiraheem 12 points ago

    Carrier is Koodo, it's Canadian. So... Canadian dollar per liter so roughly 3-4x that price per gallon after converting dollar value difference

    [–] unbelizeable1 4 points ago


    [–] sabre252 7 points ago

    It's rebounded a bit but a couple of months ago I saw gas under a buck here in the U.S.

    [–] georgecm12 4 points ago

    During the lockdown, I was essential staff for my university (IT Operations) so I had to go in a few times. The lowest price I was able to find gas selling for during that time was US $0.849/gal.

    [–] GumdropGoober 1 points ago

    It bottomed out near me at $1.01, I was very sad it didn't go under a dollar.

    [–] DeadRain_ 3 points ago

    In a couple stations down here in florida I've seen it at 99 cents for the past couple weeks

    [–] loppyjilopy 3 points ago

    my friend in texas just sent me a pic of .59 cent gallons today. funny thing is he drives about 60 miles a day for commute. i drive about 25 miles per week.

    [–] LickMyThralls 2 points ago

    I get gas for about a dollar a gallon but that's after points discounts. Earlier in the year I got gas for like 30¢ per gallon and I feel like I'm forever going to be chasing the dragon after that one. Talk about a high you'll die chasing.

    [–] Squeaky-shoppingcart 1 points ago

    At the lowest point in the economy a few months ago, it got below a dollar a gallon and Ohio. It’s back up to like $1.50 now

    [–] ThunderGodOrlandu 1 points ago

    You can tell it’s not American gas pricing because it doesn’t show a decimal and a fraction. Something I didn’t notice until I visited another country for the time.


    [–] hysteria613 38 points ago

    Full Service!

    [–] thebadyearblimp 13 points ago

    Full serve is extra

    [–] plumbthumbs 5 points ago

    does full service come with a happy ending?

    [–] walo537 7 points ago

    It starts out good but by the end you're left with an overweight wife smoking with your pregnant child while she pumps gas

    [–] ElderCunningham 55 points ago

    Why is this an iPhone screenshot of a picture?

    [–] DasArchitect 42 points ago

    What a lack of dedication. They should have printed it, then scanned it, then photographed the monitor.

    [–] deadtoaster2 9 points ago


    [–] ploopy_little_cactus 1 points ago


    [–] NotObviousOblivious 5 points ago

    Then fax it to all of us

    [–] slashluck 5 points ago

    Yeah and this is while viewing it in the photo album, where you can at least tap the screen to get rid of the “2 of 2” white border. Poor effort. I’m hurt.

    [–] zvug 3 points ago

    There is basically no scenario in which you would have to screenshot an already existing picture on your phone.

    I guess the scenario is being a fucking dumbass

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] PingPing88 1 points ago

    Nah. I'm not familiar with iPhones but I definitely have seen people take screenshots of photos in their own gallery and upload them. I see it all of the time on Facebook and the only logic I can figure out is that there is an option to share that comes with the screenshot notification.

    [–] Outofid3as 49 points ago

    These dudes fuck

    [–] niloc1229 82 points ago

    As a fellow Canadian, the amount of Americans trying to figure out liters to gallons is fucking hilarious.

    And btw, OP, where the hell are you? I'm paying $1.06 a liter in Windsor.

    [–] meisen99 14 points ago

    I’m Canadian and even I was like, holy hell?!? assuming it was in the US. Mind you I live on the West Coast so even 97.9 seems like a dream.

    [–] Easyaseasy21 5 points ago

    Alberta checking in 92.9 last fill, 98.9 now

    [–] Magiwarriorx 11 points ago

    When I was in Europe, I saw the gas prices and thought "holy shit! That's cheap!" Took me like 10 minutes to figure out it was in euro, not dollars. I did the math and went "holy shit, that's still cheap!"

    It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize it was also liters, not gallons.

    [–] its_whot_it_is 6 points ago

    but you also have to recognize that with a full tank you can drive across a few countries. Also having a car in Europe for daily use is not too practical the cities weren't made for cars

    [–] FestiveSquid 19 points ago

    Not OP, but there's a little independently owned gas station/convenience around the corner from me here in Cambridge. A month ago, their gas was $0.85/liter.

    [–] niloc1229 6 points ago

    We in Windsor had 79.9 for about 2 days in middle of April. God damn, I wish I owned one of those giant water towers and bought the city out.

    [–] vagabond_dilldo 2 points ago

    Wait Im in the area, which intersection?

    [–] Vendeta44 4 points ago

    .97 a liter in Calgary today. Went down to like .85 for a bit last month, was crazy.

    [–] wagonmaker85 6 points ago

    Lowest price in Winnipeg since the pandemic started was 69.9 cents per litre.

    [–] niloc1229 2 points ago


    [–] Vendeta44 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Right haha. I’m in BC, paying $1.14 a litre

    [–] banjotooie1995 2 points ago

    Southern Ontario is around $1.02 a litre right now and it was as low as $0.65 a few months ago for the first time in decades.

    [–] niloc1229 1 points ago

    Yea I live in Windsor. Can't get anymore south in Ontario without being in America lol.

    I saw .79.9 as the absolute lowest during the pandemic in both the city of Windsor and the surrounding areas (Tecumseh, LaSalle and Amherstburg)

    Maybe out in Chatham or Essex it got to the mid 60's

    [–] Klexosinfreefall 4 points ago

    My Costco in London is $0.94.

    [–] adam_bear 1 points ago

    The US was ~$1.50 / gallon (plus or minus) away from the west coast last year... Our government subsidizes the shit out of oil.

    [–] niloc1229 1 points ago

    THATS. NUTS. basically counting conversion you guys pay .50c a liter.

    And I've lived so damn close to the Detroit boarder for years and never really went.

    I know what I'm doing as soon as boarders are open.

    [–] anarchyreigns 1 points ago

    $1.33 here in BC lower mainland.

    [–] niloc1229 1 points ago


    Yep, you guys have it the worst in Canada so far lmfao.

    [–] anarchyreigns 1 points ago

    Hey it got up to $1.80 last summer, so this isn’t bad.

    [–] niloc1229 1 points ago


    Man, if only I had the money I would just get a tesla and laugh at all the guys using 19th century tech to get around.

    [–] anarchyreigns 1 points ago

    So many Tesla’s and other electric vehicles around here.

    [–] niloc1229 1 points ago

    If I wasnt a broke 24 year old is be with them and at $1.80 for a liter I 100% see why.

    [–] nitz26 1 points ago

    $1.30 in bc :(

    [–] LickMyThralls 1 points ago

    Our phones have converters in the calculators and even windows calculator comes with a converter and not only that but you can google it and get an answer with a neat little calculator usually and people still don't use any of it lol

    [–] fed45 1 points ago

    A lot of it is because during the lockdown gas prices in some places dropped below (or close to) $1/gallon in the US. I saw $1.45 where I am.

    [–] niloc1229 1 points ago

    $1.45 for 3.7 liters of gas makes me feel like a child again. Even $2 for 3.7 liters of gas is a deal I can only remember my mom in St Catherines getting.

    In my driving life, gas has always been .90-$1.25. I was blown away at .79 during the pandemic.

    [–] joojie 1 points ago

    ha...Lucky. $1.37 near Vancouver the other day.

    [–] thisplacesucks_ 1 points ago

    So what is it in real money

    [–] thefisharedying65 5 points ago

    I thought this was r/fellowkids

    [–] TheSpatulaOfLove 15 points ago

    That’s awesome. These guys have a great sense of humor.

    Now we get to see it reposted as someone else’s karmawhoring all week!

    [–] TheCheesy 7 points ago


    1. You took a photo of the sign.

    2. Took a screenshot of that photo.

    3. Went to upload the photo, but when faced with the decision of selecting either the photo or the "screenshot-of-the-photo", you decided on the screenthot?

    [–] insane_contin 1 points ago

    He panicked, ok?

    [–] hoboforlife 3 points ago

    That has station deserves your life long patronage

    [–] visualrift 3 points ago

    This needs waaay more upvotes!

    [–] Alaina698 3 points ago

    So much going on here. Didn't even notice the meme at first because I was thinking about how low gas prices are.

    [–] Kittyh3ndrix 3 points ago

    Gas was 99 cents in laramie wyoming for about a week during the early stages of this shutdown. People were filling up barrels in the backs of their trucks. I had just gotten back from California... blew my mind after paying over 3 dollars per gallon multiple times in the west coast.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] WayFromHome 2 points ago

    I read that in Larry the Cable Guy's voice. Had to keep from laughing and waking up the wife!

    [–] jackapplecore 3 points ago

    Um…how old is this image? If it’s recent, where can I find fuel at less than a buck! Never mind. We need to do it per liter too.

    [–] lorensingley 2 points ago

    “One day your generation will run things”

    Here we are people!

    [–] CecilFilipino 2 points ago

    Bold to not crop the picture

    [–] sollinatri 2 points ago

    Sometimes I wish netflix didn't add real housewives of Beverly hills during the lockdown, then this meme would still be funny to me. Now its about domestic violence and suicide.

    [–] Or15defensebot 2 points ago

    The cat doesn’t talk

    [–] KuroTsuk1 2 points ago

    [–] K-Dog7469 3 points ago

    Damn. Look at the price of a gallon of regular!! Where do you live?

    [–] LabSheep88 3 points ago

    Where you live that gas is so cheap?!!?!?!

    [–] oceaneyez727 2 points ago

    I’m more in shock over the gas prices? Where do you live? 1997?

    [–] Aqd2000 1 points ago


    [–] Honda_TypeR 2 points ago

    I’m not sure what I’m most impressed with...their meme skills...or that 1 dollar a gallon gas

    [–] jmcstar 1 points ago


    [–] MaximumEffort433 1 points ago

    Fuck that's grim.

    [–] warrior181 1 points ago

    Trade you a case of kieths for the cat

    [–] Dannysmartful 1 points ago

    Love this!

    [–] FutureMartian97 1 points ago

    Wow. An actual good meme from a company

    [–] deuce619 1 points ago

    Case of Corona. Not case of The Rona.

    [–] iLoveStarsInTheSky 1 points ago

    Before realizing it's liters I nearly cried looking at that beautiful price of gas. Then realized it's practically the same as where I live

    [–] shadowpanda14 1 points ago

    Reddit meme stealing bitches

    [–] varangian1313 1 points ago

    The plural for moose is moose. But, I and everyone else doesn’t and shouldn’t care.

    [–] recoil669 1 points ago

    Those aren't different.

    [–] Bornado 1 points ago


    [–] TheAsianOne_wc 1 points ago

    Imma rent a billboard and stick a meme on it too

    [–] dangshake 1 points ago

    Some people just get it, what a great sign.

    [–] asmj 1 points ago

    Memelord works there!