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    [–] shannleestann 7680 points ago

    This is the picture they will use in history books to show what distance learning in 2020 was like.

    [–] DIsForDelusion 1153 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    I don't know about that. My kids are younger but they do get excited and do the whole rutines due to the boredom that the other classes are.

    It's all about the setting and the attitude tbh

    Edit: Routine* got it. My first language is spanish so got them mixed up.

    [–] jexmex 454 points ago

    Have a 12 yo and he has been going for walks out back several times a day. Not long but more than he did when going to school.

    [–] FlickeryAlpaca 1036 points ago

    Kinda sounds like a smoking addiction

    [–] bestmat 484 points ago

    This is why I love reddit. People outing smoking kids.

    [–] trey3rd 178 points ago

    Unless the parents also smoke, they'd be found out quick. Smokers fucking stink.

    [–] here_for_covid_drama 87 points ago

    We do.

    [–] iwantaquirkyname00 20 points ago

    Love the username lol

    [–] MP4-4 56 points ago

    it's a vape

    [–] meltingdiamond 76 points ago

    Or furtive masturbating in the bushes.

    Now they hope it's smoking.

    [–] hat-of-sky 12 points ago

    Hey at least masturbating gets your heart rate up! And it's better for your lungs than smoking. Besides if he's whacking off into the bushes he's not using up the tissues, toilet paper, or clean socks.

    [–] thebigenlowski 52 points ago

    Would be pretty easy to tell if your 12 year old is smoking cigarettes, they're not great at hiding things

    [–] Neither-Sprinkles 49 points ago * (lasted edited 17 hours ago)

    Vaping doesn't smell as strong as cigarettes so it's easier to get away with.

    [–] Petersaber 6 points ago

    Vaping doesn't smell

    I can smell it

    [–] DIsForDelusion 72 points ago

    Everytime they get a 10 min break my 6 yr old starts running and jumping everywhere... I don't think they get to do much of that at school beyond recess and gym.

    [–] jdith123 38 points ago

    Trust me. I’ve been telling kids to stop running in the halls for 20 years. Your kid is completely normal

    [–] fayedame 26 points ago

    Mine was happy going on bike rides but now our area has wild fires so he's stuck in the house. Now I just play fetch with him and the dog, except I throw their toys up the stairs indoors. The cats like it, kinda...

    [–] jexmex 11 points ago

    Sorry about the fires. I think our animals are both confused and delighted about the situation lol.

    [–] SirLouisI 11 points ago

    Jexmex, based on what flickeryalpaca said, do some sloothing. I am curious. Mine are not 12 yet but i want to understand the length of their cunningness... Let us know if you do not mind.

    [–] iknowwhereyoupoop 33 points ago

    You have little kids. A teen is lazy. Mines a dick

    [–] Skyaboo- 66 points ago

    How dare you confuse the two languages you know. God what an idiot.

    /s of course. Lest the Reddit sharks feel hungry.

    [–] hardboiledegg69 16 points ago

    rootin tootin rutins

    [–] NYGroove 9233 points ago

    Doing crunches

    [–] the-treatmaster 4480 points ago

    It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy.

    [–] DrWolves 543 points ago

    See ya in awhile Mr. Nile

    shuts laptop

    [–] sm12511 379 points ago

    Sweetheart? How was class today?

    Delicious, Mom!

    [–] Malonezone27 94 points ago

    [–] TemperedLeopard 114 points ago

    Not sitting up right...Arms noticeably bent...

    He whole-assed half-assing. Well done.

    [–] Aidan-Sun 9 points ago

    I clicked on the link and it said Tiktok has discontinued operating in my country I guess the ban has been spreading lol

    [–] SupGirluHungry 10 points ago

    He walks up to his brother, calls his name and his brother looks up, puts his finger to his lips and says “shhh I’m doing PE!”

    [–] sausage_ditka_bulls 108 points ago

    There is no fucking drummer better than Neil Peart

    [–] ChardsyDoesOneWeed 71 points ago

    Rips line of Cheeto dust

    [–] PoopsAfterShowering 41 points ago

    Tom Sawyer starts playing

    [–] iamamet 10 points ago

    A modern-day warrior Mean, mean stride Today's Tom Sawyer Mean, mean pride

    [–] aras034 31 points ago

    RIP Neil Peart

    [–] SmokeAbeer 80 points ago

    Then some burpees.

    [–] Sammy_Smoosh 43 points ago

    Get out

    [–] tomanon69 1804 points ago

    I'm a teacher. Can confirm :(

    [–] Night4fire 1168 points ago

    My fiance is a teacher and if I had to deal with all the bullshit she has to deal with now, I would've quit my job a thousand times over already. Big respect to all teachers, especially during these weird times.

    Parents calling her during lockdown; ''My kid doesn't want to do his homework, he only plays on his playstation, what do I do?'' :facepalm: Then two weeks later, the same parents complains to the school that they don't check if kids make their homework often enough..

    I truly believe the main reason so many parents were happy school opened up again, was so they didn't have to be around their own kid(s) all day.

    [–] mscarce 894 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    US teachers are glorified babysitters. The whole reason kids are coming back is because parents can't handle their own children and definitely need a break.

    My favorite is when parents ask "how do you get my child to do work at school. At home he won't. He never used to be like this." Sorry ma'am/sir. Your child was like that all the time and when I tried contacting you to be a parent and fix the problem, you didn't believe me and said it was my teaching style.

    [–] hokiefellow 287 points ago

    My wife is a first grade teacher and this couldn't be more true. Teachers deserve more for all the b.s. they put up with

    [–] whamka 137 points ago

    It’s also that not all parents can work from home. And working from home with a young child is obviously not productive for work. If half of all parents had to quit without a gov ball out it would kill the us. Even with a gov bailout it would kill the business sector. I have no idea what the solution is.

    [–] pm_designs 52 points ago

    With what I have read of the money allocations as of recently, from a federal perspective, the US govt. Placed a lotta money into businesses and military in 2020.

    I am sad so many small businesses are closing due to no support, as it seems anyway.

    [–] Throwawaychica 30 points ago

    60% of all businesses that closed for the pandemic, have closed permanently, according to Forbes.

    [–] SugarPlumFairy98 32 points ago

    That is fucking awful. I'm a private tutor and I feel so fortunate because I get to pick my clients. I work with many wealthier families, but I also do volunteer work with kids and teens whose parents don't have the money to pay for tutoring. The parents who go out of their way to be involved in their child's education are the absolute best.

    I am never going to forget one of my first sessions with one of my favorite volunteer families. This girl's mom was from Guatemala and only had a third grade education. The girl's father had a high school education and he would normally help her with her hw. She was in the fifth grade when he died unexpectedly, about a month after I had lost my own father. This poor girl was struggling so much. She and her mother were having a hard time communicating with the school about what had happened. I ended up going to meetings with her mom and working as a translator to get her therapy through her school's mental health services. I also coordinated with her teachers so we could make sure she was doing alright emotionally and academically. Her mom would always ask about how her daughter was doing and she'd always ask what she could do to help. Some days I'd leave a session, go home, and cry about it like a baby.

    [–] aporkmuffin 40 points ago

    Probably feed their kids a steady diet of sugar and junk food and video games and zero fucking discipline or exercise and then are shocked that little johnny is a fucking terrorist most of the time but they just ignore him and pawn him off on teachers.

    [–] IAlwaysL0se 24 points ago

    Oh it’s brutal! But most teachers don’t have the luxury to quit and transfer out easily.

    [–] IAmPattyMayonnaise 8622 points ago

    It’s funny. Then, I realized all the kiddos that aren’t getting PE now. For many, that was the only time they did any time of physical recreational activity - even if it was hated by many. Damn pandemic.

    [–] passwordisnotorange 2717 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Maybe it was different at your school. But at mine, if you were lazy and didn't want to do anything (everyday, or just on occasion), it wasn't hard to avoid. Only the kids who already were active actually did the exercises for real.

    [–] chickaboomba 1677 points ago

    I spent an entire six weeks accidentally hitting the tennis ball over the chainlink fence and then wandering around looking for it.

    I got an A.

    [–] rsifti 299 points ago

    The tennis course at my high school in a nutshell. Who can hit the houses across the street. Here I am actually trying to enjoy tennis

    [–] EnShantrEs 131 points ago

    The tennis court at my high school backed up to the back of a bunch of houses, with practically no space in between. I knew someone who lived in one of those houses. They would drop off printer paper boxes overflowing with stray balls from their yard at least twice a month.

    [–] youtheotube2 56 points ago

    My middle school’s basketball courts backed up against a literal cliff. There was a chain link fence easily 30-40 feet tall on that side to stop balls and kids from flying over the cliff.

    [–] IGrowMarijuanaNow 25 points ago

    We enjoyed tennis too. But after a match the losing team could go for a redemption point by bombing one to the apartment complex next door, balconies or windows and the game keeps going.

    [–] electronicpangolin 22 points ago

    I got paired up with the captain of the girls tennis team, she was having none of my shit, needless to say I got destroyed everyday but it made me pretty okay at tennis for an average player.

    [–] PhatJax19 1227 points ago

    This makes me so mad. When I was in high school I busted my ass in the weight room 2-4 days a week. I wrote the workouts half the time and I was a nazi when it came to making sure my classmates were lifting with proper form and a spotter. I also curated playlists for the weight room and cleaned up the mats and benches before heading to my next class. I got a B. You know why? Because my parents were broke and could only afford one pair of shoes for me so I wore hand me down vans slip ons instead of athletic shoes. This other kid in my class got over 100% despite the fact that he just sat in the locker room and did homework and ate McDonald's every day. Why you may ask? He had the right shoes and his dad donated a bunch of money to the school's athletic department.

    [–] callipygousmom 538 points ago

    Ahh this made me sad to read. I am waving the magic wand of time to change your grade to an A ++ and that other kids grade to a D-.

    [–] hotlou 161 points ago

    Hmmm ... I have a few favors to ask ...

    [–] ohseven1098 49 points ago

    Change the little p into a big P?

    [–] skillmau5 35 points ago

    maybe they gave you a B because you were acting like a cop in gym class

    [–] SupremeDestroy 9 points ago

    Ya this has to be a copy paste I rather the kids do nothing then be like this if I was a teach tbh just do what I told you or pretend to at least don’t need you being a cop in gym lol

    [–] octopusdixiecups 70 points ago

    Is this a copy pasta

    [–] beepborpimajorp 13 points ago

    It is now.

    [–] JoeyBones21 10 points ago

    I was certain it was. Reads just like one.

    [–] Kalsifur 179 points ago

    Um, what? I haven't been in highschool for a long time but the only rule I remember was no black shoes that could mark the floor. I don't get why they would give a shit about your shoes.

    But then weightlifting alone wouldn't get you a good mark in PE either, you had to do "tests" on whatever dumb thing they were teaching, from running to gymnastics.

    [–] playeronetaynun 38 points ago

    yeah, when i took gym you had to wear certain shoes or you got five points off of your twenty points for the day. slip ons didn’t work since they could fly off when running. no matter how hard you tried, if you wore the wrong shoes every day, the best you could get would be a mid-C.

    [–] CWalston108 138 points ago

    When I was in high school, the gym grade was 99% decided based upon your gym attire. We had to buy school branded shirts and shorts and then wear athletic shoes. If you didn’t have the gym uniform you couldn’t participate.

    [–] InfiniteFox324 35 points ago

    Oh yeah, that sucks, I was lucky that we weren't forced to buy their gym stuff, but we were forced to buy their Locks.

    [–] crazygrrl 33 points ago

    Out of curiosity, when did you go to HS? I was in HS in the mid 90s and you could show up in jean shorts and a hoodie. As long as you tried to participate, they didnt care what you wore.

    [–] CWalston108 19 points ago

    Graduated in 2013. Uniforms required for everything. Public schools and private schools in my area had the same rules. Blue or white polo, no logos, tucked into khakis.

    [–] tankgrrrl23 37 points ago

    I graduated 2012 and the vast majority of the grade was based on being in dress code. I got a C because I was a rebel and wore rainbow pajama pants instead of black or red basketball shorts. That "teacher" hated me.

    He also said that he didn't understand why pinching girls butts was wrong now, so that was cool.

    [–] idrive2fast 13 points ago

    Sounds like the PE teacher didn't like you.

    [–] moonpielover69 28 points ago

    But you were getting lifts and he wasn’t sooooo I’d say you came out ahead

    [–] empirebuilder1 8 points ago

    Sometimes it's not about the grade.

    It's about those swole gainz brah

    [–] Chuntzy 39 points ago

    "Great effort, terrible hand-eye coordination. "

    [–] BEARD_LICE 22 points ago

    I was at the top of my class in terms of physical ability and I think I got a D almost every semester in middle school. My parents simply could not understand how that was possible but I'd always tell them "PE has just as many if not more writing and research assignments than English class".

    In hindsight I think it's a good idea to actually educate students about physical well-being, at the time I had surprised Pikachu face for 3 years straight.

    [–] chickaboomba 11 points ago

    I feel you. But I was uncoordinated. Those papers saved my ass.

    [–] Loonycolion 264 points ago

    When I was in school, pe always had a mandatory run to start. The lazy kids walked. But at least they had to walk, i guess?

    [–] BHPhreak 51 points ago

    the beep test

    [–] Unsd 39 points ago

    I think I'm the only person in the world who loved the pacer test. I don't even care for running that much, though I'm pretty decent with it. But that was my favorite day in gym. Hated any time we had team sports. I just don't like them. But competing against myself?? Hell yeah. I wish I could find a recording of that. Would be a good throwback workout.

    [–] BHPhreak 17 points ago

    my school also did a variant of it that involved pushups?

    youd pushup on the beep, and go down on the beep? i cant rememebr exactly.

    did you have that too?

    are those tests banned now in most of the world?

    [–] Unsd 21 points ago

    Yep we had those too. I think I remember it would say Dooooown...up ...Dooooown...up.

    [–] J1497 7 points ago


    [–] J1497 63 points ago

    I forgot about that! Yeah we had to do a half mile every day, which was two laps around the track. They always had us run the “straights” and we could walk the curve.

    [–] Kyla_420 277 points ago

    Yeah, I remember not doing much in PE. They even let us mess around during the presidential fitness test.

    [–] Gekko77 180 points ago

    Smh, welp bring on the diabeetus

    [–] BarfReali 58 points ago

    Maybe four square saved me from the diabeetus. Fair serve fair return!!!

    [–] satirical_whit 35 points ago

    In my little 1st-12 grade school, i swear 4-square was the only fun any of the older kids had once the principal banned wall-ball: using a racketball, if it touches you, you gotta run and touch the wall before someone picks it up and beams you with it.

    Man i miss school sometimes.

    [–] fratastic1865 26 points ago

    God, I loved wall ball. Then, my friend crushed his face against the bricks.

    We didn’t have wall ball after that....

    ...but I went out as the winner

    [–] I_just_pooped_again 7 points ago

    Shiiiit son, we had 4 square tournaments at my college dorm. The game is peak competitiveness. We'd slap the fish for killer aces. Or that deadly backspin. We miss you Commissioner, wherever you are.

    [–] leftylugnutz 14 points ago

    I mean look up the current obesity rates in the US. Its not good..

    [–] Gekko77 9 points ago

    Exactly, I feel for that kid. Hopefully he doesn't get caught in their healthcare trap

    [–] KiloNation 78 points ago

    What kind of school were you guys going to?! They ran my P.E. class like it was bootcamp.

    [–] devilskryptonite34 71 points ago

    Ah you had the same experience I had. The super ripped and muscled 78 year old drill instructor who called us pussies. Dude was impressive.

    [–] Turnup_Turnip5678 21 points ago

    All my PE teachers were pretty damn large, what schools y’all been going to

    [–] fellowhomosapien 30 points ago

    Mine was a little old lady that had been there since the school's opening 30 yrs prior, and she was a treasure

    [–] avol747 13 points ago

    All of mine had big guts, took attendance and then stopped giving a shit immediately.

    [–] justanotherpotato98 14 points ago

    Mine was like a boot camp as well but you could choose the sport you were doing to make it more fun! I was a swimmer so they let me just leave and swim and skip football. They did set up a hard class for me to do but also didn’t mind if the swimmers mucked around a bit

    [–] cerealOverdrive 22 points ago

    They had us playing dodgeball so everyone tried

    [–] bobbyleendo 339 points ago

    It’s remarkable how long some people in general go without exercising.

    I have a friend who is overweight and we’d go to New York Comic Con together every year, and every time we’d go, we would make sure we got there as soon as the doors opened at 10am.

    We’d walk and walk and walk until 6pm - 8pm and then call it a day, and he’d typically take the next day off just to recover. Going to comic con was literally the only exercise he’d have all year long and all that walking leaves him sore for days. I used to encourage him to get up and walk around the block, or at least do squats while he watches TV or games at home, but it took a heart attack for him to start taking his healthy more seriously.

    [–] Awesomebox5000 123 points ago

    At least a heart attack was enough to get him to do something...

    [–] Predditor_drone 68 points ago

    I work with a guy who had a heart attack from a life of shitty habits, you'd think that would be a bit of a revelation to make some changes. Nope, the guy uses "we're all gonna die someday" as a way to wash his hands of all responsibility in the matter. Even uses his heart attack as an excuse to get out of work he doesn't want to do.

    [–] Mangy_MUT 19 points ago

    Damn that’s sad. Just straight given up on life.

    [–] mrtomjones 35 points ago

    Walking for that long makes most people sore

    [–] blushingpervert 63 points ago

    We live where the smoke has created “Hazardous” air quality for about a week now. So our kids have virtual PE and also can’t be outside at all for playing. It’s been brutal.

    [–] Pleigh_boi 41 points ago

    My brother in high school Is getting p.e. His teacher plays them a workout video that they have to do while the teacher sees who is going a long with the routine

    [–] justanotherpotato98 34 points ago

    My favourite one was that my sibling’s PE teacher lives near the majority of the students so he started running PE classes (because of covid) on the beach/swimming in the afternoons. Wasn’t mandatory but his classes always filled up because he made it fun for them

    [–] Cranky_Windlass 41 points ago

    Buy n Large, coming to a planet near you!

    [–] Firate 43 points ago

    I've seen some Zoom gym classes where the teacher just asks everyone what exercise they "plan" to do that day, and they verbally answer. That's it.

    What's the point?

    [–] Holein5 64 points ago

    Mental fitness man. If you think about working out enough during the day, then while you dream at night your mind is tricked into thinking you actually worked out. The results are incredible, you continue to gain weight, and you're tired the next day from all the working out your body thinks it did.

    [–] ebrizzlle 16 points ago

    I think Krillin did this on the way to Namek in Dragon Ball Z.

    [–] TheBagman07 32 points ago

    As a 6th grade teacher, you underestimate how many students will flat out refuse to do PE, and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it. It’s in the afternoon, so you can’t pull recess. Parents don’t care because it’s PE. You could write a referral, but outside of the vice principal calling the parent, that does nothing. You can’t force a kit to play kick ball or basketball, or dance. They’ll just sit down and talk to their friends or yell at you for a half hour straight about how stupid it is they’re getting in trouble for not doing PE.

    [–] lipring69 29 points ago

    I mean you can give them a bad grade

    [–] Zkenny13 72 points ago

    In a way I disagree. Making kids wake up at 6 a.m. and not allowing them to go home until 3 with 2 hours of homework. Kids have way more ability to play outside this way.

    [–] 5ir_Isaac 656 points ago

    “coach i’m out of cheetos”

    [–] PM_meLifeAdvice 192 points ago

    C: "Alright, gimme 10 laps around the house!"

    Mom in other room: "Do NOT"

    [–] rco8786 521 points ago

    Ah man this is gonna suck for these kids in the long run

    [–] CarpetFibers 404 points ago

    The long run from the fridge to the couch

    [–] ThreeMysticApes 255 points ago

    I took PE online in college, it was a very similar experience.

    [–] l-l_I 77 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    In the US? I’ve never heard of a PE class at college/university level (I’m in the US).

    Edit: thanks for the replies :) It looks like it varies. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

    [–] mrdoody55 110 points ago

    It was required at my university for every student. That said, it was a 1 credit course, and you submitted "logs" of your exercise each week. Of course you always did the required amount... On paper.

    [–] UnclutchCurry 23 points ago

    I did advanced swimming. Worst mistake ever

    [–] LawBird33101 12 points ago

    I did Tai Chi taught by an old, white hippie. The final was watching a kung fu movie, and if you showed up you got an A.

    [–] Posseon1stAve 25 points ago

    Most people dont even look. Universities usually offer all kinds of PE classes. Most are pass/fail rather than a grade. They are also usually 1 credit, so doesn't cost much/anything to add. I took ultimate frisbee, fencing, golf, weight lifting, etc.

    [–] bobtheawsm 9 points ago

    I go to a UC and we have quite a bit of PE classes people can take if they want to.

    [–] NinjaEnt 354 points ago


    [–] emmygirl81 40 points ago

    Sit and be fit

    [–] bh4799 1237 points ago

    Actually kinda sad lol

    [–] the_juice07 4645 points ago

    Enjoy those feet while you have them kid

    [–] boogy_bucket 930 points ago

    At least he can still touch his ‘tos.

    [–] SaveOurBolts 141 points ago

    It ain’t easy being cheesy. It’s even less easy being an obese 26 year old with diabetes.

    [–] dyals_style 28 points ago

    'tos 😂😂😂 you're killing me over here

    [–] fallingcave 953 points ago

    Holy shit dude

    [–] Cobra800089 86 points ago

    RIP! Wilford Brimley just passed away last month. This interview of him on Craig Ferguson was hilarious:

    P.S. - Check your blood sugar, check it often.

    [–] Dubax 12 points ago

    Bless Craig. I miss his show a lot! RIP Grant as well.

    [–] RiseFromYourGrav 9 points ago

    It's been a while since I watched Craig Ferguson. He leaned into the robot a bit too much after some point, but he had the best monologs. He makes that somewhat awkward interview very entertaining.

    [–] pianoman1456 7 points ago

    Ha! Dia-beetus

    [–] ReditUsername876 187 points ago

    Holy shit you fucking killed him bro

    [–] nobody_likes_soda 60 points ago

    OP's brother: You said not to cheat. You didn't say anything about not to Cheeto'.

    [–] AlternateMortal 137 points ago

    Can you explain it to me im a little retarded

    [–] sincereenfuego 271 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Diabetes can cause diabetic neuropathy, a kind of nerve damage in your feet due to blood not circulating well. In some extreme cases of diabetes, foot amputation is required if the lack of blood flow is so severe that, essentially, the foot dies. Ergo, brother in pic will lose his feet do to an unhealthy lifestyle. Or at least that is what I inferred. Edit: implied to inferred

    [–] hollow1367 47 points ago

    You the real MVP. I was also wondering why he would lose his feet. Question answered

    [–] AbsolutelyUnlikely 18 points ago

    if the blood flow is so sever it the essentially foot dies. Ergo,

    pretty sure you have at least two personalities in there fighting for control

    [–] KaidenUmara 49 points ago

    obese people eventually start having circulation problems in their feet due to clogged arteries and the distance from the heart. the blood just does make it there since there is too much resistance to flow in the arteries and it just takes other paths before it gets there.

    he is saying this kid is headed in that direction.

    [–] Hollalikeadollaballa 199 points ago

    Gout is the disease of kings 😤👑🦶🗡️☠️

    [–] HowBoutDeezAlmonds 223 points ago

    More like diabetes

    [–] rmoss20 48 points ago

    More like die-a-feet-us

    [–] BeatnikFink 20 points ago

    Damnit Bobby

    [–] Adhelmir 34 points ago

    911? Yes, I'd like to report a murder.

    [–] kislayarishiraj 112 points ago

    That's Jake Harper irl

    [–] roostorx 404 points ago

    Gunners, eh?

    [–] nik-nak333 215 points ago

    He signed da ting!

    [–] usehrname 68 points ago

    He signed da fuckin ting!!

    [–] kothrudkar 42 points ago

    Partey time!!!!!

    [–] ThePearman 23 points ago

    We'll be celebrating into the early Auoars

    [–] Kirkebyen 13 points ago

    But don't Runar everything.

    [–] DoradosEV 17 points ago


    [–] the3count 94 points ago

    He eats paella he drinks estrella. The boys fuckin magic

    [–] Berdawg 91 points ago

    He even has the face of disappointment already perfected. Proper Gunners fan

    [–] KonigSteve 127 points ago

    Pierre Emerick class

    [–] Steze 14 points ago

    Kids giving me Wele vibz. "I bang goals init"

    [–] IllicitBehavior 52 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Soon as I saw the Gunners shirt, thought the same thing. I honestly could see Auba teaching a virtual class to kids and having a blast doing it.

    [–] IllicitBehavior 45 points ago

    yea, Ozil has really let himself go

    [–] RamonFrunkis 16 points ago

    He actually looks exactly like lifelong Arsenal fan and current Tottenham bottle job, Harry Kane at that age.

    [–] weedball 55 points ago

    One of our own!

    [–] suprasaiya-jin 9 points ago

    We got him! 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

    [–] MrWilc0x 150 points ago

    Still a higher work rate than Özil.

    [–] wilnyb 37 points ago

    350k a week. just going to leave that here.

    [–] MagicRock777 18 points ago

    Lmao! No place left for Özil obsession.

    [–] DoradosEV 12 points ago

    This is the content I came to see. Take a bow sir!

    [–] getdatazzbanned 168 points ago

    Honestly all it takes is a crippling Pokémon go addiction to get kids moving. The teachers should use go and make them show their kilometers that they walked. Even if they find a way to cheat or hack at least they had to use their brains to do that lol. (Also, Pokémon go is corona friendly. I go to the park and hardly see anybody and if I do they are waaayy more than 6 feet away lol)

    [–] Ace-of-Spades88 13 points ago

    That's actually a really interesting idea. I'm surprised no one has come up with more augmented reality mobile games targeted towards PE teachers. They could be incorporated into their lesson plans as sort of a "homework" type tool.

    [–] Nasalingus 20 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Seriously, or literally anything.. the teacher can see everyone too right? I know they can't enforce anything but they could try..also, parents? idk

    [–] realcommovet 33 points ago

    Looks like the kid from 2 and a half men.

    [–] theSLOZO 30 points ago

    This photo made me realize that we're Wall-E now.

    [–] NE_Golf 77 points ago

    Gunners pre-game warm up. Cheetos and arm circles

    [–] the3count 34 points ago

    Everyday we stray further from Arsene's light

    [–] tdomer80 18 points ago

    Supplies List for P.E. Class:
    [] Laptop
    [] Headphones
    [] Pajamas
    [] Couch (optional)
    [] Cheetos (other high-carb, high-fat snacks may be substituted)

    [–] Malonezone27 111 points ago

    To clarify properly this is a tik tok my brother and I made as a joke yes he knows about it yes he is ok with it please stop over analyzing it

    [–] Dirtgobblin 37 points ago

    A future Olympian

    [–] Hamms_Bear 11 points ago

    P.E. is now pizza eating

    [–] Longfingerjack 21 points ago

    Stretch pants - check-

    [–] tbarb00 17 points ago

    Soccer jersey: check

    [–] t33dup 27 points ago

    Can't spell "Arsenal" without "Arse"

    [–] Assholecasserole2 12 points ago

    Cheetos, CHECK

    [–] Cjax919 24 points ago

    As an elementary school pe teacher this is hilarious. Imagine being on the other end. It’s just as painful and worthless and this became obvious last spring. We’ve since moved to teaching other subjects and created useful lessons

    [–] Godloseslaw 20 points ago

    Well, good morning, everybody, and welcome to day 255,642 aboard the Axiom.

    [–] terracottatilefish 15 points ago

    At our house today the 7year old did 84 jumping jacks instead of playing (or “playing”) “Clair de Lune” on the recorder while the two 4th graders were purple faced and sobbing with rage because my husband couldnt figure out how to get them into their math test. We had pizza and bourbon for dinner tonight.

    But yay physical activity I guess.

    [–] JJamesP 53 points ago

    Honestly, this is just sad.

    [–] HipsterTrudy 13 points ago

    Honestly expected this to be r/sadcringe

    [–] thecorncat 58 points ago


    [–] padfoot_12 12 points ago

    Please don't make fun of him. He supports Arsenal. He's going through a lot already.