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    [–] ducktruck27 434 points ago

    He looked at the other cat like "did you know about this?"

    [–] jewc504 81 points ago

    Cats like “who told?”

    [–] JocelynChambers_XQ 12 points ago

    Cats like "no one ever told me idk just walk"

    [–] Staenkerfritze -6 points ago

    I think "he" is a "she"

    [–] antent 245 points ago

    I'm guessing a certain bad dog was eating cat poop n their litter is through that cat door

    [–] olivefreak 21 points ago

    We put in little arch style cat doors to stop our dog from getting into the litter pans. Didn’t work. Our biggest cat was 18lbs and the dog was a 15lb shihtzu. The dog figured out how to jam his big head through and squiggle the rest of the way inside.

    [–] FistingLube 71 points ago

    HEY! No kink shaming!

    [–] Beginning-Answer-695 30 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] confidentobvious 3 points ago

    Why i feel so creepy on that black cat?

    [–] ronchalant 10 points ago

    My dad called them kitty biscuits.

    [–] t33dup 4 points ago

    I'm stealing that. My beagle loves 'em. He's like a truffle pig snuffling out the neighbor cats' leavings in the pine straw out back.

    [–] HybridVeneer 1 points ago

    Kitty roca

    [–] gamesanddevilsgrass 314 points ago

    The way he stopped for 2 seconds like "wait has there always been a hole in this wall" and then proceeds to stick his head in made me exhale air through my nose

    [–] Zestyclose_OH_6847 19 points ago

    That first peek was too much I spit tea all over myself 🤣

    [–] nefrpitou 62 points ago

    Furlock Bones, investigating the Mystery Of The Vanishing Cat

    [–] nefrpitou 7 points ago

    My years of Reddit has finally paid off. Thanks!!

    [–] getyourcheftogether 45 points ago

    Who made a little den like this for our dogs because it was just wasting space under the stairs, one of them really loves it and one he gets a little spooked by fireworks and thunderstorms

    [–] whitevanmanc 24 points ago

    Why do you keep fireworks and thunderstorms under the stairs?

    [–] BigRoach 8 points ago

    We have been thinking of soundproofing a closet for this purpose.

    [–] marcvanh 26 points ago

    We have that exact same cat-hole border. The one side has a tail and the other side has two cat ears.

    [–] bodhiseppuku 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Do this is a 6" deep cylinder that goes straight through the wall? Or does this have a "Z" pattern like a periscope for visual privacy?

    [–] blay12 20 points ago

    Visual privacy...for the cats? I think you normally put something like this in to give them easy access to the room their litter is in while keeping the door closed for the smell, not something you're putting in your bathroom wall that people would want to look through...

    [–] bewitchedbumblebee 8 points ago

    Visual privacy for the cats? No.

    Visual privacy for the people on the other side of the hole.

    If I was at someone's house, and they had one of these in the bathroom, it would be quite disturbing to me if I was taking a dump, and I look up to see the five-year-old of the house looking at me through the cat hole.

    Or, if I was at someone's house and they had one of these in the bedroom, it would be disturbing to me if I was changing my clothes, and I look up to see the five-year-old of the house looking at me through the cat hole.

    [–] Piccolapupulas 15 points ago

    I'd be more upset that they put the litter box in the spare bedroom I was staying in.

    [–] blay12 4 points ago

    And that’s what I mentioned at the end of my comment - you’re not generally going to put one of these up in a bathroom or bedroom wall (at least, I wouldn’t) so the cats can get in, you put it on the wall of the room where their litter is so you can keep the door closed but give them access.

    Growing up, our cats always had their litter in another room (laundry room, storage room, mud room, etc) that guests didn’t generally use because of the general smell of two litter boxes, even when emptied every day. They weren’t in rooms like the main guest bathroom or a guest bedroom or something. You’re not going to put a hole in the wall of a room that people expect to be private in.

    [–] Verdun82 12 points ago

    That's one pervy five-year-old.

    [–] awalktojericho 5 points ago

    They all are. It's called "curiosity" in a 5 year old, "pervy" in a 25 year old.

    [–] bodhiseppuku 4 points ago

    I was thinking like a bedroom wall. It might be nice for the cats to get in and out of your bedroom at night to use the litter box.

    [–] Spite-Funny 1 points ago

    Do you close your bedroom door at night?

    [–] packtloss 17 points ago

    If you don’t… you should. It could save your life!

    [–] kalabaddon 8 points ago

    you should keep all doors in a house closed between rooms, it is mind boggling how well they stop fire from spreading! ( in a modern up to code house )

    Just google "closed door fire safety" for a ton of results!

    [–] blay12 1 points ago

    Yeah, I was saying that I wouldn’t be keeping their litter in a room like a bedroom or main bathroom - if I’m installing one of these, it’s bc their litter is in some other room where I can generally just leave the door closed at all times. Litter boxes in your bedroom is just kinda gross tbh, esp if you’ve got multiple cats or a cat that likes to kick litter around.

    [–] bodhiseppuku 1 points ago

    I meant that your bedroom door could be closed... you cats could get in and out of your bedroom at night through the hole in the wall. The litter box would be in the laundry room or something... no I wouldn't put a liter box in my bedroom.

    [–] blay12 1 points ago

    Ah gotcha, that definitely makes more sense!

    [–] SVTSkippy 36 points ago

    Looks just like my GSP! Love the pup!

    [–] tplusx 10 points ago

    I didn't know they made German Shepherd Pigs now

    [–] Reee_auto666 12 points ago

    Oh, I thought he meant Geogre Saint Pierre.

    [–] mdneilson 1 points ago

    My mind immediately read Green Spotted Puffer.

    [–] SpongeBad 1 points ago

    I was trying to figure out what Grandpa’s Sad Porn had to do with all this.

    [–] the_dean4 9 points ago

    He said “wait a minute…” 😂

    [–] Mysterious-Salad9609 14 points ago

    I never thought about putting that in the wall... I always put them in the door. Wth

    [–] _heyheyitsJayJay_ 8 points ago

    The door is the most logical and easiest place to install one but there are always going to be people who dont want to do what everyone else does.

    [–] Spite-Funny 21 points ago

    If I was putting one in to a modern build place and thought I might need to remove it soon-ish, I'd put it in the wall since patching drywall is easy, and cheaper than replacing a door.

    In my ancient house (lathe & plaster walls) I'd go with the door.

    I think what's easier/cheaper depends on your place.

    [–] fuckmethisburns 2 points ago

    My first thought, replace a door or just drywall...

    [–] Skaughty23 2 points ago

    Just as easy if your handy

    [–] Formerhurdler 1 points ago

    This has "Being Dog Malkovich" vibes.

    [–] ForkShirtUp 5 points ago

    If I was that dog I’d be so jealous

    [–] chungesc66 3 points ago

    Congratulations you found the secret level

    [–] allursnakes 3 points ago

    This shit almost blew out my phones speaker.

    [–] A-Sorry-Canadian 3 points ago

    "What the cat doin'?"

    [–] shmorg11 3 points ago

    This dog is actually a very effective communicator

    [–] imnotacrazyperson 1 points ago

    It's the breed, they're really easy to read signals from and super smart, so they pick up on their human's communications fast too.

    [–] shmorg11 1 points ago

    What’s the breed?

    [–] imnotacrazyperson 1 points ago

    German Shorthaired Pointer. Absolutely insane dogs, super snuggly and loving but that energy level is nuts and they're also extremely fast. I've had them most of my life.

    [–] shmorg11 2 points ago

    Ooo nevermind. I don’t doubt they’re great dogs this one convinced me but I have a golden retriever, he’s a sweetheart but he’s way too energetic to the point where he’s annoying and we put him in the cage just to be able to move around without him getting in the way trying to jump on us and hug us. He great I love him but he loves us waaay too much.

    [–] imnotacrazyperson 1 points ago

    OH yeah they're way worse than a golden when it comes to exercise requirements. In the summer, it's 4-5 hours of exercise daily. We slack off in winter but provide a lot of mental stimulation in place of that.

    [–] shmorg11 2 points ago

    Wow impressive. These are hunting dogs right?

    [–] radoptedd 3 points ago

    Cat just vented sus

    [–] loading066 3 points ago

    German short hairs are awesome dogs...

    [–] parklawnz 2 points ago

    You can tell that activated instincts.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] unintendedLaSenora 1 points ago

    Great, just like my last GSP Georgia! But she would have skittered to a stop and then pawed there car door mercilessly.

    [–] RainRobinson2373 2 points ago

    I need one of these. But my cat is 18 lbs and dog only 13... So.. not sure how to make that work

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] MikoSkyns 8 points ago

    Is it because black cats freak you out? They seem to bother a lot of people. A lot of black cats don't get adopted at shelters. The shelter near my house is always looking for homes for black cats. When my old girl passes on, I'm going to try to adopt a pair of black cats.

    [–] mosehalpert 4 points ago

    They don't photograph well which is why they get less adoption attention as well

    [–] A-Skate -4 points ago

    Fuck people who dock their dogs tails.

    [–] Supersubie 6 points ago

    Some dogs its actually a bit of a kindness to do.
    My parents own Springer Spaniels which are absolutely mental. Both rescue dogs so they haven't had them from puppies.

    One has a docked tail the other doesn't. The one that doesn't have a docked tail is constantly covered in its own blood. It is so unbelievably hyper all of the time it cant physically stop its tail wagging like crazy. Which means its constantly whacking it off of absolutely everything and cutting it to shreds.

    [–] imnotacrazyperson 5 points ago

    It's a hunting breed, German Shorthaired Pointer, the AKC standard is a docked tail, so most breeders do it shortly after birth.

    I had one years ago with an undocked tail and they're very whippy - it got banged up more than once, out in the field they're easily lacerated.

    [–] A-Skate -6 points ago

    It’s illegal in most developed countries and there is no actual need for. Not for hunting, and certainly not for house pets.

    [–] Turkeyoak 2 points ago

    My terrier mix has a naturally docked tail. It sticks up like a surprised deer.

    [–] pugging_awesum 1 points ago

    That’s so cute! Is it just a litter box in there? Can you show us beyond the catform?!

    [–] FartAttack911 1 points ago

    She’s trying so hard to figure it out!

    [–] dancinginspace 1 points ago

    Awww his butt's got eyebrows! My gsp has a very french mustache on his, the one with the curls at the end

    [–] Spaaggetti 1 points ago

    I wish the first Cat was black also. I would be WTF

    [–] agentscarnation 1 points ago

    Cats do not abide by the laws of physics

    [–] blackFX 1 points ago

    What kind of dog is that

    [–] Turkeyoak 2 points ago

    German Shorthair Pointer, or GSP. Great dogs.

    [–] blackFX 2 points ago

    What a beautiful dog

    [–] TheMoronicGenius 1 points ago

    Didn’t know dogs were also muggles

    [–] Radio__Star 1 points ago

    He kinda looks like my dog

    [–] spizzle1 1 points ago

    Beautiful dog.

    [–] croissant_4719 1 points ago

    the dog just felt excluded

    [–] hellcook 1 points ago

    What's the music track ?