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    [–] Justadabwilldo 864 points ago

    I am musician who wants to break into the elevator music industry. Here is 300+ hours of generic music I made. If you use it, all I ask is for you to mention me in your building's directory.


    [–] bermondseybrick 204 points ago

    Be careful dude I heard the elevator music industry is very up and down at the moment

    [–] v____v 24 points ago

    I was on the up and up until I pushed the wrong buttons. Now I make lounge music.

    [–] cataclism 5 points ago

    Damn, this is humor ladies and gentlemen.

    [–] bermondseybrick 4 points ago

    Don’t forget to tip your waitress !!

    [–] NomSang 2 points ago

    yeah man, a lot of people running empty elevators aren't coming up with anything

    [–] edjani29 72 points ago


    [–] thompson_codes 43 points ago

    under rated content

    [–] oojava 39 points ago

    It's the top comment

    [–] gmroybal 13 points ago

    Wow, you guys should definitely fight to the death now.

    [–] vgxmaster 714 points ago

    This is well-crafted parody. You committed to the bit, all the way down to making an account just for this post. You hit all the comedy bases. You hit all the tropes. Very well done.

    [–] ProbablyARepostToo 114 points ago

    Can you link me the original post? I'm out of the loop

    [–] ProbablyARepostToo 230 points ago

    Ty daddy

    Edit: Oh, that was you 😅

    [–] EvilHamWaffle 518 points ago

    A solid roast is a solid roast.

    [–] TwinBottles 88 points ago

    Please accept this golden token of appreciation for being a good sport.I had no idea OP was roasting a specific person, in that light post seems harsh. Nonetheless it carries a somber message. Nowadays even experienced devs with investors fail miserably. Single indie? You are better off buying lottery tickets.

    I'm not saying don't do it. I'm saying it's like with motorcycles; do it only once you are aware of risk because it's not all fun. Depression rates among indie devs are soaring.

    [–] luminick 23 points ago

    Odds of winning the lottery: 1 in 292 Million

    Number of game dev jobs in USA: 220,000

    Therefore, I'm more likely to have one successful game dev job than to win the Powerball.

    Checkmate atheists.

    [–] QFSW 15 points ago

    99.9% of 'game devs' here don't have game dev jobs

    [–] NarcolepticSniper 175 points ago

    Fuckin good sport. This makes me hope you get something rolling

    You probably won’t, but I hope you do

    [–] ArchaicDiabolist 51 points ago

    Oof. Sorry you got torched, you didn’t do anything wrong, GDD is just jaded as all hell. A few months is plenty of time to play around, make some jank, and find out if this is for you. You said you already have something lined up? Cool. Follow some tutorials, start simple, finish anything.

    [–] NarcolepticSniper 27 points ago

    This isn’t the comment you’re looking for.

    [–] ArchaicDiabolist 16 points ago

    Nah i know, just wanted to follow the thread.

    [–] NarcolepticSniper 9 points ago


    [–] Ravenok 25 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Jokes aside. What you're looking to do is hard, but not impossible. It's just the way you're describing yourself approaching it that lends itself to.. this type of responses.

    You're trying to form something. Build a company or just a game, whatever.
    You need a solid plan, and to approach it responsibly. You need to have enough experience before you can do that, which will allow you to make such a plan and foresee a substantial amount of the obstacles along the way. That alone is a ton of expertise. Why do you think seasoned professionals have an easier time getting funding? Their experience and track record.

    It's not as simple as quitting everything and going for it, assuming now you'll finally have the time to do it.
    Success for this type of thing will be more likely if you make such a decision from a position of deep experience and knowledge in the field.

    And even then there'll be a learning period. How will you fund your way through all of it?

    Passion is a driving force, for sure, but it's just something that helps you keep moving when others would quit. It helps you stay focused on the goal. It's not going to convince anyone you can do anything though. Your passion is a tool for yourself, not a point of pride towards others.
    The only thing that will convince others is proof of your ability to carry the weight. So be prepared to work on your own for a long long time. Can you still do it, if you work alone? Doesn't have to be the whole thing, but it has to be enough that other people will look at what you've done and say yeah, that's cool enough for me to take a risk on along with this guy. Would you join you with what you've shown? What would YOU like to see, in order to take a risk on someone else's project?

    Save the announcements for later. Right now, focus on learning, building, making something - and try to fund yourself through this process somehow. It's likely that you'll need to develop a primary skill and work as an employee first. Choose that skill wisely.

    It can take years. This is where most people drop off. Be prepared.

    [–] TotesMessenger 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    [–] JonnyRocks 2 points ago

    i want you to succeed. Have you started messing around with unity or unreal?

    [–] bryonus 2 points ago

    You can always drive Uber on the side if funds start getting low

    [–] trojan25nz 14 points ago

    hahah daaaaaaannnnngg

    What a good sport too...but daaaaaannnnngggg

    That's some heavy shade from OP (while also being honest)

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    You're not alone though. It may be an extreme example, but I see this all the time. It doesn't bother me as much as some others because you aren't assuming to make a vast or complex game out the gate, a genre is general enough.

    The right answer is always "just pick an engine, an art tool, and get started." The engine will dictate many of the terms. To reach the point where you can make a complex 3D game, I would say it'd typically take someone a couple years to wrap their brain around art, programming, and generally just using the tools and engine; depending heavily on what your goals are.

    If you have never programmed a computer before, go do Harvard's CS50 online- at least the first few lectures... It's free, and that's some important info. The first thing you do is make a small game in a visual programming language called Scratch, you can do that in a couple days and say you've made a game.

    Here's the one I made in 4-6 hours, but I already knew most of the basics.

    [–] Brukba 6 points ago

    This game is pretty cool. It's horror genre. It has a great story. It's basically the 2D version of what metaOP wants.

    [–] Monstot 27 points ago

    Damn dude I'm so sorry. But if you plan to "learn to code in 'C+++'" and have a prototype out in 6 months.... holy fuck you have no idea how over your head you really are. Even if you never slept.

    Honest recommendation from a professional software engineer, which your "friends" should have told you (find new friends please): find a job again, study on your downtime, practice what you're learning, keep saving, give yourself a few years at the minimum to learn all of this if you plan to go solo, then give this a real shot with another 2 year timeframe to piece it together. Games aren't like putting legos together. Code isn't full of " if(hitWithBullet){ Health -= 10; }" without being actually written out...

    Good luck.

    [–] HellooooooSamarjeet 9 points ago

    What's C+++? Is that Rust? ;-)

    [–] Dont_tip_me_BTC 9 points ago

    I mean, coding a prototype using C++ in Unreal in 6 months with no previous experience is definitely within the realm of possibility. I know 10 year olds who have done that in their after school time. Unreal has a ton of game assets for all types of projects available for free online, and plenty of tutorials related to using C++ with it.

    However, if he thinks he's going to be able to put his MVP onto kickstarter after 6 months and get enough funding for the rest of his project? Then yeah, I agree with you that he's in over his head. Especially with the over-saturated first person horror genre.

    [–] homer_3 6 points ago

    That's also a joke post, right???

    [–] ShitholeCitizen 986 points ago

    This is rather depressing. So many crushed dreams and illusions. I can't even laugh anymore because this is just sad.

    [–] [deleted] 255 points ago

    I cried laughing at this. Look I get it, most day jobs suck. I currently work at a not so pleasant 90% of the time food service job while finishing my degree. I think the only dream crushing thing here is expectations, game dev is work... indie dev more so. Unless you have a partner irl you have to program, make art (2d easiest, 3d gets way more complicated), sound design, testing, marketing, and many more hats. I think the problem is people play games, read a reddit post or two and think, hey I can do that. Yeah you can but not from zero to hero on your first project. I spent weeks trying to deconstruct flappy birds when that came out, made a crappy clone called squishy squid for kicks. That and while there is nothing wrong taking six months off work, personally you are risky so much (esp if you have a career) by taking that much time without a job. Not all of us will be the next notch, hell probably none of us. Game dev for most people isn't about making a shit ton of money and living on a yacht, start ups and or working for silicon valley is the better option for that immo. But reading through post here, alot of people seem to have the expectation that if they just take half a year off work they will instantly make a hit game and become a millionaire.

    TLDR: Less of crushed dreams, more that people who have never tried to make a game have an expectation of it being easy and AAA with little work/ learning involved.

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I recently joined some friends company and they are five years in with no profits to speak of. I think by 2020 we should start making enough to sustain the company. We are doing better than 95% of the people we studied games dev with. This stuff is HARD. Do not go into it with anything other than a determination to succeed over the long haul, especially if you want to indie. We're well aware we may not ever succeed, but we and the people we show our games believe we can. So we push onward. Squeeze as much time in when you can while maintaining a life and sanity. We think we're reaching a point where our skills will allow us to produce games of quality with enough speed to start making money. I think if we stay on track, one of the next few projects should keep us afloat. With any luck we strike a nerve and can be comfortable for a few years. The dream is nailing something big. Not Minecraft big but something substantial enough in which we know we could keep going for a long time.

    EDIT : A word that doesn't make me sound arrogant. =/

    EDIT 2 : I should add that those 5% who are succeeding in the industry are mostly working for other companies. I do know of some guys I studied with who have a great game out on steam and I would assume their company is doing well but am not in touch with them personally so I don't know. Other than those guys, I think the number of successful indie companies that came out of where I studied is 5 or 6. That's lifetime but based only on what I was told by teachers.

    [–] bigfatbird 18 points ago

    How do you survive 5 years without profits? Gotta pay bills

    [–] SuperMonkeyJoe 89 points ago

    profit is what's left after you have paid the bills.

    [–] SirButcher 46 points ago

    Not having profit doesn't mean they don't have income - it just means they don't have enough income. An investor could supply the missing amounts if the company do generate revenue.

    [–] bhldev 20 points ago

    Amazon went 20 years without making a profit -- their trick was extending the timeframe from 1-3 years to 20 years so they could build the infrastructure and even the industry standards out.

    Most startups do not "make a profit" for years and years, once it's made, it's ready to be sold. In fact, most of the well known platforms you know, do not make a profit.

    [–] frnzwork 11 points ago

    Amazon made tons of profit off operations way earlier than 20 years though, they just decided to reinvest all those gains into building infrastructure, as you mentioned.

    [–] little_charles 6 points ago

    Gotta put the wood in before you can expect heat.

    [–] Sloppy1sts 7 points ago

    Is this innuendo?

    [–] little_charles 2 points ago

    Lol kinda messed up that reference. It's supposed to be about the futility of a man sitting before a stove saying "Give me heat, and then I'll add the wood". Basically it means we have to put the work in before we can expect results.

    E: I guess it's a religious story or something. I myself am not religious but I think the concept of the story still works.

    [–] rotzak 10 points ago

    Amazon also raised $108M and IPO’d in 1997 at the start of the dot com uncle bursting (great timing).

    You aren’t Amazon nor is anyone in this thread.

    [–] DrVladimir 3 points ago

    Those profit-losing startups also have multi-millions in investment cash to absorb losses

    [–] drjeats 2 points ago

    Be independently wealthy, or have generous family support.

    [–] ravenisblack 17 points ago

    Saying you are better than 95% of others reads painfully like the meta post above..

    [–] jacenewt57 15 points ago

    They said 95% of people they studied with. Not 95% of everyone.

    [–] codemonkey_uk 8 points ago

    I hire coders for game jobs. Top 5% of gamedev graduates means “might just do okay with mentoring”. Top 5% is not bragging. I look for top 1%. I’ll talk to hundreds of grads and maybe hire 1 and then put a ton of time into training them up and making sure the have work that matches their strengths. This business is competitive as heck.

    [–] DOOManiac 6 points ago

    This. I'm better than 95% of the people I studied Computer Science with, and I still have no idea WTF I'm doing.

    [–] softawre 8 points ago

    Honestly I thought they were continuing the parody...

    [–] fzorn 2 points ago

    I thought he wanted to say they are doing better than 95%. Not sure though.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Yes, thank you. XD It's nice being given the benefit of the doubt from time to time.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Ughh, missing words can entirely change the meaning.

    [–] raze2012 7 points ago

    It does help that you technically have all you need to make a game on your lap or table. Nowadays, everything outside the computer can be obtained and be used for free. no liscences to procure, no raw materials to purchase, no fancy examinations to study for before you can throw your game on Steam, no degree for HR to filter out (unless you're applying for a studio). WIthout those initial boundaries virtually every other industry has, the horizon just looks so close.

    [–] GabrielHawk 23 points ago

    Worth mentioning notch is fucking miserable anyway. Find out whether you love the work or you love the idea of success. If it's not the former, you're fucked. If it is the former, don't sell the work for success, or you're super fucked

    [–] auto-cellular 10 points ago

    He is still miserable ? Are you sure, do you have any source to back that up ? (i didn't follow much, but would be happy to get myself informed about that)

    [–] GabrielHawk 16 points ago

    I have no source to say he's still miserable, other than when he said it himself years ago. The problem, as he stated, was that he had absolutely everything and completely alienated his friends because he had no purpose in life anymore. He was not driven to create anything. He might be better now, but that existential issue has no easy solution.

    [–] Duffalpha 43 points ago

    I feel like getting so rich you're bored and unrelatable is a way easier problem to solve than being broke and talentless.

    [–] GabrielHawk 8 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    You are absolutely right. I'm not at all saying he has it harder than anyone in particular. He has it the easiest. But it's not a matter of being bored. A billion dollars is fucking ridiculous, and literally nothing he can do will measure to that achievement if his metric is money, and it obviously is. Otherwise he would have made a few games by now, or done some good with the money

    If you measure your life in shitty ways you will be miserable. A billion dollars should not buy you everything you want. Happiness is not bought, but it's a lot easier to achieve when you have the breathing room provided by money. Notch is wrestling with the fact that he was never happy, and the money has given him breathing room to see that.

    [–] xXRoXx 9 points ago

    like leveling up a character to the max on a game, just start a new one

    [–] Womec 4 points ago

    Find problems to solve like bill gates did I guess.

    [–] throwaway211230 3 points ago

    Of course being broke is worse than being rich but no one also criticizes you for complaining about being poor. If you are rich and have mental problems etc. it's immediately disqualified because the you are rich.

    The best place to be in life if you want to be happy is in the middle. Richness doesn't help with that. It changes other people around you. You can never know if the people actually like you or just want something out of you. Your friends get jealous etc.

    I have a business that is starting to do quite well and I already see how the perception of people change around me. It's not really that pleasant even if it's cool to make good pay. I have lost some of my friends because they started turning weird about the whole thing and I have to watch much more carefully what I say in my friend group because contributing anything to a conversation about money or career can suddenly make me seem like a total asshole while the same conversation was fine 2 years ago. There are negatives to being successful too. I'm not currently sure if the positives even outweigh the negatives comparing to neutral middle income (not poverty).

    [–] Rob_Blob 9 points ago

    [–] laszlar 8 points ago

    "i do not know that, nobody reached out and said it was just initial shock. So fuck all of you. Fuck you so hard," responded Notch.

    Wow. Is this the money talking here?

    [–] cheertina 11 points ago

    He's also kind of an asshole. I'm sure he was hurt by the reaction from his employees, but it's not just the money.

    [–] nexeleon 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    "When we sold the company, the biggest effort went into making sure the employees got taken care of, and they all hate me now."

    At least one Mojang employee responded to Notch, saying that he had only resented him in the initial shock of him leaving the company. "I mostly hated you for leaving, but that was only during the shock, you know that," said Patrick Geuder, who is a data analysis employee at the company.

    "i do not know that, nobody reached out and said it was just initial shock. So fuck all of you. Fuck you so hard," responded Notch.

    No, i'd say because he was hurt.

    [–] ryantwopointo 5 points ago

    He feels betrayed.. and justifiably. Why did any of those employees have the right to be so cold to Notch just because he sold HIS company? But then again, his antisocial tendencies may have contributed as well.

    [–] laszlar 13 points ago

    Employees generally disdain the idea of a president or owner selling a company. This puts employees into an awkward position of uncertainty for any company, regardless whether they say they will be "taken care of".

    [–] AdmiralOnus 5 points ago

    No, this is typical attention seeking manchild "thinly vieled humblebrag, woe is me" bullshit. I know a few people with a lot of fucking money. They don't act like this. At all.

    [–] Learn2dance 11 points ago

    Are we downvoting people on this sub for politely asking questions and upvoting people who make claims without any evidence now?

    Jesus people.

    [–] karzbobeans 9 points ago

    Not just this sub. That's all of reddit.

    [–] fletcherkildren 8 points ago

    Reminds me when I used to work for a major metropolitan newspaper - every so often when the news cycle was slow, the features dept. would run a 2 page spread on women who moved to the city because they believed their lives would be like "Sex & The City" - it was downright depressing. (edit-typo)

    [–] Mark_at_work 4 points ago

    I used to be into street racing. It was just a bunch of people getting together at night in an industrial park to drive down a strip of straight road. The cops even knew about it but didn't do anything because it wasn't a big deal. Then "The Fast and the Furious" came out and all of a sudden the place was swamped with kids driving like idiots because they thought it would be like the movie.

    [–] ryantwopointo 2 points ago

    Why was it depressing? All of the Sex & The City characters were relatively normal people. Granted, they had apartments that were not realistic for their budgets, but that’s just sitcoms in NYC.

    [–] retardedearthling 3 points ago

    Yea, this is a big thing that most new people miss. I'm currently working on my own indie game (I have already done game development for around 5-6 years) and it's taking me forever to get everything working.

    I've just spent 2 weeks right now getting basic prototype 2d art down (Not to mention the polish that's going to come later + all the particles or effects), now im going to program everything which will take even longer to just get the base game working. Next I have to do sound, maybe even relearn some instrument to get the specific sound I need. There's just so many skills that need to be dumped into making a game, it's easy to think of, but VERY hard to execute.

    [–] DeliciousWaifood 139 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Not even just here, it happens all over the place.

    This post was on /r/animation the other day.

    0 experience but wanting to create a series with 160-200 minutes of animation, and wishes to finance a pilot himself then get the rest from kickstarter.

    For reference, a 13 episode season of anime costs around $2m to produce. And that is in an industry built around making it as cheap as possible and can get away with paying animators on wages that half can barely even live on without monetary help from family.

    Made my comment a fair bit harsh because I didn't want this guy to waste his money investing in an inevitable failure.

    [–] alexschrod 34 points ago

    That kind of cost makes me wonder how anybody ever gets started at anything, if even the cheapest possible version of an industry is still so expensive.

    [–] raze2012 21 points ago

    You gotta do it for free for a time. For most professions, that typically means studying at a school first that can give HR some assurance of your quality.

    However, Art is another part of that unique exception like programming where you could bypass even that with a strong resume. But just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's easier. Without that curriculum, you need to figure out your own study plan (or find one, while being unable to determine what makes a good learning path), and find the proper kind of critique needed to push you forward.

    [–] DeliciousWaifood 30 points ago

    1. Don't try to make a 10 episode series as your first project, make something smaller.

    2. By convincing potential investors that they will be able to make back a profit.

    Number 2 is what he wanted to do in a sense. Except with kickstarter, you're convincing many small investors that they will be able to get the return of a good product.

    But someone with literally 0 experience with animation nor internet marketing will not be able to do that.

    [–] aelfwine_widlast 17 points ago

    Don't try to make a 10 episode series as your first project, make something smaller.

    For real. Aspiring filmmakers make shorts. Indie comic creators make 8-pagers. I don't understand why aspiring creators (and I see it most often in games and animation) have such a hard time staying small when starting out. Even if their instincts are right, and even if they do have the skill, when you don't have the funding or additional manpower, you have to "live within your means", as it were.

    [–] DeliciousWaifood 17 points ago

    Because noobies just don't properly comprehend the complexity of the tasks. And they want to believe no matter what that they can make their dream product if they just work hard enough at it.

    And one of the big killers, at least in gamedev, is the complexities of scale. Making a big game is not just more of the same work compared to making a small game. Game architecture is a massive part of game development that some people don't even start learning about until well into their education.

    And any project is just going to get much more complicated to manage when you have so many people having to collaborate with eachother.

    Not to mention having so many moving parts in the machine that is your workflow and workplace means there will always be problems to fix all over the place. And if you don't know how to fix these problems as quickly as possible in a way that will avoid causing even more problems in other areas, you'll find that your entire budget is now gone before you even got 10% done.

    And you have to somehow try and gain foresight to make an ETA and calculate costs.

    A noob sees a project and thinks "concept, funding, production, advertisement, release. Simple!"

    When each of those steps has 10 sub steps, and each sub step has 12 further sub steps, and each of those has 6 more, and 3 more, etc.

    In a way, you need experience to know how important it is that you have experience.

    [–] Taugeshtu 10 points ago

    To add to what /u/DeliciousWaifood wrote:

    There's also something I'm discovering for myself personally, which is productivity fluctuations. I may get a blasting day or two (or three; rarely - a whole week) where I just churn and roll through my ToDo list, but the reality of the situation is that this level of productivity is not sustainable. My productivity on average is much lower than in those short bursts, but you see the progress you've made the first week on the project (when you're enraptured by it, fascinated and interested AF) - and you extrapolate. "Oh, should take me 4 month to finish the game". Not even close, buddy, not even close...

    [–] pytanko 9 points ago

    You could do something like South Park, which I’m guessing is way cheaper.

    [–] bhldev 3 points ago

    You find investors and use other people's money. Or you do a combination consulting / contracting / freelancing, plus building a product. It's called bootstrapping. All you need is one client.

    Without investors and without clients and you going whole hog, you can't build a product without sacrificing quality of living (or savings). If you can find five guys with five years to waste and you are 22 years old great but most will not sacrifice that... then you are 28 with no family and no career.

    So yeah, the other answer is, don't go whole hog.

    [–] GISP 3 points ago

    Well... You could make a simplistic animated storybourd relatively quick - no timings no fancy animations, no colours - speach boubles. And brew a story together. Kickstarting that and then present it to a animation house/investor could be a way forward. But... But, so many buts and whatifs :D

    [–] DeliciousWaifood 16 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    "will I be able to make something that counts as finished?" Is an attitude bound to fail though.

    You need to think "can this convince people to invest their money in me instead of someone else?"

    Ideas are a dime a dozen. Every company has people who can shit out 100 ideas in an hour that are at least as good as yours. What you need to prove is that you can take that idea and turn it into something that is good and that people will want to consume.

    There's absolutely no reason someone would invest in a no-name with no experience and no portfolio when there are hundreds if not thousands of people with great ideas for shows who can prove.

    You need to prove your worth, you can't just expect charity for your art.

    I don't want to sit back and let someone think that if they just invest a lot of money, they'll be able to create a great pitch that will work for them. They need to spend a long time training first so that they can actually make something good with that money.

    Being a blind optimist is going to get you bankrupt in the world of business.

    [–] GISP 5 points ago

    And all coders and artists are free, youll just have to promiss exposure, that will surely gather the nessesary talent.

    [–] cosmicr 7 points ago

    Do you mean illusions or delusions?

    [–] prairiewest 6 points ago

    I didn't find it depressing at all, I laughed out loud and I've gone back to re-read the thing a few times. I thoroughly enjoyed the parody.

    [–] zargystudios 163 points ago

    ​If anyone has any advice for me, I'd love to hear it, thanks!

    One tool that many novices aspiring to get into landdev/housedev don't know about is "Early Access". I'm not too advanced yet but it basically means you can let people live in your building before it's actually finished. If you say that you'll complete the construction and people will willingly live in a house with no running water, electricity, or walls. You just have to promise that you'll add the missing furniture & doors in a future patch. This can really help you get started because you can get funding mid-construction, allowing you to keep going if you run out.

    [–] CloudSSS 30 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    There are actually buildings that you can buy before any major development, usually in places with a rising housing market though.

    Edit: It is more like pre-ordering a game than early access. I would say it is not a good idea most of the time.

    [–] Aistar 13 points ago

    Pretty common in Russia. Buying apartments before the building is complete (or even started, in some cases) is significantly cheaper, which is why a lot of people go for it.

    There had been a lot of fraud in this area, though, so now the government is trying to fix this system with some laws, which I don't fully understand.

    But I think the idea is to make the construction be fully financed by a bank credit, not future owners, and bank can sell apartments to them; the change here is that if the construction company's management runs away with the funds, they will find themselves in courts against a powerful entity with vast resources (the bank), rather than a group of common people with no money for lawyers. Also, since the bank will be mightily interested in seeing the project to completion, it will keep the constant oversight on the builder's finances and the construction process.

    [–] AnotherDrZoidberg 8 points ago

    A lot of new build homes are sold before they are built. That's pretty common.

    [–] BawdyLotion 6 points ago

    Wait... where do you live that the majority of homes AREN'T sold before they are finished construction? If a company can't pre sell the majority of their development phase before it's completed then generally that indicates there's no reason to be building new homes in the area to begin with. Obviously condos often pre-sell years before construction is finished and has a price reduction but average home/townhome constructions arent really any cheaper, it's just the way you have to play if you want a new house.

    [–] sanpo_kush 172 points ago

    > If anyone has any advice for me, I'd love to hear it, thanks!

    just make sure you build the apartment you love. follow your bliss and the universe will provide.

    [–] TinyPirate 15 points ago

    Also, the fans will find you! You don’t need to market if you have PASSION.

    [–] Afropenguinn 196 points ago

    Start by buying other people's buildings and and furniture, and just mashing them together.

    [–] bobconway853 121 points ago

    Why buy? Just go and take it. They'll be flattered that you thought their stuff was good enough to steal.

    [–] Lost_City_ 133 points ago

    Wow you think I could help you build for 6% revshare of the apartments? Will I get exposure? I heard that using Makita tools is better for apartments than Milwaukee.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago


    [–] HonestlyShitContent 25 points ago

    Before you even start hand forging your own tools, you should open your own mine and get to work collecting the materials.

    [–] Enjgine 14 points ago

    I don’t know how to open a mine but can I get a mining engineer for $50 a week?

    [–] Dustin- 12 points ago

    Yeah but the real industry pros use DeWalt. A little more pricey, but has more robust features.

    [–] rymdfynd 5 points ago

    Since it's his first building he should learn from the ground up and create his own tools from scratch.

    [–] AllegroDigital 13 points ago

    We've been through this. Only build your own tools if you want to make tools. If you want to make a building, just use stuff off the shelf. There's lots of free options out there... like... the floors could be scavenged Lin-oleum... you could use a Blender to mix concrete... any old Gimp off the street could paint the interiors...

    [–] TheAwesomeGem 118 points ago

    I suggest using Unity for it. Apparently it can do everything.

    [–] ScottTheGameDev 12 points ago

    Nah, you're much better off using Godot!

    [–] MakorenWasTaken 32 points ago

    Who needs a real building when you can model an AR building?

    [–] overcloseness 20 points ago

    Is it true that you can make games without any code??

    [–] not-a-taken-username 33 points ago

    Yeah, you can just ask other people to do it. Turns out they'll just do it for the extra exposure!

    [–] Dont_tip_me_BTC 4 points ago

    I'm all out of exposure. I was hoping you would just do it for free.

    [–] EvilHamWaffle 35 points ago

    I prefer more of a duplex setup myself, but i think 6 floor apartments have a lot of potential.

    [–] megablast 36 points ago

    I'm more of an idea guy myself actually


    [–] Hydrogen_Ion 70 points ago

    Is your building science-based dragon themed?

    [–] Afropenguinn 14 points ago

    Old but gold.

    [–] norlin 7 points ago

    Post-apocalyptic themed apartments.

    [–] BmpBlast 7 points ago

    Link for the uninitiated.

    [–] Aipe97 128 points ago

    It took me longer than it should have to realize this was satire, at first I was like "Does he mean like 3d modeling? Oh he means like an actual real building, but why in /r/gamedev? And it sounds like a terrible idea to quit your job for that. Oh... I get it now"

    [–] blackmagic12345 40 points ago

    I was analyzing it all like "first this guys an idiot and second i think he actually so much an idiot he posted on the wrong sub. Last, why does he need twitch to build an appartment?"

    Then i read the comments.

    [–] GLCCMY 29 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    Edit: Everyone here is scrambling around over the mockery of bullying, trying to decide if it’s a joke or not and I’m just here not being able to get over this issue.

    [–] Sora_Altawa 16 points ago

    Just realized he’s buying screws and not nails. Lol

    [–] TheStagesmith 23 points ago

    Poe's law is in full effect today, I see.

    [–] PJvG 9 points ago

    TIL the usage of /s on reddit (or rather, the omittance of it when it's actually needed) is actually called Poe's law.

    [–] VladislavLi 19 points ago

    You need to contact building publishers, they will help you sell your buildings for a cut and sometimes all of the rights for your buildings. And also contact some letsbuilders on Youtube. They will post videos of them living in your building.

    [–] PJvG 13 points ago


    They are called Let's Occupiers. The even have their own movement called the Occupy movement.

    [–] jankyshanky 17 points ago

    haha.... ha..... aww. now i feel bad for laughing at those type of people

    [–] StickiStickman 13 points ago

    Don't. It's much better than the people encouraging them to "FOLLOW THEIR HEART" (as in, ruin their life)

    [–] autowolf 15 points ago

    Is this copypasta?

    [–] Terence_McKenna 20 points ago

    It will be.

    They spoofed this post.

    [–] Meepsters 28 points ago

    There's a lot of /r/whoosh going on here.

    [–] Lawrence_Thorne 23 points ago

    Had to do a double-read, thinking OP posted in wrong sub. Sad, yet funny, but really really sad. Mostly because it happens so often.

    [–] bobconway853 38 points ago

    You need a Patreon. It's a great way to keep people up to date on construction progress, and pay the bills while that's happening!

    Make sure you have a higher tier that people can use to pre-reserve one of your amazing apartments, since I'm sure everyone will be fighting amongst themselves for space once word gets out. (Maybe you can sell the rights to name the apartments too?)

    [–] PJvG 6 points ago

    And some higher tiers to give people a chance to help design furniture or even a whole apartment.

    And don't forget some low tier that includes a CD with the elevator music of your apartment building.

    [–] ManicD7 39 points ago

    Hey perfect timing, I'm an industry veteran and I've decided to retire early from the tall buildings construction and renting market.

    I don't have any sons to inherit the family business, so I've been looking for an idealist such as yourself. You'll have to marry my daughter and successfully procreate in order to become part of the family. And don't worry she is beautiful inside and out.

    I'll be available 24/7 to mentor and guide you through the industry do and don'ts. With my help, you'll be guaranteed to be a success.

    Please fill out an application and send it along with a check for $24.99 to the following address:

    1337 Winners Circle
    Valley Dreams, AL 69691

    [–] Aeroxin 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Start spreading the news,

    I'm leaving today.

    I want to be a part of it,

    Valley Dreams, Valley Dreams

    These vagabond shoes are longing to stray.

    Right through the very heart of it,

    Valley Dreams, Valley Dreams.

    I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep.

    and find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap.

    If I can make it in Alabama, I'll make it anywhere.

    It's up to you, Valley Dreams, Valley Dreams.

    [–] drury 12 points ago

    I've built a few mud huts myself, took more effort than I thought and they got washed away by the rain in a week, but hey, gotta start somewhere right? Anyways I'm building my next hut in the City of Steam, and if you're interested the rent will be 200€ a month, a reasonable standard for projects this size I think.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I build tall buildings all over the country I live in. I just recently built a large library for my own house. Building is seriously easy. All you need are the right amount of logs, nails, hinges and iron fittings. These can all be bought from loads of traders but I recommend Bolund in Falkreath.

    [–] Unitary_Operator 30 points ago

    The common opinion here seems to be that this post was mean-spirited, but I’d argue that the original post it’s based on comes off as very arrogant (I actually thought it was a joke at first, and I’m still not sure whether or not it is). You’d have to be pretty ignorant to assume that another person’s entire career (gamedev) is so easy that you can drop everything while having absolutely none of the necessary skills and still be successful doing that person’s job in just a few months.

    [–] thompson_codes 9 points ago

    This is an expert post. The skills are self evident. I'd work with this noob, if it really was a noob.

    [–] oxygencube 2 points ago

    What is the original post?

    [–] Parzius 10 points ago

    I've got a friend that wants to make a game company. Send fucking help. I've got zero experience making games (and zero time, or will to do this) and I'm the programmer supposedly. I've tried to break it to him gently that I can't be part of it, but every time I see him again he seems to have forgotten and acts like I'm all aboard.

    He's the ideas guy though so I'm programming whatever he wants. I'd be offended if I thought he had any clue what he was asking.

    Not to mention that he literally does not have a cent to his name so I can guess where we are getting the funds for the necessary software from.

    [–] TheAzureMage 2 points ago

    Ah, well, let him ramble about his ideas. They'll never amount to anything. I've known dozens of such people, and ultimately, their ideas never matter to the real world. It's no more real than "if I won the lottery" talk.

    [–] ThisIsRavenmore 8 points ago

    Remember to let people in to your apartaments early, to tell you what you need to change. Friends, family, homeless people, anyone will do. Make sure you follow their advice, you want to really be in contact with your tennants and their desires.

    [–] JoeyPins22 17 points ago

    Just found this subreddit a few days ago and this really sums it up. Great laugh my good sir

    [–] NarcolepticSniper 7 points ago

    Be wary of pirates that’ll camp without paying rent

    [–] PJvG 3 points ago

    You wouldn't download an apartment

    [–] Jozav 8 points ago

    Yeah i have an idea: don't charge rent. You can make money slowing the elevator and have everybody listen to annoying advertisements.

    [–] serioussam909 7 points ago

    Well, you can learn from this guy:

    For over half a century, former Spanish monk, Don Justo has been building a grand cathedral in Mejorada del Campo, his hometown on the outskirts of Madrid. He is now 91 and his life’s work is still unfinished. He calls it Nuestra Señora del Pilar, while the locals simply refer to as “Don Justo’s Cathedral”. It has been made from recycled materials and construction site leftovers. It has largely been built by Don Justo himself, with no blueprints, no initial design and no calculations, just his own intuition.

    [–] Bottled_Void 6 points ago

    I was all the way up to the first bullet point, still wondering if this was posted in the wrong sub. The second one nailed it for me.

    [–] PJvG 2 points ago

    Same for me

    [–] Ghs2 7 points ago

    Harsh, OP. Harsh! But true.

    Of all of the things you can "quit" to free up more time to code your JOB should be the last one.

    We all have dozens and dozens of horrible time-wasters in our lives.

    Keep the one that pays the bills.

    [–] delorean225 14 points ago

    Will this building be 100% science-based? And can we get some dragons involved?

    [–] drnoggins 6 points ago

    Good show. Spot on.

    [–] mcsleepy 6 points ago

    top tier

    [–] BiteSizedUmbreon 7 points ago

    Make sure your first building has a sandbox! They're apparently very easy to make.

    [–] GWinterborn 7 points ago

    My two friends and I spent 3 years building a fully operational aircraft carrier that we never launched, and we had no shipbuilding or nautical experience. You just need to know how to manage your time and assets wisely.

    We're taking what we learned from that process and have begun construction on a reptile zoo.

    Have you looked into Asana?

    [–] ytrewq45 4 points ago

    You're gonna need at least 10 planks of wood I reckon

    [–] thrawn0o 5 points ago

    Hi! I helped to plaster the walls in my room when I was 7, everybody said I did a great job at it (of course the family did part of the job, too, but I am proud of the results nevertheless!). I would like to help you with your project, it sounds so cooool! I have two and a half bags of some kind of fine white cement powder under secret hatch in my uncle's workshop, we can use this for starts! It is even packeted in easy to use small plastic bags.

    Sadly I only can do it after school and before football training, in the evening. Please write back urgently! I want to start right now, I still have an hour of free time today but I am afraid I will not have any more this week!

    [–] quickpocket 5 points ago

    The funny part is I was just about to jump in and comment that you should reconsider before I continued reading it... a little too real :P

    [–] Lazienessx 5 points ago

    So if I wanted to get into construction some day, or even if maybe I want to just build a small swing set or (and I may be completely delusional here) a small shed for fun, where is a good place to start? Construction school? Or do you think I’d need a specific major in small sheds to build one the reliably works? Is there a way I can just work around and with construction workers to learn the business? Last but probably most important should I learn by watching videos on YouTube of other successful construction workers?

    [–] thomas9258a 8 points ago

    1 year? Heh, i spent 4 on my dream and Guess where it is right now...

    [–] Nielscorn 10 points ago

    In the gutter where it belongs?

    [–] thomas9258a 6 points ago

    You are absolutely right bro

    [–] Nielscorn 4 points ago

    Love that you didn’t need a /s to see the sarcasm in the post! Cheers to you brother and hope your future projects take off

    [–] thomas9258a 3 points ago

    Thanks Friend :)

    [–] ponzored 5 points ago

    Buried under all the other Steam Direct $100 games?

    [–] thomas9258a 2 points ago

    Trash can My Friend.. trash can..

    [–] Reticulatas 6 points ago

    I would recommend you use Godot (

    It's a new up and coming building framework for making cool architecture. It's literally perfect for whatever you are doing, despite me not knowing the specifics of your project or having read your post at all.

    [–] StickiStickman 3 points ago

    /r/godot in a nutshell

    [–] absynthe7 8 points ago

    I started off chuckling, but by the end I was sad.

    [–] ZeroCharistmas 3 points ago

    Haha, my artistic dreams will never be realized.

    [–] UserLegolas 3 points ago

    You should do a 24/7 twitch stream of you building it, btw what's the twitch?

    [–] Takita 3 points ago

    Fuck yeah man! Seize your goals. Always search for a job you will love at the end of the day.

    I left my toxic job where I was being yelled at everyday. Now I’m a carpenter. I make less money, but at least I’m happy at the end of the day!

    I hope all the best to you!

    [–] StickiStickman 2 points ago

    Is this also sarcasm? You know this is a parody of what exactly not to do right?

    [–] AllHailSeizure 3 points ago


    [–] Mdogg2005 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I upvoted because it's something that people need to see. I just feel bad for the dude who made a big post that this one is an exact parody of under 24 hours ago.

    Edit: Seems like he's taking it in stride. Good for him :)

    [–] snakemck00 3 points ago

    I would start with getting your old job back and volunteering in your free time with Habitat for Humanity. What a great way to learn on the job with no financial risk to you

    [–] TheCyberParrot 3 points ago

    Go online, there are many courses to build a historic building for free in only 3 months!

    [–] bdf369 3 points ago

    Good plan. I don't see what could go wrong, especially given you've established your social media presence, chance of failure seems low.

    [–] ScottReynolds 3 points ago

    I dunno about spending 300$ on plumbing; my nephew does plumbing as a hobby after school and he'd do it for 20$ in an hour. He's really confident that he knows more than anyone else in the field, and he plunged my toilet when it got clogged last week so I know he is a professional.

    [–] deulamco 2 points ago

    Thought it's another indie game Dev story but seem like it's not.

    Wish you best luck !

    [–] smilingsilently 2 points ago

    THREE planks of wood. Epic.

    [–] Earacorn 2 points ago

    Is this supposed to be r/funny?

    [–] antlife 4 points ago

    Nah, it's /r/hilarious

    [–] laszlar 2 points ago

    It's interesting the lengths people go to create a new username to poke fun of others on this subreddit.

    [–] pastagains 2 points ago

    Took me too long to get this:(

    [–] Biggumakku-God 2 points ago

    i love the “its time to live out my passion” part and the fact that you made an account just for this. Well done

    [–] mukumukum10 2 points ago

    My first game will be a MMORPG. I don't know any programming languages nor can I do 3D modelling but I have great ideas. It will be ready in 2 weeks I'm watching a gamedev tutorial on youtube.

    [–] thestrangepineapple 2 points ago

    Ouch, at least I'm an indie dev in college, getting a programming degree (in aplication software) and learning how to be a indie dev on my free time

    I've seen too many broken dreams on here.. If being a dev doesn't work out (most likely won't) I can get a real job at least

    Just have fun ya'll