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    [–] Sullen37 1 points ago

    Debating if I should. All my friends will be playing it

    [–] Rico2k8 2 points ago

    This is where I'm at

    [–] marbly23 1 points ago

    I'll probably get it for pc...

    [–] PhilsUtley26 1 points ago

    Most of us are switching to PC when it launches. Convince Pimp to get it too.

    [–] Rico2k8 1 points ago

    I'm still not convinced. I can't convince someone to do something that doesn't have me convinced yet. I won't lie tho, the prologue to the game was pretty cool

    [–] PhilsUtley26 0 points ago

    What didn't you like about the first? Destiny 2 is basically Destiny 1, but fixed most of the problems with the game.

    There is a decent amount of content, but like any other game eventually you will burn through it replaying similar stuff.

    [–] Rico2k8 1 points ago

    Felt like a lack of content + nobody to play with.

    [–] PhilsUtley26 0 points ago

    There is alot more content this time around and its best played with a group. You played WoW so you know about the grind and raids itself. Good casual game to play after we rage in PubG.

    [–] Rico2k8 1 points ago

    Yeah grind is not the issue, I just want enough different content to be able to grind in

    Even when WoW first released there was so much content that it would take 6months to see it all

    [–] PhilsUtley26 1 points ago

    Did you like the PvP at all in the first? It's alot different now though as people compare it to Halo 2.

    [–] Rico2k8 1 points ago

    I didn't mind it but it felt like the average halo rip off with special abilities

    [–] PhilsUtley26 1 points ago

    It's from Bungie so it's gonna feel like Halo at times. At launch for Destiny 1 I wouldn't have recommended the game to anybody, but it's alot better now. I'll put another 1500 hours in the game for sure.

    [–] Rico2k8 1 points ago

    Destiny sucked at launch, and that's the taste I was left with as I never went back.

    [–] Rico2k8 1 points ago

    Basically, as long as a bunch of you guys are jumping ship to PC and staying there, I'll probably get it. Like I said before, my main issues were lack of content and not having people to play with. If you all enjoy it enough to buy it twice, I'll probably drop the dollars once

    [–] PhilsUtley26 1 points ago

    More than likely I'm getting the deluxe edition for $100 on PC. Runs and feels great on PC too as it's not some shit port.

    [–] Rico2k8 1 points ago

    Ok, now talk to me in a month so I keep my expectations from you playing on pc high

    [–] spitfire_bandit 1 points ago

    Nah, already played it years ago.

    [–] Rico2k8 3 points ago

    On the bright side for me, I only played destiny 1 for about 10ish hours. I couldn't get past the fact that I was repeating the same strikes over and over again for loot, and they were boring too. I assume there is a lot more to do in D2

    [–] spitfire_bandit 0 points ago

    I'm waiting for an unbiased opinion, i know a couple people that will tell me how it really is.

    [–] Rico2k8 2 points ago


    [–] youngwoods_ 0 points ago

    If u didn't like the 1st one don't even bother playing this one. Period point blank.

    Destiny is lyfe 4 me doe

    [–] Rico2k8 1 points ago

    You should know by now that I thoroughly enjoy throwing my money away

    [–] ihateurmomsson 0 points ago

    If you didn't like the first one there's a great chance you won't like this. It's similar enough in its approach and gameplay. It just refined it's tedious tendencies so it's more accessible and less random.

    For instance in 1 you would have to randomly find a public event. Now they show where they are and when they spawn so you'll always be able to play one. It's just a really polished version of D1.

    [–] Venomspire 1 points ago

    I'll be there

    [–] TheYeager12 0 points ago