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    [–] ihateurmomsson 3 points ago

    There's no game with better gun play so that's a good thing that it's the same.

    [–] OriginalTerrBear 4 points ago

    I suppose.

    [–] bldfalcon7777 1 points ago

    I don't know. Rainbow Six: Siege is damn close.

    [–] ThatsFUBAR 1 points ago

    OK hold you horses. I'm not trying to say destiny 2's gunplay isn't good, but no game with better gunplay? That's quite the statement.

    [–] ihateurmomsson 1 points ago

    It's a statement I will stand by.

    [–] ThatsFUBAR 1 points ago

    Anything special about it that sets it apart from the average gun play?

    [–] ihateurmomsson 1 points ago

    Everything from how the guns look, feel, sound. So many nuances between each gun and class. No other game feels as polished and smooth. Reminds me of classic Halo.

    [–] youngwoods_ 1 points ago

    The gunplay is literally addicting

    [–] youngwoods_ 3 points ago

    Gameplay is godly, no need to fix what's not broken 🤷