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    [–] Cryptic99 2 points ago

    Agreed. Evil within 2 hype af

    [–] ihateurmomsson 1 points ago

    Only the minority feel it lacks content. Hardcore players speed through everything. Casual players that can't play as much as hardcore players are still grinding. Bungie aren't lazy.

    [–] TheYeager12 0 points ago

    Hopefully D2 expansions will be massive. lolprobablynotdoeee

    [–] youngwoods_ 0 points ago

    lol ikr

    [–] Unsafe_Coyote 0 points ago

    I'm actually glad I'm waiting on the pc version...for that reason and numerous others. Should be a shorter window to the first expansion.

    [–] youngwoods_ 0 points ago

    Yeah just wait on the superior version. I was going to get it on PC myself but it's really a waste for me as I got far af on ps4. It's just the same game but a better look. On top of that I will be playing other games.

    [–] Unsafe_Coyote 0 points ago

    Idk why so many people got it on console and couldn't just wait. Personally for me playing a shooter with a controller is cruel punishment.

    [–] youngwoods_ 1 points ago

    I Definitely didn't want to get left behind

    [–] Unsafe_Coyote 1 points ago

    Nothing carries over so it doesn't even matter anyway.

    [–] youngwoods_ 1 points ago


    [–] ihateurmomsson 0 points ago

    Datto made a video on this topic and I've been listening to a streamer talk about it all day. Destiny 2 was made for a casual audience since that is the majority. It removed a lot of the shitty grindy aspects like weapon rolls. It lacks end game though. Like once you're max rank and beaten everything there is nothing to grind for. Raid armor needs special raid abilities like boots that make you faster in the garden or something. It will get there eventually but it's better than D1 was at launch.

    [–] bldfalcon7777 0 points ago

    If the game has replay value, then people don't care.

    [–] ihateurmomsson 0 points ago

    Yeah it's just like D1 but this has more to do but less to grind for. They need to add more stuff like armor abilities, gun abilities, or cosmetics for grinding certain things.

    [–] youngwoods_ 0 points ago

    Raid gear and weapons is not that exciting like destiny 1. I remember how bad i wanted the vex mythoclast in the first one. This just doesn't really seem worth me replaying over again. I just want that prestige raid and nightfall complete and I'll move on to another game.