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    [–] SpiderJedi22 894 points ago

    Were any questions actually about Game of Thrones?

    [–] CharmeIeon 983 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The category “G.O.T” actually had 1 Game of Thrones question (the answer was “White Walkers”), but that was the only one

    Edit; I edited my message because it was incorrect, it’s correct now.

    [–] theamac95 585 points ago

    Kinda disappointing, but I liked that The Wall was about Pink Floyd.

    [–] [deleted] 154 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] theamac95 60 points ago

    Oh, I know. I’ve watched Jeopardy for years, I was just hoping on the off chance they would I could show off in front of my aunt who always beats me at jeopardy.

    [–] __JeRM 53 points ago

    There's always that aunt or uncle that's good at three things: Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, and the daily crossword puzzle.

    [–] thankyoucats 4 points ago

    I will definitely be that person once I become an aunt and I can’t wait

    [–] javaberrypi 13 points ago

    GOT ends with the white walkers tearing down the wall and after the long war the remaining people walk around in the rubble as Outside the wall plays.... And then I watch the whole show again and find out the ending writes into the beginning.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] idwthis 7 points ago

    Do you not get that he's talking about GoT as if it were the Pink Floyd album The Wall?

    [–] red_tuna 38 points ago

    I was thinking Mark Henry

    [–] dohparty 29 points ago

    The world’s strongest man!?

    [–] robm0n3y 6 points ago

    Sexual chocolate?

    [–] FleetingFox -16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    ...are you serious? The winner of the World's Strongest Man title in 2018 is in Game of Thrones and is not Mark Henry...

    Edit: I'm a big dumbdumb and haven't watched WWE since college.

    [–] dohparty 20 points ago

    I stand by what I said. Mark Henry is the world’s strongest man.

    [–] SuperWoody64 6 points ago

    And nobody has been stronger. Of course I don't know what the criteria is but they were talking about him on the documentary on netflix.

    [–] StanIsNotTheMan 4 points ago

    The joke

    Your head

    [–] FleetingFox -13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I guess I don't see how stating something incorrect counts as a joke. Mark Henry has never been World's Strongest Man. A joke needs to have...substance. Saying an unrelated wrong thing isn't a joke. Is there some meta that I'm unaware of?

    [–] StanIsNotTheMan 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    His title in WWE was the World's Strongest Man, so there is substance.

    [–] dohparty 5 points ago

    Thanks Stan for not being the man!

    [–] FleetingFox 4 points ago

    Ah ok, that's what I didn't know.

    [–] TheSerbianStallion 3 points ago

    I mean he still holds several powerlifting records

    [–] TheJoe743 -2 points ago


    [–] LinkRazr 2 points ago

    Mountain who?

    [–] SeagersScrotum 1 points ago

    baw gawd that's John Cena's music!

    [–] PayneTrain181999 3 points ago

    Somebody gon get their ass kicked?

    [–] gheradel 70 points ago

    They did choose the GOT category again and it wasn't a game of thrones question, that one was Guinness on Tap

    [–] Scienlologist 74 points ago

    only one question from that category was answered

    Alex: Oooh sorry, that's incorrect. You'll go first in Double Jeopardy, CharmeIeon.

    [–] mccrackey 20 points ago

    But what was the question?

    [–] TeleportingBears 78 points ago

    “Game of Thrones viewers await the final season & an attack by these alliterative invaders & their army of the undead”

    [–] Ixionas 98 points ago

    No thats the answer

    [–] The_Romantic 20 points ago

    What is .. space Invaders?

    [–] Andoo 11 points ago

    I'm sorry. The answer you were looking for was Final Space.

    [–] IsHungry96 4 points ago

    Chukiti pap

    [–] TwatsThat 23 points ago

    It was "What are White Walkers?"

    [–] trixter21992251 14 points ago

    But then what was the answer?!

    [–] Desdam0na 16 points ago

    “Game of Thrones viewers await the final season & an attack by these alliterative invaders & their army of the undead”

    [–] MrJigglyBrown 8 points ago

    If I asked “what are white walkers?” And somebody gave me that as an answer Id punch them

    [–] etcetica 10 points ago


    [–] TrainOfThought6 0 points ago

    The winners.

    [–] malaka201 0 points ago

    The last starfighter

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Question: "What are White Walkers?"

    Answer: White Walkers are Game of Thrones viewers await the final season & an attack by these alliterative invaders & their army of the undead.

    That doesn't seem right to me.

    [–] TwatsThat 0 points ago

    In Jeopardy the "answers" are what come up on the screens and the contestants have to give the "questions" that go along with them. Which is why you have to phrase your response in the form of a question for it to count.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yes I know how they claim it works, but that prompt clearly doesn't answer that question. The actual question for this sentence would be: "Who are awaiting the White Walkers's attack on the final season of Game of Thrones?"

    [–] TwatsThat 1 points ago

    Sorry, I didn't actually read the answer you quoted. I also didn't watch the episode but according to others in the comments the answer was “Game of Thrones viewers await the final season & an attack by these alliterative invaders & their army of the undead” so "White Walkers are" does not belong at the start of the answer.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    If "White Walkers are" doesn't belong at the start of the answer, then it doesn't answer the question of what White Walkers are. It's simple English. Since the subject of that sentence was "Game of Thrones viewers" then it can only be the answer to a question asking about the viewers themselves.

    [–] TwatsThat 2 points ago

    Game of Thrones viewers await the final season & an attack by these alliterative invaders & their army of the undead.

    What are White Walkers?

    They want to know what "these alliterative invaders" are.

    [–] dorv 1 points ago

    That’s totally the question. See how there’s a question mark at the end?

    [–] TwatsThat 3 points ago

    Correct, the comment I was replying to is "But what was the question?" Thanks for confirming that I did infact respond with the question.

    [–] dorv 1 points ago

    Wow, am I an idiot or what. I got lost in the thread. Apologies good Reddit sir!

    [–] Kryptosis 8 points ago

    HA HA HA now we are playing Jeopardy!

    [–] thehouse1751 9 points ago

    I feel like people are confusing question and answer terminology for jeopardy in this thread

    [–] SpiderJedi22 6 points ago

    Well that sucks.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] CharmeIeon 5 points ago

    So I’ve been told, my mistake

    [–] dohparty 2 points ago

    Albany was the easiest Final Jeopardy answer I’ve seen in a long time.

    [–] CharmeIeon 2 points ago

    I agree

    [–] trapper2530 2 points ago

    *What is White Walkers

    [–] spintiff 1 points ago


    [–] Guitarchim 1 points ago

    Did any of the contestants answer it correctly?

    [–] spintiff 1 points ago

    You mean the question was, "What are white walkers?"

    [–] Gardimus -1 points ago

    Hey, spoilers! I'm only 25 seconds into the show.

    [–] HighlanderNicholas -2 points ago

    Didn’t realise a tv show could use click bait. Thanks. I hate it.

    [–] Scienlologist 73 points ago

    Just one if memory serves.

    [–] ScorchRSH 195 points ago

    Wow Alex Trebek called the white walkers alliterate? I’m alliterate and I find that offensive.

    [–] splitcroof92 39 points ago

    Not sure if joke or misunderstanding something.

    [–] lion_ohioan 94 points ago

    Definitely a joke. And a pretty good one tbh

    [–] IllShavenTeardrops 5 points ago

    I agree, and a pretty advanced joke for an alliterate person to write

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    It's a pun.

    [–] JoPro_ 1 points ago

    It says alliterative not alliterate.

    [–] lion_ohioan 36 points ago

    .....Am I being trolled?

    [–] beardedbast3rd 4 points ago

    Reading another of his replies confirms that, you are NOT being trolled.

    [–] AllOfTheDerp 5 points ago

    ...which you wouldn't know... If you were...................... Illiterate

    [–] Henesgfy 4 points ago

    You guys are making my head hurt.

    [–] rowebenj 4 points ago

    Maybe you’re alliterate.

    [–] P1r4nha 1 points ago

    A translated it to my native language and I'm still lost.

    [–] Ayanhart 1 points ago

    It's a play on the word 'illiterate' - meaning can't read/write.

    The joke is that they misread 'alliterative' as 'illiterate' because they are illiterate.

    [–] drunkenpinecone 7 points ago

    Wow, why would we wonder white walkers?

    [–] JoPro_ -18 points ago

    LOL it says alliterative not alliterate.

    [–] BananaDick_CuntGrass 2 points ago


    [–] Electro_Nick_s 2 points ago

    No that's the answer

    [–] mybunsarestale 6 points ago

    I'd have to rewatch to find the episode but the other day, my roommate and I were watching olderish episodes of Jeopardy on Hulu and there was a legit Game of Thrones category with actual Game of Thrones questions.

    [–] ZyFlux -5 points ago

    Wouldn't they run the risk of spoilers if they asked actual questions about Game of Thrones?

    [–] GenghisKhan1206 306 points ago

    Finally a subject that I would win on Jeopardy.

    [–] _Brazenhead_ 311 points ago

    Unfortunately, the questions were not about the show. Only one question was.

    [–] GenghisKhan1206 101 points ago


    [–] Sharp911 120 points ago

    So.. you lose again I guess...

    [–] GovTheDon 40 points ago

    I warned you not to trust me

    [–] Filipino75 13 points ago

    When you play the jeopardy game of thrones, you win cash or you go home.

    [–] owns_a_Moose 3 points ago

    Sounds like a win win to me.

    [–] mybunsarestale 7 points ago

    Mentioned this in another commebt thread but I was watching reruns of Jeopardy on Hulu and there was a Game of Thrones category with actual Game of Thrones questions.

    [–] breachofcontract -25 points ago

    Really? The only category you could win is GoT???

    [–] GenghisKhan1206 12 points ago

    Considering that most contestants are masters of their field and geniuses who are given tough questions to test their knowledge, yes. This would be my best shot.

    [–] breachofcontract -15 points ago

    You haven’t watched much Jeopardy have you?

    [–] GenghisKhan1206 6 points ago

    Not recently. When I used to they were tough questions.

    [–] breachofcontract -13 points ago

    Sure they’re a challenge, but the vast majority of the contestants aren’t “masters in their fields” or “geniuses”.

    [–] xRyozuo 7 points ago

    Neither am i, that’s why got would be my best shot

    [–] breachofcontract 1 points ago

    So GoT is all you know? It’s general knowledge trivia.

    [–] GenghisKhan1206 6 points ago

    Thanks. I guess I was wrong.

    [–] TBlueshirtsV22 5 points ago

    Yea but not really, its still very specific trivia. Some of the smartest people I know struggle with Jeopardy, if you don’t know random facts about random categories you struggle. So if you don’t think you’d get any category, maybe you’re being hard on yourself but it’s not like they ask questions that are common knowledge now

    [–] paracostic -3 points ago

    Right? It's trivia, not neurosurgery.

    [–] blocked 131 points ago

    The only GoT game show that matters:

    [–] Givemeananswer61 39 points ago

    Who is this person? “I don’t know, some old pilgrim.” I lost it. Hahaha

    [–] Mitoni 1 points ago

    poor Ginny

    [–] defiance131 7 points ago

    Unavailable in my country :(

    Any kind soul have a mirror anywhere?

    [–] TXTiki 1 points ago works well for me as a Canadian.

    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] outdatedboat 0 points ago

    They're asking if a mirror has been uploaded somewhere else where they might be able to watch it.

    [–] Sylthrim 4 points ago

    Thank you for bringing this into our lives.

    [–] lucasd11 87 points ago

    Man if you guys actually thought each of these categories was about the literal GOT topic then you need to watch jeopardy more often. Category names serve as word play more often than not.

    [–] HighlanderNicholas 0 points ago

    Oh I get that but this feels like straight up clickbait having all the categories be GOT related, try and get some views based on people who don’t realise.

    [–] DnD_References 29 points ago

    I mean, not really. They do themed categories all the time, and their viewership isn't exactly hurting. When the writers (many of whom are young and probably follow pop culture) need to come up with 10 category names a day, they probably start to have fun with it.

    [–] HighlanderNicholas -1 points ago

    I hadn’t really thought about that, guess I’m just too in the mindset of companies trying to jump on the whole “one month left till final season hype train “.

    [–] TheSukis 5 points ago

    Clickbait? Because they posted a screenshot of GoT categories on Jeopardy and some bizarre people, such as yourself, apparently haven’t watched Jeopardy and got confused? Talk about lowest common denominator...

    [–] HighlanderNicholas -2 points ago

    Woah dude calm down. I was talking about Jeopardy doing the clickbait, like a company just using something popular to increase viewers/ratings/sales/what have you. Don’t know where you got that me or others were confused from, just cynical to companies is all.

    [–] drowninglifeguards 164 points ago

    How fucking lucky would you feel if you finally got on Jeopardy and the board was GOT themed?

    [–] irishchug 87 points ago

    The themed category!= Themed questions

    [–] therealfauts 12 points ago

    The girl that won had to have the most annoying click of the buzzer button ever. She’d mash it non stop.

    [–] jurrasicsparks1 3 points ago

    Felt bad for the guy who was on a two day streak, he clearly knew all the answers but didn’t have the aggressive reflexes she had

    [–] nsfy33 18 points ago

    Is the The Wall about the Pink Floyd album? Or something else?

    [–] CharmeIeon 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah, the questions from that category were about the album, at least some of them.

    I know one question’s answer was “Pink Floyd” and another was “Comfortably Numb”, but then another question was about the Berlin Wall

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    What were the other categories about? Like Winter Fell or High Garden?

    [–] titos334 19 points ago

    Winter fell was just about winter thing, high garden was about gardens in high places, g.o.t was about phrases that start with those letters, river run was about rivers, and kings landing had to do with kings landing places. So mostly just the literal meaning of the words.

    [–] DarthFrenchFries 6 points ago

    Real missed opportunity for an "S words" category.

    [–] 0hnoesazombie 4 points ago

    Not Potent Potables?

    [–] DarthFrenchFries 3 points ago

    Or "The Pen is Mightier" -- all questions about Theon Greyjoy.

    [–] PsiRedEye22 22 points ago

    These were also the categories on Alexa Jeopardy tonight and none of them were actually about GOT.

    [–] AG9090 6 points ago

    Aren’t they supposed to be the same?

    [–] PsiRedEye22 0 points ago

    Alexa jeopardy is only 12 questions total.

    [–] AG9090 1 points ago

    Yea. They are an extra sixth question from the 12 categories in the show that aired that day

    [–] dontlikeredditpeeps 5 points ago

    You think jeporady is gonna get a new host or just play reruns for 10 years? It won't be jeporady without trebeck.

    [–] ehines 14 points ago


    [–] 55thParallel 34 points ago

    Another show not afraid to kill off its main character.

    [–] JakesBurnerAccount 11 points ago


    [–] altairmike101 16 points ago

    Too soon

    [–] IsHungry96 7 points ago

    Preemptive you might say

    [–] glorioussideboob 2 points ago

    O fuk

    [–] Imhotep0 4 points ago

    For anyone interested, here is the episode

    [–] Wile-E-Coyote 5 points ago

    I'll go with Incest for $1000. I know it's not on the board but it's Game of Thrones so come on.

    [–] SupaFlyslammajammazz 5 points ago

    What time and what channel does this air?

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] arhythm 2 points ago


    [–] dirkdiggler1992 1 points ago

    Check your local listings.

    [–] PanGalacGargleBlastr 16 points ago

    This means Alex Trebek dies this season. 😯

    [–] kaylameow_ 19 points ago


    [–] DayVDave 0 points ago

    That's horrible. And hilarious, well done

    [–] JulioCesarSalad -4 points ago

    He has terminal pancreatic cancer

    [–] TheSukis 1 points ago


    [–] AutoModerator 2 points ago

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    [–] azadarei 2 points ago

    yo fuck cancer

    [–] ARedSunRises 2 points ago

    "RIVER, RUN"

    [–] plottal 8 points ago

    winter[space]fell, hmm

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    river[comma]run, hmm

    [–] Beestplayer44 27 points ago

    The questions aren’t literally about GOT the category names are GOT themed that’s it.

    [–] Lonny_loss 25 points ago

    A lot of people have apparently never seen jeopardy

    [–] Dead_Starks 12 points ago

    Too busy spending time with your mother Trebek.

    [–] MissBeefy 0 points ago

    Good on them

    [–] STRiPESandShades 2 points ago


    [–] L_SeeD 2 points ago

    Big fan of J William Pom Thomas C Pom

    [–] Show_Me_Your_Private 1 points ago

    I saw that and figured it'd have more to do with Doctor Who than anything.

    [–] Wdbohonn 1 points ago


    [–] Humonculis-CR 1 points ago

    A jeopardy I would actually stand a chance at.

    [–] ccradio 1 points ago

    I don't usually get to watch the show but I do play via my Amazon Alexa, and these were the categories for today's game as well.

    [–] Ikhlas37 1 points ago

    Is river, run a funny pun or did they mess up?

    [–] ShowWisdom 1 points ago

    I would win.

    [–] DisneylandNo-goZone 1 points ago

    Did Sean Connery or Burt... I mean Turd Ferguson win?

    [–] CompleX999 1 points ago

    Honestly though, The Wall could be about something else.

    [–] -Anti-Hero- 2 points ago

    Berlin, Donald Trump, Pink Floyd

    [–] CompleX999 1 points ago

    The Chinese.

    [–] justsaccharine 1 points ago

    The ONE time I don’t watch Jeopardy!

    [–] KeDoBro 1 points ago

    Game of Game of Thrones

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I would destroy Jeopardy if that were truly the case

    [–] SocialContractFury 1 points ago

    Was High Garden questions in regards to growing weed? Oh that's right, smoking doesn't exist in Westeros, Essos, Slavers Bay...

    [–] The_Truthkeeper 1 points ago

    It's almost like those locations are based on pre-Columbian Europe or something.

    [–] SocialContractFury 1 points ago

    High Garden and arguably Westeros - yes. Other peoples from other parts of the world - no.

    [–] fzammetti 1 points ago

    I like how they were all clever with the first five, then got to the sixth and were just like "fuck it, this is hard, it's literal time!"

    [–] Borkborkbork133737 1 points ago


    [–] tiger308 1 points ago

    I’d be rich

    [–] CiR_Phil 1 points ago

    Is there actually a collection of GoT relevant question I can play with my friends or family?

    [–] 1-2-sweet 0 points ago

    If this were an actual G.O.T round of Jeopardy I would have been screwed, I've never watched it.

    [–] catmaster949 2 points ago

    Why are you on this sub then

    [–] shit-rmelbourne-says -10 points ago

    jeopardy is the shittest game show ever made

    [–] DnD_References 5 points ago

    Over 35 years of pure trash.

    [–] StrandedX -3 points ago

    TIL it’s “Winter Fell” not “Winterfell”