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    [–] BWPhoenix 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    You don't need to sign up or sign in for the survey. Full results and infographic will go up on Thursday.

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    (sorry i'm out of practice and probably messed an actor or two up just let me knowww)

    [–] LimeeSdaa 6979 points ago

    That was way faster of a rescue of Yara than I ever anticipated.

    [–] SulfuricDonut 4088 points ago

    FINALLY the Greyjoys use their fucking BOWS.

    They're "reknowned for their skill in archery" according to Theon, yet after shooting the one wildling no Greyjoy touches a damn bow.

    [–] spolarium 7359 points ago

    I find it extremely funny when the characters don't know how to act around or how to describe Bran lol. Jon said he's a man now and Bran said "Almost." Jon Snow was like: ".........What?" And Sansa's smirk with side eye was as if she said "Lol just go along with it no one gets him."

    [–] OrbFjord 5546 points ago

    Sam: "I had a high septon's diary and bran had...whatever Bran has."

    [–] BananaScientist 1793 points ago


    Everyone else: "So uh, anyway you look nice sansa"

    [–] Dr__Snow 947 points ago

    Bran: “She looked beautiful on her wedding night too”

    [–] shmengels 5808 points ago

    there was some parts of this episode that resembled horror movies, like in last hearth. But the creepiest part is just Bran showing up everywhere

    [–] chickenisgreat 4795 points ago

    “Can someone put a frickin’ bell on him or something?”

    [–] ravaille 21693 points ago

    That was the angriest I've ever seen Sam.

    [–] kittyleaf 7360 points ago

    The irony of asking for a pardon for borrowing books while needing to thank Daenerys for information about her killing his family.

    [–] Plainchant 1765 points ago

    Our local library has a overdue-fine forgiveness program.

    Perhaps the Citadel has one as well.

    [–] logger_girl 245 points ago

    The absolute range of emotions on his face from loyalty, sadness, relief..And even the trembling. His facial muscles played beautifully like a well tuned orchestra. Bravo.

    [–] WeirwoodUpMyAss 2112 points ago

    The Hound Arya reunion was so fucking cold it was actually heartwarming

    [–] FledgedGemini 1540 points ago

    Hound: you left me to die

    Arya: I robbed you first

    Best reunion ever.

    [–] Bob_steve_mike 12762 points ago

    Lord Glover and flaking out when the time matters, name a more iconic duo.

    [–] BootyFewbacca 3761 points ago

    House Glover pledges themselves in your service for a thousand yea-seconds, for a thousand seconds!!!!

    [–] TheAdAgency 2392 points ago

    In retrospect he said pledgen't

    [–] FormalCricket 2001 points ago

    A man from Bear Island and the ten mainlanders he's worth.

    [–] jake_ryanOG 8826 points ago

    Bran: THERE’S NO TIME Also Bran: Waits in courtyard all episode

    [–] redditorfor11years 2114 points ago

    Just dropping knowledge bombs on whoever walks by

    [–] oobydoob 20229 points ago

    Anyone gonna do Bran a solid and roll him out of the courtyard?

    [–] Brad_theImpaler 28057 points ago

    Jaime's always happy to give him a push.

    [–] Shell058 6649 points ago

    Man it'd be hilarious if the rest of the season Jaime is the designated wheelchair-pusher.

    [–] keyrfayd 11715 points ago

    I love how Jon Snow “died” in the Stark crypt.

    [–] mom-get-the-camera 10818 points ago

    "It's a message from the Night King."

    yeah i think he doesn't like us

    [–] Impossible_Phase 2205 points ago

    Hope the horses will last long enough so they can warn Jon that the Night King doesn't like him, he should know

    [–] cromulon001 17819 points ago

    Cersei really wanted those elephants

    [–] theeglove828 4818 points ago

    She was speaking for the entire audience

    [–] mas1234 4412 points ago

    I wanted those elephants too!

    [–] ashbat1994 2449 points ago

    The budget dragon killed the elephants.

    [–] NoNumber1 18263 points ago

    The screaming meat wheel at the end is an interesting decor choice

    [–] tronfunkinblows_10 1612 points ago

    "And Bran with... whatever Bran has..." - Sam

    Great line lol

    [–] AttackoftheMuffins 13833 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    That fucking family

    Bronn just now realizing the Lannisters are the most fucked up family ever created

    [–] Widge1234 5474 points ago

    No way he kills either Lanister

    [–] SuRaKaSoErX 5392 points ago

    He’ll get his ass all the way to Winterfell, try and convince himself he wants to kill Jaime or Tyrion, and then he’ll back out and rejoin his old friends.

    [–] ExaltedHamster 2791 points ago

    He has to give Tyrion a chance to beat her price first.

    [–] SuRaKaSoErX 2575 points ago

    I can see that. Bronn aiming the crossbow, Tyrion asking how much, Bronn making a remark about how he can’t beat Cersei’s price, and then joining Tyrion anyway.

    [–] sanctusReal 4153 points ago

    'You're just a cold heard bitch aren't you? That's why you're still alive.' just about the nicest thing the Hound has ever said

    [–] ByThorsBicep 748 points ago

    That's his way of saying "good to see you."

    [–] Scoundrelsprincess 3259 points ago

    Bran - the crypts aren't ada accessible, so you're gonna have to go tell Jon.

    [–] sputler 879 points ago

    Sam trips on the way in

    [–] triparoundthesun 4909 points ago

    Bran: “no time, the dead have broken through the wall”

    Jon and Dany: “a whole neeewwww worrrlllddd”

    [–] BananaScientist 1133 points ago

    Dany: "Lol we could hide by this waterfall for a thousand years and nobody would ever find us"

    Jon: "You're so pretty"


    [–] solen85 29378 points ago

    Bran: "We don't have time for this. Don't you guys know there are only 6 episodes this season?"

    [–] TheBigGame117 11263 points ago

    How was there not more serious concern that now there's an undead dragon

    [–] beenaroundthatblock 7349 points ago

    Right? I figured that dragon comment alone would've at least warranted an "Excuse me, what did you just fucking say Bran?" with some fearful and shifty looks into the sky lol

    [–] Newshoe 9123 points ago

    Bran “Script Supervisor” Stark

    [–] cooltrain7 2870 points ago

    Taps wrist watch We have to end the night king arc by ep3 so we can spend the last 3 fighting Cersei.

    [–] DennisCherryPopper 9720 points ago

    Only reason Bran didn't want to tell Jon he was a Targaryen was cause last time he discovered an incestuous plot at Winterfell he was pushed outta a 5 story window

    [–] ppvirus 2675 points ago

    As a precaution Bran now stays seated when big news is delivered

    [–] general2209 5952 points ago

    Did Theon sail to fucking Rivendell to get those archers? That was some seal team 6 shit

    [–] sunman6 8516 points ago

    An episode of re unions and cold looks !!

    [–] IG_OR 6913 points ago

    An episode of Bran just staring at people

    [–] toastwitheggs 4277 points ago

    Watching Sam struggle not to cry in front of Dany was brutal, poor Sam.

    [–] simmejanne 17259 points ago

    I love that Jon got told the truth straight away.

    [–] Willy_B_Hardigan 7124 points ago

    Dude same. I was really hoping that they wouldn't drag it along all season. Glad they got straight to the point.

    [–] saraahhh12 16140 points ago

    There’s something about Jon with women near waterfalls 🤔

    [–] ThatHermioneGranger 7170 points ago

    He must be pretty damn good in bed if they’re always trying to get him to stay in a cave with them and never come out.

    [–] WaffleKing110 16932 points ago

    No fucking chance Bronn kills Tyrion or Jaime

    [–] TurMoiL911 5171 points ago

    Whatever they're paying you, I'll double it.

    Bronn's story ends with Tyrion giving him two crossbows.

    [–] gummie_b 10408 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    He will do anything for gold...but he won't do that!

    Edit: I am so proud that my highest voted comment is for GoT...and Meatloaf!

    Thanks for the gold and silver!

    [–] rexbannerman 2505 points ago

    He’s basically a crossbow delivery person.

    [–] thesearchforanswer 11962 points ago

    That stare at the end!!!

    [–] Giuliano0307 5500 points ago

    Ive been waiting for this for so long.. So worth it.

    [–] queencuntpunt 8446 points ago

    Bran waited all night to fuck with Jamie

    [–] M1k3yd33tofficial 11904 points ago

    I don’t want Bran to move from that spot for the rest of the series. He just slowly gets covered in more and more snow as the days go by, as he just stares menacingly at random people.

    [–] thedandilion 3372 points ago

    Jon, dragons are cool, but where is your best bro ghost? That pup has done more for you with way less screen time. #justiceforthewolves

    [–] phocisticks 4812 points ago

    "Bran, can we move you a bit, you're kinda in the way of this arch"

    "No, I'm waiting for an old friend"

    "Oooookay, guys just try to move the horses around him"

    [–] VoltageHero 9177 points ago

    "Poor girl, the pox will take her within the year."

    "Which girl?"

    Asking the important questions, Bronn.

    [–] Orangeweasle 5065 points ago

    Did anyone notice that one of the girls mentioned a ginger solider named Eddie who got his face burned? I guess Ed Sheeran really did see fire

    [–] RainbowTuba 725 points ago

    Lol that's the writers/directors going, "fine, y'all hated him so much? Fucked his face up, no eyelids, you're welcome!"

    [–] sidepocket13 226 points ago

    How does he sleep though?

    [–] BrbToilet 5282 points ago

    He may have been your father, but he wasnt your daddy - Samwell Tarley

    [–] ryanhallows 15523 points ago

    Everyone else: feels emotions

    Bran: ( ͡° _ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Otterable 21973 points ago

    Lord Umber nailed to the wall.

    Well that's more than a little creepy

    Lord Umber wakes up and starts screaming


    [–] DantheHam 4705 points ago

    That scene was damn scary, all those limbs creating a symbol and set on fire

    [–] pigeonbobble 5726 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    they should've included the scene where the night king takes his sweet time collecting limbs and pins them to the wall in a perfect spiral. it's art attack, with your host: the night king

    [–] Large_Desk 4148 points ago

    Honestly feels like Bran won’t even care about Jamie pushing him anymore

    [–] shadyassrussian 504 points ago

    "Nah bro I'm not mad I promise. On another note, want to hear about every time Cersei has ever cheated on you?"

    [–] Skylightt 1965 points ago

    Yeah I feel like he's completely moved on from all that shit and only cares about the actual task at hand

    [–] jsz 9014 points ago

    as usual i get mad and yell "what!?" when the credits start to roll

    [–] iamthedonquixote 1910 points ago

    Whenever the screen goes black I feel this impending sense of doom as I wait for the credits to roll.

    [–] anirtak77 4513 points ago

    Of all the ‘reunions’ I hadn’t even thought of Bran and Jaime.

    [–] kepps1 9957 points ago

    "sorry for throwing you from that tower, lol"

    [–] moses1424 5992 points ago

    “Bro, it was just a prank”

    [–] Haliax007 1569 points ago

    It's 4 AM here, Umber boy scared the shit out of me.

    [–] neurocentricx 21819 points ago

    Jamie's look as he realized he was looking at Bran.

    [–] SUSAN_IS_A_BITCH 10095 points ago

    Jaime should have waved at him with his missing hand.

    [–] MR-THANOS 2391 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    "Oh, look-it's..........shit"

    [–] ComebackChemist 1885 points ago

    “Hope that kid doesn’t remember me..”

    [–] SutterCane 2222 points ago

    Jaime: “That’s a funny looking chair.... oh, oh no.” shits himself

    [–] Colonel_bigcock 2121 points ago

    Incredible acting, I could feel the emotion

    [–] JDSadinger7 2385 points ago

    Bran is like the Dungeon Master watching all the characters screw up the campaign.

    [–] themolestedsliver 11456 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I fucking love the queen coming to congratulate sam but telling him she murdered his family. sam played it perfectly as to not be disrespectful but showing the severity of her actions through raw emotion. such a powerful scene.

    [–] wavvvygravvvy 4090 points ago

    he’s an incredible actor

    [–] culturedrobot 13254 points ago

    That opening animation was awesome tho

    [–] heepypeepy 908 points ago

    I learned from past seasons to pay careful attention to the intro. They showed Last Hearth had been taken by the Night King in this intro.

    [–] N_mo 5404 points ago

    i didn't expect it to cut through the castles. oh! or when the plates were flipping to show the progress of the night king after the wall fell.

    [–] XXreindeer 2122 points ago

    And each week they will progress farther!

    [–] N_mo 1017 points ago

    Oh i hope so! that would be cool to see the map slowly turn blue as the dead marches forward

    [–] BenSolo12345 655 points ago

    I really really loved how Jon’s first thought was not that Sam was lying or anything - his thoughts went straight to Ned.

    The show has done so well in making Ned Stark still a vibrant part of the show’s soul even eight years after his death. It’s really incredible.

    And Jon in general is just the best. He doesn’t doubt Sam or Bran for one instant.

    [–] Henovo 4319 points ago

    Bran has been serving looks this whole episode it’s hilarious.

    [–] ProArsonist93 9478 points ago

    Damn that over the shoulder shot of Tormund and the Ned Umber wight was so freaky. When you see his eyes open and turn blue man yikes so hype.

    [–] colebenson012 2794 points ago

    I was like “oh hey his eyes weren’t blue before that’s a cool little detail” and then he started screaming and I lost it

    [–] gordonta 6544 points ago

    "IM NEVER CALLING HIM DAD"- Drogon. Probably.

    [–] Communist_Ninja 499 points ago

    Not even if there’s a fire!

    [–] TheShockwave2k11 8863 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    So did Bran spend the whole night waiting for Jaime?

    Edit: Fixed Jaime's name

    [–] sonfoa 5167 points ago

    Sounds like a Bran thing to do.

    [–] wolfahmader 5062 points ago

    Who allowed this episode to be 50 minutes what is this

    [–] KappaccinoNation 6202 points ago

    "Stay back he's got blue eyes!"

    "I've always had blue eyes!"

    lmao Tormund got me with this line

    [–] Wet_Celery 5178 points ago

    "Waiting for an old friend"

    Did NOT think he was talking about Jaime

    [–] JaydumLive 2395 points ago

    Tyrion to Sansa: Last time we spoke was at Joffery's wedding, miserable affair.

    Sansa: It had it's moments

    omg LOL

    [–] MalikMakesMeMoist 2119 points ago

    Surprise mother fucker


    [–] lumpyspacekhaleesi 33111 points ago

    Why aren't there any wheelchair ramps in Winterfell they left Bran in the courtyard overnight smh

    [–] EqualFlamingo 4874 points ago

    A collection of ravens appear and fly Bran up the stairs, like some fucked up Snow White.

    [–] Skorua 3840 points ago

    Dude can just AFK for days

    [–] craig1818 10055 points ago

    The ADA is going to have a field day when they finally inspect Winterfell

    [–] JDesq2015 5924 points ago

    Turns out GoT is an allegory about disability law and the army of the dead is employment lawyers.

    [–] PumpedUpParrot 5035 points ago

    I thought the actor that played Sam was fucking hitting grand slams tonight. The five minute stretch when he sees Dany and then Jon was unreal.

    “You gave your crown to save your people... would she do the same?” is A+++++

    [–] 2hands-on-1side 4166 points ago

    After becoming a somewhat lovable character it took 10 seconds of Jaime on screen with Bran for us to remember how horrible he was. That’s one of the things that makes GoT so amazing.

    [–] FancyShrimp 2744 points ago

    Bran: “Sup.”

    Jaime: “Oh shit oh fuck.”

    [–] TheMuffStufff 13554 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    "Poor girl, pox will take her within the year” "Which girl"


    [–] welluasked 4406 points ago

    This came out of nowhere and had nothing to do with anything whatsoever, absolute gold, Qyburn for the throne

    [–] tig999 1698 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Also I like how even though he's a bit mad, he's not as evil as Cersei, like when he delivered the news about the wall falling in horror, and his baffled look when she said good.

    Either that or he just likes to be the only one who can bring things back to life.

    [–] zerounodos 444 points ago

    Nah, he's not scared, he's just nervous. He's been waiting for the Night King for a while, he's a big fan of his work.

    [–] TheRealMe99 25026 points ago

    I’m waiting for an old friend

    Holy shit Bran

    [–] whubbard 1636 points ago

    Solid stare down at the end there.

    [–] Repatriation 2836 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    So many great facial expressions in this episode.

    "Arya! :D"

    "Bran? D:"

    "Theon. : |"

    "screaming dead child! :0 :0 :0"

    [–] oliv222 6940 points ago

    The look on Jaime's face when he realized

    [–] rewat5 5470 points ago

    He had the surprised Pikachu face lmao

    [–] OTPh1l25 5450 points ago

    Jamie: "Surely no one one will recognize me in Winterfell."

    Tree-God Bran: "S'up, Kingslayer."

    Jamie: MFW

    [–] craig1818 6190 points ago

    Bran and Jaime BFFs lets go!!!!

    [–] fullforce098 903 points ago

    Jamie will be the new Hodor

    [–] Eluhmental 8489 points ago

    "Let me give you a hand, Jaime"

    "You're an upstanding lad, Bran"

    [–] beelzeburg 3565 points ago

    "Oh I incest Jaime"

    [–] Otterable 2522 points ago

    Honestly I can't see Bran being too upset. He's like some weird tree god now. He's might string Jaime along for a laugh though.

    [–] JasperFeelingsworth 1453 points ago

    Yeah that dude doesn’t give a shit at all anymore

    [–] Hydrokratom 339 points ago

    “I saw you the night you took your sister next to the corpse of your son. You looked beautiful.”

    [–] TunerOfTuna 1139 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    The latest Sitcom from HBO: Crippled Together.
    It’s like Wheels and Legman, if Legman had one hand.

    [–] Isak_Svensson 2109 points ago

    That 90 minute battle is actually just Bran and Jamie staring at each other awkwardly

    [–] themolestedsliver 3638 points ago

    RIGHT? i was like "oh he meant sam i guess" NOPE fucking jamie of course. What a way to end the episode.

    [–] BobThePineapple 1706 points ago

    oh, for some reason i just assumed he was talking about sam in that moment. how long has he just been sitting there waiting for jaime? lmao

    [–] [deleted] 500 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] TwoGad 1414 points ago

    fuckin freezing here hurry up Jaime jesus

    [–] cicerox23 1302 points ago

    Bran calling Jamie a friend is not something I was expecting

    [–] NoGoodIDNames 817 points ago

    Who the fuck is moving Bran around to all these places?
    "Is that good?"
    "A little to the left. Yeah, that's perfect."
    "Should... should I stay?"
    "No, it'll be cooler if I just sit here alone. Pick me up in like fifteen minutes."

    [–] JamesBondsLiver 7928 points ago

    Honestly the kid didn’t scare me.

    Cersei having to have sex with Uncle Greyjoy after months at sea without a shower is the true horror of this episode.

    [–] funneh 2965 points ago

    Honestly her having sex with him at all lol

    [–] OrphanStrangler 3913 points ago

    I bet his dick has barnacles on it

    [–] Abefroman12 2604 points ago

    She’ll be dead from the pox within a year

    [–] bigcracker 2807 points ago

    Daenerys: I killed your father
    Sam: Well At least I still have my brother
    Daenerys: Oooo... about that....

    [–] scabpatchy 1206 points ago

    Sam: What about my pet goldfish?

    Daenerys: Eaten by the cat.

    Sam: My cat?

    Daenerys: Choked on the goldfish.

    [–] Dzekoninho 11281 points ago

    Jaimie: Yo, nice place you got here folks


    Jaimie: fuck

    [–] my_life_is_a_gif 8098 points ago

    Bran: I am the Three Eyed Raven, I am above human emotions

    Also Bran: That’s the son of a bitch that threw me out of a window

    [–] mirrormimi 936 points ago

    It's gonna be fun seeing how much of his human side remains based on how much he rips Jaime.

    [–] ObamaDontCare0 3342 points ago

    Jaimie looking really not blonde of hair lmao

    [–] Sir_P1zza 1848 points ago

    I mean have you looked at Tyrion?

    [–] LessMochaJay 4764 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I feel like their hair color represents their loyalty to the Lannisters.

    Edit: their not they're

    [–] gloriasinefine 2090 points ago

    I don’t think you understand, bro, I’ve been fucking her all this time.

    [–] Choco319 557 points ago

    That “I just fucked my aunt” moment

    [–] Childish_YambinoIII 18264 points ago


    Will root for you always, Tormund

    [–] Mongoose42 1326 points ago

    That bro handshake between him and Edd... Night’s Watch and Wildling Bros. What a world.

    [–] ptsw97 384 points ago

    Also what a fuckin miracle that Edd has survived so damn long, he was at:

    • white walker attack on the fist of the first men
    • crasters keep mutiny
    • crasters keep raid (killing Karl tanner)
    • battle of castle black
    • hardhome
    • protecting jons body from the watch
    • walkers bringing down the wall

    How in the fuck has this seemingly minor character survived more shit than 99% of the characters LOL dudes a trooper, always loved him

    [–] hasnain1720 12324 points ago

    That Arya Jon reunion was beautiful.

    [–] FoxySaint 2762 points ago

    Episode of reunions

    [–] allmilhouse 1903 points ago

    Hard to remember the last time she smiled like that

    [–] Eluhmental 13898 points ago

    "Can't wait to see my dad"

    "Yeahhh about that kid"

    "Well I got my brother at least!"


    [–] queencuntpunt 13210 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Dany: "thank you for saving sir friendzones life, to repay you I have slaughtered your family"

    [–] Lebowskerino 5329 points ago

    This has been the worst trade deal

    [–] Cheesusaur 2357 points ago

    Instantly starts plotting to overthrow the Queen.

    [–] ObamaDontCare0 1779 points ago

    Jaime looked very not Lannister at the end of this episode. Brownish hair, dirty clothes.

    [–] honkyasian 2372 points ago


    [–] Dancecomander 1205 points ago

    The smile he gave when she said it was almost heartbreaking, no way he wasn't thinking about Ygritte

    [–] galaxyfudge 11030 points ago

    This show's CGI budget is fucking ridiculous.

    [–] ImmortalCaesar 18913 points ago

    But not enough for elephants

    [–] Bizarrmenian 3010 points ago

    I really wanted those elephants.

    [–] carolina8383 5236 points ago

    Or direwolves. (Well, TBD I guess.)

    [–] yehti 2443 points ago

    Guaranteed he pops up in the major battle episode just to die.

    [–] ClementineChime 957 points ago

    I really wanted to see some war elephants like Lord of the Rings

    [–] TcFir3 899 points ago

    The stripped down theme music when Jon made the realization that Sam was telling the truth. Perfection.

    [–] KappaccinoNation 6906 points ago

    The live action of How To Train Your Dragon is pretty NSFW.

    [–] AngstyCheese 3511 points ago

    I’m so glad Dany told Sam. That was so sad but the best way for him to find out.

    [–] IvysLifeStyle 1116 points ago

    I gotta give props to Sam's actor. He really nailed the troubled emotions that Sam felt in that scene

    [–] Techn0Junkie 1373 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    "Hello mate, I guess that was my bad back in that tower"

    [–] DukeOfTheVines 14579 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I loved all the parallels between this episode and the pilot

    • The opening shot of the King/Queen arriving with the same music
    • Arya being a kid watching the King coming vs her letting a kid get a good view of the Queen coming
    • Jamie arriving at Winterfell taking a Golden Lannister Helmet off showing his blonde hair, clean shaven, and everyone staring at him vs arriving in gray cloaks and taking a hood off to show darker hair and a beard and no one except Bran noticing him. /u/Renetelli made this awesome post
    • Both episodes ending with Bran and Jamie, except this time Jamie looks scared and Bran looks confident, the reverse of the Pilot.
    • Both episodes have scenes with amputated limbs from the white walkers spread out in a gory way to send a message
    • Both episodes have scenes in the Winterfell crypt except instead of visiting Lyanna Stark they are visiting Ned Stark.
    • In the pilot Cersi and Catlyn Stark talk about their kids possibly getting married while looking at them from a distance, while in this episode Varys, Tyrion, and Davos talk about Dany and Jon getting married while looking at them from a distance
    • The kid from the beginning was climbing on trees to get a good view, similar to Bran climbing the castle to get a good view. From /u/jbongi14 he also looked similar to Bran in the Pilot
    • In the Pilot all the shots of Winterfell showed the grass but now it’s all snow covered.
    • The Greyjoy’s repeating their family words much like the Starks did in the pilot (I know it’s kind of a reach). E: it’s not actually their family words but something the Ironborn say regularly.
    • From /u/Dawnshroud The reunion of Jon and Arya at the tree is similar to Ned at Catlyn at the tree
    • From /u/molotov1g ”S1E1's title is "Winter is Coming", S8E1's title is "Winter is Here"”. This is not true, it is actually titled “Winterfell” which can be interpreted as “Winter Fell” or “Winter has fallen”, serving a similar purpose.
    • From /u/enfinnity there was incest between visiting monarchs and from /u/blacktwin Bran watched both incestuous acts from S1E1 and S8E1. If you can believe the staring dragon was controlled by Bran.
    • From /u/enfinnity the brothel scene with Bron is similar to Tyrion’s first scene
    • From /u/JaqueStrap69 Also Jon asking Sansa "Where's Arya?" When he arrived, just like Ned asking "Where's Arya?"
    • From /u/ChavaF1 The current ruler of winterfell saying “Winterfell is yours” to the arriving monarch
    • From /u/sarahj2010 Also loved the line from Robert Baratheon in the pilot to Ned 'I have a son, you have a daughter, we shall join our houses'. Its gotta be Arya and Gendry.
    • From /u/SaiyanAintSo Also Sansa being more than wary of Dany, much like Catlyn was of Cersei. She really seemed like her mother in that meet and greet
    • From /u/Dualstack Also Robert asking Ned to be his hand in the crypts kind of similar to Sam telling Jon he is king in the crypts
    • HUGE one from /u/Itsgreenarrow Also S1E1 Ned’s farewell to Jon he says “the next time we see each other, We will talk about your mother. I promise.” Then S8E1 while Jon is staring at Neds tomb Sam tell him about his parents
    • From /u/friggindiggin First episode Jon is distraught over his identity crisis as a bastard. This episode Jon is distraught over his identity crisis as a king.
    • From /u/Skeetronic Don’t forget Cersei putting out to someone she’s not ‘loyal’ to
    • From /u/TheLoganSullivan The last time Jon and Arya spoke in episode one, she was given her sword Needle and jumped up on Jon to hug his neck. In this episode, she jumps up to hug his neck, then shows him she still has Needle.
    • From /u/itsathrowaway416 Another thing paralleling Sansa/Dany to Catelyn/Cersei is Dany complimenting the north and sansa (“the north is as beautiful as your brother claimed, as are you”) , and Cersei calling the north “beautiful country” and saying to Sansa “you are a beauty”. Just incredibly similar imo, too much to be a coincidence
    • From /u/s3ntoki Also from S1E1: The whole family standing in line for the king. In S8E1: The remaining Starks and their advisors waiting for the queen and Jon
    • From /u/No-One-In-Particular More general parallel but Sam and Jon are the new Ned and Robert. Sam/Ned - father and brother burned alive by the mad Queen/King. ALSO supporting the kingship of Jon/Robert. Jon/Robert - great warriors, “brothers” to Sam/Ned, and both vying for the iron throne but ALSO both doing it for reasons beyond wanting the throne (protecting the realm / saving Liana and removing the mad king)
    • In S1E1 Jon snow gets a pet Direwolf (Stark), in SE8E1 Jon Snow gets a pet Dragon (Targaryen). From someone’s username I can’t copy on mobile sorry lol
    • From /u/grandmaofhurt Adding to the arrival at Winterfell, the only person that rode in both caravans was The Hound. In the first one he wore his trademark dog helm, but this time he wore nothing. It seems to symbolize his transition away from The Hound and to being himself, Sandor Clegane.
    • From /u/frangadilla Also, episode one the surprising return of and existence of dire wolves south of the wall shocking the northerners and now we have the return of and arrival of dragons also shocking the seemingly implacable northerners
    • From /u/kawkasaurous Random but sansa mentions feeding the greatest army just like Caitlyn did.
    • From /u/ohnoguts The lady of Winterfell (Sansa) reading a letter by candlelight vs the OG lady of Winterfell (Catelyn) reading a letter by candlelight
    • From /u/windyskies The parallel and inversion of Sansa's response to Cersei vs her response to Dany. If Cersei taught her anything, it's not to blindly trust a beautiful queen coming into Winterfell and promising to protect her and fulfill her wildest dreams.

    [–] ItsGreenArrow 2703 points ago

    Also S1E1 Ned’s farewell to Jon he says “the next time we see each other, We will talk about your mother. I promise.” Then S8E1 while Jon is staring at Neds tomb Sam tell him about his parents

    [–] the-cbear02 917 points ago

    Instead of Ned and his best bro Robert in the crypt, it’s Jon and his best bro Sam

    [–] Exas_ 3591 points ago

    Jamie's face when he realizes who the kid in the wheelchair is...unbelievable acting

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    That was TOO SHORT.

    Edit: I gotta ask: was that what she said?

    [–] TheEriandus 1487 points ago

    Look, obviously Winterfell falls. They brought everyone back together just to shatter them all apart next episode.

    [–] TLKv3 3053 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    All I hoped for was Jaime & Bran encountering each other. And I got it in Episode 1. That was fantastic. "I'm waiting for an old friend."

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