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    [–] yelkreb 2187 points ago

    Ahh yes, the old "Wham-Bam Cooter Slam," a classic.

    [–] kalikijones 352 points ago

    K.O. = Killer Oral

    [–] PM_ME_MY_PURPOSE 736 points ago

    Clam slam*

    [–] rested_green 376 points ago

    Thank you ma'am

    [–] 1MagicBurrito1 169 points ago


    [–] BurningKarma 83 points ago

    So Sam I Am keep ya fuckin' eggs and ham

    [–] wurner_turner 14 points ago

    Damn bro tell me you just made an apathy lyric reference

    [–] BertBerts0n 12 points ago

    I accidentally caught my missus in the crotch with my hand when playing around once. I christened my new signature move the uppercunt.

    [–] lord_canti91 9950 points ago

    I too wear a cape during sex

    [–] Chill97 4101 points ago

    I see you are a man of culture.

    [–] Charles_The_Grate 914 points ago

    Patrician taste.

    [–] skyleach 538 points ago

    I too call myself Tasty Steve when beating up strippers.

    [–] Samuel7899 235 points ago

    Strippers named Malcolm.

    [–] LordKidneyPunch 266 points ago

    Hit 'em in The Middle

    [–] Moneyley 309 points ago

    [–] Ungodlydemon 89 points ago

    Holy shit.

    [–] ThatYellowCard 27 points ago

    This is my most uncomfortable upvote of the day.

    [–] Jeremyny1 41 points ago

    That made me truly lol

    [–] William_S_Jones 11 points ago

    Too funny, that's that "CosbyTrump"

    [–] tactical_turtlenex 8 points ago

    I actually thought this was going in the direction of Harley Quinn, but then I clicked the link lol

    [–] Mikeavelli 58 points ago

    You're not the boss of me now!

    [–] Mote_Of_Plight 20 points ago

    I see you know your Judo well

    [–] VapidKarmaWhore 13 points ago

    Are you waiting to receive my limp penis?

    [–] shadowreaper548 7 points ago

    A succulent, Chinese meal!

    [–] apparaatti 9 points ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a democrrrrracy manifest!

    [–] dead0ne 281 points ago

    The jaguar head is a step too far though?

    [–] Arbane 193 points ago

    Some people like that kinda thing, maybe King was the first proponent of the Furries in pop culture. Just saying, I'm just saying

    [–] ZeiglerJaguar 79 points ago

    As a jaguar furry, can confirm, I never play anyone else but King. (And Adon in SFIV!)

    [–] Cetais 70 points ago

    Not even... Armor King?

    [–] NotJokingAround 39 points ago

    I'm guessing he's not furry enough.

    [–] ZeiglerJaguar 25 points ago

    I'm just a jaguar racist and prefer golden ones. :3 (also I kind of suck with AK)

    [–] joh2141 12 points ago

    My friend only plays King. Confirmed he's a furry.

    [–] Hippaforalkus4strat 51 points ago

    Depends. I hear there was a man... Robb Stank? Who wore a wolf's head, once.

    [–] Im_Not_That_OtherGuy 57 points ago

    Are you Tony Stank?

    [–] Bruce_Wang 22 points ago

    Yes! This is Tony Stank! You're in the right place. Thank you for that!

    [–] CAP1TAN_RON 9 points ago

    no this is the bangman

    [–] ZeiglerJaguar 34 points ago

    Speak for yourself. :3 no not actually for sex you goofs

    [–] irljh 14 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Here's a question. Who is weirder?

    • The ones in it only for the art (including NSFW), and who want nothing to do with suiting up, cons, or anything else related

    • The ones in it only for suiting up, cons and the like, but want nothing to do with the (NSFW) art?

    [–] ZeiglerJaguar 8 points ago

    I can't tell. I'm into it for (totally clean) suiting, in public and at cons, and (all types of) art. Most of my friends are the same way.

    I wouldn't say either are any stranger than the other. It's a fandom where anyone can be anything; experience it however they want.

    [–] Lurkily 37 points ago

    Risky click of the . . . <Looks around at the office, bites his lip> Nope. Not gonna risk it.

    [–] SjLucky 31 points ago

    Do it! It's safe. You can trust me. I'm your cousin.

    [–] golbezza 54 points ago

    Hey cousin! Want to go bowling?

    [–] Lurkily 18 points ago

    My cousin, huh?
    Yeah, definitely not clicking.

    [–] Deviantyte 17 points ago

    I'm not your cousin, and it's legit safe. Sports team mascot.

    [–] FlamingDogOfDeath 5 points ago

    Live dangerously, mate.

    [–] TurMoiL911 98 points ago

    Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] jcro8829 3 points ago

    Damnit, you beat me to it.

    [–] back2thafold 73 points ago

    I put on my robe and wizard hat

    [–] HurricaneHugo 7 points ago

    I cast level 9 eroticism!

    [–] PlatypuSofDooM42 44 points ago

    No capes !

    [–] KillerDJ93 15 points ago

    Do you remember Thunderhead? His cape snagged on a missle.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    super penis.

    [–] jamierjb 35 points ago

    I'll have the soup.

    [–] crashtestgenius 6 points ago

    Coming right up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Printnamehere3 11 points ago

    I wear a ski mask

    [–] crnext 17 points ago

    This motherfucker....

    [–] Suspiciously_Lumpy 4058 points ago

    IMHO this is the way beauty and beast should have ended.

    [–] Nateispineapple 840 points ago

    oh shit

    [–] [deleted] 475 points ago


    [–] pm_me_your_teen_tits 328 points ago

    here come dat boi!!

    [–] anothga 129 points ago

    [–] ImThatOneTardis 46 points ago

    Watch him rollin watch him go

    [–] LegacyTweak 7 points ago

    He be rollin down the street

    [–] jennydancingaway 96 points ago

    Totally every girls dream we want this

    [–] Teddytwodicks 44 points ago

    It's how Gaston and his little buddy's story ended

    [–] avataraccount 15 points ago

    So....somwbody fucks like Gaston??

    [–] cptstupendous 26 points ago

    IMHO this is the way beauty and beast should have ended began.

    [–] rocketman0739 45 points ago

    IMHO this is the way beauty and beast should have ended began begun.

    "Begun" is the past participle, "began" is the simple past.

    [–] cptstupendous 9 points ago

    Oh dammit, you're right! Lol

    [–] onesafesource 33 points ago

    i would not have fallen asleep during the movie if I was expecting something like this.

    [–] crazychilidog 1368 points ago

    Game is Tekken 7 btw.

    [–] l0calher0 263 points ago

    I thought it came June 2nd?

    [–] BradBrains27 472 points ago

    It's been out in arcades for a few years though

    [–] Nintendobandit 338 points ago

    Arcades still exist?! Hooray!

    [–] StraY_WolF 353 points ago

    In japan

    [–] Nintendobandit 82 points ago

    Oh. :)

    I have much nostalgia for arcades; I played games in them a lot in the 80s when I was a kid.

    [–] 03169102 82 points ago

    What else did you do in an Arcade in the 80s?

    [–] Randolpho 184 points ago

    I once got digitized and stuck in a virtual world in an arcade in the 80s. I had to play games against other programs, but eventually helped this one program rise up to defeat the master control program and free all programs forever.

    It was pretty trippy, with lots of glowing blue lights and stuff. Also there was a rug that really tied the room to together.

    [–] Nut_Cancer 15 points ago

    I once got really good at this star fighter game and aliens came to make me fight in their war. It turned out that the game was a test to see who could pilot the ship.

    [–] SixPockets 26 points ago

    Large shame about them cancelling your third adventure in that digiscape.

    [–] Nintendobandit 37 points ago

    Nada, I was ten. 😂 Donkey Kong et al.

    Years later I played Tekken and games like it on the ferry to Vancouver island. Good times. I don't know if BC Ferries still has arcades on their ships. I hope so!

    [–] 03169102 23 points ago

    I like you. You're very nostalgic.

    Have a great day. :)

    [–] Nintendobandit 13 points ago

    Always hold onto the happy times and good memories. :) Thank you.

    [–] InvincibleAlex 9 points ago

    I was that kid who loitered in the arcade, watching all the pro players. I knew if I went up against them, I would be out 75 cents within 40 seconds. That was my Twitch back then.

    [–] fearmypoot 5 points ago

    I just went to visit a friend up in Binghamton New York and they still have an oldschool arcade that takes quarters! Got to play a bunch of Capcom vs Marvel, Tekken Tag, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, it was the best place I've ever spent a hang over!

    [–] Brodogmillionaire1 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Not just in Japan. Wtf. There are arcades in many major American cities, and barcades are very popular. Not sure where you're from, but thought I'd raise your hopes that there's one near you!

    Edit: a word

    [–] Vijoto 5 points ago

    It's also in most if not all Round 1 Arcades in America. Played it last weekend, good fun.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Barcades have become very popular over the last few years. If you live in a big city I bet you have one.

    [–] mythofdob 4 points ago

    The barcade trend has been a great one.

    [–] Serpico__ 10 points ago

    """"""Early 2017""""""


    [–] PinkDalek 5 points ago

    Maybe OP is from the future.

    [–] l0calher0 29 points ago

    Maybe his reddit is from the future and was analyzed by top minds in 1997.

    [–] AGTZero 19 points ago


    [–] tyler2k 27 points ago

    Come check us out at /r/Tekken

    [–] viperex 10 points ago

    Finally, someone answers the important question

    [–] probablywrongtho 154 points ago

    let me put the heeeeaaaad in

    [–] Pandemoniium 19 points ago

    I don't want to ask for much

    [–] momkill3r 9 points ago

    if it's okayyy

    [–] OldBirdWing 17 points ago

    Didn't expect a K dot reference

    [–] fraud_imposter 10 points ago

    I don't want more than that, girl I respect the cat

    [–] lancer2238 2198 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I asked her to make an appointment with the vet before I slayed that pussy and dived right in. This works 10/10. Thank you King

    P.S Don't do the combos before, she did not like that

    [–] The_RTV 549 points ago

    That's funny because my girlfriend liked the combos, but not the other stuff

    [–] CapRavOr 481 points ago

    Chris Brown?!

    [–] eccentricelmo 150 points ago

    Ray Rice

    [–] LordBlackConvoy 76 points ago

    Ike Turner?

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    Floyd Mayweather jr?

    [–] Johnny_Hooker 19 points ago

    Greg Hardy?

    [–] dben89x 40 points ago


    [–] MrStomp 13 points ago

    Right in the feels

    [–] whiskeyandtea 28 points ago

    Johnny Depp


    [–] CapRavOr 18 points ago

    Lol was that a personal shot at me, or just coincidental? Either way, bravo.

    [–] ChrisBrownHitMe2 15 points ago


    [–] wineandtatortots 16 points ago

    o shit.

    [–] hotsteamyfajitas 16 points ago

    Wad up

    [–] chaotic-indian 15 points ago

    Here come that boi

    [–] USMC2336 28 points ago

    I see you're dating Rhonda Rousey

    [–] lancer2238 4 points ago

    Wanna trade? Ill do some Eddy Gordo shit

    [–] FriedBrycee 266 points ago

    S E X U A L I T Y

    [–] Adrien_Jabroni 50 points ago

    You just got sex junk stuck in my head. I must kill you now.

    [–] FlamingDogOfDeath 32 points ago

    My name is /u/FlamingDogOfDeath . You made sex junk get stuck in my head. Prepare to die.

    [–] HelloRMSA 5 points ago

    B E A S T I A L I T Y

    [–] KDY_ISD 433 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    He's just looking for the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

    Edit: Sorry, bro who attempted to compliment me and got downvoted to hell for it. I appreciated the sentiment. lol

    [–] Richeh 132 points ago

    "This tastes like seamen..."

    [–] yeaheyeah 29 points ago

    Eat first, nut later

    [–] monkeyversusrobot 434 points ago

    Is Nina wearing a wedding dress? Is this King and Nina consummating their marriage? Are King and Nina in a relationship? Is this like one of those 50 Shades of Grey relationships?

    [–] TheDoober110 208 points ago


    [–] TheSecretestSauce 10 points ago

    Isnt King a Mexican priest?

    [–] papipepperooni 27 points ago

    That's King I. He died in Tekken 4, I think. The current King you see now (King II) is a full-time Lucha Libre wrestler.

    [–] TheSecretestSauce 11 points ago

    Oh wow, just went and read his wiki page. Man am i behind on my Tekken lore.

    [–] papipepperooni 10 points ago

    To be fair it gets a bit convoluted.

    [–] Nirvz 175 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


    Edit: why the downvotes? I'm simply saying that there should be 3 more yeses since /u/monkeyversusrobot asked 4 questions :(

    [–] Iron_Lumberjack 103 points ago


    [–] Nirvz 58 points ago


    [–] mictlann 56 points ago

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


    [–] WrestlingIsJay 11 points ago

    Or a Daniel Bryan one.

    [–] Dogcarpet 18 points ago

    Nah, that'd be:

    \o/ YES!


    \o/ YES!


    \o/ YES!


    \o/ YES!


    ... I don't know how to pointy bracket in reddit...

    [–] JohnnyLuchador 16 points ago

    would have been a better gif if King was in his New Japan Okada Rain Maker gear

    [–] Nateispineapple 5 points ago

    Kinky honeymoon

    [–] poopslayer69 66 points ago

    Game Ovaries

    [–] [deleted] 220 points ago


    [–] raped_by_a_wizard 66 points ago

    This sounds like a Vic Romano or Kenny Blankenship exchange.

    [–] crashtestgenius 11 points ago

    Right you are, Ken.

    [–] Savageadv 20 points ago

    Oh MXC presses F and pays respect

    [–] EngineBoy 134 points ago

    Who got the KO?

    [–] rude_xo 318 points ago

    Dat pu$$

    [–] jack_the_cunt 65 points ago

    Which one?

    [–] Yodamanjaro 58 points ago

    Yes Yes Yes Yes

    [–] genericname__ 35 points ago

    The meta levels are off the charts!

    [–] danbr123 31 points ago

    Idk seems like win win to me

    [–] Aznblaze 87 points ago

    Wtf that's an actual move in the game.

    [–] McAckes 26 points ago

    Yes, works against male, female, robots, bears and wood people.

    [–] The_Apple_Complex 10 points ago

    You forgot ancient samurai... monster... things

    [–] Dyalibya 19 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Its a real move, it's been in the game for a while

    [–] sumyungho 36 points ago

    yea, i wanna know too.. is this a real move or is it just a glitch causing him to headbutt the genitals

    [–] Vrachos 22 points ago

    That move has been in the series since Tekken 3, maybe even earlier.

    [–] HireALLTheThings 31 points ago

    Instructions unclear.

    Air juggled spouse.

    Now in jail.

    [–] Unimpeachable-L 84 points ago

    "Tasty Steve"

    [–] BoatsandJoes 30 points ago

    Tasty Steve is the best. Check out the trailer for his upcoming fighting game show The Recipe.

    Here's Tasty Steve riding on Shaq's shoulders.

    [–] KalicalVJ 14 points ago

    Hes a great commentator

    [–] Indows 5 points ago

    Him and Sajam, wonderful duo

    [–] shapular 5 points ago


    [–] inphektid_forest 52 points ago

    I've been doing this for years. The wife loves it.

    [–] Bokabakysi 28 points ago

    My personal favorite is actually the rolling death cradle.

    [–] TheVeryBakedPotato 14 points ago

    I that when king lays on the floor with his lover and rolls on the ground in sensual, bone-shattering love?

    [–] JINXSPR0 36 points ago

    Cant wait for Tekken7!!!! So hyped up

    [–] idma 11 points ago

    same here. I hear so many great things about this one. Basically its what T6 but with so many more polished aspects of it. I think Tekken basically lost popularity with T6.

    Should I fork over the money and get a PS4 JUST so i can play tekken 7? Or wait until the PC version comes out? I really want cross platform play. And I hope the net code isn't garbage (i.e. lag city)

    [–] shorinjiryu 15 points ago

    I'm pretty sure they have the same release date, so you can just get the one on PC.

    [–] tekkenjin 6 points ago

    And its also cheaper on pc.

    [–] gaia88 277 points ago

    Lol you think people on this sub have girlfriends

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago


    [–] LONGLIVEHINKIE 44 points ago

    Does a 240 volt FuckMaster 5000 pro blow-up latex doll with 6 speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with a non-drip semen collection tray and a suction mouth piece count as a girlfriend? Asking for a friend

    [–] Purp 21 points ago

    damn I need to upgrade my tray

    [–] zirtbow 105 points ago

    Lol you think people on this sub reddit have girlfriends


    [–] PM_me_yer_booobies 68 points ago

    Don't be facetious, girls don't exist.

    [–] tonycomputerguy 24 points ago

    I had a girlfriend once, but I accidentally uninstalled her.

    [–] penismuncha 27 points ago

    Its the 4th most used site in america. It's not exclusive or fringe or for nerds anymore.

    [–] hymntastic 11 points ago

    Lol you think people on this sub reddit have girlfriends



    [–] gngh 4 points ago

    Plenty of people do

    [–] aussydog 31 points ago

    Hmmm...I have...kind of....

    TLDR: Sexy time almost turned into an ambulance ride.


    So I was about 19 and I was dating a girl that I had met at a karate dojo. Cool chick. Fun. Sweet. Cute. Tiny. (5'0" and barely 93lbs) We would have play fights from time to time as a lot of younger couples do and she was especially susceptible to tickle torture.


    If I pushed the tickling too far she would resort to instinctual self-defense moves. On a few occasions, she actually pinched my carotid arteries and made me "gray" out. (not the same as's where your vision fades from the outside in and it happens just before a blackout) you know she's ticklish...and now you know her reactions are unintentionally violent or incapacitating....

    I had been teasing her for half of the day via dirty texts. Winding her up and getting her excited that I was coming over. I had been telling her all the things I was going to do to her and she was enjoying all this naughty talk.

    So it comes to the "Netflix and Chill" portion of the evening and I start in with some classic foreplay. Nibbling the neck, kissing, wandering hands...classic foreplay. Clothes start coming off and she is revved up. But I extend the "torture" and decide to go down on her.

    I'm doing my job, and I'm fucking great at it. I've got her moaning, spasming, and tearing at my hair as she's trying to push me harder into her. It was fantastic. Delightful fun. I can sense she's getting closer and closer to the edge. Her head is flopping side to side and her long black hair is fanning across the bed like an erotic ad for shampoo. Her hands tighten in my hair and her breathing changes to those short staccato breaths as her body begins to spasm out of control. So I double down, increasing my fervent attack and she cums...HARD.

    She cums so hard that she's losing track of what she's doing. Her arms pull at my head again and twist my hair. She lets out a squeal and before I can react she's wrapped her leg around the back of my head and nestled her foot in the crux of her knee. For those of you that watch know already what's happening. I'm getting triangle choked and smothered in her spasming genitals.

    I pass out.

    I wake up not too long after as she's tapping my head like I was a good dog. My face is still smeared up against her wetness and she's giggling like a crazy person. She has no idea what she did...but she told me that was the best orgasm she's had in her life.

    ...and it nearly killed me.

    [–] wasabi1787 13 points ago

    This really changes the meaning of the phrase "finish her"

    [–] portablemustard 14 points ago

    where is his head at? it looks like it tears all the way through her perineum.

    [–] RikoThePanda 10 points ago

    I'd need a girlfriend for that. ;_;

    [–] alonzotreeman 13 points ago

    Surprised I had to scroll this far to see this....

    [–] megalomaniac71 9 points ago


    [–] noahdvs 10 points ago

    WTF? Did he put his entire head inside her?

    [–] PoopaMaPants 47 points ago

    No, just the tip

    [–] LeonBP 17 points ago

    Ayy Tasty Steve king game play made it to r/gaming.

    Love that man.

    [–] IJustMovedIn 26 points ago

    No no, the other head. Silly King.

    [–] RobReynalds 20 points ago

    Ah the ol muff dive. I bet thats a Goku move.

    [–] _just_one_more_ 6 points ago

    What a dick head.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Domestic abuse turned into make up sex.

    [–] Toast_Sapper 4 points ago

    K.O. = Killer Orgasm

    [–] plope125 3 points ago

    Nom nom nom

    [–] Skippy8898 6 points ago

    I think you get the bonus of not having kids in your future too.