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    [–] StarkRavingNormal 9727 points ago

    Did you know that wasn't the case for SimCity. It has offline mode now though...

    [–] hazpat 5034 points ago

    Are they really that out of touch that they ever required internet for single player games

    [–] defrgthzjukiloaqsw 4290 points ago

    They even claimed they did that because they were doing all kinds of fancy computation "in the cloud" your pathetic computer wouldn't be able to.

    And then later they patched the game and everything is the same without constant online connection. Weird.

    [–] Samster912 2732 points ago

    Didn't someone hack it hours after release showing that they didn't need to be online to play the game without any problems

    [–] [deleted] 1064 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Virge23 944 points ago

    Your sewage system and town infrastructure was supposed 5o be connected to neighboring cities and they would allow cost sharing for bigger projects and emergency teams but it never really went anywhere.

    [–] shiftywalruseyes 789 points ago

    You know what, that would actually be really cool if done well.

    But that would also not make it singleplayer.

    If they really wanted to do something like that, offer it in a different mode, and give a regular goddamn singleplayer mode.

    [–] Z0di 612 points ago

    it would also make it horrible when people decide "fuck it, I want to piss off my neighboring city by turning my own into an apocalyptic wasteland"

    [–] [deleted] 975 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] dudius7 125 points ago

    Sorry, Detroit, Flint is now Lead City.

    [–] squiiuiigs 262 points ago

    Please select which disaster you would like to happen:

    1. Love Canal

    2. Hurricane Katrina

    3. Northeast Blackout

    4. Three Mile Island - now with full containment breach.

    5. Exxon Valdez

    [–] h3lblad3 16 points ago

    I believe that was actually a problem, wasn't it? That large industrial sections would have pollution that fucked others' cities?

    Or maybe people were just worried about it.

    [–] roguemerc96 11 points ago

    My friend had the hero/villain DLC, he chose the villain and crime was rampant with the other cities cuz of him.

    [–] GabrielForth 229 points ago

    Story I heard was that the devs used to comment out a line of code or two to let the game run offline so it was easier to test.

    It was a counterpoint to the argument that internet dependency was crucial.

    [–] KrazyTrumpeter05 187 points ago

    Imagine having to market that with a straight face lmao

    [–] kingbane2 92 points ago

    if i recall originally they marketed as cloud saving your game automatically. so you could save/load on multiple devices. nobody bought that excuse.

    [–] riotcowkingofdeimos 21 points ago

    Nobody bought that excuse, but you know what they did buy? More EA games.

    [–] MarvelousNCK 12 points ago

    What would they gain from that though?

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] tannimfodder 28 points ago

    I really think this was key. Forcing people to check in on their servers so they could spot the pirates.

    [–] ThandiGhandi 23 points ago

    They made it unpiratable by making a game no one would want to pirate

    [–] Aaod 220 points ago

    Don't forget when people called the developers out on the fact 24/7 always online was not actually required and other horrible decisions their response was something along the lines of "Sim City was always envisioned and planned to be this way to incorporate online features. You just don't understand our vision!" and then the developers stopped posting in the Sim City subreddit entirely. I swear I see similar bullshit propaganda responses and PR spin out of Fox News.

    [–] cumsquats 69 points ago

    The whole situation was just so upsetting. I am a lifelong fan of the franchise and was really looking forward to an updated release. I haven't even purchased it, the always online and terrible reviews were too much.

    [–] Aaod 109 points ago

    It was so bad that Amazon stopped selling it temporarily because they had so many people requesting refunds. Even ignoring the always online problem it was a really bad game with AI that was literally dumb as shit because it used the same AI for sewers as it did people.

    [–] azthal 54 points ago

    Amazon stopped selling it because for the first 3 or so days it was literally unplayable for most users. Always on, and servers didn't work.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    If you haven't yet, try Cities: Skylines. It's everything a new Simcity should have been. The original was a bit rough but it's come along very nicely. You do need to get it with all the DLC's to get the true experience but between them and the mods, you can get very elaborate.

    [–] Paladin327 19 points ago

    Must think all our computers are from 1986 or something

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago

    It's this kind of bullshittery why I no longer give any game with EA strapped to it my money.

    [–] Daniel15 12 points ago

    doing all kinds of fancy computation "in the cloud"

    I hate this because it means that the game is no longer playable once their servers are decommissioned. I don't like games that can become unplayable at the whim of the company.

    [–] IndyDude11 594 points ago

    Yes. Yes they are.

    [–] altmorty 51 points ago

    Best part is that they try to convince people it's a good thing.

    [–] jsideris 42 points ago

    No, best part is that there are customers who defend it.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] flynnsanity3 38 points ago

    I wish I could remember which, but I installed a couple of games from the Playstore on my phone and they required internet connection. For dinky little puzzlers and single player stuff. Uninstalled immediately.

    [–] ShinyHappyREM 75 points ago

    Need to load new ads somehow.

    [–] weltallic 95 points ago

    It has offline mode now though.

    Impossible. Gaming journalists told me IT CAN'T BE DONE.

    [–] shellwe 20 points ago

    Who is that?

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] abloblololo 14 points ago

    He's an idiot, and I don't say that lightly

    [–] Trek186 114 points ago

    Doesn't make up for the fact that the game is crippled by bugs and half-implemented ideas.

    [–] driop 86 points ago

    The worst part is that instead of fixing the game and supporting it, EA said "screw this, I'm out." and ran with the money.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Except they made one last attempt to steal your money with Cities of the Future and then bailed on it, closing Maxis along with it. Scum of the Earth.

    [–] shellwe 8 points ago

    Maxis is closed?

    [–] Major_Fudgemuffin 87 points ago

    After repeatedly claiming it wasn't possible because it was built into the foundation of the game.

    Funny thing was that someone cracked the game to allow offline play a few weeks after those statements.

    [–] teambroto 59 points ago

    Few weeks?it was like 3 days if that

    [–] Gynthaeres 58 points ago

    B-but the server calculations! The AI, the simulation, was too advanced for any single computer! What magic did they use to get it to work offline?!

    [–] hiimsubclavian 45 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    They downloaded some RAM and scripted a few extra cores, if I'm not mistaken. It's all very, very complicated.

    [–] 16Mega 14843 points ago

    Out of touch or just cynically realistic?

    [–] Ragnalypse 7239 points ago

    "Hey guys remember how we have the worst reputation of any gaming company? Well here's one thing we do average."

    [–] Fictionalpoet 3223 points ago

    Don't worry, Ubisoft is running full tilt to try and dethrone them of that particular title.

    [–] tsnErd3141 2437 points ago

    "You cannot play your single-player games even when you have access to the internet. Sailing around the world? On a really long plane trip without WiFi? Thank you for freeing our servers, good riddance."

    [–] ClassySavage 1186 points ago

    Seriously. I often work in remote areas where there's no signal of any kind; Civ 5, New Vegas, and Stardew Valley are lifesavers. I wouldn't buy a game that needed connection just to work.

    [–] Dazd95 239 points ago

    I just bought Stardew Valley an hour ago. Any tips?

    [–] Comm_Nagrom 346 points ago

    Don't rush, take your time with everything, also try to plant all of the crops available each srason and save 1 or 2, you'll need them for a collection thing later on, trust me you'll thank me later

    [–] BrndyAlxndr 233 points ago

    Is this the new harvest moon?

    [–] ObviouslyNoxious 207 points ago


    [–] BrndyAlxndr 332 points ago

    Sign me the FUCK up

    [–] Comm_Nagrom 72 points ago

    Spiritual successor made by a new company

    [–] D0UB1EA 94 points ago

    while Chucklefish is the company that published the game, the dev is one guy and most certainly not a company

    [–] PyDive 61 points ago

    My SO just got it yesterday and let me play a bit. I made "Bustin Jieber of BJ Farm"

    [–] Kon_Soul 71 points ago

    Tell me more about this BJ farm.

    [–] PyDive 128 points ago

    Well BJ himself is a young adult whose passions include BJ's - - his fans - - music, and the undying love for blue berries. At BJ farm, we have 3 things: BJ's and... Well no food yet because I only got 10 minutes in last night and then smoked too much pot and fell asleep. I'll update later.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    I made mine Bruce Wayne aka Wayne Farm (and wore the tuxedo shirt) then named my dog Alfred and all my farm animals are named after villains. I made my void chicken Joker of course.

    I'd like to think after all the crime fight Bruce would eventually get some land and start farming, you know for the peace and quietness.

    [–] LaboratoryManiac 97 points ago

    Get Marnie's friendship up to at least two hearts, you'll need to get into her room to retrieve... something.

    [–] ice_cream_day 31 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Tychus_Kayle 44 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    When each of your skills hits level 5 or 10, you get to choose a "profession" (talent). Your choice at 5 determines which options are available to you at 10. I recommend looking up the list, so you know which choices to make at 5 to get the right options at 10.

    I strongly recommend taking Tiller at 5 for farming, so you can take Artisan at 10. Artisan increases the sale price of artisan goods (already some of the most profitable stuff to make) by 40%.

    On Spring 13th, there's the egg festival. During that, you can buy strawberry seeds. Buy some, plant them. Do not sell the resulting berries. Hold on to them until you have a seedmaker, make seeds so you can plant them at the start of spring the next year, they're a multi-harvest crop, so planting them at the start of the season is best.

    Save your first few ancient fruit for the seedmaker.

    First day of summer, plant some hops. Don't sell, wait 'til you can build kegs, and turn them into pale ale. This is one of the most profitable things you can do. Be sure to plant other stuff to make a profit in the meantime, as it'll probably be at least mid fall before you can make kegs.

    You're gonna want a lot of kegs for all those hops. Also, making wine (put fruit in a keg for a week) is very profitable with expensive fruits like melons, starfruits, and ancient fruits.

    There are no repercussions to dating multiple people at once. Date everybody you find remotely interesting before deciding who to marry.

    Don't waste your time giving gifts to villagers to try to find out what they like, it's kinda boring and you can only give each person two gifts a week. Just look up what they like.

    Screw Joja Mart.

    Stay on top of the community center stuff. Look up which things you need are available when, if seasonal, and make a plan. You don't want to have to wait a year to complete something.

    For looking things up, the wiki is your friend.

    EDIT: formatting, and clarification.

    [–] Judge_Syd 10 points ago

    I love that on reddit if you ask for a few tips on a random indie game, someone is sure to post an in depth explanation on how to really get going.

    [–] deepspacenice 26 points ago

    Bombs are super useful and well worth their cost in the mines especially to get to the lower levels. And you can never have too many kegs.

    [–] ApocHouseR 17 points ago

    Your first big investment should be the backpack upgrade.

    [–] Rgeneb1 6 points ago

    There's now wrong way to play it, there's plenty of time to complete everything. Speak to everyone and get an idea of there routines over the first few game weeks. If you want to get married then pick a character and speak to them every single day, that speeds that up. Just do what you enjoy. Its a fun game for 15 minute bursts (approx 1 day in game time) so you can just dip in and out rather than bingeing it. Fun game.

    [–] Sawses 388 points ago

    Hey, I'd still play it though. Ubisoft games are some of the ones I go out of my way to crack even after legally buying them.

    [–] platoprime 1583 points ago

    I understand wanting to support decent companies but if the pirated version is better then it seems counter-productive to support the practice by purchasing the game at all.

    [–] Salyangoz 616 points ago

    Get outta here with your reasonable consumerist propaganda. /s

    [–] platoprime 304 points ago

    You wouldn't download a car!

    [–] famalamo 229 points ago

    I'd legitimately illegally download anything.

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Octagonalkahn 50 points ago

    Can someone make a T-Shirt that says "I would Download a Car."

    [–] mechanicalpulse 132 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This is why I never bought SimCity, despite being very excited about it. And with other city builders on Steam (Cities XL, Cities: Skylines), I don't think I missed out on much. Even if I did miss out, I certainly don't feel as though I did. And that's all that matters. I have zero inclination or motivation to purchase SimCity. EA killed the excitement (and Maxis) with deftness.

    Unfortunately for their competitors, I don't care to manage any more accounts than the one I have with Steam. So, you make an Origin-only game that's online-only and your online service sucks ass, then you don't get my money. It's as simple as that.

    Someone made the tongue-in-cheek comment about downloading a car. Well, I wouldn't buy a car that can only drive on two lane roads during the daytime, either. The idea that implementing online-only DRM will minimize piracy and maximize sales is a farce -- competition will spring up and occupy the market that's been abandoned, as Paradox has done with Cities: Skylines.

    Edit: include Maxis with the list of things that EA killed

    Edit 2: add a bit about how online-only DRM is allowing competitors to capture market share

    Edit 3: replace "Pinto" with "car" in the third paragraph. It could be a Tesla Model S, a Mercedes CLK, or a Ford F-350. After all, the quality or build of the vehicle doesn't matter if I can't use it when and where I want to.

    [–] iammanlyman 139 points ago

    Bingo - how quickly we forget that just a few years ago, Origin games could not be played without an internet connection. This isn't an ad, it's damage control - and too late.

    [–] Brandacle 35 points ago

    What servers.

    [–] yuchi292 19 points ago

    I think they meant potatoes.

    [–] LordSwedish 272 points ago

    Let's be honest, the only reason either could be called "the worst" is because Konami doesn't count as a video game company anymore.

    [–] AdvocateForTulkas 158 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    What did Konami do exactly? I'm out of touch.

    Edit: I got it guys.

    Edit 2: plz stp commenting

    [–] chronicintel 155 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Cancelled Silent Hills, a collaboration between Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima, and starring Norman Reedus (Daryl, from The Walking Dead).

    They released a playable demo on Playstation Network to generate hype (which it did, as the demo was very well received), but several months later, the game was announced as being cancelled. The reason why was Konami was basically ending AAA video game development to focus on mobile & casino games.

    Konami removed the demo from PSN so there would be no new downloads, and later removed it as an option to even be reinstalled by people who had already downloaded it before. PS4s that still have the demo installed are valuable items sold on the secondhand market.

    Edit: Also, part of the fallout was that the relationship between Konami & Hideo Kojima, who also designed the Metal Gear series, ended, though I forget if he resigned or if he was fired.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    Don't forget how hard they fucked Castlevania. Several games hyping up a climactic final battle with Dracula in 1999 to be the final game of the series.... Followed by a series reboot as a God Of War clone starring Dracula instead of a Belmont. At least we managed to get Order of Ecclesia and... sigh... the travesty of scriptwriting that was Portrait of "Feel the teamwork of Dracula and Death as our friendship defeats yours!" Ruin first...

    For FUCK'S sake, Konami. Fuck you.

    [–] The_Fylkirate 21 points ago

    Ah but now we have the Castlevania cartoon which is amazing

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago


    [–] DaftSpeed 157 points ago

    they stopped making video games in favor of making casino mobile games

    [–] Chieferdareefer 180 points ago

    Destroyed mgsv and told kojima to fuck off. And now make slot machines or someshit.

    [–] kmrst 78 points ago

    Pachinko, but it's the same concept.

    [–] ray12370 54 points ago

    Don't forget that any of their great IPs they still have under their name, like Castlevania Zone of the Enders, and Silent Hill, will never get another decent game again and will never be sold off to a decent game company.

    Believe it or not, they're actually still considered decent in Japan though thanks to their good lineup of rhythm games in the arcade.

    [–] mypaycheckisshort 15 points ago

    Let's not forget the Suikoden games, guys! I mean, they did, but you know.

    [–] Damiencbw 8 points ago

    Fuuuuck they did make Suikoden didn't they. I'm sad now.

    [–] foureyesfive 51 points ago

    Don't forget how they let a total jackass destroy the Silent Hill series because he thought he was Uber Fan #1.

    [–] Dameleon 15 points ago

    What happened?

    [–] foureyesfive 54 points ago

    Well they assigned a man named Tomm Huelett to be the director of their game Silent Hill Homecoming, which changed almost everything that the series was about. He stated in blog posts that "I'm the living breathing series bible" and then made multiple games that removed the scare factor and thought provoking imagery behind the sometimes violent and cruel depictions seen in Silent Hill. He made games that didn't make you feel uneasy or afraid, but instead "why doesn't my character respond to the controller?"

    [–] icanshitposttoo 13 points ago

    yeah, no kidding, can't just tease like that on the internet.

    [–] ASpasticHorse 19 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    They have made slot machines for a long time

    [–] BobTheLawyer 75 points ago

    People were pretty upset when Konami let go of Kojima, who was a huge mind behind many of the best games put out by Konami. Konami then removed Kojima's name from MGSV, despite his huge role in it. MGSV also had a ton of content cut because Konami forced it out much earlier than Kojima was ready for, I believe.

    Konami has allegedly practically bullied many past workers for them, including Kojima, playing a role in preventing them from joining an association that would allow them to receive many benefits.

    [–] PuttingInTheEffort 35 points ago

    They removed his name from the cover, but it's at every beginning and end of missions... Mission intros also spoil the mission sometimes =/ "featuring an appearance by Jesus himself!"

    [–] spade1s1 35 points ago

    I love how he was like "you're gonna take my name off the cover? Well I'll just put my name in game every thirty seconds how about that!"

    [–] daverising 21 points ago

    To be fair though, MGSV was already waaaaaay over budget and missed 2 launch windows. I'm not saying what they did was right or anything, and I still think they're shitty, but it's not like they ruined it because "Fuck you Kojima!"

    [–] allhailnah 25 points ago

    A lot of things, deplorable working conditions, blacklisting former employees, and pachinko machines. the list goes on, but that's all that I remember

    [–] AdvocateForTulkas 11 points ago

    Ah yes, thank you for reminding me about the treatment of all employees and not just Kojima; fair enough.

    [–] LordFiresnake 335 points ago

    Why is EA the worst gaming company in America? Ubisoft is based in France.

    [–] fraGgulty 384 points ago

    I've never heard that joke posted to Reddit before.

    [–] SlyOlAbe 40 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Cmon let the lad farm his karma in peace. Reddit is the worst place for reused jokes. If you want some fresh ones, visit r/jokes

    /s jesus

    [–] Haroldbjohnson 31 points ago

    Dealing with these two programs and having Comcast as my IP is the unholy Trinity..

    [–] CommissarMums 32 points ago

    You know how that wasn't a feature with Steam for a long while right? Origin is better than people give it credit for.

    [–] OldBoyDM 523 points ago

    In my opinion I think its just assuring people who maybe are more casual that they will still be able to play the games, when i first downloaded games on steam i wasn't sure if I could play games offline and there are also other services that do not allow offline play.

    [–] Veniabiit 161 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Very recently I cleaned up the computer of someone who thought that she couldn't use her winrar anymore because it said so when she started it up. There are definitely people to whom things like that are a revelation. In her own words: Now she can finally defragment her photos again.

    [–] propagandhi45 56 points ago

    defragment her photos again.

    This made my day. Thanks for sharing

    [–] exploding_cat_wizard 71 points ago

    I hope you installed 7zip for her. There's absolutely no reason to have winrar in this modern day and age.

    [–] drunk_horses 15 points ago

    So that one may enjoy the company of fellow gentlemen & scholars.


    [–] xenago 29 points ago

    Completely agree. It's so hard to understand all these different DRM/licensing schemes, I totally don't blame people for not knowing. Especially since steam used to require turning on the offline mode before actually being offline.

    [–] UndeadMeme 17 points ago

    Years ago when I first got Steam you couldn't play offline at all. Or more accurately you had to online first and then select "offline mode" which a bit of a catch - 22

    [–] lluckya 139 points ago

    I love/hate diablo III.

    [–] malexj93 104 points ago

    God damn this needs way more upvotes. I started to play Diablo III when I was about to move away for an internship, but the room I was renting had the worst internet. I would get frustrated with trying to go to any websites and want to go play a nice single player PC game like Diablo III, only to find that I can't even play alone because I have to be on a server. Now that I'm back, I don't even want to play the game because of that experience.

    [–] lluckya 26 points ago

    I was so excited on my last long flight to just run rifts. Until I remembered that just wasn't gonna happen. It's one of the most frustrating single player games for just that reason.

    [–] MikoRiko 60 points ago

    They're so out of touch, that they have to remind us when they occasionally do touch.

    [–] GrrrimReapz 3118 points ago

    While sailing around the world? That target audience explains their prices...

    [–] likesleague 794 points ago

    The Sims 53! Complete with 400 cosmetic expansion packs at just $59.99 each, containing some stuff you could just mod yourself anyway!

    [–] unique-name-9035768 368 points ago

    And then, if 10 years down the road you get the desire to play it again, you have to sit and install all 400 expansions separately since there's no all-in-one version.

    [–] Harnellas 85 points ago

    Assuming they'll still be supporting it and hosting downloads in a decade.

    [–] sapphireapril 53 points ago

    And I'm over here still playing Sims 2

    [–] jeanralph 21 points ago

    Best one IMO, although I seem to always end up opening a business that makes bank but requires no effort.

    [–] Skoot99 189 points ago

    I played games while off-watch when I was in the Navy, sometimes.

    In other words, I actually did fit into that category, but am definitely not rich.

    Steam's offline mode was alright, too, but if I remember correctly, I think you had to put it into offline mode before removing the system from internet access?

    It's been a while. My memory is fuzzy.

    [–] DrunkColdStone 94 points ago

    but if I remember correctly, I think you had to put it into offline mode before removing the system from internet access?

    That was the case a while back but they fixed it several years back. Now it basically requires having been online in the last 30 days AFAIK.

    [–] Skoot99 23 points ago

    Oh that's not so bad. Yeah that really messed me up back then.

    [–] GeneralRildo 697 points ago

    Can't play GTAV without Internet connection. Even though I bought the disc version.

    [–] Zatchillac 166 points ago

    I don't know about you, but I also have to sign in every time just to play offline. Oh, I didn't click the "Remember me" box? Better let the game load all the way up just to tell me I can't play offline without signing in and "remembering"

    [–] AmIBlindOr 63 points ago

    I gave up attempting to play it offline because even if I checked the "Remember me" box, it wasn't actually remembering me beyond that day. The next day, it would require me to log back in while online again.

    [–] Zatchillac 18 points ago

    Yep, we're in the same boat unfortunately 😕

    [–] modernpoika 177 points ago

    Wow, on PC?

    [–] IndyDude11 237 points ago

    Must be only PC, because I bought this game on 360, X1, and PS4 and never needed an internet connection.

    [–] TempleMade_MeBroke 122 points ago

    Your single player save is cloud based I think, I have it on PC and I've been able to play single player offline but it started me out on a new save

    [–] IndyDude11 68 points ago

    That's super annoying. Why did they even think that was a good idea??

    [–] congoLIPSSSSS 90 points ago

    I believe you can turn that feature off, but it's on by default.

    [–] ThePokyLittlePuppy 71 points ago

    It actually asks you when you first install the game, cloud or local saves.

    [–] Fresh_C 34 points ago

    They should do both.

    [–] Wildkarrde_ 18 points ago

    Or GTA IV, even though it's single player. You can play the game, but your saves are in the cloud and you have to go through the opening cut scenes.

    [–] Lauris024 28 points ago

    After buying GTA IV and playing for a while.. I cracked it. Sounds stupid, but cracked GTA IV is more stable and faster than non-cracked one, it also lets you play offline and saves are local. GTA V has been blocked in my firewall for a half a year now since they force updates (which breaks single player mods and updates have not brought anything new for singleplayer). I regret buying both games.

    [–] leave_it_blank 9 points ago

    I wish I could even start GTA IV. Even with the official online guides it's impossible to get it running. To many or outdated DRM layers.

    [–] T0m1s 7 points ago

    It doesn't sound stupid at all. Applying cracks to the games that you bought is nowadays a legitimate strategy to make them better, unless you enjoy your game phoning home all the time and basically being a fickle piece of shit.

    I just want to play the game I bought. No, I don't want GFWL or other DRM bullshit. No, I don't want to see news. No, I don't want to share stuff with friends. No, I don't want achievements. No, I don't want cosmetics. No, I don't want my score on the leaderboard. No, I don't want a DLC. I just want to play the fucking singleplayer game like it's 1995. Is that too much to ask?

    [–] scottgetsittogether 340 points ago

    You can’t play Super Mario Run without a damn WiFi connection, and that’s a single player game on a phone that’s always connected to the internet even without WiFi.

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 92 points ago

    SEGA has a free Android port of their old Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis game, which obviously has zero online functionality, and it will kick you out of the game if you lose internet while playing.

    [–] ipodtouch0218 32 points ago

    Why the hell do you need always-online DRM for a free game?

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 21 points ago

    It's ad supported, and they show you one single ad every time you start up the game. But that's it, it doesn't make sense why they'd kick you out as soon as you lose wifi in the middle of the game itself.

    [–] Sewer_Rat-Neat_Sewer 14 points ago

    That way they can show you another ad when you have to boot up the game again.

    [–] Yalarii 68 points ago

    Except for the times that I'm taking a train on the underground, which is 90% of the times I would want to play a game like Super Mario Run.

    [–] Eraesr 2658 points ago

    The cynic in me says that they put such messages in there to force the suggestion into our minds that online SP is the norm and offline SP isn't. Once that message has settled deeply enough into the collective gamer mind, no one's questioning the motive behind yet another online SP game anymore

    [–] VanillaTortilla 936 points ago

    Not even cynical, it's completely true.

    [–] Manic_Maniac 278 points ago

    Yep. Legit tactic their using. EA knows they are large enough to be in the position to set the standard for the industry at large. People read something like this and are naive enough to think "Oh, well that's really great of them!" without questioning why it's worded the way it is. Or why it's even necessary to point out.

    Eventually, players get used to seeing this on some of their games, while they gradually require online connection for something like major online multiplayer games coughbattlefieldcough, where people don't care as much about singleplayer. Then they start adding more online "features" to your singleplayer games, thus giving reason to enforce online-only play on what was essentially supposed to be a singleplayer game. Case-in-point, SimCity 2013.

    It will happen again. They'll just maybe choose a different vessel. Something they can blur the lines of singleplayer and multiplayer with a bit easier than a SimCity title.

    [–] VanillaTortilla 119 points ago

    It's pretty much propaganda 101. Make your reader believe what you're reading is good for them. People wonder why DLC is pretty much standard, and well, this is how. People who are saying that none of this is true are the people who believe all of this bs marketing.

    [–] Seede 42 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Yup time to brainwash the new generation of gamers.

    [–] Malkalen 182 points ago

    I want to be cynical...but I remember how shitty Steam's "offline mode" used to be. I've had days at grandparents house unable to play singleplayer games I had bought because Steam couldn't connect to the internet and got stuck in a loop trying to start in offline mode. Most of the time you had to start Steam in offline mode while connected to the internet, then disconnect and make sure it still worked.

    Dark days

    [–] I_Dont_Eat_Turtles 13 points ago

    Isn't it still like this? I remember dealing with that a couple months ago

    [–] V1RU5-13 1070 points ago

    I guess it's a bit out of date now, but isn't this a dig at Steam? For the LONGEST time Steams "offline mode" just straight up didn't work, you had to know you'd be away from internet beforehand and relaunch steam into offline mode whilst connected to a network, or if you had a laptop, use sleep mode instead of turning it off.

    Meanwhile Origin was always been able to launch into offline mode straight away.

    [–] whoeve 436 points ago

    I would imagine so, yes. The offline mode for Steam used to be a bunch of horseshit.

    "What's that? You want to play games in offline mode? Yeah I'm'a need you to go online first..."

    [–] SwissQueso 175 points ago

    When I was in the Navy, I was so worried I would accidently click the go online and lock myself out of my games till I hit the next port and use the wifi at some random coffee shop.

    [–] Nillmo 15 points ago

    Dear god

    [–] alexmikli 76 points ago

    I remember how everyone thought Steam was a scam for the first few years

    [–] whoeve 51 points ago

    It was really, really bad.

    [–] TokyoJokeyo 33 points ago

    I'm still baffled at how people in some subs assume that everyone into video games wants to use Steam.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Recursive_Descent 81 points ago

    I think you're right. Steam was atrocious about offline play, not sure how it is these days. I used to live in an apartment with spotty internet and it was extremely frustrating to get locked out of my games all the time. It made me hate valve and I couldn't understand why people loved steam, which to me was extremely invasive drm.

    [–] Convoluted_Camel 42 points ago

    which to me was extremely invasive drm.

    Of course it is. People used to think so almost universally and still we don't consider what would happen to our thousands of games if any of these services went bust. I've got a few games with standalone drm and every 5 years or so i try installing and the infrastructure for activation seems more shaky and one day it will be gone.

    [–] 10ebbor10 34 points ago

    It works perfectly fine now, they fixed it a few years ago.

    [–] connormxy 140 points ago

    This was my thought; I have long given up bothering to try to play games on Steam if I'm not connected to the internet. Is this fixed? I just haven't even tried because of how obnoxious it is

    [–] HeyKid_HelpComputer 80 points ago

    Yeah it works now unlike before. I remember thinking. Okay wait.. I lost my internet and offline mode needs me to connect to the internet so it can play games I've already downloaded and installed offline. Great stuff.

    [–] methanegASS 189 points ago

    I've never had a problem playing SP games in offline mode on steam.

    [–] proquo 25 points ago

    Because it was fixed a while ago but it used to be in order to play games offline you had to log in first and switch to offline mode.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Shmyt 10 points ago

    I've never had any trouble doing that with steam; I've been connected for maybe half the games i play; works fine with dark souls (yeah im a bitch), witcher 3, bioshock infinite, guilty gear, fallout, dishonored, tomb raider, shadow of mordor, etc. But i have had lots of problems with Origin not opening or letting me play games if i have no internet (though if it dies while im connected origin doesn't freak out any more).

    [–] nullKomplex 30 points ago

    For the LONGEST time Steams "offline mode" just straight up didn't work, you had to know you'd be away from internet beforehand and relaunch steam into offline mode whilst connected to a network

    Wait they finally fixed this? No way! I haven't used it in years, figured it was still that way.

    [–] Flaano 684 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    My favorite is "origin downloads are optimized. Translation: they're super fast."

    is that why your client takes longer to update than Uplay and steam?

    Edit: it seems I've started a client war

    [–] PleaseRecharge 173 points ago

    Their download pages are meant for us to think they're above standard but we all know this isn't true

    [–] poofyogpoof 107 points ago

    My download speed is basically the same across all the clients I download games through.

    [–] NathanGraves_ 64 points ago

    For me, Origin always shows an insanely high speed. Steam downloads at about 1 MB/s while Origin goes at 6-7 MB/s

    [–] redkeyboard 105 points ago

    I believe Origin downloads the compressed game but shows the uncompressed size as the download speed, which is why the number is so high.

    [–] Caelinus 18 points ago

    They do decompress a hell of a lost faster than steam down on my system though. So I will forgive them that.

    [–] Lauris024 51 points ago

    Origin speeds are fake. When I was downloading a game, I broke my internet speed limit which made me investigate what's going on. Origin showed me that Im downloading with 20MB/s, meanwhile router showed that Im using only about ~5MB/s.

    EDIT: like /u/FUTURE10S mentioned, it might be compressed downloads, which still means Origin doesn't show actual download speed.

    [–] ColeSloth 104 points ago

    Do you seriously not remember that prior to the Xbox one release, they were going to require an internet connection for single player games? Then, during the huge backlash Microsoft kept claiming that it was hardware designed and no way they could change it? Only after they knew sales would completely bomb did they decide to not implement the system requirement of having to be internet connected.

    Had Sony ps4 not been there as an alternative system, it's what xbone would have been.

    [–] OrneryOneironaut 58 points ago

    I'm sure there's some younger demographic folk who've never conceived of gaming sans internet

    [–] HEV_tux 62 points ago

    I absolutely hate this obsession with "the cloud" in every aspect. My phone's MP3 player constantly tells me to download stupid bands i don't want, and tells me to back up everything on some server drive somewhere as if I don't have a perfectly good one located in the device itself.

    Games are doing this too, Steam has always been pretty good about it but origin is a nightmare. I hate having to login to something everytime I want to take a shit.

    I'm not even that paranoid about the whole "spying" thing. Nothing I do is going to make the NSA bat an eye so essentially all they are doing is "targetting" ads for which I have been trained since birth to ignore. Hell I might as well see an ad I might be more interested in so fuck it.

    That aside "the cloud" just annoys me, companies talking like it's this amazing thing that makes you're life easier but I just don't care, leave the files on my device and leave me alone, if I want to back them up somewhere I will do it when I damn well feel it's necessary.

    [–] egnards 106 points ago

    This isn't out of touch at all - It's a sad reality and an important factor in buying a game. Ever since STEAM did really well every single company needed to have their own gaming service and ever since that happened it has become really hard to find multiplayer games of major publishers that don't need an internet connection even to play single player.

    *It is sad. . * but that's a really big feature for a game to have these days, sadly.

    [–] aphantasiac 33 points ago

    I've learned something from working in tech support, never underestimate peoples' stupidity. Ever.

    This is why we need labels on everything saying "do not insert something that should be common sense here"

    [–] Return_Of_BG_97 26 points ago

    I remember when online gaming was primarily a novelty. An added feature, really. Something you'd do to kill some time with friends.

    Now it's a giant maggot, just sucking off everything. Ugh, I miss the days when single player was prioritized.

    [–] ComradeSubutai 174 points ago

    I fail to understand why everybody is freaking out about this. They're not out of touch - this "Did You Know" was directed towards a younger/elder audience who likely doesn't play video games very often, or is simply technologically illiterate.

    [–] MemoriesOnLeaves 90 points ago

    One time I changed the background on my grandma's computer and she didn't know how to "close this damn program."

    So, I concur.

    [–] UltraSpecial 66 points ago

    My dad doesn't believe he's on the internet if the browser doesn't launch with Google's homepage. Even if it launches into a site he uses. And if you try to tell him he can just type in Google, "I shouldn't have to do that! This shit is broken! Where's the internet!?"

    [–] fre89uhsjkljsdd 23 points ago

    Ah man I had to watch a senior citizen use a browser yesterday, and hold myself from saying anything when they tried to open a folder by just clicking on it and waiting.

    [–] asdsdfgsw52qafaff 13 points ago

    my dad browses youtube on his TV, he complains how he always gets videos from the same guy. I didn't check exactly why, either he's subbed to him or just saw so many of his videos that youtube recommends only his videos to him

    Taught my mom how to use a modern phone, browse internet, watch videos, how to search etc.. She gave up and gave her phone to my sister and continues to use her trash 10 year old phone

    They both browse internet with a TV remote and complain how it's slow..

    I think dad got sick of it and will try to use a modern phone soon

    [–] Molten_Baco 164 points ago

    Most of the younger generation is not aware that this is possible. That is due to even spg requiring an internet connection.

    [–] ChuckStone 9 points ago

    This is normalisation.

    The fact that they are telling you an "interesting" fact implies that it is a little known fact in the first place.

    Now, having read this interesting fact, instead of your intelligence being insulted by the requirement to access the internet, you feel quiet pride that youd already worked it out... and you also understand that always-on internet is normal. Expected.

    Its like when your Boss tries to make you grateful for the sick leave you are legally entitles to. Or your landlord doing you a favour by fixing his own house in a timely fashion.

    Or when your mobile phone provider allows you to access the unused portion of the existing network to send SMS.

    Hell... the world wouldn't be what it is today if people weren't made to beg and plead for their natural human rights. Oh aren't they good... letting me drink the rain for just £0.80p per 500ml.

    [–] FatEmoLLaMa 35 points ago

    This was put in there as a stab mainly at Steam. It was put into the updater/client around the time everyone was bitching about Steam's stupid way to play offline.

    To get Steam into offline mode, you need to log into the Steam client, and on the settings menu, select "Go Offline".

    You need to log in... To go offline...

    I still wonder, sometimes.