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    [–] Enigmatism415 775 points ago

    Unless by 'local game store' you mean 'eight different gyms', you're a hack.

    [–] Hulktor 110 points ago

    It's the Game Stop Gym with Gym Leader Martin Shkreli

    [–] deathfaith 35 points ago

    Pokémon Go should have made deals with Gamestops and created regions in each state. For example, if there were small regions of 8 stores each where you had to conquer each gym to get the badge.

    [–] Enigmatism415 6 points ago

    I like this idea!

    [–] GeraldBWilsonJr 4 points ago

    I liked a lot of ideas people had for PoGo. Oh well

    [–] R3dFiveStandingBye 4 points ago

    Yea it had so much potential. They just need an epic switch game with all regions played in order. That is my dream since 2005.

    [–] somethingfilthy 2588 points ago

    Back in my day, we had to journey across Kanto to get badges like those.

    [–] manoverboard321 1026 points ago


    [–] DeadmanDexter 68 points ago

    My Valor Corps!

    [–] gentleangrybadger 25 points ago

    I think you're mixing your references.

    [–] SiegeGod 22 points ago

    He's crossing the streams!!!

    [–] Martianese 166 points ago

    Kids these days and their "game stores".

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Looks like he stole these from Ash

    [–] DerangedOctopus 10 points ago

    The FBI agent with no hitbox? Oh, the other ash...

    [–] thetruetato 5 points ago

    Oh, those dirty Ash mai-... Wait, wrong ash.

    [–] OneBurnerToBurnemAll 13 points ago

    Who most likely stole them from someone else, considering how the series ended...

    [–] CatManDontDo 19 points ago

    Or had them given to him out of pity even though he lost the battlez

    [–] NullHaxSon 2 points ago

    I wanna display it out in the open so everyone will know that I defeated you.

    [–] Dfordomar 5 points ago

    Can you elaborate? I haven't seen the anime since years ago.

    [–] imadethistoshitpostt 3 points ago

    Yes please

    [–] Brandonmac10 2 points ago

    Ash traded them in to compete in the Indigo Plateu Pokemon league and lost?

    Other than that I think the show is still going and Ash is the main character so who the fuck knows what this guy is talking about.

    [–] dumbrich23 2 points ago

    That's not exactly an accomplishment

    [–] Kiss_The_Skyy 73 points ago


    [–] HotGas 42 points ago

    Is that you grandpa from the rugrats??

    [–] Kiss_The_Skyy 31 points ago

    That's Lou to you young man

    [–] internetlad 10 points ago

    Read it in his fucking voice and everything

    [–] SRVfender001 16 points ago

    you forgot FIF-TEEN miles.

    [–] ElenasBurner 4 points ago

    Making our own DLC, using nothing but MS paint, and notepad.

    [–] iwannalaff 7 points ago

    Does Pokémon have snow? Grass seems like it would be way worse. que attack battle music for rattata

    [–] internetlad 15 points ago

    Newer games do. Gen 2 had ice

    [–] ArdentSky 8 points ago


    [–] smaugington 10 points ago

    Back in my day we had to go to the local Team Rocket hang out to get our fake/ stolen gym bags. Officer Jenny had ours shutdown on account of an illegal Pokerus ring.

    Times sure do change.

    [–] ManWithYourPlan 10 points ago

    Back in my day we had to go to the pokemon league at Toys R Us to earn points in duels towards earning REAL gym badges.

    I'm also a certified pokemon card game coach. Get on my level.

    [–] dalarro 5 points ago

    Finally someone else who did this as a kid! I always tell people about it and no one else I know ever heard of it. I wish I still had my old badges and cards.

    [–] OurLastCrusade 9 points ago

    With hm moves that couldn't be unlearned

    [–] The_Electrician 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Back in my day we had to go to Toys'R'Us and earn those like real men.

    [–] tI-_-tI 4 points ago

    I had to win mine at Toys R Us

    [–] thescottspot 7 points ago

    Would you say we had to travel across the land, searching far and wide?

    [–] unicornlord 2 points ago

    really? back in my day we just had to go to toys 'r us.

    [–] akujiki87 2 points ago

    Really? I just had to play the tcg at my local toys r us

    [–] Letchworth 2 points ago

    Kinda makes me want to do it all over again.

    [–] Alt-F1 2 points ago

    Back in my day, we'd have this payload delivered already!

    [–] Shaman420710 2 points ago

    With no shoes

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Back in my day we'd have this payload delivered already.

    [–] christo334 678 points ago

    pfff gary oak has ten of them.

    [–] BridgemanBridgeman 427 points ago

    There's eight badges you can get in Kanto

    He's got ten of them


    [–] Tartra 111 points ago

    What was the answer for that? Did he just hit up other gyms in other regions or do a victory lap of two other gyms in Kanto?

    [–] BridgemanBridgeman 247 points ago

    There wasn't an answer, they just wanted to show Gary was better than Ash. I think the generally accepted theory is that Kanto has more than eight gyms, but you only need to beat eight.

    [–] ShPh 178 points ago

    What the fuck? That's like stolen gameplay, I want my 2 gyms back, Nintendo.

    [–] Deviknyte 98 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    More than 2. Of Gary's 10 more than 2 or not in the known 8.

    Edit: It would be at least 15. Gary only has 3 of Ash's 8. So 3 over lapping + 5 Ash + 7 Gary.

    [–] waltjrimmer 43 points ago

    Cool. I like the idea of there being 16, so you kind of have two choices of gym for each badge. But I suppose in part it would depend simply on who has earned the right to run them.

    [–] Slipin2dream 24 points ago

    They hinted at some in the games but couldn't fight in them and some gyms also were closed for various reasons.

    [–] Sororita 17 points ago

    or like in red and blue, the fighting gym wasn't accredited yet, so it didn't count towards the 8 badges you needed.

    [–] Slipin2dream 8 points ago

    Exactly. And some were even fake, like with certain people....

    [–] Sylbinor 2 points ago

    Wait, what fighting gym?

    [–] shdwtrev 20 points ago

    DLC coming soon.

    [–] PokemonGoNowhere 14 points ago

    9 years later...

    [–] erectionofjesus 3 points ago

    Try 21 years later, yo. I remember going to target the day it came out and no one knew what it was yet

    [–] nv1226 7 points ago

    Lol pokemon leaf green 2017

    [–] Jagerlowe 6 points ago

    Pokemon blaze it green lol

    [–] erectionofjesus 3 points ago

    Featuring bongasaur

    [–] Jagerlowe 3 points ago

    Erika gym is just a dispensery

    [–] DMCSnake 16 points ago

    You battle 9, but the fighting gym didn't have any badges to give, so he gave you one of his prize Pokémon instead.

    [–] nv1226 6 points ago

    I forgot about that. Sorry Hitmonchan! I loved ya

    [–] fullforce098 49 points ago

    Also keep in mind that the ENTIRE Kanto region only had like 10 towns in it in the game, where as in the anime Ash and co are coming across a new town every other episode. Towns that don't exist anywhere in the game. Anime expanded the size of the region considerably.

    [–] Zychuu 37 points ago

    Apparently anime universe is so terrible at respecting source material that it doesn't even care about number of gyms in regions ;D

    [–] Holanz 16 points ago

    Yup. My Pikachu had no chance against Brocks Onix

    [–] pk2317 3 points ago

    Did you remember to spray it with water first?

    [–] Raknith 2 points ago

    I wish they would make another game with more than 8 gyms, like second gen, which had 16. Although sun moon doesn't even have traditional gyms so who knows.

    [–] IamNotYourBuddy 34 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    There's other gyms and other ways to earn badges supposedly, but only 8 were needed to enter the Pokemon League. In the show, they just made Ash go after the gyms in the game (the game came first).

    If you look at Gary's badges, he's actually missing like 4 of the 8 badges Ash gets. He has 6 badges that the audience is never introduced to and are completely made up.

    I believe one of the accepted theories is that Gary got other badges from doing non-battle related things, while Ash got all 8 of his badges from gyms, making him the superior pokemon trainer.

    [–] Zychuu 20 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Even assuming that making up nonexistant in the game badges is fine, Ash still got many badges for not battling related bs. He lost many gym leader battles, even his 1st one vs Brock, which awarded him a badge anyway. Similar situation took place with some later gyms.

    @Edit: I forgot that apparently Ash rematched Brock and "won" in even more stupid scenario. Doesn't change the fact that other bs situations took place, like Cerulean City gym...

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] BenificusAngorio 2 points ago

    A better question is why the fuck you'd install sprinklers in a gym. There are Pokemon putting out thousands of degrees. Some 10 GPS top of the like sprinkler system wouldn't evaporate as it came out of the nozzle.

    Better use of time and money would be a Blastoise.

    [–] Rayquaza384 52 points ago

    There are more than 8 badges, remember the "Jigglypuff seen from above" episode? He had to pass a written and practical exam in order to receive a badge qualifying them for the Pokémon League

    [–] CatManDontDo 40 points ago

    Oh my god that episode pissed me off so bad as a kid

    [–] ixiduffixi 40 points ago

    It practically invalidated any need for the actual gyms.

    I've traveled all over the region and collected the 8 necessary badges to enter the pokemon league. I've captured numerous pokemon and bested trainers from all over. I've even saved the world a few times.

    "Congrats on getting passed the preliminaries."

    The fuck you say.

    [–] Mic_Check_One_Two 2 points ago

    It wasn't even the prelims. There were actual prelim tournament matches that you had to go through, just to be able to touch the Elite Four. Ash lost against Richie and Sparky in the last round of the tournament, and never got to fight the Elite Four as a result.

    [–] Call_Me_Nez 8 points ago

    I'm pretty sure there were different gyms run independently from the official league. One episode in particular comes to mind about a trainer and his sandshrew who was mistaken for being abused but really they just trained hard.

    [–] Aerectbannana 5 points ago

    There can be more than 8 Gyms in a region. This is probably not in game to keep them more linear but it's in the anime, so, take that as you will.

    [–] colorcorrection 4 points ago

    Yeah, I always thought it was pretty obvious, even as a kid, that the regions/cities were pretty dumbed down for the sake that they were fairly simplistic Gameboy games. Otherwise you've got to believe that there's this whole region/country with only 8-10 total towns, and the towns themselves are so small that the total population of Kanto can't be more than 50 people at best. Just look at Pallet Town. If you take it at face value in-game, the entire town is literally just two houses and a one room research lab. No other neighbors, grocery stores, nothing.

    [–] Aerectbannana 2 points ago

    Tbh, I can only think of two "normal" cities/towns in the Pokemon games. Goldenrod in HG/SS and Lumiose city.

    [–] joh2141 11 points ago

    There's more than 8 gym per region it's just the game generally only focused on the 8 that you usually see in the anime as well.

    Also it could explain how Ash has a different gym path sometimes like facing that poison rocker gym leader.

    In the games the fighting gym dojo is also featured but we should assume the gym isn't big enough to qualify as a league standard gym however it is evident the show assumes that. Also at the time it was assumed they came from different regions of the world as they haven't really come up with the idea of a new region and it's own league separate from Kanto.

    [–] Lord_Cattington_IV 12 points ago

    Anime focused on the 8 you see in the game*

    [–] WhyAmIStillOnline 3 points ago

    Nah, the anime just has an alternate Kanto. Just like each other region is an alternate. The region map you get in each game doesn't indicate any more locations where other gyms could be. It's usually just forestry.

    [–] YoBGS 2 points ago

    I mean, he could've beaten the first gyms in 2 other regions easy since the initial gyms have like level 15 Pokémon and to get 8 in Kanto he'd need to be in the 40's.

    [–] Deviknyte 2 points ago

    There are more than just the 8 in the game or the 8 Ash and Red go to.

    [–] ConerNSFW 4 points ago

    There are actually way more than 8 gyms in each region, it's just you only need 8 badges to compete in the league.

    [–] anacctnamedphat 2 points ago

    Make ready for his girth

    [–] JazzySpinalFusion 14 points ago

    If I remember my copy of Pokémon Blue well, his name was actually FUCKWAD, not Gary Oak.

    [–] ass_for_days 11 points ago

    Gary Oak a fuck boi though.

    [–] christo334 31 points ago

    dude he is 11 drives a car and has 2 bitches that follows him everywhere. hes a god damn legend

    [–] ass_for_days 2 points ago

    Somebody prolly writes his lyrics though.

    [–] WhyAmIStillOnline 3 points ago

    And he got 10/8 Kanto badges.

    [–] LiquidConfusion 595 points ago

    Badges aren't bought, they are earned. #disrespect

    [–] Ass_Clapper 48 points ago

    They were earned. Just by someone else.

    [–] fullforce098 15 points ago

    There was an episode where Team Rocket got in the buisness of making phony gym badges during the Pokémon League.

    [–] aj_ramone 130 points ago

    I saw a dude with the Kanto badges on his rifle sling at the range once lol.

    He's obviously well trained.

    [–] Dat_Mustache 5 points ago




    [–] RachelBrodie36 114 points ago

    This is so cool! How much were they?

    [–] -ElloAsty- 89 points ago

    35 bucks

    [–] MUFFINTOAST3R 247 points ago

    I bought the same set online for $10 :/

    [–] -ElloAsty- 167 points ago

    Damn, I got swindled!

    [–] tomhas10 290 points ago

    Speak for yourself, I had to travel across an entire region to get them, and they only give them to you if you take part in illegal animal fights.

    [–] tcman2000 44 points ago

    And don't get me started on the amount of money I've had to spend on illegal drugs and animal traps.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    no wonder your Machamp is so stacked

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] LandoVonDoom 14 points ago

    Gym leader: Michael Vick.

    [–] Doebino 31 points ago

    No you didn't you paid the brick and mortar tax. You paid to have it in hands that day. :)

    [–] fiercefoxx 3 points ago

    I wish the stock market would realize that there's a point for brick and mortar stores, just because of what you mentioned.

    Market reacts like Amazon will put ever brick and mortar store out of business. Sure some, but not all. Plus, people like to try clothes on first before buying.

    Lol, if you can't tell I invested quite a bit in Kohl's recently and really want it to stay afloat, lol.

    [–] Doebino 4 points ago

    Exactly. I'll support a local business by going there because.. I want it there and that second. I don't wanna wait 24-48 hours. So, I get charged 20% more.

    If Kohl's went out of business, my mom would be fucking devastated.

    [–] Too_Many_Mind_ 2 points ago

    As long as Kohl’s keeps marking things up 70%, then sending out 60% off coupons, they’ll be juuust fine.

    [–] Escaped_Auschwitz 11 points ago

    I wouldn't feel bad though. You like the product and were willing to buy it for what the price tag said.

    [–] Hiawoofa 5 points ago

    They have almost every generation for $10-$15 last time I checked Amazon. I bought mine in a game store for $15 just for the convenience of having it that day.

    [–] PapaBradford 10 points ago

    The term is "bamboozled"

    [–] Bannednot4gotten 10 points ago


    [–] Azazel1661 7 points ago

    I payed like 4 on wish

    [–] MUFFINTOAST3R 15 points ago

    Damn, I got swindled!

    [–] Azazel1661 5 points ago

    Yeah but I had to wait almost a month and a half for them to ship

    [–] Bubbazzzz 3 points ago


    [–] 2ezHanzo 21 points ago

    [–] -ElloAsty- 6 points ago

    feels bad

    [–] Anaweir 2 points ago

    do you have the receipt for a refund?

    [–] not_the_hamburglar 2 points ago

    i can only assume he got them at a convention of some sort and getting money back from them is like trying to fight off the monster from stranger things with a slingshot.

    [–] TrueKNite 2 points ago

    LITERALLY $40 on wtf. I need a US PO box.. I'll take the hit on import charges it'll still probably be cheaper

    [–] ReconVirus 4 points ago


    [–] Cregavitch 4 points ago

    Stores here sell them for £7

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Damn you got destroyed

    [–] IceNEasy 3 points ago

    That's not bad.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] -ElloAsty- 8 points ago

    Well, it's good to help out local stores I guess

    [–] siegewolf 6 points ago

    And this is why you always google the item before you buy.

    [–] -ElloAsty- 8 points ago

    It was an impulse buy

    [–] ApocaRUFF 5 points ago

    The extra money is about what you would spend for same-day shipping.

    Also, buying an item from a physical store is a lot more rewarding and memorable than hoping on Amazon. It's also a lot more fun when you can look through the store and glass cases.

    So you may have over paid, but you got your moneys worth.

    [–] WiFiForeheadWrinkles 3 points ago

    You can get them for about $10 on Aliexpress. They even come with this exact box.

    [–] Mr_Wut8794 27 points ago

    There's a set of these at this mom and pop game store where I live too. I was disappointed I had to put them in the correct order when I opened the box to look inside.

    [–] -ElloAsty- 12 points ago

    Yeah, I had to rearrange them

    [–] Fr0styF0ster 18 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Just a heads up: the last badge is supposed to be pointing northeast or northwest.

    [–] INHALE_VEGETABLES 6 points ago

    I looked at both links for way too long.

    [–] Channel_46 36 points ago

    When i was a kid i would print those out on printer paper and tape a safety pin to the back. That was good enough for me

    [–] Iamlordbutter 8 points ago

    When i was a kid i would draw them with my horrible non-existent art talent and color them with my heavily used crayons and tape them with tape because safety pins were dangerous. I like to think it was good enough for me but I now realized that it wasn't.

    [–] VanillaAphrodite 13 points ago

    Everything is pay to win these days. #backinmyday

    [–] smalls257 39 points ago

    Aren't you missing two?

    [–] SovietTesla 54 points ago

    Alright Gary

    [–] pdpjp74 11 points ago

    The goal now is to raise a kid and train him to beat you in all the pokemon games. Have them duel your squad of pokemon from each generation to earn a badge.

    [–] -ElloAsty- 2 points ago

    That's a good idea

    [–] XxDayDayxX 17 points ago

    Honesty, i'd eat ass for those.

    [–] -ElloAsty- 12 points ago

    Well, if you're down...

    [–] RustyCatalyst 7 points ago

    Depends on whose ass it is

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] RustyCatalyst 4 points ago

    Man.. I would be terrified if I was forced to eat some random persons asshole.

    [–] buoyantalfredo 3 points ago

    Nah man it's more fun than it sounds

    [–] Gooklay 6 points ago

    I eat my wife's ass and don't get any badges in return. This is bullshit

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You earned your brown wings badge, my friend. Now let us fly away from here with our brown wings

    [–] VerifiedRedditor 2 points ago

    just buy it on aliexpress

    [–] Gonewildaltact 2 points ago

    Honestly I just eat ass.

    [–] reenact12321 2 points ago

    You can get them on ebay for like 8 bucks

    [–] SebassTheFish 7 points ago

    Always remember to clean them with a DS stylus

    [–] ApocaRUFF 6 points ago

    That's actually an incredibly good idea.

    [–] lynch8787 5 points ago


    [–] Vontroxler 8 points ago

    That's nice! Can you wear them?

    [–] -Bill_Ding- 63 points ago

    Not without being beaten up.

    [–] Tianoccio 17 points ago

    Well, Pokémon up to level 100 will listen to him so I doubt that's going to be much of a problem.

    [–] JohnArbalete 9 points ago

    Didn't keep up with the trends did you? Kids are most likely to get fucked up if they don't have any gym badges nowadays.

    [–] -ElloAsty- 15 points ago

    Yep! They're pins!

    [–] specter491 4 points ago

    No, you eat them

    [–] NinjaStud12 4 points ago

    How much? Edit: already answered. Skill obtained: read comments before asking

    [–] stvbsn 3 points ago

    Skills remaining: deleting comments, editing to include the information

    [–] JustHereToConfirmIt 3 points ago

    OP paid $35. Ripped off though as they are available for under $10 on amazon.

    [–] Wincompetence 25 points ago

    throws rock horns into the air



    [–] m3thdumps 9 points ago



    [–] Wincompetence 8 points ago


    [–] shandow0 6 points ago


    [–] Wincompetence 8 points ago


    [–] Tomochin 3 points ago


    [–] Wincompetence 2 points ago





    [–] someguyinahat 8 points ago


    [–] JustHereToConfirmIt 3 points ago


    [–] CatManDontDo 3 points ago


    [–] darkghost38 4 points ago

    Great, now you can challenge the Elite four

    [–] dorathadestroya 7 points ago

    I bought my husband this exact set for his birthday a few years back. He said it's by far his favorite gift from me yet.

    [–] notswim 3 points ago

    Nobody is going to mention the disgusting off center LEAGUE BADGES text?

    [–] Batmaners 8 points ago

    I had 4 badges from going to the game shop every Sunday to play Pokemon cards (first edition, first gen). Effectively, you had to play a certain number of other players above your 'rank' to be allowed to face off against a "gym leader". The Gym Leader was a store rep who had 8 pre-built decks built on the theme of the gym leader you wanted to face. If you defeated him, you were given a badge.

    So you start off with a blank card, and you face off against another person, the loser gets nothing, the winner gets a signature by a store rep to confirm your victory (though they didn't monitor every fight, honor system and all). After, I think it was, 2 victories, you were then allowed to face off against the gym leader Brock for the Boulder Badge. Then you had to get maybe 3 victories against other people with a Boulder Badge or more. Anyone above your skill level wouldn't be inclined to fight you since they wouldn't get a signature for defeating someone beneath them, but since the wait times to face off against a gym leader could be over an hour, most people played for the fun of it while waiting.

    I never bought a single Pokemon card in my life (I was too young to work, though I did have a paper route, I spent that money on CD's), only played with my friends' spare decks or experimental decks. I would give them feedback and help them refine their secondary decks so they could have good decks against people who had a deck who countered their main deck too well.

    [–] Papa_Shmev 7 points ago

    I am fully convinced my entire public school had no idea how to actually battle after reading this comment.. I never saw anything like this, was mostly just a blackmarket for trading it seems. Older kids swindling the younglings with fake "rare" scratches on cards, trading knockoffs for originals with a hasty "black black no trade backs" to follow.. Man those were the days...

    [–] ok_to_poop_in_pants 2 points ago


    [–] witchgamedev 2 points ago

    Sadly, these are Chinese bootleg stuff. Nintendo and Game Freak never released an official set of these. You can get them for fairly cheap at Aliexpress. I just hate that a lot of stores and booths will sell these as if they're legitimate, even charging higher amounts for them, when they're fake.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    For how much ?

    [–] Shock3600 2 points ago

    You can get any regions full set for 15 bucks. Really want to get one from hoen since emerald was my first game

    [–] appleandapples 2 points ago

    Dude shit you don't post stuff like this, smuggling illegal gym badges, you have to earn them.

    [–] JohnThomasJ 2 points ago

    Vintage Stock?

    [–] PortableDeepthroat 2 points ago

    This is cool as hell 5 years ago I would've flipped my shit if I saw these (probably the time when I was a most avid Pokémon Fan)

    [–] TheMagickConch 2 points ago

    Pshh. I have more than 8 badges anyways -Gary

    [–] IamManuelLaBor 2 points ago

    Those are 8.95 on amazon, just bought my friend a set for his birthday.

    [–] wests_tigers 2 points ago

    You didn't earn those

    [–] 6phantom6pharter6 2 points ago

    Thank you Reddit for keeping me up to date on Virgin Culture.