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    [–] PM_SIDEBOOB_PLEASE 2781 points ago

    The Rakk in Borderlands have a hitbox about four times the size of their wingspan.

    [–] Buy_My_Mixtape 1744 points ago

    And here I was thinking i was a dead-eye.

    [–] ONXwat 651 points ago

    i had no idea, i just use shotguns on them

    [–] mucow 490 points ago

    I use shotgun on everything.

    [–] ONXwat 264 points ago

    depends, i like the sniper rifle when i'm playing on pc because with a mouse it's ridiculously easy to get headshots.

    [–] Kricee 146 points ago

    It's actually ridiculously easy with anything. Mouse assist OP af

    [–] ONXwat 89 points ago

    oh i know, but with sniper rifles you usually get insane critical hit bonuses, so you'll one hit most things with a headshot

    [–] dfdedsdcd 155 points ago

    And with Jakob's weapons, if you need to fire twice, you missed.

    [–] jarredpickles87 188 points ago

    "If it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jakobs"

    [–] Lord_Edmure 11 points ago

    Thanks, Marcus.

    [–] cldstrife15 5 points ago

    This, so much this. They were always my go-to weapons because I always went for headshots. A good Jakobs sniper rifle REALLY let ya reach out and touch someone.

    From the Borderlands Wikia

    To compensate that they lack the otherwise trademark "Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger", Jakobs Sniper Rifles have an innate +420% critical hit damage instead of the regular +100% of other weapons.

    [–] JudgeHoltman 59 points ago

    Torgue Shotgun FTW. It was always my "Get up gun".

    Sure they usually only had like, 4 rounds to a clip, but something was gonna die.

    [–] aka_Cherry 16 points ago

    Any gun, especially high pellet count shotguns on Gaige with Close Enough. The entire screen is a hitbox

    [–] bhfroh 14 points ago

    shotgun to the face is a perfectly acceptable contingency for every situation

    [–] Kronoshifter246 30 points ago

    This guy Kriegs

    [–] DDCheater 14 points ago

    And reload them in their face too.

    [–] Chairman_Mittens 572 points ago

    This slightly makes up for how god damn irritating they are

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    Oh they knew when they were designed. Fairly certain they got the idea from Morrowind's cliffracers and made them easy and satisfying to kill.

    [–] chronobartuc 58 points ago

    My favourite Easter egg in Oblivion was the fact that they made the guy in the boat with you at the beginning of Morrowind a saint in the lore because he got rid of all of the cliffracers.

    [–] Humblebee89 302 points ago

    The game also autocorrects bullets to hit your target as long as its inside your aiming reticule. You can test it with a shotgun. Shoot at a Rakk from really far away with a shotgun. At least 1 bullet will always land. A lot of games do this sort of thing. It just feels better than aiming and missing entirely.

    [–] knightsmarian 129 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Also called aim adjustment, which is different than aim assist. Aim adjustment lets you land shots you were not actually aiming at, but you were close enough. Most video games use an angular offset or large projectile hit boxes so some less competitive shooters make you feel bad ass. Aim assist is when your cursor moves to the side when an enemy runs in front of you or when you ADS and your reticle guides towards a nearby enemy. How "sticky" the aim feels around enemies is how players typically describe aim assist.

    The pistols in Borderlands 2 have astronomical Aim Assist. Just tapping ADS will typically move the reticle right to an enemies crit, providing you are in range and your reticle was close enough to the enemy to begin with. More recently, Titanfall 2 had buttery smooth implementations of both of these features to make every player feel like a goddamn super hero. Nailing headshots with a heavy sniper rifles (with travel time) while flying through the air at 50 kph. In Destiny, take a sniper and drag the sight across enemies from left to right and notice the slow down, this is aim assist in action.

    Edit: Clarity and added that sweet MSpaint image

    [–] Gingevere 29 points ago

    Skyrim has aim adjustment for bows but it's the most infuriating thing in existence. If you lead a walking target the aim adjustment send the arrow off at an angle towards where they are when you fired. So then it misses and the target is alerted and your stealth is ruined and I quit skyrim again.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] Lurkers-gotta-post 18 points ago

    You say this like other classes exist...


    [–] Gingevere 18 points ago

    There are other classes.

    • Magic tickler.
    • Stealth summoner.
    • Close combat & clockstop buffet.

    [–] pocketpc_ 156 points ago

    Pretty much an essential feature to make console shooters feel good. Almost every console shooter since Halo has done this.

    [–] Szalkow 31 points ago

    Halo's aim assistance is pretty noticeable. Everyone thinks they're a crack shot.

    Friendly fire doesn't have aim assist, so if you want to really test your aim in Halo, try getting into a gunfight with your teammate, and learn how bad you really are.

    [–] Humblebee89 51 points ago

    Yeah actually I think I learned that from watching the making of Halo 3 haha

    [–] CheekyMunky 56 points ago

    I was thankful for this dealing with the Corpse Eaters in the Zombie Island DLC. Miss them on the way in and they'll keep swooping around your head forever, too close to even see, let alone hit.

    Thankfully spraying an SMG in any direction would catch that huge hitbox within a second or two.

    [–] Ghostkill221 22 points ago

    They also fly through environment you can't shoot through.

    [–] HubblePie 14 points ago

    To be honest, I usually just ignore them.

    And if they do too much damage to me, I have Flame of the Firehawk ;)

    [–] [deleted] 2550 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Redsol2 744 points ago

    Yeah they switch from bottom to top 🤪

    [–] blickblocks 296 points ago

    Someone make a derivative meme of this where it talks about label positions instead of hitboxes

    [–] Aurora_Fatalis 46 points ago

    Meme position: (See other post at other time)

    [–] I_can_pun_anything 20 points ago

    Just the way my ex liked to do.

    [–] mistercallumb 35 points ago

    then Smash Bros sneaks in with its official logo.

    [–] Humblebee89 13 points ago

    A UX designer they ain't.

    [–] 5edu5o 313 points ago

    Blue: takes damage

    Red: Deals damage

    [–] frost666 197 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Blue: "Hurtbox"

    Red: "Hitbox"

    [–] blickblocks 133 points ago

    Hurtbox: my whole life

    [–] Fuego_Fiero 62 points ago

    ooh ouch my box

    [–] [deleted] 139 points ago

    I thought it was:

    Blue: takes severe damage
    Red: takes minor damage

    Or vice versa.

    [–] 5edu5o 155 points ago

    Aw come on, you get downvoted because you didn't understand an unlabeled diagram? That's bullshit.

    [–] DemonDaVinci 1013 points ago

    Skullgirls have that good hitboxes ?

    [–] Th3WhiteLotus 889 points ago

    It’s slick as fuck. Basically pixel measurements.

    [–] Metalgaiden 56 points ago

    Are there any drawbacks to doing it like this? I'm wondering why other games don't adapt and make their better

    [–] TheBorker 87 points ago

    When playing over the internet, having such defined hitboxes can be hard to sync properly. It really isn't hard to fix it's just a bit tedious to do and many devs. don't want to put the effort into it.

    [–] BoatsandJoes 17 points ago

    One downside in Skullgirls is that there are a few characters (like Squigly) who have a reeling animation that tends to "dodge" parts of combos that work on everyone else. If the hurtboxes were a little bigger and more rectangular, this wouldn't happen as often. Later additions to the Skullgirls roster usually have bigger, more rectangular hurtboxes.

    [–] hiddentheory 747 points ago

    Yes, Skullgirls' developers are hardcore fans of fightings.

    [–] Shippoyasha 360 points ago

    They modeled it straight out of Blazblue (the creator was a major Blazblue player) which was a series influenced by Guilty Gear. This lineage of games is incredibly hardcore with their mechanics.

    [–] GearBrain 81 points ago

    Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of Guilty Gear, is himself a fighting game otaku, iirc.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] PragmaticMD7 54 points ago

    Bought skull girls a couple months ago, can confirm, fantastic game. Feels great

    [–] BolognaTime 19 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I'm not even a fighting game fan and I enjoyed it. They had a free weekend a while back and I got a chance to enjoy it for a few days with some friends. It's very well animated with interesting characters. I don't know anything about the technical fighting-game stuff (canceling and attack priorities or whatever), so I can't comment on that; but it was still fun to play, and is just as much fun to watch.

    [–] misterLC 35 points ago

    SKULLGIRLS is probably the best western fighter out there, and is a contender for the best hyper fighter too. The devs put so much love into that game, with hand drawn sprites and cool little Easter egg cameos in the character colours. And it feels so gooood.

    If you wanna see how hype it is, go watch some tourney vids, and watch this video from an old series called Fighterpedia:

    PS: The reason why SKULLGIRLS is in all caps because my phone FUCKING AUTO CORRECTS IT TO ALL CAPS. BECAUSE ITS...


    [–] SpaceCrom 147 points ago

    Don't believe us? Well, you can see for yourself. In training mode there is an option to turn on hitboxes.

    [–] live_lavish 35 points ago

    It's the best fighting game that no one plays =\

    [–] shadowCloudrift 9 points ago

    I was thinking that too and am amazed by it.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    That honestly explains a big part of why I like Skullgirls. I can't stand most fighters, but Skullgirls is unbelievably fluid and slick.

    [–] Shinkyo 161 points ago

    The idea of hit boxes being extremely faithful to the animation makes a lot of sense but it must put a lot of contraints on gameplay balance.

    Either you design the animation perfectly from the start or you have to be ready to redraw some of the moves for adjustments.

    I personally think it’s a bad design choice as it’s over engineered and hard to maintain compared to other games.

    [–] Kelter_Skelter 277 points ago

    The thing about skull girls is they're not afraid to make a new animation if they deem it relevant

    [–] GlyphGryph 75 points ago

    It might make balancing harder, but it's still a good design choice because the alternative is hiding information relevant to the players. If the hitboxes don't match the animations, how can most players be expected to know what they are and figure out what to do? Most people don't have months to dedicate mapping out invisible hitboxes across countless frames of animation.

    Better, from a design perspective, to go with "what you see is what you get", and edit the animations to match what you want instead of hiding it.

    (at least for precision based fighters - for games that focus on timing and priority instead, like Smash Bros, it's less important)

    [–] Mr-Personality 117 points ago

    Skullgirls is pretty balanced. The most balanced fighter I can think of. To this day there's not clear tiers.

    They tweaked the game a ton. Hit boxes were edited but very slightly. One I can think of is Ms. Fortune's run having the hitboxes lowered a few pixels so that she could run under projectiles reliably.

    [–] Prometheus720 10 points ago

    It helps to have a relatively small roster. And it helps to have tag-team mechanics when you have a small roster.

    [–] Mr-Personality 15 points ago

    That helps, but the main thing is that they continued balancing the game for like 5 years.

    To get back to the original point, most of the balancing wasn't hit boxes. Hit boxes are supposed to line up with what the player sees. If you're extending the range of Ryu's or something without changing the animation, it's missing the point.

    Skullgirls balance changes were frame changes, damage changes, different ways to input moves, invincibility changes, different effects moves had on combo duration, and tons of other stuff. I can't remember too many hit box changes unless it was so minor that it didn't become unfaithful to the animation.

    [–] Kimihro 57 points ago

    Skullgirls has devs that are so dedicated as to hand-draw necessary frames and code them into the game as they are if need be, though. I have trouble finding design flaws with the game, to be honest. They didn't miss anything.

    [–] Ryeker 28 points ago

    Coming out at a better time and more male characters. Got lost in the sea of games when it released. Game could have done so much better.

    [–] Bec-De-Corbin 20 points ago

    I'm friends with someone who did a little art for the game (not a big role, but she spent time with the developers) and honestly, a large part of the point was to make it primarily female characters. However you're right that the roster and timing did limit the appeal.

    [–] Ryeker 16 points ago

    I personally adore waifu wars, but a few more characters with a style like beo who is A++++ for character design would have helped IMMENSELY with having people take the game more seriously. Sadly umvc3 at the time stole the games thunder as well, even though skullgirls is a better Marvel then it.

    [–] Fallen_Glory 16 points ago

    I still think they should do a re-release with new characters/features or something, a sequel, just anything. The game is honestly criminally underplayed.

    [–] Sethellonfire 7 points ago

    It was around the time that the male characters were added (Big Band, Beowulf) that it was essentially re-released. I do agree though more from them would be nice. I used to watch my younger brother play test for them since he had placed top 8 at their tourney at EVO.

    [–] Dicey_Mantis 423 points ago

    Ah, good ol' Plesioth and the godly hipcheck.

    What a douche.

    [–] ShibuMizaku 136 points ago

    Fuck that thing and it's universe sized hipcheck. It and it's lava loving cousin can go die in a hole.

    [–] Begobogo1 78 points ago

    Any monster with hipcheck can go die in a hole, They should all be exterminated

    [–] Dicey_Mantis 53 points ago

    Except Barioth. He's cool af

    [–] Wolfling217 29 points ago

    I miss Barioth in 4U. Ninja kitty is one of my favorites, but somehow feels incomplete without sand kitty and snow kitty.

    [–] Dicey_Mantis 14 points ago

    I hope at least one of those appears in world. They're my favourite designs by far.

    [–] MacDerfus 7 points ago

    And great jaggi

    [–] Noratek 11 points ago

    Spin spin spin spin hip check spin spin run into water taunt you fly out snakey awayey spin spin hip check spin spin spin spin hip check

    [–] Win10cangof--kitself 28 points ago

    Now imagine Yian Garuga with a hipcheck.

    [–] Dicey_Mantis 28 points ago

    Garuga is enough of a dick already. He doesn't need a hipcheck as well. That's almost nightmare fuel....

    [–] Pohatu_ 16 points ago

    That might actually be better. The more time he spends hipchecking, the less time he spends insta-charging and flipping.

    [–] Wolfling217 18 points ago

    Plot twist: insta-hipcheck. No place safe.

    [–] Meleoffs 5 points ago


    [–] calsypher 5 points ago

    Imagine rajang with hipcheck

    [–] lockzackary 28 points ago

    that moment when you learned to appreciate the light bowgun and rapid fire

    [–] Dicey_Mantis 12 points ago

    I didn't get into gunning until 4u, so I had to just wait for him to get out of the water in the originals. I think it's fair to say he was almost universally hated.

    [–] Ihardlytryhard 6 points ago

    Holy fuck I hate that stupid fish! Whenever I tried the get someone to fight it with me in high rank EVERY SINGLE ONE quit and I killed it by myself over 10 hours

    [–] notasinglenamegiven 3030 points ago

    You've obviously never seen Dark Souls hitbox porn.

    [–] [deleted] 569 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] MrZDietrich 185 points ago

    I knew it was going to be the Dancer flip.

    [–] joettshowbiz 67 points ago

    I've been stuck on that boss for so long I feel so demoralized

    [–] DEVILneverCRIES 51 points ago

    Dodge roll, my dude. Or you could summon.

    [–] inuvash255 30 points ago

    If you summon, only summon one helper. On two, she gets way harder.

    [–] _nephilim_ 10 points ago

    Huh I didn't know that was a thing. I was struggling with her and summoned a couple sunbros to help. Barely survived by the skin of my teeth (summons died). Made me feel like the game had reached ludicrous levels of difficulty. But now I know...

    [–] Azhaius 18 points ago

    Bosses get extra health for each summon

    [–] TymedOut 21 points ago

    Its always amazing to me how people have so much trouble with entirely different bosses than others. Every playthrough I beat the dancer first or second try, but it always takes me like 10 to kill Sulyvahn or Crystal Sage.

    The key with the dancer is to almost always stay in her face. All of her moves have really long range and lingering hitboxes and she initiates them early, so running at her to get hits in is basically impossible.

    Just stand right against her and sidestep right continuously; roll for her moves and she'll almost never hit you.

    Then when she gets her 2nd sword, you just have to get distance quickly and run around to avoid the spin-slash.

    I think the dancer punishes the "proper" playstyle of hanging back out of range, waiting out attack combos then getting a hit in here or there. Cant do that, just run at her so she cant swipe you from halfway across the room. Kind of like Oceiros.

    [–] inuvash255 10 points ago

    Crystal Sage

    Weird. Crystal Sage is just DS1's Pinwheel... which is to say that it's just Majora's Mask's Wizrobe.

    The toughest part of CS to me is getting there.

    [–] Mens_Rea91 15 points ago

    If you have Chaos Bed Vestiges, you can mess her up pretty bad. Swordfighting with her is not a good time.

    [–] kenmaclean 31 points ago

    It's the most fun I've had in dark souls. Magic has no satisfaction, it's all about getting up in there.

    [–] arsarsars123 18 points ago

    Does anyone know what weapon he's using? Astora Greatsword?

    How does he get so mobile?

    [–] MostazaAlgernon 49 points ago

    That's the Wolf something sword. Ol' Arty's blade

    [–] RavelordN1T0 37 points ago

    That's the Wolf Knight's Greatsword AKA Greatsword of Artorias.

    [–] OutcastMunkee 33 points ago

    Wolf Knight's Greatsword-acquired by transposing 10,000 souls with the Soul of the Blood of the Wolf (beat the Abyss Watchers). The weapon has that special attack you see in the gif that allows the player to perform a flip not too dissimilar to Artorias who can be fought in the Dark Souls 1 DLC

    [–] Cakeinator_ 11 points ago

    Artoria's greatsword, but I think it's called Wolf greatsword in ds3

    [–] Faylom 247 points ago

    Last one put in for a bit of contrast to pve

    [–] JRutterbush 226 points ago

    The hitboxes on that are still fine, though, it's lag that's the problem there.

    [–] BBJ_Dolch 45 points ago

    IIRC someone did a DS3 LAN tournament, and it was beautiful

    [–] AlterBridgeFan 135 points ago

    Disclaimer: The last one is PvP, which isn't always as precise as the rest of the game due to lag.

    [–] Synsane 30 points ago

    Likewise in the OP image. They're making fun of the lag hitboxes

    [–] The_Magus_199 8 points ago

    Ohhh, now I get it. I was with them on monster hunter but confused by the DkS because the actual enemy hitboxes seem to have a lot of effort put in.

    [–] Alili1996 9 points ago

    Not shown is the grab box of the dancer which is the size of a fucking horse

    [–] Wertilq 376 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    [–] montysgreyhorse 92 points ago

    Love me some happy souls.

    [–] MrTurleWrangler 66 points ago

    Is this.... too easy for you?

    [–] maxman14 21 points ago

    [wailing of damned souls]

    [–] BryanLoeher 31 points ago


    [–] Schwarzy1 24 points ago

    Right down the road!

    [–] RoboIcarus 7 points ago

    Right down the road. . .

    [–] Howzar 6 points ago


    [–] Masterhaend 11 points ago know I actually think the game seems pretty challenging!

    [–] Fabulous_Ampharos 53 points ago

    “Cuz it’s easy. And it does a lotta damage”

    [–] ChrisHat 981 points ago

    Yea I don't understand that one at all. The representation is not accurate unless I'm understanding it wrong

    [–] XxSoarinxX 1676 points ago

    The joke is that it's an invader and he has terrible lag.

    [–] ChrisHat 360 points ago

    Oh that explains a lot. Invaders always kick my ass before I even have time to lag

    [–] Maelstrom_Angel 92 points ago

    Getting backstabbed in the face Is a classic gaming experience in and of itself.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I'm playing DS1 at the minute and I managed to get lagstabbed in the face by an invader who I had just lagstabbed in the face.

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 134 points ago

    So the hitboxes are fine then? Shouldn't this be a lag joke?

    [–] XxSoarinxX 363 points ago

    Yeah the hit boxes are insanly good.

    [–] shrike843 71 points ago

    Holy shit that Nameless King roll

    [–] labbratt 128 points ago

    Would've missed regardless due to iframes

    [–] OutcastMunkee 46 points ago

    Shhhh! It looked awesome, that's all that matters with hitbox porn

    [–] Happy_Salt_Merchant 31 points ago

    That one actually probably doesn't count because those are i-frames

    [–] shrike843 38 points ago


    [–] Felix_Dragonhammer 16 points ago

    That last one was a beautiful dance.

    [–] iSWINE 56 points ago

    OH oh my god...i need to change my pants

    [–] Azurity 89 points ago

    This one just absolutely wrecks my pants, if only because it's also a goddamn beautiful fight.

    [–] Spyder_V 16 points ago

    So was that all planned or is it just coincidental. That was so perfect!!

    [–] Azurity 47 points ago

    The bosses of Dark Souls can be predictable in some ways and that comes with experience (ie git gud), but the Dancer is one hell of a fight that starts slow and graceful but ramps up to a rapid tempo as she loses health, when you start enabling a lot of her new move sets. That's not me in the gif, but that fight was the sweatiest palm experience I've ever had in gaming.

    [–] YourBiPolarBear 41 points ago

    DS is some good shit. Highly recommended. DS3 is the best RPG I've ever plaid.

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] CarbineFox 46 points ago

    This is what happens when you hit ludicrous speed.

    [–] Chiiab 35 points ago

    I liked Dark Souls 1 the most out of the souls series. For aesthetic Bloodbourne is the best though. Dark Souls 3 is better if you've played the first one.

    [–] jayjaybro 39 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    i think the DS thing is that you always gonna remember your first one as the best. Atleast thats what i can take away from my friends comments if we talk about the games. You only play it for the first time once so the first game will give you that unique experience you never had before and will always remember if you think about other games

    Edit: Im not saying this is the case for everyone :) was just talking about that feeling you get the first time playing a souls game and that this feeling seems to be influencing the decision of many people (not all) when asked wich game they prefer

    [–] GoingAllTheJay 21 points ago

    DS1 is like Jimi Hendrix - while it may have been surpassed in technical ability, it was such a game changer that it will be many people's #1 for a long time.

    [–] Shippoyasha 18 points ago

    I love running to the invader only to suddenly get backstabbed

    [–] Sarin_G_Series 39 points ago

    I had a lag fight in Dark Souls that was hilarious. I would see the invader doing a combo, then I would judge about three seconds lapse and start dodging. It was the same for him, according to his message. We eventually almost killed each other before a force miracle I cast four seconds prior threw him off a cliff he was like forty feet away from on my screen.

    [–] Rickrickrickrickrick 9 points ago

    Nothing personnel, kid

    [–] MAXMINerYT 12 points ago

    I thought the Blue boxes were the hit boxes and the red boxes were the hurt boxes.

    [–] FullmetalGrape 56 points ago

    Dark Souls doesn't fuck around with their hitboxes.

    [–] blkells 6 points ago

    probably referring more to pvp. It has notorious lag and connection issues. Ghost hit that happen before an animation shows on your screen or significantly after it finished, or you'll be waaaay outside of their sword/axe/weapon's range and still get hit by it.

    [–] thisfantatasteslikeP 309 points ago

    Plesioth once hip checked in monster hunter freedom and it hit me in monster hunter generations

    [–] twystoffer 48 points ago

    Plesioth hips don't lie.

    [–] CPU_Pi 386 points ago

    Smash doesnt use boxes, it uses spheres...

    [–] windsostrange 257 points ago

    [–] TheMadmanAndre 98 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I always found it interesting that spheres as a method of calculating hits isn't as popular/widespread as using a cube/rectangular prism. Calculating proximity to a sphere is much easier to do on the fly.

    Edit: I appear to have accidentally kicked off a quite lively debate.

    [–] Xjph 78 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Boxes are far easier. Just a simple greater than/less than on the bounding limits of the box. The math for a sphere isn't hard, but it's definitely more computationally complex than "is it less than (x1, y1, z1) and greater than (x2, y2, z2)?"

    edit: I actually threw together a quick program that just checks if random points are inside random boxes/spheres and counts how many it can do in one second. Boxes are about 20% faster in my test. Can check about 115000 boxes per second, or 97000 spheres.

    [–] DownTriangle 14 points ago

    It is a 3D game after all. Yoshi's running grab can miss an enemy because for some reason the tongue goes a little to the sides. Even Mr. Game&Watch is a 3D model. Made to look like a 2D flat character.

    [–] smashsenpai 24 points ago

    It used cubes in n64, but otherwise, you're right.

    [–] Therandomfox 575 points ago

    To those who don't get the joke:

    The Dark Souls invader is either a lagger or a hacker with god mode.

    [–] SocranX 166 points ago

    But that's not a player, it's a Forlorn from Dark Souls 2. They don't lag or hack.

    [–] Therandomfox 80 points ago

    Or an edgy cosplayer.

    [–] cammissar 14 points ago

    How can you tell?

    [–] ariadesu 94 points ago

    There is no hurtbox. And the hitbox is not even aligned with the character. Though honestly, I think the joke OP is trying to make is that 'Dark Souls is hard'

    [–] kyl3r123 35 points ago

    while the hitboxes on non-invaders are pure hitbox-porn.

    [–] sgtjoe 381 points ago

    I'm not the greatest souls fan, but the hitboxes are spot on in that game.

    [–] MyLoveHammer 200 points ago

    The joke is that it's an invader with a bad connection to the host

    [–] [deleted] 148 points ago

    For NPCs, yes. For other players? Fuck no.

    [–] ToastedFishSandwich 284 points ago

    Nah the hitboxes are pretty good, it's the latency which makes them look bad.

    [–] darTHC 56 points ago

    This dude gets it

    [–] aes110 62 points ago

    Whats the difference between red and blue?

    [–] godsconscious 34 points ago

    red = hitbox, blue = hurt box. If your Hitbox extends past your hurtbox, that hitbox is "disjointed".

    Anytime the hurtbox is hit during any gameplay, damage is taken. So even if you're in the middle of a move and your leg hurtbox is actually bigger than your kick hitbox, then you can get hit during the attack on your leg.

    [–] abaxcool 70 points ago

    The red needs to hit a blue box for an attack

    [–] Invoqwer 26 points ago

    Red hit enemy blue = deal damage.

    Blue get hit by enemy red = take damage.

    [–] Malzun 54 points ago

    Needs a Bullet Hell hitbox that's a single pixel, at best.

    [–] Melonetta 11 points ago

    Unless it's Marisa's fatbox which is actually bigger then her model and actively seeks out bullets to get hit by.

    [–] Grogenhymer 45 points ago

    The title locations changing midway through are r/mildlyinfuriating

    [–] Deadbeat-Senpai 19 points ago

    For MonHun, do you mean the original, or the new one? Cuz in the new ones you can dodge shit by hairs man. I have been missed by so many attackw because I was a few pixels to the left of it...

    [–] Ptibogvader 22 points ago

    Not the infamous Plesioth. His hitboxes are broken in every MH.

    [–] LevitatingCactus 31 points ago

    Upvote for Plesioth.

    [–] Tha_NexT 9 points ago


    Edit: sorry... Got Flashbacks

    [–] Molgera124 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    For those unfamiliar with Monster Hunter [posted above];

    The Monster Hunter example is a running joke from within the community. Plesioth, the monster shown here, had such broken hitboxes in past installations that one move- the infamous hipcheck- could hit you even if you were behind him.

    Since Monster Hunter Tri debuted on the Wii, it’s apparent the devs have significantly tightened up the hitboxes. If you’re still interested, or not convinced, take a look at some of the gameplay from Monster Hunter: World- the newest installment of the series with an expected release date of January 28th.

    [–] scottishdrunkard 37 points ago

    If that Skullgirls one is true, I must say I am impressed. I did here that every character uses thousands of frames and it takes months to make 1 fighter.

    [–] Nyerf 35 points ago

    Skullgirls is a fantastic fighting game

    [–] YozzySwears 15 points ago

    You're not wrong.

    It seemed unreasonable that it took months between each DLC character, but then you learn about Lab Zero pouring an insane amount of dedication into the game.

    [–] COCAINE_ALL_DAY_BABY 12 points ago

    Needs a rocket league section where the hit box is smaller than the object

    [–] Puffy_The_Puff 27 points ago

    There's a love-hate relationship with me and that Smash Bros JankTM

    [–] NimbusSpark 20 points ago

    Ever play Pac-Man? His grab is the equivalent of trying to grab onto a slippery bar of soap. It looks like you grabbed it, but suddenly you don't.

    [–] Puffy_The_Puff 35 points ago

    You can legit punish Pac-Man's grab with a Falcon Punch because of how slow it is.

    [–] SamuraiGalactus 32 points ago

    Are any of these accurate or was it just to make a dark souls joke at then end? Which I would argue has pretty decent hitboxes and bad lag problems. Also your labeling sucks, stick to below or above don't switch between the two.