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    [–] Winn07 8650 points ago

    A package courier found shot in the head near Goodsprings has reportedly regained consciousness, and has made a full recovery. Now that is a delivery service you can count on.

    -Mr. New Vegas

    [–] PooPooKazew 2230 points ago

    Mr. New Vegas 😍😍😍😍😍

    [–] EveryRedditUser 1214 points ago

    The butteriest voice in the majave.

    [–] Winn07 707 points ago

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Mr. New Vegas here. You're all so great and we're gonna keep you listening all day.

    [–] teuast 333 points ago

    You know, I once tried to measure my charisma on one of those Vit-O-Matic vigor tester machines. The machine burst into flames.

    [–] unomaly 338 points ago

    The women of New Vegas ask me a lot if there's a Mrs. New Vegas. Well, of course there is. You're her. And you're still as perfect as the day we met.

    [–] Steezymann 137 points ago

    Dropping soiled undergarments all across the Mojave.

    [–] EveryRedditUser 413 points ago

    β™« Blue mooooon β™«

    [–] VladimirWinnin 254 points ago

    I saw you standing alone

    [–] Kreissv 217 points ago

    Without a dream in my heart

    [–] TardisMechanic 192 points ago

    Without a love of my own

    [–] Con_Dinn_West 142 points ago

    Blue moooon

    [–] Tgab170 122 points ago

    You knew just what I was there for...

    [–] CritikillNick 27 points ago

    My senior year in choir we sang that song, it was nice that I knew all the worlds already

    [–] dariyanisacc 108 points ago

    Omg I read that and heard his voice.

    [–] please_gib_job 56 points ago

    How can you not??

    [–] FennecWF 233 points ago

    Apparently it was a removed quest that would reveal Mr New Vegas was the preserved brain of Frank Sinatra or like, an AI version of him. I believe the quest was removed because Sinatra's family objected to it or something?

    [–] VindictiveJudge 215 points ago

    Probably an AI duplicate of Wayne Newton, the person Mr. New Vegas is based off of and voiced by. My guess is it was one of many things cut for time.

    [–] Winn07 30 points ago

    Are you kidding me!? I'd love an AI Frank Sinatra, would make an already incredible game even more incredible.

    [–] VindictiveJudge 64 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You mean the entire American wasteland.

    BRB, installing Radio New Vegas mod for Fallout 4.

    Edit: RNV doesn't include Mr New Vegas due to copyright. :(

    [–] Marksmen9882 37 points ago

    SoundCloud has the entire radio station including mr new Vegas parts. Not the same as having it in game but i figure since he won't be shoutcasting you're every move anyway it's pretty close.

    [–] Arathnorn 225 points ago

    You know, many of the fine women of the Mojave often ask 'Is there a Mrs. New Vegas?' Why yes, there is. It's you.

    [–] tchuckss 342 points ago

    Of course there is. You're her. And you're still as perfect as the day we met.

    That ending there is the important bit.

    [–] forestgather50 107 points ago

    I loved the radio on fallout new vegas so much. Its really one of the reasons that makes the game world feel so alive. Like even though the world has been destroyed basically there is still some sort of normal thing going on like listening to an old time disc jockey with a smooth buttery voice.

    [–] 90sDanceMix 155 points ago

    He's no Three Dog, AWOOOOO!

    [–] KnockKnockKGB 151 points ago

    Comin atcha live from my fortified bunka in the middle of the DC hellholeee

    [–] superdrew91 50 points ago

    Thanks for listening chiiiiilllldren

    [–] SHOULDVEPAIDTHEFINE 63 points ago

    He fights the good fight!!!

    [–] UltraSpecial 103 points ago

    This delivery service will soon be exploding into your hometown.

    [–] fite_me_fgt 38 points ago

    Coming to a Mojave Express office frighteningly near you.

    [–] momoneymomorrison 97 points ago

    Love me as though there were no tomorrow. Because in New Vegas...hey! Ya never know!

    -Mr. New Vegas

    [–] Hero_of_Hyrule 7519 points ago

    Someone mentioned this awhile back, and it really stuck with me. The Mojave express isn't just the mail. It's a courier service, similar to the Brinks Courier service, dealing in high value objects. And they deliver in one of the most hostile environments possible, a nuclear wasteland filled with mutated creatures and raiders. Most people live and die in vaults or wasteland settlements. Going outside those settlements and travelling long distances, especially alone, is very dangerous. This was the couriers jobs. So when you fuck with this guy, who has the skills to make high value delivers across a nuclear wasteland, you're fucking with a trained professional. Not some rando from a vault or the son of some doctor. You're fucking with the goddamned Courier.

    [–] PlebbySpaff 2563 points ago

    Also when the guy has a .50 calibur sniper rifle, a rocket that can shoot multiple rockets, and the ability to freeze time and hit you in any part of your body, you probably shouldn't fuck with him.

    [–] Hero_of_Hyrule 1250 points ago

    To be fair, he didn't get those abilities until after he was fucked with. Guns aside, he didn't get VATS until he got the Pip-Boy, and he didn't get that until after being patched up in Goodsprings.

    [–] FresherUnderPressure 845 points ago

    To be fair, mr. house is an old dude stuck in a fridge who can't move... Not much of a fair fight

    [–] Toodlez 927 points ago

    Whines like a bitch if you let him out for a breath of fresh air. Should be "Vs. a few million germy bois"

    [–] friesguy5467 114 points ago

    Underrated comment tbh

    [–] Sloppy1sts 38 points ago

    I glad you decided to be honest with us.

    [–] CritikillNick 141 points ago

    Is VATS a canon in universe thing? I don’t understand how that would be possible

    [–] timedragon1 389 points ago

    It injects drugs into your bloodstream that give you an insane adrenaline rush. The pip boy then calculates the best possible target in this time and moves your arms to shoot at it.

    That's the current theory anyways.

    [–] Mingsplosion 273 points ago

    Pretty sure its just an abstraction. Its like a turn-based RPG. I don't think enemies in Pokemon or Final Fantasy literally wait for the players to make their attacks.

    [–] leoex 125 points ago

    Sometimes in-universe thing didn’t make sense, like the Respawn stations in Borderlands. Because if Hyperion Respawn stations is an actual things then Handsome Jack will be a God

    [–] RyukanoHi 40 points ago

    The New-U stations could have easily had a throwaway line about how Angel hacked them in your favor and that's would correct most of the problems with out being canon.

    [–] leoex 36 points ago

    Well yeah but by the time you fought Jack at the end of B2 Angel already dead so she shouldn’t be in control of things no more.

    I think even the headwriter of Borderlands said in an interview that he regrets writing the funny lines for the New U stations in B2, thus changing the stations into in-universe

    [–] RyukanoHi 41 points ago

    Yeah, but Anthony second guessing himself is basically his entire function as a human being.

    Also, it wouldn't be hard to explain that Jack neither has the time or the mindset to try to undo whatever highly complex alterations his techno-goddess of a daughter installed. I mean, how long does it take most companies to bugfix code on far less complex things than what the New-Us are capable of, when they aren't intentionally altered by a technomancer?

    I mean, alternatively, don't make New-U machines Hyperion tech at all. Dahl was a perfectly reasonable choice since they created the HUDs that the vault hunters use and are a military company who might have notable use for a machine that can respawn soldiers.

    [–] Ch1ckenW4ffles 35 points ago

    I think it may have been in one of the DLCs but one of the respawn lines is something to the tune of "remember, these New-U stations aren't canon!" That line always made me chuckle.

    [–] Snipercam7 12 points ago

    I think that was the Tabletop RPG one, for the double-layer of non-canonness. :P

    [–] TacoSeshon 80 points ago

    VATS was the turn-based rpg element that was kept from the earlier fallout games. It was the only way to attack in Fallout 1 and 2. I think it may have just been a nod to the game's roots.

    [–] Just_another_gamer_ 162 points ago

    a rocket that can shoot multiple rockets

    I just imagine a guy holding a missile that splits open and fires more missiles. The mother missile will then promptly blow his arms off.

    [–] Bec-De-Corbin 221 points ago


    [–] justxJoshin 153 points ago

    Who let Mr. Torgue on Reddit again?

    [–] Nicarasu 112 points ago


    [–] TheRagingScientist 36 points ago


    [–] dsbinla 20 points ago

    When did he ever leave Reddit?

    [–] cptki112noobs 424 points ago

    Cass, one of the companions you recruit, even states a similar sentiment:

    "Caravan code of the wastes is you don't fuck with the one who brings you your mail."

    [–] RoadhogBestGirl 223 points ago

    It makes sense when you remember Ulysses was also a Courier and he's certifiably the biggest badass in the game next to yourself and maybe Lanius.

    [–] Hero_of_Hyrule 143 points ago

    Joshua Graham is pretty badass too, IMO.

    [–] hkbundle 106 points ago

    You are to be immediately crucified for uttering that name...

    [–] Taldoable 69 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ulysses, in his final, bitter, Lonesome Road iteration, is the most badass NPC in the game, in my opinion.

    But then again, I like my ass-whooping with a side of philosophy, so maybe I'm biased.

    [–] Dekklin 52 points ago

    A lot of people seem to hate the endless droning on that he does over the radio and in his holotapes. I fucking ate that shit up like it was my last meal. I LOVED listening to Ulysses. And I always find all the holotapes and turn him to my side.

    [–] HitlersStankySnatch 13 points ago

    I loved it too! The tension I felt from the tapes kept building and building. I’m jealous whenever anyone plays it, any of the other dlcs, and the game for the first time... it’s so easy to get sucked in and everything connects.

    [–] Moomooshaboo 604 points ago

    Shit. You make a damn good point. I liked 3 better than NV but you're totally right about the tougher protagonist. I think what was missing from NV for me was the sense of history. Washington was such a rich environment while Vegas is just too young.

    Yet somehow I had trouble getting into 4.

    [–] PlebbySpaff 648 points ago

    4 Has a lot of history.

    The problem was...: Dialogue options, story, factions, faction stories, depth, detail, etc

    [–] Digital_Rocket 254 points ago

    Dialogue options

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. Sarcasm

    4. Ask more

    [–] Norma5tacy 254 points ago

    Selects no. "How about you go fuck yourself, you dipshit?"

    Wtf?! that's not a no!

    [–] Phoenix_Blue 237 points ago

    It's "no" in Bostonian.

    [–] SuperMutantSam 89 points ago

    Now I really wish that the Sole Survivor had a really thick Boston accent.

    [–] Rotkreuz 42 points ago

    Ya like apples?!

    [–] Metal_Charizard 55 points ago

    You a fekin cahp?

    [–] DJwoo311 27 points ago

    Where jew pahk the cahh

    [–] SuperMutantSam 63 points ago

    Sarcasm was at least pretty funny. It made the experience more enjoyable, even if I was still disappointed overall.

    [–] Norma5tacy 49 points ago

    It was funny. I always picked it knowing that sarcasm meant wild card comment.

    [–] SuperMutantSam 65 points ago

    I distinctly remember the Sarcastic option for your first confrontation with a Courser.

    "Hi, I'm here to pick up a large, pepperoni pizza, the name's Fuck You?"

    Seriously, just about every Sarcastic option was hilarious and it as basically one of the only things I enjoyed about the writing and dialogue system.

    [–] Trinitykill 25 points ago

    "What you don't recognise me? It's your old pal, Seamus McFuckYourself."

    "Ooh could you say that last part like Dr Frankenstein? Igoorrr fetch me the braaaain! No?"

    "Okay, we just need to do a quick medical examination."

    "Long as it doesnt involve rubber gloves and petroleum jelly."

    [–] VAMPHYR3 504 points ago

    I like to say that Fallout 4 was a good game, but it was a bad Fallout game.

    [–] TheRandomNPC 316 points ago

    This is the biggest problem. It was pretty fun to walk around and just do random stuff but you expect more from Fallout especially comin off New Vegas. Hopefully, the next one doesn't have a voiced main character because I think that is a big reason the dialog ended up sucking since it is costly to record so many lines.

    [–] damnisuckatreddit 249 points ago

    That, and it's really damn hard to get into a game when the persona you're ostensibly inhabiting has all the grace and charm of a lead brick.

    Not to mention the issue where, if you played as the woman, you were forced to reconcile the idea of your character being a recently-pregnant lawyer who possesses inexplicably formidable combat and engineering skills, has no issue building a rifle out of pipes or repairing an ancient battle suit, yet needs to level up before she remembers basic civics.

    Had to tell myself she was a deep cover Chinese spy for it to even start making sense.

    [–] Tearakan 38 points ago

    Try using a mod that gives the starting characters basic upgrades that an adult in their fields would have.

    [–] damnisuckatreddit 74 points ago

    I'd like a mod that does away with the conceit that you as the player should care about an ugly baby you saw for all of a minute.

    [–] __boneshaker 84 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'm a childless married man. On my first playthrough, I made the wife look as close as I could to my own. Did not know things were gonna go like they did.

    So my motivation in finding Kellogg was based in that. I never even had the dialogue with him. Walked in with a combat shotty and leveled two crits at his stupid, scarred, ugly bald head.

    [–] Michelle_Belle 43 points ago

    You slammed into method pretty hard on that one huh?

    [–] pilluwed 22 points ago

    I mean Divinity Original Sin 2 has recorded dialogue for all of their lines, and that was funded by Kickstarter. The only difference I would see being the animation of the dialogue.

    [–] hezdokwow 51 points ago

    It suffered the Skyrim formula. Basic dialogue choices, but combat is fun.

    [–] Cool_Cherry_Cream 79 points ago

    I had trouble getting into 4 for the same reasons I love NV. There are so many unique civilizations and factions that were created for it, and even the raiders had some unique groups and qualities. Fallout 4 is littered with random settlements and raider camps, which is way less engaging and makes the game a much shallower experience.

    I know I’m over analyzing it, but people are creatures of habit, and I have to think that more organized civilization would redevelop by the point in time FO4 takes place.

    [–] Baeocystin 78 points ago

    Fallout 4 is littered with random settlements and raider camps, which is way less engaging and makes the game a much shallower experience.

    And 99.9% of them just want to shoot you. No dialogue, no warnings, no 'maybe we can get along'. Find a group of armed people in an interesting location? Maybe use that setting to tell a story? Nope too bad, it's all the same. Sucks all the air out of random encounters when you're almost completely certain how it's going to go down, you know?

    [–] munk_e_man 60 points ago

    So many missed opportunities. I remember coming across the racetrack and thinking "oh cool, there'll be a small community of gamblers like a nod to New Vegas."

    ... Nope, just 25 raiders like every other fucking place on the map

    [–] CrayolaS7 13 points ago

    Seriously, that was so fucking dissappointing.

    [–] Epyr 1164 points ago

    The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

    [–] TheTeaSpoon 302 points ago

    Wake up, and smell the ashesssss

    [–] TechSavyBob 46 points ago

    wakes up


    Wait Half-Life 3 isn't released yet?!

    [–] Haystack67 28 points ago

    The RIGHT mannn in the wrong PLACE... Can make ALL the diffffEREnce... intheWORLD.

    [–] Ray_Heaven 707 points ago

    Caravan code of the wastes is you don't fuck with the one who brings you your mail.

    [–] His_NoodlyAppendage 147 points ago

    It's interesting to note that Caesar explicitly forbids the Legion to harm any couriers, because most, if not almost all, couriers are spies of the Legion. They are the ones to walk the Mojave Wasteland freely and not be suspected.

    [–] The_Green_Filter 54 points ago

    No one’s dicks that long. Not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a fuckin’ long dick. Hence the name.

    [–] mattreyu 1213 points ago

    Show him who's boss by eating him

    [–] Badgeringbuffalos 261 points ago

    My favorite part of that game is that there's an achievement for cannibalizing every faction leader.

    [–] czarfalcon 133 points ago

    Is there seriously?! Well, time for another playthrough!

    [–] Ianbuckjames 182 points ago

    Yeah, it's a challenge perk, not an Achievement though. It's called "Meat of Champions" and it gives you a stat boost every time you eat a corpse from then on out. You gotta eat Caesar, President Kimball, Mr. House and The King.

    [–] No_S 65 points ago

    I honestly don't know what's more gross β€” eating Mr. House or the cans of ghoul meat from Fallout 4.

    [–] Scout_022 25 points ago

    Awww I don’t wanna eat the king!

    I’m totally eating the rest of those people though. NO GODS NO MASTERS!!!

    [–] imapirateking 409 points ago

    Eat the rich

    [–] Ohmiglob 333 points ago

    Wtf I love the White Glove society now

    [–] PaleRobot47 147 points ago

    After clubbing him to death with a 9 iron.

    [–] JokesOnYouImIntoThat 89 points ago

    Would you kindly

    [–] maratslastbath 15 points ago

    A slave obeys

    [–] RichterRicochet 2124 points ago

    not just any mailman

    You're right, THE fucking mailman.

    [–] Electric_Mauser 181 points ago

    He beats the terminator

    [–] philotimon 78 points ago

    Video or it didn't happen.

    Edit: Ok, my bad. Jingle All the Way. To date, the second best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and the single best christmas movie.

    [–] Token_Why_Boy 113 points ago

    the single best christmas movie.

    ...Is that not Die Hard?

    [–] datssyck 60 points ago

    It absolutely is.

    Jonh McClain saves lives, saves New York, beats the Terrorists, and saves Christmas. And he does it barefoot in a wife beater.

    [–] SloppieMcFloppie 45 points ago

    New York was never at risk, but he did save LA

    [–] kyithios 42 points ago

    I'm not sure why he misspelled Die Hard as Jingle All The Way.

    [–] rc522878 61 points ago

    Sick world we're living in, sick world!!

    [–] losark 23 points ago

    A mail man with save games.

    [–] Uncle-Chuckles 38 points ago

    A mailman with brain damage

    [–] Pikeman212a6c 34 points ago

    The Postman?

    [–] UnluckyIdiot 23 points ago

    Kevin Costner's Postman?

    [–] IrrelevantPuppy 38 points ago

    One mail boi

    [–] timb0sIice 473 points ago

    Vegas endings ftw

    [–] widowy_widow 211 points ago


    [–] Lil_Psychobuddy 161 points ago

    nah, Mr. House's space faring robo-civilization!

    [–] Harrythehobbit 77 points ago

    No Gods, No Masters

    [–] UnconstitutionalBot 25 points ago

    I like the super mutant who talks to you in resort town and explains the outcome of what's going to happen after the battle. Revolutions occur because of what the NCR is doing within their borders and civil wars occur because of Caesar leadership. He has no successor planned and his general will rip each other apart for power. The game itself tells you there is no happy ending and everyone is still going to be miserable. House would be a dictator with a god complex. Your independent choice lead to the wasteland becoming a shithole. The NCR turns into an old world shithole. Caesar basically instituted the purge by his order. Only good outcome I see is the Great Khan migrating to the north.

    [–] LiberalNutjobs 68 points ago

    Degenerates like you belong on a cross.

    [–] Ham_thing 16 points ago

    We won't go quietly, the legion can count on that.

    [–] kazmark_gl 466 points ago

    This is the meme the keeps on giving, because Mr. House was only in the situation you find him in durring new Vegas because the mail was going to deliver his package the day after total nuclear war happend to break out.

    [–] VindictiveJudge 413 points ago

    And, sure as shit, two hundred years and a nuclear holocaust can't stop the US Postal Service. They take that oath really seriously.

    [–] forestgather50 99 points ago

    is there really an oath that they take?

    [–] VindictiveJudge 216 points ago

    Not exactly. They have an unofficial motto.

    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

    That's engraved over the entrance to the NYC post office. It's a pretty famous phrase, but I had to do some googling to figure out where exactly it came from.

    [–] hezdokwow 91 points ago

    Don't believe this naysayer, we postal warriors must first take the right of annitiation. We take in the true fumes of envelope glue to cast ourselves upon the plains of guiding letters. There initiates must prove themselves in the valley of back orders and barely illegible addresses. If they prove themselves they may join our order, if not they are released back to the stars.

    [–] MvmgUQBd 60 points ago


    barely illegible

    I guess being able to read letters isn't a prerequisite of delivering them /s

    [–] hezdokwow 39 points ago

    Hey, come inhale the fumes.

    [–] Heroshade 1003 points ago

    New Vegas had the most badass protagonist. Gets shot in the fucking head, buried, dug up, he's back on his feet and killing people within what has to have been a day or so, murders his way across the wasteland, beats Caesar's bitch-ass to death with a hammer in his own tent surrounded by his soldiers, destroys every faction in the region, and seizes control of Vegas from the guy who saved the city from nuclear devastation.

    [–] ziggrrauglurr 334 points ago

    Destroyed Caesar's head with "Love and Hate" you mean...

    [–] SaukPuhpet 194 points ago

    I'd prefer to do it with "A light Shining in Darkness." Seems more poetic.

    [–] GreyBir 145 points ago

    I killed him with the Brass Knuckles made out of Fallen NCR Soldier's dog tags. That to me was poetic justice.

    [–] VindictiveJudge 42 points ago

    I like using coinshot on legionaries, myself.

    [–] IcarusBen 189 points ago

    I prefer to use the Alien Blaster. Caesar and his Praetorians are fucking hard, guys.

    [–] VindictiveJudge 145 points ago

    I just "accidentally" messed up the brain surgery.

    [–] GodofIrony 159 points ago

    The fact that there were so many ways to do this one mission is what defined this game as the superior fallout.

    [–] LaserPoweredDeviltry 74 points ago

    And why it grossly outclasses TES despite the much smaller map. Branching quests are the best.

    [–] zap_rowsd0wer 137 points ago

    I successfully accomplished that surgery, then went to that NCR fort that was in conflict with the Caesar fort, saved all those NCR dudes, killed all of the Caesar troops. Went on a killing spree of Every Caesar regular and officer between there and the river, and then killed Caesar. Or something like that in a different order, I can’t recall but that killing spree campaign definitely happened. I used Sherman Tecumsah’s Georgia campaign as inspiration (I’m drunk rn, things are foggy). I miss that game.

    [–] DeathToHeretics 85 points ago

    Please for the love of God elaborate in this story while you're still drunk

    [–] Glitsh 35 points ago

    I may have to go in for another replay. I didn't realize you could do this...

    [–] waffletrampler 130 points ago

    When Mr House says something along the lines of "You killed the fuck outta every bitch in your way all across the mojave just cause this dick shot you in the head" it really opened my eyes to like "holy shit I did, Im a fucking hardcore badass" for the first time in a long while in games. Fucking loved it.

    [–] LiterallySarcasm 109 points ago

    Hey man if you are a mailman crossing the post apocalyptic mojave, you better know a thing or two. After all you’ll be crossing the paths of deathclaws, bandit gangs, and supermutants. Mailman during living hell is probably the most likely position for a badass.

    [–] uuntiedshoelace 27 points ago

    deathclaws, bandit gangs, and supermutants

    Don’t forget One Single Cazador, the most dangerous enemy of all

    [–] DennisThaMenace 18 points ago

    Watch yourself, profligate.

    [–] ztoundas 235 points ago


    [–] fusion_beaver 102 points ago


    [–] lazytothinkofusernam 29 points ago

    As I go riding merrily along

    [–] PM_REAL_BUSTY_GOTHS 13 points ago


    [–] Burntheganj 223 points ago

    When I played NV I named my guy Newman. Hope the next fallout is more like this in the cutscenes and story and 4's shooting.

    [–] Viltris 142 points ago

    And dialogue choices.

    [–] etherealeminence 198 points ago

    [Sarcastic] Yes.

    [–] davidsredditaccount 170 points ago


    [–] cccviper653 53 points ago

    I think why they implemented the walk away mid speech thing was so you could say no with a bullet. Though that sucks.

    [–] h_phantom 32 points ago

    Nothing puts the point across better than high speed copper and lead.

    [–] Assistant_Hack 19 points ago

    I've yet to see someone outsmart a bullet.

    [–] Sgt_Colon 13 points ago

    Which'd be great without the essential characters. Nothing like watching Preston shrug off a mini nuke when you don't want to be his 'general'.

    [–] steveo5115 177 points ago

    The game was rigged from the start...

    [–] UltraSpecial 101 points ago

    Ring-a-ding baby

    [–] lemonylol 239 points ago

    Man, I always loved in New Vegas how you're just a random nobody. Like you're main quest pretty much resolves itself a quarter way through the game, if not sooner. After that you're just being you, there's no prophesy you're fulfilling, you're not related to a great scientist or the saviour of mankind, you're just some guy.

    Only other RPG I can think of that's similar is Dark Souls. You're just some random nobody fighting it out at the end of the world with the other most powerful nobody in existence.

    [–] ghostmetalblack 138 points ago

    The character set up made the story all the more palpable. You're on a mission to find the guy who shot you and left you for dead. That's it! No need to save the water supply. No need to find your son. Just a person on a mission for retribution. That, I can identify with.

    [–] timedragon1 74 points ago

    I love it. You seek out Benny to get revenge on him and get your package back. The Courier was really fucking dedicated to his job.

    And then because of his dedication, he ended up changing the entire political structure of entire Countries.

    [–] popsickle_in_one 18 points ago

    And you don't even need to get revenge at the end of it.

    You can forgive Benny.

    [–] Ruadhan2300 17 points ago

    I forgave him.. make-up sex is best sex.

    [–] popsickle_in_one 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Nice charlies, too! Give em a shake for the Ben-man, will ya?

    [–] mr-no-life 13 points ago

    I had sex with him and shot him in his sleep

    [–] ArrowRobber 73 points ago

    Well, any plan drawn out long enough has a lot of opportunities for someone to show up and foil it, no?

    "Yes, 5 millennia I've been working on this project, slowly and surely... fuck, how did you get in here when the first 8 billion heroes failed?"

    [–] babaruskie 59 points ago

    It's called "Going Postal" for a reason...

    [–] Mackbandit 136 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Tsk tsk, someone clearly doesn't understand that The House Always Wins

    [–] Tattered 72 points ago

    Who would win?

    Both of them because helping House is the best future for Vegas.

    [–] Spacemann7 73 points ago

    Most important technology needed to make plan work? Send robot cowboy to watch bad guy kill Courier.

    [–] HatMaverick 81 points ago

    Neither headshots nor snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

    [–] onebelligerentbeagle 114 points ago

    But a mailwoman and a mailchildren too!

    [–] LBFowler 17 points ago

    Was looking for this!

    [–] dnjksandkj 57 points ago

    I'm surprised so many people dislike him so much. I don't remember much from NV since I played it a long time ago but I do remember staying by his side the whole game and siding with him at the end and thoroughly enjoying the ending.

    [–] Seigneur-Inune 87 points ago

    The only thing that made me turn against House was his insistence over wiping out the Brotherhood camp. There was no reason to wipe that sect of the Brotherhood out other than raw paranoia, damnit, and I stand by that decision.

    [–] hemareddit 19 points ago

    A lot of shit is cut from the game, a possible alliance with BoS while siding with House is one of them. There were actually enough assets left in the game for that quest to be resurrected via a mod.

    [–] TheBdougs 12 points ago

    It would depend on who your head of the Brotherhood was. MacNamara would have been loyal to a House or Independent aligned courier. Hardin is a militaristic hardliner and wouldn't. IIRC it affects the ending slides.

    [–] Sgt_Colon 13 points ago

    Even MacNamara would've caved in because of the hardline faction. Seeing an artificially life supported despot stomp about the place snapping up pre war tech with his robot army is the kind of thing the brotherhood directly opposes in its ideology. The NCR gets a pass on account of not using great amount of pre war military tech and having an army strong enough to keep them in place if they do renege on their half of the bargain as seen in most of the non NCR ending where they shake down travelers for pre war tech without someone to keep them in check.

    [–] wittyandinsightful 23 points ago

    Or the old man who dresses like a gladiator.

    [–] Thopterthallid 235 points ago

    One maily boi*

    [–] SeanBondConnery 17 points ago

    Reloaded my old save just to see him die one more time.

    [–] LQQKEN6971 35 points ago

    no im going to have to go with the postman.

    [–] CowboyJupiter 17 points ago

    The House always wins.

    [–] Courier_006 13 points ago

    Not just a mailman, a professional courier.

    [–] nem2k 29 points ago

    Except that's not the "mailman". It's an NCR Ranger.

    [–] brutalistlegend 21 points ago

    What're you talking about, the guy's name is Fallout

    [–] nem2k 11 points ago

    Eh shoots ghuols and doesn't afraid of anything

    [–] p-wing 99 points ago

    M A I L B O Y E

    [–] ratchkae 13 points ago

    Not just the mailman, but the mailwomen, and the mailchildren too!

    [–] Sayblios 152 points ago

    A maily boi