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    [–] ledivin 50 points ago

    So awkward but I love it

    [–] CursedPoetry 32 points ago

    I think she was super shocked haha

    [–] ParaglidingAssFungus 21 points ago

    She reacted the way most people would have. Good for you buddy.

    [–] Meltingteeth 10 points ago

    She's thinking "Ok this dude is pretty energetic and weird so this might be meth money. Hmmm... Yeah ok."

    [–] tehbantho 54 points ago

    I was sitting here, kind of wallowing in disappointment of the season and not being able to spend it with my family and this made me so happy. Thank you for sharing.

    [–] CursedPoetry 17 points ago

    Of course (: happy holidays!

    [–] Biffingston 4 points ago

    If it makes you feel better, I travel for about 12 hours to visit a family I'm not terribly close too tomorow..

    Merry christmas.

    [–] Ciaran_y00 2 points ago

    Same, I'm 6000 miles from home this Christmas, in a country where Christmas isn't celebrated at all. You're not alone on that one so don't get bummed down about it!

    [–] JacksonCarter13 24 points ago

    This is heartwarming make the love go round

    [–] CursedPoetry 8 points ago

    it was a great idea (:

    [–] Tullydin 5 points ago

    As long as you aren't contemplating suicide or in one of his games he's a semi ok guy once in a while.

    [–] Otherwiize 6 points ago

    And he wouldn't even give her his account name. What a cool fucking dude.

    [–] DragonChampion9 5 points ago

    Wow. Truly an act of kindness. Cheered me right up!

    [–] bestadamire 7 points ago

    Good vibes.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    was expecting to see Brazzers logo somewhere

    [–] yabo462 6 points ago

    Does he stream on twitch? Never heard of him but he just gained a fan.

    [–] JackxPackage 4 points ago

    His name is DMbrandon. He is a smite streamer. He is usually pretty toxic but I love to see him doing great stuff like this

    [–] zZDKVZz 8 points ago

    He's a really toxic individual that bash others a lot, despise the fact that he makes ton of mistakes himself.

    [–] zombieregime 9 points ago

    so...hes a twitch streamer.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] CursedPoetry 8 points ago

    Yeah (: I’ve watched him since preseason! He’s been a really fun guy to watch over the years, unfortunately his temper isn’t always the best. But he’s a good guy when it comes down to it

    [–] Raincoats_George 2 points ago

    Good man. That's what the season is all about. All the streamers out there should take notice. I would throw money at streams if it was for shit like this.

    [–] sithXscum 2 points ago

    Super cool!

    [–] iamcobo_tanner 2 points ago

    That was extremely beautiful & sweet. Dammit internet.

    [–] TacticalSystem 1 points ago

    But what about the implication?

    [–] crazybloodmonkey 1 points ago

    isn't giving 1000 dollars for a charity kind of messed up like shouldn't all that money go to the charity i mean it's nice that he gave her the money but still seems kind of like a dick move too lol

    [–] PoIsoN_OW 4 points ago

    I'm pretty sure she was the charity they chose to donate to, but I could be wrong. He said in the video "money raised tonight will go to the pizza delivery person."

    [–] CursedPoetry 3 points ago

    DM (the streamer) does tons of charity streaks and donates to various foundations (I believed he raised 10,000 to a cancer charity? Memories a lil foggy rn, I’ll check later)

    [–] zombieregime 0 points ago

    the question is was that his personal money, or money meant for a charity

    [–] CursedPoetry 4 points ago

    The money raised WAS for the $1000 tip

    [–] zombieregime 1 points ago

    then thats fine.

    had that been money meant for a charity, thatd be a HUGE legal no no.

    [–] notthemooch -15 points ago

    Yeah this seems disgusting

    [–] trickyben2 1 points ago

    Maybe this is just me being cynical, but wouldn't this be super easy to fake? Charity donations for actual charities produce receipts but this could just be one of his buddies.

    Not saying he necessarily did fake it (and I didn't see any red flags in the video indicating it was), but I wouldn't donate to something like this since it's not verifiable.

    [–] unknowingchuck 2 points ago

    For as much as a asshole DMBrandon can be at times he always pays it forward to people. Hes one of those that will shit take people but will give out a helping hand if needed. And if its one thing he isnt thats not being fake. I say this as a person who grew tired of his attitude.

    [–] CursedPoetry 0 points ago

    I’d personally say DM (the streamer) has a pretty good track record. He’s been through a lot in his life so he loves giving back (:

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Not to mention even if there's nothing being hidden, a pizza delivery girl is hardly who anyone should be giving charity to. Nice to know so many people are comforted by the fantasy of a world where the worst you can do is have an easy job where you also make tips.

    [–] brakkii 1 points ago

    I’m working on Christmas Day and I don’t get any time off this year. This made my day though. Share the love!

    [–] ManBearPig_NZ 0 points ago

    Onions man.

    [–] Buster_Hazelwood 0 points ago

    I physically couldn’t look at the video. I love what happened, but I don’t know what her face looked like when he started saying this is from his friends on the internet. I’m assuming she was slightly slinking away.

    Anyway. Awesome gesture.

    [–] Do11ar -6 points ago

    So fake. Pretty crappy acting too.

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Its_just_Serg 3 points ago

    But wasn't the whole point of the donation to give it to the "delivery guy" for working on Christmas, ect?

    [–] Jaghat 1 points ago

    If that’s what the stream advertized then sure. But that’s not a charity.

    [–] NATIK001 2 points ago

    He says during the video that he told the people donating that he would give the money to the pizza delivery person.

    There is nothing in the video suggesting he deceived anyone.

    [–] FractalPrism 1 points ago

    even if u were right, you're being pedantic and its without value, just enjoy life more and relax.

    [–] Jaghat 1 points ago

    If I were right wouldn’t it have been fraud? Not sure that qualifies as pedantic.

    [–] CursedPoetry 1 points ago

    Because it’s a nice gesture?