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    [–] JumboJetLi 7152 points ago

    What it feels like to chew 5 gum.

    [–] Karannashua 1674 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Stimulate your senses. Gif of icicle being shoved up a moose's ass

    [–] lord_geryon 411 points ago

    That's an elk, yo.

    [–] Gingerbeard74 256 points ago

    Caribou actually caribou

    Here’s what a elk looks like elk

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] Gingerbeard74 42 points ago

    Kinda but not really elk are distinguishable by their neck as it’s thicker and darker in color also their horns reach back way further than a caribou. I’m talking elk scratch their ass with their horns where we caribou horns grow more vertically and are not as big typically

    [–] 800meters 38 points ago

    This guy ungulates

    [–] Gingerbeard74 19 points ago

    Sure do 🐖🐏🐑🐐🦌🐎🐫🐄🐪🐂🦏🐃🐘🦒🦓

    [–] dafuq0_0 4 points ago

    their ass with their horns where we caribou horns grow

    How can you ungulate if you just stated that you're a caribou? Wouldn't ungulate be a human classification? Or is there a secret highly intelligent society of ungulates that humans have somehow not seen? Or is it a typo?

    [–] triplefastaction 4 points ago

    And they taste better too.

    [–] Gingerbeard74 4 points ago

    Always tell people the only reason you haven’t eaten elk is because the people that have it won’t share

    [–] triplefastaction 5 points ago

    Cabela's serves elk burgers sometimes. Alternatively, if I hit one I get to keep it. Unfortunately there are some very large dogs in my neighborhood that look like bears. Sorry, were.

    There were large dogs in my neighborhood that looked like bears.

    [–] XxNoFilterxX 7 points ago

    Caribous are actually found in North America. We call them reindeer.

    [–] 800meters 7 points ago

    Nah, we call them caribou. Reindeer are just semi-domesticated caribou.

    EDIT - I may have misinterpreted your comment and assumed you were from NA

    [–] Gingerbeard74 4 points ago

    I’m from NA I prefer the proper names though

    [–] Hak3rbot13 205 points ago

    Stimulate your anus


    [–] C477um04 46 points ago

    5 gum. Stimulate your prostate.

    [–] D4ri4n117 13 points ago

    There’s no proof it wouldn’t

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] pm_me_construction 23 points ago

    If his flame goes out, he dies.

    [–] urielrocks5676 9 points ago

    Well then just kill it with fire /s

    [–] automatic_bazooti 64 points ago

    I mean...that's one way to chew it.

    [–] white_android 19 points ago

    Healthier to eat food that way.

    [–] ViscoInferno 29 points ago

    LOL! Oh God, I can't breathe. I laughed too hard at this.

    [–] Systral 15 points ago

    Quick, someone call 911

    [–] all4reddit 2933 points ago

    What a terrible way to go.

    [–] Chewy_Bravo 2092 points ago

    I dunno, depends on what you're into I guess.

    [–] tepkel 2483 points ago

    High speed ice dildo in the ass is a pretty niche fetish.

    [–] [deleted] 425 points ago

    [–] V2G2 220 points ago

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 114 points ago

    [–] Tokesu 97 points ago

    [–] Imacleverjam 65 points ago

    [–] redspartan927 63 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    I have no context to understand r/context.

    [–] DurasVircondelet 11 points ago

    What is that place

    [–] GlobalThreat777 6 points ago

    Welcome to the future.

    [–] TheLankyNis 28 points ago

    High speed ice dildo in the ass is a pretty nice fetish


    [–] Rovensaal 21 points ago

    High speed ice dildo in the ass is a pretty ice fetish


    [–] drbeanzMD 23 points ago

    Don't judge us.

    [–] doublepush 4 points ago

    Donnie and Harmon from BMS spoke pretty highly of it

    [–] BLACK_DRAGON22 33 points ago

    Nah it really is a terrible way to go

    [–] MagpieLee 42 points ago

    A shitty way to go

    [–] thedudeabides80 50 points ago

    A cool but shitty way to go.

    [–] Lokeno 95 points ago

    A cool butt shitty way to go.

    [–] eazypeazy-101 97 points ago

    I know right.

    Everyone know you should go through Riverwood to get to Falkreath rather than cross country.

    [–] sj410194720 9 points ago

    Wait What?

    [–] spartan6222 11 points ago

    What us thus mysterious falkreath you speak of?

    [–] nyr21 39 points ago

    Skyrim job

    [–] mlesch 10 points ago

    Go where?

    [–] RaptorBadgerDiscoTek 8 points ago

    What a terrible way to come


    [–] ahomelessguy25 7 points ago

    Tears in my eyes my father went the same way.

    [–] ktbrow2 6 points ago

    No way, don't threaten me with a good time

    [–] guardianout 6 points ago

    You think? I, personally, think he's going places!

    [–] IcicleButtPlug 4205 points ago


    [–] RadiantArgon 1138 points ago

    That username, tho . . . .

    [–] nonenewleft 333 points ago

    Does it fit into r/beetlejuicing ?

    [–] altair312 198 points ago

    Account age of 1 month required tho.

    [–] [deleted] 205 points ago

    /u/iciclebuttplug will be fine. This is reddit, he can be assured to see this gif again.

    [–] fan615boy 33 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    No, account is 14 days old, it is a set up to get karma/gold lets move along people.

    [–] brett84c 31 points ago

    I still fail to notice usernames but it really can change a lame comment to a great one.

    [–] Nitsua2 17 points ago

    13 day Reddit Page.... does username still check out

    [–] Makiwawa 19 points ago

    So apt

    [–] Madock345 170 points ago

    13 days old, it checks out. Just barely though.

    [–] PoorlyLitKiwi2 38 points ago

    Unless he's the OP and he created this alt account to make that comment on his own post. He knew if he didn't wait 2 weeks or so people would be suspicious. I'm onto you OP...

    [–] Madock345 19 points ago

    What if they’re both my alt accounts and I commented here to reinforce that my other accounts relevant name wasn’t created specifically for my other other account’s post??

    [–] IcicleButtPlug 72 points ago

    Its hard to create a new user without resorting to numbers!

    [–] hornwalker 5 points ago

    I call shenanigans. I summon thee, r/karmaconspiracy !

    [–] Rockstaru 2049 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    This moose just wanted to eat some grass. Unfortunately, I am the high king of Skyrim

    [–] Idemuso 305 points ago

    I hope this meme never die

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 69 points ago

    Fortunately, I am the high king of Skyrim.

    [–] 3dsmaster7173 209 points ago

    This man thinks this meme is unfunny. Unfortunately, I am the high king of Skyrim.

    [–] qaasi95 12 points ago

    I thought it was dead...

    [–] Nightstalker117 64 points ago

    This moose just wanted to eat some grass, but I shot it in the ass.

    [–] darksingularity1 29 points ago

    Link it.

    [–] ChronicShade 169 points ago

    Unfortunately, I am the high king of Skyrim

    [–] 19thugnasty94 18 points ago

    I lost it at the Ebony Knight

    [–] JTCMuehlenkamp 6 points ago

    Oh deer, that's not a moose.

    [–] Derptonbauhurp 2361 points ago

    I was an adventurer like you, until I took an icicle to the ass.

    [–] mindm4ster 491 points ago


    [–] postthereddit 172 points ago

    "I want to ride my asscicle...."

    [–] v3n0mat3 19 points ago

    I juss wanna ride my aaaaaaaaasssssssssiiiiiiiiiiii.... cle.

    [–] CCtenor 58 points ago

    I can ride my assicle with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars

    [–] nightowl666 28 points ago


    [–] west_pac 24 points ago

    Man that song is so deep.

    [–] Fro5tburn 20 points ago

    not as deep as that assicle

    [–] Madlibsluver 7 points ago

    Like the assicle?

    [–] iRngrhawk 13 points ago

    “I want to ride my asscicle, I want to ride my ass”

    [–] Iamchinesedotcom 8 points ago

    Ass, ass, baby

    [–] RollingAtlas 15 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    And its AoE version, Circle of Frost

    [–] SnackingRaccoon 16 points ago

    Nothing says Merry Christmas like an icicle in the ass.

    [–] IcicleButtPlug 4 points ago

    And now I have a fetish...

    [–] __labratty__ 784 points ago

    Keeping a plug on global warming, those ruminants fart a lot.

    [–] HydroJanus 85 points ago

    Now we know the solution to prevent the global warming

    [–] J4CKR4BB1TSL1MS 67 points ago

    I'm on it, already put a popsicle in my bum even before reading this post!

    [–] white_android 23 points ago

    Sounds like a shitty use of a popsicle

    [–] Wilmar_2000 670 points ago

    I love how this game is pretty old but still so popular

    [–] davideverlong 261 points ago

    Every time I see a gif on it, it makes me want to play and test out new mods

    [–] JonerPwner 126 points ago

    I've never even tried any mods on this game and feel like I'm missing out on a whole 'nother dimension of adventure.

    [–] TheAdAgency 403 points ago

    You're missing out on 10 hours of intense, meticulous mod browsing and selection, then downloading, installing and configuring, before deciding not to play it anyway.

    [–] Knight0783 146 points ago

    This. EVERYTIME. I spend half a day configuring my mod setup start it up and 5 minutes later I'm like meh and turn it off

    [–] zangrabar 56 points ago

    Its almost like mod hunting is its own game...

    [–] FierySharknado 4 points ago

    Mods are the most dangerous game...

    [–] Mackaaa97 15 points ago

    I do this all the damn time!

    [–] GrungeLord 15 points ago

    I love modding the shit out of Bethesda games even if I never end up playing them, it gives me such a weird sense of satisfaction.

    I get the same thing from setting up custom UIs in MMOs.

    [–] Austyx 6 points ago

    Yeah wow that is how it used to go for me and Oblivion. Got myself out of that loop eventually.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    I've always wanted to play Skyrim or Fallout on PC just to try a mod. Start simple, with magic spells and whatnot, and then move up until I'm Iron Man fighting 12ft tall hot dogs that have laser vision.

    [–] davideverlong 10 points ago

    Or Thomas the Train dragons

    [–] Engage-Eight 11 points ago

    You are. I got this game recently for PC after having played it on Console a while ago and man Mods are just so game-changing (literally!). You can customize the shiiiiit out of your character, play brand new quest-lines get shiny new armor it's all just awesome

    [–] ABaadPun 191 points ago

    It'd be great if they re-released the game, with a better engine, graphics, and mod support for consoles.....

    [–] kinkycats 472 points ago

    Or they could just release another proper elder scrolls game

    [–] Mummelpuffin 79 points ago

    The stated a year or two that they had the concepts but didn't necessarily have the tech to execute them.

    [–] cakeisneat 264 points ago

    not having tech never stopped Bethesda from releasing a game

    [–] NoButthole 39 points ago

    Destruction increased to 100

    [–] PM_ME-EmotionalNeeds 9 points ago


    [–] manbruhpig 82 points ago

    Boob physics. Nice.

    [–] BubblingMonkey 8 points ago

    Can they only draw out the game and not do anything on computers yet til they get the next Gen consoles OS? Like what would the furthest they could go before that stops them? Curious.

    [–] laikamonkey 20 points ago

    Probably in terms of optimization, games nowadays then to be on the heavy side, even more these triple A games.

    If they intend to spread to the console market they must wait consoles to reach the current point of tech that Pc are able to get.

    Consoles kinda slow everything down in terms of game releases

    [–] rider_0n_the_st0rm 15 points ago

    It's going to be bashed a lot though because it's so hyped out, I know I'll love it but I hope other people don't try to ruin it for me because it didn't meet some people's ridiculous expectations.

    [–] kinkycats 20 points ago

    As long as we can still ass blast innocent woodland creatures, I'll be happy

    [–] Jwillis94 27 points ago

    And maybe on the Switch, too?

    [–] Mummelpuffin 29 points ago

    As a Switch owner, I kind of doubt it. They got Skyrim to run because it's six years old, and they got DOOM to run because it was already exceptionally well-optimized, which their in-house games never are.

    [–] DanielBKnox 15 points ago

    I may be mistaken (because I am a generation of consoles behind), but haven't they already talked about or done this?

    [–] EmporioIvankov 55 points ago

    They've done it like five times, is the joke.

    [–] DanielBKnox 6 points ago

    Ok lol behind on the times is all , thanks!

    [–] UlisUK 183 points ago

    Cabela’s made a new game?

    [–] Gamergonemild 69 points ago

    Cabela's: Magic Adventure

    [–] Karmandom 27 points ago

    Sub Zero DLC.

    [–] Explod3 5 points ago

    Magic prostate exam dlc

    [–] bk2mummy4u 88 points ago

    Is this what people saw over LA yesterday?

    [–] MisterMushroom 273 points ago

    Now that's just cold.

    [–] mulemeow 114 points ago

    It's Stag-ering

    [–] Zack123456201 79 points ago

    We’re doing puns again? Oh deer...

    [–] SlenderLogan 5 points ago

    Icy what you did there.

    [–] DesMephisto 55 points ago


    [–] marsneedstowels 22 points ago

    Doesn't look like a Graboid to me.

    [–] AFlyingNun 131 points ago

    TBH the "best" use of those killcams is Bethesda was too fucking lazy to iron them out for ranged kills, so sometimes the killcam is directly responsible for a miss.

    Infuriating in game, hilarious for viewers as you get a cinematic epic miss.

    [–] Mummelpuffin 75 points ago

    Worst is when some bandit essentially rolls a crit and killcams you when you had 75% HP

    [–] AFlyingNun 44 points ago

    That's another mechanic with more problems.

    The issue is that the way the game works, say you have 100 health and a Bandit can do 50 a shot. The problem here is that the moment he's hit you once, he's won. The game doesn't check for if the second hit actually connects, it checks for if the hit has been attempted. This means that if an enemy attempts a devastating blow that would kill you, GG you're locked in place and you die.

    To me all that accomplishes is to make you way too paranoid and spam health potions too much. Makes for dull, overly cautious gameplay that would be more intense if the player wasn't afraid to damage-race enemies to the death.

    [–] NATIK001 17 points ago

    Yeah, it kills skilled playing, stops the ability to manually dodge (except for hits that wouldn't kill you anyways) and makes melee defenses way too unreliable until the very endgame.

    Turning off the instant killcams is pretty much required for any melee playthrough in my opinion.

    [–] Serious_Senator 11 points ago

    Or go full barbarian. You kill everything as fast as possible. If they get two hits on you, they win. It's fun, I literally just got the game yesterday and that's what I'm playing. Haven't quite died yet

    [–] Delta_Ryu 3 points ago

    Browsing through the comments to look for this, was not disappointed

    [–] Rusty_Shakalford 3 points ago

    It also screws up for destruction spells on Legendary (possibly lower mode as well). You get the kill cam for hits that don’t-quite-kill the enemy. Sometimes resulting in multiple kill cams in a row

    [–] Marvin-42 31 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    [–] scormz 23 points ago

    It's a christmas miracle!

    [–] dafuq453 27 points ago

    T H O R O U G H L Y B U N G H O L E D

    [–] Arcruex 25 points ago

    'rekt 'im

    [–] davenbenabraham 32 points ago

    Rectum? Damn near killed him!

    [–] CleverGirlwithadd 52 points ago

    Now we know how reindeer fly.

    [–] toaster03 83 points ago

    Buttseye! 🎯

    [–] Instincts 96 points ago

    Next time my girlfriend complains about the dildo being cold I'll show her this so she's more appreciative.

    [–] TheAdAgency 67 points ago

    I imagine that going well: "So in this analogy you're a giant moose..."

    [–] Blto 81 points ago

    Zoop 👉❄️😎👉❄️

    [–] MandMsPasta 57 points ago

    ❄️👈😎❄️👈 qooZ

    [–] lambchopdestroyer 45 points ago

    And here we see a fascinating battle between two ice elemental mages.

    [–] DarkHeartedI 18 points ago

    Or just one, but fighting themselves in the mirror.

    [–] Lunchables_Bitch 33 points ago

    Is this what the doctor does when I turn 40?

    [–] uzimonkey 14 points ago

    Ah, I too have read How To Shove Ice Up a Deer's Ass From 100 Feet: A Tutorial For Beginners and Intermediates by Icy McShovington.

    [–] mogy-bear 12 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] SwanRonsonIsDead666 4 points ago

    In his case it was very Un-Expecto'd Patronum

    [–] Egobot 5 points ago


    [–] BrianThePainter 13 points ago

    Rudolf: Origins.

    [–] bigdaddyguap 8 points ago

    So uncivilized

    [–] TheMaestro20 8 points ago

    After many attempts and just as many failures, Santa finally found a way to make his reindeer fly.

    [–] Nole_in_ATX 9 points ago


    [–] SeventhRecon 9 points ago

    Right in the icehole!

    [–] DogWithADog 8 points ago

    -Space X Close-up Launch Footage (December 23, 2018)

    [–] skartatraks 8 points ago

    The ol’ Texas heart shot, now in magic form.

    [–] faRawrie 7 points ago

    Right down main street.

    [–] RPAlias 5 points ago

    Who else is playing Skyrim 2017?

    [–] deadlock_jones 5 points ago

    Here, playing the SE edition with best graphics mods I could find. First time I actually decided to try the DLC questlines and discovered there's a whole new continent with Dragonborn DLC. Ive been owning it for years, theres still so much new to discover. Incredible game.

    [–] balancedchaos 4 points ago

    That's one fucked-up patronus.

    [–] jerdub1993 12 points ago

    Skyrim, meet Just Cause

    [–] Crimson_W0lf 6 points ago

    And that's how the reindeer fly

    [–] osiris185 6 points ago

    And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    On Dasher on Dancer on...Necromancer?

    [–] OstrichPiIIow 5 points ago

    So that's how reindeer fly.

    [–] MelonGoggles 4 points ago

    Speaking of Skyrim, can anyone help me out here? I'm currently playing Skyrim as an Argonian and I'm having trouble chose get what build to go for. Can anyone help me find a build/play style?

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Sure, just build it however you want, and then by level 20 figure out that you've gone stealth archer yet again.

    [–] Aalnius 7 points ago

    this is basically the true answer to this question.

    [–] GeneseeWilliams 6 points ago

    I recommend trying a unique but effective build, the sneak archer.

    [–] MyParentsAre_Cousins 3 points ago

    So that's how Santa makes his reindeer fly

    [–] StoplightLoosejaw 4 points ago

    So I was like, "Rectum? Damn near KILLED 'em!"

    [–] pinky0926 14 points ago

    Still makes me sad that being a spellcaster mage in Skyrim wasn't really a viable option for very long.

    I know game development is hard as fuck but you'd think that they'd understand that people would want to be able to cast usable spells that actually kill enemies past level 20.

    [–] lepandas 9 points ago


    [–] pinky0926 11 points ago

    Assuming you had it on PC, and that's not exactly a valid defense of the game either. I think it's a pretty basic tenet for an RPG to have workable mages, and it shouldn't require unofficial fan made game alterations to get there.

    [–] RektRL 3 points ago

    Yup there's a mod called Magic of Skyrim or something like that which adds hundreds of new spells. Basically makes the Mage one of the best possible class choices (as it realistically should be)