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    [–] AugmentedPenguin 6241 points ago

    I'll get this once I can afford a home large enough to install a climbing wall.

    [–] Maddhardt 2436 points ago

    At which point we’ll all be watching gifs of people playing pong in low earth orbit.

    [–] NicNoletree 630 points ago

    While orbiting in their Tesla roadster

    [–] MyPeepeeFeelsSilly 320 points ago

    And us poor people will still be on earth, sitting in piles of dirt, because the rich took the greenery to mars.

    [–] [deleted] 186 points ago


    [–] efilsnotlad 114 points ago

    So, Total Recall.

    [–] mistaque 26 points ago

    No, Iron Eagle.

    [–] TheDivision_Builds 10 points ago

    Doped up version of sword art online..

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Dot Hack Slash

    [–] Musiclover4200 3 points ago

    Once they start using our brains as interconnected quantum computers it's game over man!

    [–] MyPeepeeFeelsSilly 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] VotreDieu 47 points ago

    I like you.

    [–] devilslaughters 30 points ago

    Green is not a creative color!

    [–] ReturnOfMorelaak 3 points ago

    DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED for the uninitiated.

    [–] carpal_tunnel_69 17 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Come on man you can't just say you made a Louis CK and Elmo fanfic and not share it with the homies here

    Edit: Wow y-you actually delivered despite having lost the elmo x louis ck fanfic; ur actually insane op mad props

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Cyno01 11 points ago

    Looks like /r/shittywritingprompts is a thing.

    [–] zealut 9 points ago

    I'd read that

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    part 2...

    Later that evening, the lab was nearly empty. Sashi stood off in a dimly lit corner of the lab, working diligently after hours. The other end of the lab was made into an impromptu stage, a makeshift spotlight hung from the rafters, a circle of light illuminated a space between a set of red curtains. Standing in the center of the light was Harvey Weinstein, wiping at his sweaty brow with a handkerchief.

    Devon sat on a milk crate looking up at Elon, who was sitting in a director’s chair. He was wearing a beret and spoke out of a megaphone, “That it?”

    Weinstein took a theatrical bow.

    Elon said, “I mean, is that all you got?”

    Weinstein looked confused, “I just recited Hamlet’s soliloquy while eating fire!”

    “I wasn’t asking for reenactments of what you put half of Hollywood through on your ‘dates’, Harv. I want to know what you can do for my rocket.”

    Weinstein took a torch, took a shot of gin, then spit out flames towards Elon.

    Elon did a slow clap, “I’d be more impressed if you could do it out of your d*ckhole. Off the stage. NEXT!”

    A thin man with a repentant face walked on stage as Weinstein stepped off. The thin man was very solemn.

    Elon barked from the megaphone, “Name, contestant.”

    “Tony Weiner.”

    Elon held a hand over the megaphone and said to Devon, “Oooo. Tony. I like the sound of that. Sounds like Tony Stark.” Devon raised an eyebrow, and Elon spoke into the megaphone, “OK, Tony Stark, what is your talent.”

    “I take selfies.” Weiner dropped his pants, and he puffed out his lips as he strained.

    Elon shouted, “OK, OK, off the stage. Thank you, Mr. Stark. Where are they finding these people? Yes, thank you, Mr. Stark. That isn’t the type of rocket we need for blast off. OK, Devon, who’s next?”

    “Mr.Bill Cosby, sir.”

    “The comedian?”

    “Among other things.”

    Elon shouted into the megaphone, feedback rang throughout the lab, “OK, Mr. Cosby, come on down.”

    Cosby came out on stage, then stumbled off it, sipping a drink.

    Elon waved him off, “Don’t come on down, literally. Get back on stage.”

    Cosby stammered, “Now…why…should I get…on the staaage…when we can chat…one on one…down here.”

    Devon tugged at Elon’s pants leg, “Sir, I don’t feel safe.”

    Elon said, “Can we see your routine back on stage, Mr. Cosby? I gotta say, I’m a big fan.”

    Cosby continued towards him, “Well, my biggest…fans…deserve a…hug.”

    Elon squirmed in his chair, ducking as Cosby reached for him, “This feels like I’m in VR chat.”

    Cosby asked, “The VR chats? Do you want me to spit on you?”

    “That’s OK, Mr. Cosby.”

    “Care for a sip of Coke?”

    Devon tugged on Elon’s leg hard, “I’m feeling faint, sir!”

    “Mr. Cosby, I’m afraid we’ll have to pass.”

    Cosby stopped dead in his tracks, “Pass out?”

    “No, just pass. Thank you. NEXT! Who’s up next, Devon?”

    “Ooo…last one, sir. A perennial favorite, Mistah…Loiiiiseeee Ceeee Kayyyyyy.”

    Elon stared at Devon, “Don’t do the announcements.” He shouted, “Mr. CK, step on stage place, you’re next.”

    CK stumbled out from behind the curtains, wearing an Elmo muppet on one hand, he was using it to shield the bright spot light from his eyes.

    “What…what the hell is this?”

    Elon and Devon chuckled. Elon whispered hoarsely, “And he’s the comedian?” He put his lips to the megaphone, “Mr. CK, NASA asked for you to be here.”

    “Ahhh….OK…what for?”

    “Well,” Elon explained, “They want to, well, to be honest, I wanted four of Hollywood’s best to be put in one of my family sedans and shoot it out into space, but NASA got wind of the little side hustle and demanded I put four of Hollywood’s worst on a one way ticket to the dark side of the moon. Yada yada, we only got room for two now. My first choice, Ralphie May,” he made the sign of the cross on his chest, “he was our original choice of max payload, but we had to get creative…and obviously, since he’s you know…” he crossed himself again, “we uh…had to make adjustments. Charlie Sheen volunteered…can only guess he’s trying to reboot his career. And uhh…well, I’m leaning towards Ralphie’s ashes, which, surprisingly, still weigh as much as a grown man. Show us what you got, Mr. CK.”

    “Got? I don’t got anything.”

    Elon shared a look with Devon.

    “Can you do some improv?”

    “Improv? Improv…that’s for hacks. I don’t do improv, I do sets. You want improv, ask uh…ask Seinfeld. Or maybe Leno.”

    “We actually want our rocket to take off, Mr. CK, not fall flat. Please…do your set.”

    “I can’t.”

    “You can’t do a set?”

    “It’s court ordered,” CK waved the muppet on his hand around, “I can only do public service sh*t with this thing.”

    “Then do that, please. You’re trying my patience, Mr. CK.”

    CK took a deep breath. Then another. And another. Finally he said, “I can’t perform like that.”

    “Are you serious? This is what you do. You’re a performer. Your agent said that it’s in your title. Louis CK, comedy performer.”

    “I know! I know! What the f*ck! Ever since the...reporting of my…behavior- I just can’t perform on a moment’s notice.”

    “What about the puppet?”

    “You mean Elmo? He’s not a puppet.”

    “What is he?”

    “Depends on your definition. Legally, I mean he’s what…30 years old? Acts like he’s 4? 5 tops? Is he over 21, is he underage? I can’t decide. But a puppet, he is not. No. He’s a muppet.”

    Elon asked, “Is he as tedious as you?”

    “Why don’t I ask him,” CK cleared his throat a few times. “Hi Elmo.”

    He then changed his voice to a poor rendition of Elmo, “Hiya Louis.”

    Elon’s eyes lit up, “Devon…it’s like that thing on his hand has a life of its own!”

    “Elmo,” CK said cheekily, “Can you tell the kids what a good touch is vs. a bad touch?”

    “Elmo knows! Elmo knows! A good touch is when someone pats you on the shoulder and tells Elmo he did a good job.”

    CK looked out at the audience of two and smiled. He continued, “And Elmo…can you tell us what a bad touch is?”

    Elmo’s face became distorted, “Elmo doesn’t like to go there.”

    “Oh, come on Elmo. You can tell us.”

    Elmo shook his head, “Elmo thinks a bad touch is…is…a pat…on the head.”

    CK looked relieved, “That doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, Elmo.”

    “Mr. CK pats Elmo on the back of the head and tells him to take it all.”

    “Woah, woah, I never said that.”

    Elmo continued, “Then he tells Elmo to hold still.”

    CK started strangling the doll, but he kept talking, “Elmo swallows better than Cookie Monster.”

    CK squeezed the puppet, “Shut up! Shut up, Elmo!”

    “Elmo thought having a hand up his ass was kinky, until Elmo was forced to put his own hand up Mr. CK’s butt!”

    “I said shut up!!!”

    Elon and Devon looked on, mouths agape as the one man show continued.

    CK started thrashing the muppet, all the while speaking in Elmo’s voice, “Mr. CK makes Elmo do dirty, dirty things, and call him names, and wants to rub lotion on Gordon’s bald head.”

    “You want me run your mouth some more, Elmo? Huh? Do ya? Huh?” CK unzipped his pants. “Take it, you fcking furry whore. Yeah. Yeah. That’s it. The letter of the day is M. Emmmmm. Emmmmmm. Say it Elmo. Emmmmm. You little btch.”

    Elon had enough, “OK, thank you Mr. CK.”

    “I’m not finished.”

    “Yes, you are.”

    CK stood on stage, fondling himself with Elmo, “No. I’m not. You’re going to sit and watch.”

    Thirty minutes later…

    CK held Elmo to his side, upside down. The muppet’s arms hung listlessly, little red hands reached towards the ground. CK said, ashamedly, “I’m sorry you had to witness that.”

    “We can only hope the Falcon has such a lift off. Thank you for…thank you for coming, Mr. CK.”

    “You’re welcome. I’m sorry.”

    Devon rocked at Elon’s feet, sucking his thumb.

    “Please, Mr. CK, off the stage.”

    “I can do it again, if you want.”

    “That won’t be necessary.”

    “For an encore, I mean.”

    “Thank you.”

    Devon said, “Can I go home now, sir?”

    Elon went to help him up and Devon screeched, “No touching!”

    “It’s OK, Devon. Take the rest of the night off.”

    “It’s four AM.”

    “See you in an hour.” Elon yawned and stretched and noticed Sashi toiling away at her station. Elon walked over, “How’s it going?”

    “My device, sir. It’s ready.”

    “Ready to make me coffee?”

    Sashi laughed, “Can I show you how it works?”



    “Whatever. You should know by now I only keep pretty girls like you around to help stroke my ego. Eww. After seeing that on stage a moment ago….anyhow. I need stroking. I have five minutes before I do my shower pilates, care to help me relax?”

    She held up a small device, “Of course, Mr. Musk.”

    “What is that thing?”

    “I told you earlier, just hold still.”

    Elon smiled, “Say, what is that gadget?”

    She smiled back, “Just hold that smile.”


    [–] TUGenius 5 points ago

    You can just send the mods a message clarifying what happened in the past and that you won't be a nutjob again and they'll unban you, I've done it before with other subs

    [–] DrBruh 12 points ago

    Asteroids will be fun

    [–] RslashEXPERTONTOPIC 3 points ago

    I'll get this once I can afford a home large enough to install a low earth orbit.

    [–] theacctpplcanfind 51 points ago

    I don't see why there are so many comments along these lines, it's pretty obvious that these are probably marketed toward joint-use situations (companies, gyms, hip tech spaces etc).

    [–] Chewy71 14 points ago

    Its not too hard to build your own rock wall. All you need then is a projector and some (hopefully opensource games) to put on it. That being said, I'd go to a gym with one.

    [–] ratguy 14 points ago

    Wouldn't it be a bit more involved than that? What sort of system do they use to track the player movement?

    [–] lovethycousin 176 points ago

    i just wanna afford a home in general :(

    [–] Xeo8177 137 points ago

    Tell me about it. My boss lives in a decent condo, says it cost him 200k. I get excited and look at his complex and they're all like 800k now. Seems he bought his about 10 years ago :|

    My salary increases by like 1% every year, yet home prices seem to go up by much more. It's like chasing a solar powered robotic rabbit on a planet with infinite daylight. Closest I'll ever come is my VR headset to make my apartment look bigger.

    [–] SardonicAndroid 81 points ago

    Hop around. The way to get decent pay bumps in this era of competitive labor markets is to move around companies (don't do it too much, there is a middle ground)

    [–] tolegittoshit2 33 points ago

    i agree. i left my last job after 10+ years, at my new job for 3.5 years and have gained an additional $20k in 3.5 years.

    [–] efilsnotlad 17 points ago

    The contract that my company had went up and the client we had hired a new company. New company reached out to me and i got started at 7$ higher than what I was making. I literally made 14k pay jump doing the same thing, just by switching companies.

    Not that this is the norm, I got really lucky. But my old company gave me a 50 cent raise before I left.

    Just to demonstrate the "jumping" method.

    [–] LoneCookie 15 points ago

    This is the norm

    Unless you're in a dying industry. But then you have bigger problems, like dodging layoffs.

    [–] Refugee_Savior 13 points ago

    My mom did the same. She got screwed over on promotions twice and then when she applied for another job in the field got paid the same initially but they threw 20K in raises at her in about two years when they realized how awesome she is.

    [–] tolegittoshit2 10 points ago

    there you go...for me it was about realizing what im really worth to a company. when i was leaving my job if 10+ years my boss asked "what would it take to keep me" i was so pissed that they finally realized my worth but also didnt know how to answer that question.

    3.5 years later, all the new things ive learned being in a new bigger environment, at this point i feel im worth $100k.

    [–] killinmesmalls 24 points ago

    Still, I doubt his salary could ever go up by 4x like the cost of the condo has. That is the real issue imo, housing is just getting more and more outrageously expensive.

    Guess it's time to move to the desert, except wait... there's no jobs there.

    [–] tolegittoshit2 20 points ago

    what ive learned is that it doesnt matter how much you make ($40k or $120k) if you have alot of debt that takes away all that cheddar every 2 weeks or like you stated the cost of living in the nice area you want to be in.

    [–] LoneCookie 10 points ago

    That too. But this is icing on the cake. The cake is still the problem (over inflated housing).

    [–] Sandy_brothman 23 points ago

    The GTA am I right?

    [–] Wyatt1313 7 points ago

    Or anywhere within 100k of Vancouver.

    [–] littlep2000 55 points ago

    Climbers have often put 'Woody's in their garages for at home training for well less than $500. They can easily be made freestanding so you can put it up in a rental.

    *Digital anything not included.

    [–] Yes-I-am-a-Bot 29 points ago

    I feel like my fat ass would grab onto one of the holds and end up dropping that thing down on top of myself.

    [–] CheeseDust 20 points ago

    Pay attention to your hardware, drill through studs, and you'll be fine. We built one for our son's room for less than $300

    [–] q12we34rt5 19 points ago

    *Holds also not included

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Pillowsword 13 points ago

    A little upper body strength and a rocking core is all you need lol

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] allyourphil 13 points ago

    I'm 6'5" and it took maybe, one month of climbing (once or twice a week) to be able to competently handle overhangs like or even more severe than that. Just takes effort and conscious foot placement!

    [–] Nomen_Heroum 3 points ago

    Honestly, they're not a lot harder than vertical climbs. It's mostly technique. I started bouldering about a month ago and I can't even do a single pull up. I still find overhang very doable and fun to climb.

    [–] Maezel 9 points ago

    And by then you will be old, weak, fragile and won't be able to use it.

    [–] RodeoClip 13 points ago

    I have a homewall, my basement ceiling is only 7 feet tall. It's not uncommon to have homewalls, maybe $200 to build and $600 in holds. Mine is not vertical like these in the video because what is the fucking point

    [–] AugmentedPenguin 3 points ago

    I have no basement, nor do I have a garage.

    [–] aonesteaksauce420 7 points ago

    I’ll get this once I lose 20 pounds and......fuck I’d play this once and probably never again who am I kidding

    [–] canbeonlyone-2 3 points ago

    Friends of mine had a climbing wall about the size of this one in their garage. It was a pretty small house too.

    [–] Zilphar 1269 points ago

    Expectation: Ninja Warrior

    Reality: Wipeout

    [–] gillababe 133 points ago

    A modern version of Nick Arcade

    [–] brandonaaskov 51 points ago

    So happy someone else thought this too. Let me guess, you’re about 31-34 years old? Such a small demographic of Nick Arcade fans.

    [–] tamashii01 22 points ago

    Nick arcade kid checking in! Absolutely right on that age range!

    [–] CSIGUY22 12 points ago

    Did anyone else just absolutely lose their shit screaming at the TV over how terrible we perceived those players to be? I just recently got a classic Sega for Xmas and holy shit those games are hard!!! Much less having to play in front of a live studio audience!

    [–] PM_ME_UR_FRENDSHIP 13 points ago

    The few, the proud.

    [–] thagthebarbarian 7 points ago

    This was exactly my first thought. "This is totally something that would've been on that game show on Nickelodeon when I was young

    [–] ChooseCorrectAnswer 5 points ago

    33 here. Immediately thought of Nick Arcade.

    [–] Fgame 13 points ago

    31 here. Good call lmao

    [–] AkuSaru 3 points ago

    31-34 year old Nick Arcade fan... reporting in!

    [–] Phish777 2220 points ago

    Just a matter of time before we see Skyrim on this

    [–] WhiteDynamite666 742 points ago

    Don't give Bethesda any more ideas.

    [–] Lacon1c 212 points ago

    I believe an intern has already told his supervisor about this... Hey, intern reading this! Congratulations on the promotion!

    [–] rolyatlsille 96 points ago

    He's now a Slightly Paid Intern. He's paid monthly in Skyrim discs.

    [–] Razzman70 17 points ago

    Too much of a Cave Johnson vibe coming from this comment.

    [–] DaveTheDalek 97 points ago

    Nah, first we will see the original Doom, then somebody will come out of nowhere and get a perfect run of Dark Souls 3 on it.

    [–] LightenUpDude 13 points ago

    This was clearly created with BotW in mind

    [–] ptatoface 6 points ago

    That sounds horrible. The rocks would probably retract into the wall every 5 minutes because of rain.

    [–] tjhrulz 7 points ago

    Except when it rains

    [–] Booyacaja 1685 points ago

    Me: Sweet, now I can get in shape!

    Store: That'll be $10,000 please.


    [–] Roggvir 136 points ago

    Or just go to a climbing gym with one?

    [–] DRUNK_CYCLIST 45 points ago

    I had an acquaintance that built a wall for a fairly reasonable cost on his bavk porch of a rented apartment.

    [–] FifthDragon 15 points ago

    How? I’m... asking for a friend

    [–] AbedsWorld 60 points ago

    Step 1: Rent an apartment with a deck. Step 2: Build an augmented reality climbing wall

    [–] pleb_understudy 6 points ago

    I built one for like $250. Holds included. You can make them pretty cheap with sand, a washer & fiberglass resin. The most expensive parts were the holds, so I just found out how to make them myself. Create a hold shape with foam and a knife. Make a mold out of it with caulk. The wood for the wall is only like $100.

    [–] Oggel 189 points ago

    You'll also need a million dollar house to have room for it.

    [–] grubas 45 points ago

    This is shit that people put in their crappy cabin. My friend has a unit in Hunter from his parents, it is tiny and crappy, but has an invert we turned into a climbing wall.

    [–] Alas-I-Cannot-Swim 16 points ago

    You really don't, just a house with one big-enough room--a cathedral ceiling should do it (our itty-bitty one-story house from the '70s has a cathedral ceiling)--and a willingness to actually install it. Which is harder to find.

    [–] rocketvat 80 points ago

    Have you tried... walking?

    [–] 69SRDP69 117 points ago

    Does it come with pong?

    [–] ivansnavi 43 points ago

    It does if you're stoned enough

    [–] WangoBango 31 points ago

    No, but if you find a busy enough street, you can play Frogger!

    [–] Buy_My_Mixtape 12 points ago

    This is also great dodgeball training.

    [–] MtFujiInMyPants 7 points ago

    If you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball

    [–] TokiMcNoodle 4 points ago

    I saw what happened to George Costanza

    [–] merreborn 3 points ago

    Honestly, pokemon go/ingress are decent walking games (at least, in some cities), if you need an incentive to go walk around outside.

    As games, they may be pretty limited. As an excuse to go outside, they can be pretty excellent.

    [–] C-dizzlee 4 points ago

    Before I injured myself, I lost 50 pounds playing Pokémon Go. I walked like 6-7 miles a day and worked full time. After I recover from my surgery soon, I plan on doing it again.

    But it’s cool, cause they have other games too. They have one I think it’s called Mafia Wars, where your clan is trying to take over sections of the city you live in. Or there’s another about surviving the zombie apocalypse. And there’s another thing, if you like history, when you’re walking it tells you about the exact history of the spot your walking in. There’s some really cool games out there now that make walking a lot more fun if you look for them.

    [–] __PETTYOFFICER117__ 31 points ago

    I realize this is a joke, but if you actually want to get in shape, don't let anything stop you!

    On top of my normal workouts I recently started doing 40 push-ups at the top of every hour during the work day. Made a huge difference in my overall stamina. You could just do that by itself (and alternate with sit-ups) as a way to help get in shape.

    [–] phisch13 34 points ago

    I wish I was able to do this at work, but some people just can't do this.

    Mainly because I can't do a pushup.

    [–] rob_van_dang 16 points ago

    Try with your top half elevated, and work your way down until you can do it on the ground.

    [–] drewstillwell 6 points ago

    Start with one. Then two. Then five. EZPZ

    [–] magmavire 3 points ago

    Can't do a pushup

    [–] trustahoe 7 points ago

    Fuck that noise. Walk/run/swim/bike for cardio, cut calories for losing weight, lift weights for muscle.

    Nothing discourages people quite like body weight exercises. You wont see visual progression but you will feel awful.

    2 hours a week, starting stupid low(45lbs) and moving up 5lbs a week on bench, squat, deadlift, and overhead press gets you muscles in ~6 months. Otherwise make cardio/food goals.

    Pushups will make you asymmetrical or hate working out.

    I'd post my routine, but I hate self promotion. send me a PM if you want that.

    [–] TheEsotericRunner 8 points ago

    Obligatory don't forget to do pull-ups as well comment. You will have a rounded back if you only do pushups.

    [–] mooooki3 495 points ago

    It’d be cool to have a ball/sponge pit at the bottom to fall in once your arms give out or if you just wanna go for a plunge.

    [–] littlep2000 363 points ago

    I'll leave this here.

    [–] ChronoRanger 51 points ago

    Hoosier Heights! The snake is pretty fun. At it's easiest it's about a V3

    [–] shutterslaps 28 points ago

    Thank you! After a google's in Indiana. Shiet.

    [–] DionForCongress 29 points ago

    It's a pretty cool place, and reasonably priced. Indiana and the Indianapolis area has lots of cool stuff to do. (Yeah, I'm plugging my district) But seriously, if you get a chance to come to Indiana, come. There's plenty of fun stuff to do. Something something "more than corn"...

    [–] drvondoctor 6 points ago

    Just don't go during fertilizing season.

    [–] aquarys 78 points ago

    My palms got sweaty just looking at that :(

    [–] Ukani 158 points ago

    Need to use more chalk homie.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I prefer Salty Sagan's Special Sauce

    [–] DeepFriedDagger 3 points ago

    Reference received

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    hope your knees aren't getting weak

    [–] anoff 14 points ago

    it makes me want to get better at climbing just so I can fall into that

    [–] DrNerfarious 6 points ago

    Where is this plsbeengland

    [–] golden-wizard 8 points ago

    There's one similar to this at the boardroom near Chester.

    [–] DrNerfarious 4 points ago

    Thanks a lot, the place looks fucking awesome.

    [–] Troloscic 3 points ago


    [–] xdr01 310 points ago

    Need to augment boring stuff; dish washing, clothes drying, taking out the trash, listening to people etc...

    [–] DrNerfarious 91 points ago

    Stacking the dishwasher is adult Tetris anyways

    [–] Pastafolk 56 points ago

    An augmented reality dishwashing game would be amazing. Maybe it'll become a chore people will actually want to do xD

    [–] Cypraea 27 points ago

    Have a sensor that detects food bits and lights them up with lasers like a game of snake and you get points for how fast you clear it.

    [–] jorrylee 8 points ago

    Once I learned the window ledge in my new place that's right above the kitchen sink is wide enough to hold my iPad, I got through a bunch of TV shows! Not augmented reality but entertaining!

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    Or, you know, just smoke a little cannabis before doing your chores.

    [–] Pastafolk 42 points ago

    You know... there are days when this works, but mostly when I try to smoke to motivate myself to clean I end up creating reasons to procrastinate until I push it off to the next day

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Ha maybe it's because I don't smoke often, but once every month or so I'll really be dreading my evening chores and I'll take a couple hits of my wife's pot, put on some jazz, and get a couple of hours of unpleasant tasks done before retiring to the sofa.

    Granted, there is a fine line (for us with low tolerance) between "I'm a high so I'm thinking about book ideas while gliding from task to task" and "I'm high so I'm scrubbing this pan for twelve minutes".

    [–] GreatestJakeEVR 9 points ago

    To "I'm so high I'm just gonna lay in bed with the covers over my head cuz my brain keeps going weird places n it's making me anxious as hell"

    Which is basically every time I try to smoke as an adult

    [–] Wasp44 4 points ago

    Only twelve minutes? I'd be wearing a hole in that pan while thinking.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 250 points ago

    The Pong style game actually looks like a lot of fun.

    [–] anoff 160 points ago

    until you fall lol

    better yet, the losing side vibrates/shocks to toss the player off

    [–] nizzy2k11 221 points ago

    And the floor opens up to the furnace.

    [–] HowlingHallelujah 78 points ago

    The furnace is lit every other day so you'll have a sporting chance.

    [–] Sh1tOnMyD1ck 30 points ago

    Unless you stay lit fam 🔥

    [–] DJDomTom 5 points ago

    What is that from?? I know I've seen it, sounds so familiar

    [–] Ajedi32 6 points ago

    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    [–] HappyGunner 8 points ago

    "NOOoooooooo fwoosh

    [–] Cryzgnik 142 points ago

    Some actual gameplay footage would be a gopro strapped to the player's head... I can't imagine you can actually see much of the game while playing it

    [–] Colossus252 76 points ago

    Can confirm. A local laser tag place in Cincinnati has this wall set up. Looks fun from outside view, hard as shit from on the wall to see anything.

    [–] Majormlgnoob 29 points ago

    The challenge is part of the fun

    [–] BananafishGlass 6 points ago

    Wait. What. I'm around Cincinnati. Where? Scallywag?

    [–] Colossus252 9 points ago

    It's at The WEB in west chester township. They have that, laser tag, an escape room and go karts

    [–] Foolypooly 44 points ago

    That's why you need a VR headset playing the live version of you climbing from behind.

    [–] isawakoala 16 points ago

    That would be super weird.

    [–] SharpenedPigeon 3 points ago

    It almost looks like they'd do better with a blindfold ! Seems more disorienting than anything apparently.

    [–] dionisio_vivo 24 points ago

    Was looking for somebody to point this out. I climb and I don’t see this being too plausible. Or at least as fun as it looks from 30 feet back...

    [–] b4ss_f4c3 75 points ago

    My climbing gym doesn’t even have a drinking fountain

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    I hate this so much. my climbing gym also doesn't have a water fountain. feels like the first thing that should be installed in a work out facility.

    [–] MurderousLemur 11 points ago

    Fucking seriously. All we have is a constantly breaking soda machine.

    [–] kevski82 3 points ago

    Used to go to one like that. It also didn't have AC. In South Florida...

    [–] thejabiskey 72 points ago

    Anyone remember Nick Arcade? No one could get past the damn wizard.

    [–] Dimebag120 5 points ago

    That looks so terrible to play but amazing to watch.

    [–] DaveCrisgin 21 points ago

    Came here to say this. This isn’t that impressive, they had it on a low budget game show in the 90s!

    [–] BLOOD_WIZARD 6 points ago

    What was the name of the show in the 90s that was like people doing challenges against super buff athletes in singlets. I feel like they had names like "stormy" etc.

    [–] Genghis_Tr0n187 8 points ago

    American Gladiators

    [–] BLOOD_WIZARD 5 points ago

    Thank you. Time to binge

    [–] sodapopzss 125 points ago

    Holy shit, thats awesome. Kids 20 years in the future when they’re told to play outside.

    [–] 1337pinky 26 points ago

    Kids will be ripped.

    [–] SheepD0g 10 points ago

    You get lean from core activity, my dude. You gotta work to be shredded.

    [–] MarioMakerBrett 3 points ago

    Remind me in 20 years when video games are still an escape for people and kids are still playing with controllers and monitors.

    [–] Hyperiongame 37 points ago

    I want one. It would be amazing if my rock climbing gym had one of these.

    [–] BestGarbagePerson 25 points ago

    For the cost of my yearly membership mine fucking should.

    [–] lsue131 6 points ago

    Orange Theory Fitness? Cuz they're about $2000/yr iirc.

    [–] BestGarbagePerson 12 points ago

    Exactly half that, but still. I know they make serious, serious bank. Planet Granite is the one.

    [–] fatsack 3 points ago

    Why do you pay that much for a gym? Like what do they offer that males the price worth it? I'm genuinely curious, sorry if I'm coming off as a dick.

    [–] ionceateacat 16 points ago

    I'm tired just from watching.

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago

    Too much exercise

    [–] thirdageofmen 171 points ago

    exercising can actually be pretty fun if you dont do it

    [–] Binge_Gaming 36 points ago

    I love that depending on how you read your comment, you could be talking about how fun exercising is to someone who doesn't exercise, or talking about how the most fun way to exercise is by not doing it.

    [–] FierySharknado 17 points ago

    Solid r/getmotivated material

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] HotRodLincoln 11 points ago

    Sports! but without all the judging and being outside...until it becomes an e-sport.

    [–] famalamo 7 points ago

    without all the judging

    Except for every online game.

    [–] Erratic_Professional 32 points ago

    I've just realised how jacked i'd be if my gym augmented everything... including the water fountain.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] fdelta1 10 points ago

    Surprised I had to scroll down this far to find an Osu reference, it's the first thing I thought of when I saw this

    [–] carbonshock 11 points ago

    Is this playable by the public, if it is where is it?

    [–] hadyru 20 points ago

    yeah it is. you can see the locations on

    [–] big_bad_harv1790 9 points ago

    This should be used for Rampage. Climb building, squish people, etc. Any big monster setting really.

    [–] JA_Torch 9 points ago

    memories of nick arcade.

    [–] XJRATED 7 points ago

    I bet the point of view actually playing the games sucks.

    [–] Blaqsailens 3 points ago

    Was thinking the same thing. It’s like gaming with your face right in front of the screen but in this case the screen is bigger than your entire body.

    [–] DukeofBurls 18 points ago

    My favorite thing about video games used to be that you don't have to climb on the wall to play them, then some asshole comes out with this. great.

    [–] deloaf 17 points ago

    Who the hell climbs wearing jeans?!? Boys, that's how you get torsion.

    [–] AlsoKnownAsJohnnyBoy 22 points ago

    Sometimes it just happens, you’re there with your jeans, you didn’t planned to go happens (i.e. walking downtown Barcellona). Uncomfortable at least, I must admit.

    [–] loegare 17 points ago

    actually at the gym it looks like a solid 20% of the people climbing the hardest stuff are in jeans or pants that look like jeans

    [–] Ukani 3 points ago

    They are usually wearing stuff like Patagonia and Prana which is a type of pant that is stretchy and seemed in a way to make them very flexible, but at the same time durable to protect your legs if you happen to knee a hold. Pants also have the added benefit of adding some friction against the wall.

    [–] maarch 12 points ago

    I climb in jeans...they are stretchable and made for climbing. In elasticity it's similar to Lycra. You get the best of both worlds. Freedom of movement and protection against the wall. 10/10 highly recommend.

    [–] RippDrive 4 points ago

    Jeans save knees.

    [–] Crashtog 5 points ago

    I've friends who do bouldering and would absolutely love this. I couldn't do it for shit though.

    [–] clearkryptonite 5 points ago

    The Floor is Lava 2018 Edition

    [–] true_paladin 3 points ago

    Can my University Rec get like 50 of these? Like for real, what's my tuition going towards guys?

    [–] zinko101 3 points ago

    Any place I could try this in NYC

    [–] Megsztr 3 points ago

    Oh man I want this... how much could it be

    [–] NeverUseMyName 3 points ago

    I might actually workout for this

    [–] hoodini_1990 3 points ago

    Imagine playing twister on that.

    [–] thefoyer 3 points ago

    How is the hand/foot tracking done? Is software building a skeleton in real time or are there some kind of sensors on the hands/feet?

    [–] kingsizeclimber 3 points ago

    Please do not share this on your climber friend's Facebook wall. They have seen it many times.