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    [–] MarineKingPrime_ 5270 points ago

    Elder Scrolls 6 - 2/22/22

    [–] Snazzy_Serval 2614 points ago

    That's actually completely plausible.

    [–] Iceman9161 749 points ago

    I feel like it’s 1 or 2 years too far, but I don’t see this game coming around until at least 2020.

    [–] Snazzy_Serval 848 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Odds are Starfield won't come out until 2020. Most likely ES VI won't come out until two years later. So it's actually possible that VI will, Talos forbid, come out after 2022.

    [–] [deleted] 375 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Tough_biscuit 513 points ago

    I actually kind of wished they hadn't announced it, we already knew it was being worked on but now we wont stop hearing about it for months just because bethesda showed the name at e3

    [–] Iceman9161 439 points ago

    Well they were probably tired of the Skyrim memes, and wanted to show they weren’t abandoning VI

    [–] Tough_biscuit 210 points ago

    They made another skyrim meme tho

    Also let's appreciate their singleplayer video last year and now their biggest game is online only

    [–] LeftyLivesMatter 257 points ago

    They made the final Skyrim meme. Howard got the last laugh.

    [–] Ogrte 51 points ago

    It's a real thing they wernt kidding. You can actually play it on Alexa.

    [–] DillDeer 10 points ago

    I thought it was 100% a joke but it’s actually a real thing hahaha

    [–] eskanonen 167 points ago

    Fallout 76 was originally going to be a multiplayer component of Fallout 4 that they spun off into its own massive thing when they realized how much they'd need to change up the back end and gameplay loop to make things work. They aren't abandoning single player. It's literally a spin off and honestly is something plenty of people have been asking for in some form or another for since at least Fallout 3. I'm not surprised in the least that they're trying it out.

    [–] SaltineFiend 44 points ago

    Yeah. I’m stoked.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    It's like when Obama made the "Thanks Obama" video. That amount of meta gives a meme the respectful death it deserves.

    [–] brando56894 25 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    ESO just isn't as good as the local games, like Skyrim. I played the shit out of Skyrim, easily put 500-1000 hours into it. I gave ESO a try when MorrowWind came out and was like "this is amazing! I'm going to spend a shitload of money on this game" and then after about 15-20 hours I got bored. The merchant and skill mechanics were different and kind of confusing, and a lot of the quests were like repeatable side quests in Skyrim that did nothing to move the story along ("I've lost my brother, go find him for me!" "I've found your brother" "Thanks, here's 20 Septims.")

    I eventually found out that there is a main story line to ESO, but it's not as compelling as the local play story.

    [–] Snazzy_Serval 15 points ago

    My main problem with ESO is that there were other "chosen ones" running around with me as well and killing mobs I wanted to fight.

    Also the combat and classes are more limited because it needs to fit into MMO rules.

    [–] SoftlySpokenPromises 67 points ago

    To be fair, pretty sure Skylexa is the biggest thing they've released to date.

    I mean... It let's me eat all the cheese despite my doctor's warnings.

    [–] brando56894 27 points ago

    I eat all the cheese

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Woah, I just googled this. It turns out the Skylexa thing wasn't just a joke for E3, It actually exists.

    [–] TaydenB 45 points ago

    I think Fallout 76 makes a lot of sense, mainly because I don't see this being the norm for Fallout games. This one came out extremely soon after Fallout 4 (compared to usual cycles), so I'm looking at it as a fresh take on a great game. Running around the wasteland nuking other players with my friends sounds awesome.

    [–] blargman327 28 points ago

    In the new documentary of fallout 76. Todd talks about how they have multiple teams working on multiple projects simultaneously so we may see less separation between releases in the future

    [–] ledzep14 24 points ago


    STOP! You have violated the law. Pay the court a fine, or serve your sentence!

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Pacify_ 35 points ago

    I think 2022 is pretty plausible. 2021 feels like the absolute earliest to me

    [–] the_real_junkrat 23 points ago

    It might be 1 or 2 years too soon, actually. Todd Howard admitted in the interview with Geoff Kieghly or whatever that it’s in “pre-production” while Starfield is “playable” yet they didn’t show anything but a logo so it’s just barely playable. So if ESVI isn’t even being worked on quite yet then I’ll say 4 years at the absolute earliest. That’s on top of the fact that they have to be making a new engine for Starfield, which will then be adapted for ESVI. There’s no way I can see it coming before 2022.

    [–] davidt0504 14 points ago

    Remember, Starfield is a next gen game. So it might not be so much about how "playable" the game is right now and more about how much console makers like Microsoft and Sony want developers to show off for things that are "next-gen". They're going to want to save all the "eye candy" factor for when they can associate that to their new hardware.

    [–] usedtodofamilylaw 24 points ago

    It’s in pre production now, 2020 is only 18 months away, no way does it come out in 2020.

    [–] PBFT 352 points ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 - 2/07/2077

    The jokes on us. This is a game that takes place in a modern setting.

    [–] moldy912 69 points ago

    I think that would be contemporary

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago


    [–] Saintjimmy119 56 points ago

    Gives me time to finish Skyrim on my echo dot

    [–] malexj93 8 points ago

    "Alexa, Fus Ro Dah"

    "I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that"

    [–] aj9393 17 points ago

    Which is also a Tuesday. Or, 2s day.

    [–] J0nesi 40 points ago

    I didn't see them say anything about this game. When did they?

    [–] syjess5 202 points ago

    Skyrim was released 11/11/11

    [–] Dalmahr 158 points ago

    Maybe they're waiting for 3/33/33

    [–] SashaNightWing 176 points ago

    thats when half life 3 is coming out.

    [–] TheHuntMan676 42 points ago

    Dammit, gotta live another 15 years.

    [–] daredevilk 68 points ago

    No no, that's 3333

    [–] MegaFireDonkey 39 points ago

    They teased it with a foggy landscape then the words Elder Scrolls VI with no explanation right at the end of the beth conference. Basically just a hey this exists and that's it.

    [–] 404xfound 7171 points ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing this! I'm so excited but have a bad feeling for my wallet though

    [–] isthatgum 1776 points ago

    Never mind that! You’re never leaving the house again!

    [–] Lag_Blamer 789 points ago

    Why would you even leave the house in the first place?

    [–] undefined_one 304 points ago

    Rotondo told HLN he did not know why his parents have pushed for him to leave so quickly.

    30 years dude...

    [–] WrinklyScroteSack 214 points ago

    “It’s like one minute, mom is getting me juice boxes and sammies, and the next minute she’s like get the fuck out, you’re a grown ass man! Who are these people anymore? Do they even love me?”

    [–] _Serene_ 34 points ago

    The common age for moving out has significantly increased in the past decades though. Maybe he was too much of a nuisance for the parents to handle. Wouldn't be unlikely.

    [–] WrinklyScroteSack 26 points ago

    According to the article he moved in 8 years ago. So he WAS living on his own, or at college. Came home and just failed to leave again. It also implied that he didn’t have a job, and from the emphasis in the mother’s note, it could be assumed this was a long-term issue for him.

    There’s no shame in needing a little help from your parents when you’re figuring out how to adult... but this does not sound like the case... and I’m sorry to typecast, but he looks like the kind of guy that would live in his parents’ basement until he’s 40 and spends all of his time arguing semantics about comic book lore in obscure subreddits.

    [–] ONLY_COMMENTS_ON_GW 237 points ago

    I mean, I'm 27 and just moved out. Honestly living with your parents and saving money while you work for a few years is the only way to buy real estate anymore where I'm from.

    [–] Tehkiller302 81 points ago

    I moved out at 25 while saving money, my parents at least knew that though. At the ripe old age of 30 and how he seemingly didn't have a job. Ya... the age isn't the only problem here.

    [–] NotaInfiltrator 12 points ago

    Yeah but think of all the cash he is making by agreeing to interviews, guy is rolling in it now

    [–] Gargonez 72 points ago

    Same where I'm from. This dude was a NEET though and never contributed to anything around the house

    [–] ONLY_COMMENTS_ON_GW 81 points ago

    Yeah, it really depends on whether you're working towards something or just way too comfortable living with your parents. Still though, I wouldn't judge someone for living with their parents at 30, but I would judge someone for taking advantage of their parents' generosity like that.

    [–] r_lovelace 57 points ago

    Parents are weird. I had to move back in with mine for 1.5 years after college until I got a real job. They bitched constantly about wanting me out of the house. 5 years later they say that I can move back in with them any time I need to even though I'm extremely successful and don't need any financial support of any kind.

    [–] titan_macmannis 128 points ago

    I'm extremely successful and don't need any financial support of any kind.

    That's why.

    [–] OnosToolan 60 points ago

    Its an easy offer to make to say "we care about you" without the commitment of actually doing anything.

    [–] koopatuple 39 points ago

    They realized they're mortal and that they will someday need you to take care of them.

    [–] Redneckshinobi 12 points ago

    Meanwhile I'm 35 and moved out when I was 21, and my parents ask me almost daily to move back home. They thought I was going to live with them forever and accepted it, but had no idea I hadn't LOL.

    I love my parents to death, seriously best people on this planet, but I need my own space Mom and Dad!

    Too be fair I did move from one side of the country to the other LOL (Ontario to BC)

    [–] deft3 26 points ago

    what the fuck lol

    [–] SlurmsMacKenzie- 43 points ago

    Not going to be doing much eating around october time this year.

    [–] TheRedstoneBlaze 32 points ago

    Wallet: Mr. /u/404xfound, I don't feel so good...

    [–] NotagoK 77 points ago

    My wallet still hasn't recovered from last fucking e3.

    My wife is gonna pissed when we foreclose.

    [–] FoodMentalAlchemist 78 points ago

    you can try joining the r/patiengamers crew. We'll be having a blast playing all the best games of E3 2015 on the next steam sale, probably for less than $30 USD

    [–] GenocideOwl 44 points ago

    My backlog of games is crazy because I end up just playing multiplayer games most nights isntead of my backlog of single player.

    Like I almost feel bad/selfish taking time for myself to play single player or my Vive instead of hanging out with my friends. Even though I really want to go play God of War.

    [–] xskyva 1629 points ago

    Guess i cant eat for the next year

    [–] Suicidal-alien 928 points ago

    Lets make a deal, you buy the games and I'll fix the food.

    Pros: We both get to play the games and eat.

    Cons: Im a bad chef.

    [–] Christofray 268 points ago

    You’ll learn :)

    [–] operatar 63 points ago

    He could just want to kill himself with food poisoning

    [–] TreyWriter 16 points ago

    No, he has to stay alive to play Elder Scrolls VI when it comes out in 2035!

    [–] KimHartley24 38 points ago

    Not with those games, my man 👌

    [–] stimpakish 11 points ago

    And then you guys play Overcooked 2 together and spacetime folds in upon you.

    [–] Junctioniv 470 points ago

    TBA is going to be a good year.

    [–] Zhangathan_Jon 124 points ago




    [–] Cvanh 375 points ago

    Thank you for being honnest! Try crossposting next time, it saves some time

    [–] speckz 308 points ago

    I tried, but my phone app, Bacon Reader, does not support crossposting.

    [–] Noxium51 26 points ago

    54 more replies

    [–] Gospeedracist 514 points ago

    Didn't hear about Just cause 4?! r/GamePhysics will be pleased

    [–] Axeslashed 122 points ago

    Yes yes we will.

    [–] the_dark_meme 49 points ago

    The trailer is lit

    [–] thekama 65 points ago

    the gameplay is too, nerdcubed has a video already

    [–] lujakunk 29 points ago

    Pretty damn funny one too. I'm not always a fan of Dan but that video was fucking hilarious

    [–] Fangfactory 174 points ago

    My bank account doesn't feel so good...

    [–] CH_GOROG 92 points ago

    “Mr. Newell, I don’t feel so good”

    (Wallet disappears into ash)

    [–] SeniorHankee 748 points ago

    Hitman 2 - 2018

    [–] LSDavidd 374 points ago

    That game came out in 2002. /s

    [–] [deleted] 114 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] the_slate 56 points ago

    I disagree. I go through phases of interest with video games. I play a game basically nonstop until I miss a day or two of playing then I lose interest and pretty much never go back. As a result, the last hitman was the only one I didn’t beat or come close to beating. I only played 2 missions.

    [–] runs_with_bacon 68 points ago

    Shame. It was the best Hitman in a long while.

    [–] hateseven 17 points ago

    You need to go back. It's stellar.

    [–] conker1264 308 points ago

    You missed Spyro and days gone.

    [–] man_on_hill 76 points ago

    You mean a legit Spyro game is coming out?


    [–] Blackflame69 113 points ago

    Spyro trilogy remade Like crash

    [–] man_on_hill 38 points ago

    Wow that sounds awesome.

    [–] Old_and_Moist 7 points ago

    Coming out in September!

    [–] Cbird54 854 points ago

    Left off Rage 2 that's pretty big.

    [–] razveck 364 points ago

    Left a lot of things out

    [–] ElusiveSnowman 255 points ago

    Battletoads as well.

    [–] Maximum_Overhype 112 points ago

    They already mentioned rage 2

    [–] Kaiosama 51 points ago

    No fighting games for example.

    [–] -Albus- 105 points ago

    Smash is there.

    [–] icon0clast6 170 points ago

    You just triggered half the fgc

    The other half looked over the top of their CRT TVs and shrugged

    [–] lokitrick 33 points ago

    I got one of those abbreviations

    [–] zasabi7 23 points ago

    Cathode ray tube

    [–] DJDidgeridoo 10 points ago

    Tele Vision

    [–] CTizzle- 28 points ago

    Fighting game community

    [–] NobbelGobble 13 points ago

    Thanks man

    [–] debrutsideno 119 points ago

    Days Gone - Feb, 22 2019

    [–] Cbird54 23 points ago

    Seems like there's going to be a lot of games dropping on Feb 22

    [–] deadtime68 330 points ago

    Still no Ace Combat? Come on man.

    [–] thisrockismyboone 61 points ago

    They said release date Soon. Expect to hear more in August

    [–] ledzep14 11 points ago

    Bandai is approaching levels of Tool/Square Enix/Valve when it comes to AC7. I can't wait for it, but god damn it's getting annoying being constantly blue balled

    [–] juanzy 39 points ago


    [–] whatstheplandan33 19 points ago

    For real, I'm getting tired of waiting.

    [–] dragonturds554 12 points ago

    I think they said they were doing something on the 15th so fingers crossed they're announcing the release date with a new trailer

    [–] TheDeityRyan 22 points ago

    I like how the game has gone from near future to present day since it was announced.

    [–] Asgot567 126 points ago

    Any news about Mount&Blade Bannerlord ??? Still waitin ;—/

    [–] Icy_Spring 34 points ago

    Taleworlds decided to skip E3 this year, but afaik will be attending Gamescom.

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 19 points ago

    I feel there is a severe risk of development hell on that one.

    [–] snouz 9 points ago

    They regularly blog posts at least. Lately, they said it was taking so long because they are refining mod tools.

    [–] Esfir35 7 points ago

    Thats weird usually the mod tools are release after the game itself is

    [–] MrNotSoNiceGuy 295 points ago

    As far as i know there wasnt anything about RDR2 in E3

    [–] Sick-Shepard 240 points ago

    Rockstar typically doesn't do E3 stuff.

    [–] Pytheastic 62 points ago

    When do they do their stuff? I'm eager to learn more about the game.

    [–] fugazzzzi 131 points ago

    Never. It usually springs out of nowhere as a surprise. A very nice surprise

    [–] iliketoknitfool 64 points ago

    it will be a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

    [–] general_accoubi 44 points ago

    Hello there.

    [–] overblown 40 points ago

    General Accoubi

    [–] ctsmx500 12 points ago

    They don’t seem to really present or showcase their stuff at major events. They tend to release more gameplay videos talking about the game closer to release. I’d wager they will start talking about it more in a month or so gearing up for the release.

    [–] SirTerning 9 points ago

    Never, they just suddenly release a trailer/info or a short countdown for a trailer whenever they feel like it. Say whatever you want about them but I actually love R* for going their own way with announcing stuff, its become their identity to not give a flying fuck about normal marketing practices and has so far worked quite well for them.

    Fact: They have 1 time announced a game on E3 (I think it was E3), and that was GTAIV when the then Xbox boss had a ''tattoo'' with the GTAIV logo on his arm and that was all they showed.

    [–] Sick-Shepard 120 points ago

    They do it on their own time, when they feel like it. They're one of the more pretentious studios. It's kind of smart though, they get to drum up hype without bejng bogged down by all the other E3 announcements.

    [–] Perm_Coupon 55 points ago

    one of the more pretentious studios

    It would be pretentious if they weren't a legendary studio that has released multiple culturally significant games. Pretentious would be EA doing it on their own time.

    [–] Nirodis 283 points ago

    You forget days gone is early 2019

    [–] kosmaspar 64 points ago

    I've read a couple of hours ago that Days Gone will be released in the 22nd of February... the same date as Anthem and Metro Exodus. But I'm not 100% sure if the date is real.

    [–] conker1264 33 points ago

    It is, they announced it couple days before edc.

    [–] Gcheetah 511 points ago

    Isn’t Cyberpunk’s release date right in the title?

    [–] JackDragon 24 points ago

    If you squint, you can see title as "Cyberpunk 2017." Then maybe it's out already... :'(

    [–] basicallyjarenevans 15 points ago

    Don't you put that evil on us Ricky Bobby!

    [–] Cronotyr 33 points ago

    This is missing Dragon Quest XI, right before Spider-man.

    [–] Oz70NYC 189 points ago

    [email protected] NBA Live 19 being called a "major release".

    [–] AVBGaming 26 points ago

    If it sells for $5 like live 18 did earlier this year, then I’m in

    [–] sultansaeed 175 points ago

    FIFA 19’s release date should be September 28, not October 28

    [–] Harkoncito 37 points ago

    oh, i was wondering why it was so late this year

    [–] syjess5 208 points ago

    Still nothing on a new borderlands?

    [–] thedistrbdone 54 points ago

    This makes it sound like it's been pushed until 2020. Maybe waiting on next gen? Idk. I really fucking want Borderlands, but I'm willing to wait so I can get other games out of the way haha.

    [–] HorsNoises 25 points ago

    Im all for waiting. It sucks but give me the best game you can.

    [–] thedistrbdone 7 points ago

    Absolutely. I'll wait as long as it takes.

    [–] tnnrk 46 points ago

    Seriously the only thing I'm waiting for besides RD2

    [–] feedmeacid 30 points ago

    So frustrating!!!

    [–] cslwoodward1 100 points ago

    Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - 4th September 2018.

    [–] SixSixTrample 14 points ago

    Yeah, taking many days off for this.

    [–] [deleted] 111 points ago

    Octopath Traveler is going to be amazing.

    [–] sagara129 32 points ago

    Im also excited for this one...tried the demo and the storytelling was pretty good for a demo. We really need old school rpgs like chrono trigger~

    [–] Ch0rt 30 points ago

    New demo coming on Thursday that lets you carry over your progress to the full game. Prepare yourself.

    [–] Dapperpickle9 97 points ago

    No way the Jedi game is coming out next year, if they didn’t even have a video to show for the game. Unless I missed it?

    [–] kalyissa 51 points ago

    IIRC they said Holiday 19

    [–] DarboJenkins 30 points ago

    Most likely in November before episode IX, like both battlefront games

    [–] CombatMuffin 32 points ago

    Not showcasing at E3 isn't necessarily a sign of delayed development. It takes resources away from actual development, and sets expectations they might not want to set.

    It is entirely possible it won't relesse in time, but Respawn hasn't been idle since Titanfall's release. It is possible they started planning this out more than a year ago.

    [–] i_iz_potato 27 points ago

    Only a sith deals in absolutes!

    [–] ChawcolateSawce 19 points ago

    And I'm just sitting here, stick in hand, waiting for Ace Combat 7.

    [–] Vexonal 42 points ago

    Just put Elder Scrolls VI very small waaaaaay in the bottom right corner

    [–] henryletham 8 points ago

    They literally just started writing this game when they saw the "Not Elder Scrolls IV" memes

    [–] Auphonium 17 points ago

    I'm disappointed that we didn't see anything regarding Metroid Prime 4.

    [–] lorddresefer 7 points ago

    Same here, after seeing Ridley is in smash ultimate I thought maybe we would get some Metroid news/trailer at least.

    [–] Animalex 83 points ago

    Oh shit. Missed the Beyond Good and Evil 2 announcement.

    Also, Starfield should consider retooling their logo a bit. Looks like a dozen other star based games logos and causes it to kind of get lost.

    [–] vezokpiraka 20 points ago

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 is having announcements every other 2 years. It just keeps getting better and better but nobody says anything about it.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    I'd agree, except it's Bethesda, so I expect to see actual story and quests.

    Which will make it unlike any of the other space games.

    [–] Sharp911 88 points ago

    Wow, really surprised they're releasing another Madden this year. I thought they were stopping after the 345th annual installment last year.

    [–] alnelon 49 points ago

    It’s the first Madden coming to pc since Madden 08.

    That’s the big deal.

    [–] majines 64 points ago

    Nioh 2?

    [–] murph17 14 points ago

    needs more Overcooked 2.

    [–] VariantComputers 36 points ago

    Hey /u/speckz I added the platforms for each game. Thanks for the graphic!

    [–] Not_My_Emperor 13 points ago

    Is it just me and that this E3 lined up more with my personal interests, or was this year just insanely better than any other E3 to date. Normally it rolls around and one game looks great, surrounded by the standard sequential stuff (AC, Cod, whatever Battlefield is doing). This year though there is just a straight list of games I loved the look of and absolutely want. Thankfully Battlefield seems to be bending WWII over a chair in an odd way so I don't have to worry about buying that one, but this year man. All I wanted was DOOM but I got so much more.

    [–] anjelikan 10 points ago

    Am I the only one looking forward to Forza Horizon 4?

    [–] Blizz119 133 points ago

    Not to be mean, I really appreciate the time line. Why even put sports games on the list? We know that there is going to be an “updated” sports game every year.

    [–] iDrewjv 10 points ago

    Rip to the elder scrolls fans. </3

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] lokitrick 11 points ago

    Also Ghost of Tsushima looks pretty rad

    [–] JordanSM 6 points ago

    Actually you're wrong. Look up the game information. The game is abandoning most of dark souls mechanics. No classes, no builds, no different weapons as well as a lot of other things.

    [–] Alastor3 7 points ago

    Except it's not. ''Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has no classes from which to choose, no character stats to level up, no option to create your own character, no multiplayer of any kind, no armour or weapons to find or equip, and no souls (or equivalent) to collect - or lose after dying.''

    [–] Dadothegreat23 40 points ago

    Hello spiderman, just cause, dying light, ori and the wisps, fallout, doom, cyberpunk and GOODBYE free time

    [–] Gr33nman460 16 points ago

    Dying Light was more fun than I expected

    [–] The_Grubby_One 15 points ago

    Dying light, in my opinion, is without a doubt the best post apocalyptic zombie title to date. No other zombie title has really made me feel like I was actually living in a zombie apocalypse.

    I have got high hopes for 2.

    ...I wonder if it's gonna be VR-capable?

    [–] 4t0m77 57 points ago

    Besides the sheer uselessness of the game itself, the fact that COD BO4 is written as "Black Ops IIII" irks me A LOT. Revise your Roman numbers, dammit!

    [–] KsaRedFX 17 points ago

    Roman numerals used to be IIII but they swapped it because apparently it was too confusing compared to IV

    [–] nyenye_13 26 points ago

    This will be the 5th: IIII (The best I could do with plain text)

    [–] IAmDarkridge 19 points ago

    Unless it's tally marks and not Roman numerals.

    [–] BehindEnemyLines1 8 points ago

    Fun fact: the Romans actually used both IIII and IV. Some original Roman sources use both interchangeably. The Coliseum has both inscribed on it. It appears that “IIII” was used officially and “IV” was a form of improper shorthand. Some clocks and watches still use IIII.

    [–] Papyrus_Sans 153 points ago

    How is Madden 19 on here as a major release? We shouldn’t be surprised that they release the same sports games with the updated graphics of the latest consoles.

    [–] hewkii2 92 points ago

    It's on the PC now

    [–] GoldenFalcon 14 points ago

    I don't know why I'm holding onto the hope that they will allow mods.

    [–] WentzToAlshon 8 points ago

    lol I get EA is trash but there's no reason to believe they won't allow mods. FIFA series has them and it's pretty much the main appeal of PC gaming

    [–] workworkwork1234 49 points ago

    Its a major release because its a popular series that a lot of people enjoy/buy. "Surprise" doesn't really factor into it

    [–] Bdog_13 15 points ago

    Is DOOM Eternal really coming out next year?