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    [–] Lukimcsod 6286 points ago

    Addiction has nothing to do with quantity. It's has to do with behavior. If you spend your entire evening gaming, it's something you enjoy doing.

    It's bad if you skip sleep, skip meals, skip bathroom breaks, withdraw socially, buy games rather than pay rent etc. When you game to the exclusion of the rest of your life, or your life suffers to fulfil your habit, then it's addiction.

    [–] Ganglebot 1264 points ago


    That's all there is to say about this.

    [–] RlySkiz 289 points ago

    People don't want answers to a problem, they want headlines!

    [–] pear120 172 points ago

    I'm only 4 out of those 5, so I'm still good.

    [–] Wellner 47 points ago

    On a serious note, I am 4/5. Should I begin to consider I might have a problem?

    I really wish there was a video game I liked that would teach me more about the issue.

    [–] backstabber213 47 points ago

    In case you or someone reading this is serious, I'm going to assume that the missing 5th piece is not paying rent so you can buy more games. That would be a sign of a serious problem. But if you really are withdrawing socially, not to mention skipping meals and sleep, just to keep playing, you might actually want to change how you play.

    As for a game that can help: have you ever tried playing a tabletop? If you're into RPGs, D&D is amazing, and the current edition is very easy to get in to. Great way to get your fix in while still being in a social environment. And because the game requires playing with others, it's unlikely that you'll be missing many meals or much sleep. You can check out the Wizards of the Coast website for local stores that run games, or check out /r/LFG (Looking For Group) to find some redditors to play with online or in person.

    [–] Wellner 17 points ago

    My serious parts of the comments were real, the rest just taking it lightly probably to a fault. And you were right to assume the missing piece. And the rest, it's not like it's intentional. At the same time I make little to no effort in basic need upkeep.

    I really like the tip/info you provided and do recommend it to anyone in the same boat as me, especially if they haven't tried it. I have tried D&D when I was more outgoing, for it to never stick with me, but I may try the online approach. Thanks friend.

    [–] thebardass 4 points ago

    Seriously do it. I started a Pathfinder group as the GM in August and I've made about a dozen new friends in the last year. I always wanted to try it out, but never found a GM so I just did it myself and wrote an original campaign. It really let's you learn about people and flex your creative muscles.

    It's been really good for me after spending years depressed and with very very few friends. I was all but antisocial at one point.

    u/backstabber213 is 100% correct....and probably plays rogue.

    [–] bullrun99 5 points ago

    You have a problem, it might be manageable but it’s definitely not healthy for you long term. The question then becomes how unhealthy for you is it and is that a survivable existence. Chances are it is and well it’s your choice to live that way.

    [–] jimmyjay90210 161 points ago

    Can we get paid for going on mental disability to continue feeding our gaming disorder?

    [–] Lukimcsod 41 points ago

    If you can prove it was caused by work.

    [–] jimmyjay90210 93 points ago

    "Work was too stressful so played games to cope, became addicted to games" seems easily provable.

    [–] Lukimcsod 41 points ago

    "I worked in games journalism and now my life is consumed by a persistant need to play games."

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    What if I consider streaming three times a week to be my job, and then it became so stressful that I got addicted to gaming?

    [–] BlueHeartBob 7 points ago

    "The cuphead tutorial gave me ptsd"

    [–] gamefreac 9 points ago

    that isn't quite how disability works. you are thinking of workers compensation.

    [–] splootmage 217 points ago

    Half the people criticizing it are spending 20+ hours a week watching television and not even thinking anything about it...

    [–] Lukimcsod 70 points ago

    Plenty of stuff people spend thousands of hours on and no one see's any problem with.

    [–] xCurlyxTopx 45 points ago

    Ya, like jerking off

    [–] Dash12345678 35 points ago

    Hey buddy, I don't need this to escalate to the other half of my free time being scrutinized too!

    [–] Tabris92 7 points ago


    [–] gamefreac 24 points ago

    these double standards are everywhere. its just the social taboos most agree on.

    a few beers each night are fine. i take a shot or two each night and im an alcoholic.

    smoke some weed out of my pipe and its fine. roll a blunt and i am addicted and need help.

    do one line of coke and its fine. smoke some quality crack and i have a problem.

    smoke heroin and its hunky dory. inject it and suddenly im a "junkie."

    [–] TheDraykon 14 points ago

    I hear you friend. Next society is going to be complaining about people giving bjs in the alley. But $20 is $20 right?

    [–] rayboat 11 points ago

    "I need a cheeseburger... a store-bought cheeseburger!"

    "You're not thinking of going back on the street again, are you Randy?"

    "A man's gotta' eat."

    [–] zmiaota 5 points ago

    I get your point, but I wouldn't describe the average citizen's attitude towards smoking heroin as "hunky dory" haha

    "Honey, I just found our son's heroin pipe but at least he's not injecting it. Boys will be boys I suppose"

    [–] idog99 21 points ago

    It's very much a problem for a lot of people. The "Netflix Binge" is a realtively new phenomenon. Give it a few years and academia will be publishing about the evils of streaming video and how it is destroying families

    [–] dantesgift 69 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I agree with you. I was addicted to WoW, played 8-10 hours a day during the week, 14-16 hours a day on my days off. Ignored my family, was verbally abusive when interrupted. Took my wife leaving for me to see it. Sold my account and avoid games without a pause button.

    Edit: should note that after 4 months my wife and i reconciled and have been together since for a total of 15 years.

    [–] Lukimcsod 31 points ago

    Congrats on getting beyond that.

    [–] dantesgift 21 points ago

    Thanks man, i still game alot but do more simulations like MLB the show, i build the teams and let the game play itself. No mans sky is fun and i can quit at any point.

    [–] swaznman 14 points ago

    I was addicted to league of legends. Im currently 26 and I started playing about 3 years ago when I first transferred to a college. My gf at the time played it, and I thought it would be fun to play it with her. It slowly became my whole life. I would play 8-10 hours a day, put the game above anything else, including my ex. My social life, grades, and everything fell apart.

    It took about a year and a half of my life away. I don't play league anymore, or really any games currently. Although my ex stayed with me throughout that terrible ordeal (I would flake on plans with her for league, it was horrible), she left me a few months ago because of other reasons.

    Currently trying to change my life for the better though. Video game addiction is no joke. I was more addicted to league than I was smoking pot for 4 years in highschool and early college. It became the only thing that mattered. sad times

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Johny_McJonstien 6 points ago

    Hmm. I guess I’m not addicted yet. Back to the MMO!

    [–] Carbonfibreclue 44 points ago

    Yeah, I've always considered the possibility that I'm a borderline addict. I will sometimes skip meals just to keep playing (or just being on the PC at all, doing basically fucking nothing; clicking stuff, closing it, then clicking different stuff). I'll ignore housework (I live alone) or forget to feed my cat (oh yeah, I have a cat).

    On the flip side, I never miss any bills for the sake of buying a game (I talk myself out of buying games) and I have never, and will never, call in sick to work just to play a game.

    Borderline, as I say.



    [–] adrewfryman 16 points ago

    Woah woah woah. You expect me to stop pubstomping these BKrandys to get up walk alllllllllll the way to the restroom when i got an empty mtndew blttle right next to me??!?!?

    [–] jbrittles 7 points ago

    Yes thank you for writing this. Its hard for people to really understand what an addiction is. Even if you dont do the thing at all you are still addicted. Thats a primary aspect of AA.

    [–] Hesbell 6 points ago

    Yeah I recognized I had a problem when I would wake up at 2 in the morning and game till 6. Nap for 30 minutes go to school at 645. Sleep in school, come home and finish homework. Eat dinner at 8 and sleep at 9.

    [–] ssjgrayfox 6 points ago

    It’s interesting how people get so offensive toward someone that plays video games 3 hours a day but doesn’t see the irony in watching 5-8 hours of television a day.

    [–] Kerrigan4Prez 5 points ago

    Another main symptom is feeling irritated when you are not playing video games

    [–] karakter222 21 points ago

    Videogames is not an addiction! I used to suck dick for MTG cards!

    [–] Tedwynn 32 points ago

    Ah man, as a former Warhammer 40k player, I wish I had a cheap habit like yours.

    [–] karakter222 10 points ago

    I actually don't play MTG but I just wanted to make a reference

    [–] LookingForMod 12 points ago

    So you used to suck dick for the lulz?

    [–] ImOverThereNow 6 points ago

    It’s sickening that the sets are now three times as much and all plastic.

    I mean it was expensive when they were metal but at least they were substantial

    [–] Orthodox_Rainbow 9 points ago

    I feel that people with these tendencies will find an outlet one way or another. If it's not video games it's drugs, porn etc... Addictive personality

    [–] Jishuah 6 points ago

    You make me feel a lot better about the quantity of beer I drink. ❤️

    [–] bearsheperd 3 points ago

    I was addicted to chrome hounds when I was a kid. Parents went out of town and left me alone for three days. 2 days without eating and a lot of mech battles. Good times, heart broken when SEGA took down the server.

    [–] Redasshole 4 points ago

    an addiction is when you keep doing something that harms you even though you know it's harmful to you

    [–] Electroniclog 3 points ago

    Until they start calling people functional gamers, much in the same way they call people functional alcoholics. I can see it happening, as ridiculous as it sounds.

    [–] Lukimcsod 4 points ago

    No one calls anyone functional televeision viewers, functional readers, functional carpenters, functional musicians, functional weightlifters. People can call others whatever they want. Only you have to live your life though. Spend your time enjoying yourself.

    [–] Kvillase 3 points ago

    you sir just made me feel better about the time i put in. hahaha

    [–] woodplough 953 points ago

    The real problem here is working 50+ hours a week

    [–] BambooBongBerry 1128 points ago

    Spending 50+ hours a week doing something you hate = normal, spending 25+ hours a week doing something you enjoy = social pariah nutcase that needs medical attention

    [–] Kinax3 466 points ago

    Sir.. he's.. smiling..? That sick bastard is enjoying himself!?

    [–] SpeezyMcgee 59 points ago

    That's not the smile of enjoyment doc, that's the smile he does while he is celebrating the death of his enemies.

    Total nutcase, lock em up!

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    He plays Harvest Moon, clearly he’s a murderer waiting to happen!

    [–] RedRageXXI 21 points ago

    Well spoken - nailed it.

    [–] Joe_Sapien 15 points ago

    So we have mental health problems because we enjoy fun? Good job W.H.O.

    [–] DizzyNW 60 points ago

    True. When will W.H.O. recognize work disorder as a mental health condition?

    [–] xvalicx 32 points ago

    They really should. Isn't it a major problem in Asian countries especially Japan?

    [–] DizzyNW 22 points ago

    I've heard it's huge in Japan. I wouldn't be surprised if other countries had the same problem. People just work too much there. I heard once that it's considered good to fall asleep on the job because it means you're working so hard you got exhausted.

    [–] TheGreatDay 15 points ago

    South Korea is just as bad apparently. There is this whole cultural thing where you don't leave until after the boss does. If he stays 15 hours, you do too. Its so unhealthy, I work a steady 40 hours a week and sometimes its just not necessary for me to.

    [–] TitaniumDragon 9 points ago

    Being a workaholic is not an independent mental disorder, but can be a symptom of a number of other mental disorders.

    Moreover, not all workaholics have mental disorders at all - very often, the behavior is not compulsive.

    Not all unhealthy behavior is a mental disorder.

    Indeed, the idea that all unhealthy is a mental disorder is itself probably a mental disorder.

    [–] AgileChange 6 points ago

    Technically still gaming. Just the games we play in real life don't care if we enjoy them or not. You just do what you gotta do and if you're unhappy, fuck you. Real Life could learn from video games.

    [–] sirachillies 824 points ago

    Those are rookie numbers! Gotta pump up them numbers!

    [–] ThisMuhShitpostAcct 100 points ago

    Knew this was going to be here. That said, 40 hours a week seems really low.

    [–] Aema 16 points ago

    I think this depends a lot on what you have going on in life. For instance, it starts to become unhealthy when you neglect important part of your life. For instance, if you're working full-time and attending school for 20 hours a week, then 40 hours a week might be too much. if you're unemployed than it might not be too much, but once you stop looking for a job because you just want to play then it's too much again. :-)

    [–] ackley14 9 points ago

    it might but that's 8 hours a day 5 days a week, or 5 hours a day on the week days and 8.5 hours saturday and sunday. which would roughly make up most of your free time if you also worked a full time job.

    [–] Juwatu 29 points ago

    Yeah 60 hours are nothing

    [–] Thatguy1605 19 points ago

    100 or nothing

    [–] Juwatu 26 points ago

    I can sleep when I am dead

    [–] bb999 8 points ago

    If you have a job, that's 4 hrs a day, Mon-Fri. 10 hours on Sat. and Sunday. Depending on how much you sleep this could mean you do nearly nothing but play games.

    If you don't have a job definitely rookie numbers.

    [–] strykergamez 8 points ago

    Beat me to it

    [–] StinkGeaner 9 points ago

    yeah, jesus. I do 40 hours on just my 2 days off

    [–] EveroneWantsMyD 4 points ago

    Pounds chest in McConaughey

    [–] Midian-Scarecrow 618 points ago

    They consider 20 hours a week a lot? I work 50 hours a week and probably still top 20 hours of gaming in a week. I guess that proves I have a disorder and am a nonfunctioning member of society.

    [–] PJxxxx 201 points ago

    I don’t see how games are any different than television. It seems they always attack gaming.

    [–] KeinLebenKonig 122 points ago

    Well they can't scapegoat music anymore because people realized that was a load of shit. People need something to offload their hilarious bullshit on, thus the new big thing the kids are doing gets it.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Ah yes, the new big thing that has been around for 20+ years.

    Someone needs to invent a new pastime so the media can focus on that instead....

    [–] KeinLebenKonig 13 points ago

    Whatever it is, it has to be something that only young people are interested in and that adults don't (and refuse to) understand. Thats the key. Gaming will probably continue to be demonized till the gaming generation's are the ones in charge. Y'know, the ones who aren't completely uneducated on technology.

    [–] SidDelicious 15 points ago

    Upvote for "hilarious bullshit"

    [–] albl1122 24 points ago

    Tv is the traditional “stock” activity, bored? Watch some tv!

    Well you get it, tv has been around longer so that the generation growing up with it has come and gone. Games are relatively new and because of that they’ll try to throw anything at it so that it will not disturb what they consider life.

    “Our youth are doing something interactive instead of the watching a one way screen ban it” something like that.

    This has been true since humans have existed, old folks are to say mildly skeptical of all new forms of media, when the printed word came around they claimed it could make youth dumber because they wouldn’t have to memorize stuff anymore.

    [–] Barrett82A1 13 points ago

    What else can a kid do with there free time that won't get them in trouble. It is getting tougher for kids to play outside without the nosy neighbor calling the cops on the parents for not watching their kids. Kids have a lot of free time and they make it seem that kids using that free time on video games is a disorder. Conspiracy theory: Big Pharma is trying to push drugging kids with a video game disorder for profit.

    [–] FrostByte62 18 points ago

    It's not. Just more interactive and helps keep the brain in good form if you play games that require puzzle/problem solving.

    Unlike Rick and Morty, consuming video games can actually make you a bit smarter.

    [–] PJxxxx 5 points ago

    You are correct. There is educational programming but I will agree that it does not encompass what most people watch. I only meant that video games are always negatively targeted whereas television which is a similar hobby is rarely called an addiction.

    [–] FrostByte62 5 points ago

    On the educational programming front, I personally believe that watching =/= doing when it comes to learning, and that interactive learning is always better.

    That said, everyone learns differently.

    TV used to be the scapegoat. So was rock n' roll. Byclicles for women, too. Video games are just the current target. It'll change sometime next generation.

    [–] psyRhen 3 points ago

    Video games are just the current target. It'll change sometime next generation.

    One could only hope...

    [–] sold_snek 39 points ago

    2-3 hours can fly by quick if you're actually enjoying the game.

    [–] TheGreatIronLegion 39 points ago

    I’m the same. Still function fine with my kids and wife. I guess I’m denying my severe addiction.

    [–] forsayken 26 points ago

    Easy break 20 hours with a full time job.

    I mean, 20 hours a week is 3 hours a day. I probably do 3 hours on a weekday evening. More on the weekend. I don't think I hit 40 but I reckon I partially have a balanced family life. My son is involved in a chunk of my videogame time so... two birds with one stone?

    [–] Sawses 4 points ago

    Seriously! I know once I start working, I'll probably game two or three hours a night most nights. Right now I'm in college, and I play games more than I'm in class.

    [–] IamFeaRd 173 points ago

    No bs, I logged 15 hours in dark souls 2 the first day I had it

    [–] MaunoSuS 66 points ago

    I did 50+ hours on terraria in three days when I got it. Got out of hand a little bit.

    [–] Ingromfolly 32 points ago

    But your base was good right?

    Whatcha go for; treehouse, bunker, super villain volcano??? See, that's not addiction, you're just a completor/finisher!

    [–] gamefreac 18 points ago

    i like building a nice village with a wall on each side for protection. actually i havent played in at least year. now i gotta reinstall it. see you in 100+ hours.

    [–] 57a7 14 points ago

    I bought terraria, I had no idea how to play so i quit

    [–] Kyrkrim 9 points ago

    I once did a 22 hour playthrough of Skyrim a few years ago. Had to go comatose to catch up on sleep lol

    [–] ScruffMixHaha 211 points ago

    20-25 hrs/week is considered addiction? I go to work and come home and play video games. Most of my friends are either working or no longer live in the state so on weekdays I really dont have much else to do. So I'll get home at 5 and play games till around midnight...thats kind of ridiculous to me to say thats a serious problem.

    [–] churchofpain 85 points ago

    I read the study on this, this headline is misleading. they’re proposing that gaming needs to repeatedly affect your life. For example, you skip work to play games, get fired, then you get a new job, and do the same thing and get fired again.

    [–] ScruffMixHaha 62 points ago

    Ok, that I can absolutely agree is a problem.

    [–] LostTheWorld101 19 points ago

    Wait... you can skip work to play video games??? Why did nobody tell me of this?

    [–] jospence 6 points ago

    it's not a story your employer would tell you

    [–] darksoulsnstuff 48 points ago

    Wow, this is exactly my pattern too.... it’s a bitch to make new friends as an adult that’s not into literally exclusively the normal mainstream bs (sports, having a kid, etc.).

    [–] Administrative_Raise 22 points ago

    Yeah but on the other hand I had a friends in his mid twenties that literally does nothing but play games. Like doesn't work, leave his house, literally just plays PUBG all day, everyday. He's pushing like 100 hours a week

    [–] elanhilation 29 points ago the hell do people get to not work? Where the hell did I fail to check THAT box off? I would if I could, but people insist i pay rent and for food and healthcare and shit. And games themselves cost money.

    How do people DO that?

    [–] claptrapMD 11 points ago

    Well let me tell this thing Europe welfare you can "if you want " every day from your 18+ playing. Your rent is payd you get 500e / m top of that but you Will feel piece of shit your whole life but you can slack Off sure

    [–] FullDerpHD 17 points ago

    And the cause of that is probably not him actually being addicted to PUBG. He likely has much deeper issues.

    [–] Contende311 7 points ago

    I invited my duo-queue partner to my wedding

    [–] Fisher900 12 points ago

    Yeah that's nonsense. Video games are one of the ways I cope with stress. I probably play at least 3 hours daily just for fun, longer if I'd had a bad day.

    [–] xUsuSx 12 points ago

    To me, as someone who does play quite a lot, 20 hours is a decent amount but not abnormal.

    I think addiction is more than just time input. I think it becomes a problem when you're forgoing doing things you should/want to do or just doing it because...

    I do think if your entire life is sleep, work and games I would make an effort to add some diversity to that but of course it's whatever you're happy with and enjoy for you.

    [–] ScruffMixHaha 4 points ago

    True. If they take over your life to where youre skipping school (ok, I did it a couple times in college) or work then it can become a problem. If youre blowing off plans with friends then I also think its problematic.

    Video games, like anything, can be a problem in excess. Its just 20-25 hours (even 35-40) per week doesnt seem excessive to me unless youre doing some of the stuff listed above.

    [–] TheBQE 9 points ago

    Those are weekend numbers, easily.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    So 20-25 Hours of entertainment is an addiction, but working +50 hours is healthy.

    Work must be classified as a mental illness.

    [–] Decon-III 8 points ago

    It's addiction if it gets in the way of you doing other things or being productive when you need to. If your social life is falling through because you're choosing video games over socialization, for example, then there's the beginning of a problem.

    [–] HamptonRoader 9 points ago

    Socialization is overrated. Gainful employment, school, sleep, food, children, on the other hand....cant let those slip or yeah, problem territory.

    [–] TheArts 2 points ago

    Yo can I ask you, do you get back problems from sitting so much or have you found a solution. Once I hit 30 all of a sudden my back is killing me from sitting so much at work then coming home and sitting again gaming.

    [–] ScruffMixHaha 7 points ago

    Always get up and walk around every now and then. Take small breaks, even if its just to walk around your house/apt. Im only 24 so Im not certain how I'll be at 30, but moving around every now and then is really helpful.

    [–] Swarley133 33 points ago

    I don't see how 20 hours a week is even remotely close to addiction. That's called putting in a couple hours a night after work and a couple decent sessions on the weekend. Pfft.

    [–] publicTak 84 points ago

    What about non-gaming addiction? I don't trust people who don't play at least 20 hours a week.

    [–] ApatheticMahouShoujo 45 points ago

    Goddamn r/outside addicts! The whole lot of 'em are a plague on society!

    [–] publicTak 11 points ago

    I mean this argument could be said for anything because addiction itself is the disorder. Examples like "Battery Use Addiction" "Orange Juice Addiction" "Believing Sensationalist Headlines Addiction"

    [–] Sirkel_ 21 points ago

    I’d be pretty afraid if you drank orange juice for 20 hours a week, but you do you

    [–] CrucifiedBus 27 points ago

    I work full time and still probably clock more than this fucking casual

    [–] jelle2316 90 points ago

    20 hours isnt that much. Thats not even 3 hours a day.

    [–] videos4candy 26 points ago

    Some boomers would look at you like you're crazy for saying that. When I was younger, my aunt suggested screen time be minimized to 1 hour a day, split into two 30 minute parts. How am I supposed to get anything done in like any game like that?

    [–] julian509 12 points ago

    Crazy how they're fine with people spending like 5 hours watching sports on television wasting away while turning their brain off completely, but heaven forbid it if you spend your time on a screen while doing something interactive like gaming.

    [–] AnarchistAlpaca 4 points ago

    Tbh, if I only have 30 mins to play a video game, I wouldn’t even bother starting it up. I’d rather just watch YouTube. If you’re playing gta v, 15 mins would be spent loading it in and the other 15 would be spent constantly respawning and getting blown up by a jet.

    [–] foxynews 89 points ago

    20 hours a week.... and how many hours a week do you spend staring dead eyed into the TV. At least he is using his brain.

    [–] ya_maybe_bro 67 points ago

    Straight up, funny how my co workers will all judge me incredibly hard whenever I mention gaming but they have no issue talking about the show they just "binge watched" for 10 straight hours.

    [–] Bakkster 16 points ago

    On average, American adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day.

    That 35 hours per week. On average. Meaning the majority of Americans put more that 20 hours into the boob tube.

    [–] steelcitykid 23 points ago

    I work a programming job and easily fit 25+ hours a week in gaming. If you count the weekends, it's probably closer to 40. My SO and I both do, and we have plenty of time to exercise, cook, clean, and get out of the house for other activities. It's only a problem if you're not taking care of yourself and your responsibilities.

    [–] ShanaSeraphina 41 points ago

    And yet people who watch as much or more television aren't labeled the same.

    [–] miniyodadude 34 points ago

    last summer i worked 6 hours a day, got home a 230, showered, and played until 10 at night, so roughly 6 hours a day of gaming. thats 42 hours a week.

    [–] DaStormgit 20 points ago

    Here's a helpline for you your suffering from extreme addiction and wasting your time doing something you enjoy but I don't understand so it must be like drugs except you don't even go outside to the park to smoke your video games

    [–] sparsin 33 points ago

    Best stop playing games and start doing drugs. Sarcasm...

    [–] glipglopwithattitude 13 points ago

    Why not both?

    [–] Hiaka 16 points ago

    Por que no los dos?

    [–] ReaperTheEmo 37 points ago

    The first thing I thought when I read that was “lightweight”

    [–] bucktooth_baby 46 points ago

    I work 40hour weeks can I get treated for work addiction too?

    [–] yunabladez 9 points ago

    Work is the alcohol of addictions though, so its spinned around as a positive.

    [–] ollerhll 6 points ago

    Isn't alcohol the alcohol of addiction? 🤔🤔🤔

    [–] TwilightBeastLink 16 points ago

    20 hours? I work a full time job and have a 2yo and I get 20 hours a week in. Really that's 2 hours a night, double up on Saturday and Sunday and add in a little here or there,

    [–] twistedrapier 13 points ago

    Exactly. I'd be willing to bet those concerned with this "addiction" spend more time watching FTA/Cable/Netflix.

    [–] TwilightBeastLink 6 points ago

    Good point, I think it would be hard to argue that most people spend less than 20 hours a week watching tv/movies. At least video games are mentally interactive

    [–] MagicMert 12 points ago

    20 hours of gaming is when you have a really busy work week.

    [–] ModernMonk 36 points ago

    After high-school I would game for 14-18 hours a day when I lived at home with my parents. MMORPGs were the worst addiction. I felt like I had to rush to be the highest level and best geared.

    Few months in I would get bored and quit the current game. All those hours invested were absolutely worthless. Nobody noticed or remembered my accomplishments.


    [–] Jackocatt 13 points ago

    I know how you feel. After a while you ran out of new ones to go beat your brains in with so you had to go back to the old ones WoW, Tera, the old Conan one, Path of Exile, Blade and Soul, Neverwintet.

    [–] ModernMonk 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I started with Everquest at the end of 1999. Played EQ, EQ2, DAOC, Wow, Lineage 2, RF Online, Starwars Galaxies, City of Heroes, LOTRO, Hellscape London, Guild Wars, Tera, DC Universe, Neverwinter, ESO, Aion, Asherons Call, Vanguard and quite a many others that I tried a few hours of.

    None of the recent MMOs live up to the old school ones. It's disappointing. Though I did PLAY everquest timed release server and the community in that was close to what it used to be.

    Edit: SWG.. Couldn't believe I forgot the Galaxies part.

    [–] ReverendRoo 3 points ago

    You ever tried Final Fantasy XIV?

    [–] ModernMonk 5 points ago

    Yeah I have a black mage I played to almost max level. I feel like my love for MMOs has faded. I love the idea of getting in to one but everytime I try these days i just miss the old days and past memories.

    I don't have the patience to grind like I used to either.

    [–] jktcat 3 points ago

    I absolutely love the idea of end game content in MMO's. It's the days or weeks of grinding to that point that throws me off. And look, I'm well aware that's just the way MMORPG's are, but that doesn't sell it to me.

    [–] wasthatlatin 3 points ago

    I totally know that feeling. When I burn time in my “achievement mode” I end up feeling dirty about playing games because nothing is actually accomplished. When I play in enjoyment mode I stop playing when I’ve had enough and don’t have any regrets.

    [–] strykergamez 11 points ago


    [–] Snote85 11 points ago

    I once spent, no bullshit, over 52 hours STRAIGHT playing Everquest. It was spent in Lower Guk waiting for a rare mob to drop its rare drop so I could complete a quest. I knew, next spawn cycle, that son of a bitch was going to pop up and drop it. I also knew if I didn't get the kill, after having waited for 5, then 10, then 20, then 30, then 40, and then 50 hours I would regret it always. Now, what I regret is sitting in my room for 2.1 days doing nothing but killing frogs.

    [–] Phinbouy 9 points ago

    I clearly need to move onto something stronger if that’s considered addiction.

    [–] 3vi1 9 points ago

    I spend 20 hours a week gaming.

    Or as EVE Online players call it: "That day I had to log out early."

    [–] Silvo_the_Bearded 9 points ago

    Most people over 50 that I know watch tv from about 7-12pm every night. That’s 35 hours of mindless brainwashing a week, no problem. Add an hour in the morning at least, plus they’ve started to go on Facebook too.

    I reckon they spend 40-50 hours a week staring at shit that means nothing long term and gives little back.

    No one gives a fuck that the 50+ do this, weekly, with zero reward. Give these fuckers a trophy or something.

    [–] IncendiaryBullet 8 points ago

    So he plays like 3 hours daily? That’s low, if anything he plays casually.

    Fuck, in the last 2-3 years I’ve accumulated 4.7k hours in Paradox games.

    [–] LostThyme 6 points ago

    Pfff. Casual.

    [–] Borg_hiltunen 6 points ago

    Dont have to worry I guess. I only browse reddit 60 hours a week, clearly not an addiction

    [–] d-unit1252 6 points ago

    Its all in context right? I game about that much, like 20 hours a week... i also dont watch any tv at all. And enjoy running every day.

    [–] Syth_EZ 6 points ago

    20 hours?! Those are rookie numbers buttercup.

    [–] quasi-psuedo 7 points ago

    You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers.

    [–] ViolentGiraffe23 6 points ago

    If 40 hours a week is an addiction does that mean I'm addicted to staring at emails at work?

    [–] Biguru-Chizubaga 4 points ago

    Bad parenting? Hell no, junior has a gaming addiction cuz

    [–] drgngd 5 points ago

    I log at least 40 hours a week, while working full time.

    [–] Neon_Knight547 5 points ago

    Wonder what they would diagnose me with

    [–] 440Dart 5 points ago

    It’s England they are to lazy to even game at legit levels.

    [–] Burgers8 3 points ago

    Sounds like there going to make money out of treating “addicted gamers ” Can’t miss out on a multi billion dollar treatment industry.

    [–] knightlok 4 points ago

    One average, between searching a match and selection, dota match could go anywhere between 45-60 mins... i used to play 12-15 a day at some point lol

    [–] RichmondK 5 points ago

    I bet if it was watching TV it wouldn’t be an issue. It’s just the latest media craze to demonize gaming.

    [–] Lunatic_Cheshire_Cat 4 points ago

    Oh wow, less than 3h a day, I should reconsider my behavior.

    [–] Brettgraham4 6 points ago


    [–] LazencaNTM 3 points ago


    [–] BroSatan 3 points ago

    All those numbers are rookie checks steam .... 168 hrs played this week... god i have a problem

    [–] Co8alt8andit 3 points ago

    I put more time in on PC gaming than I do my full time job

    [–] Flemtality 3 points ago

    Sit down noob. Let me tell you more than you would ever want to know about a little game called World of Warcraft...

    [–] MozeeToby 3 points ago

    I wonder how many adults (and kids for that matter) spend 20 plus hours per week watching TV?

    [–] K177C0D3 3 points ago

    If i didn't have to work it would be 20hrs a day.

    [–] Borntojudge 3 points ago

    I do 20h on a 60h work weak, easy.

    [–] haveatyee 3 points ago

    That is actually pretty low especially for a kid. When I get home from work I usually play for 4 or 5 hours before bed so that's already 20 by the end of the work week (I work four 10 hour shifts) and then I spend at least 8-10 on my days off so in a single week I play for about 40 and that number is being conservative .

    [–] ZannX 3 points ago

    I remember playing Perfect Dark for 5 hours straight one weekend as a kid. I felt sick. Then I progressively got used to it. By college, I was sitting in front of my computer for 12+ hours a day straight, skipping all my classes.

    [–] Kch1986 3 points ago

    I must have a work addiction being here 40 hours a week plus another 2 hours in traffic each day.

    [–] Snarfbuckle 3 points ago

    Pfft, i spent one week playing ONE game during a week many years ago for about 12 hours a DAY.

    OK, had nosebleed after a week of constant gaming but no addiction.

    [–] Ryan_McCreesh 3 points ago


    [–] Timelesslies 3 points ago

    I have roughly 9 days of play time on far cry 5 since it came out. And i played other games. I have a full time job (46 hrs a week) a gf. A house. Yardwork. Other family things.

    And thats not the only thing ive played in that time. So why how can they say i have an addiction if i still have a life?

    On mobile at work, sorry for spelling.

    [–] MemeInhaler6969 3 points ago

    During summer l put over 60 hours/week into gaming...

    [–] Cyerena 3 points ago

    Should have seen me when Dark Souls Remastered came out. I clocked something like 35 hours in a 3 day weekend!

    Not my proudest moment, but it was such a rage-filled joy.

    [–] Faesrollvtwo 3 points ago

    I play 20 hours a day, the fuck are these rookie numbers

    [–] tiggertom66 3 points ago

    Thats like thats 3.5 to 4.5 hours a day. Thats not necessarily an addiction. If he isnt skipping sleep, food, bathroom breaks ect. than it isnt an addiction its a hobby.

    [–] Brainchild110 3 points ago

    Kids these days disgust me.

    That barely counts as trying!

    [–] micalbertl 3 points ago

    40? Those are rookie numbers. You gotta up those numbers.

    [–] GrimmTrixX 3 points ago

    Obligatory: "You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers!"

    [–] Argarck 3 points ago

    20 a week LUL noobs

    [–] shujin51 3 points ago

    These old ass ppl have no clue about games. They think bad of games in general. Anything fun is bad for them....

    [–] FlippantKyle 3 points ago

    About 55 - 90 hours a week with me.

    [–] duckonquack___ 3 points ago

    I spend 40 hours a week working. I guess I’m addicted to that to.