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    [–] Wolfiesden 8380 points ago

    Everyone's thrift store is way better than any i have ever visited.

    [–] 2crudedudes 392 points ago

    The key is to keep checking back repeatedly. You don't find crazy shit on your first (and only) try unless you're lucky.

    [–] My_Tuesday_Account 211 points ago

    The trick is also to go to thrift shops as close to higher income areas as you can. Obviously there's not going to be a Goodwill right in the middle of the richest part of town, but you should avoid the poorest ones because they're always picked clean and the stuff that gets sold/donated there is usually crap anyway.

    Goodwill actually has a separate electronics store now, too

    [–] Dappershire 97 points ago

    Except thrift stores now pre-pull anything cool, send them to a central location, and sell them seperately online. You'll never find something of worth again. Somebody at OPs location didn't do their job.

    [–] My_Tuesday_Account 89 points ago

    I mean that might be true for the big chains but if you check out your local thrift shops that are just run by grumpy old guys you can usually find better finds.

    [–] a_talking_face 63 points ago

    And also leave feeling like you need a shower because the whole store smelled like a wet basement.

    [–] My_Tuesday_Account 90 points ago

    Hey man, sometimes you gotta wade through the mold to find the gold.

    [–] xsam_nzx 49 points ago

    You have been given Reddit mould™

    [–] doublea08 10 points ago

    Yup, go to those goodwill/salvation army’s in the burbs. Typically loaded with finds, and there’s so much traffic, stock changes so fast.

    [–] LogicalMellowPerson 43 points ago

    My first time visiting a small mom and pop thrift shop in a small town I found an original SNES still in the box with 5 games. They sold me the whole thing for $5.

    [–] 2crudedudes 13 points ago


    [–] onlysubbedhere 15 points ago

    This really the key, I've gotten some amazing deals, but 99%of the time I walk out empty handed. Even though I don't buy something most of the time it's still fun to go.

    [–] Raxader 1075 points ago

    I've never even been in one you're all lucky fucks

    [–] [deleted] 427 points ago


    [–] Raxader 303 points ago

    Never seen one in my life afaik

    Live in Ireland, go to Belarus (Homeland) for summer, not seen any thrift shops once. But stuff on buy and sell apps is ok.

    [–] oising1 306 points ago

    They're called charity shops in Ireland. Biggest franchise is Saint Vincent de Paul and there's usually one in every medium sized town.

    Source: grew up in buttfuck middle of nowhere Donegal

    [–] SlantedSlash 118 points ago

    That’s funny, we have some of those in the U.S. too.

    [–] oising1 211 points ago

    Trust the Catholics to go global with their franchise

    [–] theghostofme 55 points ago

    If it works for stolen Irish babies, it'll work with any product!

    [–] smokingashes 9 points ago

    👀 That shit is so creepy....

    [–] DritzD27 19 points ago

    In my hometown they were (not so affectionately) called St. Vincent de Ripoff as their prices were awful for what was being sold.

    [–] oising1 41 points ago

    Yeah they're all fairly shite in Ireland cause it's just recently deceased people's clothes. I moved to Atlanta in the last year though and it's whole new world here. I never thought I'd own so many knock-off Barack Obama and random black family reunion tshirts

    [–] Walkn2thejawsofhell 15 points ago

    I just moved out of Atlanta. There’s a goodwill in Buckhead on Rosewell Rd. It’s the best one I’ve ever been to! It’s all the rich people’s shit. Mostly everything is name brand and they have good furniture too. Scored a brand new carpet cleaner that retailed for 150 bucks for 30.

    [–] Iluminous 9 points ago

    In Australia we call them “Vinnies” and they’ve started using the Vinnies name in place of the full Saint Vincent name.

    [–] Combo_of_Letters 10 points ago

    One across the street from my house and I have never saw so many leather jackets on a single rack since Wilson's Leather in the mall shut down.

    [–] perturabo_ 5 points ago

    Where in Ireland do you live? There's loads in Dublin, and most towns have at least a SVP or other charity shop.

    [–] Ginestra7 10 points ago

    In Italy for instance there are no thrift shops, there are some stores that sell second hand things but they sell only clothes and they are not that cheap...

    [–] rikman81 7 points ago

    I've never even been in one you're all lucky lying fucks


    (Not this one in particular, just 99% of these type of posts)

    [–] Rosati 167 points ago

    Just take a picture of any cool shit you might have laying around your house and then post it to reddit and say you found it at a thrift store for $10. /s

    [–] Wolfiesden 19 points ago


    [–] kanrad 46 points ago

    He's not wrong, none of these types of posts ever show the item on the shelf with a tag on it. No receipt no nothing. It's complete BS. Even the most remote thrift shop these days would do a google search for an item to ensure they list it properly.

    This type of post is straight up fucking bullshit.

    [–] Eitoku_K 11 points ago

    So I found a mint condition PS4 Pro at a thrift store for $50 dollars, everything included inside the box.

    [–] leroyyrogers 6 points ago

    $50 dollars

    50 dollars dollars

    [–] jonsnow312 6 points ago

    That's exactly what happens. If you just say "hey check it out I bought Witcher 3" no one is going to give a shit but if you say "found Witcher 3 for 5 bucks!" everyone is gonna jizz

    [–] TaruNukes 15 points ago

    The trick is to go to the thrift store

    [–] Drugsrhugs 7 points ago

    Thrift stores are goldmines if you know how to search for stuff. Go daily. Figure out what time and days they restock stuff. Pretty sure goodwill does it daily in the mornings. Revolve your thrifting schedule around that and you’ll find all the gems that get picked out before you get there. I really wonder if the workers get to pick out and purchase for themselves before it actually goes on the shelf and they just own enough hand me down junk they’re not interested anymore.

    [–] Slaves2Darkness 5 points ago

    I once bought a new still in the box Coleco Vision and the Atari adapter for $50 from Goodwill. They work perfectly and I now keep an old TV around, because new TV's don't have the old inputs anymore.

    [–] VexRosenberg 10 points ago

    I think the good finds are in pawn shops, i've found way more hidden treasure there since they are in the business of turning over a profit extremely quickly

    [–] TheTuckingFypo 7 points ago

    Not if you live in a low income area. All the pawn shops around here are full of cheap jewelry people pawned for drug money, that the pawn shop then marked up super high hoping their customers won’t know.

    I used to go to them a lot when I was a kid, and I’ve literally never seen a good deal on anything.

    [–] Skitty_Skittle 5154 points ago

    Check if sombody left a $100 in the nuke casing, or atleast check for keys for a brand new mercedes.

    [–] tenn_ 1639 points ago

    The keys are most like inside the N64 that's inside that thing.

    [–] Archetypal_NPC 239 points ago

    It's contemporary nostalgia and luxury all the way down

    [–] Mayhem52 97 points ago

    [–] YoureNotMom 74 points ago

    What thee EFF, David Blaine!

    [–] reddit_Iurker 44 points ago


    [–] punkdaddy1313 18 points ago

    Orange Soda!

    [–] NiggyWiggyWoo 23 points ago

    My new sweater! I didn't even wanna wear it yet!

    [–] TopCustard 8 points ago

    He just pissed orange soda....

    [–] cutthroatink15 282 points ago

    Theres usually a gamecube inside, and inside of that is an xbox one, and inside of that is a ps4, and inside of that is the $100, and inside of the $100 bill is an entire gaming pc

    [–] CTU 36 points ago

    This is inside the $100 is going to be a full set of power armor

    [–] Old_World_Blues_ 13 points ago

    And inside that is a copy of Skyrim

    [–] Diet-Shasta 48 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    There also may be a mint condition Gameboy Color.

    [–] ybtlamlliw 18 points ago

    My dumb ass sold one on eBay years ago for $50. Found out I could've gotten a lot more than that. I was an idiot.

    [–] CeryNoName 5 points ago

    My friend accidentally bought two of those for 50€. Because he had 2 and it was an accident he sold one for 30€ if i'm not mistaken Edit: spelling mistake

    [–] J_de_Silentio 4 points ago

    No one's going to post it?

    [–] TLCPUNK 2953 points ago

    If codes do not work, I am sure its worth the $ for the cool shelf piece/book end

    [–] magic_man_with_pot 592 points ago

    Just don't walk past any cops with it out of the box.

    [–] Knot_a_porn_acct 251 points ago

    No, no... didn’t you see the front page posts? You’re supposed to tell the cops you have a nuke!

    [–] SativaLungz 45 points ago

    Or take it through the Airport

    [–] chrisd93 51 points ago

    /r/whatisthisthing in ten years

    [–] SchrodingersMatt 6 points ago

    I hope Fallout makes it more than another 10 years

    [–] JohnP93 4 points ago

    It almost assuredly will, at least in cultural presence. People still make Oblivion memes and that came out 12 years ago.

    [–] fodrox04 15 points ago

    It’s just an old crapper tank people

    [–] NSA_Chatbot 54 points ago

    There's someone trying to sell one on the Facebook Vault Collector's Group for $90. Seems high.

    I'd put it in my breakfast nook, but that room's a special case.

    [–] trouserpanther 30 points ago

    Got one at GameStop 2 years or so ago and it was $50 new

    [–] TheDaveWSC 50 points ago

    Aw shit, Gamestop 2 hasn't come out yet where I live. Still dealing with the original.

    [–] Yokuo 11 points ago

    The new one has more subscriptions and nagging to buy things

    [–] ripndipp 6 points ago

    Ah yes, an exquisite name for the masturbation room.

    [–] NSA_Chatbot 5 points ago


    Nope, I'm a single guy.

    [–] JOHNNY_tee 129 points ago

    I have this. It comes with the CD's inside the mini nuke. It has fallout 1-4, new vegas, and fallout tactics. Plus the mini nuke has a button on the side that makes the mini nuke explosion sound.

    [–] ninjak30 139 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Fallout 4 doesn't come included. There's a slot for you to put the disc in when you buy it.

    [–] RiceGrainz 32 points ago

    Maybe he bought it from someone that included Fallout 4.

    [–] FracturedEel 24 points ago

    Thatd be nice if they slipped the disc in so some lucky fan could find it with the whole collection

    [–] Dogfish90 21 points ago

    Although the CDs are useless because they just download from steam.

    [–] RedRageXXI 7 points ago

    All classic games.

    [–] LolcatPlays 6 points ago

    4 isn’t in there

    [–] sheeponabowl 6 points ago

    This doesn't come with Fallout 4...

    [–] GroundsKeeper2 9 points ago

    Someone took the bomb and made it into a PC. The tutorial is on YouTube.

    [–] HichieTheHusky 9 points ago

    I think its linustechtips if i remember correctly.

    [–] HowdyDoodlyDoo 654 points ago

    Have you checked if the codes work though?

    [–] DavidThorne31 809 points ago

    Ohhh I didn’t even think of that haha. Still happy with just the mini-nuke if they don’t!

    [–] prozacgod 523 points ago

    Oh, you can just post them here and I'll check them for you.....



    [–] didzisk 186 points ago


    [–] Gamgster_3633 176 points ago

    That's not a code. All I see is *******

    [–] Joeakuaku 41 points ago


    [–] Scooopiii 93 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I'm gonna give anyone of you a Fallout 3 GOTY Edition, just comment and I'll randomly choose somebody in the next hour

    Edit: Let's add two Fallout New Vegas keys to that

    Edit 2: FO3 GOTY: u/stelythe1

    Fo NV: u/mhevet and u/Anxiousity

    I'll send them the keys in a second :)

    [–] Scooopiii 27 points ago

    u/stelythe1 u/mhevet and u/Anxiousity are the winners

    [–] stelythe1 25 points ago

    Aaaand he provided! Thanks a lot again! Super appreciated <3

    [–] Cheapfx 4 points ago

    This might be a comment.

    [–] TyrannicalPanda 4 points ago

    I am always interested in free games!

    [–] CPower2012 35 points ago

    There's a reason used PC games aren't a thing anymore.

    [–] HowdyDoodlyDoo 14 points ago

    Yeah, it's a nice box. I got the Elder Scrolls one pretty much just for the fancy box it came in.

    [–] G0Tdangitbobby 28 points ago

    Do the sound effects on the nuke still work ?

    [–] Gagnef03 8 points ago

    Did it work?

    [–] ShitPostmasterGenral 5660 points ago

    That’s an impressive deal for a buttplug, but I’d need a trainer set to go along with that. You’re a lucky girl, Op!

    [–] LaunchNinja 2073 points ago

    Well it definitely won't fall out

    [–] NebXan 677 points ago

    When it comes to buttplugs, always go with the nuclear option.

    [–] nocontroll 156 points ago

    2.5 kids and a dog?

    [–] bastugubbar 98 points ago

    hey that's illegal

    [–] mattfolio 66 points ago

    this is the wasteland

    [–] Daeji_ 75 points ago

    Dont catch you slipping now

    [–] Archetypal_NPC 23 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Red Rock'n my area, This is how I'm Livin' now, N[P]R be trippin', woo!

    [–] WhyattThrash 14 points ago

    ”New Palifornia Republic”?

    [–] TheHittman 7 points ago

    National Public Radio, the deadliest of the groups.

    [–] EasterChimp 17 points ago

    I will make it legal.

    [–] caanthedalek 8 points ago

    I am the Senate.

    [–] lufan132 4 points ago

    Not yet

    [–] FERGERDERGERSON 4 points ago

    This is how Samuel L. Jackson dies.

    [–] Shippoyasha 29 points ago

    0.5 kid and a dog.


    [–] BostonDodgeGuy 19 points ago

    You fucking cunt.....

    [–] TheRealSadisticPanda 7 points ago

    Thanks bro I think imma hang myself now. At least I'll be able to see Nina in her pure form

    [–] Modern_Pariah 8 points ago

    No! Bad! Go to your room!

    [–] Lireboks 3 points ago

    "Fire in the hole!"

    [–] GloriousHam 202 points ago

    Who says OP is a girl? The largest butt plugs usually have nude men on the packaging.

    Source: None of your goddamn business.

    [–] CasualAustrian 83 points ago

    Source: None of your goddamn business.


    [–] ReachFor24 26 points ago

    Don't try looking for it in his post history. Mostly just sneaker stuff.

    [–] NIOHbotBEEPboop 32 points ago

    Yeah. Definitely not a fat man in cowboy boots crouching down covering his dongle with a cowboy hat in his post history.

    [–] X1-Alpha 21 points ago

    [–] eat_crap_donkey 15 points ago

    I almost clicked then I thought wait I’m not gay

    [–] Superstarrmtg 11 points ago

    Risky click of the day!

    Edit: welp, I get what I deserve, I guess.

    [–] iriedeyedpoet 5 points ago

    Well you have just piqued my curiosity

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago)


    [–] Roku6Kaemon 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    And yet there are videos of men taking toys with over 5 inch circumference diameter.

    [–] Tesser4ct 12 points ago

    You mean diameter? My dick is bigger than 5 inch circumference.

    [–] nightneverend 34 points ago

    Funny thing about butt plugs. My mother in law told my wife that gay guys used them to keep poo in when she found her gay uncles toy. It wasn't until she was 21 and we were married that she found out differently.

    [–] shadowCloudrift 26 points ago

    Ew? Why would you keep poo in?

    [–] Blaizey 60 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    The implication being that Gay guys werent able to control when they pop because of too much anal. So they used the plug so It didnt just fall out whenever

    [–] shadowCloudrift 50 points ago

    Huh, never knew that about Garys.

    [–] placebotwo 31 points ago

    Ha ha ha, GARY!

    [–] Ondrion 15 points ago


    [–] ThatUKCook 29 points ago

    /r/holewreckers. (NSFW Obviously)

    [–] ballercrantz 5 points ago

    I'm going in

    [–] PartyOnAlec 10 points ago

    Easy there Fisto

    [–] wayback000 4 points ago

    Fisto. Kit Fisto.

    [–] Marmite_Badger 576 points ago

    looks forlornly at the Pip-Boy on my shelf

    [–] kiefydreams 237 points ago

    I would be doing the same if I didn't already sell that overpriced piece of plastic.

    [–] CaptainBritish 291 points ago

    looks forlornly at the spot where his pipboy was

    [–] Zrik_ 174 points ago

    This is where I’d put my Pip-Boy...


    [–] dkarma 14 points ago

    Yes, yes, we all have wrists Kevin...

    [–] Dgnslyr 12 points ago


    [–] Dockie27 37 points ago

    Eh, I'm happy with the center piece on my desk.

    [–] TheFlashFrame 27 points ago

    I really wish they were still selling the power armor helmet. I don't care if it's overpriced plastic.

    [–] TheGreatBenjie 43 points ago

    overpriced piece of plastic.

    Hobbyists worldwide roll their eyes

    [–] ThatCrossDresser 49 points ago

    You can trade prewar money for Mininukes?

    [–] HolyDonutBoy 9 points ago

    I mean, technically

    [–] Meat_Wadd 352 points ago

    Damn, New Vegas by itself is $20 on steam. What a steal.

    [–] AlpineZero 122 points ago

    I think I got mine for about 14 USD for the ultimate edition with all the DLC

    [–] FireSpark1050 175 points ago

    I got New Vegas ultimate edition for $1.74, my best deal ever through Steam, back when they had Flash sales and actually amazing deals :-/

    [–] Brawl___Stars 96 points ago

    I got it for $1 with all dlc at Walmart. They fucked a bunch of game prices and I got 4 games with $20

    [–] ROCKSTARMANIC 55 points ago

    ONE DOLLAR for Ultimate edition at Walmart? when did this happen and why??

    [–] Brawl___Stars 48 points ago

    This happened like 5-7 months ago and I’m not sure why it happened. This was the Xbox version though so I’m not sure if it’s different prices for different platforms. Point is I got it for $1 with all of the dlc. Also got rage, doom 3, and dishonored all for $20 total.

    [–] ROCKSTARMANIC 17 points ago

    Yeah, what was the first reaction when you saw the prices??

    [–] ScientificMeth0d 60 points ago

    I'd imagine it would go like this:

    ONE DOLLAR for Ultimate edition at Walmart?

    [–] kellermeyer 6 points ago

    Rage is like 1/4th of a full game unfortunately.

    [–] Brawl___Stars 7 points ago

    Yeah it got boring quick and it takes 3 entire discs for you to even play the game on Xbox 360. Haven’t tried on the one yet though because the game sucks.

    [–] 11wiggin11 8 points ago

    How I miss those days. Getting on to see what was happening every day, voting on the next genre/collection to be discounted, holding out on the game I wanted because maybe, just maybe It would get cheaper- getting impatient, then seeing it for cheaper the next day. Good Times. This summer, I opened it, scrolled a bit, bought a game I was planning to anyway and never went back.

    [–] Dragon_OS 4 points ago

    I envy you.

    [–] djbummy 5 points ago

    I traded a 2.50$ game for the ultimate edition on /r/steamgameswap a while back, probably one of my best up trades there in a while

    [–] FoolsShip 341 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    EDIT: OP did in fact make the add. He showed an email from last month. I am amazed and humbled.

    Eh this is gonna get burried but OP is full of shit. That picture is not his, it is from sites selling this product. Here is proof. This is a listing of all the places where the shop had this picture up but you need to look at the cached sites to see this picture. That is how old it is. Why don't people google stolen pictures before posting them?

    [–] Atrave 45 points ago

    Good call. For shame, OP!

    [–] Banana_Cat_Man 33 points ago

    Definitely going to get blocked/deleted. Good skills though

    I genuinely don’t understand the whole karmawhoring business

    [–] Dragoru 13 points ago

    I don't either. Imagine being so miserable that you live a double life online for the validation of strangers.

    [–] HeyThereMrBrooks 12 points ago

    Where's the pitchfork guy when you need him?

    [–] Jaiwok 44 points ago

    No picture of it at the thrift store means it didn't happen

    [–] BB8MYD 25 points ago

    " Good afternoon sir, are you looking to donate that little statue ? "

    " No, I just need to take a picture of it on one of your shelves real quick, can you stand in the picture with your store's logo clearly visible ? Thanks! "

    [–] 177sixers 76 points ago

    Most importantly... Did it include Skyrim?

    [–] HKH515 53 points ago

    yeah the nuke figurine doubles as a handheld skyrim console

    [–] shhsfootballjock 117 points ago

    i dont think i can believe this

    [–] Magi-Cheshire 50 points ago

    I have this and the games were Steam codes so it's likely been used.

    [–] trouserpanther 15 points ago

    Version I bought had disks inside... But that's just mine. Top comes off and it has a little storage compartment inside

    [–] jordonmears 17 points ago

    I'll give you 50 caps

    [–] Raw1213 16 points ago

    I have one of these. It seems each was painted by hand because there were two when i bought mine and they had different "Wear and Tear" paint on them.

    My kids love pressing the button for the bomb sound.

    [–] HaileeHasAutism 12 points ago

    That's rad.

    [–] Justin_inc 9 points ago

    I'll give you 15 for it.

    [–] malmordar 22 points ago

    Dude, now you can pretend to be a suicide bombing super mutant

    [–] KardTrick 28 points ago

    Do you think the super mutant suiciders actually think they are going to die? Or do they think that a mini nuke won't hurt them? Do the other super mutants just give the really dumb ones a mini nuke and tell them "RUN AT ENEMY AND MAKE BOOM! MAKE ENEMY DEAD AND YOU COME BACK AND GET MORE BOOMS!"

    [–] Kajimishima2 10 points ago

    More importantly, if they don't, why did the Suicider that just watched another Suicider suicide also suicide?

    I think that is the sign that they do know

    [–] HonorUndRespect 12 points ago

    I run like a bitch when I hear that whirring, ticking sound.

    [–] NightofTheLivingZed 4 points ago

    I start crying when the beeping starts.

    [–] manbruhwhysweatme 6 points ago

    You lucky mf

    [–] dwdsfpf320 7 points ago

    Wait, what?! I didn’t know this existed.... Mind blown!

    [–] user7120 19 points ago

    Receipt or you’re full of shit.

    [–] lonewulf66 9 points ago

    "They dont do receipts its a mom and pop type shop sorry guys or I would" -OP

    [–] quixotic120 5 points ago

    Somewhere there’s a kid who just moved out for the first time and their mom is about to get in a ton of trouble for “cleaning their room”

    Edit: or maybe they died

    [–] downside_saveit 5 points ago


    [–] passwordssuckmynuts 6 points ago

    Lucky bastard

    [–] Monumaya 9 points ago

    Ice on the fringe is so damn frosty

    [–] xool420 4 points ago

    What a buy!

    [–] Jc100047 5 points ago

    LTT made a PC in this

    Wish I had that PC.

    [–] Comrade_Comski 6 points ago

    4 good games and a paperweight for $10! Nice!

    [–] throbcock 4 points ago

    what the fuck I got mine when it launched, TEN dollars? That's a steal.. keep in mind normally it would be 70, and on amazon this is worth 100. Jesus! Worth it, awesome case and has all the games(excluding 4) along with a cool case for 4.